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Rumor Tlint His Successor May Xot
tic Appointed (or Some Time,
mid Possibly Xot
a i All.
Railroad officials who are conver
sant with Northern Pacific-Great Xorth
ern-Burlington affairs are convinced that
it is only a matter of a month or so
when Darius Miller, second vice president
<;f the Great Northern, will mo<c to Chi
to ac-t as traffic director for Lhe
three roads.
The reason that Mr. Miller has not
gone before is due to the fact that there
has been no meeting Of the new North
ern Pacific board. Mr. Miller was slated
to go to Chicago on July 1 last. He had
picked out offices and made such ar
rangements necessary for his move.
The inauguration of the new office has
been postponed from time to time, but
it is now stateJ that Mr. Miller will as.
sume his new duties on Sept. 1, if not
Speculation is rife as to Mr. Millers
probable successor. The Globe Is able
to state from very authentic sources
ti.at f'oi at least six months or a year
there will be no second vice president of
tit Great Northern, and, moreover, there
Is a strong probability that the office
will in abolished and Genera] Traffic
ager i". !'.. Clarke will assume the
duties of the office in addition to his
own. When W. IT. Newman resigned the
1 vice presidency of the Great
Northern to go with the Lake Shore road
he had no successor for nine months, dur
ing which time Mr. Clarke took charge
of the second vice president's duties.
It is said that Mr. Stubbs, represent
ing the I'nion Pacific; Mr. Miller, rep
tlng the Great Northern group; Paul
Morton, or u,e Atchison; H. A. Parker,
"i the Rock Island; P. M. Felton, of the
Alton; Mr. Harahan, of the Illinois Cen
tral; Mr. McCuHough.Of the. North-West
crn, and Mr. Bird, of the Milwaukee
may form a traffic board for arrange -
m< i,t of practically all traffic matters in
the Western territory.
<;roitt Falls A- (anaita Road Pur.
chatted by Great Northern.
The Groat Falls & Canada railroad has
been formally turned over to the Great
Northern. The purchase includes all of
the trackage. right-of-way, equipment
and buildings of the purchased road
north to the Canadian boundary. The
road has 134 miles of narrow gauge
tracks, and Its equipment consists of
locomotives and 174 passenger,
freight and coal cars. The price paid for
ad was $750,009.
In the transfer made there was no
tion of the road beyond the American
and the Albert,! road, which is a
mance of the Greatf Falls <£ Canada,
was not mentioned in any way as being
!■ <i with tiie sale.
The- real object of the imrcha.se is not
only to do away with the extra haul ot
105 miles r.ow necessary by way of Havre
by the Montana Central! and Great North
ern also to enable the Hill system
to tap the largo rich coal field in the
vicinity of Fernie, about 100 miles west
thbrldge. This will assure the Great
Northern a plentiful supply of coal for
the eastern portion of its system and also
• nable it to put that commodity into
m and Northern Montana. * This
move, combined with Die plan to build
id north from Jenn'ngs, on the
■ Northern main line, to Crows
Nest pass fields on the western side of
tockies, will place the Great Northern
sition to obtain a sufficient supply
of good steaming coal for many fears.
The Crow's Nest pass coal is pro
nounced by experts to be equal to the
best qua-lity of Welch coal for steam pur-
It, will be readily taken up on the
Re and shipped in large quantities to
the < irient.
The reason assigned for the Great
Northern's tapping the Crow's Nest pass
»md Fernie fields from that side of the i
mountains is that it will be cheaper and
easier to haul the coal for the eastern
division via Macleod and Lcthbridge and
down to the Gnat Northern main lino
than by taking it out by way of the
Jennings route and then hauling it over
the heavy mountain grades through the
is pass to the eastern slope.
Chicago Grout Western Will rut
Down 20,000 Toils.
Over 10,000 tons of steel rails have been
laid by the Chicago, Great Western rail- j
%vay this season, and the quantity will be I
doubled before snow Hies if the mills I
can deliver them. Early In the year an
order was placed for 20,000 tons, and it i
is the intention of the company to have
now through tracks between St. Paul and
Minneapolis and Chicago by this time i
next year.
The v.-ork of reducing grades and
ttraightening curves on the Great WesL- j
era is being done with all speed. One '
Beven-mUe stretch between fcima and
Alta Vista' is being built. In many places
the old roadbed is being abandoned on
account of the curves. Near Fredericks
l>urg another large improvement is being
The new freight houses at Kansas City
will be ready for use as soon as th«
switching connections and wagon ap
proaches are made. The building is on a
site 53S by 50 feet, extending over two
blocks, and will cost $15,000. It is situ
ated on the levee of the Missouri river
equally convenient from all parts of the
A feature of the freight shed is the
ftystem of continuous sliding doors on the
truck shed. With t'nis arrangement a
car can be unloaded at any part of the
jilntform. There are twenty-two doors to
Accommodate delivery wagons.
f>ro*a Income Slightly la Excess of
Last Year's.
Earnings of the Canadian Pacific road
for the year ended June 30 were as fol
1900-1. ISM.
Gross earnings t30.855.203 $20 230 038
Operating expenses .. 18,745,828 16Ws?.>
Net earnings $12,109,375 $12,230,165
Other income 933,425 1,150,158
Gross income $13,042,800 $13,380 364
i'ix.-d charges 7,305.555 6,971!67C
Surplus $5,736,015 $6,408,687
This surplus would pay about 7 per
cent on Canadian Pacific stock for l!iOO-l
The company has paid or declared 5 per
cent for the period.
