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jßvMinritM HavluK Readied lii^li
Vide, (Ii«- iuUU In More Noticeable '
u:i«l C':>iiilii m>iis Hade to A|i
pear Worse Than Tfhey Vre.
NKW YORK, June 15.- Bradstreet's to
knori iw v ill say:
' Mi 1 ired by recen< records and rec
ollectiuns of business activity the pres
pii* ii•■! .■. dullness seenxs es
pecially marked, and tiio raactionary
naovemeni of prices makes trade !".>k
worse than ii really is. Judged by eucb
Indicators as railroad tariffs abd the sta
tistics of foreign trade, the volume of
business doing is considerably larger
■t!. i" n year ago, when, ii will b^ recol
lected, trade was cheerfully active. It
is true bank clearings, considerably
smaller than la&t year*s clea'rirfgs'; un-'
dotibtcdly included much of a specula
tive character, this year almost wholly
absent, ■::■> \ yet, outside of. the metropo
lis ii! k clearings are heavier this year
"Lov •a- prlci s for iron and steel ha ye
v.'ti n el expectations: of causing a re
duction i:i output and the latest fur
nace 1 'port indicates an actually larger
output !• 1 Increased stock, though Lhis
!■ feature apparently lias been ncag
-1: :■ ,i be ■ >•: ■• supplii - of high sradn
I>iii partlculai
- nth. On the other hand low
«: 1 i - ire in plentiful siiiJi>ly. with little
demand. Further shading of iiis iron
q ■• itior.: are 1 epoi ted East and West.
aril i!i • possibility of a 2o pn- cent re
- Btri ductlon i.- reported under
lon of leading iron producers.
"■•.'.■.••■ 1:. tnclnd-ng flour, ?hipments for
I! •• •■. :. asgregate 4,678,029 bushels,
a.; ii bus=he!s lafel week; 2,-
W. 171 bush.-Ls In th correrspondlng week
41 I; ::::,.;•; bushels in 189! ; 2,517,3W
bus! Is in iv.; 7, and 3,020,317 bushels In
1- 1; aim 3 Julj I, this season, the ex
vrheat agj 11.524.982 bu
ti':.■■. , ;^a i>st 218,022,8^2 bushels lust year
a...1 :2a,^72,5W bushels in 1897-1898. Corn
i'x;i 1. ■ fur Hi- week aggregate 3,634.205
b h :.~. a.f,a:r:-. 3,084,474 bushels, last
■w ■ U. :._-:,,:.ui bushels in this week a year
as"; 1.106,705 bushels in ISUS; 1,924,213 bu
sli : In 1597, and 1.510,761 bushels in
1896. Since July 1. this season,.corn ex
p«i -; air^regaiie 196,251,827 bushels, against
162. .-.'.in bushels during the same period
a > v 1, .. and 1C0.G11,029 bushels in
1 rr is
"Th ■ f liltin s for the week In the United
Stati-.H number 1S"O, as compared with IS4
.■ "k: r<o \\: this week a year ago;
207 1 OS; 226 in 1897, and 265 In 1896. Kail
c 1 irnlnion of Canada number
23. 1 20 la i week; S, in this
week :i year :k><; 1:1 in IS98; 34 In 1897.
am! 85 In Ittfc".
( (SN MillV A I :>..! IHIO KIJ.E.
Bi-ad«treet'M Review »>f tbe Fiatan
c.al Sit iiMtion.
NEW VftKiC, Jiiar 15.—Bradstreefs I
finaucial r^'lew foTtlbTTov? will say:
• pxti«me dullness hae i>i-«.-\ailed in the
mrwket all week, and speculation seems ,
1 > l>.' ii 1 complete standstill. it is, in i
fact, many months since th*- amount of j
commission house business on the New
York stock exchange has been at so low :
an ebb. Investment values are, it is j
true, firmly held, and the current prices j
in '.h(- bond market show that income j
yi.l.liiij; seci fittes of th 6 better class arc
in ;;-!i>r supply, and thai the demand
foi Id b-.- good, though
by m> means active.
"Railroad earnings also naturally ex
l:ii>i' (!■■> reases from the j
records of last year and arc. it is ar- i
gue>l, likely tc be Influenced by ihe de- 1
1 -•■! activity of business and the pros- j
j' ;cl 1 crops. The drought in j
the Northwest, and what Is considered a
partial failure of spring wheat through- i
out Minnesoft and the regions to the !
westward, have, als.i caused some re- j
vision of opinion in relation u> the pre- '
sumvl perm'anehc^ 6f railroad prosper- ;
ity. • In fa<-t. the action taken on Fri
day by the Northern Pacific directors in
declaring only 1 per cent on the common
Btock In place of the 2 pi r cent dividend,
whiqh was conjidently expected, shows
that s:n>ii cbfi§eT\*tftlgtft i< influencing the
minds' oi." •matuipefs.'
Season That Is JVever Agreeable to
Ilnsiiioss Men.
NKW STORK, June 15.— R. C. Dun &
Co.'s weekly review of trade pays:
"A season of declining prices is never
wholly agreeable to business men whoso i
.stocks .in hand are losing part of their
value. Vet there are times when return
to the highest prosperity in business is
not possible except through readjustment
of prices, The highest prosperity the
country lta.s ever reached prior to the
panic was in ls,c, with prices averaging
not quite 7. r. per cent of their average in
1800. Alter meat depression for several
years the highest point reached with last
year's recovery was 80 per cent on March
16, but the gradual yielding has already
returned the regular prices to a shade
less than 7.) tier cent, where it was prac
tically with the highest prosperity in 1892.
'•The output of iron furnaces June L
wa.s 296,376 tons weekly, an increase of
8.526 ions, making the yield only 1,fi38 tons
less than at the highest point ever reach
ed Feb. l. But the increase of unsold '
stock to :p, iM) tons, about »4,000 tons in I
May, disclosed a larger decline than was
expected in the new business upon which
nearly all the works and furnaces have
now to rely, and reports that furnaces
(»C considerable capacity have already
been closed this month seems likely to
be correct Within a week or two the
labor organizations and the envjlovers
will be discussing new demands for high
er wages and shorter houis. and the dos
ing of many works for lack of orders
will have much influence about this time
Prices aregradually changing, anthracite
No. 1 to $20 and Pittsburg grey forge to
JU.aO, and sales of bars are reported there
B t >1 :>!>.
Weekly Hank Clearing*.
NEW YORK. Juno 15.—The following
tabiccomplled by Bradstreet's, shows the
bank clearings at the principal cities for
the week ended June 14 with the percen
tage of increase and decrease as com
pared with the corresponding w t ek last
i ■1 : ■
Inc.] 1 >< c.
New Virk I J842,560,051|.....
Boston 113,^81.744 14 1
Chicago 131.718,900 13.7....'
Philadelphia | 73.939,826 11' i
S - 'vis 32,674,424 10 91....'.
J'<; -'<><■> - 32,013,9301 39.5
imore 20,818,255 I Ys
Fiancisco .... 20,578,833 S8
tatl 15,511.750 MSI
Kansas City 14,716*271 36.61
New Orl.ans ! 8,157673 B.OL*X
Minneapolis I 13.2 6 753 *>) ::
Detroit , 8.C52.755 ... ii
«'i iveland ' 11,770,843 25 7
Louisville ! 7,424.97S I 5*9
Providence 1 6.082.006 l 59
Milwaukee I 5 876.1431 15.81
Paul ! 4.125,3011 i n"i
Buffalo ' 5,051.508 3.0:
Omaha I 6,416,7401 15 2
Indianapolis ' 6,462.6321... ' 64
Washington | 3.247.:»52' so."
rortland. Or ' 2.l rt<>.74Si 33 r"
]) s Al.Jnes I 1415,704) sol
le 2.342.300 35 9 ""
Taccma ' l.T:>.«<C TL.S
cane I/f« 236. . 24*7
i Ct*y ! 1.-.i in 25 3 . ' !
