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Decision of Supreme Court at Wnsli
intfton Had Reference Solely
to the CrowlnKs Com
pl allied of.
General Counsel M. D. Grover, of the
Great Northern, yesterday in an inter
view, gave some interesting comments on
the decision recently submitted by the"
United States supreme court in the cass
of Wisconsin. Minnesota & Pacific' Rail
road vs. J. F. Jacobson, wherein the Min
nesota supreme court was sustained. The -
case, which is an old one in this state,
involved the validity of the Minnesota
law requiring intersecting railroad lines
crossing each other at grades, to make'
a "V" connecting the two. Mr. Grover's
statements, are made after a thorough
study and knowledge of the case in hand, J
he having been one of the counsel In the j
litigation. I
Mr. '..rover's remarks are as follows: ]
"The statute In question in this case re- i
quires railway companies, where their j
lines cross at grades, and where the con- I
struction of the connecting 'V' tracks is j
reasonably necessary, to construct such ]
track, thus giving an opportunity of mov- j
ing cars from the track of one com
pany to the track of another.
"The law further provides that one j
company with which such track connec- j
tion is made, must build and route its I
cars by making use of the 'V' to point-- j
on the track of the connecting road, and ■
that it must, if so required by the ship
per, deliver Its cars over this 'V' "to :
the connecting road or pay the cost of j
transferring the freight from its cars to j
the ears of another road without loss or i
charge to shippers on account of such j
"The . state railroad and warehouse ;
commission, on a petition asking it, di- |
rected the construction of a 'V' track !
by the Willmar ft Sioux Falls Railway j
company and the Wisconsin, Minnesota ft ■
Pacific road (the property of the Mm- ;
neapolis ft St. Louis) at the intersection i
of the two roads near, Hanley Falls June- j
"The railroad companies contended that |
the law was unconstitutional and thus i
inoperative; not simply because it re
quired "the construction of a 'V' (rack, i
but because it compelled the company
to build and route its traffic over the j
lines of another road, thus making such *
other company its debtor, and required
trust and credit to be given to an in- j
solvent company—in short it compelled
the making of a contract for the collec
tion and disbursement of freight charges
without the consent and will of the par
ties, and further that the railroad com
panies were required to have equipment
suitable for the traffic peculiar to the
road. That while it is true- that railroad
companies do interchange cars, this is I
only done under contracts between the \
companies fixing charges for car service, j
and when the number and character of I
cars, interchanged is such as to enable j
each road t.i serve its natrons.
"This law. when carried out, would re- j
quire any one of the great wheat carry- '
ing companies to deliver its cars loaded j
with wheat to connecting lines to be j
transported to Chicago, St. Louis and j
New York. Such road would not get from j
the conecting line one car where it would :
deliver twenty. Thus its business would j
be paralyzed and the great majority of i
Its patrons made to suffer for want of
cars, because some few wish to build j
and roujle car.- to remote points in other
states: '.
"Again the law, by such movement of I
cars, would require the road to transport I
cars of another road an J pay for th« "' usa,
while hundreds of the company's own
cars were idle on its tracks.
"The railroad companies contended that
a 'V' was useless unless they could be
required to bill and route trafflce and !
send cars against the will of their own j
road to far distant points on other lines. -
The supreme court decided cm point [
only: That the requirement to build a j
-V' was lawful. " Inasmuch as the su- i
preme court had passed solely en that j
point, the court at Washington affirmed '
the ruling expressed, declining to pass j
judgment on the main points upon which
the railway companies relied."
Counsel for .11 is •.:_-_... Road Failed <»»
Appear Before ('(iiiiinissliincrx.
A virtual ending of the bearing on iron
ore rates; so far as the Duluth, Missal*..
& Northern road is concerned, was i cach
ed yesterday when the state rai road
and. warehouse commission declared the
evidence closed on thai hearing. When
the commission met yesterday morning,
the time appointed for the resumption of
the hearing, the counsel for the Missabe,
Messrs. Murray and Cotton, failed to ap
pear. Stenographer A. A. Farrington
stated to the commission that he had
three- documents which he requested by
the counsel for the Missabe to present
to tin- commissioners. One of these pa
pers was a form of contract used be
tween the company and its patrons, one
a statement of intervention from the
Minnesota Eastern and ih_ Duluth ft
Iron Range, and the other, the mere
statement of the attorneys Mr. Far
rington was sworn and the document-,
introduced as the state's exhibits In evi
Upon oath Mr. Farrington stated, In
answer to a question from Attorney T.
D. O'Brien, for the state, that Messrs;
Murray and Cotton had given him the.-.
documents a; the Ryan hotel at abiut 9
o'clock yesterday morning. In answer
to a question by Commissioner Knox he
stilted that he did not know whether
they intended lying present during the
session which had been called, lie had
been Instructed by the attorneys to mere
ly inform the- commission that they were
still engaged in gathering necessary evi
dence In their case.
The form of contract submitted was
according to the statement of Messrs"
Murray and Cotton, a fairly representa
tive of the contracts in vogue with their
patrons, differing only in minor de.ails.
