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Canadian Coal jiii.-iton Ask for a
i..-.. - • - -
Great Northern Branch Into
Crow's Nest District — Pen
sion System. Started.
The grievance committee of the Norch
ern Pacific telegraph operators is still
in the city, but it has practically aban
doned the fight for recognition of t. c
telegraphers as a body. The company,
in its answer to the committee, positively
refused to consider the operators in the
light of an organization and subsequent
efforts to induce the management to le
consider its position in this regard have
proved unavailing. They have therefore
lost the most important part of their
fight, and are disposed to abandon fur
ther efforts.
The committee will wait on Mr. Ken
drick either today or tomorrow, but the
only request it i«s likely to prefer is that
of an increase in the scale of wa^es,
amounting to about ten per cent.
There is reason to believe that even
this demand will be refused, but one
more attempt will be made to secure a
Chicago «£: Xortli-VV eastern ' Inaugur
ates a Plan to Aid Its* Employes.
The Chicago & North-Western has in
augurated its pension -system and hence
forth any employe of. the road who has
been working for it for thirty years, and
■who is over sixty-five years of age, will
in the event of being disabled, receive
a monthly allowance equivalent to one
per cent of his monthly salary.
Any employe, who has reached the age
of seventy years and who has been
thirty years in the employ of the com
pany . will be letired upon apansion of
one per cent per month calculated upon
the monthly rate of wages paid him for
the last ten years. To carry out the
plan -the Northwestern has establ shed
a pension board, composed of William A.
Gardner, .general manager; Edward C.
Gardner, chief engineer; Richard C. Aish
ton, general superintendent; Robert
Quayle, sperintendent of motive power
and machinery; W. E. Sterritt, auditor
of expenditures.
-- • ;.-■:... ■ ■ - '•■•-■
OtvrtcrN of Mines Endeavoring to Se-
care l.iiu- to Them.
Senator George A. Cox, Elias Rogers,
Maj. Pellatt and J. E. Ross, all o: To
ronto, Can., and who are the princ pal
owners of the immense coal depos.ts in
the Crow's Nest region, were in tb.2 city
yesterday con^rrlng with Great North
ern officials relative to a scheme for
building a road to tap the mining dis
trict. The company was formed three
years ago and after development work
was started it was discovered that the
coal was of much better quality tan
even the owners had anticipated. The
coal is especially adapted for the mak'.ng
of coke and there are now 150 ovens em
ployed in making this article.
The Great Northern company is at
present using considerable of the Crow's
Nest coal, one variety of it being em
ployed exclusively by the engines haul
ing trains through the Cascade tunnel.
Nothing was decided upon yesterday
and the Toronto men will see the railway
men again today.
Eastern Papers Are Still Harping on
Impending Milwaukee Deal.
NEW YORK, Jan. 2.—The Evening
Post says:
. Several change;*, in .the directorate of
the Chicago, Milwaukee, & Ist. Paul rail
way were said today by we,] informed in
terests in that property to be the most
important developments impending in its
affairs. Current tail; of a possible lea?e
of the company by the Great Northern
mid Northern Pacific railways is not re
garded seriously, although directors and
others of the various properties and tho
banking interests will not definitely com
mit themselves further than to say that
they have no knowledge of such a plan
and believe it to be impracticable.
Changes in the directorate, forming prac
tically' a reconstruction of its member
ship, are, however, said to he under dis
cussion. It is said probably four and
perhaps five new directors will shortly
take their places in the board.
It is said that besides Piesident J. J.
Hill, some of the new names will be Ro
bert t'.acon, of J. P. Morgan & Co., N. B.
Ream, of Chicago, executor of the Pull
man estate, and J. Henry Smith, with
possibly another representative of the
Rockefeller interest.
At present the Morgan interest is rep.
resented on the St. Paul board only by
President Samuel Spencer, of the South
ern railway.
Mackenzie Syndicate Falls to Secure
Northern Pacific* Portage Branch.
As was expected the William Macken
zie syndicate has failed to secure the
Northern Pacific's Portage branch. The
company was willing to sell, but asked
a price which the syndicate did not care
to pay.
Mackenzie will now, according to a re
cent interview, build a parallel line ex
tending, from the Manitoba wheat belt
to a Lake Superior outlet. It is the
intention to complete the line within
a year.
Great Northern lo Build a Xcw Cnt-
HrTJCKA, Mont., Jon. 2.—The Great
Northern has decided to build a cot-oft
lino 155 mile^ long, northwesterly from
Great Falls, Mont., to Browning, a point
on the main line and extending on into
the new Atlin mining district.
It will reduce the mileage between Eal
isnell and Butte 200 Tnilep and facilitate
lumber shipments from the former, be
sides opening up the new miring lerri
'Promotions on Great Xorlhern.
H. A. Kennedy has been appointed su
perintendent of the Kalispell division of
the Great Northern, in succession to P.
P. Connelly, who has been transferred
' • .- Order v So. 871. '
- :^fr^ _ ccun MR MfIMCV 1* yen lire
p^ ! OEnll Psu MUntli - wttun soo
I,'Yw ii^^^^^tyjl^^jjß^** I^^ ' tbftia.' at your
setv?t and if. fe.an.-t perfectly satlirf»oU;r.Y. exactly aa
r^p^'f.c."t«<i, eqi'il towlittyncr dealer at doubla
tb3 price, end lliO Erca.U«t tsluc yen e-. er saw. pay tho
K-'irotd a?-jnt ocr fcpoelal pice. $4,73 and freight
ciar/«i (lesa V7si» itM.it with crdcr;. J'iieo'ilCt »veit'lis
tXiOMllit IL*. and trilafct -.vlil c-.-n.ye ICe for each (.CO
n.re*. The Iron Bed Ui ft.«lncsc» M lnclie*
IiIk;». l> yivfn nT(rL«jkt poselolo -»hlle enamel linlfh la
Jhrecxmta, Ixik'd or.; ucau::ful tuna* cant vshp3 and
ipo-.jnta. m&dr ri'.ia »tr"ug tr.'.< fitted complete with
Meter*. SPRINGS art Ugh ffrfttl* woven wire
h»*.vT, strong liud maple frozoo, thick l>« tt«a, one of
Hit e*«UMt. ftror.frect And !>t'.t %yirlr[i% cado MAT"
TRBBB '« ui«/l« of l'«»t 'j;.»lltY eioeiilor, with «c.cot
*hltco'j'tr.nl«>p t.<A r>"^ q'i»lUy llckirg. Toll oat
ft it biff ra'.u*but we -i*v letter Tftluoiat 55.47
and • 03, If y>-i «•!■« l>>t«r«iit»d tenil fsrderfrip
\,u. writo free Furniture Cataicffoe.