Fargo X. 1) ! 3 »,64fl 11 'i
P' in ■ 3. D..1 -' I ' 5 7 ]
ii-1 na ' ■-- 14.1 .. !
I I |H _ '•
T >tol.i. T. 5....'vl KR.3657y7! I 14.3 I
X. V G 2 r.5 I 6 3.9] '
! ?M.23",Cn01"r.7.! 40 I
T.irn'i.i ! lft.W9.W7! lfi..
Winnipeg ! 2.382.434 L' 7.?. ... . I
ix 1 1,»71.mk: 20.9 .
Hamilton ' tci.W 2.W..
ohn. N. B ! 7l'r,.r is .1
r.'i..-.<;r 9.41
Vancouver ,
Totals ! J32,<W! ■■■■■ '-'h
W. D. FLOWER, Pr-js. !l; 3. M&FniJL loi. 3j>L
South St. Paul f Mm^
Pest Frifrpcd rrd fc'cst /t'vfrt?[fCL's ITnht for fte Shivers in the Northwest.
Connected with ail th? Railroads.
I ? (He© Beeves and 2 ? 0©B Hogs Waited Ha!ly-
fveem 19 Exchange Bld^., Unicn Stock Yards, So. St Paul, Minn.,
End Union Stock Yards. Chicago, Mi.
All Correspondence will receive prompt attention. Liberal advances made on con
signments. References—Union Stock Yards or any Commercial Agency.
! Lr.rcrEtcckYard«, "?" SJ |i £f *r?" SSSJI^B^. f"^ Oily *too'< Ya-Ji
J Eo. U. Peui, Minn, g Bif&J&a H 10? 3M -%3? a Sioux Mly, I» MM,
All Business and Conespondenc-e Receives Prompt Attention.
I Liberal advances made on consignpients. References— South St. Paul Stock Yards
Bank, Sioux City National Bank, First National Bank, Kasson, Minn.,
Pavson Bros, bank. Dodge Center. Minn.
11l 11A GAIN
Peeling lljkl Mttle Effect I i«oi»
I'rlfo.s, However, and There Was
Steady Deiuund From Korth
west—Corn WenU.
Close. Day.
July wheat-. Minneapolis—'.-.i U
i Ju.y wheat, Chicago ?4 .2' s -7j
.inly svheat, New lo.k 78% 7." 1*
July wr.eat, Du.utn "t*: A Wjjj
! CHICAGO, June !•"».— After a period ■!
weakness early today the wheat m.:rket
i turned strung on unfavorable ciop rp
; ports, July ciosing 1 1/ be over ycsttnlay.
! Corn closed 'i<- ami "ata 1/»c imprafved.
Provisions closed steady.
At tli ■ beginning o£ trie sess'on and for
a brief time following there were the fol
lowing considerations of a bearish hue;
weak Liverpool cables; rain in South Ua
kota and the southern part of North Da
kota and the weather bureau prediction
of rains for Minnesota and the two Ba
kotas. Ju.y opened %c to Vie under y< s
terday at ?2TgC to 72% c. The b»ars had a
very shoit inning, however. The bu.ls
turned to their gr at friend and through
out the session received from ihe Noith
wesl the g oomieal bard of crop repo.ta
in ii," market. Some said the Northwest
would get half a crop; others that any
kind of a crop woiilil b^ a UeWghtful Sur
prise. A Board of Tr:ide .statistician
wired that the y'- Id in the drought terri
tcii-y this seasort urfder Httftmfble 1 i c-um
stances from now o*l would rh« bi over
100,000,000 bu. Besides there dismal ti.l
inics. Kansas complained of Insect dam
age, and Tennessee, [ndiana and riou.h
ern Illinois complained of rl (ids.
There was a ly demand from the
Northwest during the day a.9 welj ;is ex
cellent support from local inert s s. July
from ih' opening advanced steadily to
74 1,.-, and closed strong \\i\\*r over yes
terday at 74c. Clearances in wheat and
flour were equal to 354.000 bu. Piimary
receipts aggregated 642,000 bu, cojapaped
with 791 030 bu last >-. :ir. iiiiiiuvipn is and
Duluth reported 138 cars, against 430 last
week-, and 666 v year ago. Local reci ipts
amounted to 57 cars, three of contract .
Corn opened weak on lower cables, and
In sympathy with wheat. Trade the great
er part of the session was quiet, bu) fhe
market turned tirm laier. Country offer
ings were light the coolness and iain:-<
west were unfavorable; theie was a far
cash demand, a>i<l the wheat rally was
also a help of some magnitude. For ex
port 170,000 bu • was sold by one house.
Receipts here 598 cars. Juiy sod between
38%@39c, closing Me up at :'.B%c.
Oats wore quiet, but - firm/ save Tor a
little dip at the opfningj in, sympathy
with wheat. Northwest buying of Sep
tember oats was one of the features.
There was a talk of n bis: July line held
by Illinois operators and fear was ex
pressed that a pqueeze might be expect
ed. But there were many who said tn:s
line was not large enough to causf any
uneasiness. Shipping sales were lOfl.ooo
bu. July sold between 22V4®2;%c ;ird 22^c,
closing %c over ye«terda.y at 5%@22%c.
Receipts here w«re £•")."> cars.
The provMona market started strong
with considerable outside buying at an
average advance over last nicrht of sc.
Commission people led the buying for an 1
hour, netting a further moderate advance,
but on the bulse puckers ?old, smother
ing nut rao?t of ti^e advance. The July
opt'on closed: poi k a. a-hadu h'ariv>r at
$11.22^@11.2i; lard 2M®6c un Rt J6 52H. ;v:rl
ribs a shade improved at $6 55.
Estimates toramrnw: Wheat, 50; corn,
700; oats, 270; hogs. 19,0 0.
The leading 1 futures ranged as follows:
1 ing, j est ( est. I Ing-
June 73>4
July 72%-% 74% 72% 74
August 73V4 7514 73% 74%
June 38%-% 39 35%! 3ST&
July 38%-% 39 SS%! 35%
August 3&»/(i 3:)^4-% 39%! 39<4
June 2214 22% 22i4! 22%
July 22%-% 22% 22Vi-% 22%-%
August ! 22%| 22% 22 22%-%
July 11 25 11 32V» 11 17 1 i'll 25
September 11 40 11 47% 11 31"- 11 40
Laid -
July 655 660 GSO I G 52Vi
September 6CO J6 65 655 !6 60
Ribs— 1 I
July G 57%1 G G2% G r>2V-! 6 55
September G6O j6 65 655 ; 6 60_
Cash quotations were as fol'ows: Four
—Steady. Wheat—No. 3. 70%@71%c; No. 2
red. [email protected]%C. Corn—No. '>, 39%@3914c; No.
2 yellow. 3!%@39%C. Oats—No. 2, 2;W:l >:?Vc;
No. 2 white, 26Vic; No. 3 white, 25%@25C.