Less has been spent by the Canadian
flc out of gross earnings for im
menta than by the American roads
In 1899 it spent less than $500 a mile on
c-nance of way. Last year it spent
WSO a mile. The company has been
financed on the basis of capital expend
iture for improvements. The initial can
I'alizntion of the road, however, was com"
paratively i ight , so that lhe unsound
cf the policy pursued has not been felt as
it would have under other conditions
Had an amount equal to that spent by
American roads for maintenance of way
been so spent by the Canadian Pacific
W could not have paid the dividends it
has done. The raod now earns little over
J4.0C0 gross a mile.
St. Paul-Chicago Linos Cancel Their
Excursion Rates.
CHICAGO, Aug. 19.—8y a vote today of
the officers of the six railroads operating
between Chicago and St. Paul it was
agreed that the unusually low rates an
nounced to go into effect between those
points Sept. 1 would, be canceled. Some
time ago it was announced that a round
trip rate of. $10.75 would be put in be
tween Chicago and the Twdn Cities, tick
ets to be on sale Sept. 1 to Sept. 10. A
similar rate was in Aug. 1-10, and the
result of the experiment caused the
managers of the reads to withdraw their
announcement of cuts in September.
Tickets sold on the rate during the pres
ent month were extensively scalped in
St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Officers of the same set of roads are
now voting on a proposition to withdraw
their notices of similar reductions in rates
between Omaha, Sioux City and Kansas
Samuel M. Feltun. of < hicuxo & Al
ton, to Be Hla Successor.
NEW yORK, Aug. 19.—The Mail and
Express says: "It was semi-officially
admitted today that President Charles M.
Hays, of the Southern Pacific company,
hud irslgned, to take effect at the pleas
ure of the board of dfrectors. Tiiere is
good authority for the statement that
Samuel M. Felton, now president of the
Chicago & Alton, will succeed him.
"There has been talk of a single presi
dent for both Southern and Union Pa
>*4Lc\ but such a plan is not at present
cun*T'm]>!nted. 11. G. P>urt will, it is
said, nut be disturbed as president of the
Union Paciiic."
Itciioi'iid Thnl He Will Be Trans-
ferreil to Milwaukee.
It is reported in railroad circles that J.
T. Conley, assistant passenger and
freight agent for the Milwaukee road, is
about to lie advanced to the position of
general passenger and freight agent with
headquarters at Milwaukee. The last
named position has been made vacant by
the illness of A. B. Bridges, who is af
flicted with a 1 mental malady which has
been pronounced incurable.
W. S. Howell, of New York, ha 3 been
appointed general Eastern agent with
headquarters in New York. He has been
given jurisdiction over both the freight
and passenger departments.
Freight House at Ureat Falls.
Bids for the construction of a gigantic
new freight house for the Montana Cen
tral railway at Great Kails, Mont., were
opened in this city recently. Competitive
lids were also opened at Great Falls.
After the successful bidder is announced
wo'iV. will be commenced on the structure
at once. The specifications call for the
completion of the contract by the middle
of October. The new freight house will
be the largos' in Montana, and #11 be
provided with every modern convenience,
Its entire cost will be in the neighbor
hood of $20,000.
Wu.sliiiiK'toii Potatoes Comiiijs East.
Arrangements have been made by the
North< m Pacific railway for bringing
large quantities ot' potatoes f.om the
state of Washington east to supply the
deflcli in y which exists all over this
part of the territory. Shipments will be
made by way of Billings and the Burling
ton road to Missouri river territory, and
lprce quantities will be brought over the
main line to St. Paul.
Sampl. s of Washington potatoes
brought to this city Bold for $1.05 a bushel
on the track. Tt is said that they can
be laid down at St. Paul at 60 cents a
Jamme Goes to Minneapolis.
L. T. Jam me, chief clerk in the freight.
ile; artment of the Omaha road lias been
ai pointed assistant general passenger
agent at Minneapolis. ITe assumes the
duties of his new position with the be
ginning of next month.
Edward W. Johnson, o-f the Merchants
Despatch company, who is well known
in St. Paul, having resided here for many
years, was in the city Sunday, a guest
of C. E. Stone, assistant general pas
senger agent of the Great Northern. Mr.
Johnson made his headquarters at the
Minnesota club.
Frank Bass, a St. Paul boy, well known
on St. Anthony hill, bus been appointed
assistant agent of the Great Northern
railway at Great Falls, Mont.
By orders of YV. H. Truesdale, of the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western road
the following notice has been posted at
all passenger stations on the line: rtwhcn
passenger trains arc standing at stations
day or night employes, on or off duty
and others must avoid all unnecessary
loud conversations or calling to one an
other, and any noise that can be avoided
and they must enjoin the same upon
other persons; this to apply at meeting
and passing points. Profanity or other
ungentlemanly language in or about the
stations or passenger trains is inex
The work of cutting down the heavy
grades on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne &
Chicago near Donaldson and Plymouth
preparatory to double tracking. is pro!
gressing rapidly. At the two points men
tioned three day and three' night crews
are ,at, work. Two steam shovels are
worked during the night and three in the
;-s;^t^ n;v^se. construction trains-e
(h:'!r"th eors. e Gould is quoted as saying
that there is no truth whatever in the
n£°?n a,b^ h build!
>rM o Philadelphia. "Such a project "
Mr. Gould is reported to have said "ha
never even been thought of "
FIRE LOSS OF $200,000.
Tobacco Trust Plant at Richmond,
Va., Burned to the Ground.
