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Hi IS 10 CUR
Extreme View of Damage, in Hi*
Opinion, I* Not War
ranted l»y the
Tin- gloomy tone of state and railroad
reports (lining the past three weeks
has given out an impression of the pros
foi a fair yield in the Northwest
which is decidedly unfavorable. Where
crop reports arc watched as matters of
vital concern to earnings, in the traffic
departments: of the t\\<. great coast lin<3&,
opinion regarding the situation is
- gloomy as recent reports seemed
dicate. The opinion there, la that
damage has undoubtedly resulted
Mh lack of nuns, a fair crop will
)„■ harvested and the yield, while light
mi places will be fairly tr>'('J.
officials do not anticipate whaS
• illy been termed a "short crop.' 1
: crop prospects along the line
■ Great Northern, General Traffic
it Francis B. Clarke said yester
••('nnecespary alarm Is being felt re
ng the wheat crop, especially In the
n is no doubt but that all
Uav< sustained damagi from th<'
lied dry weather. The situation]
has i eyed somewhat by rains i
during the past week :
<ki\s, and at worst, then seems
t'i l>t nothing to warrant an extreme
h damage m- has already resulted
: enough to iuiu the North
ern yield. 1 am positive of a tair
though it will be light In plac< s.
■ ■-■■ co far as 1 have bei-n
to judge, will In- as good at In some
when there has been much less
try of Fliortage. In the (.-vent that no^
rain falls again, there may be something"
which will give a basis for sliest ciop
n is a mista-ke, however, to pre
dict utter ruin sa this stage."
Northern I.aeitic traffic officials take
much the same view of the situation. It
is admitted that some sections of North
. been hurt by dry weather,
but prospects of a fair yield are con
• i sueid. Reports Irom lines in Ne
braska indicate favorable weather con
- and good prospects*.
Grandeur oi' Great Northern Scenery
Im Curiously At tented.
Great Northern railway has re-
I appli ations for j ,b~ penneJ i:i al
most every conceivable form a: d written
m si < verything in the wo.ld whi h i
will go ;is >;k r paper. A watchman em- !
I by the road at Blackfoot, -Mont., j
naJlj constructed someth'na; new i;i )
applications and tends in his j
petition for a Job as section boss, couched
tetic phraseology. The watchman
ntJy wanttd to work under P. F.
Connley. a Grcad N-ortheia divisi nal o3i
■■: !io has won himself considerable
irity. ii<- applied for the job as sec
tion boss and on receipt of a conirnu lica
tir.n in answer which was someth ng to
liis mind, answered In two vers s watch
1 today received a letter
In Its contents pro.-pects be
That away beyond the m.un.ains
I may work for P. K. C.
To labor in that valley
Where th<- sun does ever shine,
Wsth ;> gang i f "Japs" to ra ly
I fas become a lope of mine.
I'd love to run a sect on
Where the flowers ever bloom
Where In momenta of r.fl?ct,<.n
I may find my pen in tune.
heard of beaut.es
1 is story dear to me,
And yet attend to duties
Imposed by P. F. C.
"I". F. < . ' thought it was too good a
Joke to keep all for himself and fc.r-wa d
ed the verses to ths general offi es. They
ito General Passenger A-_;e:H Whit
hands and after a little jouin y
through th-s Great Nor.him wor'.d
nt up in a ii'r b .sk t just in time
to be saved for publication. The pottle
watchman made a '..i. with his verse and
no on*- seems to Question his chancei rf
rallying the "Japs" as much as he wants
It Looks Like the Death of the
Presidents' Agreement.
With the president's agreem nt affect
ing the maintenance of rates abiogited,
and with serious d.sturbances ai.oiio ihc
Eastern connections of the S . Pc.ul-Ch -
lines, the prospect fo.- harmonious
relations In the Northwest is sljn. rl he
St. Paul iines are gaining a somewhat
scant satisfacti n from viewing the tr< u
b es down East and reflecting that for
once, the Western lints, which have
usually be< n the scape goats for their
connections, are not to b ame.
The final smashup of the president's
agreement, for such it appears t;> be, has
it spice of humor in it. Many Noithwest
rrn railroad men rem-emb r the mest'ng
which confirmed the agreement some few
months since, which gave out the list
ration that the agreement was to b;
permanent, solid and enduring. The
prophesies which gave It three monf s
to last weie not far from the tight.
There is no prospect of an immediate
adjustment of the difficulties down Ea*t
and it appears probable that their exten
sion will seriously affect business to and
from the Northwest.
Milwaukee Puts nn End io the Ajji
tntlon ami Litigation.
The narrow gauge railway from Pr s
ton to Reno, Minn., part of ths Milwau
kee system, is to be rebuilt as standard
gauge Kne. The Milwaukee announces
that contracts for the work have already
been let and that work will commence
.Many of the curves will be taken out
ami the improvements will give a reduc
tion of all the principal grades.
Making Good Progrews.
BAYFIBJLD. Wis., June 15.-Work on
the Bay field, Superior & Minneapolis rail
way has been vigorously pushed for the
past thirty days, and ihe largo number
of men employed in surfacing, balla*tin<*
and relaying new steel will soon have the
road in flrst-class shape to handle the
immense freight business in the way of
lumber and log shipments from this sec
tion of the stale. There is a large
amount of ties, piling, poles, posts and
hemlock bark already cut and awaitinK
shipment, and the lumber business gen
erally will soon assume large and act
ive proportions in and around Bayneld
making quite an improvement in busi
ness ja'nerally.
President Dr. John A. Rice, of Merton
Wis., and Vice President Harry Whi"'
ham, of Raton, N. M., arrived in Bav
fleld yesterday, and accompanied Gen
eral Manager John L. I^aub on a t>ur of
Inspection of the road today.