The rates are the game as indicated by.
the contract in evidence, and some of the
contracts arc* printed, while others are
The commission, with Attorney
O'Brien, withdrew and considered the
further course of proceedings. Upon
their return Commissioner Knox sub
mitted the following:
"Notice for the hearing was originally
served on the Duluth, Mlssatvj & North
ern and the other companies Nov. 10. It
was set for Nov. 2, and on that day this
company and the other companies ap
peared before the commission and asked
for a continuance of sixty days. Thi;
was denied, and the case was continued
at their request until Dec. -I. when, en
account of an accident to the attorney
for the Duluth & Iron Range, the mat
ter again.?! that company was further
continued till Dec. 17. when the case
against the Missabe was proceeded win.
Since that time the case has twice h en
Continued for the defendant company
for the pu_po_.o of permitting them to
vaiia i further evidence. On Tuesday
last the case, was adjourned until this
morning at 2:30 o'clock. On assembling
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ii ii'
Thousands of people in St. Paul and the
near by towns will look for :::::::::
: 11 - II - .■■:
ii ii
: As their ...mi i \ ''
this morning the defendant company
wholly failed to put in an appearance
or to make any satisfactory explanation
for their non-appearance. We can, there
fore, only assume from this action of
the counsel for the defendant company
that they do not intend to further con
tinue the case.
"I, therefore, move that the evidence
to be received^in this hearing, which
refers solely to"" the Duluth, MJssabe &
Northern, be closed.'^ ~ *
A vote was taken. and Commissioners
Ringdal and Knox suported' Vb>i motion,
while Commissioner Becker opposed ,it.
Commisloner Knox then made th? sec
ond motion, which' was that- further
hearing in this matter, referring to the
Minnesota Eastern and the Duluth &
Iron Range, be continued until Mon
day, Dec, 1".
This motion was adopted. ......
The following is an embodiment of
the notice of intervention'submitted by
M. D. Grover for the Minnesota Eastern
and Frank B. Kellogg 'for the Duluth &
Iron Range: . >.._,", .
"The commission having held that the
proceeding under the resolution , of
Nov. it. 1900, against the Duluth & Iron
Range railroad, Duluth, "Missabe ft
Northern Railway company and the
Eastern Railway Company of Minnesota
severally claim the right ■ to • intervene
and now intervene in the proceeding
against the Duluth, Missabe ft Northern-
Railroad company, and each of said in
tervening companies, now offers to prove
and request a reasonable opportunity to
prove such matters, as it may be ad
vised are pertinent to the issue and they
severally request due notice of any
bearing appointed by this honorable com
mission for that purpose."
The commission now claims the right
under law to make an order- for the re
duction of the Missabe's rates, as they
consider the case of that company
closed. Commissioner Knox, however,
stated yesterday after the hearing that
no order would be issued until the hear
ing had been had on the other two roads
and all the evidence available by the
commission was" In. .
The exact course that will be pursued
by the Duluth ft Iron Range Monday
when their ease is again called is not
known, but it is probable that no prog
ress will be possible for the lack of evi
dence. r ~
As far as the Minnesota Eastern is
concerned it his been impossible,
states M. D. Grover, for the necessary
evidence. to be accumulated, and, there
fore, it will be practically Impossible
to go ahead with the case.
HILL IX l.a.*; ERIE.
What is Thought at Chicago of <''*-'
\ \Yetv. Dcr.L
CHICAGO, Dec. 14— Chronicle to
moirdw will say: The selection of Nor
man B. Ream and James J. Hill, as di
rectors of 11. Eire railroad means that
the 'Amour-Ream-Field syndicate, which
a short time ago went into the Balti
more at Ohio road, has secured a strong
grip on the Erie system. It is not known
to what extent the other members of the
Chicago! syndicate have invested in the
Erie, but it is the opinion that they have
hough as heavily as' they did in the
B. & <>.. and Messrs. Ream and Hill
were selected to represent th? syndicate.
The deal is bu: another part of the scheme
to amalgamate as much of The railway
systems of the; country under one in
terest as possible. The scheme was be
gun about a year ago and so well has It
been managed that'now there is not a
great system in the East that is not own
ed outright by the same men or syndi
cate's with which they are interested, It
is expected that within a year the West
ern territory will be as tightly bottled
up as has been the Eastern Held. It is
believed that Hilljhas been brought into
the Erie as sort or" a practical reorgani*.
zer rather than as. investor as he was in
the B. _*_-. O. The failure to get a pooling
bill through congress is asid to be the
reason of the extension of the scheme
of amalgamation. With such an excellent
comity ol ownership and control the
earnings of the different roads may he
easily divided without recourse to illegal
Two Canadian Railroad magnates in
Consultation Willi X. I*. Officials.
D. P.. Hanna, general manager of in-
Canada Northern Railroad' company,
and D. D. Mann, one of the principal
owners of the road, were in the city
yesterday, in consultation with officials
of the Northern Pacific company.
It is stated "that their mission i.- iii
connection with the proposed sale *by
the latter company of Its" Manitoba
lines. ' "'
Dividend on Common Stock.
