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■ 111. P. H
IT NOW LOOKS AS 111(11 (.11 THE
It Ik Claimed Tlint the Terms Arc
Outrageously High, and Thut
the Province Will Be
After many months of tedious negotia- ;
tions there is a possibility that Premier j
Roblin's deal with the Northern Pacific I
may not be ratified by the legislature,
and the whole matter may be dropped.
When negotiations had reached a cer
tain stage, a caucus of the more promi
nent Conservative party members was
held, and, it was stated at the time that
the whole deal was unanimously ap- |
proved. Thereupon the premier closed '
out the arrangement.
Now, after the terms of the lease have j
been made public, there is a strong sen- !
timent that the railroad has secured by I
far the better of the deal. It is claimed !
that the astute president of the Northern !
Pacific is securing for a line that has
never paid expenses far more than it
cost to build or is worth at the present |
time, '■,■'-■
Kx-Mayor Andrews, of Winnipeg, was j
the first prominent Conservative to open- |
ly condemn the deal, and his action in I
addressing an open letter to the pre
mier has been followed by a number of
the best men in the party.
In the meantime Messrs. Mackenzie &
Mann, who are large beneficiaries under
the existing arrangements, are endeavor
ing to propitiate the Manitobans by
promises of large car shops, expensive
terminals and an immense theater and
hotel. This firm will take over the roll
ing stock of the Northern Pacific on the
Canadian side. Messrs. Mackenzie and
Mann were in St. Faul yesterday, in ref
erence to this matter, it is believed.
Of course the opposition to the deal
made by Roblin is encouraged by the C.
P. H. This company stands to lose heav
ily if the arrangement is carried out, and
every spark of discontent is zealously
fanned by its representatives, both in
Manitoba and in the East.
A communication from a number Of
wealthy Winnipeggers to Premier Rob
lin concludes with the following words:
"If the contract is ratified as it is
drawn it will, in our opinion, mean di
rect taxation of such magnitude that
every resident in Manitoba will be most
seriously affected, and the value of all
land and securities will be depressed and
the hope of government ownership df
railways be indefinitely postponed."
General Passenger Agent* Take
Step* to Prevent Rate Cutting.
The general passenger agents hi the
Transcontinental association have taken
steps looking to the absolute mainten
ance of military rates. Many regiments
are expected home from the Philippines
within the next few months, and the idea
is to prevent a scramble for the trade
which will result in the cutting of rales
to below a profitable point. This has
been the experience in the past and
none of the roads has benefited from this
A pool is being formed between all the
roads competing for this trade, and busi
ness will be equally divided. Hereafter
when the government calls for bids for
the transportation of troops the general
chairman of the Western Passenger asso
ciation will put in the offers of all the
companies interested.
Vice President Milton Sykes Snc-
i ceded by E. Ev Osborn.
CHICAGO, Feb. 21.—Milton Luther
Byk«;. vice president and secretary of
the Chicago & North-Western Railway
company, has resigned, to take effect
June 1, and E. E. Osborn, general at
torney for the company, has been select
ed for the vacancj .
Mr. Sykes has occupied the position for
thirty-one years, and durinsTall that time
he has practically been in charge of the
finances of the- company. His retirement
is due to advance in years and a desire
to escape active service. E. E. Os
born, who will be elected by the board to
fill the position, has been general attor
ney for the company here in Chicago for
the past eight years.
Rate to tbe Inauguration.
Western railroads have agreed to make
a rate of one fare for the round trip from
ail points m Western Passenger associa
tion territory east of the Missouri river—
except from St. Paul and Minneapolis
and intermediate points to the Eastern
gateways of the territory. This fare
is to be added to a one-eent-a-mile rate,
•short line mileage, authorized by the Cen
tral Passenger association road 3, to
Washir.gtou and return for the Inaugura
tion of President McKinley. The rate
will be available only f or military or
other organizations of fifty or more'per
sons traveling on one ticket in both di
learnings of LacUaiTannii.
Delaware, wanna & Western
earnings for the year ending Dec. 31
show a decrease of over $400,000 in the
gross and over $2,000,000 in the net. Fol
lowing Is the comparative statement:
I 1900. 1899. Increase.
Gross .. '.....$20,557,763 $21,325,122 •$437,559
expenses ... 13.753,142 11,735,788 2,017,354
Net 7,134,621 9,589,633 *2,455.012
Taxes 869.137 . 535.721 33,115
Balance .. .. 6.265.484 8,753,912 *2,48*!.42S
Other • income 1.842,025 1,481,354 ~ 3GO 071
Total 8,107,509 10,235,266 *2,127,757
Passenger Offleials Here.
1h t pros, nee of the buttennakers in this
city seuns to prove a magnet tor pas
senger officials of main- roads. Vestor
day there were noticed in the city B E
Morgan, general sgent of the Nickel Plate
road, at Omaha, and AT. N. Babcock, gen
eral agent of the Delaware, I>ack:iwanna
ft Western. Omaha. The latter spent
most of the day with K. H. Eden the
local agent for the l^ckuwanna.
Strong' !Jiic« Are Bncidng.
All is not peace In the ranks of the
local committees of the Western trunk
line committee. Several of the strong
lines in the territory covered by the Kan
sas City committee are said to have re
fused to accede to the rulings made, and
It is now in contemplation to adopt some
measure that will force them to come
to tiir.e.