The road is equipped with'new locomo-
One size smaller after using Allen's Foot-
Ease, a powder to be shaken into the
shoes. It makes tight or new shoes feel
easy; gives instant relief to corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort ds
covery of the age. Cures and prevents
Bwotlen feet, blisters, callous and sore
Allen's Foot-Ease is a certain cure
tor sweating, hot, aching feet. At all
druggists and shoe stores, 25c. Trial
package FREE by mall. Address Allen
6. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
If not, drink Grain-O—made from pure
frame. A lady writes: "The first time
made Grain-O I did not like it, but
after using it for one week nothing would
induce ir.e to go back to coffee." It nour
ishes and feeds the system. The children
can drink it freely with great benefit. It
is the strengthening substance of pure
grains. Get a package today from your
Krocei, foMow the directions in making It
and you will have a delicious and health
ful table beverage for old and ycunir
16c. and 25c.
S^S^ has been used over half a century. So much fof its merit. It is re
| freshing and invigorating when used in the toilet or after —__^^^^S
I shavings and, as a remedy, it controls all pain, bleeding and g.^.L AM . „yti£sß
I cannot be used for it. Ordinary Witch Hazel is sold in ef^^^'nS
I bulk, diluted, easily turns sour and generally contains ffiffi, If ,]&&
I taken internally, is a. deadly poison. Pond's Extract is j/^&&™*jß
■ sold ONL Yin SEALED bottles,enclosed in buff wrapper. :>|2j|*Sgf»»f3
j Pond's Extract (nrtimerit cures Itchinpor Uleedlng Piles, however severe. k*jHDS EXTBWh
tlves and rolling stock, and everything |
will be in shape for general traffic by
July 1.
Ti ,-i iiNconl liientul I.liu-* Make a.n
Agreement on Them.
Transcontinental lines have affect> d a
mutual agreement concerning rates to
the national conventions of the Repub
lican and Democratic parties, which oc
cur in Philadelphia and Kansas City re
The meeting resulted from a slight dis
turbance in late? from north Pacific
coast points, owing to the lack of a
common unclerstandi lg among the dif
ferent roads. The agreement authorizes
a round trip rate of SCO from north
coast points to Kansas City. A rate or"
$88.50 was made for the Republican na
tional convention, which is Identical
with a rate previously made by the
Southern Pacific. An agreement was also
reached through which a rate of $G0 from
north coast points to the Twin C ties
and return is authorized for the same
dates as ihe Kansas City rate. All tick
ets will be limited to s:xty days. Passen
j;i is returning from either of the great
conventions will be given choice uf
Northern Company Announce* Its
Sailings for the So>:ixon.
The Northern Steamship company is
issuing postal announcements of thc
opening of its regular passenger season
on Juno 23. The company will operate
passenger s'.eamers, making tw:ce-a-week
sailings from Ouiuth through the season
until Sept. 18.
The Eastern Railway of Minnesota wi 1
arrange its head of the lakes trains to
make close connections "With the northern
fleet for both it.-s in and out b_und
Northern Pacific Dividend.
NEW YORK, June 15,-The directors of
the Northern Pacific Railway company
declared a dividend today of 1 per cent j
on the common stock for the past six '
months, and an extra dividend of 1 per j
cent. No extra dividend was declared to
The usual quarterly dividend of 1 per
cent was declared on the preferred stock.
After the met ting President Melkn
"The directors declared 1 per cent reg
ular dividend for the six months. Now
that does not mean that no extra divi
dend will be declareel. It means for the
time being the directors thought it w.se
to devote themselves to the regular 1
per cent declaration to which they stand
committ< d.
"Jt:st at present the crop situation in
Ihe Northwest is not encouraging. More
over, we are on the threshold of a pres
idential campaign, when business is mure
or ks; disturbed, it is possible that a
meithis of the directors may again be i
held in sixty days, when the extra divi- I
Cent! will be declared. It is a fact that
if a dividend of 4 per cent had been de
claieii for the year the Northern Parine j
would still have an estimated surplus of j
No action was taken on purchase of
the St. Paul & Duluth railroad.
Rpnneby Huh Hh Depot.
The Ronneby depot case, which occu
pied so much time before the railroad j
commission, has finally been settled; Ron
neby i:< a small station on the Hinekley
branch of the Great Northern and a rival
of Foley, six miles distant. A letter re
ceived by the commission yesterelay from
the president of the Ronneby village
council states that "The depot came lasi
night. It is 14x18 feet in its principal
dimensions, and is entirely satisfactory."
Sonthcrn Pacific < Ins »;:,«'»■
SAN FRANCISCO, June 15.—Informa
tion has been received at Southern Pa
cific headquarters that H. E. Huntlngtpn
has been made first vice president of the
company, taking the place of Searles'
representative. Gen. Thomas H. Hubbard. J
l>y the purchase of the Searles', or more
properly speaking, the Hopkins-Senr'.es'
stock, Cejllis P. 'Huntingdon acquires the
last holdings of the original interests in
the Central and Southern Pacific combi
nation. The price paiei is not known, but
is estimated at over $y,000,000. Hunting
ton is said to hold 1,260,000 shares.
Change Trains' Time.
The Great Northern is planning a
change In train time which will bring
the Fargo and Barnesville local into the
cities at 6:05 in the afternoon, an hour
later than at present. The time of the
Sandstone local, which now leaves at 3
o'clock in the afternoon, is to be chang
ed to 4:45, and the Brown's Valley and
Morris local, which now arrives in the
city at 5:35, is to be changed, arriving at
Deelur-ed Not Excessive.
CHICAGO, June 15.—The United States
ciicuit court of appeals, in a decision de
livered tcwiay, aflirms the 'ower court in
holding that the excess- c xge of i' 2 per
car on cars entering th«, stockyards is
not excessive.