The Northern Pacific has declared the
quarterly dividend of l per cent on* Its
common stock. The North-Western has
made iis quarterly dividend of 1% per
cent on preferred and the regular semi
annual dividend of 3 per cent on the com
mon stock. The Twin City Rapid Tran
sit company's regular 'quartely dividend
of l:; 4 per cent on the preferred stock
has been declared and is" payable Jan. _!.
Transport Garonne . Ran Ashore
Twice—Hard March by Gen. Hall.
SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 14. — Letters
have been received in this city announc
ing the grounding of the transport Ga
ronne on the coast of Northern Luzon.
She struck twice, being rescued both
times by the Ybrktown. The YOrktown
used a two-inch wire cable to pull her
off, aral ihe second time the cable caught
in ill.- Garonne's wheel, causing a fur
ther delay of twelve hours.
lb. letter also tells about a hard march
of the American troops under Gen. Hall.
The line of march was over steep moun
tains for a distance of,, forty-five miles,
taking in all six days, at the conclusion
of which hjy men were under- medical
treatment for several days. "
Cheap Excursions to Canadian, New
„. Kngilniul and- Eastern Points
For the holidays. Tickets are on sale
Dec. 13th to 23rd. Return limit Jan. 6th.
For rates and particulars call at the
Wisconsin Central City Ticket Office, 373
Robert street. ■';.-:?'^ •■>-.',:■*'--
Passenger Agent.
Continued From First Page.
Wilimar & Sioux Falls, common
stock 410,000
Total J35,:.C6 173
In addition to the albove, the St. Paul,
Minneapolis & Manitoba company, whose
lines are lease! to the Great Northern
company, paid dividends amounting to
The total amount of taxes paid by the
railroads in Minnesota for the calendar
year ending Dec. 31, 1899, was $1,441,503..2.
For the previous > ear the same was
.1,201,252.47 —showing* an increase for the
year -1899, of $183,151.15.
The total gross earnings for the entire
lines of all reads reporting to this com
mission were for the last fiscal year, $227,.
333,145. The total amount of taxes paid
on the same in all the states through
which they pass is reported at $7,330,01-',
which shows a rate of .0322 per cent upon
the gross earnings, in this state the
railroad companies pay oh their gross
earnings 1 per cent for the first threa
years, 2 per cent for the next seven years,
and 3 per cent after ten years.
, The fo.lowirg .twenty-five compani »
operating railroads In Minnesota repcrt
a surplus after paying the operating ex
penses, taxes, interest, rentals and divi
dends, etc., on June 30, ISOO, including th«
surplus for previous years for entire
lines as follows:
Brainerd & Northern Minnesota. $241,823
Burlington, Cedar Rapids &
Northern 3,374,597
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul.. 14,887,251
Chicago Great Western 143,784
Chicago, Burlington ft Quincy.. 15,864,163
Chicago .ft Northwestern 6,915,101
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis
ft Omaha 2,102,735
Duluth & Iron Ranee 218,160
Duluth; Missabe & Northern.... 2,503,3.9
Duluth ft Northern Minnesota.. 63,820
Duluth, Red Wing ft Southern... 86,822
Eastern Railway of Minnesota.. 1,52G.&9
Great Northern 2,684,341
Minneapolis Eastern 51,183
Minneapolis ft Sault Ste. Maris.. CGO.SSI
Minneapolis & St. Louis „ 5115,192
Minneapolis Western 31,0*5
Minnesota it Northern Wiscon
sir ...; 3,843
Northern Pacific 2,504,80.
.Red Lake Transpoitat.on com
pany 1,395
St. Paul ft Duluth IS*,O; 1
Willmar & Sioux Falls 376,01-1
"Winona & Western 1:13,861
j Wiscon&in^Minnesota & Pacific 123,018
Wisconsin Central ' 492,915
Total 556,510,_.3-5
I The total surplus reported last year
I was $35,375,259—thus showing an Increase
! for the year 1900 of $21,171,274. The large
j amount of increase in the surplus is
' caused principally by the Chicago, Bur
! lington ft Quincy system being substitut
ed for that of the Chicago, Burlington &
"The Winona Bridge company is the only
company reporting a deficit for the year
which amounts to $16,030. The deficits
for the previous year amounted to $3,
--276,C_0—thus showing a decrease of de
ficits for the year ending June 30, IS 0,
: of $3,259,984. The large amount of de
crease in the deficits is caused principally
by the absorption of the Chicago, Bur
lington & Northern railroad Into the
Chicago. Burlington & Quincy system.
Statistical table XI. give., full details
of the incom? account of the several com- ;
The total amount of stock and funded
debt of the twenty-eight companies re
porting to this commission for entire
lines for the year ending June 30, 190)
! was $1,450,794,273—being stock $327,263,468
' and funded debt • £523,530,8&5. The total
i amount so reported lust year was $1,174,
--."".";— thus showing an increase for the
I current year of • $275,928,738. The laige
j- amount of increase is caused principally
, by the report of the Chicago, Burling!
& Quincy system being substituted for
that of the Chicago, Burlington ft North
ern. . :
For the year ending June- 30, •19*10; live
passengers were killed and fifty-nine in
jured. In 1899, cue passenger was killed
: and sixty-two injured.