#Irs. Xrisscßhcner, a< Ilannl bul, Mo.,
Convicted of Poisoning Hitsbnuil.
HANNIBAfi. Mo., Feb. 21.-In the Han
riibal court of common pleas, Judge Eby
today sentenced Mrs. Messenhener, con
victed of tlie murder of her husband last
July by morphine, to be hanged on Fri
day, April 12. Mrs. Nessenhener was not
Visibly affected by the sentence.
Attorneys lor the defense filed an af
fidavit in appeal. The appeal -was grant
ed and leave given until June 1 to file a
bill of exceptions.
Going to California?
Don't set left.
Through car leave* Tuesday 10:00 a. m.
Via Omaha Road
Instead of Wednesday as heretofore.
Jlates reduced $15.00.
Every Tuesday until April 30th.
Time reduced 14 hours.
Secure tickets at
•413 N'kx>llet Aye.. Minneapolis.
SS2 Robert St., St. Paul.
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lit IS I 111
Pl» Iron at Best Qnotuiion for
Months— Building Material* Strong
on Expected Building: Rooms
in the Spring.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—Bradstreet's of
Feb. 23, will say:
Trade as a whole has shown expansion
this week, despite severe weather tend
ing to check trade at some Northern
and Western markets, and In the face
of very unsatisfactory conditions in the
cotton manufacturing trade brought
about by dullness in cotton goods at
first hands. The position of retailers
With large stocks tfas been really im
proved by the continued cold weather.
Foremost among the lines noting im
provement this week is the dry goods
trade which is reported active on spring
account by jobbers.
The boot and shoe industry has like
wise continued in a satisfactory shape,
and some varieties of leather reflect re
cent activity in advances at Eastern
Iron and steel in the cruder forms have
been very strong at central and Eastern
markets and considerable advance's are
reported in pig iron and steel billets.
Heavy sales are reported from Pittsburg,
Birmingham and other markets. Bes
semer pig iron at Pittsburg is now sell
ing at $14.75, the highest price for
months, while a premium of $1.50 a ton
if exacted on immediate deliveries of
steel billets, although the official Quota
tion of $19.75 still maintains. Finished
products are reported in good demand.
Merchant bars were advanced $2 a ton
late last week, and 1.35 cents is now
the maximum price of these goods.
Structural material is reported- steadily
active. In some respects, in fact, the
state of this trade as a whole is the
strongest since before the collapse
last spring. Export trade is slack, for
eign iron and steel markets are steadily
getting lower and the fear of discrimi
nating duties against American iron and
steel is evident, although the first mani
festation, that in the case of Russia, in
volves a very small amount of business.
The strength of building materials of
all kinds, particularly of white and yel
low pine and builders' hardware, has
been notable, and from many cities
ccrnes the report that a large amount of
building will be done the coming spring.
Coffee strengthened on better consump
tive demand. Tea has met with better
sale, as the prospects for any immediate
change in the present tariff by con
gress becomes less probable.
Tin is higher in sympathy with specu
lative activity abroad.
The cereals show little definite move
ment, taking the week as a whole, ex
cepting in flour, which Is 10 to 20 cents
a barrel higher.
Wheat Is practically higher and corn
and oats are unchanged, but the corn
situation is notable, in view of this
being a season of increasing stock. Sap
port comes from the active foreign and
home demand for this cereal, consump
tive requirements for which seem to have
definitely overtaken, production.
Wheat, including flour, shipments for
five days aggregate 3,424,302 bushels,
against 4,814,878 last week, 3,600,850 in the
corresponding week of 1900, 3,844,359 in
itOfl, and y.72t>,469 in 1898. From July Ito
date, this season, wheat exports are 123,
--214,576 bushels, against 120,517,211 last sea
son, and 102,900,289 in 18SS-S9. Corn ex
ports for tlie week aggregate 3,267,G6S
bushels, against 4,760.422 last week, 2,896,
--175 in ihis week a year ago, 2,871,057 in
1899, and 3,«92,799 in 1898. From July 1
to date, this season, corn exports are 127,
--871,974 bushels, against 139,033,284 last sea
son, and ]07,711,172 in IS9S-9.
Business failures in the United States
for the week number 219, as against 226
last week, 16S in this week a year ago,
220 in 1599. 183 in IS9S, and 258 in 1897.
Canadian failures for the week num
ber 24, as against 39 last week. 28 in this
•week a year ago, 39 in 1599, 45 in 1898, and
B0 in 1597.
"Weekly Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—The following
table, compiled by Bradstrect's, shows
the bank clearings at the principal cities
for the week ending Feb. 21. with the
percentage of increase and decrease as
compared with the corresponding week
last year:
New York
St. Louis
San Francisco ■
Kansas City
Detroit ...*„
St. Paul
Columibtis, O
Portland, Or j
Dea Moines
511,891.124 72.61
137,072,224 31.21
137.558,129 28.11
104,707.340! 63.31
41,873,6431 63.1'
40.976.168! 81.0 1
22,521,7071 42.21
23,133,2361 62.0!
20,45)0,1701 52.9
"15,363, i6s| 54.9!
9,056.U80| 21.9
8.306,073! 25.41
13,191.241! 60.F.|
9,646.730! 22.8
6,546,10J| 22.7
6,1G6,444| 18.8
4,463,809! 27.3|
5,610,1891 39.3
5,861.3501 24.1|
7,602,594! 56.2|
5.625.200 40.1!