Rye—No. 2, 57i^c. Barley—Good feeding,
37*ic; fair to choice malting, 40fj/430. Flax
seed—No. 1. $1.80; No. 1 Northwestern,
$1.80. Timothy Seed—Prime, $2.40. Pork-
Mess, per bbl. [email protected] Lard—per 100
lbs. $6.40&€-52%, Ribs—Short -sides floose),
$6.40^6.70. Shoulders—Dry salted (boxed*,
6%@6%c. Sides—Short clear (boxed), $7.05
/7.i:>. Whisky—Basis of high wines, 51.23.
("lover —Contract grade. 37.7r><«S. Receipts
—Flour. 15,000 bbls; wheat, 65.000 bu: corn,
3M.000 bu; o^ats. 218,000 bu; rye, 5,000 bu;
harley, 11,030 bu. Shipments—Flour. 0.000
bbls; wheat, 40,000 bu; corn, 568,000 bu; i
oais, 241.000 bu; rye, 3,000 bu; barley, 9,000 j
bu. On the produce exchange today the
butter market was steady: creameries, T4
'<;IV-.c: dairies, [email protected]%C Cheese—Steady;
NY'' 1-' 1- Eggs—Slow; fresh, 10c.
MINNEAPOLIS, June 15.—Wheat open
ed nervous. July wheat opened at 707£ c,
against 71c yesterday's close, advanced
1-lfic. .sold at 7094 c firmed to 7iy&71 1.4 c,
declined to 70% c, firmed up to 71% c, lost
l-16c, sold at 71 7/fcc. lost firmed up to
71% c. lost VsC by 11:30, and by noon held
at 71v&c.
September wheat opened at 71~«c, being
the pame as yesteril-jy's close, lost V£c,
fumed up to 72c. declined to 71 7jW7l%c,
advanced to 72% c. lost l-l<sc, firmed up
to [email protected]%c sold at 72% c, gained 1-lGc by
110:30. and by noon held at 72% c.
The cash wheat market was fairly
strong with the demand good for No. 1
northern on the same basis which ruled
yesterday. June wheat closed at 72c;
July at 72'4c. aiul September at 73c.
Open- High- Low- Closing,
ing. est. . ?t. Fri. Thurs.
June 72 70%
.Jury 70% '-'■* 70% '72.; 71
September. 7!7^ 73% 71%-% 73 Sl%
On Track —Official quotations: Xo. l
hard wheat, 7.V-; Xo. 1 northern, 73c: No.
2 northern. 71% c-; oats, 2lUc; corn, 3S*4c;
barley. [email protected]; rye, 51i.4065%c: flax .-eed
Cash pales:
No. l northern, W rars. 72a
, No. \ northern, :j.*o bu, to arrive, 72%3.
No. 1 northern, 2 cars, 72^c
No. 1 northern, 3,000 bu 10 arrive. 72
No. 1 northern, 2.nno Iju to arrive. 7!%c
No. 1 northern, (WO bu to arrive, 72% c. '
THE ST. PAUL GL&Sz, GATUZ. J)A V, JUNE 16, 1900.
Orders taken for all kinds of live stock
and time given to responsible parties.
Correspondence solicited.
Minnesota. lowa.
No. 1 northern, 2,000 bu to arrive, 73c.
No. 1 northern, 3 cars, 72Vic.
No. 2 northern, 14 cars, 70% C.
No. 2 northern, 1 car, Tie.
No. 2 northern, 3 curs choice, 71c.
No. 2 northern, 18 cars, 7«%»c.
No. 2 northern, 10 cars. 70c.
No. 3 wheat, 1 car, GlV^c.
No. 3 wheat. 1 car. 66c.
No. 3 wheat, 5 cars, C7c.
No. 3 wheat, 11 cars, 68c.
No. 3 wheat, 3 cars, choice, G9<\
Flour—First patents, [email protected]; first
cluars, $2.40(62.75; rye Hour, per bbl, pure.
[email protected]
Bran—Hr;m in bulk. J11^11.25.; BhortS
in bulk, ([email protected]; middlings In bulk, $12
@12.25; red Gog, In 140 !b sacks, f. o. b .
Corn—No. 3 corn. 3?%@38c: No. 3 yellow.
88% c.
Oats—The oats market is stnmger, 24'S
24V.C for choice.
Rye—No. 2 iye quoted at 51%@53c.
Harley—Ranges from 35#40c for choice
Coarse corn meal and cracked corn, in
packs, per ton, .sacks extra, $14.2:Vr; 14.50;
No. 1 ground feed, 2-3 corn. 1-3 oats. 30-
Ib. sacks, sacks extra, [email protected]
Hay—The firmness in the market con
tinues and prices are quoted at Inside
figures. Choice timothy. JlftSOtfx'll; clover
mixed timothy, $0fjf9.50; Minnesota up
land, $10ul0.5"; Towa upland, SlO'tflO.SO;
coarse to medium, $7<ftß; rye straw. $5.50.
Receipts are lisht at 20 tons.
Northern. No
Roads. N0.1hd.N0.1.N0.2.N0.3.Rej.Gd.
Great Northern .. 21 32 IS 4 3
C, M. & St. P.. 20 35 27 3 1
M. & St. L 14 11 2 .. ..
Soo Line 3 3 .. 2
NorthernPaciflc .. 2 10 2 2 2
C.St.R.M. &O. .. 7 20 18 3 ..
St. P. & D 4
Totals 08 111 70 12 8
Other Grains—No. :i corn, 25; No. 4
corn, 4; No. 3 oats, ;j; No. 4 barley, 1; No I
5 barley, 2; No. ] flax, 8.
Cars Inspected Out—Wheat—No. 1 hard,
9; No. 1 northern. 64; No. 2 northern, 32;
No. 3, 3; rejected, 9; no grade. 1; No 3
corn, Iff; No. 3 oats, 18; No. 2 rye, 1; No
1 llax, 5.
DULUTH, Minn., June 15.—Market ac
tive and higher; July opened %c off at
72% c, sold up to 73 7/ 8 c at 11:40, and closed
Uic up at 74c. Cash—4o,ooo bu at Vie un
der July. Wheat stocks are expected to
increase 400,0uu bu this week. Wheat-
July, 75T-sc; September, 7G%c; No. 1
No. 1 hard, cash, 75% c; to arrive, 75% c;
Northern, cash, 73% c; to arrive, 73% c;
July, 74c; September, 74% c; No. 2 North
ern, 71% c; No. 3 spring, 69c; oats, [email protected]
221/ic; rye, 53% c; barley, 37fi30e; flax, cash
$1.80; in car lots, $1.75; September, $1.32 Vi;
Octobtr, $1.28%. Receipts—Wheat, 192%
315 bu; corn, 6,420 bu; oats, 1,182 bu; rye,'
1,707 bu; flax, 10,400 bu. Shipments-
Wheat, 71.000 bu; oats, 1,167 bu.
GRAIN GOSSlP—Gossip by private
wire to C. H. F. Smith & Co., St. Paul,
members of the New York Stock ex
change and Chicago Board of Trade.
Modern Miller says: "The condition of
the wheat In winter wheat belt is much
the same as a week ago. The plant has
made reasonable progress. Harvesting
has begun as far North as Kansas and
Southern Illinois and Missouri, and the
crop is being gathered under quite, fa
vorable conditions, although too much
rain is noted In some localities The
flour trade has not been benefited by
the late advance in wheat, as buyers
both at home and abroad steadfastly re
fuse to pay the prices warranted by the
present cost of wheat." Aberdeen. S.
D.: Light showers this morning. Dam
age to crop reported from stations be
tween here and Mitchell from 50 to 70
per cent." Jamestown: "Partly cloudy
cool, 68; no rain. 1' Osakls: "Clear arid
cool; no rain."