Of trainmen, twenty-four were killed
! and 201 injured in 1900. The previous year
j twenty-six were killed and 231 injured.
Of switchmen, flagmen and watchmen;
; three were killed and fifty-two injured
in 1900. The previous year six were kill
ed and fifty-nine injured.
Of other employes, twenty were killed
and 205 injured in 1900. In 1899, nineteen
were killed and 233 injured.
Of trespassers, seventy-eight were kill
ed and seventy-five injured in 11)00 and in
1899, seventy-four were killed and seven
ty-' injured. •
Of persons not trespassing, fifteen were
killed and twenty-one injured for the
year of 1900 and in the previous year
eleven were killed and thirty-six Injured
The % total number of persons killed by
railroads in Minnesota for the year 1900
were 145 killed and 613 Injured. For-the
previous year the numb?*- killed was 139
and the number injured 092. i
Via the North-Western Line
To Many Canadian and Ken England
Ticket** on sale December 13th to 23d
inclusive, and good on all the fine, fast
trains of the North-Western Line, includ
! ing the famous North-Western Limited
and Badger State 'Express, which are
the finest and most luxurious trains for
night and day travel between Minneapo
lis. St. Paul and Chicago.
Ticket offices. 413 Nicollet Aye., Min
neapolis, 352 Robert St., St. Paul.
Railway Traffic Blocked by Unusnal-
ly Heavy Snow Fall.
ST. JOHNS, N. F.. Dec. he-Tie worst
period of snow falls known in the colony
for the past three* years has prevailed
the last week, paralyzing- trade. . Rail
ways are blocked and trains are very
late. Steamers are delayed in port and
fishing vessels are compelled to remain
In harbor. Ice is forming in the north
ern inlets, bringing about an abandon
ment of navigation. The Straits of Belle
Isle are practically closed to shipping,
not to reopen until spring. .
Fourteen Hours nicker Time to
- California. «,
Passengers traveling in tourist cars to
San Francisco and Los Angeles via the
Omaha road are now fourteen hours less
time on the journey than heretofore.
■ Through "car now leaves. Twin Cities
Wednesda" mornings, instead of Thurs
day evenings, and all day travel on Sun
day is avoided. 1 '
Secure tickets and information at 413
Nicollet avenue, Minneapolis, - and 352
Robert street. St. Paul.
Mai*, of California free.
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ECTION FOREMEN wanted, first-class,
for. the West. Apply Room 24, Great
Northern Railway. jf. •„.
MA_\ TED—Traveling man in Minnesota
to advertise and-collect; #0 monthly
to start and all expenses; steady em
ployment: self-addressed envelope feu
particulars. Road.Manager, £58 Dear
born, Chicago. . i.i t--;.
Ay ANTED—Experienced planer hands
and.stone sawyers. F. Andres & Co.,
_Stone Yard, Milwaukee. Wis.
WANTED-Bright boy. A. H. Simon, 414.
416 Robert st.
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livery. T 7 ii,;
'■'--"- '* ! ' ~ _-....aacv_ ... rnp last year man an outer neater: com
f- We Wave Sold MORE praise. We No. 125-4-hole Range, oven '» Mmnoapoii*, at we un
btn"Sd. The reason for the. is "'.at « c sell TT be BE>T R A«^ r n thar; „t her(i e , f ,-sa,K for
getJ^saadsofp^te^^ttto^^-^^^Xent with v? , a, we have sold this one
an Inferior make of Range. 1 be^e."''.?. \, . , n.une «.._.» iA<9n_Ud I_>
make for move than 10 years and om *^ 0 |25-4-ho!e RANCE oven 4??0 S 4.! a
Customers «ho have used them th« j£ i&-i-hole Kan.ee. over, i high sliei. , I 7.0U
In their prai.e. We >*o. 185-1 hole Bang*, oven 14x 20, high 1 close! C.OO
Si*S?s^aSS_fe_E» will Guarantee them in every man- Ko. 134-lVhole Range, oven2ox2o, plain top. .8.4»
Ife" ship* aand*o 6rm; we do not ask for §£ _«.hole Range, oven »£2O. Wg^hetf 1.75.
a,,v loop hole: «' they do not work per- j^,. 134 _6-hole Range, oven 80x20. high cTOs.t 23.75
twlv we .-i Uyke them bao.k an.'.refund $_ 0 . 14S -fi-hol«- Range, reservoir- plain top... 24. /5
HAIR CHAINS, to order from your
own hair. "Send for price list of hair
goods. -European Hair Parlors, 355 Wa
basha, near postoffice.
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, a girl to do
housework in family of • two; good
wages. Apply Immediately 21 Floral st.
Anybody out of work in St. Paul or
Minneapolis may Insert an adrer.
tisewent under this ending free
of charge.
A WOMAN would like to go out wash
ing,- or take it home,* or scrubbing.
Call or address 121 Sycamore.
CLERK— Young lady, wants position as
clerk. .746 Jessie st. .
COOK—A girl wishes a position as a
cook in a private fa mil v without wash
ing, or child's nurse. 165 West Fourth
St., Flat 2, first floor.