The interstate commerce commission
some months ago. acting on complaints
made by cattle shippers of the West that
the terminal charges were excessive,
brought suit against the Western lines
to have tho charges reduced. The decis
ion was against the commission, and the
cas>e was appealed. The matter may be
carried to the supreme court of the Unit
ed States.
Fort Dodge «V Oninhn Sold.
DUBUQUE, la., June 15.—1t was an
nounced hero today that the Fort Dodge
& Omaha road has been* sold to the Dv
; buque & Sioux City railroad company,
' and that the roael was then leased to the
' Illinois Central. The consideration is not
i stated. The road, which has just b"en
I completed, cost $4,000,000, and gives the
j Illinois Central a continuous "line from
New Orleans to Omaha, and by a traffic
arrangement with the Union Pacific from
there to the Pacific coast.
Says Report Wn« Exnsgeriited.
WINNIPEG, Man., June 15.—Frank R.
Ganton, who was one of the passengers
on the train wrecked near Summit,
Wash., arrived in the city yesterday. He
denies the report that he was seriously
injured, or that any of the passengers
sustained any alarming injuries, although
he and others had a bad shaking
through the cars overturning.
Trestle to Be Removed.
The famous Sand Point trestle, on the
line of the Northern Pacific in Idaho, is
soon to become a thing of the past. The
road will replace the trestle with a steel
brlelge, aaid work has already been com
Week-End Excursions to Fishing
Points on Great Northern Rnll
ua y.
From St. Paul to Bemldji, Cass I.ake>
Walker, Deer River, Grand Rapids Fer
gus Falls, Osakis, Alexandria and re
One fare for the round trip. Tickets
on sale for Friday's and Saturday's
trains, good returning until Monday fol
lowing date of sale.
To Spicer, Ashby, Dalton, Mentor, one
fare for the round trip. Tickets an sale
Saturdays, limited to Monday following
date of sale.
Ticket office, 332 Robert st. (cor. 4th )
i jury is mi
It I« Eipectrd Tlini a IHKagreenient
Will Be Reported to
the Court Thin
The case of the state against Mrs. Anna
Fink, charged with manslaughter in ihe
second decree, was resumed yesterday
mcrning, and went to the jury at 6 o'clock
last night. Mrs. Fink was defended by
Dickson & Donnelly. The testimony for
the defense was all in the nature of trying
to prove an alibi.
The Jury nad not agreed upon a verdict
at the time of going to press.
Mrs. Fink spent the night In the coun
ty jail.
Four I'nhappy I'u.ln* A«k Judge
Kelly to Sepo-rate Them.
Judge Kelly spent part of yesterday
hearing the troubles of Mrs. Albertina
Wagner, in her suit lor a divorce from
John i'ete Wagner, and after hearing
all of the testimony the court said he
would take the ease under advisement
and incidentally remarktd that while
tne:e were allegations in plenty, the
proof did not correspond in conclusive
ness. •
The plaintiff is thirty-two years old
and the uefendant is mirty-eight. They
were marr.ed at Grand Forks, N. 0.,
in April, lavs, and have no children. She
charges non-support, cruelty and d:unit
enness oa the purl of the defendant.
The court also heard the divorce case
of Mrs. Elizabeth Zimiel against John
Zimiel, on the ground of habitual drunk
enness, cruel and inhuman treatment.
The plaintiff stated that she was a wid
ow when she married the defendant in
November, 189'<, in St. Paul. The plain
tiff is forty-eight years old and the de
fendant is forty-s x. They have no chil
dren. The court granted the divorce.
The court heard the divorce case of
"William Warren Spence against Claris
sa B. Spence yesterday and took it un
der advisement. Tile plaintiff is twenty
iour years old and the defendant twenty
two. Tney were married in July, iSys,
and have no children.
in the divorce case of Annie Sudeith
against Marshall Sudeith the court or
| deied findings for the plaintiff. Mrs.
! Sudeith says her husband has been liv
ing with a woman at Mankato, Minn.
They have a daughter sixteen years
Mary Anderson has brought an action
i in the d strict court to secure a divorce
: from Hemming Anderson. Plaintiff is
thirty-six years old and the defendant
forty-seven. She charges cruel and in
human treatment. Tney were ma: ried
at B.rd Island in April, 1892, and have
two children. Mrs. v Anderson asks for
alimony and the custody of the two chil
| dren.
Judflre Biixille Gives Her in Care of
Aeent Monk.
Judge BaziKe, of the probate court, yes
terday heard the application of Mrs.
Kaiie Curti to have a guardian appointed
ir her six-y^ar-old child, Effle. Th.imas
Curt:, father of the child, is in the county
jail at pre-ent awaiting trial on the
charge of fr-ud.
John Moak, agent of the Humane so
j ciety, was appointed guardian and gave
I tne reasons lor the appo ntment. Mr.
| Moak stated that tome time ago he had
had his attention called to the case of the
Curti child. The mcther is employed at
the Cordage woiks, and It appears that
the father has been tak ng it with him on
his rounds to the various saloons. Curti
would frequently place the chi'.d on a
chair so that she might he seen by the
barkeeper find Instruct her to call for the
H|y~~ " NMUB JHetUcfno for Men en Trial
SP" »«#(J^Sh and APl»roval. Course oJ
! fi^QL Vrf* ,*^ magic- like remedies and won
! AjQ*^ der-working appliance. All
KWETKP? ' y('ll>ve been longing for—ci
reaSrsS T yo" I"*y nothing. We send
2' sa>lJ on approval. Create complete
i >*v«-V. A pnyidwil und nerve vipor.
Ok 4xll. *"^S Iso"k(llrareinformation.with
JS^ ZJ& tne [roofs, rent under plain
■"■*• <:l*Xa& letter seal, free.
ERIE MEDtCAL CO.. Buffalo. N.Y.