RICHMOND, Va Aug 19-Fir*
IS/; 11, 15 ICCalIy known as the
owned by the American Cigar commnv
and this, with the machine?" it £ estl'
mated, was worth $115,000
The building, an immense structure
covering 200 square feet? was owned
by the Continental Tobacco company It
wa« VA stories high, built entirely" of
brick. A conservative estimate of its
value is given as $60,000. It was com
P etely destroyed. The total loss "£
placed at about $200,000; insurance. $112 OCO
i There were some 350 Ver SOns employed
in the burned building, most of whom
were negro workmen, but it is believed
all escaped without injury "Sieved
Four Chesapeake & Ohio freight cars
were destroyed. c s
E. C. Mayo, of the Mayo branch of the
Continental company, was slightly in
jured by a falling wire. B J n
Bid of a Trifle Over P« P foP «, _
ooo.ooa of a i-a Per c en <,
Ashbridge today opened bids for the
$9,000,000 balance of the $12,000,000 loan
authorized last March by an ordinance
of councils for the construction and in
stallation of the city's improved water
supply. The interest rate is 8% «»
cent. Drexel & Co., and Brown Bros &
Co., of Philadelphia, and Harvey Fisk &
Sons Company, of New York, proposed to
take the entire amount, their bid bpin^
$9,022,500. This syndicate will take al! of
none. The syndicate agrees to pay the
interest on the bonds from July l to w
24 as a premium. s'
Several other bids were received rane
ing m sums from $1,000 to ?500. No award
was made, but it is probable that the
syndicate will be the successful bidder.
When the loan was offered at 3 per cent
some weeks ago there was no bidder.
Councils then increased the interest rate
to 3% per cent.
Soo Line Tld-Btts.
Buffalo, N. V., and return, $20.
Sault Ste. Marie and Mackinac and re
turn, $13.50 Tuesdays and Fridays.
Banff and return $50 Tuesdays. Sleeping
car and meals en route included.
Cleveland and return, $14.82. G. A. R.
encampment tickets on sale Sept. 6-10
New York and return, $42.50.
Soo Line ticket office, 879 Robert street.
meeting of the stockholders of the Le
febvre Roofing and Cornice Company, a
corporation duly organized, created and
existing under and by virtue of the laws
of the State of Minnesota, duly held at
the office of the company in the city of
St. Paul, County of Ramsey and State
of Minnesota, on the 19th day of June.
1901, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., pursuant to
notice, the said stockholders of said cor
poration duly amended the articles of
association and incorporation of said Le
febvre Roofing and Cornice Company,
for the purpose of changing the name of
said corporation from I^efebvre Roofing
and Cornice Company to Lefebvre-Des
lauriers Roofing and Cornice Company,
and increasing the capital stock of said
corporation from Ten Thousand Dollars
to Twenty Thousand Dollars, and in
creasing the number of shares of stock
in said corporation from two hun
dred shares to four hundred shares
and increasing the highest amount
of indebtedness or liability to
which said corporation shall at any
time be subject from Ten Thousand
Dollars to Twenty Thousand Dollars—
by duly adopting by a unanimous vote
in number and amount of such share
holders and shares (all the shareholders
of said corporation being present and
voting), the following resolutions specify
ing such amendments, to-wit:
fesolvcd. That the name of Le
re Roofing and Cornice Company, a
corporation, be and it is hereby changed
to Lefobvre-Deslauriers Roofing and Cor
nice Company, and that the capital stock
of said coporation be and it is hereby
increased from Ten Thousand Dollars to
Twenty Thousand Dollars, and that the
shares of stock in said corporation be
and they nre hereby increased
from two hundred shares to four
hundred shares, and that the high
est amount of indebtedness or liability
to which said corporation shall at any
time lie subject be and the same is here
by increased from Ten Thousand Dollars
to Twenty Thousand Dollars, and that
Section one (l)t. of Article T, Sec
tion one (1) of Article 111, and Sec
tion one (1), of Article IV. of the Ar
ticles of Incorporation of said corpora
tion, be and the same are hereby amend
ed so as to read as follows:
Section 1. The name of this corporation
shall be Lefebvre-Deslauriers Roof
ing and Cornice Company.
Section I.—The capital stock of said
corporation shall be Twenty Thousand
Dollars, and the same shall be divided
into four hundred shares of fifty dollars
Section 1. The highest amount of in
debtedness or liability to which said cor
poration shall at any time be subject
shall be Twenty Thousand Dollars.
Resolved further, That a certificate
be prepared stating the time when and
the respects in which said Articles of In
corporation are amended as aforesaid,
and that said certiticate be subscribed
by the President and the Secretary ot
said corporation, and b.e duly filed, pub
lished and reoorded, all in the manner
provided by law."
It is hereby certified that this certifi
cate has been prepared, subscribed and
sworn to, under, and pursuant to the
terms of said resolution.
In witness whereof we have hereunto
subscribed our names and affixed the cor
porate seal this 29th day of June, A D
President of Lefebvre Roofing and Cor
nice Company.
(Corporate Seal.) L. T. LEFEBVRE,
Secretary of Lefebvre Roofing and Cor
nice Company.
Signed in the presence of
Arthur Hurteau,
Leopold Guertin.
Joseph M. Lefebvre and Louis T. Le
febvre, being first duly sworn, doth say
each for himself: That Lefebvre
Roofing- and Cornice Company is a cor
poration duly organized, created and ex
isting under and by virtue of the laws
of the State of Minnesota; that said
Joseph M. Lefebvre is the president of
said corporation, and that said Louis T.
Lefebvre is the secretary of said corpor
ation; that they have read the forego
ing certificate of amendment to the Ar
ticles of Incorporation of said corpora^
tlon, and that the facts therein stated
are true, and that the Articles of In^
corporation of said corporation have
been amended as therein stated, and that
they executed said certificate by author
ity of the stockholders of said corpor
ation, and also the board of direc
tors thereof, and that the seal affixed
to the said certificate is the corporate
seal of said corporation.
. President.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 28th day of June, A. D. 1901.
(Notarial Seal.) Notary Public,
Ramsey County, Minnesota.
Office of the Register of Deeds.