CLERK—Young lady desires position as
clerk or office girl; have had two years'
experience and can furnish Al "refer
ences. Address 1363 Edmund st.
COLORED woman wishes place in
private family. Gall, at 444 Cedar st.
DAY WORK wanted by lady. Address
165 West Fourth st., flat 2, first floor.
DRESSMAKER wants sewing in families.
Call or address 477 Superior st.
DRESSMAKER wants sewing in fam
ilies or to take home cutting and fitting;
will work reasonable. Call or address
315 East Seventh st. third floor front.
HOUSEWORK—A girl wants a place in
" private family where she can go home
nights. Address 453 Fort st.
HOUSEKEEPER— by a widow
lady with one daughter, a position as
housekeeper; home more of an object
than wages; none but honest and re
spectable gentlemen must answer. Ad
dress Mrs. L.-Mongu, General, delivery.
HOUSEWORK—A German girl of sixteen
would like to assist In light house
work. Call or address 800 Mississippi St.
NURSE—Position wanted by middle
aged lady as nurse; best of references;
ten years' experience. Address or call
- Mrs. Nelson, No. 481 Willlus st., city.
NURSE—Wanted, by a nurse, sick nurs
ing of every kind. Call or address 590
Dale st. ' - .
SEAMSTRESS—Good sewing girl would
like work in shop or families. Will
work for 75 cents per day. Address 51_»
Sibley. Dressmaker.
HOUSEKEEPER—MiddIe aged lady of
good character would like position as
housekeeper in small family; only a
moderate salary. Address or call, 39
East Ninth st. ■
TWO GERMAN GIRLS wan* general
housework; good references; c.ioks.
dining room, laundresses want place?.
Twin' City Employment office, over
SEWING—Two good sewing girls want
v. oik in shop at once. Call at 12S
West Seventh st.
STENOGRAPHER—Competent lady ste
nographer desires position; have hid
live years' experience and cart furnish
Al references. Address 1C66 Edmund st.
WANTED—Any kind of day work; laun
dry work preferred. Address 326 Smith
a v. ■
WASH ING— Wanted, any kind of work
by the day or week, washing, ironing
or sewing, 203 E. Eighth, corner Sib
ley st. ' a
WASHING—A competent woman wants
work by the day washing, ironing or
cleaning. Call or address M. C. 4"9 St.
Peter, thitd floor.
WASHING —An experienced German
washerwoman would like a few more
places to wash. Call at 431 East Sixth
st .
WASHING—A lady will go out washing
or take home. Address K. G., 40!. East
_ Fifth st.:: .
WANTED—Work through the holidays.
Some knowledge of figures. M, F. G.,
44S Wabasha st., city.
WASHING—Wanted, to go out washing.
IS7 Western ay. north, up stairs.
WOMAN would like any kind of day
work; washing or ironing or house
cleaning. Call or address 522 Thomas
st. *_
WOULD like to take care of invalid lady
and assist in housekeeping? L SIV Burr
YOUNG LADY desires a position in of
fice or store; has had experience, Ad*
dress L. Hyland, St. Anthony P. 0.,
YOUNG LADY, good writer of children's
stories, wants to write for some good
paper; steady author for children's
page. Susie D. Collins, General Deliv
.- cry, St. Paul, Minn.
WORK—Young lady would like a place
to work morning and evening for her
room and board. M. 847 Burr V (..
YOUNG LADY, employed during the day,
would like a place to assist for her
room and board. D 8. Globe. -7vvv
massage baths; alcohol rubs. 319 Wa
- basha st.
MRS. DE LAITTRE. scientific massage,
reopened 463 St. Peter st., third room,
third floor.
tolling. Mrs. Thomas. 457 St. Peter st.
5.0E ZOE is the only genuine Oriental
clairvoyant in. the city and reads your
life from childhood to old age and: the
grave. Terms in reach or all. 376 North
ExchTmge st.
FOR SALE—Stock of general merchan
dise; best farming country in Minne
sota; largest store doing largest vol
ume of business in the town: clean up
to-date stock; established twe:fty years.
Address X 40, Globe.
HOUSE— rent, f.uinislied. I will rent
my modern furnished house on Sr
Anthony bill for the _ winter. Nominal
rent to desirable tenant. Address 6 13
_Globe. " : b '
HOTEL REARDON—7B East Seventh at.
—Newly furnished steam-heated rooms;
new porcelain baths, and everything
first-class; rooms single or en suite.
team heated rooms; all prices, day,
week or month; depot cars pass the
doors; The Western. 105 East Eighth;
Imperial Hotel, 16 East Eighth; Yukon
Hotel. East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
360 Jackson st.. transient trade solicited.
$20,000 WORTH of choice property
for 54,000
$5,000, handy, fine home, with two nice
lots, for : 2,200
Good seven-room house, near by.... .700
Five-cent fare will lake you to a
good eighty acre farm 3,700
Eight acres good land, near Como
electric line 800
Eight acres, with house and barn,
near city limits 750
160 or 320 acres, very good farms, In
Swift county, for $21 per acre.
360 acres good land in Dakota county in
exchange for St Paul property.
