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Canvassing- to Be Done in All Status
East of the Mississippi, and
Special Inducements
Are Offered.
-dIICAGO. Feb. 2.—Traffic officials of
the Southern Pacific and its allied lines
are meeting here with a view to perfect-
Ing the largest colonization plan ever at
tempted by Western roads. It is the pur
pppo of the men-controlling the Harriman J
lines to provide occupants for millions of j
acres of fertile and unoccupied lands in
Southern California, Texas and Western
Louisiana. The general plan will be to j
send Into .the Middle and Eastern states ]
and possibly into some of the Northeast !
states fully 1,000 immigrant or coloniza
tion agents whose duty it shall be to in
duce immigration tv the territories men
tioned. The officials who are arranging j
the details of the plan are J. C. Stubbs, j
traffic director for the Harriman lines; j
General Passenger Agent Lomax, of the i
Union Paciiic; S. F. B. Morse, assistant !
traffic manager of the Texas lines of the i
Southern Pacific, and B. Campbell, traffic i
manager for the Oregon Railway and j
Navigation company.
"In the Southwest," said Mr. Morse, I
"we have over 3.000,000 acres of fertile J
land, which would make good homes for j
industrious people. We believe that no |
section of the United States has a more !
brilliant future than Texas' and Western
Louisiana and we are convinced that all
that is necessary is to let the public know
V'hat we have got."
It is announced that within a short time
every one of the 1,000 or more agents
will be at work throughout the states east
of the Mississippi river. From time to
time homeseekers' excursions will be run
to the territoriese mentioned, and special
inducements will be offered to get the
public to visit the Southwest and South
ern California.
CHICAGO, Feb. 2.—lhe sale of a cer
tain "link ' railroad in the Missouri val
ley to the Burlington, is said to have
brought John W. Gates a profit of a.
million or more, according to the Trib
une. The deal is said to involve not less
than $10,000,000; and the Kansas City,
f'coria & Chicago railway is thereby
absorbed into the Northern Securities
The iines Mr. Gates sells were incor
porated into a minor railway system
enly a few weeks ago, but it became im
l'Ortant to the Burlington to obtain that
system to obtain a through line from
Kansas City to the Atlantic coast.
Mr. Gates got into the deal by an ac
cident He bought $100,000 stock in the
Guardian Trust company, an institution
promoted by A. E. Stillwell, who then
controlled the Kansas City, Pittsburg &
Gates did not like the management of
Die Guardian Trust company, and he
was successful in his application for a
i < oeiver.
The railway lines it controlled running
ri,° m T TKansas City fe]l into the lines of
the Hamman syndicate, but the North
ern roads were left to the creditors Then
Gates got possession by buying up the
claims of creditors.
Although Saturday was the final day
for the filing of the gross earnings re
ceipts of railroads doing business in the
state, there still remain about 50 per cent
of the roads that have given no state
ment to the railroad and warehouse com
mission. Notices will be sent out with
in the next few days informing the de
linquent roads that they have not com
plied with the law. and if in thirty days
}*\ ey /* t0 do so they will toe penalized,
lne following were filed yesterday-
Chicago & North-Western—
Gross receipts, 1901 $2 6SS 578 09
Gross receipts, IDOO | 2 435110 51
Taxes, 1901 SO6R7 S*
Ta «s. 1900 ""V^""" X 7 3-.32
increase of gross earnings, $253 467 58•
increase of taxation, ?7 604 02 *«M«W<'oo.
Great Western-
Gross receipts, 1901 $1 045 OSS os
Gross receipts ICOO .... 9S?'^?'?i
Taxes, 1901 sawi'si
Taxes, 1900 ".£?£ 104 17
Increase of gross receipts, 562,367~15- in
crease of taxation, $1,277.67 •otH-±o. m
Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific-
Gross receipts, 1901 $391 qqq 01
Gross receipts, 1900 ~
Taxes, 1901 ■ q«RO7
Taxes, 1300 ...".'."'.l ?Mr*£
Increase of gross receipts', '$78,330 54- 'in
crease of taxation, $2,349 92. *°><it5U-M ' m "
Minnesota. & Northern Wisconsin-
Gross receipts, 1901 $4 1«'i«
Taxes, 1901 151 46
Number of Important Railroad
Changes Are Made.
CHICAGO, Feb. 2.-A number of im
portant changes and appointments
among railroad officials took effect \°s
terday. Arthur G. Wells becomes gen-
HkSthStrW.* 0* the Sanla Fe Paci«",
™a »fJ? California and San Francisco
Slice W^Sr V- alley rai >™ads, in
Place ot T\. G. Kevin, deceased.
T v James Webster will become assistant
general freight agent of the Nickel Plate
with headquarters in Cleveland. Mr
Webster lias been commercial agent of
the company in Chicago. His place In
lh's. c»>-will be filled by B. E. Morgan
W. i*. Brenner, for several years chief
clerk S« the Vest Passenger associa
peen alSoinfed^^ N° —r has
G. S. Pentecost has been appointed
passenger agent of the Rock Island? with
office In the Marquette building
v. K. Sage, contracting freight aeerr
oi the Rock island-, has resigned to ac
cept the position of traffic manager for
Fairbanks. Morse & Co
« F. H. Tristam has been appointed as
sistant general passenger agent of the
abash, with office at Piltsburvr
♦ ' 9S IVJ?' late en«ral superintend
ent of the Missouri Pacific, has been ap
pointed general manager of the Choctaw
Taeoma Gets Branch Mint.
WASHINGTON. Feb. S.-Tho house
committee on coinage today acted favor-
i yv,?< n. t he blll appropriating $200,000 for
establishing a branch mint at Tacoma,
Wash. The general purpose of ihis new
branch is to give added mint lacilities
for the gold and silver coming from
Five ThoiiNiuid Weavers Ont.
PROVIDENCE, R. 1.. Feb. 1.-All th«
mills of the American Woolen company'
in Olneyville. were today closed for an
indefinite period,- because the weavers
in the Weyboosset and Riverside mills
antagonistic to the double loom system
endeavored to participate a general
strike. Over 5.0C0 operatives are thrown
cut of employment.