This is to certify that the within in
strument was filed for record in this of
fice, at St. Paul, on the 16th day of
July, A. D. 1901. at 3:35 o'clock p. m.,
and that the same was duly recorded In
Book I of Incorporations.
Register of Deeds.
ment of State.
I hereby certify that the within in
strument was filed for record in this
office on the 16th day of July, A. D. 1901,
at 3:10 o'clock p. m., and was duly re
corded in Book A 3, of Incorporations.
Secretary of State.
Of South Wnbasha Street, Located
in Block 117, West St. Panl
Notice is hereby given pursuant to law
and to an order of the Assembly of the
City of St. Paul, a body of the Common
Council of said City, that the petition of
Cochran and Walsh et al.. for the vaca
tion of that portion of South Wahasha
street, in said City, lying and being in
lots 6. 7, 8, 9 and 10. block 117, West St
Paul Proper, between Louise and Eliza
beth streets, in said City, as shown by
plat annexed, has been filed in the Cltv
Clerk's Office, of the City of 9t Paul
Minnesota, in and by which said netitioii
the reasons assigned for such petition and
requests are as follows, to-wit:
That said portion of said street above
indicated is of no convenience to the pub
lic, and is. on the contrary, a detriment
to the adjoining property owners, inas
much as it intersects said lots in said
block and in such a manner as to pre
vent their usefulness for resident pur
poses, and the further maintenance and
improvement of said portion of said
street would entail upon the property
owners great and needless expense with
out subserving any interest to the pub
lic, and further, that sufficient and amnle
egress and ingress to and from the said
lots in said block can be and is at present
obtained by the streeets bounding said
Pursuant to law and said order of the
Assembly, as above referred, adopted
Aug. Sth, 1901. said petition will be heard
and considered by the Committee on
Streets of the said Assembly of the Com
mo^Co^ull^ of the said city of St. Paul
on the 30th day of September. 1901, in the
Council Chamber of the Court House
and City HalL of the City of St. Paul
County of Ramsey. Minnesota, at 4
o clock p. m.. on said day, and at which
time and place, said Committee will con
sider and investigate the matter of said
vacation and hear all evidence and tts
esTe°d ny °n Pan °f the Parti^s intlrl
Dated Aug. 20th. IPftl
Aug. 20-27-Sept. 3-10.
IN THE HOMES. The Globe's circulation with city subscribers is the
largest in its history. You. cannot reach its readers through any other paper
in;the city. Anybody having a Want can get best results through its columns
Where W^nt/- C&.n Be
Left for Insertion in
Si© Csldfi^
At the ReUe of I Cent per
Word. No Insertions Ac
cepted Less than 15 Centy.
Personal, Clairvoyants, Fortune Teller and
Medical Classifications.
2 Cents Per Word.
No insertion accepted less thaa 35 cen:s.
CONGER BROS., Druggists
Selby avenue, corner St. Albans; 409 Sel
by avenue, and 349 University avenue.
Corner Mississippi and Nash streets.
CAMPBELL BROS., Selby and Victoria.
B. H. REEVES, Druggist Seven corners.
STRAIGHT BROS., Druggists,
Rondo and Grotto streets.
A. T. GUERNSEY & SON, Druggists,
___ 171 North Dale street.
_ 798 East Seventh street.
E. B. ROLLINS, Druggist,
295 West Seventh street.
Maria avenue and East Third street.
W. A. FROST & CO.. Druggists,
Selby and Western avenues.
University avenue and Rice street.
RIETZKE & CO., Druggists.
Selby and Western avenues.
A. & G. SCHUMACHER Druggists,
490 West Seventh street.
954 Payne avenue.
__ Dale and University.
BOTNER & CO., Druggists.
678 Grand avenue, corner St. Albans.
C. T. HELLER, Colonnade.
S6l West Seventh street.
_ Leu is and Rondo streets.
East Seventh street, corner Sibley.
H. J. M'CALL, 483 Broadway.
Ninth and St. Peter.
978 East Seventh street.
881 Payne avenue.
B. A. TREAT. 442 Broadway.
BEL.L BOY—Experienced hotel bell boy
— ?* Hotel Metropolitan; apply early.
MILK" MAN—Wanted a good milker at
O. Feltheim. dairy farm, Kdgerton st.
STBAMFITTERS' helpers wanted; those
able to paint or bronse preferred. The
Dwyer Plumbing and Heating Co., 30
East Sixth st.
TAlLOß—Wanted, at once, to go out of
town. Joseph Friedl, 455 Wabasha
TAILOR wanted at once; man who
makes both pants and vests. H. J.
Broeker, Cass Lake, Minn.
WANTED — Inventors; also country
agenis for light articles selling fast at
high profit to all farmers. Address
American Patent Market and Novelty
Works, St. Paul, Minn.
WANTED—Twenty-flve men and ten
teams. Apply to Fielding & Shepley,
Jackson and Ninth sts.
WANTED—A young man with some
knowledge of job printing. Apply at
the Broad Ax, South Wabasha.
WIRE-BED WEAVER wanted; steady
work. Union Mattress Co., 501 Minne
_ sota st., St. Paul.
BARBER SHOP for sale cheap on ac
count of sickness; cheap rent. 5'J6 La
__ fayette ay.
HOTEL FOR SALE—The best hotel in
Red Lake Falls, the county seat of
Red Lake county, 50x100, three stories
high, forty rooms, sample and barroom
connected; owner is forced to sell with
in thirty days on account of a mort
gage; price, $6,000; cost over $12,000.
Write to owner, Godleb Gerlach, Red
Lake Falls, Minn.