717-7* l Nlco'ict Ay A'.i«.icip«li9, .VUna.
to another division. A circular was is
sued yesterday announcing that F. G.
Williamson, hertofore acting superin
tendent of the Dakota division, has been
appointed superintendent of that division.
Earninc-s of the Northern Pa;«fle.
Though the earnings of the Northern
Pacific for the fiscal year to date show
a net increase of $6,954,109, tbere is a loss
of $151,532, as compared with the corre
sponding period in 1899. The loss will
not affect the 8 per cent earned on the
common stock last year.
"Chicago and St. Abkii: tine Special.''
Much to the discomfort of Southern
tourists there has never been through
sleeping cars or through coaches run
from Chicago or any other point North
of the Ohio River, to Florida, without
change. Commencing Jan. 14th, li'ol,
and connecting lines will place in service
sisting of composite baggage car, Pull
man sleeping cars, dining car and ob
servation car, running through from Chi
cago to St. Augustine, Fla., without
change, via Cincinnati, Chattanooga, At
lanta, Macon, Jesup and Jacksonville, on
the following schedule —daily, except
Leave Chicago" 12:00 noon.
Leave Cincinnati 8:40 P.M.
Arrive Jacksonville 7:50 P. M.
Arrive St. Augustine 8:30 P. M.
This train between Chicago and Cin
cinnati will run on alternate days over
the Monon and C, H. & D., Pennsylvania
and Big Four—leaving Chicago on Mon
days an I Thursdays via the on
Tuesday and Fridays, via the Pennsyl
vania, and on Wednesdays and Satur
days, via the Big Four. South of Cin
cinnati the route will be over the beauti
ful Queen & Crescent to Jacksonville,
and Florida East Coast to St. Augus
Parties living outside of Chicago can
make sleeping car reservations as far
in advance as desired by addressing tick
et agent of any of the lines mentioned
above, or Wm. H Tayloe. A. G. P. A.,
Southern Railway, Louisville, Ky., or J.
C. Bean Jr.. N. W. P. A., Southern Rail
way, 225 Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111.
PEKIN, Jan. 2.—The advent of the new
year and the new century w&3 celebrated
in Pekin on an elaborate scale. The dis
charge cf numer>»j guns at midnight
created a scare and many troops wcr.e
sent to discover whether the city had
been attacked or whether it was a
Boxer rising.
Gen. Chaffc-e had his reception in the
morning and Mr Conger received in the
A feature which caused considerable
comment was a review of the Bri:i h
troops in honor of Queen Victoria and
of the Australian federation, to which
all the nations were invited to send rep
resentatives. The French were con
spicuous by their absence, not a tingle
Frenchman being present at the review.
Stcamem Reaching Hawaii Report
itiioth Weather.
HONOLULU, Dec. 25.—The • steamers
City of Rio de Janeiro from San Fran
cisco; Warrimoo, from Van Couvcr and
transport Logan, all Jiad very bnd wea
ther. The Rio arrived a day latj and
the Warrimoo, two days. On both ves
sels the passengers were confined below
for four or live days while speed was
flowed up. The Rio's pumps gave cut
and for a time she was in serious trouble.
With the four pumps disabled, water
washed in and rose so rapidly th:it many
of the firemen deserted their posts. The
chief engineer restored order below by
getting the fifth pump to work.
The new steamship Sierra, which was
expected to make a record trip here, wag
seven days and four hours in miking the
trip. Capt. Houdlette reports having en
countered the worst weather he has seen
in many years on the Pacific.
District Attorney Baird has received o"
--ders to proceed against the alleged trusts
In Honolulu.
United States Judge Estee has decided
the appeal in the case of the owners of
the lost barkentine, Wm. Carson, against
the Wilder Steamship company in favor
of the plaintiffs on every point. The de
fendants will have to pay for the sink
ing of the Wm. Carsoir last December
in collision with the Wilder Steamer
Senator Peak, of Tennessee, Denies
Kidnaping Story.
CHATTANOOGA, Term., Jan. 2.—State !
Senator J. Walter Peak, of this citjv. de- j
nies emphatically the story pent out from !
Lexington, Ky., last night, charging his '.
wife with kidnaping the two children of j
her divorced husband and bringing them |
to thi? city. He states that Mis. Peak ;
arrived here last Saturday from Lexing- !
ton, where she had been vlsitu.g, and
brought her children with her, but only i
for a visit and not with any intention |
of detaining them. He adds that the
children have visited his wife here be- j
fore and that their guardian has never j
objected to it. The children are her* |
now for a month's visit.
Dr. Jamen <.ll>l><ui> Fatally Wounded
by Highwaymen.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan 2. — Dr. James
Gibbons, one of the ambulance students
of the charity hospital, and a nephew of
Cardinal Gibbons, died of wounds re
ceived last night.
He was on the way home about mid
night when two men attempted to rob
him. Dr. Gibbons pursued the men until
loss of blood caused him to desist. A
cousin of the woundeu man happened
to come along and discovering his plight
took him lo a hospital. No trace of the
murderers has yet been found, although
Dr. Gibbons gave a fair description of
them before he died.
Widow of Murdered Millionaire May
Die of \ervons Prostration.
ST. LOL'IS, Mo., Jan. 2.—Mrs. Richard
son, widow of the millionaire merchant,
of Savannah, who was murdered Christ
mas eve, is in a precarious condition to
night and may die at any moment. She
is suffering from nervous prostration as
a result of Ibo tragedy. The prosecu
tion is now In possession of evidence
that may result in an Important move
during the coming week.
