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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, February 22, 1902, Image 9

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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11. R. Sanborn, of lowa, Division,
Moved to 'Minnesota Headquar
—General Sews of -
the Bonds.
CHICAGO, Feb. 21.—Circulars have been
issued by General Manager W. A. Gard
ner and R. H. Aishton, of the North-
Western road, placing the operating de
partment under more perfect organiza
tion. The basis of the change is the ap
pointment of William D. Cantillion as as
sistant general superintendent of the en
tire system. This position was formerly
filled by Mr. Gardner before he became
general manager and has been vacant
since that time. Mr. Cantillion's ad
vancement from the superintendency of
the Minnesota division caused the follow
ing promotions and appointments:
Harry R. Sanborn, superintendent of
Sioux City division, to be superintendent
of Minnesota division.'
William D. Hodge, superintendent of
lowa division, to be superintendent of
Eioux City division at Sioux City.
Frank R. IVchin, assistant superin
tendent of Wisconsin division, to be su
iveriiitendtnt of Northern lowa division
at Eagle Gruve, lowa.
P. J. O'Brien, trainmaster of Nortnern
Wisconsin division, to be assistant su
perintendent of Wisconsin division;
C. T. Boone to be trainmaster of
Northern Wisconsin division at Fond dv
Luc. Wis. The appointments are elec
tive March 1.
8., C. R. & X. AGAIN AFLOAT.
The rumor that the Rock Island sys
tem will sroon assume control of the Bur
lington, Cedar Rapids & Northern is
a^ain going the rounds and is generally
accepted as correct in railroad circles.
The work on. the road is being pushed
as rapidly as possible the road row be
ins completed about seven miles out of
I'aribault. The rumor has it that as soon
as the line is completed to the Twin
Cities the formal transfer will be made.
Rochester Gives Road Permission to
Lay Tracks Through the Town.
The City of Rochester has granted per
mission to the Great Western to lay three
tracks through that town. It is the plan
of the road to extend the line from the
south, through Rochester northward to
? umbrota. At the latter point it will con
r.ecr with the Duluth, Red Wing & South
The extension of the. Sioux City &
Omaha branch is also being rushed by
the road and the work will be com
nttneed as soon as the weather will per
mit. Jt was stated yesterday that nearly
all the contracts for the construction of
the larger and more important sections
of the road had been let.
Agents and Traffic Stagnates TaUe
on "Community of Interest.''
NEW YORK. Feb. 21.—General Eastern
agents of all the large railroad systems
and the traitie managers of twenty-seven
large industrial organizations met today
at luncheon. Community of interest was
the theme of all the speakers. It was
the first general gathering of_ shippers
and shipping agents, but tlfere were
many signs to indicate that it will be fol
lowed by similar affairs. Among the
speakers were General Eastern Agent Da
Wolf, of the Erie railroad, General
Freight Agent Mack, of the American
Sti el and "Wire company, and B. D. Cald
v/ell. traffic manager of the Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western railroad.
J. C. Pond Does A'ot Believe Extra
Business Will Result.
The action of the Great Western in put
ting on tourist- sleepers between here and
Chicago has not been productive of simi
lar notices from any of the competing
lines. J. C. Pond, general passenger
agent of the Wisconsin Central, was in
St. k\\ul yesterday and he said his road
had taKen no steps in the matter yet and
was doubtful whether it would. He does
not think cutting the sleeper rate to $1
will stimulate travel to any great ex- ;
London! & Xorihwest Ry. Gets Good
Results From Large Locomotives.
LONDON, Feb. 21.—American railroad
methods and American locomotives were
referred to approvingly by Lord Stal
burge while presiding- at today"s meeting
of the stockholders of the London &
Northwestern company. "Following the
American lead." said his lordship, "th«
Northwestern has introduced more power
ful locomotives and larger wagons, result
ing la marked economy."
California—Viu the "Sunshine
Route." "~
If you contemplate a trip to California
this fall or winter consult the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. -* 'i
J Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 15th, and ev
ery Tuesday thereafter during the sea
son a high-class Pullman tourist sleep
ing car will leave St. Paul and Minne
apolis, running through to Los Angeles
without —arriving Lea Angeles
I Saturday morning, four days.
The line is by the celebrated C. M &
St. P., "Herdick Route," to Kansas
City, thence over the A., T. & S. F Ry
rooking the most popular and interesting
rcute to the South Pacific Coast.
This service includes the "personally
conducted feature" west of Missouri
River—a special conductor accompanies
f:ach car, whose duty it is to carefully
look after the wants of each individual
Write for the" cheapest rates and for
copy of the "Sunshine" folder, contain
ing full particulars of this famous rout*
vJ. T. Conlsy; Asst. Gen. Pass \ Ee ni'
C. M. & St. P. Ry., St. Paul. *S en-.
Ka«t Walk Behind.
_There is a little story about Prlncs
Edward of Wales m the British W^eklv
He said the other day to a lady who was
vjt-iting the royal.children in their nurs
ery: "Do you think that great-grand
mamma is quite happy in heaven?"
ird of Wales in the British Weekly
the other u?.y to a lady who was
ng the royal children In their mrrs
"Do you think that great-grand
ma is quite happy In heaven?"
."Yes, dear," replied the lady; "don't
you think so?" "We!!, i am not quite
sure," answered he. ■: "You see, she will
have to walk behind the angels "there,
and here she always walked in front."—
Los Angeles Herald.
VuvH Miiiiiesc in Street.
Office of the Board of Public Works.
City off St. Paul, Minn., February 19,1902
Scaled bids will be-.received by the
Board of-Public Works in "and' for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul.-MJn
r.trsl^j, at their office, In said city, until
2 p. m., on the Z-:il day of March", A. D.
;3£C2,' for foe parley of Minnesota "street
fiomEighth'street to .Summit avenue, in
Bfii-i city, according to plane and spedftca
tions on file in the'office of szld board. -
: A bond with at least two (2) sureties In
a. sum of .at least twenty (20) per cent,
j ;-. or a certiilcii check on a bank, of Si. Paul
In a sum of at least ten (10) per eaiit of
v.. gTo«8 2 amount bid, inuat accompany
€ft-.:h bid. check shall bo made pay
able i) the Clerk of «a!d Board.