2,770,207 46.0|
2,023,562 45.8!
1.62JH087 41.4
2,141,649 58.2|
1,051,773 29.9
862,040 6.1
REGULAR stock, with revenue stamps
affixed. Enterprise managed and oiyi
denrls guaranteed by the American Min
ing Investment Co. Must close this
sale this week. Hurry up. 500 shares
for $7.50, 1,000 shares $13.50. 2,000 shares
$25, 0.000 shares $55, 10,000 shares $100.
Make Check* Payable to Otto Mun-
Hon, Bank of Commerce Building,
Minneapolis, Minn.
HAVE YOU TRIED IT? A sure cure for
rheumatism is Dr. Laural's Rheumatic
Cure; take one-third of the bottle, and
if not the slightest relief is felt, send
the bottle back and your money will
be refunded; if your druggist does not
keep it. sond direct to us: $1 a bottle; $5
for six bottles, post prepaid. Address
Dr. Laural's Rheumatic Curo Com
pany, Cambridge, Minn.
Gravel and Cinder Walks.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 35th, 1901.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public W rcrks in and for the Cor
poration of the City of St. Paul, Minne
sota, at their office in said city, until 2
p. m. on the 2Sth day of February, A D
1901, for constructing such gravel and cin
der walks as may be ordered conducted
by the Common Council of the City of
St. Paul, from the Ist day of April, 1901
to the Ist day of November, 1901, in said
city, according to plans and specifications
on lile in the office of said Hoard.
A bond in a sum of at least five thou
sand - ($5,000) dollars must accompany
each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
WM. L. AMEy,
_ . President.
Official: C. H. BRONSON.
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Feb.l6-10t. "»
Office Board of Fire Commissioners. Cen
tral Fire Hall, Cor. Sth and Minnesota
St. Paul. Feb. 20 1901.
Sealed bids will be received nt this
office until Wednesday, March 6th, 1901,
4 o%clock p. m., for furnishing the Fite
Dpnartrrent with six thousand 'S,0:0)
bushel:-? best quality No. ?. white oats and
ninety (90) tons best quality upland wild
hay, baled, for immediate delivery, or as
called for by the Chief Engineer to be
delivered at the different engine houses
of the department, oats and hay to be
weighed on the Fire Department scales
located at Bth and Minnesota streets A
proper bond will be required for faithful
pfiformance of contract. A sample of
oats proposed to be furnished to accom
pany bid.
The Board reserves the right to reject
ar y and all bids. Bids to be ii dorsetl
Proposals for Hay and Oats, and deliv
ered to the undersigned.
By order of the Bonrd.
Feb. 22-1901-6t.
Ramsey.—ss. Probate Court
In the matter of the estate of Annie
Wagner, deceased.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Annie Wagner, deceased, late of the
County of Ramsey and State of Minne
s°tiL being granted to Edward Quinlevan
(i!iM*:niiiy L. Wagner Nichols.
irrls Ordered. That six months be and
the same is hereby allowed from and
after the date of this order, in which
all persons having claims or demands
against the said deceased, are required
to file the same in the Probate Court of
said County, for examination and allow
ance, or be forever barred.
It is Further Ordered, That the first
Monday in October, 1901, at 10 o'clock a.
m., at a general term of said Probate
Court, to be held at the Court House
in the City of Saint Paul, in said County,
be and the same hereby is appointed as
the time and place when and where the.
said Probate Court will examine and ad
just said claims and demands.
And it is Further Ordered, That notice
of such hearing be given to all creditors
and persons interested in said estate by
forthwith publishing this order once in
each week for three successive weeks in
the St. Paul Globe, a legal newspaper
printed and published in said County
- Dated at St. Paul, this 18th day of
February, 1901.
By the Court: E. W. BAZTL/LE.
(L. S.) Judge of Probate.
Sioux City 1,122.352| 47.3|
Fargo, N. D 584,231] 174.1
Sioux Falls 162,053! 48.6
Helena ] 563,516| 21.1|
Totals, U. 5...]52,224,871.210 60.0 ~7.
Totals outside N.Y.j 712,890,086 40.0
Montreal $33,258,3801777777 2.7
Toronto 10,586,000 7.3 .
Winnipeg 1,626,004 6.1
Halifax 1,413,168] 10.2
Hamilton 717,839] 4 0
St. John, N. 8.... 713,941| 23.3
Vancouver 627.976 13.5
Victoria 486,353 11.8
Totals 1_ $29,429,661] I.o]
"Grip made me very weak and nervous
with tightness of chest and headache.
Dr. Miles' Pain Pills and Nervine gave
me quick relief."—Mrs. Clarinda Butler,
W. Wheeling, O.
low Rates to Washington, D. C.
Round trip, $31.00 via the North-Western
Line for the Presidential ,Inauguration,
March 4th. Tickets on sale Feb. 28th,
March Ist and 2d, good returning March
Sth. City Ticket Offices 413 Nicollet ave
nue, Minneapolis; 382 Robert street, St.
Paul. "
All tickets good on the famous, elec
tric-lighted North-Western Limited.
•'Failing to find relief from the grip
with old methods, I took Dr. Miles' Pain
Pills, Nervine and Nerve and Liver Pills
and was permanently cured."—Gust.