THE HAGUE. Feb. 2.-There wae un
wonted activity in diplomatic circles to
oay, and it was generally believed to
have had some connection with the
Dutch, and not to Great Britain, regard-
In* peace in South Africa, The German
minister, Count yon Fourtales, had a
leng interview with the British minister.
Sir Henry Howard; the first secretary of
the British legation, A. F. G. Leveson-
Gower unexpectedly started for London,
and the Dutoh foreign minister, Baron
yon Lynden, had a conference with Dr.
Kuyper, the premier of the Netherlands,
and, subsequently, had an audience with
Queen Wilhelmina.
When Baron yon Lynden returned* from
the palace. Sir Henry Howard went to
the foreign office and held a lengthy con
ference with the foreign minister.
PARIS. Feb. ].— The Liberte affirms
that it hears from an absolutely trust
worthy source that Germany had"advised
Great Britain in the most pressing man
ner to consider the South African peace
overtures of Dr. Kuyper, the Dutch pre
Of Resolutions Adopted by the Com
mon Council of tlie City of St.
Bd F No. 1500S—
Resolved, That City Warrants be
drawn upon the City Treasury, payable
out of the "School Fund," in favor of
the following nnmed persons, for th.»
amount set opposite their respective
Abbott Manufacturing Co.. 5163.00; Amer
ican Electric Co., $10.51; George Adam,
$15.12; American Stove Repair Works 91
cents; Brown, Treacy & Sperry Co.,
5373.68; Brooks Bros., $56.65; C. A. Bass
ford, $150.00; D. L. Bell, $33.35; Bohn Man
ufacturing Co., $49.45; Henry Bodmann.
$168.20; W. J. Bon-well, $6.00; T. L. Bloo'l
& Co., $45.07; Bohrer Sanitation Co.,
$6.70; Board of Water Commissioners,
$7,675.81; Charles S. Bixby, $220.05; Corir.i
can & Co., $2.25; Church of Our Father.
$28.00; Capitol City Sanitation Co $17.00;
T. J. Clark. $1.20; George Dill, $40.00; F. A
Deiiel, $387.95; Deppe Bros., $38.50; Helen
M. Evans, $60.00; Eureka Stone Co., 12.55:
Elk Laundry Co., $10.00; Finn & Schu
macher, $159.55; Franklin Machine Works,
$6.25; E. S. Ferrey. $801. Field. Schlick
& Co., $59.18; Gribben Lumber Co., $7.25;
Andrew Goblisch. $148.55; John Gorman
$29.55; Hanke & Eha, $153.51; C. H. Hart
flel, $16.00; George Haag & Co., $77.26:
Jones-Adams Co., $5,211.29; Charles J.
Tohnsoh, $26.21; Kenny Bros.. $90.75;
Karst & Breher, $90.40; Lamb Lum
ber Co., $261.15; John Martin Lumber
Co., $282.35; The Globe Company, $335.36;
N. Miller, $64.87; Minnesota soap Co.
$137.50; Minnesota Stone Co., $78.90; Maen
dler Bros., $269.00; Melady & Casey, $15.85-
Noyes Bros. & Cutler, $398.00;* Nicols,
Dean & Gregg, $22.22; Nimis & Nimis.
$94.77; the Northwestern Lime Co., $49.90;
L. F. Nienaber, $1.00; Northwestern In
vestment Co., $60.00; M. J. O'Ncil. $49 Ox
the Pioneer Fuel Co., $162.75; Prendergast
Bros., $254.24; Pioneer Press Co. $50.43;
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co., $171.50; H P
Rugg, $48.85; George Regelsberger, $52.97;
tn mm' c? cad' $700O; Robinson & Cary Co.
ii Wro ■ <£l ßools- and Stationery Co..
$1,388.09; St Paul Book and Stationery
Co., $449.83; Scribr.er-Libbev Co.. $441.70;
St. Paul Gas Light Co.. $194.12; St. Paul
Foundry. $66.61; St. Croix Lumber Co.
$144.30; St. Paul Hardware Co.. $240.84-
St. Paul Title ft Trust Co., $30.00; St'
Paul Lime & Cement Co.. $23.55; SchleC*
Bros., $(o.io; Simmer & Marzolf, $189.91;
I; P« SPa, tes- *33-6°: J- C. Stuhlman, $20.55:
£■; £ aul ,^ c c ment Works- $257.12: Standard
Oil Co., $12.83; C. S. Shiller, $27.80: Sch«f
fer & Possum. $10.50; Twin • City Var
nish Co., $250.47; M. J. Tyllia, $1-6.50; R
llner ' $3.00; Valley Iron Works. 5336-70;
Wright Barrett & Stilwell, $285.73; Woll
terstorff-Haskell Co.. $32.£5; E. M. & H.
SonJ^O. 500- JameS A- Y° Un* &
J •fn d°2liSo2 by the i3°ard °f Aldermen
Adopted by the Assembly Jan. SO 1902
Approved Jan. 30, 1902.
Bel F No. 15017—
„™«SOl e dlr.Eh ak City Warrants be drawn
♦ i n ..e* e Cit^' Treasury. payable out of
the Street Sewer & Garbage Fund,"
in favor of the following named persons,
for the amount set .opposite their respec
tive names:
t Board of Fire Commissioners, $147.40;
D. L. Bell, $7.50; Board of Water Com
'♦o* «OnA 56640: Cornplanter Oil Co.,
$20.63; O. Claussen, &0 cents; Adam Deck
er A.. Co., $80.61; Eureka Stone Co., $15.00-
Jas. Forrestal Co., $2,590.13; Fielding &
Shipley, 32-4 S: «ribben Lumber Co,
ki'nV : t C- v.' V- Hackett Hardware Co.