.The said Bra: d reserves tho riirht to
reject any and all bids
tifSoia!: C. H. BROA'SON,
.. Clerk Board of Public Works; -
PeJ:. 20, JSftS-lOt
Miscellaneous . ..
Market Quotations.
■■MINNEAPOLIS/- Feb. 21.—Reported by
the McMillan < Fur and! Wool Co. .
Receipts somewhat-. less, :as: is usual at
this season. Market off again in prices.
Still lower prices looked for. • Do not de
lay shipments .
■■-■■"■ "p;"-' ■-; ~ „-■:" y:-""~:^TSGZ.-TX6?2;.
G.S. steers, over. GO 1b5....... .09& .08*4
G.S. brd. steers, over 69 lbs ■■-•■
(flat) ..-;..........••.:....-.:; OSV4 .....
G. S. cows, over 60 1b5....... 08 .07 -;
G. S. light hides, 23: t0 60 lbs .OT^ .06^4
G. S. bulls, stags and oxen
(flat) .:.;....... .... .07%
G. S. banded hides, over 60 " -J~:M&.
lbs ;.:..:.... 0714 ....
G. S. long haired kips, Bto 25 ' -„.' --**--
lbs ........;.............-... 0714 .05%
G. S. veal kips, 15 to 25 lbs.. .09 / .07%■
G. S. calksktns, Bto 15 lbs..V.. .10% .09 ■;
G. S. horse and colt hides .90 3.00
Green hides l(g:l%c less than green salt
ed. Ship hides green frozen in winter. -* *
Market weaker in sympathy;with green
salted, but no decline as yet. _
Dry territory butchers, over 12 I
lbs ......................-....: .12 @ .15%
Dry territory murrain, over
12 lbs ......"......■.......;... .10 @ .11
Dry Minn., Dak., Wis., lowa-v" 1" ":*
and Neb. hides, over 12 lbs. .10*4®. .12
Dry calf under, 5 1b5.......... 13 @ .15,
Dry kips, 5 to 12 lbs ........ .10%® .12
Dry .salted, all weights, all "
sections ..... -11%@ .12%
Dry horse and colt, hides.... 20 @ 1.50r.
Continue arriving with shipments of
hides. Market steady. Prices unchang
ed, v-: , . ■' :;:.;■; -V- V.r% ■" .—'
Tallow in cakes •.. .06 .04%
Tallow in barrels .05% .04%
Grease : " 04% .OS
Market unchanged. Demand good at
quotations. Receipts fair.
Washed wool, estimated .18 <5> .20
Green salted shearings, each .20 : & .....
Dry shearings, each ......... 04 <fi> .10
Dry territory butcher pelts.. .09%© .10%
Dry territory fallen r>elts.. .09 @ .10
• . FURS. • :
Most varieties continue arriving in
large quantities. Demand good except
muskrat, which was dull. : ; Prices still
high, but decline expected. Ship at once.
*<ear black, brown, grizzly..slo.so<Ji> 28.00
Beaver .. ...■.......; 3.50@ 8.00
Fisher, as to size and color.. 2.75<?? 3.00
Fox, black and silver gray .."•30.00®300.00
Fox, cross, as to size and color 3.00(5)12.00
Fox, red ; 3.00<^ 5.50
Lynx ■•.... 3.00# 7.00
Marten, as to size and color. 2.50® 17.00
Mink, as to size and c010r.... 1.25(5) 3.50
Muskrat. fall .06® - .09
Muskrat, winter .09® .12
Otter, as to size arid color .. 5.00® 13.00
Raccoon .. - --•J?®.-?'2?
Skunk, Waok and short striped .85(5) 1.85
Skunk. striped .................. 25@ 1.10
Wolf, brush and prairie or coy- __ ' _
Wolf, ■timber'!!!:".'.'."'.".'.'-'.'. ■■"■" I.BW : 3*.50
These prices are for prime No. 1 skins.
No. 2, 3. 4 and kitts in proportion. Wis
consin and similar muskrat are 2@3c over
quotations. P.aderer, civet cat, house cat,
doe gray fox. kitt fox, mountain lion,
rabbit skins, weasel and wolverine bought
at full prices.
Vienna—Business on the bourse today
was depressed owing to apprehension re
garding the sugar question and the Man.
churian situation. Austrian credits
dropped S points and the Anglo-Austrian
bank dropped three points.
Eerlin—Home funds were in good de
mand on the bourse today and transac
tions were active in consequence of
easier discounts. Spanish 4s declined on
the riots in Spain. Locals fluctuated
somewhat and closed steady; Canadian
Pacifies were dull.
Paris—Business on the bourse today
opened in an agitated state on disquiet
ing Spanish news. Later Spanish stocks
declined sharply on heavy selling. At
the close they were somewhat firmer
with the exception of Spanish 4s, which
finished weak. Thomson-Houston closed
harder. Rusian industrials had a favor
able tendency. Rio Tintos were main
tained. Kaffirs commenced dull, recov
ered later and closed easier.
The private rate of discount was un
changed today at 2 9-16 per cent.
Ix>ndon—Stocks were steadier today,
save in the case of Americans, which
opened weak, rallied on support by the
Morgan interests, see-sawed after New
York's opening and finally closed midway
between the best and the worst. Traders
here are surprised that Attorney Gen
eral Knox's action failed to precipitate a
bigger fall, but the suggestion is made
that the big break is only deferred, as
public confidence is shattered. Rio Tintcs
sold at 45V4 and Copper was steady; Paris
is still inquiring for gold in the open mar
New York Grain and Produce. '
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—Flour—
13,849 bbls; exports, 33,291 bbls; quiet and
barely steady in tone; winter patents,
: [email protected]; winter straights,- [email protected];
Minnesota patents, [email protected]; Minnesota
bakers, [email protected]. Rye flour, steady.
Ccrnmeal firm; yellow Western, $1.30;
city, $1.25. Rye easy, No. 2 Western,
63% c f. o. b. afloat. Wheat—Receipts
61,750 bu; spot easy; No. 2 red, 88c f. o.
b. afloat; No. 2 red 90c elevator; No. 1
northern Duluth, 85% c f. o. b. afloat; No.
1 hard Manitoba, 89c f. o. b. afloat. The
wheat trade was very slow today and
given to moderate depression •by rea
son of favorable crop news, less active
export trade and general realizing, with
the close weak at %c net loss. Close:
Wheat—March, 83% c; May, 83% c; , July,
S2^c; September, 8214 c.