Proceedings in BanKruptGy.
United State*-, District of Minne
sota, Third Division.
In the Mutter of \
William A. D:iv-\ In Bankruptcy.
em, Bimkruitt. \
Vo the Honorable William Lochren,
Judge of the District Court of the Unit
ed States for the District of Minnesota.
William A. Davern, of the City of St
Paul, in the County of Ramsey and
State of Minnesota, in said district re
spectfully represents that on the 30th
day of March, last past, he was duly
adjudged bankrupt under the acts of
Congress relating to bankruptcy; that
he has duly surrendered all his property
and rights of property, and has fully
complied with all the requirements of
said acts and of the orders of the court
touching his bankruptcy.
Wheieioie he prays that he may be
decieed by the court to have a full dis
charge from all debts provable against
his estate under said bankrupt acts, ex
cept such debts as are excepted by' law
from such discharge.
Dated this 15th day of June, A. D. IyOO
District of Minnesota, Third Division—
On this 15th day of June, A. D. 11)00 on
reading the toregoing petition, it is
Ordered by the court, that a hearing
be had upon the same on the 2nd day
of July, A. D. 1900, before said court at
St. Paul, in said district, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon; and that notice there
of be published in the St. Paul Globe
a newspaper printed in said district
and that all known creditors and other
persons in interest may appear at the
said time and place and show cause, if
any they have, why the prayer of the
said petitioner should not be granted
And it is further ordered by the court
that the clerk skull send by mail to ali
known creditors copies of said petition
and this order, addressed to them at
their places of residence as stated.
Witness the Honorable William Loch
ren, judge of the said court, and th»
seal thereof, at St. Paul, in Eaid dis
trict, on the 15th day of June, 1900
(Seal of the Court.) Clerk.
■eta, 1850,000; largest strongest, best
Minnesota life company; wants capable
agents; gives producers every assist
ance. Adiress Douglas Putnam, Sec
retary. St. Paul.
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer;
quick, accurate; $5 per week; broker's
office. E 186, Globe. \
COOK—A competent cook, who Is good
laundress; reference required; call bett^e
10 a. m. or In the evening:, Mrs. H. E.
yon VVedelstaedt, 517 Holly ay.
DINING ROOM GlßLS—Wanted, two
dining room girls and one vegetable
cook at the Marlborough, Summit ay.,
near Sixth st.
HOUSEWORK—GirI for general house
work In small family; German prefer-
red. Call on Mrs. Culver, 333 Nelson ay. I
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, girl for gener
al housework; two in family; no wash-
ingj_good wages. 546 Portland.
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, girl for general
housework. Call 73 West Co.iega ay.
WANTED—Two experienced girls to wat
on table during E.ks carnival. Union
_DeDot JSeslaurant.
STENOGRAPHER—Wanted, stenograph
er, cashier, also colored boy, about six
teen years; call Saturday. De Mora
Diamond Palace, No. 13 East Seventh
25 GIRLS for stitching in our overall
department on power sewing machines.
Guiterman Bros.. Fifth and Sibley sts.
MONARCHS—Best bicycle on the market
at any price; call and see them; $25 to
$60; repairing a specialty; headquarters
for gas lamps St. Paul Cycle Co., 324
RAMBLERS—Better than ever and only
$10, second-hand whoels. S3 to J3'>; wo
repair all makes, call for and deliver.
Telephone 772 Val'ey; our tin can has
been taken out. Bird Cycle Co.
Employment Kr-KLitrr.
Onice. HI East Ninth St. Telephone 133.
MAN —We can furnish a good, strong,
handy man tor wholesale house, or any
other such work.
BOY—A bright, willing boy for office or
errand boy; needa work badly.
REPAIRING of trunks and valises want
ed by a man who understands the work
NURSES—We car. furnish efficient wom
en to care for the sick.
WOMEN—To do plain sewing, washing,
Ironing and housecleaning can be had
from this oliice; also men to do odd
lob**, wfuul sawing ctf
WE HAVE a complete saloon outfit;
would like to rent room in good loca
tion In St. Paul, Minneapolis or town
near Twin Cities; any one who secures
satisfactory location will be rewarded in
cash or Interest in business. Address
Prop. Hotel Arlington, Seven Corners,
St. Paul, Minn.
Anybody out of n-ork in St. Paul or
Minneapolis urn y insert an adver
tisement niidt-r tlt 1m heading: free
of «-liarKt.
A GOOD STRONG, honest young man of
twenty-two would like work of any
kind; good milker; can attend horses.
J. F. Lockwood, postotiice.
AN ELDERLY man wants situation; no
objection to night or Sunday work;
was watchman and fireman for the last
ten years. T. X., 849 Fremont.
A YOUNG Scandinavian with some ex
perience in grocery business, wishes
situation. Please ca.l or address 761 Ed
gerton st., city.
A YOUNG MAN of sevcnteenTliving with
his parents, would like position of trust,
promising future promotion; can fur
nish best cf refeiences. Address J. A.
M., 104 East Fourth St., St. Paul.
A YOUNG MAN, with two years' experi
ence in office work would like work of
some kind; good education, and can fur
nish best of references. Address E. J.
L_M.,_j(tf Superior st.
BARTENDER—Man having experience
in city wishes position in city or coun
try; single, Scandinavian. Address W.
C, By 3 Forest st,, city.
COACHMAN —An English coachman
wants a situation to care for horses,
carriages, harness and lawn; is handy
around the place; is ob!»ging and will
ing; is strictly temperate. F. Robbins,
156 J<\>rbea ay.
COOK—Wanted, situation by fTrst^class
meal cook; references. Address E., 237
Rondo st., St. Paul.
DRIVER—A strong man of twenty wants
work driving team. Address A. M., 457
Goodrich ay.