$-.5.02; Jacob Lauer. $989.05; Minnesota
Transfer Blacksmith Shops, 139.80;
Mitsch Wagon & Carriage Co.. $202 20
Maendler Bros $370.60; Northwestern
htcne O Co., J & Northwestern Stamp
Works, $1.00; Nicols, Dean & Gregg,
$1.'.35; Robinson & Cary Co., $54.06; St
Fim] Lime & Cement Co., $311.98; St!
Pau. Hardware Co., $5.00; Schurmeier
vv ,1 n & Carriage Co.. $9.00; St. Paul
Robber Co., $9.16; P. T. Ulmer, $72 00;
loughiogheny & Lehigh Coal Co. $40 79:
Washington Foundry & Machine Co.'
Ca;'$jJGSS6 arren"SCharf Asphalt Paving
Jc-mdO2i^i9o2 by the Board of Aldermen
Adopts by the Assembly Jan. 30, 1902
Approved Jan. 20. 1902:
President of the Board of Aldermen
President of the Assembly
• Feb. 8,1902. <**<*■*■
Proceedings in Bankrupts].
District of Minnesota, Third Di
In the Matter of \
James 51. Smith) _
(Doing: Business) In Bankruptcy.
as the Smith Mu-\
sic House), Bank-)
rnpt. \
T T,,*the ? Oliu rab William Lochren.
tt Ife^ 25 *the Dlstr Court of the
United States for the District of Min
ncso Lei.
James M. Smith, of the City of St.
Paul, in the County of Ramsey and State
of Minnesota, in said district, respect
fully represents that on the fourteenth
day of October, 1901, last pa. he
was duly adjudged - bankrupt, un
der ithe. acts of Congress relating to
bankruptcy; that he has duly surren
dered all his property and rights of
property, and has fully complied with
all the requirements of said acts and
of the i orders of the court touching
his bankruptcy. "■
Wherefore he prays that he may fc<?
decreed by the court to have a full dis
charge from all debts provable against
h.s estate under said bankrupt acts ex
cept such debts as are excepted by la.v
from such discharge. *-;v-..■—•'
D>ated this llth day of January, a £>.
District of Minnesota, Third Division--
On this Ist day of February A D 1902
reading the foregoing petition,' it is
Ordered by the court, that a
hearing be had upon the same on the
24th day of February, A. D. 1902. before
said court, at St. Paul, in «aid
district; at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon; and that notice thereof be pub
lished in the St. Paul Globe, a newspa
per printed in said district and r.h at
all known creditors and other persons
in Interest may appear at the said time
and place and show cause, if any they
have, why the prayer of the said pe
titioner should not be granted
♦ A? d I 1 is further ordered by the court
that the clerk shah send by mail <o
all known creditors copies of said pe
tition and this order addressed to
them at their places of residence ? 3
Witness the Honorable William Loch
ren judge of the said court, and the
seal thereof at St. Paul, in said dis
trict, on the Ist day of February, 1902
(Seal of the Court.) Clerk.
By Margaret L. Mullane.
Deputy Clerk.
Printing of Annual Report, 1001.
Office of Commissioner of Public Works,
City of St Paul, Minn, Jan. 27 1902
healed bids will be received by ihe
Commissioner of Publ!c Works in antl
4> Or ,th? Corporation of the City of St.
Paul, Miim., at his office until 2 p. m
February 4, A. D. 1902, for the printing
of the annual report of the Engineering
Department as per sample on file in the
Commissioner of Public Works' office
A certiSed check, made payable to "the
City of St. Paul, in the sum of 10 ter
cent of the amount bid, must accom
pany each proposal to insure the entering
into of the proper contract.
The right I; reserved to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the Common Council.
Commissioner of Public Works.
Jan.2S-daily to and inc.-Feb. 4
Don't walk your .. .. I - £v
Looking for a Situation, & Servant, a House, a Bargain,
or anything else.
-——-In THE GLOBE will put you on.
Where Vf^ntrC^n Bs
Left for Insertion in '
0 ■
At the R?vte of I Cent per
Word, No Insertions Ac
cepted Lew than IS Cents.
Personal, Clairvoyants, Fortune Teller
and Medical Classifications,
2 Gents Per Word.
No insertion accepted less than 23 cents.
CONGER BROS., Druggists, Selby ave
nue, corner St. Albans; 40S» Selby
avenue, and 349 University avenue.
ALBERT W. BORK, corner Mississippi
and Nash streets.
CAMPBELL BROS., Selby and Victoria.
S. H. REEVES, Druggist, Seven Corners.
STRAIGHT BROS., Druggists, Rondo
and Grotto streets.
A. T. GUERNSEY & SON, Druggists, 171
North Dale street.
enth street.
E. B. ROLLINS, Druggist, 295 West Sev
enth street.
SEVER WESTBY. Druggist. Maria ave
nue and East Third street.
W. A. FROST & CO., Druggists, Selby
and Western avenues.
WALTER NELSON, Druggist, University
avenue and Rice street.
RIETZKE & CO., Druggists, Selby and
Western avenues.
A. & G. SCHUMACHER, Druggists, 490
West Seventh streets.
BOTNER & CO., Druggists. <!7S Grand
avenue, corner St. Albans.
C. T. HELLER. Colonnade, St. Peter and
Tenth streets.
J. P. JELLTNEK & CO., 9CI West Sev
enth street.
A. A. CAMPBELL. Louis and Rondo
W. K. COLLIER, East Seventh street,
corner Sibley.
H. J. M'CALL. 483 Broadway.
DRETS' PHARMACY, corner Ninth and
St. Peter streets.
East Seventh 1 street.
JOHN P.ODINE & CO.. SSI Payne ave
B. A. TREAT, 442 Broadway.
I}'.— Your credit is good with us.
SzC—loans on household goods, pianos,
?-.;>—etc., without removal from your rea
s3o—idence. Easy weekly payments or
$3."—monthly payments. Lowest rates.
$40— Loans to salaried people without
$Js— mortgage or indorser. Payable in
?50—easy installments. We have private
J"s—interviewing rooms and can guaran- i
SI CO—tee absolute privacy and confiden
tial treatment. Open evenings. Tal:s
elevator fifth floor. American Loan Co.,
Room 512 Manhattan Bldg.