Egan, Jackson, Mich.
Time and Rates
Reduced to California.
Time, shortened fourteen hours and only
$32.90, via the "North-Western Line" to
Ban Francisco, Los Angeles and other
California points. Tickets on sale Feb.
12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9,
16, 23, 30. City Ticket Offices, 41S Nic
ollet avenue, Minneapolis; ÜB2 Robert
street, St. Paul.
Msu> of California free.
Where Wants Can Be V;
ee.Left for [assertion In mmw
At (he Rate of 1 Centner
Word, No* [insertions Ac
cepted Less than 15 Gents.
Tericnal, Cliirvca-anta. Fortuns Tellar snd
' Classifications. ', ' .
2 Cents Per Word.
■ No Insertion acceptedless than 25 cer.U
CONGER BROS., Druggists,
belby avenue, corner St. Albans: 409 Sel
„ avenue, and 343 University avenue.
ALBERT __ BORld 306 Rice street.
r'A •»9?^ ner M'ssissippi and Nash streets.
k tj I±3£ikl' BROS., Selby and Victoria,
rtp^uZES> Druggist. Seven corners.
STRAIGHT BROS., Druggists,
l m.m™ Rondo ana Grotto streets.
A T. GUERNSEY & SON. Druggists.
PiroT>T t^.o -r. 171 North Pale street
it n t>rsr t » „ 798 East Seventh street.
E. B. ROLLINS. Druggist.
£•,,,.,,„ titt^ 295 West Seventh street
\H, -W1?BTBY. Druggist.
W ?&venue and East Third street.
W. A. PR/DST & CO.. Druggists.
Wat tttiv *-££ lby and Western avenues.
WALTER NKI^ON. Druggist.
TftV"r<™£ mit " avenue and Rice street.
RIETZKE & CO.. Druggists.
a *■ -m O/-.T-, Selby and Western avenues.
A. & G. SCHUMACHER. Druggists.
HOLQOMB i 490 West Seventh street,
BOTNER &/ CO.. Dale ard University.
* f!o- Druggists,
n r r °? r and avenue, corner St. Albans.
£p: IjI 'KR- Colonnade.
A. A. CAMPUS,. WeSt SeVCnth BtrMt
W. K. COTT, TK ouis and I*°nd° streets.
r, t East Seventh street, corner Sibley.
gREIS^PHT/R M 4I 3CT: OadWay-
GEORGE C. DAV^'p RTnd St ****'
JOHN BODINE |3^3t Seventh street
881 Payne avenue.
Anybody ont of work In St. Paul Of
Minneaiioli* may invert an adver
tisement tinder this ueadlnff free
of el.nr X *.
APritKNTICE-Wanted. by a, young
man of eighteen, $o learn the/trade of
machinist or plumber. Address Joe
__vondeli,-76S Arundel st., city.
A BO, Y. °^ "fWon would like work of
££ y JV. n(V willi "X to work. Call or write
5<6 Mississippi, st.
A BOY of seventeen years would like
work of any kind; can furnish gocd ref
erences. Address, N. A., 371 Colborn st.
A GOOD, reliable man would like work;
good farm huufl. f.seii to Jiorset • good
teamster. Address Peter Nelson, 513
St. Peter st.
A YO, UNG MAN wants work of any kind;
well posted in- building line. Address
t-. -M. M., 685 Wabasha st.
BLACKSMITJI^A jingle man, German
forty-five years, .understands all kind
of machine work; like to go in the
country; been before foreman "in rail
way shop. Address Blacksmith, 6HO
Blair st.
BOOKKEEPER-Male bookkeeper wants
books to design, open, pest, examine
and clo«=e; work done in first-class man
ner. Address George W. Scott, 209 New
lork Life Bids.
BOOKKEEPER— Wanted, position as
bookkeeper or assistant, or any office
work; thoroughly experienced; best
of references and willing to go out
of city. E. Goff. 176 Kent St.
CUTTER-First-class cutter would like
position in tailoring -estabilshment;
can furnish best of references 12 6,
COOK—A first-class cook for a railroad
camp; wants a situation. Address M..
145 East Third.
CLERK—Young man wants position as
clerk; fair stenographer; good educa
tion: best of references: moderate sal
ary; will work and stick to job. C. O.
P.. 459 St. Peter st., fiat 1.
FIRST-CLASS slow card writer and
price ticket marker wanta position in a
store; can wait on trade. Address J. A.
L-, 224 Hennepin ay., Minnneapolis.
JANITOR -Young man would like posi
tion as janitor or work in hotel; can
give good reference; satisfied with
small salary. Address H. M., 3SO North
MAN wants any kind of work; is a
good engineer and got a license; is
handy with tools; no objection to leav
ing city. Address J. A., 461 Selby ay.
TINNER—AII around tinner wants a sit
uation. Address J. C, Globe.
TAILOR and cutter, steady,* married,
wants situation.; shop or factory. Ad
dress 395 Van Ruren.
WORK—Young man'; thirty; wants work
of any kind; wages no object. Address
J. Adams. 145 East Third st.
WORK-Young man wishes work of any
kind; would like diswashing or second
cook. Address N, B. M.. 145 East Third
WORK—A good woman wants work by
the day; washiftg; ironing or house
cleaning. Odd Follows' block, Wabasha
St., corner Fifth;'room 3.
