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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, February 23, 1902, Image 2

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"^r=jr-rr Field, ScWfck $:€©.'* Store news, : -—irri— *
The Designer gives correct forecasts. .■ ;;; st. Paul, minn.. Sunday morning, February 23, 1902. | |g||i||||f^ || Satisfactory service guar&.nt
j ————————^————"-^———^— ______ _____ ___________ __________^________^________________^^_^^^^^^^^^^^
Specials in new correct silks Oriental rugs New American W2ksh goods
The shelves, counters and tables are now loaded with the very newest silks for the We, take P*T tlcH lar pleasure in inviting . j , ' / Jfl vV .- .
spring and summer. We do not believe that a new or desirable silk is missing from this stock. As to ng Ti^ th\ T "** -. O6Cond Week 01 theg'Te^,t OpClling S&le
itTTf rt a afew^ t^" tokM*°^to^™tow^«»y~ To our lines of 98c and Sure |t is , that^^s^oMhe c^e pie^s Last week's selling was the largest in the stores history. For the comin, week
L 25 foulards we are constantly adamg new styles and colorings. Shoppers say it is tha bsst assortment and scarce yQs been stiH gre ater preparations for selling have been mad,. Large lots of new goods will be addT^ toe for
ey a\e ever seen. ': . ■ TwinCjties^fo^,,^^ foilowing . mer stock, which was almost perfect. The b 3 st weaves and choicest styles produced in this great country
Panne foulards—The printed panne foulards we sell at Black grenadines and gauzes—There is a big de- Special— Thirty rugs, selected from the 15.00 and 18.00 WiH be shown in Profusion.
75c never fail to interest buyers. They are without doubt mand for these, and we arc fully prepared to supply it. All goods and consisting of^arabaghs,' Shirvans, Daghestans. Choosincr ie P3 c v Thno lar^ r^nf^r f,W •-*!.'/ -i /'
the best foulard values shown at that price. In most stores sorts of beautiful new ideas from the plain pineapple grena- Beloochistans and Bokharas, will go . :; . ""*» y ' ' nqse-Jarge Center taDles in that great aisle (150 feet longr)
they retail at 1.00. And our line of styles and colorings is ; dines to the most beautiful embroidered effects.: All our / /on special sale tomorrow „/'..:.'...- §2 till ' are glVeri over to wash goods Prices are ' all marked in plain figures and on such a low basis that buying
well selected and extensive—all sorts of neat little designs, grenadines come double width (44 to 48 inches wide), and at •-*.♦"•:.. ..;....v:L'............ A««W is not only pleasant, but most profitable.
stripe effects, scroll patterns," and a wonderful J-^ prices range from 89c to 5.00 a yard. 6to 8 yards for a 7 ""'"* ''" -■'■"" •' - ■ .■:">'':. ' -•:'■■ ■ . I*l* _• A. • « jfl
collectionsofblackandwhiteandwhiteandyE^. —- Carnets a.nd rttti* I 1^66 gte&t specials that should not be missed
black designs Only ff %J?^* r - C^&ff^^t^ SWflO Vtl€sQ"" * "^ •w*.*** *sw* W<& UAAddCU
More 58c foulards-These are full 24-inch and are Black cyraoiO silk— lf you want something excep- VOi P^** CXlltl 1 Hg& Fine w^sh goods— loo pieces of wash goods—every piece of this season's production-new, fresh and