Upon Their Plain Notes.
No Mortgage; No Indorser; No Puhlicity
Room 301. New York Life Bldg.
MONET LOANED to salaried people;
only security their name; also loans on
furniture, pianos, eLc, without removal
from resideneo. Minnesota Mortgage
Loan Company. 817 Pioneer Press Bid*.
mortgage; no indorser; no publicity;
guarantee lowest rates, $10 to $100. ST.
PAUL CREDIT CO., Room 303 Man
hattan building, third floor; elevator.
SHORT LOANS on pianos and household
goods; lowest rates; easy payments.
Room 730, Globe Bldg.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan
on improved property in St. Paul and
Minneapolis. V. C. Gilman, New Tori*
Life Udg.
SEMJ PHOTO and 75 cents for our
handsome medallions; indestructibio
anct ail ornament to every home W. W.
Stivers. 61;'. Ryan Bldg.. St. Paul.
BUY typewriters with rent you pay; all
makes. "Fay Sho" Ager.cj, 237 Hen
> nepln ay.. Minneapolis; ail makes.
Assessment for Wooden Sidewalks,
Estimate \o. 4, 1901.
Office of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 31, 1902.
The Board of Public Works in and for
the corporation of the City of St. Paul,
Minnesota, will meet at their office in
said city at 2 p. m., on the 13th day of
February, A. D. 1902, to make an assess
ment of benefits, costs and expenses aris
ing from constructing, relaying and re
pairing wooden sidewalks, Estimate No
4, under contract of James Forrestal Co.,
during the season of 1901, as provided by
law, on
Agate street, east side.
Albert street, west side.
Annapolis street, north side.
Baker street, north side.
Baker street, south side.
Case street, north side.
George street, north side.
Hall .avenue, west side.
Hall avenue, "east side
Kentucky street, south side.
King street, south side.
L'Orient street, west side.
Manomln street, west side.
Manomin street, east side.
Nash street, north side.
Ohio street, west side.
Orleans street, east side.
Page street, north side.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side.
Pennsylvania avenue, north side.
» Roibert street, east side.
Robert street, west side.
Robie street, north side.
Sydney street, south side.
Sydney street, north side.
Smith avenue, east side.
Smith avenue, west side.
Saint Lawrence street, north side.
Starkey street, ea3t side.
Starkey street, west side.
State street, west side.
State street, east side.
In said city on the property specially
benefited thereby amounting in the ag
gregate to 15,564.96.
AH persons interested are hereby noti
fied to be present at said time and place
of making said assessment, and will be
; -r~-iwn«-- - H- °- HAMMER,
1 <£S5Tc! H. BRONSON. PreSident
Clerk Board of Pulblic Works.
; •■[ > Feb. 3-1902-U r
AGENTS for Hayes" Metallic Rubber
Tires for rocking chairs; make $100 per
month. J. C. Hayes, 418 Locust St., ±>e3
Moines, lowa.
SPECIALTIES for agents only; linen,
fiber, Egyptian rags an 1 art squares: all
good sellers. Dundee Mfg. Co., 10 A,
Park Sq.. Boston. Mass.
BIGGEST proposition for gardeners, near
city; you cannot afford to miss these
gardens; cheap; come at once. Hors
nells, 87 Union block. Feb. 9.
ing how to get it; sent prepaid for be.
Indiana Novelty Co., New Haven, Ind.
MANAGER WANTED — Every large
county; "Game o' Skill' 1 nickel slot ma
chine for drinks or cigars; strictly law
ful; takes place of forbidden slot ma
chines, thereby filling a long-felt want;
rented or sold on easy payments; sells
at sight. Jules Webster Desk Co., Chi
cago, 111.
MACHINISTS—SeveraI machinists want
ed for work cut of town; when replying
give age and experience. A 11, Globe
OFFICE WORK—Young man to assist
in general office work; must be a good
penman and have first-class references;
state experience and salary expected.
S 17, Globe.
SALESMAN—First-class salesman for
tailor store: must have experience, and
state salary required. Address S 15,
SOLICITOR—A young man for educa
tional proposition: young lawyer, col
lege professor or graduate preferred.
Address P Id, Globe.
that the Miller Clothing Renovator Co.,
EFI St. Peter st., will keep their clothes
cleaned and pressed at JI.OO per month.
Telephone Main 2208 L-l.
WANTED—Good hand to milk and de
liver in city. C. F. McCarron, McCar
ronVLake, four miles from St. Paul.
YOUNG MAN wanted to take care of
horses and do chores; state age and
salary wanted. Address 11 B. Globe.
$9 TO $15. : weekly working for us at
home; no canvassing; if now employ
ed an hour or two evenings will add
$5 to $6 to your weekly incojne. In
close stamp; work mailed on applica
tion; Address Twentieth Century Mfg.
Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Anybody Out or Work in St. Paul or
Minneapolis may Insert an adver
tisement under tills heading free
of charge.
A YOUNG MAN wants work of any Kind;
have worked in restaurant; can take
care of a horse. Address R. P., 123 West
Fourth st., St. Paul.
A BOY of sixteen wouid like work as
office or errand boy, can give test of
references. Address 59 West Tenth Si.
A BOY of sixteen would like work of any
kincLAddress 181 Garfleld.
A BOY of sixteen would like work of any
kind. Address T. C, 398 Michigan st.
A YOUNG MAN would like a place in
shipping room; have had two year 3" ex
perience as shipping clerk. Address L.
P., 139 South Wabasha St., city.
BOY of eighteen wants a position to learn
the plumber trade; is handy with tools;
is not afraid to work. Call at 315 Wal
nut st.
EOY of sixteen would like work as of
fice or errand boy- can give best of ref
erences. Address 59 West Tenth st.
BOOKKEEPER—Young man, twenty-one
years of age,, experienced bookkeeper
and bill clerk, good penman, desires of
fice position; best of references; rmJ
erate salary. Address P. J. M., ifßl
Brand st., city.
BOOKKEEPER—Situation wanted by
young man as assistant bookkeeper,
clerk in office or collecting; good pen
man. M IS, Globe.