For Students
Relurtiing to Eastern colleges and
schools, the Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern Railway offers an ■ unequaied
service. Among its trains are the-New,
York. & 1 Boston Special, leaving Chicago
30:30 a. m.; the New England Express,
2:00 p. : m., the twenty-[-!x hour train to
Boston; also.-the Lake Shore Limited,
each of . these trains having through
sleepers to ■ Now STork and Boston; al.-o
dining and library - cars.. Special. sleep
ing cars will be attached for the accom
modation of parties. W. B. Hutter, N.
W. P. A., St. Paul. Minn. P. M. Byron,
G. Vv. A.. Chicago. _ . ._
Suo-w in Texas. .
DALLAS, Tex., Jan. The first"snow
storm of.the.wlnter.fet in over Northern
Texas last night. At this time the ground
Is covered at Dallas, and snow Is still
falling. ,
Mrs. Kntlou Nut SustJilncrt.
WICHITA, Kan., Jan. 2.—At the regu-
Uir meeting; of the Evangelical ministers
of Wichita a resolution commending the
action of Mrs. Catrlo Nation in smash
ing saloon furniture was defeated by an
overwhelming majority.
Trouble Ajiioiik A. M. B. Blslmp-.
ATLANTA. Ga.. Jan. 2.—The resigna
tion of Bishop It M. Turner, as presi
dent of the College of African Metho
fH^t Episcopal Bifiiiops, was announced
on account ot a disagreement. Th«
trouble leading up to the resignation is
said to be due to dissatisfaction in the
college, certain bishops objecting to as
signments which had been given them.
Minister of Morlwe Say« He Won't
Play Any More.
MADRID, Jan. 2.—lt Is said the resig
nation of Rear Admiral Ramos, minis
ter of marine, is Imminent owing to the
recent rejection by the chamber of depu
ties of the government's scheme for In
creasing the navy.
The crisis is becoming general but no
official announcement will be made be
fore tomorrow when the cabinet will
Killed His Father's Antagonist.
EATONTON. Ga., Jan. 2.—Will Turk, a
boy of seventeen, shot and killed
Ivimball Aiken near here. Thomas Turk
was engaged in a light with Aiken, when
he called on his young son Wi.l to shot
Aiken. The boy fired at once upon his
father's antagonist, who fell dead.
Verdict of Suicide.
CHICAGO, Jan. 2. —M. D. Hoff, the
mining operator, who, with t*o other.*,
had been held pending an nveslUati.n
into ti;e death of Mrs. Hammers, w. o
was found dead in her room ounday from
a bullet wcund, was released toi ay. T c
coroner's jury returned a verdict that
Mrs. Hammers committed f-uiride.
. Via Cincinnati.
New Pullman train! Chicago to St.
Augustine, drawing room sleepers, mag
nificent diners and - observation cars
through to Florida without change.
Leave Chicago 12:00 noon every week
day, beginning Jan. 14, Big Pour Route,
Monon, C. H. &D., Pennsylvania lines-
Queen & Crescent, Southern Ry., Plant
System & Florida East Coast- Ry. Call
on ticket agents of any of . the lines
named. " ■ - -•■■■ -; - .. :
Of Resolutions Adopted !>*• the Com
mon Council of the City of St.
Ay F No. SC2B—
Resolved, That the form of contract
bearing date December 31, 1900, by and be
tween the St. Paul Gas Light company
and the City of St. Paul, for lighting cer
tain portions of said city by means of
gas during the year ISOI, be, and the same
is hereby to all things approved, and the
proper city officers are hereby authorize!
and directed to execute the -same in be
half of said city.
Furtner resolved, That said St. Paul
Gas Light Company, party cf the first
part in said contract, be and it is hereby
lequhed to furnish a bond in the sum
of Sixty-five Thousand Dollars ($05,000), to
insure the faithful performance by it of
the provisions of said contract.
Adopted by the Assembly Dec. 31, ISOO.
Adopted by the Boa.rd of Aldermen Dec.
31, 1900.
Approved Dec. 31, 1900.
Ay F No. 5629—
Resolved, Th3t the form of contract
bearing date December 3J, 1900, by and be
tween the St. Paul Gas Light Company
and the City of St. Paul, for lighting ecr
tsin portions of ssid city by means of
electricity during the year'l9ol, bo and the
same is hereby in all things approved,
and the proper city officers are hereby
authorized and directed to execute the
same in behalf of said city.
Further resolved, That said St. Paul G»3
Light Company, party of the first pavt in
said contract, be and it is hereby requited
to furnish a bond in the sum of Forty
three Thousand Dollars (sl3,Co'j), to insure
the faithful performance by it of the pro
visions of taid contract.
Adopted by the Assembly, Dec. 31, 1900.
Adopted by the Board of Aldermen, Dec.
Approved Dec. 31, 1900.
President of the Assembly.^
President of the Board of Aldermen.
City Clerk.
Ramsey—ss. Probate Court.
In the matter- of the estate of Johanna-
Keane, deceased. ;• ..'.•■.'._, .....
Letters of administration on the ' estate
of Johanna Keane, deceased, late of the
City of St. Paul, in the County of Ram
| Bey, and State of Minnesota, being grant
j eel to Josephene M. Keane.
I It appearing on proper proof by af
j fidavit of the administratrix made and
i hied herein, as provided by law that'
there are no debts against the estate
01 said Johanna Keane, deceased. -
It. is ordered, that three months, bs;
aiid the same is hereby allowed from and
after the date of this order, in which all
persons having claims or demands
against the said deceased, if any there re
are required to Hie the same in the
Probate Court of said County, for ex
amination and allowance, or be forever
It is further ordered, that the first Mon
day in May. 1901 at 10 o'clock a m at
i a General Term of said Probate Court,
! to be held at the Court House in the
i City of Saint Paul, in said County, be
1 and the same hereby is appointed as the
j me and place when and where the said
; Probate Court examine and adjust
! said claims and demands.
And It Is Further Ordered, That notice
! of such hearing be- given to all creditors
' and persons interested in said Estate, by
; forthwith publishing this order once in
! each week for three successive weeks in
| the fat Paul Globe, a daily newspaper
printed and published in said County
I ccm a berd, PaUl> thiS 31St day ° Dt"
By the Court.: E. W. BAZILLE,
'^ -> Judge of Probate.