regular 85c foulards. They wash like muslin and do not tionally soft fhat will not muss or wrinkle, try Cyrano silk. They, arrive Continually now. Many ex- ' carei, ull selectedstyles and colorings-materials are printed batistes, printed jaconets, India lawns, etc., in which
6:;:^ -~^
C C60 as!vle Ss Uit tobcho f o Ose dreSS"- 55C your wants if possible, as we are making many Siik-fmish chambrays-Thesa are all cotton, but are so finely mercerized that they have w^
U/erbUstyles to chocs, from at %J - Black taffeta-It is almost amazing, the continuous special offerings for early trad- • ■ the finish feel and appearance of a silk-mixed chambray-a big line of these in novelty stripes and all the IC!*P
Corded Wash Silks— We have the best, and there's no - big- increases in sales of our guaranteed black taffetas. _ „:8.. ■„ ;v ;^' g .: _, ;> plain s^dss-regular price 25c. a Opening sale price ..........;.................... A V,
always satisfactory. The assortment is lm- J%%3&* '' - 54-inch (I^-yard wide).. ..2. l 8 27-inch. .9Bc in Wilton velvets, the regular 1.25 grade for this A Q /s*^G ' * ' ' " " " " '
mense-over 8,000 yards, and all at........ f^"*" ; 36-inch (1-yard wide)...... 1.38 19-inch. .69c special sale only „ \ ....V....:....:.;.:,.:,,; 9©C %^t^^^^T^Ppi ©^v 1^ **,£ |«^^ A • ;
TU _ * A. « « °11 • ! Wilton rug' S - Fl fy new design, to select from V*C«l^li* V*^^>ia^B«f Ot laCe £111^1115
inree great Monday «/*ilk specials w^m^^i* 3250 ei^^u* • . A i. a ,
D , x ; iLC - M '■■■> >> ---•-" !^:.-■•■',■•■•■-:■■«„' ■■■■-■%■■ - 8ft..3xi0ft.6wm0nrug5f0r.. ( ....:.;.. 2800 , the stock lor soring business
Ready at 9:3o—not before. No telephone or mail orders filled. 6x9 ft. Wilton ug f « A i • 't ' ..***.■*!*****&. wwamcaa
Come early and see the crowds that respond to these offerings, then you: will not X:. ■ "^ ''"'""'■"■'-"' Bri-T'lril^"? T w°* m":? af kinds ° cc CUrtaiaS is now going on
wonder how so many yards can be sold in so short a time, and why we must refuse to take orders by O« 1 1 , J tTon In sTI ci',^ lhngham "if T*m*mu CUrtainson sale Mond^ ™«^ at big reduc
telephone or by mail. For tomorrow we have mads unusual \ preparations to accommodate all until the OIaCK QfeSS gOOOS but^ll thes^ th!nc a quan"UeS T Smal1 ' in ° ? ons curtain °f & Pair may have become soiled«
silks are sold. No matter how low our prices are, we recommend every yard to be of a high standard- Thp ,- of ,j „. -hff h - clearl e^ ha ttes^TJl^V^T"^ "^ redUCti°nS We qUOt* h'S a radical
money returned if not wei^ht fabrics are very clearance that tne stock may be put in shape for the spring importations which will soon arrive.
" '-■—-- - ' extensive—Etamines, Aeolians. French ; veilings. Nottingham l»r*» rni4x?n * a «• «
Special No. I-White China yi!k- 30 pieces (1,500 i yards) extra good quality — • -Pails crepes, grenadines, batistes and simila r ioo Nottin h- "lacTc tunam^ . Arabian lace Curtains
white China silk—every yard perfect-washes like muslin and is usually sold as a special at 29c— Wffl% j&>^ ; weaves. - For Monday we give a few specials in th» i'-jzK, o*!***.*™,™* 111* ?'-"''"'"^'''"' 6°C 6.50 Arabian lace curtains f0r.... A 25
U l a rlyat3 9 c-Monday ( witha l i m it o f2oya r dstoeach PU rc ha s C r ) - lUE'^:^^ N^ Z S"-> ••••."""• » i 0.00 Arabian lace chains for \'\\"" ". [] [