Other great bargains in all kinds of real
• 24 Court Block.
......-r* CURITY.
.-..,i...-;..•... VANCE.
NO CHARGE for drawing up note. We
run quiet, modejst, private office and
don t know how to make as much noise
as some people. We believe people
want a quiet place to borrow money
away from the publicity of the crowds?
business in a plain way, hoping that !
our careful attention to business and
your-interest will merit your patron
?fgi££ all tlme* WE TAKE PLEAS-
IjKL In carefully explaining our plan
to _.gu. You need not fear about any
°an^ T kn^ wing * VERY QUIET OFFICES
Room J, Germania - Bank Bldg.,
. Cor. Wabasha and Fifth Sts.
LOANS to salaried people holding perm
anent positions with reliable concerns;
only security your name; to others on
furniture, pianos, etc., without removal;
monthly or weekly payments; open
noon hour; confiden'ial. 316 and 317 Pio
neer Press Bid*?., third floor, Mlnne-
Bota Mortgage^ Loan Co.
No mortgage; no lndorser; no publicity.
EASIER TERMS and lower charges than
other li.in -impanics. A steady oosi
tion all that is required. Quiet office
easily found. St. Paul Financial Co.,
Room 301 New York Life Hldg.
plain notes only security, your name.
To others on furniture, pianos, etc.,
left at your home* guaranteed lowest
rates and easiest payments. Guaranty
Loan Co., 201 Manhattan Bldg., second
Moor. 15 years In business in this city.
LOaNS on personal property; easy terms.
Household Loan Co., first floor, Ger
mania Bank building.
5 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan
on improved property' In SL Paul and
Minneapolis. V. C. Oilman. New York
Life Bldg. ________^
DAIRY FOR SALE — Forty cows, route
ar.d everything complete; good reason
lor going out of business. Call on Sam
uel Johnson. SSO Lexington, near Front
st. ■ ' - - - *
THE ANNUAL Christmas sale of all
sorts of pretty things in Decorated Chi
na, Water color Novelties, Pyrographic
work, etc., etc., is now open at St.
Agatha's Conservatory. 26 East Ex
change st., city. The parlors are open
to visitors every day and evening.
SPOT CASH for cid bocks; any quanti
ties, and all kinds of school books and
fiction bought, sold and exchanged. 404
Wabasha rt.. opposite Schuneman &
WANTED-Offlce roll top 6\sk, table and
chairs; also letter press, cheap lor
cash. Address Z S6, Globe.
WANTED TO BUY-'Vini range; must
be in good c'r.'ler and cheap. E. T. L..
953 Euclid st '
WANTED—One second-hand double har
ness for milk wagon; state price. S.,
_80x_469, (.it -
BOARD—Large front room, two closets;
all conveniences; for two or three
home table; single room. 2.i0 West
Ramsey—District Court, Second Judicial
In the matter of the assignment
of William Dawson Jr., insolvent.
Lpon reading and filing the petition of
Thomas L. Blood, as assignee of William
Dawson Jr., insolvent, in -the above en
titled matter, accompanying the account
of said assignee, it is hereby..
That the creditors of said Insolvent
whose claims have, been proved and al
lowed, be and they are required to file
releases thereof, as provided by law, in
the office of the clerk of the court above
entitled, on or before the -'^th day of
December, 1900! ' "
Ordered further, That said account of
said assignee be examined by the court
above entitled, at a special term thereof
to be held at the court house thereof In
the city of St. Paul. Ramsey county,
Minnesota, upon the'29th day of Decem
ber, 1900, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at
the opening of said court on said day or
as soon thereafter as said matter can bj
heard, and that 7 all ' persons interested
in said estate appear . then and there,
and take part In such examination, and
show cause, if any there be, why said ac
count should not be .approved and al
lowed and the payments and allowances
therein shown and asked for should not
be approved and allowed, and why a div
idend of six per cent upon the claims
against said insolvent, duly proved, al
lowed and released, should not be paid
by said assignee, except the claim of
A.- Smith, insolvent, and except the claim
Charles T. Miller as assignee of Robert
of Daniel Murphy as agent and guard
ian, and except the contingent claim of
the receivers of the Bank of Minne
Ordered further; That notice of this
order be civeii by publishing the same In
the St. Paul -Globe, a daily newspaper
printed and published in saii county,
once a week- for three 3dccd£3ive weeks,
the first publication thereof to be made
on the Sth.day of December, 1900, and by
mailing a copy of this order to the said
insolvent and to each and all of the
creditors thereof entitled to participate
in the distribution of this estate, at least
twenty days before the time so named
for such'hearing, addressed to said per
sons respectively at their places of resi
dence as known to the assignee herein
Dated. St. Paul, Minn.. Dee. 7, 1900.
District Judge.
Amount of moneys received by
- assignee $07,671.64
Amount of expenses oi. trust in
curred, including allowances
asked for 15,452.91
Property remaining in assignee's
hands, consisting of stock in
corporations, notes of various
debtors, a paid up policy of In
surance, and real estate, of
the estimated value-0f...".v 29,500.00
B--<i_r^ka „ .'™° pl* * u,,d Only Oenulnc.