MILWAUKEE. Wis., June 15.-Flour
?&S£&z^L? at flrm: No- ! Northern,
4o @i3^' N°- 2« [email protected]^:- Rye steady
No. 1, 57W. Barley firm; No 2 44c
sample, 99#8%c. Oats firm; No. 2 white,'
! J£Y E, RPOOU June 15.-Wheat quiet.
wwi °r^' er: July and September. 5s
inaET a c<? rn steady. '/W lower; July, 3s
10% d; September. 3 3 liy 8 d
i7^m W YORK- o June 15.-Plour-Receipta.
i 7r? °O; If,?SIf,?S> OrtS ' 21407; buyers an<l sellers
v.ere [email protected] apart on spring patents,
but close together on baker and winter
effect 1 a'thou£ h Ollly small sale* were
effected R ye flour firm. Wheat—Re
ceipts. 58,425; exports. 20,460; spot firm"
■No. 2 red, S4%c f. o. b. afloat; No 2 red'
l\r lCi- «leh ato fl r: Na * Northern, Duluth",
luth £v fa« p ™m»v- No- 1 hard, Dv-
Tul v b,a afl°f' PromPt- Options
irti «- lb ™@'8 '"16c. closed 78Vic; exports
104,0oo; spot firm. No. 2, 4&4 c fob
afloat and 45c elevator. Options-July
«f«%c. closed 44% c; September. 44-/ g @4sc
closed 4oc. Oats-Receipts, 26 fiOO bu^ex'
No- 8. JBfcc; No. 2 white. 24^c- No 3
white, 24c; track mixed Western 27(®28%c
}™t°ed. ' [email protected]?4c: oPtionl dull" ne g :
wT- £? RK COFFBE-N«w York.
June 10.-The market for coffee futur 9
opened steady in tone with prices 5 pom
higher and further advanced 10 to 5
points on active covering, foreign buying
and the investment orders from the nub
ie, prompted by bullish EuioTan ci§"s
increased spot demand, strong statistical !
position and the lack of reasiurfng news
from plague centers in crop cSuntry I
Bullish prejudice created by grrw'ne j£" i
Itef In the short crop. The ,W was !
steady at a net advance of 5 to 15 pants
total lesi 35.570 bags, including July!
i. L AKfl,.ooc- August 7 50c; September, 7 45*2
7.55 c; October. [email protected]: November 7>, 4
7.65 c; December. 7.65®7.75c; January 7 75c-
March, 7.75©7.€5C; May, 7.90K8 00c. '
William Pearson to C. G. Sedin w
60 ft Its 28 and 29. blk 12. Stin'on^
add »r 7 Q
J. Gobeli and wife to J. Aeberli 'lts'29
and 30, b'k IS and Its 9 to 22 bfk
24. all in Dawson's, Lake Como and
Phalen avenues I 500
London and N. W. Am. Mtg Co. to
E. C. Warner, It 1. blk 57 and purt
Its 1 and 2, blk 58. St. Anthony Park 9*l
Total (3 deeds)..^... ......$2.:20
Ho for Philadelphia
Via "The Milwaulie^."
On June 14, 15, 16 and 17 the C. M &
St. P. Ry. (the "Old Reliable") will sell
tickets from St. Paul and Minneapolis
to Philadelphia and return at the low
rate of $29.50 for the National Republican
Convention, which commences June 19th
A very liberal return limit will be allowed
on these tickets, which makes them very
desirable for all who wish to make a
short visit tc other nearby Eastern
Purchase tickets via "The Milwaukee"
and secure the very best for your money
No extra charger on the celeb^at^d
Pioneer Limited.
Action Taken by Hit* Directors \Vn»
a Complete Surprise— Friee Move
ment Wa.i Im'Bulitr, Without
SiKrnitieuiice—lto-.nl* Dnll.
_ Close. Day.
Har silver. Now York 60% ijai.
Call money. New York i.'.., jj£
NEW YORK, June 15.-To flnd a paral
lel for tj|e stagnation in today's stock
market it would be necessary to go back
to ihe presidential campaign. A number
of usually active storks were not dealt
in to the extent of a .single share and it
was long after noon before such a specu
lative leader as Brooklyn Rapid Transit
or Manhattan made its appearance on
the tape ar all. There was some desul
tory speculation in Sugar during- the
morning at an advance o f abut a point
but that stock fell ba»>k into the rut of
Rocm 21 Excha~£re Building, Souti S:. Paul, Sfth.i.
Highest market prices obtained for stock. Prompt attention piven to all correspon
dence and orders. References: Any Commercial Agency.
South St. Paul, June 15.
CATTLE—Receipts tor the laat two
days have been fight and the market has
been quiet. During the first of the week
the daily runs were largo and the market
fairly active. Fat cattle, of good qua.ity
are- In good deniKii.V ■at fully steady
prices. The supply Is not enough £or th.:
local packers. Veals,' fat and bologna
bulls and thin rows and cahaers are sell-
Ing readily at unchanged prices, in the
stock cattle division good quality stuff, of
all weights has been fairly easy to move
at prices steady at the d< ;line, but the
common and lail-end .--tuff is almost im
movable. A few small bunches have been
sold at very low prices, but the-yards are
still well sprinkled with stuff that sales
men have been unable to get a bid on.
Feeding cows and .stuck and feeding I
bulls in demand at steady prices. Milch *
dullness which characterized the whole
Large offerings oftidigJlthern Pacific be
gan to appear near 2 o'clock, at which
time the directors-were assembling to
take action 011 the semi-annual division.
The stock fell intcTiQ&ffci-ude in the last
hour, and hung abuuL a point below last
night's leVel. It was not until after the
close of the market that the- announce
ment was made ti](at only a 1 per cent
dividend ' had been aectared for t!ie""~stx
hobonths' period. The proposed action of
the directors seems to have been Xei»l a
close secret, so that no estimate can be
formed of the offaL-t of this action on
the stock market. ;,At; .the last dividend.
period the directors declared 2 per cent
on the common stock, 1 per cent of which
was called regular semi-annual and 1
per cent extra. Scver?il weeks hso the
stock was rushed up aTJ.ove HO by a spec
qlative pool on th'e%Jlegation that a reg
ular semi-annual divid^jid of 2 per cent
would be declared" 'fpr the last six
months. More recently ruraprs have been
abroad that the dlrectofa would hesitate
to put the stock on a ivmilaY 4 !"■■!■ Getit
basis, but it has beta, eteneTAfty accepted
in sijieculative ciri'les' that the last divi
dend action wouM'WJ'repfatSfl, th;it is to
say a 2 per cent divineiid declared, but
1 per cent to be called extra. No inti
mation has been heard in Wall street that
the actual amount to be disbursed would
be cut in half.
The action taken proved a complete
surprise, and what the effect may be
upon the general market it is impossible
to foresee. It is a clear announcement of
the formulated judgment of the directors
heretofore informally announced by of
p.cialg of the company that the current
high level of earnings cannot be main
tained. It will be accepted also -as•'cmi*
innation of the reports of extensive dam
age to the Northwestern wheat crop.
The price movement in today's market
was irregular and without significance.
Not much attention was paid to the fore
cast of tomorrow's bank statement, but
it is estimated that a loss of cash by the
banks will be disclosed owing to the
83,500,000 export of gold, which seems to
have been only partly offset by the re
ceipt of cash from the interior. New
York exchar^j at Chicago, however, has
moved upwards during the week, and to
day touched 20c premium, showing Ihe
movement of currency still strongly
toward Chicago. According to the state
ments from the leading banks the net
loss In cash will probably be upwards of
a million.