Stevens. O'Brien, Cole & Albrecht, At-
Ramsey—ss. Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate^f James J.
Iveane, deceased.
Letters of administration on the estate
of James J. Keane, deceased, late of the
city of tot. Paul, in the county of Kam
sey, and state of Minnesota, being
granted to Josephene M. Keane.
It appearing on proper proof by af
fidavit of the administratrix made and
filed herein, as provided by law, that
there are no debts against the estate of
said Jan.es J. Keane, deceased,
I Is Ordered, That three months b2 and
the same is hereby allowed from and
after the date on thia Order, in which
all persons having claims or demands
against the said deceased, if any there
be, are required to file the same in the
Probate Court of sad County, for exami
nation and allowance, or be lorever
It Is Further Ordered, That the first
Monday in May, 1901, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
at a General Term of said Probate Court,
to be held at the Court House in the
City of Saint Paul, in said County, be
and the same hereby is appointed as the
time and place when, and where the said
Probate Court will examine and adjust
said claims and demands.
And It Is Further Ordered, That notice
of such hearing be given to all creditors
and persons interested in said Estate, by
forthwith publishing this order onre ;n
each week for three successive weeks in
the St. Paul Globe, a daily newspaper
printed and published in said County.
Dated at St. Paul, this 31st day of De
cember, 1900.
By the Court: E. W. BAZILLE,
(L. S.) Judge of Probate.
Stevens, O'Brien, Cole & Albrecht, At
Notice of Petition lor Vacation.
Notice is hereby given that a petition
has been filed w^th the City Chrk, by
order of the Common Council, which said
petition is for '.he purpore of vacating
the following portion of the alley run
ning through block six (6) of Finch's Ad
dition, from Drake street to Wai>aw
street, between Lee avenue and Arm
strong avenue, in the City of St. Paul,
for a distance of one hundred and thir
ly-two OK2) feet easterly from the west
line of Drake street; the petitioner offer
ing in lieu of th"s vacation a etrip of
land twenty C2O) feet wide firough tho
full length of lot 21, block 6, Finch's Ad
dition, the same to be dedicated to the
city for alley purposes.
This vacation is desired for the pur
pose of improving the general busLKS3
surroundings at thl3 point, and for the
better protection of the piropjrty located
Notice is hereby given that said pet!
tion will be heard and considered by the
Board of Aldermen on r « . 1
February, 1901, at its regular meeting in
the Council Chamber, in the Court House
of the City of St. Paul, at which time
said Board will investigate and consider
said matter, and will hear the testimony
and evidence on the part of the parties
City Clerk.
How to Obtain
A Cpmpet§npy in the
Business of Life Insurance.
Address: JNQ. I. D. 8 ISTOL,
No. 1 IHadison Avenue, 1
STENOGRAPHER, competent as book
keeper; state references, salary expect
ed; German preferred. Address 1G
WANTED— Man to work on dairy farm
call at once. F. J. JDunn. 2058 Grand
YOUNG MAN who understands opening
oysters with stab, knjfe, handy at sal
ads and oysters, in general. Address,
with references. W 35. Globe.
Anybody oat of work In St. Panl or
Minneapolis may Insert an adrer«
tUentent under tb!» heading free
of chnrce.
A BOY of nineteen would like work of
any kind. Address A., 971 West Sev
enth st.
A BOY of eighteen years of age wants
work of any kind. Address H. V. M.
COO Juno.
ACTIVE MAN want 3 situation where
eiperience and knowledge of rubber
goods and mill supplies will be cf ad
vantage. Address J. B. L., room 12, 16^
_West_Third st^_
A YOUNG MAN nineteen years of age
wants work of any kind; willing to
work. Address F. L., 919 Randolph at
A^llii 1 fill lii Iff'''liLiiiiLiT
Aunt Sophy—Why, Thomas, you selfish child; you've eaten all that cherry
pie, v»'ien 1 told you to save some for your brother.
Thomas—l did. I saved him the chei ry stones to make a bean-bag.
A YOUNG. MAN wants to work in a
bakery, with two years' "experience. .
Address 1024 Matilda-St.- '^ ..--.,'- \
AN EXPERIENCED 'young man' desires
; position ,' as assistant = bookkeeper, ..■. or
any kind of office'work; good penman;
can furnish Best or references. Address
J-, 525 Marion St." — ■'.■'"-•- ': -- ■ -.
' A YOUNG MAN from the farm, now at- i
I tending college, will do any kind of j
work for-board ,and room-,,after Jan." 7..
Address Fred...Heyerdahi, ; . 310 Globe
building. • •:::./■ .-- „-.- ."'_' ■■ ■■ -J =•-.■■•
BARTENDER—Situation wanted by ex
perienced bartender. E. - Kemp, 123
Fourteenth st. «/ i
BOOKKEEPER- situation as
bookkeeper, collector or stockkeeper, by •,
a first-class accountant; Al references;
need work. A. W. Virch, 347 Summit
:." place. ■-'■... . ___ ■ ■.■■.. ..■■■.-'.'
BOOKKEEPER—Situation wanted •by
experienced man as , bookkeeper or any
office work: am well qualified,' having
had general: experience; ~ reasonable
wages; references. Address 278 Pleas
| ant ay. ■ : '-: ..
BOY sixteen i years of age would like
work in office or wholesale house. Ap
. ply to H. Edhind, 762 Mendota st.
BRIGHT, energetic- ibosy wants work on
delivery wagon;, understands care of
horses. Write Robert Keir, 145 East
■'- Third st. ",. :.| '■':'?;■ -
CARPENTER— young man would like
position as carpsenler or any kind of
work. Address or call G. M. W., 733
Carroll. --SH;;? - -'
COOK—First-class; ' meat . and pastry
cook wants situatioii, city or country.
Address L. J. Webster, General De
livery. St. Paul. Mian. -
FINISHER—Wanted, a trustworthy
man, good situation as furniture finish
er; have experience ;■-will work reason
able; wants work -soon; references.