EXPERIENCED lady stenographer de
si e^ p sitkn; conr.pentati n not s-o mv h
an object as peiman.nt and its JccaoU ;
can furnish good reference . ' M iSO,
EXPERIENCED, practical business man
desires employment, office work or
salesman; competent German or Eng
lish conespondent. 301 Phoenix build
MAN, twenty-six, slrgle, wishes position
of any kind, city or country. A. W , 133
_Jgast_Third St., lunch room.
MAN who has horse and wagon and is
well acquainted in city wants work;
can furnish references. Edward Lot
stat, 901 Edmund st.
RELIABLE, handy man wants to do odd
jobs of any kind, or to get steady
work; good recommendations. Send
postal to C. H. Hedstrom, 372 Rosabel
gt _^
WANTED—Employment by married man
with famiy; tan give fir;t-cl..ss recom
mendations; work of any kind. J E
_Gijtham, 230 Miunt Airy. _
YOUNG MAN wants a position as office
boy or bell Doy. Address Albert Junk
le y ,_24s_Eas t_Se ventl^st;
YOUNG MAN—First class sausage mak
er and shop tender wants position; no
objection to leaving city. V 178, Globe.
YOUNG MAN wants work of any kind;
Is a good workman, willing and obi g
ing; is honest and strictly temperat;;
can also do private driving, etc F
Robbins, 155 F'orbes ay.
YOUNG MAN nineteen years of age de
sires employment; can furnish reference
if so desired. Address C. W., Room *V) 0,
Globe building, St. Paul.
j YOUNG MAN wants a job as porter or
lunch man. Address 515 Robert st
Room 25
Ramsey—District Court, Second Judi
cial District.
State of Minnesota, ex rel. W. B. Doug
las, Attorney General, vs. The Savings
Bank of Saint Paul.
Edwaid J. Hodgson, as Receiver of said
defendant Bank, having presented to and
filed in this Court a petition setting forth
among other things that since the lime
to exhibit and file claims herein expired
on February, 23rd, 11)00, diverse persons
have exhibited to and filed with said Re
ceiver their claims against said Bank,
as set forth in said petition, amounting
in the aggregate to the sum of $6,i97.56,
and praying that said claims be filed in
this Court and allowed the same as if
they had been presented in due time, and
a dividend of twenty per cent paid there
on, the same as other claims already al
It is therefore ordered that all creditors
of said Bank and all persons in interest
appear before this Court, at a special
term thereof appointed to be held at the
Court House in the city of St. Paul, in
said County, on Saturday, the 30th day
of June. 1900, at the opening of said
Court, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of
that day, or as soon thereafter as coun
sel can be heard, then and there to show
cause, if any there be, why the afore
said relief and the. prayer of said peti
tion should not be granted.
Ordered further, that notice of said ap
plication and hearing be given to all cred
itors of said Bank> and all parties in in
terest by publishing this order one time
in the St. Paul Dispatch and once in the
St. Paul Daily Globe, daily newspa
pers printed and published in the city of
St. Paul, in said County. Such publica
tions to be on the dfith day of June, 1900
Dated June 15th, 3900.
District Judge.
Michael & Johnston, Attorneys for Re
BARBER—Wan ted.'^^good^coloredMtor^
ber immediately; wages, $10 per week:
steady work. B. It. Durant, No. 831
Payne ay.
BARBER at Colonnade Barber Shop;
steady job; good wages to right man.
29 West Tenth st.
BLACKSMITH—Wanted, an all-around,
good blacksmith; horseshoeing special
ty; steady job; single man; at Spring
Valley, Wls. J. P. Kahut.
BLACKSMITH—Wanted, a good flrst
class blacksmith; German preferred;
one who Is able to run a shop can find
a good Job at once; must be a sober,
steady man. 11. G. Borchard, Maple
ton, Minn.
GOOD PENMAN, aged between fifteen
and twenty years, and capable of carry
ing a message to Garcia. Address, stat
ing references, age and salary expect
ed; good opportunity. X 158, Globe.
OFFICE BOY—Aged between 15 and 20
years; must be good penman and wi l
ing to wpik and .earn. Address, sta ing
age, references and salary expected, A.
B. C, care Glebe office.
TAlLOß—Wanted, coatmaker. yi7 East
Seventh st. A. W. Mohr.
WAITERS—Wanted, first-class waiters
for next week. Apply to Headwaiter,
Hotel Metropolitan. Also bell boy, ex
WANTED—AII users of travelers' tele
scopes to use the O. A. M. telescope
cover clothes holder, and hold your
clothes in the cover of your telescope,
and you will never have any trouble
getting sti things at the bottom of your
telescope; can be put in any traveler's
telescope cover' with ease; price by mail,
postpaid, 60 cents; give length of tele
scope; agents wanted. Address A. Mie
den, Lock Box 1271. Seattle, Wash.
WANTED—Man of good character; de
liver and collect for old established
manufacturing ht-use, $£00 a year and
expenses guaranteed. Address Manufac
turer, third floor, 330 Dearborn st, Chi
WANTED—Man and wife to take charge
of rooming house; must have expe
r'ence and good references. Q 164,
WANTED—Students to join class in
grammar, arithmetic, penmanship; also
bookkeeping and shorthand. Will move
to Ryan building. East Seventh st,
__about June 1. Pioneer Business School.
WANTED—Young man acquainted w.th
soda fountain work in drug store. 13
_ 159, Globe.
situation: wanted-females
Aujbouy oat or work lv St. I'aal or
Blluneapolis may iuxert an adver.
ttstinent under this heading free
of i-linrj;e.
A YOUNG LADY who has had experi
ence in clerking, office work and dining
room work, would like a position during
the carnival or peimanent. Address S.
C. ISO East Seventh St., third floor.
A YOUNG LADY, 19 years old, would like
to travel as companion for a lady, or
take care of a chi.d; to go to Paris or
Germany prefened. Q 18j, Globe.