ENGINEER — Situation by mechanical
engineer, technical graduate; three
years' experience in Philadelphia and
Pittsburg, desires to remove to this sec
tion on account of climate. Address P
22, Globe.
FIREMAN—Wanted, by first-class fire
man m ten years' experience a good
paying and steady job. Address E. C.
A., care of engineer Ryan Drug Co.
MASON is looking for work; can do
brick work, cement cellars or buili
cisterns. Address J. Austin, 258 Vir
ginia ay.
PAINTER and paper hanger wants
work; have tools for job Hanford
work: twelve years' experience in city
Painter, GO3 Minnehaha st.
SALESMAN—First-class salesman seeKS
position; long experience; A 1 refei
ences. C. S., 5& Park ay., St. Paul.
HELTABLE, practical man, with mer
cantile and general business experi
ence; good salesman; desires employ
ment at moderate wages; competent in
English and German; best of references
Room 214, Phoenix Bldg.
YOUNG MAN of seventeen would like to
have position in general office work
has experience; moderate salary \a
dress 681 St. Albans st., city.
YOUNG MAN of sixteen years would
like position in general office work
good penman and willing to work; can
furnish reference. Address 605 Blair st.
YOUNG MAN wouid like work on dairy
farm, has had experience. Call or write
to F. P., 66V 2 Fairfield ay.
YOUNG MAN wants work while going
to school, taking care of horses, fur
naces, etc. R. G. Giebel, 539 Robert st.
YOUNG MAN with two years' experience
wishes situation in first-class bakery
at once. Address Room 4, 165 East Sev
enth st.. St.. Paul.
YOUNG MAN; carpenter, wants -work
of any kind. G. M. W. Stone. 353
Cook st.
YOtNG MAN of seventeen would like to
nave position in general office worn
has experience; moderate salary. A<i
dress 681 St. Albans St., city.
YOUNG MAN of sixteen years would
like position in general office worK;
good penman, and willing to work;
good references. Address A. F. D., 605
Blair St., city.
YOUNG MAN wan to position in whole
sale house; stock keeper and s-ome ex
perience as traveler; best reference.
Address F. G., 527 vVabasha st.
HOUSE—Warted to rent, a large ten or
twelve-room house, suitable for room
_ ers; centra 1 lcaticn. P 15, Globe.
WANTED—To rent at once, two furnish
ed rooms, for light housekeeping; give
particulars and terms. Ni, Globe.
GlßLS—Wanted, fifty girls to stitch
pants, overalls and shirts; good pay;
steady work. Guiterman Bros., Fifth
and Sibley s>ts.
HOUSEWORK— Girl wanted to do house
work; good place and easy work; call
at 421 North Exchange, near Smith.
HOUSEKEEPER wanted; Danish pre
ferred; also housewoarkers at Golden
Rule Employment office, 27 East Sev
enth, Room 300.
HOTEL HELP of all kind; housework
positions furnished free. Call at once,
. Horsnell s Employment. 87 Union Block.
income address Proofreader, Box 519,
A\Als TED—Ladies to learn hairdressing,
manicuring and facial massage, four
weeks required; steady practice fur
nished by free work; expert instruc
tions and every facility for teaching;
comparatively no expense. Call or
write, Moler College, 221 Second ay.
south, Minneapolis.
WANTED—A woman of good address
with some experience in the advertis
ing business; liberal commission. A
21, Globe.
WANTED—An experienced ladies' tailor
state particulars. Address 02, Globe.
WOMAN wanted to wash Mondays Ap
ply 268 Fuller st.
$6 TO. $12 SALAKY guaranteed per week
to ladies desiring pleasant home wont;
experience unnecessary; enclose stamp
for full instructions, etc. Address ;'Oth
Century Co. Toledo, Oho.
Anybody Out of Work in St. Paul or
Minneapolis may insert an adver
tisement tinder this beading: fre-i
of charj;e.
A LADY of experience desires work at
collecting, canvassing. or demon
strating; best of references furnished.
461 Selby ay.
A YOUNG LADY with a good education
seeks office work; speaks English and
German. Address 833 South Robert
A YOUNG GIRD would like work of
some kind; can operate typewriter. Ad
dress 139 East Tenth.
BOOKKEEPER-Lady bookKctper .le
sir&3 a position, or will do odd jobs;
will work reasonably or wlil work half
day. Address 109 East Seventh st.
DRESSMAKING at 426 St. Anthony ay,
the best of work for most reasonable
DRESSMAKER—Good dressmaker wants
work in families; will work fur 75 cents
per day. 128 West Seventh.
teen years' experience; sober; have
best of leferences; married man. A.
C. McGlone, 232 South Exchange St.,
St. Paul, Minn.
STENOGRAPHER-Lady stenographer
and bookkeeper desires a position Of
has experience in fire insurance and
real estate; will work fcr a moderate
remuneration. Address Virginia Flats
STENOGRAPHER—A position as sten
ographer by experienced young lady;
moderate salary; willing to leave the
city. L. 8., 170 West Ninth st.
STENOGRAPHER—Experienced young
lady stenographer wants a position; can
furnish i rferences. O. 8., 170 West
Nnth st.
STENOGRAPHER—Wanted, position by
competent stenographer who can fur
nish best of references. L 100, Globe.
WANTED—Day work, washing. Ironing
or house cleaning. Call or address 4i4
WANTED—A place to take care of an
invalid or an aged person. Call or ad
dress, 237 Rondo street, corner .Lou's;
WASHING—A woman wants washing
house cleaning', or any kind of work
by the day. Call or address 405 Jay
St., St. Paul. Minn.
WASHING—A good wash woman wants
to go out washing and ironing, or any
housework. 181 Smith ay.
WE B. PLACE more domestic help in
the Northwest than any two offices;
established 1872. Twin City Employ
ment Office, 3:j3 Phoenix.
WORK by the day, washing, ironing, or
house cleaning. Call or address 424
Cedar st.