FOR SALE—Good Chance—House and
store, including goods; >ouse suitable
for hotel; size, 3Sx4S; sixteen rooms: ce
ment cellar; store new, 20x30; in good
condition; reason, sickness; rich coun
try, good trade; ■ please call by first
chance. Address D. Harjes, Hamburg,
Minn.. Carver county.
hundred head c£ cavalry horses wanted
at Barrett & Zimmerman's Midway
Horse Market, St. Paul, Minn., for the
United State*? government; they must
be sound, stftnd 15*4 to 16 hands high,
weigh from 950 to 1,150 and from four to
eight years old; bring in your horses
_and | get your high prlcefor them.
FOR SALE—A Summit wheel that had
never been ridden until two months
ago, in fine condition, for only $12.50.
Call at once, E. P. Hopwood, Globe
A LARGE nuirber of milch cows and
springers for sale at the South St. Paul
cow market. Lytle & Raybourn.
wishes class of twenty in bookkeeping,
enorthand and typewriting; day and
evening classes; terms, $2 month. Ad
dress D 57, Globe
PASS BOOK LOST—Aug. 19, 1901, Pass
Book No. 14477, of the State Savings
bank. Finder is requested to leave
same at the bank; if book is not pre
sented within four weeks it will be
canceled. J. M. Goldsmith, treasurer.
Ramsey—ss. Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Michael
Scanlon, deceased.
On reading; and filing the petition of
Margaret Scanlon, representing that
Michael Scanlon has lately died intestate
a resident and inhabitant of the County
of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, leav
ing goods, chattels and estate within this
County, and praying that administration
of his estate be to her granted.
It Is Ordered, That said petition be
heard at a special term of this Court to
be held at the Court House, in the City
of St. Paul, in said County, on Monday,
the 9th day of September, 1901, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, and that notice
of such hearing be given to all persona
interested, by publishing this order :it
least once in each week for three succes
sive weeks prior to said day of hearing in
the St. Paul Globe, a legal newspaper
printed and published in said County
Dated at St. Paul, this sth day of
August, 1901.
By the Court: E. W. BAZTLLE.
<L- S.) Judge of Probate.
Stevens, O'Brien. Cole & Albrecht,
Attorneys for Petitioner.
R£l/ bo* " Js£Si. « irritation, or okeratioßi
I^Ht.. c n fc- Paiuless, and got ulite
igeUTHEEvAHS CheMIOAiCq. ««« or poisonou*.
r~"AONCINHAn,O.n-"1 BOW by Jiraesista.
V V V. 8. a. y T or *«nt in plain. wrtppn
tf**^ Nw.^A r exprtgs, prepaid, fof
CASHIER — Wanted, cashier. Inquire
\\ lldwood Pavilion, or telephone main
HOUSEWORK—Competent girl for gen
eral housework in small family; no
children; good wages. 313 East Tenth
$15 WEELY copying letters at home;
either sex; enclose two stamps wich au
plication. Lake Shore Mercantile Co
Chicago. '
Anybody out of worU la St. Paul or
Minneapolis may Insert an mlver
tlsentecv under this ltendinj; (re*
of chnrjre.
DRESSMAKER — Good on children's
clothes and shirt waists will work for
75 cents a day In families. Please ad
dress 288 Fort st. .
SEWING wanted in private families, by
the week; will sew for 75 cents a day
ror the present. Address 8., 128 West
Sixth st., room 47.
SITUATION wanted, by a woman to
S£- a? d ciron two da >'s each week.
las West Sixth Bt.
W ANTED—Washing, ironing and house
cleaning; also cleaning offices or any
kind of day work. Address C, 12S West
Sixth St., room 47.
WANTED—Woman wants day work
washing. Ironing or scrubbing." Call or
address E. G., 542 Cedar st, near old
\S OMAN will go out washing and house
cleaning. Call or address K. G "■'s
East Sixth st.
\\ ANTED—Washing. Ironing and house,
cleaning; also cleaning offices. Address
M., 128 West Sixth st., Room 47.
German woman wants washing and
ironing to do at home; plenty of go jd
water and yard for clothes.' Please call
at 338 Dayton ay., Mrs. G. R.; shirt
waists and skirts a spocialty.
WASH WOMAN—Good wash woman
wants to go out washing and iron
ing or any other work. 101 Smith ay.,
down stairs.
$10 MONEY.
515—Your credit is good with us. Quick
♦20 —loans on household goods, pianos,
$25—etc., without removal from your res
s3o— idence. Easy weekly payments or
$35—monthly payments. Lowest rates.
$40—Loans to salaried people without
$45—mortgage or indoraer. Payable in
?50—easy Installments. We have private
$75—interviewing rooms and can guaran
sloo—antee absolute privacy and confiden
tial treatment. Front offices, second floor.
Open evenings. Walk up one flight.
American Loan Co., P.oom 206, Manhattan
You can borrow money on your note If
you are a SALARIED PERSON and
hold a steady position. NO ONE
mortgage or in^rser. Cheapest rates,
longest time and easiest terms. ST.
Room 301, New York Life Building.
IP YOU are working or have household
effects and must raise money quick
don"t hesitate; tell your trouble to
"State Loan Co." 616 Pioneer Press
building, an American concern; clerk
there will help you out if you mean
right. Opened till 7 p. m.
three years; will pay 10 per cent. Ad
dress G 71, Globe.
V/i TO 5y 2 PEP. CENT money to loan on
first-class Improved inside St. Paul
property. The Middlesex Banking Co.,
Pioneer Press Bldg.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan
on Improved property In St. Paul and
Minneapolis. V. O. Oilman, New York
Life Bldg.
MONEY LOANED to salaried people;
only security their name; also loans on
furniture, pianos, etc., without removal
from residence. Minnesota Mortgage
Loan Company, 317 Pioneer Preaa Bldg.