BOOKKEEPER—Young lady bookkeep^
er, who has a good, general education,
and is a fair stenographer, desires po
sition; moderate salary to start, where
there is prospect of advancement; no
objection to leaving city; can speak and
write Scandinavian language. Address
__518 Grand block.
BOOKKEEPER—An experienced book
keeper and stenographer wishes a posi
tion in the city. Address M. E. M., 587
Goff ay.
CLERK—An energetic young lady wishes
position as clerk in confectionery store;
has had expeiience; can furnish best of
references. Address S. M. M., 252 Rondo.
COOK—Wanted--A competent German
girl would l.ke plalr cooking in a pri
vate iamiiy. Call 55i Wabasha st., down
DRESSMAKER wants sewing in fami
lies, or to do at home; cutting and fit
ting. Please call or address 315 East
_Seyenth, third floor.
GIRL of eighteen desires position as as-
K slant bookkeeper, or will do oliico
ork of any kind; can furnish refer-
ices. Address to 493 Wabasha st.
GOOD, strong girl wants posit on clean
ing offices. Address No. 188 West Ninth
RELIABLE HELP of all kinds furnish^
ed on short notice; help guiranUed
Union Employment Office, Union bock.
Fourth and Cedai.
STENOGRAPHER—A competent lady
stenographer desires position; salary
moderate. M. S., 64C Robert St., city.
STENOGRAPHER wishes position;; has
had some experience and will work for
moderate salary. Z 185, Globe.
STENOGRAPHER-A girl of eighteen
wishes a position as a stenographer;
position more of an object than salary;
or as copyist. Address to 400 Michi-
WASHING—Wanted to go out washing.
187 Western ay. north, up Btairs.
WANTED—Circulars, wrappers and en
velopes to address at home by lady
who writes a plain and neat hand. Ad
dress E. R. L., St. Anthony Hill p.
** ~^ __ i
YOUNG LADY teacher des-irs positi n
in an-office during part or all of vaca
tion; p)ain, rapid w i.er; mii.l siliiy.
A<ldr;ss E 180, Glr-be.
Get our prices »nd you are our custom!:
H. W. HARM, Graduate Optician,
109 East Seventh.
WANT TO SELL book of valuable se-
Hrets for only $1.00, to introduce our
tronderful book; write now; wiil charge
ull price after this, $5.nQ. North Da-
Uk':i Book Co.. Milnor. N. P.: Box SO,
AN ATTRACTIVE young woman with
means desires prepossessing man as
correspondent; object amusement; pos
sibly matrimony. Address W 159, Globe.
LADIES—Free; harmless monthly regu
lator; cannot fail. Mrs. B. Rowan, R
104, Milwaukee, Wis.
dred and fifty head of horses taken on
chattel mortgage must be sold regard
less of value; can be seen at Barrett &
i Zimmerman's Midway Horse Market, Si.
Midway Horse Market, Minnesota
Transfer. On Interurbm line be'ween
Minneapolis and St. Paul is headquar
ters for driving, delivery and draft
horses. Fiom 500 to 600 head always on
hand. Prices are the lowest In the
DO YOU wish an excellent massagl. or
bath? Cfill at Mme. Lauretta's i-well
par:ors. 319 Jackson st.
ELITE BATH and massage, by a French
lady; furnished rooms; transient. 320
FIRST-CLASS massage parlors and for
tune telling. Mrs. Thomas, removed to
_457 St. Peter st.
I MASSAGE—3SO Cedar St., Room 26. sec
ond floor; massage, steam baths, alco
hol rubs; osteopathy and electric treat
j _jnents; open dally.
MRS. DR. BURTI, Masseuse, 28 East
Fourth St., Room 12—Treatments given
from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m.
CHIROPODIST—Dr. Bettys powder for
facial massage; foot balm for swollen,
burning feet, 25 cents. 27 East Sev
enth, Kendrick block-
For Sale.
A very desirable 8-room house on Smith
avenue, south of Selby. This is decidedly
the cheapest down town property in the
market. See us for price and description.
Manhattan Bldg.
Room 214 Phoenix ilu ilil In t.
Seventh and Cedar.
MODERN HOUSE, with nice yard. 599
Modern house, 917 Linwood, corner Mil
ROOMS-At Hotel Fey, corner Cedar and
Seventh, furnish-d rooms by the day
or week; steam heat and bath; tran
sient trade solicited.
ANY STRANGERTrT~St. Paul wishing
neatly furnished room will rind satis
faction at Hotel Barnett, 410^ Jackson
St.; Mrs. Sawyer will recommend these
HOTEL REARDON, corner Seventh and
Minnesota, under new management; re
modeled and refurnished; everything
first-class; transient trade solicited.
—Furnished rooms by the day or week;
the best accomnu nations In the city; for
_la_di>»s or gentlemen: cheap.
SPRUCE ST., 223—Newly furnished rooms
for rent. *
I NOW OPEN—Four hotels, 250 rooms; all
prices; day, week or month; depot ears
pass the doors; The Western, 105 East
Eighth; Imperial Hotel, 16 East Eighth;
Yukon Hotel. 127 East Eighth; Econ
omy Hotel, 360 Jackson st. _^
$6,000 MERCHANDISE to trade for farm
land or residence; one-quarter cash.
John H. Klein, Mountain Lake, Minn.
Lock Box 216.
SALARY LOANS $10 to $200. You can
not fail to be interested enough
to at least PROCURE OUR RATES.
CALL for proofs that ours"
are LOWEST RATES offered In town.
You wish lowest rates, OF COURSE,
THIRD FLOOR, Room 301,
New York Life Building.