Receipts, 14,000 bu • exports, 8,290
bu; spot steady; No. 2, 68% c elevator and
67% cf.o. b. afloat. Dullness in the corn
market was also attended by easier
prices, following wheat, and the close
was weak at %@%c net lower. Close:
Coin—May, 66% c; July, 66Vsc; September,
; C4%c. : - ■■- •■ _ ■■:- -
I Oats—Receipts, 18,000 bu; exports, 30,295
; bu; spot strong; No. 2 oats, 50c: No. 3.
49c; No. 2 white, 51^c; No. 3 white, 51c;
track mixed western, 50@51c; track white.
50@€6c. Options quiet and easier. Close:
Oats—A shade lower. .
Hay dull. Hops, firm. 1 : ) Hides, dull.
Leather, quiet. Beef, firm. Cutmeats,
steady. —Easy; Western, steamed,
[email protected]; refined steady; continent, $9.70;
South America, $10.35; compound, 7%@Bc.
Pork, steady. Coal, steady. Tallow,
iirmer. • ... , ■■- ■ - ;- ■
Tljo Coffee 3larket.
NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—The coffee mar
ket opened with prices unchanged to five
points lower and following the call furth
er eased off under brisk selling for both
accounts prompted by disappointing for
eign market information, continued tre
mendous receipts in the crop cquntry,
freer offers of spot coffee and very tame
demand. The close was steady
with prices net five points higher.
Total sales were fis,soo bags, including
March at 5.20(?25.25c: June,. 5.50 c; July,
5.55 c: August, 5.70 c: September, [email protected]:
October, 5.80 c; November, 5.90 c; Decem
ber, 5.95£/«3.GOc; January. G.Ooc.
Rio—Exchange.l2d. Receipts, 15,000 hairs;
cleared for the United States, 1.000 ba**.;
cleared for Europe, 1.000 bags; stock,
G04.000 bags.
Santos—Weak; receipts, 25,000 bags:
stock, 1,129.000 bags.
Hamburg—Opened %®% pfg ■ lower: at
2:30 ii. m. was net %©% pfg lower; sales,
40.000 bags.
Havre—Market opened barely steady,
! % franc lower; at noon unchanged; at
3 p. m., steady and unchanged; closed Vi®
V 2 franc net lower; sales, 20,000 bags.
Wool Trade.
BOSTON, Feb. 21.—The Commercial
Bulletin will say in tomorrow's report on
the wool trade of the United States: Ac
tivity centers in the West, rather than
the East. The new Arizona clip opened
last week has advanced smartly this
week, the longest and finest wools selling
this week at Phoenix, Ariz., at 53c clean
delivered in Boston, an advance of 10c,
the scoured pound, over last year's open
ing rates. Eastern dealers are contract
ing for wool on the sheep's back in
Nevada and elsewhere. Hartford deal-
I er? have bought this week the entire sup-
I ply of scoured wools left in St. Louis.
I In Boston Australian wools of 64c qual
ity have sold at 70c clean, an advance of
j2c fiinco the last sales. At the coming
; London auctions but 160,000 bales will be
offered, against 218,000 bales last year
The receipts of wool in Boston since
Jim. 1. 1902. have been 29,043,163 lbs as
ngalppt 15,015,339 lbs for the same period
The Boston shipments to date are 43 -
024,973 lbs. against shipments of 30,232 500
lbs for the same period in 1891.
Th« stock on hand in Boston Jan 1
ISO 2, was 77.H40,4G3 lbs, the total stock to
iday being &?,555,653 lbs.
Where W&.nt/> Ceui Ba
Left for Insertion in
The Globe
At the R&ie of I Cent per
Word. No Insertions Ac
cepted Leu than 15 Cent/.
Personal, Clairvoyants, Fortune Teller
and Medical Classifications,
2 Cents Per Word,
No insertion accepted less than 25 cent 3.
CONGER BROS., Druggists, Selby ave
nue, corner St. AlDans: 409 Selby
avenue, and 349 University avenue.
ALBERT W. BORK. corner Mississippi
and Nash streets.
CAMPBELL BROS., Selby and Victoria,
S. H. REEVES, Druggist, Seven Corners.
STRAIGHT BROS., Druggists, Rondo
and Grotto streets.
A. T. GUERNSEY & SON, Druggists, 171
North Dale street.
enth street.
E, B. ROLLINS, Druggist, 295 West Sev
enth street.
SEVER WESTBY, Druggist. Maria ave
nue and East Third street.
W. A. FROST & CO., Druggists, Selby
and Western avenue 3.
WALTER NELSON, Druggist, University
avenue and Rice street.
RIETZKE & CO., Druggists, Selby and
Western avenues.
A, & G. SCHUMACHER, Druggists, 490
West Seventn streets.
BOTNER & CO., Druggists. f>7B Grand
avenue, corner St. Albans.
C. T. HELLER, Colonnade, St. Peter and
Tenth streets.
J. P. JELLINEK & CO., 961 West Sev
enth street.
A. A. CAMPBELL, Louis and Rondo
W. K. COLLIER, East Seventh street,
corner Sibley.
H. J. M'CALL, 483 Broadway.
DREIS' PHARMACY, corner Ninth and
St. Peter streets.
East Seventh street.
JOHN EODINE & CO., 881 Payne ave
B. A. TREAT. 442 Broadway.
GIRL—A good girl for general house
work; small family. Apply 573 Mar
shall avenue. .
HOUSEWORK—Wanted, young girl to
assist with housework; must be neat.
Call at once, 419 North Exchange st.
HOUSEKEEPER—Wanted, good house
keeper, City hotel, 114 St. Peter St., St.
SEAMSTRESS—Wanted, seamstress to
work by the day. Call at 43 Virginia
flats. Mrs. H. Yeager.
$6 TO $12 SALARY guaranteed per week
to men and women desiring pleasant
home work; experience unnecessary;
enclose stamp for full instructions, etc.
Address Twentieth Century Co., To
ledo, O.
Anybody Out of Work in Si. Pan! or
Minneapolis may insert an adver
tisement under this heading: freoi
of elmrare.