Anybody out of work in St. Paul or
Minneapolis may insert nn adver
tisement under this heading: free
of charce.
A BOY of seventeen would like to get
work of any kind; well acquainted
_ln city. Address F W., 420 Clifton st.
AN HONEST, industrious young man
with a good education would like a po
sition in an office or wholesale house.
Address John L. Larson, 16 Summit
ay., city.
A YOUNG man of twenty years of age
wants work of any kind; willing to
work. Address F. J., 91D Randolph, St.
BOOKKEEPER—Young man, twenty
y<->ars old, desires position; one who has
knowledge of bookkeeping and who is
competent; salary no object. BS6 Ash
land ay.
BOOKKEEPER—Boy of sixteen years
would like a position as bookkeeper or
general office work; has good hand
writing. Address 605, Blair St., city.
COLLECTOR—Wanted, a position as col
lector or salesman, through North Da.
kota, Montana or Western states; sal
ary or eommiasio-n. D 77, Globe.
JANITOR—A place as janitor wanted by
a man and wife without children; four
years' experience; A 1 references. Ad
dress D. M. G., No. 475 Harrison ay.
NIGHT WATCHMAN—Wanted, a place
as night watchman or fireman by a
middle-aged man; twelve years' expe
rience In one place; A 1 references. Ad
dress J. M. G.. No. 243 Goodrich ay.
POSITION—MiddIe-aged man wants po
sition in coal or wood office; speaks
French, German and English, acquaint
ed in business. H. N. Baur, 242 Good
rich ay.
perienced, wants work; have tools for
job work. Painter, GS3 North st.
PORTER—Married man, forty years of
age; intelligent, trustworthy and reli
able, would like a steady situation for
moderate wages as night watch
man and porter or as janitor for
wholesale house, factory or depart
ment store; good disposition and willing
to make himself generally useful; good
references. Address C. Sorensen, 252
Fourteenth st., city.
SALESMAN—A No. 1 up-to-date imple^
ment young man of sixteen years' ex.
perlence as salesman and is familiar to
invoice extras; is employed at present
with a company. ,T. P. N., Globe.
STENOGRAPHER—Wanted, position by
experienced male stenographer; can
furnish good references, and will ac
cept small salary to start with. Ad
dress E 64, Globe.
WANTED—Position in railroad, real es
tate or insurance office, by man of
large business experience; inside or
outside work; Is a hustler. Address H
69, Globe.
WANTED—Work of any kind by boy of
eighteen. Address F. Syrett, 442 Pleas
ant ay.
WANTED—By an elderly experienced
man, position as watchman or fireman
or night work. T. Ker, 1146 Mar.
&aret st.
YOUNG man wants night watching- best
of city references if required. Address
E. D. Mulick, general delivery, St. Paul
\OLNG MAN of twenty-two, well used
to dairy work, wants steady job on
dairy farm at once. Please address F
W.. 533 Robert St., city.
T. W. C. WILL find position at M. C.
D. if he calls in ten. days. K. O. B. C.
ed and papered ro:>m3;*all prices, day,
' week or month; depot ears pass tha
doors; The Western, 105 East Eighth;
Imperial Hotel, 16 Ea»t Eighth: Yukon
Hotel, 127 East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
tCO Jackson st.: transient trade solicited.
HOTEL RE ARDON—European plan;
corner Seventh and Minnesota sts.;
centrally located; pleasant rooms,
nicely furnished, single or en suite, by
the day, week or month at reasonable
EAST SEVENTH, 151-Xear Jackson-
Cicely furnished front rooms, en suite
__or Bingle, by clay, week or month.
PARK PLACE, of Bamsnlt
rs;cely furnished rooms for rent.
VIRGINIA FLATS—Elevator, etc.; first
class flats, $40. F. Bryant, 125 East
MRS. HART, inspirational readings
removed from 74 Smith ay. to 96 Park
place; price. 50c; magnetic healing.
MRS. WHITE. occultist. 125 West
Fourth, tells past. present. future;
reading-s dally; circles Friday evening;
readings by mail, $1.
WRI rt, Riley Allen. St. Anthony Hill
station. St. Paul; send U> cent? and
toirth date: will send you a wonderful
. life reading; tells everything
Vv B \\ ILL sell at public auction for
cash, to the highest bidder, on Satur
day, Aug. 24, at 10 a. m., at our office
173-177 East Sixth, lots 2. 3, 4 and 14!
block 28. Lyman Dayton's addition to
St. Paul. Kavanagh Bros. Auction
LADIES—SSOO reward for an abnormal
obstinate case of suppression, any
cause, my regulator falls to relieve in
twenty-four hours; positively guaran
teed; no ergot or pills; many saved
from suicide; ideal, safe home treat
ment; mail, $3. Dr. Jackson, R. G.
554, 167 Dearborn. Chicago
LADIES! Use Chichester's English Pennyroyal PiMsT
Jh Best! f*«fe.t! Only Reliable! Take bo other.
™ But of jour i>rt:gzi»r, or trnJ 4e.. itanipt for partio
>U» and '•Refl.ffor In letter by 'return 'mall.
Cblche»ter Chemical Co.. l'htli'.<i:i.. Fu.
Good for all kinds of sore feet, froat,
corns, callouses, dry, hot and acaldeU
feet, cuts, burns, etc., on sale at all
druggists. AH ailments of the ie«t
treated at oflice. Endicott Arcade: ea
tahllshed eighteen yeara.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals in duplicate will be re
ceived at the ofiice of th(> Board of State
Capitol Commissioners, No. 512 Endleott
Building. St. Paul, Minn., until 12 o'clock
noon on the 24th day of September, 1901,
for all labor and material r< quired for the
mechanical equipment and power house
for the new State Capitol Building at St.