WE HAVE been criticised for giving
such low rates and easy partial pay
ments: the critics are right, but we
must loan a certain amount of money
as soon as posible, regardless of com
ment: we loan on your note; no mort
gage; no indorser; no publicity; your
employer or friends need nut know. Re
liable Credit Co., Germanla Bank build
ing. Room J, corner Wabasha and Fifth
CALL FOR TERMS on loans to salaried
people, or loans on household furniture,
pianos, etc.; they ne t*ie lowest: no in
dorsers; easy payments; confidential.
Minnesota. Mortgage Loan Company, 317
Picr.ger Pi ess building.
MONEY LOANED on diamonds and
watches; low rates for large loans.
George R. Holmes. Jeweler, 141 East
Seventh at.
«% TO 6 PER CENT MONEY, with th«
'on or before"' privilege, to loan on im
proved property in St. Paul and Minne
apolis. R. M. Newport & Son. I'loneer
Press Bldg.. St. Paul.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan on
Improved property In St. Paul and Min
neapolis. V. C. Oilman, New York L.lf»
PRIVATE LESSONS In grade subject*
by experienced teacher in city schools;
special rates to two or more. A 188,
SPOT CASH for old books; any quanti
ties and all kinds school books, fresh
fiction boujrht, sold and exchanged. 110
_East L Fourth st.
TEACHER—An experienced teacher
wishes private pupils in h'gh school
and grade branches. Inquire 872 Ash-
RING LOST—Sunday afternoon at Fort
Sneiling, plain gold band ring; en
graved on inside A. M. 11. to M. V. 11.
Liberal reward If returned to Globe of-
Ramsey—ss. in Probate Court, Special
Term, June 1, 1900.
Jn the matter of the estate of George
Eaton, deceased:
On reading and filing the petition of
John W. Lane and John C. Quinby, ex
ecutors of the estitte of George Eaton, de
ceased, representing, among other things:,
that they have filed th«-ir account, and
asking, among other things, that the same
be allowed.
It is ordered, that the sa(d account be ex
amined and petition heard by the Judge
of this Court, on Monday, the 25th day of
June, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m., at
the Probate Court Room, In the Cour;
House, in St. Paul, in said county.
And it Is further ordered, that notice bo
given to all persona interested by pub
lishing a copy of this order for three suc
cessive weeks, once In each week, prior
to said day of hearing, In tho St. Paul
Globe, a daily newspaper printed and
published in said county.
By the Court.
(Seal of Cuurt.) E. W. BAZILLE,
Judge of Probate.
H. J. & A. E. Horn, Attorneys for
I Kxfcutors.
I ' of the moat obstinate cases of Gorjorrhoea <
C and Gleet, guaranteed in from 3 to 6 <
<, days; no oilier treatment required. 5
2 1 Sold by all druggists. 5
I «& sST«S Si* hi"r "**•?• ,T" ke »• other.'*krru«o
Jvi *<» **£/ J»a-ij-erou« -uWhution-. and Imita
-1 / f]T »oim. Bhj of your Dru)tgl«. or wnrt 4 P . ia
«^^~§si/| CSKg YOURSEIF!
I V VO'»ni«!Kiiri,o.r~~] iioia by itrastfintn
Cure Gonorrhoea, Gleet, unnatural d:j.
charges in a few days. All druggists. >^-
cept only Docuta, by mail }LSO; full di
rections. Dick & Co., li 3 Centre St. New
Tratns leave and arrive at St Paul aa
ElectricLietit«>d—Obssrva- Leare [Arrtr*
tton Cars to Portland, Ore, via R-SK y -on
Butte, Seattie ana Tacoma dally °-OJ t.t«
' *' a. m. cm.
Pacific Express
Fargo, Helena, Butte, Spokane, 1035 7 '45
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, dally, p.^ ££
F*.rgo and Leech Lake Local
Bt. Cloud, Bralnerd, Walker, o.tR c.nn
Beinldjl, Fargo, dally ex. Sunday. \-^ b<^
Dakota & Manitoba Express
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton, Fargo, „
Moorhead, Crookßton, Grand) 8:00 7 13
Graf ton, Winnipeg, dally. | p . m . \ »
I Dining and Putirhon StandardSleepinqCars |
on Coast and Winnipeg Trains.
Tourist Sleeping Cars onCcast Trains.
"North-Western Llne:'-C.St.P.M.&"ojRf.
Office .'{B2 Robert St. 'Phone I.NO.
lE*, Sun. ; tt. &at I '
lEx. Mon Others D*lly. LEAVE ARRIVH
Bndger State Express \ 8.30 10.15
Clii.ago.Mllwaulccß Mad'aor: f ai" pin
Chicago "Atlantic Ex"..111.10 pm]U.3O am
Chicago "Fast MaU >#....| 6.55 pm' 8.10 ara
Morth-Westem BIQ 1M
Limited pu a', v
Wausau, F. dv Lac, Green Bay 8.68 pm 8.10 an
Manltowoc, Shet>M>eac t 6.55 l>m g H.lO aU
DulutU, Superior, AsUland.... t b.OO ani t ;i.40 pu
Twilight Limited I 4.30 o.SO
Duluth, Superior, Ashland / Vln
Mankato, St. JaruM, Su. City f 7.40 am M 20 en
I>«a<lwood.]Slu'k Hills.. !t 7.40 am; 7 23 ait
Elmore, Algona, Dcs Molue^. t 7.40 am■+ 7.45 pm
Omaha Express \ 10.00 ' 7.45
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. City/ *«n 1"U
St.Jain.»B,.N>wl Tlin,Tracy.... 10.00 ami 7.46 pm
New Llm, Elmore h 4.50 pm tlO <>o an!