WANTED—By first-class conveyancer,'
office work of ariy kind; small salary
for start. Address' 466 Aurora aye.
TOTING MAN : wants position of any
kind; can make himself generally use
ful; can furnish .references if required;
well acquainted in city. Please call or
address SW2 Cortland st., city.
YOUNG MAN wants work in bakery; has
two years' experience. Call or addr .\?a
562 Gaultier st.
■YOUNG MAN, twenty-fouv, wants posi
tion of any kind. Salary reasonable.
_Address C. D. T.. 14P East Third st.
►AMBLERS—Better, lighter and strong
er than ever, 19 and 22 pounds; trade
your old wheel in now or have it re
paired; don't wait for spring. Bird
Cycle Company. 71 West Seventh.
Great dairying opportunities in North
Wisconsin farm lands; new field Just
opened, close to good towns and rail
road facilities. For information call on
O. H. Osmundsen, 916 Pioneer Press
building, St. Paul.
Tanker—T only drink Irish whisky.
Banker—Why so?
Tanker—No snakes in Ireland*
BARBER—Wanted, first-class harper at
S6 East Seventh st.
MAN wanted to work on farm for nine
months or year; state wages. Address
D. W. Brown, Norfolk P. 0., Renville
County, Minn.
SIX waiters and two dishwashers to
serve dinner Washington's birthday, 3
to 8 p. m. Phillips Restaurant, 282
, Sibley.
SALESMAN—Wanted, salesman, regular
route, age twenty-five to forty years;
salary $50 per month and expenses; also
commission; good worker's commission
should average $40 to $50 monthly; an
swering give references, age, name cf
former house with; a successful cigar
or grocery man preferred. Address S
11, Globe.
WANTED—At Colorado Springs, Col.,
forty plumbars and fifteen litters, at
once. Address N. Haas, Sec. Master
Plumbers' Association, 322 North Tejon
St., Colorado Springs, Col.
COOK—A gcod cook wanted for board
ing house; good wages. 402 North Wash
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, good girl for
general housework. 656 Martin St., cor
ner Kent.
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, competent girl
for general housewortc. Call at 236
Arundel St.
THIRTY waitresses for dinner Friday
afternoon, 4 until 7:30 p. m. Apply
Phillips Restaurant, 252 Sibley st.
.Viij b.dj out of vrork In St. Paul 01
Mlnnenpolla may Inaert an ,nil**f«
tlteiuent anger this heading ret
of charge. . .
A MAGICIAN and juggler would like
club engagements; terms reasonable.
Address Leo Wilder, Room 12, 550 Wa
basha st.
A GOOD WOMAN wants work by the
day washing, ironing or house cleaning.
36G Wabasha fct, Room 3. .
AMERICAN GIRL, with references, ex
perienced in sewing, wishes sewing.omce
work or light housework. 101 Viola st.
A GOOD WOMAN for washing, iron
ing or house cleaning, or any kind of
day work; can do first-class work; can
sew or cook for parties; can do any
kind of domestic work. Address 25
West College ay.
A WOMAN wants work by the day. Ad
dress Mrs. G. Jensen, general delivery,
CLERK—Young lady wishes a position
in an office or as clerk in a store; has
had experience in the latter; will take
a moderate salary. Address H., 238
Cliff st. .
OPYlST—Wanted, by a young lady, po
sition as copyist or addressing envel
opes. Address A 30, Globe.
DRESSMAKER would like a few more
engagements in families; understands
making children's clothes; .will work for
75 cents a day at present. P 50, Globe.
DRESSMAKING, by first-class dress
maker. 461 Selby, rear of 463 Selby.
GERMAN, good woman, wants to go out
ironing, or any other work. 228 West
Sixth st.
GIRL, 14 years old, would like work to
take care of baby and help with light
housework. Address 350 East Ninth st.
GIRL would like to work in some kind
of office. Please apply to 402 West
University ay., St. Paul.
GOOD WASHWOMAN wants work to
go out washing and ironing, or any
kind of work. 181 Smith ay., down
HOUSEWORK—A young girl, seventeen
years old, would like to assist witn
light housework, where there is no
■washing. Address 133^ East Eleventh
Bt., eitv.
HOUSEWORK—A strong German girl;
quick; not afraid of work; thoroughly
competent in general housework; refer
ences. 338 Dayton ay.
HOUSEWORK—Strong, willing girl wants
place to do general housework. 227 East
Tenth st.
NURSE.—WiII care for convalescents $1
per day. Call or address, 14 West Ex
change st.
OFFICE WORK—A girl of sixteen would
like work in office or store. Please call
651 St. Peter St., St. Paul.
PLAIN SEWING and mending wanted
by an experienced hand. Address Room
n, 350 Watasha st.
STENOGRAPHER—Lady stenographer
wants a position; have had experience,
and can assist with keeping books. Can
furnish references. Address 762 Jack
son st.
SECOND GIRL—A young girl of sixteen
would like place as second girl; have
had experience. Address or call 183
Pleasant ay.
SITUATION wanted; German girl; sev
enteen years old; speak 3 English; good
worker. Room 23, 24 East Fourth st.
SITUATION—Lady wants to go out
washing and ironing. Apply 161 West
Third; room No. 10.
the best of references as housekeepers
on farms or city, with furniture. 460
Fort st.