*"'■*"""■"■* •:••■•:•••;:••••;•••••••••••;•• «a^^ Cheviot-Heavy walfe black . cheviot-firm - - 3.50 Nottingham lace curtains for " "**""" 100 ! Lo° Arabian lace curtains for 7-75
Special No. 2-B!ack Jap silk-40 pieces (2,000 yards) of full 23-inch black Jap < heavy quality-44-in=h- Monday .............. 35C 4.00 Nottingham lace curtains f0r..... '""". 2*20 ! 8 00 A^" !"" 'T" !" il^f^V 8' 50
silk-made in japan and dyed in Lyons-soft and lustrous-fast in co'or-good for summer &b£\ AtmA Cheviot suiting-Full 50 -inches wide- ,* a 4.50 Nottingham lace curtains for 2.40 £Z Ah . ', * I2' s°
-aists and dresses and loose gowns for traveling-Actual worth 49c-20 yards to a buyer- ■;/|lf^ worth 1.00-on special Sale Monday, for. "C 7.00 Nottingham lace-curtains f0r,............... 4.50 CUf "" fCr '" ■ 2300
SPscial WS^W^to* Lupin's French Cheviots— best in the world, P Y i ra -.„.-.;«! a ♦■♦ V-r \ Extra Special - A quantity of white Swiss £-
............. \& Of the thousands of dresses we have sold we have yet to ■■■■ tainl uto foo aat Tr ■^"■T^ ""^3 50 CUrtains -5-inch ruffles-worth 1.25 pair, for .... ©SC
Special No. 3-Guaranteed taffeta—2o pieces (2.232 yards) of guaranteed black : ■ hear the first complaint. >^, ;,: :;.-- pV- a P an, or _, ' . w Brussels net riiff»in #
taffeta-19-inch-This is a regular 85c taffeta and we fully guarantee it—At the price it is roimr it W* !§# 52-1nch a t........V...V.. .^1.25* 56.inchit............:...... 2 .00 Irish point lace Curtains » uaacia uci tUlTain^
z,'i;:i er. r: y. to.. b:. y.:™ c. ev=nihouEhyo'-m!ghtMt n-d v*»- r" Hflr 1 -'-"■•■■•■•-•••■•••■■■■- ss;™^-:^ 7.oa, rish?otati ace= urt a tasf o r 4 . 25 ,^~::;::::::;;:::;;:; *.™
& JB\^%J —'" "'""—*—:";—:—~"—~~ .9.00 Irish point lacs curtains for 550 ■? _, v * ''^
The new rnrmd A ' ~ ' :ill|piiil i|Slip§^from-«nings;: r. „m . .. ...,.,.. o° 12.50 Brussels net lacs curtains for :::::::-:::: 02s
The new d«» /-T rf««^ Items fromlinings F -="-~"=::r:..JS KESss^tEErS
A «*W AIV VV *^ XT* &lAg "*,Vlf ft/ fcfiOOU*/ ' I6C for old band cordu- 9c 'for silk-finish taffeta, Extra Special-A quantity of Irish point 9A A Extra Special-36-inch curtain swiss with »"'f /
t, ... . . • TT-; _ roy skirt bindias-iul!' width- plain and satin stripe, black " lace curtains, worth up to 6.00 a pair, for JiUU Dink blue or v^llr,^ rint^ -, nrl L on 1 I2V-&C
Beautiful Showings are made nOW of the very latest weaves and colorings in dress black sndcolors. k,- °"' , : .- P»nK. blue or yellow dots, worth 20c yard *^/3^
goods. The stock never contained so many desirable new thlnes , n j oi „„„ ,„ t , fc . , I2^c for black hnen ijlilllii mlSSSSm^m^ —ft H V
are here at their usual low prices. Among the new goods we call special Attention to thess. ' I2^c for spun glass finish _«: ' ■ ■ -.- ••■ ; H© W W^lKlUfi SKlff^ tltin'Pl*ni*fl C&Ct
The large showing of exclusive high novelties in The very comolete line of mohair etamines at the^ SiS^ T ,• «W^^^BPl^i
wool and mohair effects-striped, fancy and hemstitched wonderfully lo^prioe of „oo Amines at the :9c for fas, p=rcane. .- hck.,..ninp-bw, »d colors.; In walking skirts we have two lines that are exceptionally o- o od values -the best in