WOMAN would like day work washing,
ironing or housecleaning. Call or ad
dress 452 Thomas St., up stairs.
WOMAN wants to go out wa&YLng and
ironin?. 'i'H lglenarr. St.
SCIENTIFIC scalp treatments, hair re
stored, fine shampooing, hair dressing,
manicuring; pinon nut solution for che
complexion. Miss Jones" hair parlo.3,
Phoenix building.
THE OXYDONOR never fa'ls to cure
spasms. C. S. Wilson. 613-611 N Y.
Life. St. Paul; No. 11 Thiid si norti,
TRUE VALUES in men's shoes at So
rensens 153 E. 7th st. Any shoe for
$2.50; no more, no less.
UPHOLSTERY WORK and covering at
half usual prico at our Eiphtli Annual
Discount Midwinter Sale. Schroeder &
1C East Sixth.
FOR SALE—Good blacksmith shop; small
house and barn; foriy-nve miles from
St. Paul; Wisconsin Central railroad;
good location. Address Charles Jerry.
Cylon, Wis.
FLAT—Fifteen roomed, furnished and
steam heat, for sale or trade for a
house and lot. D 69, Globe.
spring rush I will furnish and hang
cheap, wall paper for the usual price
of hanging; let me show samples and
give prices. Daws' Wall Store, 193 West
Seventh st.
City Clerk's Office.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 28, 1902.
Sealed proposals, marked 'Proposals for
Booths," etc., will be received at this of
fice until 5 o'clock p. m., Feb. 4, 1902, for
the furnishing of all material and con
struction of the booths, Market Master' 3
office and toilet rooms, under the ste^l
sheds of the Jackson Market, in accord
ance with plans and specifications now
on file in the office of the Commissioner
of Public Works, City of St. Paul.
A certified check in the sum of 10 per
cent of the amount bid, or &• bond in the
sum of 20 per cent, with two sureties,
residents of the State of Minnesota, or a
surety bond in the same amount, must
accompany each proposal as surety tor
the making and execution of the contracts
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council
City Clerk.
Jan. 29 Daily to and inc. Feb. 4.
Office of the City Treasurer.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 31, 1902.
All persons interested in the assessments
for constructing, relaying and repairing
cement sidewalks. Estimate No. 5, under
contract of L. G. Washington, during the
season of 1901, as provided by law,
Will Take Notice, That on the 31st day
of January, laO2, I did receive a certain
wairant from the City Comptroller of the
City of St. Paul for the collection of the
above named assessments.
The nature of this warrant is. that if
you faii to pay the assessment within
a.ter the first publication of this notice,
I shall report you and your real estate
so assessed as delinquent. And apply to
the District Court of the County of
Ramsey, Minnesota, for judgment against
your lands, lots, blocks, or parcels there
of so assessed, including interest, "coats
and expenses, and for an order of the
Court to sell the same for the payment
City Treasurer.
FOR RENT—s2s.oo—Eight-room house, <*24
Fort st, corner Weet Ninth Bt. Inquire
C. H. Schltek, 318 S'lbley at.
FOR RENT-Cheap. 274 Pleasant ay.;
very desirable location. Sprague, 255
ed and papered rooms; all prices,' day,
week or month; depot cars pass the
doors. The Western. 105 East Eighth;
Imperial Hotel, 16 East Eighth; Yukon
Hotel, 127 East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
300 Jackson St.: transient trade solicited.
CENTRAL TERRACE, 46—flat No 2—
Large newly furnished outside front
room, in slriCUy modern flat; steam
- hea*._gas and ba»h; ten minutes' walk.
FOR RENT—Two front rooms The on
nrst floor, furnished for light house
keeping; modern and within walking
distance. V 21, Globe.
FOP-RENT-Three or four nic rooms,
first floor, furnished for housekeeping;
$10; water free; separate side door en
trance. 130 West Fourth
FOR RENT—A nicely furnished room
with privileges. Address V 36. Globe.
IGLEHART ST., 145-For rent, four
rooms; modern conveniences; reason
able rent to right party.
NINTH ST., 241 WFSP-For rent, up
stairs, four rooms; city na^er. Hub
I lothmg Co., Seventh and Jackson sts
ROOMS—Two nicely furnished rooms for
rent, within fivo minutes' walk from
center of city; will rent separate or to
gether. Apply 57 West College ay,
Flat 34.
SHERMAN ST., 301-Five nice room.?
and bath; second floor.
SUMMIT AY., 60 iCAST-Flat 10-T,vo
warm, sunny front rooms, furmstd
steam heat; strictly modern; private
Fourth—Opposite Rice Park-Nicely fur
nished room, all modern.
WAISTED-To find a_more faithful friend
than our Home Savings Bank; no
charge for its use. Security Trust Com
site Rice Park—Pleasant front room
>• furnished for a gentleman.
2SO ACRES, nine miles from St. Paul- 150
acres clear; good pasture; enough
word; good market for evezy \-n n i.j
be sold. Communicate with Dr Bur
chartt, 679 East Third st., St." Paul
OWNER, 30,000 acres level loam wheat
land in "Horse Heaven" country,
Washington, for first time offers it for
sale; locality farmed eighteen years
and never a failure; best big buy in
state. F. B. Babcock, Cheney, Wash.
FOR SALE—Desirable rooming house,
furniture; all rooms occupied; good lo
cation for day boarding. People's Ren
tal, 209 West Seventh st.
FOR SALE—Dairy near West Seventh
st.; forty cows, six horses and seventy
gallon milk route; also all machinery
tor dairy farming; on market for one
week; a snap. Apply Bryant Bros.,
Arcade st.
FOR SALE-Light grocery, $300.00; neat
confectionery, maKe good restaurant,
$525.00; small stand, $250. People's Ren
tal. 209 West Seventh.
TO SELL your business, call on Peo
ple's Rental, 209 West Seventh St., and
they will find you a cash customer.
TRUE VALUES in men's shoes at So
rensen's 153 E. 7th st. Any shoe for
$2.50; no more, no less.