WASHING—A lady will go out washing
or take home. Call or address K. G.,
408 East Fifth st.
WANTED—Sewing in private families,
by a good steamstress; will work for
75 cents a day for a while. Address
L,, 128 West Sixth st., room 47.
WANTED—Position to take care of a
child or irfvalid, or lady's maid; do
sewing; best references. Address 388
Summit ay.
WASHING— Woman would like day
work, washing-, ironing or houseclean
ing. Please call or address 522 Thomas
WASHING—Want to go out wasnmg, or
take home. 187 Western ay. north, up
WOMAN would like any kind of day
work; washing or ironing, or house
cleaning. Call or address 522 Thomas st.
WOMAN understands good, plain cook
ing in a family of grown people, in the
city; can go home nights. Call morn
ings, 453 Fort St.
FOR SALE—Stock of groceries, fixtures,
hoise, wagon and bakery tools; in this
city; first-class location and good trade
established; will sell cheap. Inquire of
T. D. Lovering, care J. H. Allen & Co.
ed steam-heated rooms; all prices, diy,
week or month; depot cars pass th«
doors; The Western, 105 East Eighth;
Hotel, 16 East Eighth; Yukon
Hotel, 127 East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
d6O Jackson st.; transient trade solicited.
MARKET ST., 346-Two Blocks to Court
House—Pleasant, furnished front room,
ror one or two persons; reasonable;
THE COLONNADE has a singie room
and suite o£ two rooms for rent, with
hotel, meals.
FOR RENT-Hous-e, lot and barn, No
I'JOT- Marshall avenue, ?10 per month. In
quire No. 1015 Marshall avenue.
IF YOU are employed by a responsible
firm we will loan you sums of $10 lo
$100 on your note at touch CHEAPER
AND EASIER RATES than elsewhere;
of this we are positive; absolutely no
charge for papers; nothing deducted
from amount desired; easiest partial
Room 301, New York Lire Building.
LOANS to salaried people holding per
manent positions with reliable concerns;
only security your name; to others on
furniture, pianos, etc., without removal;
monthly or weekly payments; open
noon hour; confidential. 316 and 317 Pio.
neer Press Bids:., third floor. Miune
gota Mortgage Loan Co.
MOM;v LOANED on household groodn.
pianos, Jewelry; -we gaaruilec
lowest rate of Jnlerrst) payment*
made to suit yourself. State Loan
Company, OI« Pioneer Prex« Bids.
SALARY LOANS upon plain notes; no
mortgage, no indorser, no i>ublicity;
easier payments and much lower rates
Reliable Credit Co., Room 308 Manhat
tan Bldg., corner Fifth and Robert sts.
WE LOAN MONEY to people drawing
salary; ire hmlv only your note as
security; you make payment!* to
salt yourself; all transactions
strictly confidential; we Muurnn
tee lowest rate of interest. State
Loan Company, 016 Pioneer Press
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan
on improved property in St. Paul and
Minneapolis. V. C. Oilman. New York
T.<Tc RHg ■.
MRS. ALICE ATTSTIN. Clairvoyant, card
reader; 25 and 50 cents. 484 Cedar, near
Ninth Est.
BOA LOST—On Tuesday, a lynx boa, be
tween the Aberdeen and St. Johns
church. Return to Aberdeen office lor
• reward.
LOST—My young English setter bitch
white, black and tan ticked. Return
to 536 Mississippi st. for a reward.
LOST—A Melton overcoat, blue black
made by Reid Bros., near the corner of
Sixth and Wabasha; liberal reward if
left at Reid Bros., near the corner of
Robert and Fifth.
NEWLY opened manicuring parlors, 173
West Third st.; lady attendants.
City Clerk's Office,
„.i - St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 16, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that sealed pro
posals, marked "Proposals—Repairing
Asphalt Pavements," will be received at
the office of. the City Clerk of the City
of St. Paul until 5 o'clock p. m., Martrh
5, 1901, for repairing the asphalt pave
ments, upon which the contract guar
antee term has expired, in accordance
] with the specifications for such work
on^file in the office of the City Engineer.
A bond in the sum of 20 per cent of
the amount bid. or a certified check in
| the sum of 10 per cent of the amount bid,
I must accompany each proposal as surety
I for the making and execution of the con
tract, i
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council
City Clerk.
. Feb. 18 daily to Feb. 2fr-Exc. Sun.
City Clerk's Office.
._ ;■ \ St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 16, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed
proposals, marked "Proposals—Annual
Reports," will be received at the office
of the City Clerk until 5 o'clock d m.
March 5, 1901, for printing and binding i
i two hundred (200) copies of the Annual
Reports of City Officers for the year
1900; and also for printing said reports
in pamphlet form, as may be needed for
the various departments of the city. The
specifications to be followed are on file
in the office of the City Clerk.
A bond or certified check in the sum I
of 20 per cent of the amount bid must !
accompany each proposal to insure the
execution of a contract.
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council.
City Clerk.
Feb. 18 daily to Feb. 26—Exc. Sun.
City Clerk's Office,
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. Jfi, JBOI.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed pro
posals, marked "Proposals—Sprinkling
Carts," will be received at the office or
the City Clerk, In the City Hall, until 5
o'clock p. m., March 5, 1901, for furnish
ing eight (S) sprinkling carts, according
to -plans and specifications on file in tho
office of the City Engineer.