The bond market shared fully In the
dullness of the stock market and price
changes were insignificant. Total sales
par value, $800,000. I'nited States bonds
were unchanged in bid quotations.
Furnished by Charles H. F. Smith &
Co., members of the New York StocK ex
change, Pioneer Press building, who havj
direct wires to Chicago and New York.
Closing prices are bid:
STS| High|Low| 15 | 11
Ainer. S. &~W7T77.~1300f 34%| 34 33Vi| 34
do pfd 500! 74% 74 74 74
A. Mining Co !40 140 40 |40
Amer. Tobacco .. 1200! 91 90% 90%; 90%
do pfd !.....! 12a 129
Amer. Tin Plate 21 21%
do pfd ..,.,f.. 74 73
A. Cotton Oil ....1 SW)i 33% 33 32% 33%
do pfd ; 90 I 90
Amer. Ice 31%' 31
do pfd ■.-,.; ! 163 62
A.. T. & S. F m 2T>% 1 26% 25%: 25%
do pfd 76001 71% 70%! 71 I 71%
Am. Linseed 0i1.i.....! 10% H
do pfd *...v4.. 53 I 53
B. & 0.. new 4500; 75% 76%; 76% 77 7s
do pfd, new ....] IQO; 81 J 81 | 80% iBl
Brook. R. T , -WO" 68% 68%: usy 2 i 65%
C. B. & Q 77->J 1 12G'.i. 126%
Can. Pacific 192 92
Car & Foundry .."...'..1 | 15% 15%
do pfd *.:.\ 1 63%: 6:5%
C.C., C. & St. L.4«..:f j 57%! 58
Con. Tob. Co ....t-iIODI 24 23Vi| 23% 23%
•do pfd I-,'...'.] I 79Vi 79%
Ches. & Ohio ....] iwoj 26% 28% 26 I 26%
Col. F. & I f:...:\ 32% 31%: 31% 32%
do pfd -....' 1118 118
Chi. G. W i-2800! 11 10% l I°V 10%
C.G.W. deb. 4 p.c.| ! 83%: 84%
do pfd A I ! ! TS% 74
do pfd B 1 1 ! I 34%] 34%
Chicago Term ....': ! | 111 11%
do pfd i..'..-I ! T34 34
Del. & Hudson...' ' 111% 112
Con. Gas I 7001191 190 190 1190%
Del., L. & W 1 300179%|179%|179 179%
Den. & Rio G ! | 17% tt%
do pfd ! I 67 I 67
D.. S. S. & A.,pfd.i I 13Vi, 13%
Erie ' I j 11%: 11%
do Ist pfd ! ! i 34% i 3i%
do 2d pfd ! 18%, 18%
Federal Steel .... S«W 32 31%' 31% 32%
do pfd I '■ ; 65% 05
E. & T. H ! j 45%! 45%
do pfd .i...| 1 187 j 87
Gen. Electric Co I [131%! 132
Gt. Nor. pfd j i 154 154 152% 154 Vi
Glucose ! ' 146 ; 48
do pfd I i 1 98 I US
Hock. Valley Ry..i ! j 34V>; X
do pfd I i ' 66 "' 66
Illinois Central ...! 200112 !111%|112 |111%
Int. Paper ...| 24 | 23%, Z\\ 23%
*do pfd 166 65% G5 | 67 1/.
K. C. P. & G I j 16*41 16%
L. Erie & West ! 30%| 30 30 I 29%
do pfd I j 1 95 j S5
Lake Shore ' ! 212 1212
Louis*' & Nash.... 1800 77%' 77 j77 TTI-.
Leather KfiWffl $%> 91^! fV, Shi
*do pfd |iQ2« 67. 1 07 j 67 1 6-%
♦Manhattan Con.. .I'..2X)| WU 89 | BS% 9«i
M..St.P. & S.St.M.\.:.. 1...n ' 20 " 80^
do pfd >;.,.,! I ' 6:; ! 63
Met. Traction ;...fcnfl ,154 ,15%
St. C 1..-: 12 I 12
Minn. & St. L >'31091 5: 5i 53%! Efi
do 23 pfd "! 92
M.. K_ & T 10% Lott
do pfd >O«» 32% :2 , :;2'i:-2'4
Missouri Pacific ..tfMDJ 51*151% 1 .
Northern Pacific.flW
do pfd ,"--:00 74%J 7iV| 7C%| 7.'%
N. Y. Oerim:l.... ,K0 J129% i
Nat. Steol Co ' !27 127 2^i." 2 %
•do pfd i j ISS "j 86% I
Live Stock CommlssiQii Merchants,
Union Stock Yards,
Consignments and correspondents so
licited. Market reports furnished on ap
We do a strictly commission buslne-s
I\o live stock bought or sold on our own
References—Stock Yards bank. Soutb
Bt Paul: Security bank, Zumbrota; Hon.
A T. Koerner. state treasurer. Capitol
building. St Paul; A. C. Anderson, cash-
W S» Pnul Nation.nl hnnk, St Paul.
Nat. Biscuit 1.... . ! •> U,| ° U
do pfd ■ 80 s>
Norfolk & West.. 31 I 33% ::;'■• ::r.,
do pfd :r, 78
N. V. Air Brcße 128 126
Ncrth-Western Liß t r9
do pfd I<W l G
North American.. 1 -. ■'5 ISSS
Omaha 115 jlla
do pfd 170 17i
Ontario & West.. 600 1' >': 20 |20 -"' t
P. Steel Car Co -5 44* 41', B
do pfd ' j7O 76
Pennsylvania Ry.j »T-«»1211^ I2s^'i2» 329
Pacific Mai 2 0 £6% 2' 4 -y,< . a
People's Gas 27(0 99% 19 99% vr. 3i '
Pullman iM
Reading 17% i 7' 4 i
do Ist pfd 10'K) 3S 1- 53 5S ■",-;,
flo 2d pfd 2) 29
Rock Island ! 1300 103% i05%!10335 1 .V;.
Southern Pacific..| 900 33 :::\ 32=4 32%
cows arc a little Blow at unchanged
HOGS—Th.- markel looked brighter to
day tha:> during all the res: of the week:
Until today prices have l><>,-n going down
at the rate ol 5 n 10 cents a day. Today
receipts were good for Friday with h
gocd demand, Tht n.arkei optntd strong
ii 1 shad.- higher and closed steady at
the slight advance. The l«i!k of ihc; ho(fs
.^■)!d at 14.55 and $4.57%, with some goo«i
toads at 54.90 and ■< few sajes of chotee'
surteti bunches to local butchers at even
higher prices Packers, M.15; ;;i<s, >!..".■.»;
stags and rpugh, J4.2S to W. 60.
BHBEP Good quality tcUUng stuff U in
B I demand E{pct>fpts bare been better
than for - >me time past, but were
mor,> than enough to meet the demands
of local packers. Thin killing stuff is
slow sale ai low prices and stock stuff is !
hard to sell ai any pri <*. Very truly,
====— — I
St. L. & S. W | r)<4 !>,< ':
do ]>fd ] | 24 | 24 | 23% J4
Smelter ' iiv;, :!"'■'.
do pfd 88% s i... -.:»■
Sugar Refinery... L9IOO 117% U6% 117 1.- 116%
<lo pfd ! .. ..... H4 114
St. Paul 5900!114%|i13%|t18%iU4%
do pfd 171 ,17!