/ /^* i .-S.BAFE. Alwajs rc'.ial^e I_u.-Uc«. »«k !)ru«rlßt
rJ\Jp£m% for CHICHKSTEII'S .._N.'__.lS_l
C_.' s!*? »CTO in KEI> an .l Cold metallic boxen, Haled
7S__, ?T*-wj*-« »'"• Line ribbon. Take no other. Kefuno
Tt*l W» «VjJ,' Dnneerous fetibfttllutlong and 1 ml(__-
I / fT lions. Buy of jour DrnggUt. cr send -le. in
I ____. IS "a"sl * Pirtloiil:ir*. TcH.!!i_o.:ii_la
\T* ft? and "Itelier for J_a<Me<s" •»» ._.(«-, \,j re
—-*\. . A JL turn Mull. IO.OOU fcartiaosialf. SoUbT
.- 7; "' all Drusgrsw. Chlcbei>t-.rCiiC{_ilocl<.'o.
Kutlon this paper. MedUoa Square, PIIILA.. PA.
*? . ? „ Zimmerman, Midway Horse
Market St. Paul. Mil?n., have the larg
fo-i Siv» cIJ. of horses, weighing f rm 1,600
to 1,900 pounds, in the Northwest, and
Sl™ P, 1a113. so supplied to meet any
N.SS-1™' 0 lo? glng horses from the "
Wf logging region; pick your
lowi.i. 0 *m the,r lare assortment at
- loWer prices than anywhere. A
FOR SALE-Choice lot heavy draft
horses; also chunks. Griggs Bros
Third and Cedar sts. "r*~" ijro:>"^
. Cedar up Seventh to Wabasha to Tenth
brown pocketbook, silver corners Find
a hLv an ce P -oney, P lase send pocket*.
*°°£ 2D, d-? ther contents to Mrs. Berris
i,, ford, 219 Rondo st. • s
.-■-.•■*•- : •yt
in «h«Sh Che? wants to exchange lessons
_£ fhprthand and typewriting for room
or table board, z 40, Globe.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul as
"North-Western Line'-G.St.P.M. & 0, By.
Office 383 Robert St. 'Phone 480.
tEx. Sun. tEx. Sat. [,-.,„ »_»„...
, {Ex, Mon. Other. Dally, j LEAVE **RIVE
Badger State Express ■) B.flO 10 11
Chicago, Mil., Madison.... T am w"* *
Chicago "Atlantic Ex.'' ..... 11.10 pm 1.30 an
ChlaLaSi » 6'sspm B'lo-
Limited V 8-10 745
Chicago, Mil.. Madison J pm am ;
Wausau, F. Lac, Crean Say 6.55 pn. 45 a ■*.
Manitowoc, Sheboygan...;. .. it 6.55 an. § 7 -.5 in
Duluth, Superior. Ashland... .| t 8.05 air. 13.50 dt
Twilight Limited . | 4.26 919
Duluth, Superior, Ashland . f-| pm p^
Mankato. St.- James, Su. City t 7.40 am 14 15 m
Deadwood. bU Hi 11...... J 7.40 am 7.25 an
Elmore. Algeria, Moines.. t 7.40 am t 7.35 ? n
Omaha express 1 10-00 7a*
Su. City. Omaha Kan City, «m pm
St. James, New I Urn, Tracy.. 1 0,00 am 7.35 on
New Ulm, Elmore t 4.50 11O.OSim
Fairmont St. James. . | 4.50 pm 110.05im
Omaha Limited » ft-SU 7 -25
Su. City. Omaha, Kan. City [ pm _ 'am
Milwaukee & luflmllfSf
Ticket Office 365 Robert Street. 'Ph:>ne 9*.
Leave. »Daily. t Ex. Sunday. Arrive"
*B:3C am Chicago, Lax. Milwaukee ...f»10:Kiom
.3:35 p m Chicago, Lax. Milwaukee ... *I 1:50 a m
b:55 p m Chicago, Lax. Milwaukee ... *2:50 p I*.
;*8:, p°m cnicaqo pirn i.ifet*7:^
3:55 p m Chicago, Faribo. Dubuque... *10:40 a m
r3:35 a m Hastings, RedV/'g, Roch'tentl 1:50 a m
t8:30 am La Cross. Dubuq'e, Rk _sl'nd.*lo:ls p m
*8:00 a m Northfield, Faribo. Kan. City *6-05 p m
tß:2oam Ortonville, Millbank- .. .... | 16:30pm
*6:50 p m Ortonvills, Aberdeen, Fargo! "7:35 am
T7:?0 p m Northfield. Faribo, Austin... | 19:30 am
£?/^¥st\ Cor" sth and Robert Sts.
. A__!i__P__J Union Station. St. Paul.
Y^o'^'YX. Milwaukee station, Minneapolis.
*\^ClTj^ Dining and Pullman Bleeping Cars on
s**kai£l' r Winnipeg and Coast. Trains.