de, gr ,, , O a, nly co,or, P ri =c, .. 35 to *» white " the Northwest, we beHeve. They are made to our speda. order ■„ larg e q^ntHies, enabling us to m ake
The novehies in white woo. suiting with fancy stripes that are seflfcga.Lv ? , 50 . A Smaß '°l ° Cimbri° d™' With fl°U"ce °f W^^^^^^S^ ffi H
— . , '3 • insertion and lace; also some skirts finished stitching at bottom, 4 rows; at top of flounce-black and tailor-stitched felled seams— finished with 10 rows of stitch-
Extra, Special: Tomorrow we will nlarTvm S a,e 25 P ,e=e S „ ~~" """—1 with lawn ruffla edged with lace—regular 50c 39c colors—splendid shapes and splendid values 67 - ing at bottom-trimmsd with three one-inch *. A ' en
JC*Xtr& &peCial: ™ f wlll Place-on sale 25 pieces Of _^ ■ --.-.lta^closlngat. ......:;.-.t:.................. at $10.00-Our leader X r bands .■-These are surely great values f^ Ctfl
loworice rb.uint 11 . sector all wool-strlctly new suitings at a surprisingly /f% —, Dr^Wer^-Cambric drawers with deep lawn -.^ at U»/3 at AJe^V
h"do!nonheb^ °l 0r T S; andsome °f those fashio-^' thin natty weaves in a « I Itf^ flounce or lace ruffle-65c va1ue5....... ..42C M " iC 'V '
h M e^ of.: h:'f.^:^.^ yaresood3worth6ocand^ special JY^ 75c, worth to 1.50-An assorted lot of gowns Th«m- New dress skirts-There sa . very good showing of new dress skirts and new
I \ ' ___^ ""■ '•'- ""■' ' : ise, drawers and skirts, soiled and mussed, '.. walking skirts here now. All are in the new spring shapes and are marked at our usual low prices.
— —-—,_ ••"•',-■"- -worth 1.25 and 1.50, only .7...."..-/...'........ /jC —— — :——. ,
Notion needables New infants* wear I a^iyS^i^^^ 28c for 50c stocking's. Irish crochet laces
This is the reliable notion store, a nd if any one wants Some items from a stock th at is very complete. The Wm'' ""^^f^™---. J'Z5 A rare bargain tomorrow Women's superior -« We have just received a new line of Irish crochet
reliability in anything It is in notions and dress trimmings savings are very pronounced if you buy oomptet& The 7^l ■ . . • ■: ■ ■t_ l,sl«. Hermsdorf blaok stockings, mads with hi E h-spllc«d *** Including bands and edge, to match and running in
Better supply the work basket to-morrow 8- !T r V^-°° ' 7™' J«&. SOrO^S ShOe^A- heels and toes, double soles and spaced selvage-a regular widths from M-.nch to 8-inch. Also festoons, appliques
. Long slips—Slips of nainsook—neck and sleeves -*- Mggg^ ■>.>->■,. -T-. ** »««w^»r 50c stocking for galloons and squares. Prices range from 25c to 5.50 a yard.
"SSS^iz:;:::::::::::^ Wished with hemstitched ruffie-only , 25c A k for women. - 2 8 cents .
Sdat n T n 7wMr3 fcLS!for fOr ••••••••••■ 5o Lontf- and short dresses-Nainsook, finished with fThese shoes Should always a pair tomorrow. These cost 3.50 to import and always C*^l,« %S 1£ #
Dressmakers' Favorite self-locking waist" 0 e^. edge or hemstitched ruffle-65c values, >- ~ be compared with 5.00 shoes To "=" sell regularly at 50c. vSOCKSI O £&! l-DTICC
ter.ers—regular 15c set of 6, special... .......5c On >' ■ , k. „U 'Vu« ' T * c • , ' ' *"
Best English pins, per paper... V. - _•••-•• be ; SWS. : the price of • Sor.OSIS is . „ . , . .