A GOOD strong German girl would liko
day work washing, ironing ot- cleaning;
please call at 383 Arundel st; home ev
ery evening, but not Sunday J
BOOKKEEPER—Lady bookkeeper de
sires a position, or will do odd jobs at
a reasonable compensation. Address
109 East Seventh.
CASHIER and proofreader, experienced,
also good penman, wants position at
once; very much in need of work; best
of references. Miss L. W., Box 316,
COOKS, waitresses, second girls, kitchen
help, laundresses; also girls for house^
work for Montana, Dakota, Minnesota,
COOK—Situation wanted by first-class
cook, at 184 Smith ay.
COLLECTING wanted by a lady well ac
quainted v v:ith the city. 653 Laurel.
EMPLOYMENT—By Ist of March, work
in stylish dressmaking parlors or as
saleslady in department store. Address
437 Bherburne ay.
HOUSEKEEPER — Middle-aged woman
would like a place as housekeeper; am
a good plain cook. Call 19 West Tenth
HOUSEKEEPER—A woman with a child
wants place as housekeeper; in need of
wages and good home. Call or address
M 104, East Fairfield, in rear.
GIRL would like to secure work in pri
vate family; very good cook. J. E.
W, 317 East Thirteenth.
LADIES, the Reliable employment has
good help; girls, come for places; good
w-ages. 27 East Seventh, room 207.
POSITION—By a stenographer; can fur
nish excellent references. Address
P-10 Globe.
LAUNDRESS—Wanted, by a laundress,
work by the week or month. Call or
address 350 East Ninth st.
ployment office, 430 Wabasha, has plen
ty of best help on hand for families,
hotels, restaurants, etc.
WANTED—By a competent woman, a
position as housekeeper in a small fam
ily; has one child going to school. Call
or address 1058 East Seventh.
WASHING, ironing and house cleaning
wanted; also cleaning offices, or any
kind of day work. Address C 128, West
Sixth st., room 47.
WOMAN wants to go out washing, iron
ing or scrubbing by the day. Call or
address E. P., No. 46S Temperance St.,
near Eighth St., up stairs.
YOUNG GIRL of sixteen would like place
in office or bookstore. Address 457 Har
rison ay.
FOR SALE CHEAP — A seven-room
house, 132 Western ay. south. Inquire
of Engineer at Newspaper Row.
Son —
And daughter—the whole fam
ily in fact—read the horn*
paper, the ST. PAUL GLOBE,
every morning. A wise ad
vertiser knows and appreci
ates the value of a popular
family newspaper.
BARBER—Wanted, a barber for Satur
: day; come ready for work. 500 St.. Pc
! -'.- ter. -.. "■•■;-•:. •■• -„;-.;.. „ t .-. --■ - _ -... :.., -.. ■ ._.,y ■ -.:..., : .
BARBERS—Wanted,i a'itood barber. In
quire at 493 Wabjjshajt. • - ■
BARBER—\Vanted I at «391 Wabasha st. y I
BELLBOY wanted at the Windsor hotel.
ENGINEERS, firemen, V, machinists H and
t'i electricians -..; for forty-page pamphlet
- :containing questions asked by examin
ing board of engineers to obtain": en
gineer's license. Address Geo. A. Zeller,
publisher, room 251, 18 S. Fourth street,
■ St. Louis, Mo. . - •■ v. .-vf-v :Z.~,,±f^*::--?
HAVE YOUR CLOTHES s pressed >r and
cleaned at 551 St. ; Peter, for ?1.00 per
month. ------ ■ „ -.-■■ :.-■.;;
-PATTERN MAKERS—Wanted, pattern
I makers . for . stair - work. " Call at , Flour
| City Ornamental Iron Works j Foundry,
-. Twenty-seventh ay. and : Twenty T .
'■; enth st., south, Minneapolis. Minn. ~:'__
SOLICITORS—Wanted, .. two newspaper
solicitors for city; one of the best prop
y ositions ever * offered. Advertising
room, t Globe office. - - . ;
WANTED—Foreman for first-class farm -
and farm hands, nfachinist, porter,
■ chef, help all kinds. Horsnell's : Em
■ ployment; references. 87 Union block.
"WANTED—Men to work on sewing ma
• chines; good wages. ' v Address N . 31,
Globe. :■..-, :;.:{.-- -•!';.'■-.
WANTED— Man with a : large acquaint
ance among lawyers to solicit legals for
weekly paper, at once. : Address A 100,
Globe. r ■ ■■-■-'■ ■?-:.. ..■ . ■..-.■':
WANTED— classes; ; inventors,
traveling salesmen and county agents;
state which and write Patent Market;
and Novelty Works, St. Paul, Minn.; of-'
fers_too good to publish.. "- ■.".*.
WANTED—Hustler; temporary -' position•
no canvassing; good pay. Address
I \Globe, • 723 Chestnut St., . Philadelphia,
.t 31.
Anybody Ont at Work In St. Paul or
Minneapolis may Insert an adver
tisement under this heading free
of charge.
A BOY of sixteen would like work of
any kind. Address J. M., 487 Goodrich
A BOY of sixteen would like work of
any kind. Address C. S., 445 Banfll.
A BOY of fifteen would' like work in of
fice. Address F. X., 566 Pleasant ay.
AN HONEST young man wants work of
any kind; needs work very bad. Ad
dress 342 Ramsey.
A YOUNG MAN and wife wishes to get
a position in any city; good man to take
cars of horses and place; no objection;
will go to any city. Address T. M.. 381
Sherman st., St. Paul.
A YOUNG MAN of twenty would like
a place as driver and taking care of
horses. Fred W. SchWanke, 258 Mor
ton St.
A YOUNG MAN, aged twenty-one, of
good habits, would like work of any
kind in wholesale house. Address T.
A. F., 762 Sherburne ay., city.
A Y.IUNG MAN of nineteen years of age
would like work of any kind; can fur
nish references. Address 451 Fulton St.,
BARTENDER—German, wants position;
wages reasonable. Address A. X., 548
Wabas'ha st. .
BOY of sixteen would like wo"rk of any
kind; can furnish best of reference.
Address P. J. T., Grand Central hotel.
BOY of seventeen wants work in print
ing office; experienced. 525 Marion.