Paul, Minn., including power house and
tunnel, boilers and mechanical appli
ances, electric generator plant, electric
wiring, plumbing, heating and ventilat
ing, and elevators, In accordance with
the drawings and specifications, which
may be Been at the office of the Board
and at the Architect's offices on and
alter August bth, 1901.
Copies of said drawings and specifica
tions may be obtained from Caaa Gilbert
Architect. No. 524 Endicott Builiiir.g, St.
Paul, Minn., or Room 704 Constable
Building, 111 Fifth avenue, New York
City, upon payment of the cost of BUch
reproductions and a deposit of $100,
deposit to be returned to the bidder
upon return of the drawings and specifi
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check for a sum not less than
J5.000.00, payable to the order of said
Board, as a guarantee of good faith. The
right is reserved to reject any and all
bids and to waive any defect or in
formality in any bid, If it be deemed In
the interest of the state to do bo. Pro
posals received after the time stated will
be returned to the bidders. Proposal.-;
must be made on printed forms which
will be furnished by the Board, and must
be enclosed in envelopes, scaled and
marked "Proposals for Mechanical
Equipment and Power House for New
Minnesota State Capitol at St. Paul," and
addressed to lhe Board of State Capitol
For the Poard of State Capitol Com
Vice President.
St. Paul. August 6th
Grade Alley In Block 4, E«l Dean's
Subdivision of Part of Smith and
l.ott m Out Lois.
Office of the Board of Public Work-,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 15. 1901.
Sealed bids will be roc Ived by the
Board of Public Works in an<l for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul,
Minnesota, at their office in shM city,
until 2 p. m. on the 29th day of August,
A. D. 1901, for grading the alley in block
four (4), Ed Dean's subdivision of part
of Smith and Lotts' out lots, in said
city, according to plans and specifications
on file in the ofllce of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least ten <l<)> per cent
of the gross amount bid, must accom
pany each bid. Said check shall be
made payable to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
President pro tern.
Official: C. H. BRONSON,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Aug. ]"-10t. 1901.
Construct Sefvcr on Fairvlew and
Goodrich Avenues.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 15, 1901.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul,
Minnesota, at their office in said city,
until 2 p. m. on the 29th day of August,
A. D. 1901, for the construction of a
sewer on Fairvlew avenue from Lincoln
avenue to Goodrich avenue, and on Good
rich avenue, from Falrview avenue to
Dewey avenue, in said city, according to
plans and specifications on file in the
office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least t*n (10; per cent
of the gross amount bid, must accom
pany each bid. Said check shall bo
made payable to the Clerk of said Board
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
President pro te:n.
Official: C. H. BROXSOX,
Clerk Board of Public Works
Aug. 17-10t. IMI.
*^IP^ St. Paul
Will leave St. Paul for St. LouU aad in
• « termediate points
For full information regarding passsngjr and
frolght rates address Harry Clark, C«n'l Ajer»t.
Office: Foot Sibley St.. oppoilt* Union D«9ot. St.
Paul. Tal. call Main 91.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul as
Electric JLlehted-Ob- Leave i Arrlr*
••rvatlon Oars to Port-1 i
laud, Ore.,Tiaßutte.Mts«oii!a, * 9:30 » 2*20
Bpo*an», Seattle, Tacoma..... t m pm
Pacific Express
Fargo, Jamestown, Boze
man, Hslenr., Butte. Spokane, * 1 0:35 ♦ 7 -45
Seattle, Tacoma, Portjeuii...'; j, m am
Farero and Leech Lake
St. Little Fall*, Brain- 1 f 8 "30 + 5 '45
•rd. Walker, Bemldjl, Fargo.. Tarn Vox
Dakota & .Manitoba
Fergus Falls, \7ahpeton,
Meerhead, Fargo, CrookstoD, „ „ .„,
Grand Forts, Grafton, Win- * 8:00* 7:1 5
p|Pe* ' l>m I am
tiTS™ DUIXTH & ££ m
-355 SUPERIOR ffjjjgjg
*D»ily. TEx. Sunday." " '
TICKET OFFICE corro 6™ er Tsts
lltnLl UrriUL Robert sts
St. Paul. Minneapolis.
H2.J c. Sf. p. ao. y. ILSL-=
onice 382 Robert at. 'i hone 480.
tEx. Sun. tßx. Sit. i "
§E)c. Mo.-.. Others Pally. LEAVE | ARRIVE
Bcdger State Express I 83 J t« <iT
Chicago, Mil.. Madison.. •■ i '" IJII3
Chicago '•Atlantis- Ex.' 11.10 pm it ?? -_
Chl«w "Fast Mail- a 6.55 pm 8 33*5
North-Westeri I „ . a"
United. V 8,10 745
Chicago, M!!.. Madison I pm 1^
Wausau, F. dv Lai, Croon Bay 6.55 pm 83D »ii
Manltowo?. Shabavean ... 6.55 pm 5745 ,'4i
Duhith. Suparlor, Ashland.... t 8.50 am: t4'4s pt»
Twilight Llailtel. I 4.25 Q S<>
Duluth. Superior. Ashland., f I pm nm
Mankato. St. Jamas, Su. City, t 7.40 am vi?,,
Deadwood. Black Hill* ..... It 7.40 am ?U^
Elmora. AJeona. D 9l Moln.j.. t 7.40 am U 735 -.H,
r .^rSma Ehr^.c l , y i- 1t 007.3r
ure aaSl^.*!*:: rS - ,#-
Fairmont. St. Jam,,.... ....I. Uilo pm | g.Ogn,
Omaha Limits 1. » 8.30 794
aty, Omaha.JCan^Clt/ I I pm j ''f J
Milwaukee &
St. Paul Ry.
.'■^woinw^ißaw g tr9rt . w,,,,,,.