Address A. Boatdiriaai, General De'iv
_ery. . .T"iAt ■ . :-..--
GROCERY CLERK—A.Scandinavian gro
cery clerk who keeps, books and speaks
and writes English wants position soon
in city cr country. Apply to 686 Pine St.,
city. ■■."■■ ■/ '-:•;: - .. ■■ _
by experienced man and wife; city or
country. Address Hotel, 488 Cedar st.
OFFICE WORK— married man,
Modern Woodman, s desires employment
in office; also has knowledge of print
. ing ..and grocery business; references
given. Address H. ,B. E., .Room 107.
.460 Jackson st. . •-:..' j_-
POSITION wanted by young man; ex
perienced in flour; and feed business;
can keep books; have good \ references.
W. E. Thompson, General Delivery. \
POSITION as traveling man, - teas jj and}
coffees or specialty line preferred; goo
references. Address V., 240 Dale st. .
STENOGRAPHER, rapid and accurat3~
desires ; position; .am also experienced
bookkeeper. Address Frederickson, ?23
Thirteenth st.
SITUATION wanted by head cook; also
a second, cook; we' can furnish best" of
■ references; we are now employed, but
wish to make a change.- Address Head
Cook, Hotel Bay less, Elkader, 10. .
SITUATION wanted by sober, trust
worthy, single young man; ore who
thoroughly understands care "'of horses.
J. D., 145 East Third :st. ..-.-.:" ---■■.-.
SITUATION wanted by steady "mar
ried man in office work; can give refer
ences. B. J. T.. 686-Charles-st.
wanted as storekeeper en railroad; has
" had some railroad experience;- good rec.
ommendaticns.- Address V.. 240 Dale st.
WATCHMAN— Young Z married ;_ -j man
: would' like position, as watchman or
other employment ,Call or address 522
Thomas St., D. At -.-.,•■ --■'■ --"■" - ~--
WAITER—tedS by honest, S trusty
man; good situation as waiter in res
- taurant; ~ have experience; - reference.
Address, A. L. S., .231 Spruce st. ;c
WANTED—Young -man to drive laundry
wagon who can?.hustle trade; if you
use - liquor you nje&vnot apply. . Call at
530 Wabasha. from 9^to 10 a. m. v,.'-..,
a — : rn —rrr : _ I
WANTED— ' '£ by-.: - experienced
bookkeeper and all iound office man;
- will work for reasonable small salary.
-~ Address, D 5, fflobfc .'."-■■; _
WORK—Young 1 man 1 ist twenty wants
work on dairy fajm'f willing to do any
kind" of work. Address J. H., 466 East
Sixth St., city. ---"-■- ■-.-■:■ -' .- ■
-WORK- FOR BOARD—A i young man,
honest and willing to work, ; wants such
* a place while, attending school. - 43
'■' West. Seventh. " -;-: ■■:-■'- ■-'- "■ •■ '-'
YOUNG: MAN wants" work of any kind;
please answer, to A. G.K., 1001 Fremont
."-gt.i'-dty.T""^. -:.:-'.-:' ■■•'■''■--'■■■'r'rT'~:: -v-.vr:';.l'
YOUNG MAN, experienced in railway of
■'.' flee,":- wants ■;. employment;? best of ref
erences; age 23. Address Box 2524, City.
... '---r.~.. ' -*. - .
DISHWASHER-Girl for dish washing.
__Magee_Hotel, Fourth and Robert.
HOUSEWORK—Competent girl for gen
eral housework in small boarding
_house; good place. 285 East Tenth st.
HOUSEWORK—Competent girl for gen
eral housework. 787 Marshall ay.
HOUSEWORK—A girFfor general house
work at 458 Holly ay.
STENOGRAHER—Lady stenographer, us
ing Smith Premier typewriter; must be
good; come as scon as you read this.
Nichols' Expert School ol Shorthand,
305 Manhattan bldg-
TWENTY-FIVE GIRLS to stitch pants
on steam power machines at once, at
Guiterman Bros.
"YOUNG GIRL, about fourteen, to keep
company of another same age. out of
town. Address S 20. Globe.
Anybody oat of work In, St. Panl or '
. Minneapolis may Insert an adTer.
tlneuient antler tills hcadlnjr Ire*
of ohnrjte.
COOKING wanted by a middle-aged
woman who is a good-all-round ccok.
Address by letter to R., 285 East Ninth
_St., city. --...■■•- . _.
DRESSMAKER—Experienced dressmak
er wants family aewlng; at home or by
the day. Address 456 East Seventh Bt,
room 22. ■-' -.- , .-•- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■••■,■'-- •;-
DRESSMAKER wants- sewing in fami-
Hes. Address V 29, Globe. -■ ■ :-'■-.-
HOUSEKEEPER—Situation wanted by a
r Scandinavian lady with one child as
housekeeper in a small family. Call or
address Inga E., 480 North St.. city.
HOUSEKEEPER—Situation as house
keeper.. Address Mrs. J. Lemy. 272 East
Seventh st, Room 29.
HOUSEKEEPER — Middle-aged woman
wants position as housekeeper; small
family; only honorable person need ap
ply. Address, with stamp, 405 Iglehart
JHOUSEWORK-A girl of twenty-one
would assist with housework for home
comforts and small salary. Mrs. Hlnks,
_Argyle Flats, St. Peter st.
HOUSEKEEPER—MiddIe aged woman no
housekeeper in widower's family. No.
_452 Ueaumont St., city
KKEDLEWOMAM- Wanted, by a neat
and handy needlewoman, repairing of all
kinds of gentlemen's or ladies'' fine
col thing. Call at 553 Wabasha st.
NURSE—GirI wants position as nurse
for a child. 165 West Fourth street,
flat 2, b&sement floor.
TAILORESS—Wanted by a tailoress, a
place in a tailor shop to work button
holes and finish. Call or address Tailor-
Mount_Airy st. St. Paul.
OFFICE WORK-Young lady wouTcTiiki
office work of some kind; good pen
man: operate Remington typewriter;
salary moderate. Address V 38," Globe.
PLAIN SEWING wanteT in private fanTT
ily, or offlcce work, by a competent
young lady. No. 544 Burr St., city.