T. C. <fc I 1500 'IT', 86% 66% 67%
Texas Pa, :n ■ ' \ 15$. i "•,
Union Pacific ....! S3CO 53% r^ 52% 53%
do pfd | 7"i 73% 73% 73% 73*4
V. S. Rubber ! 25
•'do pfd I 200 :».-, '.:, ■.■!»..■ :i::'..
fVabash \ 400 7:-< 'i,., 7% 7% I
do pfd : TCO LS% 19 j 19% 19%
West* m Union SO 79%
Wis. Central n... i 4 a?
''" PM || ,; '
R. Iron & Steel... 300 11% 10% ll 1% ;
*d°J»f d ! 200 :,)'; 54% :,!', 55%
Third Avenue .... 3CO ;ot \t»y 4 ;ox 108% '
Am. Hoop 1300 19% 19 1914 l6 i/
do pfd 500 70 ~ 69% G' • 70 ',
National Tube . * r'Z j
<do pM ! 88% i?B% SB% 90%
•test-dividend, Continental Tobacco Co,
Pfd, I"-,; internal Paper, pfd, i...; Leather,
pfd, Hi; Manhattan Con, l; National
Steel Co., pfd, 1%; U. [Ron & Steel, pfd,
l .; National Tub.-, pfd, 1
Total sajes, 146,407.
IT. . S. r.2s,w.t.r< glO3 M..X. & T. 2nda (57%
do 2s, c0up....103% i| ( , is 90
do 2s, reg 100 N. v. <\ lsts..."ll«i
do £ s- r^ r 109 rv. j. c. sen. 55.121%
do 3s, c0up....109 N . p. K( . n ;;,. ,;,-,
Ido new 4s, reg.134% do prior U Km*
„ do new^.coupll^pr.T.C. & St.L4^6%
; do old 4s, reg.ll4%N. & w. con. 4s 97%
; do old 4s, couplls% Dr. Nay. l gta 109
111 :'*. Reg U3Vi do 15.... 102^
Ido ss, c0up....113% O. S. L. 6s " !127%
P. ot C. 3 655. ..123 do con. -s "||
Atch «vn 45. ..101 Reading geii kiss-,
do adjt. 4s 84 R. Q. W. lsts 99XJ
Can Sou. 2nds..lC6 pt.L. * i.Mc55.110%
X& r °- <%s 99%'ftt.L; & 5.F.g65125
n do ? 5£ U6% St Paul con . 170.;,
d£»^ 7S-}S*i S-?"£ & IMsls.l2o -
££• Term. 45... 9.", Vi Sou. Pac. 4m .»
Colo. Sou. 45.... 80 Sou Rv 111 V
P. &R. G. ists.^'sß.^T ,;*:••' '2
do 4s 103 T ft P lsts Hoi'
E.T..V. & G.istfilO3% do 2nds "= *
£\W. & D.C.lst. 70%Wabasr. lsts 114
Gen. Elee. 55.. ..117% do tods "Jok
lowa Cent. lsts. 112 West Shore 4s 114%
S.O,P. & G.lsts 71%,W15. Cent. Lsts 9^
?^_&_i^_lllL!iJs-100__Va. centuries"; 92%
holor • JO WlOntarlo ...... rfoo
frown Point ... 07 Opbir 79
con. cai &va 145; Plymouth" :::::"■ 5
Deadwood 50 Quicksilver ... 160
£ ould & Curry . 10 do pfd .7 50
Ha.c & Norcross 03 Sierra Nevada" 27
Homestake 55 01 .Standard ... 3 50
Iron Silver 60 T'nlon Coif.: 18
Mexican l^YeHow_Jacket " 10
June 15.-The Commercial Advertiser's
London financial cablegram says: Busi
ness was at the lowest possible ebb in
the markets here today and dull in ton,'.
Africans finally hardened the mnrk.ts
Americans hesitated and were stagnant
throughout the session, puzzled by New i
lork 3 contradictory movements. A half
"?wfc BoM came in from Russia and!
£200,000 went to the Cape and £5,000 to
sor2£5 or 2£* y- n£ arls also took * few baiM a* i
"i s \. J The county council loan which
Closed today was subscribed 4V> times
al dT^? RT'l" 1'""! jumped sharply 1%
June la.—Money on call easy at l^fj;2 por !
™nt; i£-S^«, °an- J!!4: pnme mercantile
paper 3%@4% per cent; sterling exchange,
easier with actual business in bankers'
ivV^",^^ 4-^ for demand, and at
54.84%*#4.8«3 for sixty days- po=,tod
JT«!ri B^.B6^®4^^: commercial bills.
J4 84r!i4.54i 4 ; silver certificates, 60ffb"lc- bar
silver, 60% c. Mexican dollars 47% c
June 10.-New York r-xrhang-e Friday
f-uylng rate par. selling rate 40c i.r •■
--mium; Chicago exchange, buying rate '&c
discount selling rate 25c premium; ster
ling" 51.54 V
St. Paul, $735,014.30.
Minneajx>lis. 51,633,171.
Chicago, 121,761.249
New York, $142,842 060
Boston, $20,362,021.
10.-butter-Receipts. 6.623 pkgs; steady:
creamery extras, Ls%@l9c; factory. H® i
lo%c. Eggs—Receipts. s,ii4 pkgs- steady:
Western loss off, 13y/riUc; Western at
mark, lIXUUKe.
Chicago. Jure S.—Butter—Steady
creameries. [email protected]%c; dairies. 13©lG'Ac!
Eggs— Slow; fresh, Me.
SEED MARKETS-Chicago. June ir>.-
The flaxseed market was active today
with the tendency upwards as to distant
futures. The cash situafon remains un
changed. Rec-ipts bere were 17 c ir-, 2:!
cars at Duluth and one car at Minneap
olis. Cash flax.-eed at Jl.?0. September at
J1.33'4 and October at $121 per bu. f'nsh
timothy seed closed at $2.75 per 100 lbs.
and clover seed at $7.75^8 per 100 lb?.
Minneapo'is flaxseed quoted at $1.73 per
Bnrllnßton .Special Suburban Trains
DurinK (he Klk*' Carnival.
For the accommodation of the people
of Oakland, Highwood, Newport and St.
Paul Park the Burlington will run special
evening trains during the Elks' Carnival,
on Tuesday, June ISth; Thursday, Jun,;
21st; Saturday, June 23rd; Tuesday, June
26th; Thursday, June 28th. and Saturday,
June 30th, leaving Pullman Avenue at
7:15 p. m., arriving St. Paul 7:au p. m. Re
turn train leaves St. Paul ac 11:20 p. in.
TO A MlMii:
Keoeli>t» Were \>rjr Li K ht- Gooil
Quality Stuff iv I>cni.t ml tt t
. Steady Prices—SheCg and
I Hinbi Steudy.
SOUTH ST. PAUL, June 15.—Receipts
at the Union stockyards today testimat- j
ed) were: Cattle, stf; calv?s, 25; ho^, j
1,300; sheepv 2'>>f cars, 22.
Official receipts Thursday: Cattle. 184;
calves, 25; hog*, 1,253; sheep, 527: horses,
22; cars. 31.
Receipts thus fur in June, compared
with th.> :<anie period in June. lffc»9, are j
as follows:
June. 1800. Juno. 1899. Gain.