_.**«*». _^Pj«£__l Ex. Sn'iiar- Arft/T
!Sr-tai . flora line *r«,
16.30 im La Cross. Du, buqt8 ' £ !< Isl>nJ 10 15 a -ft
! J|2 o««n,OrtonvUl«, MtllbarV*. Abard'n 16-33 Irn
•6:50 nn Ortonvill*. Abcrdu.n. Pareal »73S ? ti
17:20 P m ii Orthf"1:1 Firib3' Austin.* «io 35 \
t4:00 pm'Hmchin3on,lCtenci»,Trrrr--!tio;20 x Z
llcket Office-332 Kobert St Cor. Foarifi;
'Phor.o Main ««.
> ay'>- I Jg§'|y- tExSun. "tSunonlv I Arrlv».
tß:3oam St. Cloud, Fergtn Falls, Fareal t5-45D^7
ie--30am! Wlllmar. via St. Cloud... | t£-40p-n
i *9:2oarn Flyer Mont, and Pacific CiaV •2:303:«
I 19-loamV- (Wl " mar- S - F- Yankton).. . c „
|+. ,° [Sioux City, Brovn 1* Vali,/) tf=3sp.Ti
T4:4spm , Elk Rlvar. M. and Sandstorm Mo:o3a^i
ts:4opm| ..Wayzataand Kutchiison .. | t9:2sin
7:ospm Brack.. Faro. C. F. Wlnnlp, t ; «7:4siti
i •8:30pml ... Minn, and Dik. Exp I *7-3),n
'll 5l 50pm!- -D"'mh «nd W.st Sup»rt3i
Slaepsr tw 11:10 p. m. train =ai oj c
any time sfter 9 p. m.
Northern Steamship Compiny's 5al!ln; i.
Steamship Miami laavas Dulm Wainttidna ail
! Saturdays, connecting at Macklnas Islan. with
; Steamships North Wast and North Land far Mil-
I waukee. Chicago, Dstrolt. Clov»!and. Ba'fiij ul
i the Pan Amerlran Exposition.
Lake Mlnn^tonica Train L:in St. Pan "I:3*
p. m., t8:50 a. m., (4:45 p. m.. t5:40 0. m. If. 33
«. m., a 9:00 p. m.. blO: 15 o. m. Ratumln?, Luri
Sprtne Park *l:30p. m.. "5:00 p. m., f7:25i. m.,
18:14 a. m.. +9:20 a. m., c 9:00 p. m., ci 10:45 p. m.
ccx Friday and Saturday; d Friday and Satut ii,
only; aex Saturday: b Saturday only.
Best line to
pSffln I
Lv. for I STATION 1 " j Ar.Fr'oa
2.05 am Winona, La Crosse, Dabaqae
I and Chicago, except Sunday, 12.45 pm
8.05 am Winona, La Crosse, Duburiuej
and St.Lools,Pxcept Sanaa;
8.03pm LaCrosse, Dnbuqne,
1 Chicago and St. Louis, daily 7.45 am
Ticket Office, 400 Robert St. T-.1. Main 36
Chicago Great Western Ry.
"The Maple Leaf Route."
City Ticket Office, sth & Robert Sts., St. Paul.
* Ei.SiiniiayjotheriTcUilyrQHyE jAMIV FRCftj
K*nron D»dt« Center. O«!- 8.10 am 10.00 3^
••In, Dubuquj, Freeport. ■ e.JOpm 7.53
Chicago and East. _ 11.20 pm' 12.53p-n
Cedar Falls, Watsrloo. Mar- 10.30 am ~7.25p.-n'
•balltown. Dai Mcl-r.es. St. 8.10 7 50a-n
■ 'oaeph. Kansas City. 11.20 pm! 12,503-t>
Csnnon Fa.'i., Rad Whf, 8. 10 am it 10.00pm
Northfield. Faribault. Wa- 6.05 pm 950 a a
tervllla. Mankato.
Mar.tcr/lila Local. 6.05 pml~.S3 am
jfjf M., ST. P. & S. S. M. BY. -j|f
City Ticket Office, 379 Robert St. Tel. 105 L
Union Depot. Bt. Paul.
Leave. I EAST. ' JArrlve.
J^pnij Atlantic Limited (dally;. b:4Jara
B:2oan Rhlnelander Lccal(exSun) s:2spai
6:25pn St. Croix Fall* Local, ex
Sunday, From Broadway
Depot, foot Fourth St 9:Z3aru
<:00pm Imperial Limited (Pacific
Coast) dally. 9:W«rs
8:10 am Dakota Express ( ex Sun) 5:35pm
Minneapolis & St. Louis RR
Offlca. 398 Robort. 'Phona66l. St. Loui.; D;;;.'
Leave I *Dally tExrapt Sunday | Arri/a
iS:00! sewTh9tli«to 17:3 3
.•- OMAHA - 0J
m D DBS MJIM^S am ,
• " . Alb-jrtLea. Cedar Rapid* Chl-j
19:00 am! •■ ■ .cage. Kansas City t7:3?im
•7(00 cm -Chicago & St. Louis Limits i.."Z: 13 arj
jWatartown, Nsw Ulm, St.
ijines, Shsrburns, Esthervills
ie:-;sam'- and Storm Laks — tt:o2 pm
I New Ulm Local — St. Jamas.
•5:00 pm ...Sherburr.e and Esthervills... •iOMSam
City Office, 373 Robert St. 'Phone So. BM;
All Trains Daily. "|s^iggj
jEau Claire, Chip. Falls.'
8:00 am Milwaukt-t and Chicago! S:1?.?t»
«Ashland, Chip] F'ls.j
J^OprolOabkoin. Mil. and ciii.! E:o3yn;

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