SEAMSTRESS—A competent seamstre.-s
wishes steady position in family, or day
engagements; prices reasonable. Ad
dress Miss X., Woman's Work Ex-
STENOGRAPHER—Wanted, by a young
lady stenograoher and telegrapher;
can furnish reference. Write R. F. G
9 _S>L camJ^l_ st -'_St- Paul, Minn.
SEAVING—A good sewing girl wants work
in fchop or go out to families. Address
545 Hibley st.
TWO GERMAN GIRLS want general
housework: good references; caoks
dining room, laundresses want places'.
Twin City Employment oitlce over
Ye rxas.
TWO WOMEN would like some day work
of any kind. 164 West Fourth St., flat 2,
first tloor.
WANTED-By a competent tailoress who
has just finished the season's engage
ment with one oi' the leading city dress
makers, the remodeling of jackets at
your own homes; and also dressmaking;
can give the best of city reference
Call or address Tailoress. No. 598 Robert
_£^St. Pjiul. JTerms $1.50 per day.
WANTED—Position by a competent
stenographer; will work cheap. Ad
dress. Globe, L. 33.
woman wants washing and ironing, and
scrubbing to do. 181 Smith ay. (down
WASHING—Wanted by a strong, young
woman, day work, washing or ironing
or housecleaning. Call or address C.
M., No. 542 Cedar St., near old capitol.
WASHING-A lady will go out washing
or take It home. Address K. S 408
East Fifth st.
WASHING—Wanted, washing and h-oxT
mg by the day in private families; also
scrubbing and cleaning house: Address
M., 128 West Sixth St., Room 47.
WOMAN would like to go out during the
holidays to help at dinners or recep
tions in the evening; willing to help at
any kind of work. Call or address 522
Thomas st
& Zimmerman are at the head of the
heavy weight drafters In the North
west, and undersell all competitors, as
purchasers pay only thn actual pro
ducer's prices. They have 700 head con
stantly on hand to select from at their
Midway horse market, St. Paul. Come
and buy your kind; part time given if
WANTED—Partner with small capital to
take charge of a good paying busi
ness. Correspond with M. Trow. Jack
son , Minn. "
four-page book sent free with our mag
azine six months for only 12 cents in
stamps. Ross X. Kellish, Box 416, Kan
sas City. Mo.
SPOT CASH for old books; any quanti
ties, and all kinds of school books and
fiction bought, sold and exchanged. 404
Wabasha rt. opposite Schunernan A
ed steam-heated rooms; all prices, day,
week or month; depot cars pass the
doors; The Western, 105 East Eighth;
Imperial Hotel, 16 East Eighth; Yukon
Hotel, J27 East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
360 Jackson St.; transient trade solicited.
HOTEL REARDON—7B East Seventh St.
—Newly furnished steam-heated rooms;
new porcelain baths, and everything
_flrßt-class;_rooms single or en suite.
TJLTON ST., 5.-Furnished roorn^ with
family of adults; easy walking distance;
SP2VENTH ST., 315 EAST—Thir.l Floor
Front—A small furnished room to rent,
heated, for $4.
NO CHARGE for draw,ng up note. We
rur^ quiet, modest, private office and
don't know how to make as much noise
as some people. We believe people
want a quiet place to borrow money
away from the publicity of the crowds.
business in a plain way, hoping that
our careful attention to buslnesa and
your Interest will merit your patron
oge for all time. WE TAKE PLEAS
vttt, in carefully explaining our plan
to ycu. You need not f<»r about any
ttoom J, Germania Dank Blag.,
Cor. Wabasha and Fifth Sts.
AN _ OPPORTUNITY to take advantage
of. We make no startling, sensational
announcement of rates "cut In two"
VVe don't do business that way; neither
does anybody else. But our RATES
You can borrow on plain note, without
mortgage, indorser or publicity. Easy
payments. Our plan soon gets you out
of debt. Come and be convinced. ST.
. New York Life Building.
LOANS to salaried people holding perm
anent positions with reliable concerns
only security your name; to ethers on
furniture, pianos, etc., without removal;
monthly or weekly payments: open
noon hour; confidenial. 316 and 317 Tio
neer Press Bid*., third floor. Minne
sota Mortgage Loan Co.
WE ARE NOW OPEN to receive £ic>
counts for collection; they will be han
dled promptly, and at this season should
bring best results. Commercial In
formation Bureau, C. Dept., 403 Balti
moro building.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MoiVEY to loan
on improved property in St. Paul and
Minneapolis. V. C. Oilman. New York
Life BHsr
Qf._iron._Reward^ at_Globe_h_otel.
PASSBOOK LOST—Dec. 17, passbook No"
8,430 of The State Savings Bank; Under
is requested to leave same at the bank;
If book is not presented within four
weeks it will be canceled. J. M. Gold
smith. Treasurer.
POCKJCTBOOK LOST, containing check
for $K0 and $8 in change. Finier please
return to 54 Mannheimer building ai:d
receive reward.
THE LANCASTER Shorthand School is
strictly high-grade, thoroughly Qualify
ing its students for any poit!on; num
ber of students limited; good general
education required; we nssi t in gettl g
positions. Germania Life Bldg., Fou2\h,
and Minnesota sts.
GAS ENGINE-Fbr sale at a barsu;i :
two-horse power Otto gas ensrine. Apply
_H. Seibert, 201 East Tenth St.
price, $12.50. $15 and $18; these are the
greatest bargains In town. Minnesota
Tailoring Co.. Grand Opera House.
Good for all kinds of nore feet, frost,
corns, caucuses, dry, hot and scalded
feet, cuts, burns, etc., on sale at all
"druggists, -vll ailments of the feet
treated at office. Endlcott Arctde; es
tnblishPd plgh'°pn years
a ADIKSI Use Chichestcr's English Pennyroyal Pills.
I■ Beat:' Safent! Only Reliable! Take 00 other.
*■ Hut of your IJrujcipint, or ieud 4c, ilamps. for partic-
Blar« tnd "Rtiltf for L«<li«~' In letter by return moll.
. Chlchc«t«!r Chemical Co.. Phllada.. Pa.
Notice of Applications for . Liquor
! V ;i- - -:'- City Clerk's Office,
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 3. 1801-
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby given' that the fol
lowing named persons have applied lor
a license to sell intoxicating liquors for
one year from date of the opening of
their respective places of business. at the
place or location hereinafter named:
Anderson, Jonas, 536 Decatur street.