CASHlEß—Experienced cashier wishes
position at once in office or store; good
penman and best of references. A. A.,
158 West Fifth St., city.
CARRIAGE PAINTER — A first-class
carriage painter would like to hear
from those who want a man in that
line. William Votel, 118 Front st., St.
Paul, Minn.
CARPENTER wants work; will do any
kind of work. Please address G. W.,
City Delivery, St. Paul.
MEAT CUTTER and sausage maker
wants steady century position; can give
good references. F. W. H., 509 Wash
burn Bide.
STENOGRAPHER of five years' experi
ence desires position; salary $40. Ad
dress M 10, Globe.
WILL SOME ONE give seme kind of
employment to a man with family in
need. W. J. Walters, General Delivery,
WANTED—Position by a practical
plumber; out of city preferred. Ad
dress 1157 Sherburne.
WANT A JOB of taking care of horse
and carriage, or bell boy or porter.
Address 139 Concord st.
WANTED— By a middle-aged man,
work of any kind; am good to take care
of horses and can milk; have a fair
education and am willing to make my
self generally useful. C. F. 8., 435
Rosabel st., city.
WORK of any kind wanted by middle
aged man; best references; experienced
in storeroom, shipping department, re
ceiving clerk, watchman. R, 1405 West
YOUNG MAN understands setting up
and regulating fartn machinery; able to
show and sell; iK>t afraid to hustle;
good references. J. O. Marsh, General
: Don't miss it! Don't miss it! :
: One thousand head of farm :
: mares and mules, drivers and :
: general purpose horses. We :
: have, got them. Come and be :
: convinced. They will positive- :
; ly be sold at auction at our ovn :
: mammoth sale stables at Mid- :
: way without any reserve or :
: limit. Be on hand early, as the :
: sale commences at 10 o'clock :
: sharp, raTn or shine. We are :
: the leaders in the horse busi- :
: ness; others try to imitate. :
: Every animal sold must be just :
: as represented. We defy" all :
: competition; we tolerate no by- :
: bidders; every animal sold :
: strictly upon its merits to the :
: highest bidder. A special effort :
: made to make this the grand :
: sale of the season. Come and- :
: buy just what you need and :
: what you want. This will be a :
'. chance for purchasing horses' :
: and mules at your own prices. :
: Remember day and date. Wed- :
: nesday, Feb. 26, 1902. Barr=tt :
: &■ Zimmerman, the leading :
: Horse Dealers. Midway Horse :
: Auction and Ccmißission Sta- :
: bles. Private sales daily. :
• z
HOUSE AND LOT, 425 Cook. $900: ten
contiguous lots, car line, $100 each; five
lots, fronting car line, $250 each; lots
on Maria, Hoffman, Plum streets; acres
on Lexington and Lawson sts. Wm.
J. Godfrey, 410 x/ 2 Jackson st.
and suppressed menstruation quickly
cured; forty years' experience; j?sod
home for patients; examination free.
Dr. Wheeler, Globe Bldg.. Minneapol:
notize, David s Dream Book, Court
ship and Marriage, Fortune Teller,
Palmistry, Parlor Magic; send for
catalogue. Noble's Publishing House,
St. Paul.
DR. SCHIFFMAN, 138 East Sixth—Pain
less extracting, gold **Hing 75c up; oth
ers, 50c up; cleaning, Jioc up; solid SB-H
crowns ard bridges, $2.50 up; plates,
$3.50 up; fuil set, $4 t* $20. Op. ladies'
entrance of Ryan.- *
ed and papered rooms; all prices, day,
week of month; depot cars pass the
doors. The Western. 105 East Eighth:
Imperial Hotel, 16 East Eighth; Yukon
Hotel, 127 East Eighth; Economy Hotel,
360 Jackson st.; transient trade solicited.
FOR RENT—Two or three unfurnished
rooms suitable for housekeeping. Call
en Stella Fremont, 319 Wabasha st.
FOR RENT—Two neatly furnished front
rooms, suitable for man and wife or
two gentlemen. Fremont, 319 Wa
basha st.
BALD EAGLE LAKE summer cottages
six, eight, ten, twelve rooms; two fur
nished; new cottage plans at office. D.
W. C. Ruff, Globe Bldg.
FOR RENT—Four-room cottage 276 Igle
hart St., $10; no children.
HOUSE—274 Pleasant ay,; eight rooms
new nickel plumbing, new furnace
ne\f paint and paper; $30. Sprague, 255
& Little, the dealers in Cavalier coun
ty. North ; Dakota, farm lands have re
moved their St. Paul office from 96
East Fifth st. to 912 New York Life
building, and are selling farms at half
their real value; why don't you look
up that large stock and grain 1 farm that
1 they have ; five miles from ! Osnabrock:
■ N. D., with 2,920 acres and $18,000 worth
of buildings and 18,000 acres - ready for
crop In the spring? The '.barns'are base
ment and have spring water piped into
them and the house has steam Jheat;
the finest stock and grain farm in the
Northwest; price, $21.50 per acre; half
cash and balance easy terms; 920 acres
joining above farm for $17.50 per acre;
it has good buildings and '750 acres
broke. ■ with 400 ready for crop in the
spring. Write Johnson & Little, Osna
- brock, N. D.; they have over 100 farms"
for sale and can give you any terms.
js! i. ' MONET. •
•JX , our credit -is good with us. Quick
?^t— loans on household goods, pianos,
J^*? —etc.. without removal from your res
idence. Easy weekly payments -or
*f>— monthly payments. Lowest rates.
j-jO—Loans to salaried people without
j>4s— mortgage or indorser. Payable in
£50— easy installments. We have private
Jis—lnterviewing rooms and can guaran
5100—tee absolute privacy and confiden
tial treatment. Open evenings. Tak9
elevator fifth floor. American Loan Co.
Room 512 Manhattan Bldg. * .
Unnn Their Plain Notes.
No Mortgage; No Indorser: No Publicity
Room 301, New York Life Bldg
Ko Mortgage, No Publicity, No Indorser.
Guarantee Lowest Rates. $10 to $100.
Room 308, Manhattan Blag., Third Floor.