WAlTED—Reliable brokers and financial
agents to sell an Issue of 7 per cent
preferred stock of the Idaho Beet Sug
ar Company; highest banking reference
fiven. Address Idaho Beet Sugar Co.,
lome Insurance Bldg., Chicago.
rett & Zimmerman will hold their first
grand horse auction saie of the season
at their Midway Horse Market, St.
Paul, Minn., Wednesday, Feb. 12, .sO2,
and every succeeding Wednesday there
after, with private sales daily. will
have for the first sale from 1,000 to 1,500
head of farm mares, drafters, drivers,
coach horses, roadsters and miles,which
will be sold to the highest bidder with
out reserve and regarless of value. Re
member th 3 date and do not miss this
opportunity to buy your kind at your
own price.
TRUCK FOR SALE—Good heavy spring
truck and sleighs and single buggy.
Call 182 Goodrich ay.
RASMUSSEN'S Practical Business School
Charles—3lo Globe Bldg; Gregg Short
hand; fastest, easiest, most readable;
typewriting; bookkeeping, etc.; Individ
ual instruction; circulars free.
and University—Class nights, Tuesdays
and Fridays; special rates for the Lent
en season; guarantee to teach you or re
fund money.
DR. SCHIFFMAN, 133 East Sixth—Pain
less extracting, gold ullingr 75c up; o£h
ers, 50c up; meaning, 50c up; solid ZJ-k
crowns ard bridges, $2.50 up; plates,
$3.50 up; full act, $4 to $20. Op. l?.dieV
entrance of Ryan.
WANTED—Engine, a 25 H. P. horizontal
stationary steam engine, self contained
or side crank (no center crank); must
be in first-class condition; give full de
scription: spot cash. O. H. Olson,
Volga, Wis. ■ ,
DR. WYATT—Sixteen years at 230 Hen
nepin ay., Minner — iis, with thirty
years' wonderful success In. curing men
and women of sexual, kidney, blood or
wasting: diseases; visit or write him
fr<*° md tret cured.
DO YOU SPECULATE? If so, inside in
formation wins; particulars free. Spec
ulators' Information. Bureau, Rialto
Bldg., Chicago, 111. -
MISS WELCH, 308 Pheonix bldg., super-
Sous hair, moles v etc., permanently re
moved by electrolysis; references giv
en; shampooing and manicuring. Over
Yerxa's. :■■.■-.. »
MRS. WHITE, occultist, psychometrist,
125 West Fourth, tells past, present, fu
ture, with unerring accuracy; readings
daily; circles Friday.
Office of the Board of Control,
Room 14, Court House and City Hall.
St. Paul, Mir.n., February Ist, 1902.
Sealed bids wl!l be received at the of
fice of the Board of Control, Room 11,
Court House and City Hall, until 2 x>. m.
Friday, February 21st, ISO 2, for the build
ing of Contagious Ward at the City and
County hospital, according to plans and
specifications on file at the office of
Messrs. Reed and Stem, Architects, Room
601. Kndicott Building.
A certified check in the sum of ten per
cent, or an approved bond in the sum of
twenty per cent of the Did, must accom
pany each proposal.
A Surety Company bond In a sum
agreed upon must be given by the suc
cessful bidder upon award of contract.
The Board of Control reserves the right
to reject any or all bids or to award any
part upon which separate bids are asked.
By order Board of Control.
Trains leave and axriv* at Bt. Paul a.
follows: - U3
OBToe 883 Robert it. 'Phone 480? .
tEx. Sun. *Ex Sat. ■'.■■ ~~~ ->. ,'". ~*
. {Sx. Mon. Others Dalljr. LEAVE. ARRIVg,
Badger £faie Express, i 3:3 10:1
Chicafo, Madison / A. M. "mi
cS-»^:;:l^ l 0:5
-5 Limited. » 8:33 7:25
Chiccco, Mil.. MsdUon ) P.M. AM
V/auiau, F. dv Lac. Orson Bay 6:05 pm 10:55
Duluth, Superior. Ashland.... 18:50 pm 445 c^
Duluth. Superior, Ashland.... f8:50 ami 4 45 -~
Twilight Uai.tsd. \ 4;25 9'sa
Duluth. Superior. Ashland.. / P.M. P M •
Mankato. St. Tamos, Su. City. t7:40 am t4-15 o'-4
Deadwood. BUck H1!L»...... f7-40 am 7-33 aS
Elmow Alrona, D» Moln.s.. t7140 tW P m
New Ulm. Tracy. Marshall.. - t7:40 am t7:30 p-n
Huron, Rodflsld. Pierre 17:40 am( t7:30 In
PmahaExpress. » 10:00 7:30;
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. City. / A. M. P. M i
Sioux Falls. Mitchell.. 10:00 am t7:30 pa»
New Ulm, Elmors.St. James. t4:50 UO-05am
Omaha Limited. I 8:40 7:35
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. City. ( P. M. A M
Watenown. Redfield. Huron.. 8.40 pm| 7:35 an»
C~C~£*\ Cor' s.th and Robert St 3.
\>gSKt<jl *™, ', on Station, St. Pau",
4b^??MVVV Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis.
\bȣl>^ Dining and Pullman Bleeping Cars 01
r . Winnipeg and Coast Trains.
No. 11 to Portland, Ore Leave I Arrive "
▼la Butte. Missouia, Spokane! * 9 :30 * 2 "20
Seattle, Tacoma an* pm
Pacific Express
Fargo, Jamestown, Boze-.. ,_ m ± _ _ .
man, Helena, Butte, Spokane * 10:35 *7:45
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland... pm am
Fargo and Leech Lake
St. Cloud, Little Falls, Brain- +8:30 t 6 *45
erd, Walker, Bemidjl, Fargo.. am 'p;
Dakota & Manitoba
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton,
Moorhead, Fargo, Crookston, *8:00 * 7:15
Grand Forks, (irafton, Win- * 8 :00 7:15
n*peg. pm am
tßT6s°a m DTOUTH & 4^
■aasss superior
•Dally. tE-£. Sunday.
Ticket Office—332 Robert St!. Cor. Fourth
'Phone Main 856.