Best American pins, per ape ;:.:::.■:::;;;;;;;;.■.: ;.V.3e ' 39C for infants' SOclongand short skirts finished with hem. mWX always " I« 4-I^^ f^^fe^i- <-^r%^ A Special purchase from an importer puts
Best shoe laces, all sizes, per dozen.. l Oc stitched hem. - |JJP|j§ ' a —^^ *** *•»**? V/%JISCt l\J\J&klm us in a position to offer you choice of a fine lot of
,oc C Short dress Good rains k <■,* , yW\ 3*50 Among the Very attrSCtive neW thin 3 are La 25c and 20c imported socks for only
Pearl-headed pins, ! Oc and 15c kind, per dozen. 5c vo f 7 V Ood nS°°k> flmshed with py- ■ -ft/SP-l ; V -1.. " Grecque belt corsets for stout figures, being long over the
Rosalind long waist adjusters, each l sc V ' ° insertion and tucks- 95c aress / D^» Ivflßbl et tney are built of as good ma- /hip and having "long waist line. New models in La Vogue ¥^1/
Boys' perfect pant and drawer suspenders, each........13c . 95c for infants' 1.50 short dress of fine nainsook ' vok £ t>?HBJ terials and the workmanship is as in batiste and fancy silk. New models in R. &G. tape *^A 2 CCIIIS
Trimmings-We are showing all the newest trim- tupks and beading and hand feather-stitching/ '" *° .; I_J good as put into the average 5.00 -r^We fit all corsets and guarantee them to give a pair. They are fine cotton' lisle thread and mer-
SKSSZi trTmm^id^ld d^ -Spedal-A small lot ° short dresses with yoke and If .^e.-And « C°m t0 sty^ .W« B- cor S et-The=orrect straight-front model f-« cerized-plain blacks, plain tans, and black with
mating women know that if they^dW^la^r" ' Fr-"ch waist-they are daintily trimmed and are slightly J. \ / Sorosis leads, there being ;50 « favorite corsst with many-0n1y..;.V......... 1.50 maco feet and soles-every sock is made With
must look here. . et. c latest they g^~^mer prices were to .5.00.. ; fOg - different styles for . you '- to . choose W. B. COrset-A short French ftgure W. B. f«- spliced heel and toe. It's a great sock bargain and
!—— _^ _^ ° c 05...... v»«»- : ..«. ........*>yQ from, . ;. corset, well made in fancy broche— only.. ........*•/ O should not be missed.
Rev. David Morgan will speak this aft
ernoon at 3 p. m. under the auspices of
the Socialist party at their hall, corner
Eighth and Wabasha streets; subject,
Mrs. Minnie liauleko died at her home
99 Viola street, yesterday, at the age of
thirty-four years. The funeral will take
place from tae late residence at 2 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon and the interment
will be at uakland cemetery.
The members of Lincoln lodge, No. 13,
K. of P., are requested to auend me
funeral of Bro. Knight A. F. Wefferling,
which takes place at 2:30 o'clock Tues
day afternoon from Knights of Pythias
Word KM received in St. Paul yester
day that Mrs. Margaret Krasinsky wife
of Hugo Krasinsky, employed at the
Swift Packing company. South St. Paul
had died at McGregor, lowa, at 5 o'clock
>.:-u-rday afternoon at the home of her
Judge Hine, in the police court yester
day, placed Thomas Morris, fourteen
old, in charge of the probation of
ficer. The lad was arrested Friday af
ternoon while trying to dispose of a pack
age of postage stamps, valued at fa.6o,
which he offered to sell for J4.
Charles Wood, the colored man arrest-
Repairing, past 15 years with C. C. Bergh
now located with Frank A. L'pham,'
Scientific Optician. Eyes examined
111 East fceventh Street.
Ed by Detective Fraser In a Minnesota
street saloon, last Thursday, on the sus
picion of being on© of two men who roD
bed and murdered a Chinaman at West
Superior on the evening of Dec. 24, was
taken to that place yesterday morning
by Deputy Sheriff Mills.
Mrs. Mary Kellelea, aged ninety-six
years, died yesterday at the home of her
daughterr Mrs. P. Hynes, at Rosemount,
Minn. The funeral will be held Monday
morning at 9:45 o'clock from the Hyne3
residence. There will be services at the
church at 10:30 and the interment will bo
in Calvary cemetery, Rosemount.
Joseph Holmes, 471 East Seventh street
signed a peace "bond in the police ecurt
as the result of being disorderly. Holmes
was arrested Friday night on the com
plaint*,>f his wife, who accused him of
coming home intoxicated and threaten
ing her life. In court yesterday, how
ever, she relented, and was willing to
have him sign a bond to keep the peace.