MONEY LOANED to salaried people:
only security their name; also loans on
furniture, pianos, etc., without removal
from residence. Minnesota Mortgag*
Loan Company, 317 Pioneer; Press TUdg.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan
'' on improved property in St. Paul and
Minneapolis. V. C. Gilman, New York
Life blag. ■ - ■---_
■■■■ - ' -"*- - ' ON ,:■■•:. ■"■-■• •
"WE SEEK HUSBAND for widow with
out children, aged twenty-five; pretty
and refined; resides: in Oregon; worth
$60,000; gentleman need not be wealtHy,
but must be sober and honest; stamp
for particulars. The Mutual Book Ex
change, Toledo, Ohio. -
TEL,. 2205-Ll—Wagon will call for cloth
ing and return them cleaned and press
ed. Miller Clothing and Renovating
Co., 551 St. Peter.
dred and fifty million feet pine, tir and
tamarack; river and railroad runs
through property; unlimited markets
at good prices; a bargain if sold at
cnce. Wire or write Box 44, Nelson,
British Columbia.
WANTED—You to know that Racine,
Quaker or Robinson Vapor Bath Cab
inets bought of us before March 1 will
cost you $1 less than you can buy di
rect from the manufacturers. For par
ticulars address J. A. Canner, 704 Ger
mania Life Bldg., St. Paul.
BUY typewriters with rent you pay; ail
makes. "Fay Sho" Agency, 257 Hen
nepin ay.. Minneapolis: aii makes.
Rondo St.—New term begins Tuesday
evening, March 11, at 8:30. All the
popular dances taught in one term.
MRS. WHITE, occultist psychometrist,
125 West Fourth, tells past, present,
future with unerring accuracy; reiid
ings daily; circles Friday evenings.
WATCH LOST—A lady's gold watch on
Jackson st., between Seventh and.
Fourth sts. Finder please return to -135
Jackson st. and receive reward.
Curb and Boulevard Grand Avenue.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 19th, 1902.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in '-and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
2 p. m. on the 3rd day o| March, A. D.
1902, for the curbing and boulevarding of
Grand avenue, from Floral street to Law
lon street, in said city, according to
plans and specifications on file in the
office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties,
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent or a certified check on a bank cf
St. Paul, in a sum of at least ten (10)
•per cent of the gross amount bid, must
accompany each bid. Said check shall be
made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: C. H. BRONSON.
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Sewer on Winslow Arenne.
Cffice of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 10, 1.902
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Pvblic Works in and lor the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Mm
nesota, at their office in said cfty' until
2 p. m. on the 27th day of February A
D. 1902, for the construction of a sewer
on Winslow avenue, from one hundred
and fifty (150) feet south of Robie street
to George street, in said city, according
to plans and specifications on file in
the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent, oi- a certified chcrk on a bank cf
St. Paul, in a sum cf^t least ten (10)
per cent of the gross amount bid must
accompany each bid. Said check shall
be made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to
1 eject any and all bids.
Official: C. H. BRONSON,
Clerk Board of Pub Ho Works.
HOUSE—Seven or eight-room house In
good neighborhood and near school and
Church, within ten or fifteen minutes'
ride from Golden Rule. Address Mrs.
Hayden, 1409 West Thirty-first st.,slin
LAKE COMO—I want to rent a house at
Lake Como; must be warm in winter.
Address R 16 Globe.
sailings and reservation of berths see
B. G. Benson, General Steamship Agent.
Wisconsin Central Son Ticket Office, 373
Robert St. All lines. Telephone Main
Notice to Contractors.
will be received at the office of the Board
of State Capitol Commissioners, No. 512
Endicott building. St. Paul. Minn., until
at 12 o'clock noon, for all labor and ma
terial required for
(a) The Fireproofing;
(b) The Metal Furring and Lathing;
(Proposals for either class of work,
separately, or for all of the above, are
invited) for the new State Capitol build
ing at St. Paul, in accordance with the
drawings and specifications, which may
be seen at the office of the Board and at
the Architect's offices o-i and after
Copies of said drawings and specifica
tions may be obtained from Cass Gilbert,
Architect. No. 524 Endicott building, St.
Paul, Minn., or Room 704 Constable build- j
ing. 111 Fifth avenue. New York city, j
upon payment of the cost of such repro
ductions, and a deposit of $100, such de
posit to be returned to the bidder upon
return of the drawings and specifications.
Each bid must be accomanied by a cer
tified check for a sum not less than
$1,500.00 for each description of work, or
$2,500.00 in case of proposal for both
classes, payable to the order of said
Board, as a guarantee of good faith. Tne
right is reserved to reject any and all
bids and to waive any defect or informal
ity in any bid, if it be deemed in the in
terest of the state to do so. Proposals
received after the time stated will be re
turned to the bidders. Proposals must be
made in duplicate and on printed forms
which will be furnished by the Board,
and must be inclosed in envelopes, sealed
and marked "'Proposals for Fire Proofing,
Metal Furring and Lathing (or for both,
as the case may be) for the New Minne
sota State Capitol at St. Paul," and ad
dressed to the Board of State Capitol
For the Board of State Capitol Com
Vice President.
St. Paul. February 12th, 1902.
Pare East Summit Avenue.
Oflice of the Board of Public "Works,
City of St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 19th, 1902.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Beard of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
2 p. m. on the 3rd day of March, A. D.
1902, for the paving of East Summit" ave
nue, from Wabasha street to Robert
street, in said city, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office of
said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
In a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least ten (101 per cent of
the gross amount bid. must accompany
each bid. Said check shall be made pay
able to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: C. H. BRONSON
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Feb. 20-1902-10t.
Pave Alley in Block Tweutj-Foup
(24), St. Paul Proper.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn., February 19, 1902.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board -of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
2 p. m. on the 3rd day of March, A. D.
1002, for the paring of the alley in block
twenty-four (21) St. Paul propir, In paid
city, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties in
a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent,
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least ten (10) per cent of
the gross amount bid, must accompany
each bid. Said check shall be made
payable to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: C. IT. BRONSON.
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Feb. 20, l»2-10t.
Pave Mlnneliulia Street.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn, February 19, ISO 2.
Sealed bids" will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office, in said city, until
2 p. m. on the 3rd day of March. A. D.
IfOaf, for the paving of Minnehaha street
from Payne avenue to the bridge over
the Northern Pacific railway, in said city,
according to plans and specifications on.
file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (Z) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent, or a certified check on a bank of
St. Paul, In a sum of at least ten (10)
per cent of the gross amount bid, must
accompany each bid. Said check shali
lie made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the rig-ht to
reject any and all bids.