A bond in the sum of 20 per cent of
the amount bid, or a certified check in the
sum of 10 per cent of the amount bia,
mu3t accompany each proposal to insure
the execution of a contract.
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council.
City Clerk.
Feb. 18 daily to Feb. 26—Exc. Sun.
City Clerk's Office,
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 16, lUOI.
Notice is hereby^iven that sealed pro
posals, marked "Proposals, Scrap Iron,"
will be received at this office, Room 42,
City Hall and Court House, until 5 o'clock
p. m., March 5, 1901, for the old scrap irgn
accumulated at the City yards on I/Ori
ent street, in accordance with specifica
tions on file in the office of the City En
A bond in the sum of 20 per cent of
the amount bid, with two sureties, resi
dents of the State of Minnesota, or a
surety company bond in the same
amount, or a certified check of 10 per cent
of the amount bid, must accompany each
proposal as surety for the making ana
the execution of a contract.
Proposals must be on forms to b*
furnished by the City Engineer.
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council.
City Clork.
Feb. 18 daily to Feb. 26—Exc. Sun.
Street Sprinkling.
Sealed bids will be received by the Com
missioner of Public Works and City En
gineer of St Paul at Room 78, In the City
Hall, until 10 o'clock a. m,, March Rth,
1901, fo^ the sprinkling of such streets as
may be ordered by the Common Council
in the different sprinkling: districts of the
City during the season of 1901, and In
accordance with th-3 specifications for i-.fiUl
work on file in the office of said Commis
' Bidders must bid on each district sepa
A bond !n the sum of $2,000.00 or a
certified check for $500.00, payable to tho
order of the City of St. Paul, must ac
company each bid to insure the entering
Into a proper contract.
The right to reject any and all bids is
Commissioner of Public Works.
Feb. 18 dally to Feb. 23.
HORSES! HORSES!-Barrett & Zimmer
man have from 500 to 700 head of horses
and mules constantly on hand; auctiort
every Wednesday; private sales daily;
part tfme given if desired. Barrett &
Zimmerman's Midway Horse Market,
Minnesota Transfer, St. Paul, Minn
FOR SALE—Fine lot heavy draft horsea
and chunks. Griggs Bros., corner
Third and Cedar sts.
—960 acres of good diversified farming
land In Clay county, Minnesota, for
sale at ClO per acre. Address 916 Pioneer
Press building. St. Paul.
SPOT CASH for old books; any ouanti
ties and all kinds of school books and
fiction bought, sold and exchanged 404
W^basha st.. apposite Schumman &
FOR SALE OR TRADE-Very fine farm
in state of Illinois for sale, or vrlll
traae for pood improved property in St.
.Paul. For particulars address Q 4, the
Globe, St. Paul.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul as
North-Western line
Office 352 Robert St. 'Phone 480.
tEx. Sun. lEx. Sat.
{Ex. Mon. Others Datl/. LEAVE ARRIVE
R«da:er Stats ExDren ! 8.30 10.18
Chicaeo, Mil., Madison— f am pin
Chicago ' Atlantic Ex." 11.10 pm 11.30 am
Chicago Fast Mall" 6.55 pm 8.30 am
North-WeJtsrJ 1
Limited V 8.10 7.45
Chicaeo. MH • Madison ) pm am
Wausau, F. dv Lac, Crson Bay 6.55 pm 9.00 am
ManMowoc. Sheboygan t 6.55 am <S 7.45 am
nufcth. Superior, Ashland— t 8.50 a~, t4 45 cm
Twilight Limited I 4.23 9.59
Duluth, Superior, Ashland . f pm pm
Msnkato. St. James. Su. City 1 7.40 am t4.15 pm
Deadwood, Brack Hills t 7.40 am 7.25 am
Elmore. Algona, DssMoine3.. t 7.40 am 1 7.35 pm
Omaha Express I lO.OD 7.3S
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. City f am pm
St James, New Him. Tracy.. 10.00 am 7.35 pm
NewUim, Elmora t 4.50 pm ]t 10.05 am
Fairmont St. Jamas. t 4.50pm jtlo.osam
Omaha lim tii | 8-30 7-2B
Su. City. Omaha ! _Kan._Clty f pm I am
Milwaukee &
St, Paul Ry.
m&i LINE I
Ticket Office 365 Robert Strait. *Ph»n»?S.
Leava. «Daily. t Ex. Sunday. ArrWj.
•8:30 am Chicago, Lax, Mllwaukoa ... *10:15pm
•3:3opm Chicago, Lax, Milwaukss ... *I 1-50 am
6:55 p m Chicago,. LaxMilwaukes ... *2:50 prn
*8j mm Pioneir Mullen : . 5 m
"3:55 p m Chicago, Farlbo, Dubuqus... 10:40 a m
13:35 am Hssttngs.Red Wg, Roch'tor 11 1:50 a m
+8:30 «m La Cross. Dubuq'e, Rk Isl'nd|Uo:lsp m
•8:00 a m Northfisld Faribo, Kan. City *605 p m
t8:20 a m Ortonville, Millbank. .. .... +6:30 pm
•6:50 p m Ortonvllls. Aberdeen. Fargo #7:35 1 m
t/:20 p m Northfield Farito, Austin... I 19:30 am
«f_A»\ Cor. sth and Robert Sta.
i \&B,.\ Union Station. St. Paul.
yZa^tSjt Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis.