Lee Olds Kellogg, son of Cyrus Kellogg,
of this city, has been proclaimed valedic^
torian of the university senior class of
ISO 2.
Mr. Kellogg has been awarded not only
the honor of surpassing all his class
mates, but Registrar Johnson's books
show that his marks have established a
new record over the valedictorians of
all preceding classes.
™TheT^? riner holdsr of the record was
Mrs. Willis M. West, nee Miss Elizabeth
Beach, who graduated in 1896. Her stand
ing was 96.69, while Mr. Kelloggs aver
age is between 96.6 and 97.
Mr. Kellogg has reaped many honors In
the past. He graduated as valedictorian
of his class from the St. Paul Central
high school; was chosen a member of
the Gopher board last year at the univer
sity, and at present holds the office of
president of the senior class.
State Dairy and Food Department l"|
Indorsed — Repeal of Bank- "
• ruptcy ". Law Is
Secretary Fred Mason and the other
fet. Pauhtesr who attended the annual
convention of the Retail Grocers' associ
ation at Faribault, have returned, and
they come home singing the praises of
that town and its wonderful hospitality.
"It was a great meeting,' says Mr. Ma
son, "and it will prove of inestimable
benefit to many local interests included
In our association. It has given a new
impetus to the grocers and merchants of
the state who attended. The convention
closed with a banquet tendered the 500
visiting delegates by the Nature's Break
fast Food company, of Minneapolis, the
ladies of Faribault waiting on the tables.
The entertainment provided during the
three days will always be remembered
by the visiting delegates.
"There was nothing too good for them.
The Faribault citizens demonstrated that
they can handle a convention right. There
was some talk that there was going to b«
a contest in the election of officers, but
the grocers, as they have always done,
elected their officers by acclamation."
The list has not been correctly publish
ed heretofore:
P. G. Hanson, president, Minneapolis,
re-elected; Simon Clark, Duluth, vie©
president, re-elected; N. D. Lammers,
Still water, second vice president; c. F.
Rappe St. Paul, treasurer; Fred Mason,
St. Paul, secretary and organizer; Will
iam T. Coe, Minneapolis, attorney; board
of directors—First congressional district.
H. W. Kingsbury; Winona; Second con
gressional district, F. H. Behnke, New
Ulm; Third congressional district, F. N.
Jepson, Faribault; Fifth congressional
district,O. P.Holman.St. Paul; Sixth con
gressional district, T. J. Anderson, Bel
grade; Seventh congressional district, J.
A. Bergley, Franklin; Eighth congres
sional district, Richard Dinham, Duluth;
Ninth congressional district, John F.
Nangle, Fergus Falls.
The different papers that were read anrl
the resolutions that were passed, show
that the retail grocers and general mer
chants of the state are accomplishing a
great many things in organizing. A res
olution was passed asking a repeal of
the bankruptcy law or an amendment,
also one indorsing the efficiency of the
•tate dairy and food commission, and on
this point particularly, Gov. Van Sant
complimented the merchants. The next
All Good
/ "V 1 ■
All doctors are good, but
only the besi; can cure the
hardest cases; Just so with
cough medicines. AH are
good, but: only the best can
cure the hardest coughs.
Buy the kind the doctors pre
scribe, —Ayer's Cherry Pec
"For three winters I had a very bad
cough. I then tried Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral. In a short time I ceased cough
ing, and soon was entirely cured."
Mrs. Pearl Hyde, Guthrie Center, la.
ISc, ste., $103. J.C. AVER CO., Lowell, Maa*.
annual convention will be held at Man
Robert Mannheimer, of the firm, of
Mannheimer Bros., received a telegram
last night informing him that Miss Re
becca A. Foley and Miss Louise A.
Weaver, buyers for the firm, who are at
present in New York goods for the spring
trade, and .who were stopping at the
Park hotel, which was destroyed by fire
Friday night, had escaped in safety and
had also saved all of their belongings.