Official: • C. H. BRONSON, I
■•-.■: Clerk Board of Public Works.
Feb. 20, 1902-10t.
For Carpenter Work, Stone Work
anil Pgintiits; Porch on Konse nt
"Indian Mounds Park. '- -
Office of City Clerk,
St. Paul, Minn.. Feb. 19, 1902.
Sealed proposals, marked "Proposals
for Porch," at Indian Mounds Park, will
be " received -at this office until 4 o'clock
p. : m.. March 3d. 1902, for the ■'■ complete
coi .struetion • ("including the carpenter,
stonemason work and painting) of a
porch on house at Indian Mounds Park,
all in accordance with plans and - specifi
cations on file in this office.
I.A bond with - two securities ;: in - the
amount equal to 20 per cent of th? amount
bid, or a certified check of 10 per cent I
of the amount bid, must accompany each |
proposal, to secure; the entering into of
a contract. v-c -„■
The Board of Park Commissioners re
serves the right rto reject any : and all -
bids. - .-.; .: -•;■ •■..,,,;. ■ ; ■■ ■••■■ , . ■ . ,--.. -
'By order of the Board of Park Commis
sioners. .. " .
't. - -■. >.: -•-- - — " Feb. 19-7t. - . ~'*'. ;
... . Pave Exchange Street. :
Office of the Board of Public Works.
City of St. -Paul, r. Minn, February 19, IPO2.
" Sealed ; bids * will be : received by the
Beard \of „ Public-. Works in and for the I
corporation of the City of St. Paul.. Mm- {
r.esota; at their office, in said: city, until i
2 p. m. on the 3rd day of March, A. D. j
1902,;f0r the paving of Exchange street '
from.Third street to- Cedar street, in caid i
city, according to plans and specifications'!
on file in' the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties !
in a sum "of at least twenty (20) per
cent, or a certified check on a ; bank o p
St. Paul, in. a sum of at least ten -(10)
per cent :of the gross! amount bid, must ■
accompany each bid. Said check shall I
be made payable to the Clerk of said i
Board. ,-■' _■. - ■ . . -
; The • said ' Board reserves the right to •
reject any. and all; bids. . . .
?:s;:;:J" ■ -1 . F. O. hammer, .
■' ■s ■» -'''■ /"■::,•- .>■-■■ ■-- ' ■ President.
-'■•■ Official: C. H. BRONSON. : .
- _ Clerk; Board of, Public \Vorl:3. •
Feb. 20, 1902-10t.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul a*
Western |me]
jß* FcTst. r^.M.ao.RYilbz-J
- OfTce 382 Robert It.; 'Pb n« 4«o.
+Ex. Sun. +Ex Sat. j ' '
§Ex. Mon. Others Daily. LEAVE. ARRIVE.
Badger state Express. ) 8:3 J 10:15
.Chicago, Mil., Madison j A. M. P. M
Chicago "Atlantic Express".. 11:10pm 10:55a'-n
Chicago "Fast Ma 11"....:.... 6:05 pm
Northwestern Limits*. ) 8:39 7:25
Chicago, Mil., Madison ..... j P. M. A. M.
Wausau, F. dv Lac. Green Bay 6:05 pm 8:30 am
Manitowoc Sheboygan ...... 16:05 pm §8:30 am
Duluth, Superior, Ashland t8:50 ami 4:45 pm
Twilight Limited. ) 4:25 9:59
Duluth, Superior. Ashland.. ) P.M. P. M.
Mankato, St. James, Su, City. t7:40 am t4:15 p^i
Deadwood, Black Hills ..... t7:40 am 7:35 an
Elmore, Algona, D 93 Moin«3 .. t7:40 am 17:30 pm
New Ulm, Tracy, Marshall.. 7:40 am t7:30 pm
Huron, Redfield, Pierre...:... (7:40 am t7:30 pm
Omaha Exprsss. ) 10:00 7:30
Su. City, Omaha, Kan. City, ) A. M. I P. M.
Sioux Falls, Mitche11.:........ 10:00 urn +7.30 pm
New Ulm, Eimore.St. James. t4:50 pm t o:osim
Omaha Limited. » B'AiJ i 7:35
Si!. City, Omaha, Kan. City, f P. M. I A. M.
Watertown, Redfield, Huron.. 8:40. pm| 7:35 a -n
(£(\~J&\ Cor. sth and Robert Sts.
V*A_Bro/ « , Union Station, St. Pau .
\<qj??ZS/L Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis.
\jgLCrt^ Dining and Pullman Bleeping Cars on
' Winnipeg and Coast Trains.
No. 11 to Portland, Ore., i* eJ? v« ] Arrive
via Butte, Missouia, Spokane * 9 :30 * 2:20
Seattle, Tac0ma.........;..... m pia
Pacific Express
vi Fargo, Jamestown, Boze-„ , n -_ _ _ __
man, Helena, Butte, Spokane, * 10:35 * 7 :45
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland... pm am
Fargo and Leech Lake
Local : '■'.
St.Olond,Little Falls, Brain- +8:30 15:4-5
erd, Walker, Bemldji, Fargo.. am 'pm
Dakota & Manitoba
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton,
Moorbead, Fargo, Crookston, „ o . nft ,_ , _
Grand Forks, Grafton, Win- *8:00 * 7:15
nipeg.... pm am
Leave TITTTTTTIP Xr Arrive""
18:55 am UL«U 1 ti. *C •7.i sam
-li!?n^ SUPERIOR t*:ftOi»n
-11:10 „. *6:30 pm
*Daily. tEx. Sunday. /
Ticket Office—332 Robert St.. C«r. Fourth.
'Phone Main 85«.
Leave. 'Daily. «Ex Sim. tSun only -AiTtre.
18:15 am St. Cloud. Ferpis Falls, Fsreo t6:oopm
fß:lsam ... Wi'.lmar, via St. Cloud ... 16-00pm
*9:2oam FLYER To Montana and*n.7nnm
O.ZUUII! fLICn Pacific Coast.... _!. OvJ PMI
tO-ID-m •■ (Wtllmar. S. F. Yankton) .. ,_.,_
1910-m (Sioux City, Brown's Vallay)
t4:4spm Elk Riyer. M. and Sandstone *10:00a-n
t4:4opm .. Wayzata snd Hutchlnson. .. t9.2Cam
•7:ospm Brock.. Farto, G. F.. Winnipeg *7'.+sa:n
«6:3opm . ...Minn, and Dak. Ftp .. . *7:3oam
'iT^Opml-^l'^ »"^"< «g«to -1 ffjfcm
Sleeper for 11:10 p. m. train can be oc
cuDied at any time after 9 d. m.