' ' Borklund, A.. 364 Minnesota street.
Bruels, E., 453 Jackson street.
Bueger,-"Harry, 203' West Third street.
Calif nia Wine House, 42 to 50 East
Seventh street.
Eiden, - John, 1145 Rice street.
Esch, P. J., 408 Franklin, street.
Froehlingsdcrf, John, 452 to 460 Broad
way. ;.-:..-;■ . - :,.:'.:
Fecht, Jos. H., 147 West Third street.
Gruber, Joseph, 261 West Third street.
Horey, F. E., 159 East Third street.
Johnson,.' Ewald, 941 i Payne avenue. _
Jessrang, Louis, 321 University avenue.
Jarosz, Joseph, 250 Thomas street.
Johnson, Wm., 451 Cedar street. -
Kolosse, Paul, 1175 West Seventh street.
Kopp, H. G.. 878 East Third street.
Kelly & McClelland, 1 136 . East Fourth
Kahlert, G. G. ; 192 South Washington
street. -• ■' ■ '
Koenig, Louis, 741 Edmund street. s
Leibrock, Cbas., 408 Minnesota street.
Larson, August, 390 East Seventh
Logan, Henry F., 345 Robert street.
Ludwi;?, John, 13 East Sixth street.
McCarthy, D. F., 410 Wabasha street.
■ Mattson, Adam, SI East Fourth street.
. Plebueh, Chas, 436-438 Lafond street. -
Rchland, G. J., 455 West Seventh
street. -
: Roscoe, Anton, 90 South Wabasha
street. - ■ -
- Rothbauer, Wm., 559 Charles street.
- Schroth. Christ, - 234 Ron^.o street.
Strub, Wm. G., 527 and 529 St. Peter
street. :-..-. Ui '."-.- -
. Now. : therefore, notice is hereby given
that the said applications will be heard
; and considered by the Common Council
at- regular meeting& of .j both -branches
thereof, in the City Hall on and after
the 17th day of January, 1903, where all
persons interested . may appear and be
heard. . - MATT JENSEN.
• City Clerk.
: Ramsey—Probate Court- - ' "
In the matter of the estate of James J.
- Brennan. deceased.---- ~ ■ - :
On ; reading and ; Sling the petition of
Lawrence Brennan, ■ representing that
James"J.'.Brennan has lately died intes
tate, a resident 1.: and inhabitant of the
County: of Ramsey ; and { State .of Minne
sota, leaving goods, chattels and estate
within this County,, and praying that'ad
ministration of his .estate be to him
granted:-.- ~ . ~... -.■■-' _J. ' '
It is ordered, That said petition be
heard at a special term of this Court, to
be held at the : Court < House, in the " < 'ity
of St. Paul, In said County, on Monday,
the 14th day of January, 1901, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, and that notice of such
hearing bo given to all persons Interested, •
by. publishing thla: order at least once in
each f week .- for three successive weeks
'. prior., to said. day-: of hearing, in • the; St.
Paul' Globe, -a : legal newspaper printed"
and published in'said County. - "^v
.;- Dated at St. Paul, this 17th flay of De
cember, 1900. '.. . ,--.-- . . :"
•By the Court: E. W. BaztHo, :
(L.. 9.) - Judge of Probate.
■: C. D. & T. 1"D:: O'Brien;-
Attorney* for Patitioner.
■D?effiD^ Y m "n« at Mmc- i*«
issfag assy- g«^ss-
hAMBLGRS FOR 3901, lighter and strong
er than ever; $35, $40, *50 and ?Gofo?3?r
now; let us get your old wheel lor trade
gyefihli. Bird cycie •■° N°- 71 £4!
Smith ay near Rice and Tenth sts.;
truth, and nothing but the truth.
MRS. WILLIAMS, clairvoyant," messages'
reveals past, present and future. 59
West Tenth st., up stairs, near Colon
PLEASANT AY., 146-Furnished room
and first-class board.
Trains leave and arrive at 8t P«\ul aj
follows: • - -
"Nortfc-Wesic. d.&O..Ry,
Office 382 Robert St. 'Phone 48O<
tEx. Sun *Ex. Sat. "i? ~~*
§Ex. Mon. Others Daily. LEAVE ARRIVE
Badger State Exorssi ) 3.30 19.1 J.
Chicago, Mi!., Madison— f am pm
Chicago "Atlantic Ex." .... 11.10 pm 11.30 an
Chicago Fast Mail". 6.55 pm 8.10 an
North-Western )
Limited }■ ©i© 7.4 5
Chicago, Mil.. Madison ) pm an
Wausau, F. dv Lac Green Bay 6.55 prn 7.45 a-A
Manitowo;. Sheboygan t 6.55 am §7.45 ail
EuHitn, Superior, Ashland.... t 8.45 am t4.45 a-n
Twilight Limited 1 4. i 9.53
Duluth, Superior, Ashland . I (m pm -
Mankato; St. James, Su. City t 7.40 am 14.15 5-1
Deadwood, EfJack Hills t 7.40 am 7.25 m
Elmore, Algcna, DesMolnes.. 7.40 am t735 an
Omaha Express ) 10. >O 73 5
Su. City, Omaha. Kan. City 1 am - pm
St. James, New Ulm, Tracy.. 10,00 am 7.35 ->->
New Ulm, hlmore i 4.50 pm t10.05^
Fairmont, St. James.. t 4.50pm tlO.Ooin
Omaha LimlteJ I B.JJ 7»5
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. Cltv f pm -am
Milwaukee & BSSj
Ticket Office 365 Robert Street. 'Pliana $3.
Leave. 'Daily. t Ex. Sunday. Ar.-Iva.
•8:30 a m Chicago, Lax, Milwaukee a ...1*10:15 p m
*3:35 p m Chicago, Lax, Mllwaukea ... 1-50 am
"6:55 p m Chicago, Lax. Milwaukss ... *2:50 p m
*8: P ° m cuicooo Prnesr iiied*7:f m .