Cattle 3,: c, 2,917 1,016
Calves 1,850 i,S7O »2»
W°B3 20,686 lt,'.>u; 3.360 '
fheep v.ritw sl's 1.8+) ;
I torses i,<m :u 4 660 '
(J57 332 315 ■
Receipts thus fur j., 1900, compared with
the same period in 1899, .ire as follows:
1900. 1899. (iain.
Cattle 4»,86i> 38,706 7 liH
Calves 22,9<>f. 18,689 1,406
n°P 838,«fi isit.ihii 58,275
81iet'i> 104.134 128,282 *24 lis
Horses 14,054 380 13,674
I ars C.356 1.662 1,694
The following t;d)ic shows the roads
over which Thursday's receipts came in
and the number of loads hauled by each:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. Mixed. •
> . O. \\
< ii. Norl hern 1
Nor. Pacific
C St. !'.. M. & o. i i ■'. „
«■ . M. c* St. P l ;;
M. & St. L t;
Totals 5 12 i a !
i lonipai ;iti\-c receipts:
Total for today (estimated) i rioo I
A week ago 1,186
-v year ago sa,
Quotations: Mixed and butchers,
1.90; good to prime heavy, « 57.../1 •*)■
rough heavy, [email protected]; stairs snd boars
H.3)fILW; ptgs and skips, $i"i i.'.o.
Markel ouened .strong to .i shade high
er, aiuJ closed steady at ih<- advance De
mand was good. Mixed and butrhera
sold at J4.?vV./4.:x). and good to prime
h.avy. H.BIWJMM. Packers, :„• I.is-h.t
$4.i.") for tin- bulk. I'i^s and itags steady.
Representative sales:
Mixed ;ni(i Butchers—
No. WUDks.Prlce. No. Wt.Dkg-Prlce
'I 218 .. |4 ■.:' . 67 IS6 10 U S3
»7 226 10 190 :;:< 176 .. 185
....228 120 IST';. 5 210 .. 4*5
Good to Prime Heavy
114 .....J6B SO Si 90 U s;i.,
»3 280 s«i I 87*4 54 217 80 1 S7U
34 •••—-'';- k(> I KR4 18 , i■ >
_1 1 avy Packing and Rough—
345 .. 94 -76 1
2 390 .. 4 75|36 2-J5 . i ,:■
8 :■■> i" 1 Tf)
StuK-i and Bob
2 :...4fti I*) $i •,.» ] |30 ROW 40
1 •....<;» M 4_60 I ..- ■
< Jomparative receipts:
Total for today (estimated) 75
A week i'K'i lsn
A year ago 11.-,
Quotations: Choice butcher cows and
heifers, [email protected]; fair to good, |3.25#t; thin
cows an.i canners, $24#v2.75; choice butcher
steers, [email protected]; fair to good, $4.50(^4.90; fat
hulls. J3.50#4; bologna hulls, J2 ,[email protected]; veai
calves, [email protected]; i I to choice 3tock cowa
and heifers, ?3.255i3.50; fair to good, $3(& I
3.25; common and I t&Q'i; '
heifer calves, $3^^.50; good to choice
stockerg and feeders, [email protected]; fair to good
J3.80(54; common and tailings, $2.50(i
steer calves, [email protected]; stock and !'•
bulls, $2.75i&3.50"; feeding cows, 55.50Ji3:
stags and oxi n, $3g i; milkei i and pi
ers. $25®40.
Tnefe w ire hardly enough catl Ie In to
make a showing, and the markel wa
yea v quiet as a result. No chan \
prices or conditions.
I tepresenta t Ive sal
tcher < lows and Heif i
No. \\\ Prlc ■ \vt. Price. '
J U3O |3 fej 960 %:>. r>o
1 790. :: So| 990
B 998 3 SOI
■ ti ;■-• -
i ■•■ •■•...■777.*.' l.o'm
' ■
1 •....■ aOJ -,1 ■-• • ' . \\, %,\ ,y)
.. Stock Cows and Seller
2 '.' 700 ~s3 00
Btockers and Feeders—
J 590 $8 9&.J ............. 750 $3 50
t 820 350 J WO :! 50
1 920 3 25i
ding Cows—
l .T. 7770' i
< lomparallve receipts:
Total for today (estimated) 200
A week ago 4fi
A year ago 13 1
Quotations: Fat sheep, $4 [email protected];
stock sheep, [email protected]; f lers,
3.75; fat lambs, |[email protected]; yearlings,
j [email protected]; stock and feeding lambs, $!.<»
'JH.Si); buck lambs, f6©5.75. Above quo- |
. tations are on shorn sheep and iamb-.
Receipts fair ami largely killing stuff I
I that found a ready *a!e at steady
j prices.
Representative sales:
No. Wt, Price.
10 fat lambs 71 $5 00
IS thin killers 73 3 60
30 fat sheep 91 4 2".
133 fat sheep 72 4 25
13 fat lambs Gl 560
J lamb GO 850
Milch cow exchange: Market
quiet. Demand light, with prices
barely stea'lv.
Representative sal<\s:
No. Price. No. Pri
1 cow $39 OOIJ cow $34 00
I cow 36 00 1 corw 29 00
The day's sales (estimated), each buyer
purchasing the number of head Indicated,
were as follows:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Swift & Co lo 3.110 lto
\V. E. McCormick .... 3 27 SO
J. T McMillan 67
T,. Gottfried 2 2«
©utaide packers 50
City butchers S 40
Country buyers 25
Totals 45 1,204 248
Among the shippers on thf> market
r>und'_-<_- Live Stock company, Dundee; J
Bartle, O.iage; M \V. Burg, Elysian; c.
Huber, Alma; C. C. Hankey, Minto: J.
Schoffimin, Morgan; S. A. Conklln, I'.!u<s
Karth; J. Cavanaugh, Adams; O. R.
Ringer, Ridtreway; Cusick & OaffVy,
Easton; McCllntock A X'-ison. Atden;
Hammer & Co., Cooperstown; J E
Wald, Annandale; Ruse <fc W
Ciranite Falls; M. H. Carstens, Glen
G. Breckinridgc, Twin Brooks; [>. \;
man, Plato.
sota Transfer, St. Paul.—Barrett & Zim
merman's report: It w;is a generally
quiet day on thf market A f<
were buying, but confined themselves to
the good kind In drivers and heavy
drafters. Trade on plain to medium
horses had ,i more encouraging tone than
for several days past, with firmer pi
There wa.s a notable demand for hitch i
srade eacpressers to be used in the Twin ;
Cities. The large and good mules moved
fairly well, although prices had nol
firmness of last week. The large stock
on the market Is making shippers anx
ious to dose out. Quotations:
Drafters, choice %Vr ' • 53
Drafters. < ommon to good
Farm bones, choice 10O7? :30
Farm horses, common to good .. >.
Hew Blnte T™ t ile II).
thousand (575,000) pounds Knr Standard Bind
(9 7-8). Tvtim wtß arrive prompt!?. .
by us May 25th. an: ; usurit;', this ;ot is cone
Mixei. in ordering this tn ;.-.e order *s No. ; .
lla flixed at n 7-8 ter.ts. The
; J. ipo) cash. V/e h:d r.o e:cren> / rwlr.o 81 2
v/l!l just think of it a minurd. It li i-9 1 1 a cc:U !es-, thar. o u .- f.r.n-r trieiw pa t 1 the penit -n!.m .
people a few weeks ago. We chvays b«li»ve wtwi
customers. The sbov» t»'.egii.r? . .
d«r Is received. Send for api- T M p. -..-I, JirnrQ -'i'o Linil
cultural implemon! ca:ai. w uo. Si Rl, Ti. i-.:i ;;..; illUwS, rr.ll.ll'-dj.Ufidj Kill!lit
Stocks, Bonds, Grain and Pra/ism3.