Miss Katherine B. Kennedy, in charge
of the lace department for the firm, who
was also in New York, was not a guest
at the Park hotel, and consequently was
not endangered.
The telegram put a stop to a number
of rumors in St. Paul yesterday regard
ing the safety of the first two young
women, and the fact that they had not
been heard from lent grave fears to the
story that they had perished in the flre.
_"-■",.. "■"'■-? Cr^' -vi ■■ . '-, :■-.■ -*: ~r» .-..- -r- * ■■-,:■ ■ - - ■"■;'■■,"■■""■
Fire in Yard No. 3 of the Northwest
ern Fuel company, z.t fceventh and liarl
streets, destroyed about 150 cords of birch
and tamarack wood yesterday afternoon.
The blaze was discovered at 4:25 o'clock
in the afternoon hi the eastern end of
the wood yard, and a still alarm brought
out one engine and two hose companies.
The wood was situated close to the
railroad trestle used to run the cars
on for the purpose of unloading:, and at
one time it caught fire from the burning
wood. The flre was discovered shortly
after a switch engine had pulled some
empty cars off from the trestle, and It
is supposed to have been caused by
sparks from the locomotive. The fire de-
partment worked until about 10 o'clock
last night, and succeeded in saving aboi£
150 cords of wood that were endangered
by the blaze. The coal sheds were about
100 feet away, but at no time during the
conflagration were they in danger.
One of the officers of the fuel com
pany estimated that the loss would be
about $700, while the damage to the
trestle will amount to about $75.
Mrs. Christina Erickson, wife of Peter
Erickson, living at 668 Cook street, died
suddenly about 10 o'clock yesterday fore
noon from heart disease. Yesterday morn
ing Mrs. Erickson got up. feeling in good
health, and milked the cow. Shortly be
fore 10 o'clock, as she was performing
her household duties, she felt a pain in
her heart, and calling in some neigh
bors, told them that her end was near,
and Drs. Earl and Robillard were call
ed. When they arrived she was beyond
medical aid, and died a few minutes
Mrs. Erickson was fifty years old, ana
was Txirn in Sweden. She came to St.
Paul about twenty-one years ago, and
leaves a husband and four grown chil
dren. Mr. Erickson, who was at his
farm at Forest Lake, was notinSd of his
wife's sad death, and arrived at if, Paul
last night.- The funeral arrangements
will be made later.
Duncan «fc Barry Xante March 1 as
the iMMt Day at Bargain Prices.
We desire to announce to gentlemen
who are thinking of taking advantage of
our generous discount of 20 per cent on
all fine suitings and overcoatings that
the extremely low price 3 will be discon
tinued March Ist when we will be in a
position to take orders on our spring
line of goods which will then be complete.
Drop in and see some of the new effects
that have already arrived. Prices, $20
to $35- Duncan & Barry, 87 East Fourth
street. The Moderate Priced Tailors.
The regular social session of the Saint
ly City Council No. 50 fell very happily
upon Washington's birthday and the trav
eling men and their wives and sweet
hearts made merry at the lodge rooms In
Elks' hall last night.
About 250 enjoyed a programme of fif
teen dances and a great many moro
soiight the pleasure of the card rooms,
where progressive cinch was played. At
midnight a light luncheon was served in
the large dining room.
The entertainment committee were:
S. R. Van Sant, F. E. Noble, H. R. Kit
tle, W. O. Barndt, C S. Booton, C. J.
Hundt, H. E. Newton, P. W. Baer, W. M.
Swift, H. C. Peniield, EL P. Moran, J. M.
The council has a number of good times
in store for the near future, among Which
is a "stag" for the regular meeting,
March I. St. Patrick's day will also be
celebrated on the evening: of March 15.
the session to be given over to a social
George Washlnzton Hatchets were
the thing yesterday, but if fou want
good TOOLS come to us—Carpenters,
Machinists. Moulders—-the best makes.
Spring is coming, and wo will be ready
to serve you :.' '•'• '•'• :'.
J. F. McGilißE & CO,
56 Bast Sixth Street.
Successors to St Paul Hardware Company.

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