Chicago, SS&te»
Milwaukee jyfl
& St, PstuSßy. *mßsgg
Ticket Office 365 Robert St. Phona 93.
"Daily. lEx. Sunday. LEAVE, ; ARRIVE
Chicago, LaX, Milwaukee.... •8:30 am '10:15 pm
Chicago. La X, Milwaukee.... *6:00 m *11:25 am
.-.cnicflgo Pianear HIM. "11:350111*^5 m
Milwaukee. LaX, Wlnona'.... i*3:oo pml *2:50 pm
Chicago. Farlbo, Dubuqus.... *3:55 pnv 10 am
Rod Win? and Rochester f3:00 pm 111:25 am
LaCrosse, Dubuq'o. R!c Isl'nd 18:30 am 0:15 pm
NorthfMd, Farlba. Kan. City «8:00 am! *5:C5 pm
Ortonvllls, Mf!baa'<. Aberdssn 176:45 am t6:30 prn
Ortonvills. Aberdeen, Fares.. 1*6:50 pm' *7:35 am
Northfisld, Farlbo. Austin ... '*7:25 cm til: 10 am
ffiinreapotfs & St* Louis RR
OfiiiiL-g.9 a^:: p 9 661. St. Louii De^ot
L*™ ; *Daijy_ tExcept Sunday [ Arrty
19sOO the short UNJT3 f 7:30
.ant* g*. «^ _. g _ _ p' n g m
131733 AND OES MOJN3S: asn'
t9:ooam AlbtTt Laa, C»j Ra?i3 3 ...,.,„
*7:oQpj« wChlcaeo' Karuas Git/,.. IT. pm
/.uypia .Chicago & St. Louis Limit ji . 8:40 am
[Watartown, Nsw Ulm, St.
James, Sherburns, Estiisr
tß:4Sam ...villaand Storm Laki 16:02 pm
Naur UJm- Lo=al—St. Janisi,
•s:lspm ..Sherburnaand Esther/ills.. *0:59 am
CaidiGO Great WBiER^Rf,
"The MaDle Leaf Route."
City Office, sth and Robert Sts., 'Phong tS>MJ
tKx. Snaggy; otkeT^dtaUy^piftVETcn JARSIVE FSfIM
Kenyan, bode* Center. Osl- 8:10 am j 10:00 1"11
■ • wein. - Dubious.- Frssporf. , e:!opm 7:50.am
ChUaigo and East. n:2Cpm 12:50
Cedar Falls. Waterloo Mar- 10:30 m 7:25 rrrs
thalltewn. Dss Molass. St. 8:10 pm 7:soam
josaph, Kansas City. 11:20 pm 12:50 pm
~ 10:30 am 12:50 pm
Cannon Falls. Red Wing...... f s:opm 19:45 am
Northfield. Faribault, Water- t 8:10 am 17:25
■>ille, Mankata. ■ - 6:05 pm 9:4-5 am
Mayfleld. Austin. Ly'.e Mason t 8:10 am 10:45 pm
City...... :... . 5:10 pm f 7:25 am
Eag'.o Grove. Ft. Dodee 18:10 am" t7:2 spm
|^^^^| BEST LINE TO jgißg?gre£g^
1111 CHIC«O AND Eg
:LT.ror[~~~" "STATIONS.-; | kr. From
8,03 am Winona, La Crosse, Dubuauei .
and Chicago, except Sunday 12.45 cm
B.oa a:n ( Winona, La Crosse, DubuqnV
i and StLouis, Sundar .....
•.25pir; incna, La Crosse, Dubunm-!
1 Chicago and St. Louis, daily . 7.25 am
Ticket Office. 400 Robert St- Tel. Main 36.
IK, ST. P. & S. S. M. R'Y. l§
City Ticket Oiiice, 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051,
. ■~ Union Depot, St. Paul.
Leave. | A ST. " ■[Ar ny
7:2opmj.Atlantic Limited (liaily;.' itiinaiu
10:00 am Rhinelander Loeal(exSun)! 4:cc.pr.i
' ■ -.".•: . • WEST. ;: •■- I
:."8;05sto Pacific Exnress (Pacific I ■■-■'
„ _ Coast") dally. ■:' I R:f^nm
o:0npm! Glenwood Ksp.'-'fex SnrO i 9:ssani
City Office. 373 Robert St. 'Phone No. 634.
Leave I : AY , m. . n r , a iiv I Arriva
£t. Paul) _ M' irtum F a'-y- ■; (St. Pau| .
|E«u Clair*. Chip. Fall*,)"
i:ooa«iiMJiwaukee and, Chicago! £:15am
jAßhlaa-3, ChJppewa F'U,j
' 7:«teni!Oßhj£{>sh, MM. and ChLj 5:«»r.»
Pave Ninlh Street.
Office of the Board of Public Work?,
City.of St." Paul/Minn., February .IP; 1902. '
Sealed bids^TviU be : received by tha
Board ■■ of • Public Works; in . and for the
corporation, of.the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office, in said city, until
2 p. m. on : the 3rd day of March, A. D,
3902, for the paving of Ninth street "from;
Smith.|avenue to Jackson-street, in said c
city, according to plans and specifications
on J file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at ieast two (2) sureties In
a sum'of at least twenty (20) per .cent, or
a certified .check on a bank of St. Paul. ;
in a sum: of ;at ! least ten (10) pert cent of
. the g:"CS3 amount ;bid,"; must; accompany •
each bid. : Said:check shall be main pay
able to - the Clerk -of isald . Board. "■■'
'■... TJia '-' said Boar.J ra^erves' the' rl^ht co'
reject any and ail bios.- , ;
■. ■ ■ F. O. HAMiTER,
-J - President.
Of.icial: C. 11. .BI'.ON3ON, .
■ •- CJcxlr- Board. -o£ ■ Pub..c Wovka,
• Feb." 20. 1552 : 10t.; :.-

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