Leave. »Daily. *E« Sun. tSun~only _Arrlv^r
tß:lsam St. Cloud, F«rgus Falls. Fargo t6:oopoi
tß:lssm ... Willmar. via St. Cloud ... 16:00pm
t4:4spm Elk RiTer, M. and Sandstona «:35
t4:4spm Elk Rirer. M. and Sandstone 110:OOarn
14:40pm ...Wayzata and Hutchinson... t9:2Cam
•7:ospm Breck.. Farco. G. F.,Winnip«e *7:4sarn
*B:3opm. ...Minn, and Dak. Fxp .. . *7:3oim
»n: Si&-Dch*h «"d w"« Superior ..| jggpn*
Sleeper for 11:10 p. m. train can be oc
cupied at any time after 9 p. m.
Ghicago, fejUJUIL.
& St. F&ialßy. ft™u[|jjjj
Ticket Office 365 Robert St. Phona 93.
_ *Daily. 1 Ex. Sunday. LEAVE, ! ARRIVE
Chicago. LaX, Milwaukes.... *8:30 am:*10:15 pm
Chicago, La X, Milwaukee .... *6:00 pm *11:25 am
-..Odcooo nonesr 11131 *8:35pmr7:25 em
Milwaukee. LaX. V/|-icna.... *3:00 pm: *2:50 pm
Chicaeo. Faribo, Dubuqus.... 1*3:55 pm *9: SO am
RedWing and Rochester it3:oo pm 111:25 am
LaCrosss. Dubuq'e. Rk Isl'nd 18:30 am tlO: 15 pm
Northfisld. Farlba. Kan. City *8:00 am *6:05 pm
Ortonvflis, Milbank. Aberdeen 18:45 am t6:30 pm'
Ortonyilb. Abardesn. Farta.. *6:50 m: 7:35 am
Northfield. Faribo. Austin ... 1*7:25 cm 1:10 am
Minneapolis & Si. Louis RR
O»i.- e , 393 Robart. Phor.a 661. St. Loutj D eC ot
JLeava_|_^Djlly tExcapt Sunday |
\9:QO the short lino T) t 7:30
ssn&s • jmmf. _,_ ant
-8:00 OMAH A "aToo
am' AND DES M01.N35: atn'
19:00 am Alb«rt L«. di%: Ra?|ii .
i *7-00 3 a • ••chl «eo, Kaaai Cit/... : T7:30 pm
'•uup« .Chicago & St. Louis Limit. i . *8:4 0 «n
Waterto-wn. N«t» Ulm. St.
James, Shsrbarns, Esthjr
tß:4Sam ...Tills and Storm La's* t6:02 pm
New Ulm Local—St. Jam»j,
•5:15 pm ..Sherburno and Estharvillj. . *9:59 am
••The Manic Lea! Route."
City Office, sth and Robert Sts., 'Phons 153 M.
* Kx. Sunday: QJte^~diH^~L^Ml?K ]ABBIV££gBM
Kenyon, Dodg» Csntsr, Osi- 8:10 am 10:00 pm
well, Dubuqus. Frsepart. 8:10 7:50 am
Chicago and East. j 11 :20 pm 12:50 pm
Cedar Falls. Waterloo. Mar- 10:30 am 7:25 pm
shalltown, D 93 Moln«3. St. 8:10 pm 7:50 am
Joseph, Kansas City. 11:20 pm 12:50 pm
10:30 am 12:50 pm
Cannon Falls, Red Wing t 5:10 pm t 9:45 am
Northfield. Faribault, Watsr- t 8:10 am t7:2spm
Tille, Mankata. 6:05 pm 9:45 am
Hayfleld, Austin. Lyle Mason t 8:10 am 10:45 pm
City • 5:10 pm t7:25 am
Eaeie Grove, Ft. Dodge t8:10am t7:25 pm
■BwßTri33?B6s!ffi|3l wfIIUMO U nil LI |pyy*Kii|jj^ASjf3r |
'3^ll fiTTi fPsSI ?*9l iSTml^Sl
8.05 otn Winona, LaCrosse, Dubuque
and Chicago, except Sunday 12.45
B.oa am Winona, La Crosse, Dnbuque - j
I and St.Louis, except Sunday
«.25 pm Winona, La Crosse, "Dubuque
* 1 Chicago and St. Loni3, daily 7.25 am
Ticket Office. 400 Robert St- TeJ. Main 36.
M **•> ST. P. & S. S. M. R'Y. 3f
City Ticket Office. 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051.
Union Depot, St. Paul. t
_Leave.| EAST. [Arrive.,
7:2opmj. Atlantic Limited (<aily>.| s:4o<tn»
10:OOamlRhinelander Local(exSun)| 4;55p:n
9:osam Pacific Express (Pacific I '<$.'.
■'— Coast") daily. I 6:55pm
s:ospm Glen wood Exp. (ex Sun') [ 9:55 am
City Office. 373 Robert St. 'Phone No. 694.
Ltave I An TViina T>aiu- I Arrive
Bt.Paull All lrains uailv. ( StPau ,
lEau Claire, Chip. Falls,
B:oOam!Milwaukee and Chicago B:lsam
lAshland, Chippewa F'li,
7:4opm|O3hko3h. Mil, and Chi. E:oopm
City Clerk"s Offlce.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 31, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that sealed pro
posals, marked "Proposals for Scales,"'
will be received at the 'office of the City
Clerk, of the City of St. Paul, Court
House and City Hall, until 5 o'clock p.
m., February 4, 1002, for scales for ihe
Public Market; said bids or proposals lo
be submitted in accordance with the spec
ifications on file in the office of the Com
missioner of Public Works.
A bond in the sum of 20 per cent cf
the amount bid, with two sureties, resi
dents of the State of Minnesota, or a
surety bond in the same amount, or a
certified check of 10 per cent of amount
bid, must accompany each proposal £9
surety for the making and execution of
the contract.
The Common Council reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
By order of the Common Council.
City Clerk.
Jan «. to Feb. 4.

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