•Daily. tKxcept Sunday. Leave | Arrive
Pacific Exp. Fargo, Jamestown,
Helena, Butte, Missoula, Bpo- TJ CC» *l) T)t\? _
kane,Tacoraa,Beattle,_ > O.UUm _._.Um
Dakota k Kit. Zip. Fargo.Fergus
Falli, Wahpoton, Crookston, J? 00 P i "7 11. »
Gd. Forks, Grafton, Winnipeg O.UUm I. lUm
rargo and LoVch Lake Local, St. .„• ■. ■ 1 '■••''£
Cloud. nralnerd, Walker, tP t.Pi * tfi ftfl p
Ccmicfjl. Fargo....'. .' fI.f.U M U.UU M \
'Duluth Short Line" j j
DULUTH & J9.I6MJ •7.15 a»
«T-r»i.'-i>T_^_i> 2*25 pa t2.50 pa
___ btPERIOR *n.ispal »c MJw
Ticket Office—Bß2 Robert St.. Cor. Fourth!
[Phone Main 856.
Leave. | a Dally, b Ex. Sunday. Arrive.
bS :35am St. Cl'd. F'gs F'ls; Frgol b6:.>->pm
bß:Ssam Willmar, via St. Cloud b«-03pn_
a9:ooam|Flyer Mont. & P. Coast| a'-30nm
b_.'*ifl_-rni CWillmar, S. v., Y'kton) . . r «■__.
Dy.ioarri! , s . x c ,. tv _ Brown .„ Val / | bs:3apm
b4:4opm(Eik- R.. M. & Sandstone!blo:ojam
b4:4opm(Wayzata & Hutchinson! b9:lsam
a7:ospm|Breek..Fargo, G.F.Wn.i a7:4sam '*-•
aß:3opm|...Mli_n. & Dak. Exp..,| a7:3oam
■ nSm'i »'"th &W. Superior j^gggg
Sleeper for 11:20 p. m. train can foe cc
j cupied at any time after 9 o. m.
Chicago Great Western Ri
"The Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth & Robert Sts., St. Paul.
t Ex. Sunday; others daily. j LEAVE FOR ;ARtflV_
Kenyon, Dodge Center, t,B.loanilf,B.3oi)i_i
Oelwein, Dubuque, Free- ■ 8.10 pm] 7.50 am
port, CliictKO and East. | 11.20 pml ■ 12.55 pm
CedarFalls.Waterloo.Mar- t 8.10 am f 8.30
shalltown, Dcs Moines, I 8.10 7.C0 am '-*
St. Joseph, Kansas City, j 11.20 pnij 12.M pin
Cannon Kails, Eetl Wing, t- 8.10 am t. 8.30 pm
Northfield, Faribault, 6.05 pm 0.50 am
WatervUte, Mankato. I
Mantorville Local. I 6.05 i)7n | _9,:,01 m
I Lv.For| " STATIONS.' 1 Ar.Froia
i 6:lsam Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque I
end Chicago, except Sunday 1 12:55 pn*
: B:lsam Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque j At-'A
and St. Louis, except Sunday ... •••..•
i B:ospm Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque, j
Chicago and St. Louis, daily i |4A am
Ticket Office 400 Robert Street. Tel. ii ...1 'If
'§£ M., ST. P. & S. S. M. R'Y. 'Jf
City Ticket Office, 379 Robert St. Tel. 1053.
Union Depot, St. Paul.
Lea-.e.| J EAST. ~ ~ [Arrive.
~7r2Cpm|.a\tlantic Limited (daily).j X:4sam
i 10'COamlRhinelander Local (exSun)l s:o"Pni
6:2spm|St. Croix Falls Local, c-xj
Sunday. From Broad way |
.Depot, foot Fourth 5t....1 3:lsam
9:o3am|Paclfic Express (Paciflcl
I Coast) dally. | 6:55pm
s:lopm!Glenwood Express (exS.:n); .;s'am
City Office. 375 Robert St. 'Phone No. 6W.
Leave.) ... „i., Dafly. )vAr^. ve \ $**
St.Paull Aw lraln3 ■*->*''*• [St. Paul
|Eau Claire, Chip. Falls,
8:00 am I Milwaukee and Chicago! B:lsam
lAshland, Chippewa F'ls.l
7:4opm|.Oshkosh. Mil. and Chi.! s:Copm
* ; _ I "~~"''7 l_?x
M. & St. L. Depol-Broailnny & IHi. * •>
Minneapolis &St. Louis SJIT?
Office, 398 Robert. 'Phone 661. St. Loui.D3*3:. . .
Leave. I *Dally. Except Sunday. ;.J_Ar:ln
f 9-00 MEW SHORT LIME T3 7-1 }
•Jj»| .ND DE3 SOWES. j |jj?
I r Albert Lea, Ceiar Rapids, Ch:-;
! 19:00 am cage. Ksnsas City ... 17:30
♦7:00 pm ..Chicago & St. Louis Limits i... ' Z: rO .-...i
• Watertcwn, New : Ulm, St. I
James, Sherburne, EathervL'fo
■ +8:35 cm .'. and Storm ........ +3-30;*..
New Ulm Local—St. Jsms
1 •5:00 pm ..Sherburne and. Est!:ervili_i7!.* '. 1:0: .ra v

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