•3:55 p m Chicago, Farlbo, Dutuque.. . * 0:40 a~n
t3:35 am Hastings, Red Wg, Roch'ter 1 I 1:50 am
T8:30 em La Cross, Dubuq'e, Rfc Isl'nd *10:15 p m
•8:00 a m Northfleld, Farlbo. Kan. City *605 p m
tß:2oam Ortonvills, Millbank- .. ... i6:3o?m
•6:50 p m Ortonviilj, Aberdssn, Fargo *7:35 am
17:70 p m Norlhfield. Faribo. Austin... t9:30 a m .
'ss/OStN Cor. sth and Robert Sts.
, ABZBtJ Union Station, St. Paul. .
yOMSS^W Milwaukee Stailon, Minneapolis. ".
Dining and Pullman Bleeping Cars on
Winnipeg and Coast Trains. . .
"Daily. tKxcept Sunday. Leavo- .Arrive; .
1 PaclflO Zzp. Fargo, Jamestown,
Helena, Butte, Mlssoula, Bpo- 5? CCA *•) I)f|P
kane,Taconia > Seattlo,Portland O.UU|| L.ZUu
Dakota ft Kan. Sip. Fargo.Fergus 1.„ - = - ••• i
Fallj,. Wahpeton, CrooSston, *5 flAl" •■ 'V lE*.
Gkl. Forks, Qrafton, Winnipeg O.UUu .. 1.1 'J»
Fargo ani Lsech Lake L«al. St. ■ . . ■.- ••
Cloud. Biainerd, . Walker, Tj IJA X tC OflP
Bemldjl, Fargo.../. .' 07,Um O.UUn
'Duluth Short Line" j . • •■
■ SUPERIOR .11.15 4fol«
I threat Northern |
Ticket Office— sn Robert St., Cor. FoufthT
Main 858.
Leave. | a Daily, b Ex. Sunday. I Arrive.
bs:3sam!St. Cl'd. F'gs F"ls, F"rgo bßT7ijpm
bß:3r,am Willmar. via St. Cloud b6-03pra
a9:ooam Flyer Mont. & P. Coast n^'rim
b9-10amI<wnimar- s- F•• Y'kton) , h r .,-„,„
DJ.lOaml {S . x cv Brown . s Val) J | bs:3spm
b4:4spmfEik a.. M. & Sandstoneiblo:ooarn
b4:4opmjWay zata & Hutchlnson b9:lsam
a<:ospm|Breck.,Fariro, G.FW'pg a":4sam
aS:3opm|...Mlnn. & Dak. Exp... a7:Hoim
Duluth & W, Superior |
Sleeper for 11:20 p. m. train can be oc- .
cupied at any time after 9 d. m.
Chicago Great Western Rk
"The Maple Leal Route."
City Ticket Office, sth A Robert Sis., St. Paul.
■jt Ex. Sunday; other* dally. U*yOOBj'«RKIVEFRgM
Kenyon, Dodge Center, ♦ 8.10 am 8.30 pm
Oelwein. Diibuque, Free- 8.10 pm 7.80 am
; port, Chicago ami East. 11.20 pm 12.55 pm .
Cedarb'alls,\Vater!oo,Mar- + 8.10 am t 8.30 pni
shalltown, Dcs Moines, 8.10 pm 7. C0 am
St. Joseph, Kansas City. 11.20 pm 12.K>pm
Cannon Falls, Wing, t 8.10 alii FOFpTfi
Northfleld, Faribault, c.05 9.50 am
Watervllle, Mankato. ' __'■
MantofvllU; Local. _ COS pm 9.0 am
\&mrmßߧ£\ best line to Jm&lSjsjSS
||I||| CHICAGO AMD |jf|f||
Lv.Fof*T~ - STATIONS. | Ar.Froa
B:lsam Winona, La Cross?, Diibuque
and Chicago, except Sunday 12:55 pa
6:lsam Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque
-••■•- - and St. Louis, except Sunday j
B:ospm Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque, I • ■.-■■'_
. Chicago and St. Louis, daily | . ;:V> am
Ticket Office 400 Robert Street. Tel. alx.n 39.
J§f M., ST. P. & S. S. M. R'y.
City Ticket Office, 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051.
- . Union Depot, St. Paul. :
"Lea\e.| * EAST. ~ [Arrive.
7:29pmLAtlantic Limited (dally). B:43am
lO'OOamlßhinelander Local (exSun)| s:o3pm
6:25pm St. Croix Falls Local, ex .
Sunday.. From Broadway!
Depot, foot Fourth 5t.... 9:lsam
WEST. -■•-'•■ I
9:osam Pacific Express (Pacific
) Coast) dally. - { 6:ssprn
B:10pm|Glenwoo»l Rxpress (cxSun) 9:s<>am
City Office. 375 Robert St. 'Phono No. 604.
. Leave. I „, . rp_ o ,__ •!-,„,., ... I Arrive.
St.Pauil An Trains Daily. fet. paul -.
Claire, Chip. Falls,! .-::
B:Ooam[M!lwaukee and Chicago! B:lsara
' , (Ashland, Chippewa: FMs.l r -^XZ
7:4opir.|.Oshkosh. Mil, and Chi.l 6:oopm
M. & St. L. Uepot—BroadTiny 4th. \
Minneapolis & Si. Lonii RH
Office. 398 Robert. Then* 661. St. LoiiliDa»».' '
"Leave. | "£?»;:»._ lExc«£t_Suri<3sy.' _J Arr!rj >
»ra OH A HA! •»
•w»!»» d» »».... its?
" - A!b»r» '-ea. C«i?r Rapi-ii, Chi-; ~- --.-■:--.. - -
19:00 am "-••'- Kii'.sas Clty.:-'••"-.. 17:30 pn"'
--•7:00 pm ..Chic»to & St. 1-obJj Limit* 1.: *3:40 x»"'v:
-. - ■_ ; Wstarfenlm, - :N«v -> IKm, St.}> Vi.' --j{
■ ■•/ , -Jam«s. Sliirtum'?. F.stharvLlW --.'.- • :-^;
tt:3s am aMSIonAUb ;..... t5:33;>«
:..:'■' Ntv - Ulna • - LccrJ— jama 3, • '- - '
•P:oo"prir..shor'aams sns. ELstb*nrlS»...*li:3oaia

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