CSlCl^y Dining and Pullman Bleeping On on
Winnipeg and Coast Trilna.
•IHtily. TExcept Sunday. . Lea to Arrive
PlO'.Sc Ezp. Fargo, JamtfLown, . - ' .
Helena, Butte, MlSKonla.. Spo- 'SEC A *Q IJfIP
kane,Tacoma,Seattlo,l'ortland O.U'Jm L.LVu
DilOtt fc Van. Sip. Fargo.Feryns
Fal'j, Wahpefon, Crootston, #J ftflP 'V IC ft
Gd. Forks, Grafton, Winnipeg O.UUk I.lorn
Fargo »Ed Liech Lake Local, St. •_'__, .
Cloud, Brainerd, Walker, TV J?|i* tfi ftflP
Bemidjl. Fargo....'. .' 0 CUm O.UUh
'Duluth Short Line" I I
DULUTH& J9.lsaa -7.15 aa
. ..SUPERIOR «n.15 pm| tlfoH
' ■ • ~l
Ticket Office—B32 Robert St.. Cor. Fourth.
'Phone Main 858.
Leave. I a Dally, b Ex. Hum; ay. I Arrive
bs:3sam!St. O!'d. F'gs F'ls, F'rgol b6:ospm
bß:Bsam Wlllmar, via Bt. Cloud b6:o6pm
a9:ooam Flyer Mont. & P. Coast a2:3opm
i b9-10am ■ (Wlllmar, 8. X.. Y'ktnn) , I C .JI m
! D9.iuam , s . x c , t • Brown . ? Vbl) i bs:36pm
b4:4oj)m(B:ik R.. M. ft aand«tone!blO:o6ana
iWayzata & Hutchlnsonl b9:l6am
a7:ospmlßr«»ck..Fareo, G.F.Wps) a7:4sam
aß :3opm ..Minn. & Dak. Exp...) a7:3oam
anSml Po'uth & W. Superior | "IggS
Sleeper for 11:20 p. m. train can be oc-
OUDted at anytime ter_9 o. it.
OiiogoGreat Western tit
."The Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth & Robert Sis., St. Paul.
t Ex. Sunday; others daily. | _U4yEJoFIARRJVf FROM
Kenyon, Dodge Center, t 8.10 am t B.3«niri .
Oelwein, Dubuquo, Free- 8.10 pm 7.50 am
port. Chicago and East. _U .20 )>m 12.65 pm
CedarFalls,Waterloo,Mar- + 8.10 ;iin 1^.30 pm
shalllowu, Dcs Molnes, 8.10 7.Eoam
St. Joseph, Kansas City. li.a)]inn 12.65
. Cannon Falls.Tied Wing, t B.lo am t B*3opin
Northflo.ld, Farlbault, 0.05 pm 00 am
Watervllle, Mankato. • j
Mantorvllle LocaL " 0.05 Imi 9.t0 am
Best line to
tv~FoVj STATIONS. j Ar.lToin
B:lsam Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque
and Chicago, except Sunday 12:55 pm
B:lsam Winona, La Crosse, Dubuque
and St. Louis, except Sunday
B:ospm Winona, La Crosse, Dnbnqua.
Chicago and St. Louis, daily V.43 am
Ticket Office 400 Robert Street. Tel. ivlaja 36
]§f M., ST. P. & S. S. M. R'Y. $f .,
City Ticket Office. 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051
i Union Depot. St. Paul._
_Leave! EAST. r " \ Arrive
7:2opm|.Atlantic Limited (■dally). S:4sara
10:00aro!Rhinelander Local (exSun) 6:o3pra
s:23pnvlSt. C.-oix Falls Local, ex
ISunday, From Broadway
I Depot, foot Fourth 5t...". s:lsam
9:osainiPaeiiie Express ("Pacific
, I Coast) dally. I 6:;"sr>m
s:lopm|Glenwoo3 Express (exS'.inV 9:soam
City Office. 37£ Robert St. 'Phone No. «H
'^Pan,! AM Trains DbmTT^"^
• . . . |Eau Claire. Chip. b"nils,| -■ ,
B:ooam!Mi!waukee and Chlcaeoi 8:lBara
1 Ash]and. .Chippewa F'ln ', . .
7:4opml.Oshkosh, Mil. and Chi.l s:oopm
M. A St. L. Broxdway * 4th.
Minneapolis & St. Louis US
Gffios, 398 Robert. Fi-.0r.a661. St. Louis Dapat.
Leava. | fDsll?. tExc»?t Son it?. I _Arrlrt
pr" AMD DES *OI"E3 iam
Pl" Alien L«. CrJar Rapid,. Cvi- ? m|
t9:00 tn\ ...... cago, Ktnaas C!ty .. 7: 30 pm
•7:00 pm ..Cliicaeo& St. Louis Limit ji.. *8;40 am
.' Wstoriowß. New Ulm, St.' .
James, Shurburna.; E«h»rr!!!»' , .
12:30 en ........ar.<J Storm I-ska - /;.'.'.rf&SOpin
N»w Ulra Local—St. Ji.->i*3.
•S:OC pm ;.Sb»rfcurn» and Estharvi;ia.. *iO:4O^

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