Fairmont, St. James t 4.60 pm 'Hi 05 am
Omaha Limited I 8.30 7.25
Sj^Clty, Omaha, Kan. City/ rm am^,
Mllwaukaa &
Su r3U] R/, imwuaxn3tsß^^
Tlc-Uei Office :J«r. Robert St. Tii'm. us
_ aDally. bEic^ Bun. | Leave. | Arrive.
rhicapo. J. a Crosse, Mll.laSiOTamialoTiSpni
Ch cago. La Crosse, Mil.'all:2spm all :4r,ani
cnicago. La Crosse, M11.1a6:55pm h2 :sopm
CiCQor'PtefLiK 1' aß:^,| a7 4 a \
y«l.. I'aribault. Duouque a4:4opm all:(K)um
via Mascn City..|a4:4opm all:00am
» i'iV.? Crosse. Wlnonai a3:2opm all:4sam
t „ iilsr and R°chester I 45ani
fey. Vh'n R,°, ck l J sl- StXouli aß<3oam| a7:4sam
h° rJ hfl, el<;l ' f blt- St L.aß:4tom n6:2spm
Milbank and Aberdeen.. bß:2Oam| Wapiti
O'tonv'He. Aberdeen ...!a7:ospm' asiOoam
Nor field. FJbault & Auslb7:2opm h
Ticket Office—333 Robert Bt. Cor. I'ourth^
'Phone Main SSB.
J^fave^ a Dally, b Kx. Bunday. Arrive.
bß:»am!St. Cld. ¥ K » F'lb. F«r«ro| bs:tßpra
bß:3sam!AVtUinar f via St. Cloud bs:(Kpm
a9:ooam|Flyer Mont. & p. Coastl a 2 4Rprn
b3:oopmlKlk R.. M. & SandstonelMl .JO.un
b4:4o[.m!..Exc<'l. & Hutchlnson.. ;i»ll :30am,
ai:ospnißrf<:k.. Fargo,G.F W[»k| u,.4Cam
aß:aopml...Mlnn. & Dak. Exp...| a7:Boam
l|MDu ! uthT^Bup erl o r g fe
SJoeper for 11:15 p. ni. train cn n b« oc
cupied at any time after 9 p. in.
Lake Mlnn^tonka trains leave St Paul:
Except Sunday. 8:50 a. m., 4:40 p. m Hnt.
urday and Sunday, ]i':!. r > |. m Sunday
only, 9:35 a. m. Dally, 1:35 p. m., &.i5
p. m.
Chicago Great Western Ry.
"The Maple l.eaJ kouts."
City Ticfctt Office, sth & Robert Ste.,St.Pawl.
t B«. 3nnd LUVi FOB tRHIVt fBOM
Kenyou. Doilgti Center, * 8. w a
Oelweln, DubiKjue, Free- Bio pin v 50.1 m
port. Ctilca^o and East. 11.20 pm 12.85 pm
1 edarFails,W;uertoo,Miir- t 8 loam • - 30pm
sliHlit'Mvn, Dm Motnes, siopii:, 7 warn
bt. Josepli, Kansas City. 11.20 pm 12 ,V 5 pra
Cannon Katls, ftwl Wldk, t - 10 an 30 pin
Nortlifir-id. Faribauit, 6.05 tip. 'jr-oam
Watcivillo, Mnnkato.
Mnp.-.'itviiir ;..,r;ii. ' cor.pm p.'oam
LvT. staticJn's' jTi
b. l.'am SVinooa, La Crosse, Diibuq::e I
nnd Chicago, cicept Sunday 12XC pm
B:lsair. Winona, La Crosse, Dubunne |
and St. Louis, except Sunday
8:0.")pm Wiimi.a, La Crosse. l)nbiique.
Chicago and St. I.'jiii-;. daily 7
Ticket Offire 40fi V^^t ?fr.>... Trl
M., ST. P. & S. S. M. RY. jsr
City Ticket Office 379 Robert St. Tel. 106JL
Union Depot. St. Paul.
Leave. I EAST. Arriv^T
7:2opm!.Ai!,'tn;lc LlmlteO (dally) B:4sam
9:4sam!Rhlnelander Local (exSun'i s:ojpra
i 6:lspm!Ht. Crolx Falla Local, cxl
{Sunday. From Broa.i .
Depot, foot Fourth 5t...1 9:lsan>
6:oopm'.lmperial Limited (Pacific '
< toast) riaily. r<:4r,am
7:6oam IDakota Express (ex. 8
City Office. 273 Robert St. 'Phone No. 634.
lEau Claire. Chip. Fallal
SiOOamLMilwaukee ar.d Cblcajro S:tlarn
Ash'.ar.d. Chlppewa F'ls.l
7:4opm .OsMcnab Mi' uml CM. 1 fJOQpm
Union Depot »DalJy. tßx. Sitnn.iy
U~ 9 00 Bin I Tr«!n.ifor Dulut 1j Ar '1
"♦arasprn > V " +3:3* dot
•■•11:13pm I Md superl,-. j
U. A St. L. Depot—Uruailw ii) A iilu
MinnnapVis & St, Loul 3 1 i
OfHcs, 396 Rcb-srt. _'Fhcr.s 661. St, Lcoil
Leave. 1 *Dai!y. lExcspt Sunday. 1
a™, om!AHA }
Albert Lea. Os^sr RaDld3, Ch!
-■l9:CCarr. cejo. Karcas City. ■■
•7:Copm'..Chicago & St. Louis Llmi;j
IWatertown, Ne-.v Ulm.
l!»m«s, Shorburre and Esther
-18:35 sr, ' ••• • vlllo.
:Me« Ulm Local, St. \*
•_ ,-"•""
will l«tv< Bt Paul for St. I
termediate landings on Wc-dn.
20th. at 10 a. m.
For Cull information regarding
and freight rates, address Ha
Acf-nt: office, foot Bibley street, o ,
Union U..;,0t. St Paul. Ttit;
Main aa

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