232-2G3.3ESJA.TIU L!F£ 3LJ J..
Fourth and Minnesota Straaii,
Member Chicago BoarJ of fr*la.
f^~Direct Private Wire*
UfUV Pny« per cent Interest on s: >cic* vThj-i
9T Bl I you cnn pet them c<irri"J frte.
U/UV sholll|l y'l get Ml la lj the worst or-.
WP! through «o-p(iiitfti mrniar house* whsa
youcau trade at Hie marmot pri
My Servica U Ingtantane.ui < and iraarantsj
all tramactioii* executed tf limits reached.
Stocks carried on from 2 to 5 poiut3
Grain carried on ono cent margin.
327 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn.
Only memtieri of ihe Now V>r; s >c It
r-liiiiige In the Northwest. S tor ml altaulUa
Civcn grain orderi. Members Cnic.i*o da ;ri it
Trade. P^IVAT.i WiiiJi.
i'lcneorPrn-i-iM j.. Ti. >M\ Hit,
i.\vfcsT.-it>vr sßcußjn a.
bankers aiad Broloi*3j
341 Roost St.. St. P.i il.
Msaliattaa n.,!i'.:in:j. it. r»ii\ \
.'l2 (iu.irai.ty Loan «'»! if., mauii)ln\
In t ha. Northwest this
4 ONJ.V Otl.\K.H:< CW■ .:•
for rh B pic; to <o 10 cents high-
Our hook!?! an mark-- !c ■ ; ima si I K.:>L.
W. H. Hamsno/.d & Co., Brokers,
••I)'" hn Corn Exchange Ml in ■ ;;> »!i;.
Ba::k Refarence. M.
Mulea siw 125
CHICAOO. June 15. Cattle Reco
2,500; steera about ■ ..:<,
beat steady, others slow; natives, be ; • n '
sale today, one car load Western in md
<d, ib.i\D; £<>■■■[ to prim
poor to medium, >i. ,i'.i .. -.•!■•■,. i i,-.-l
ers, besl steady, others alow, <W
nvixed stockers weak, W.aitfM; i-ou\-t, j.;vt>
i 60; heifers, &.'£><it§; ■■ >
hulls. $3(54.50; calves steady, <.■,■,; IVxana,
Tex . fed ■■>.*! 6i4»6 : IV ..■-!
grass steoFs, J3.85W4.40; T.xas bulls, s;i.">
''/::.•;."). Hogs—R to
morrow, 16,
sii Hi.' higher; i. ■ ■.1 and butch
ers. $1 '■' ■' .
M 5.07 1 ■ It ■-
< ■ ■ • i l»t >•■. i rj lambs si >w to
■ low ■•!■; i 'ol n ado shoi n la •
highest '.i >. M for shorn la
choice wt!n is. a ,"...<;, :.',<>, fail I
mixed, •■sr<<r>; \\v tern sheep, .
yearling)*, |6 latlve lamb ■ f .
West, m lai >.">.
KANSAS < 11 V. June
3,000 Si. aily; tial .:,: Texas
steers, $3.25*95.25; cows and h.
[email protected]; Htockers and feed
Receipts, 13,000; opened strong to
6c higher, eies Ing n

SOUTH OM VHA, June 15. C ittle
<■• Ipts, ■_. ■: 0; -i rung to alow; nall
■ )o; cowh and hell
Htockers and feeders
Receipts, 3,800; -h...i higher; In.lk of
sales Si> ~'/'i -i 90. Sheep i:. ■ dpi, a 0;
slow, steady; muttons, ~i
ST. L.i >i is, June r5 < fattli -Receipts,
I >ady; r>aUvw
.".; cowa
and li.ii.-r.-. i>..*>'it\ <;<>. Hog* Receipts,
6,000; Ktrong to 8c hl^h»-i ; ptgs and lights,
ti 'i.--/., butchers, -
W<ti>; lambs, [email protected] i
celpta, M 0; Thur day, SZS; bhipments, 212;
market steady. 8 . uv I.WB,
J4.86; 16 beeves', ay 1^23, $490; 2 coW.4, a»
:'.; 12 cows; HV SSI, IliVf; 3 ,t-n-k helf
v 610, $3.1f1; 5 stock heifers, ay 580.
$3.75; 2 bull i, ay 180, $3 »; J bulls, «v
1,290, $3.50; 2 bulls, ay 1.515, $3.65; 2 stock
<>rs and feeders, ay 785, $4; y> stockera
;iiid feeders, ay T!?>, $4.50; 6 calves, ;iv
;ilv«-s, ay 77."., $4.50; 8 yearlings,
ay 800, $3.25; 7 yearling*, ay 640, Jt.25.
Thursday, 2,682;
shipments, 1,321; markel ting, s--lllntf
at [email protected]; bu k, $1
And FollOf* the Crowd to Nntlon.il
I'olitlcal Convendann.
The Nortli-WeWkern \M-.c re, Bt. P., M.
& i). Ry.) has made especially low ratoa
to the three big National Political Con- '
The Republican National ""(invention,
Philadelphia, June 19th. Round-trip raU
$29.60; tickets on sale June 14, 15 tmd 18.
Democratic National Conv*Btlon. Kan
eas f"lty. July 4th. Round-trip rate *m.GS;
on Bale .Inly 2, ?. and 4.
Prohiblrioii National lon, Chi
cago, June 27 ;uid 28. H.>und-trlp rat«
$11.50; tickets on sale Juno &J, 26 and 27.
For time of trains and particulars fibout
the famous wide vestlbuled, brilliantly
lighted trains of the "North-Western
Line" apply to IT. O. Cowilnic. C. T A
382 Robert street, .St_l'.ti,l. Minn.
If Yon Arc Golnjc
To St. Louie.
Rock Island.
Dublin ue.
take "The Flying Dutchman" via Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. I'-iui Riil-.vay.
From Minneapolis evt>ry day at I'J) a. ta.
and St. Paul 8:30 a. m.. arriving Bt I/Ouii
early next mornirigr. Beautiful river
route. _
The Ilndnoo Hhcr by D:ij- !!<>•!(.
The Lake Shore Fast Mail No
ln»r <'hicut;o s:::o ». m . daily,with thro h
i>u*f..t steeper, I-- th. ; only train from
chro making direct eonm
Hudwn !;iv■•: Day 1 ■
bany. Tbe New Bngland I
only twenty-six hour train between ''hi
cago .ir:<l Boston. Leaves ■
afternoon n< 2. The Lak - Mm.
ite<l is the onl-y tw*nty-f.,ur hour
tr;un !>■ t ween i !hlc ig
passing through , W ! C
son River by daylight S
tjrk'-t* ar<- now W. i;. !)■
N. w. P. a , No. I!
St. Paul, Minn. F. M. Byron, n \V. a|
Chicago. _
Wceli-I'.ni Bxe«r«loaui t<> flailing
Point* ou l.rcnl \<>r Ili.• in i:.;i- t
From St. Pis'il to BttiMjl, C>*h I.akf.
\V;ilkt-r. Deer River, Grand Rapid*, :
eus Falls, Osakis, Alexandria
One fare for th'^ round trtp TI
on sal..- for FrUlnv's •>■
trains. Rood returiiinjc until Moitda} fol
bby, Dalton, .M'-ntor, on«
Saturdays, limited to Monday
T1;-k<»T nm,-p :'•'■' TJ ih.-r' ■h\

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