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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, April 06, 1902, Image 13

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VOL. XXV.—NO. 96.
Hihbon Wonder for Monday jJPV^ J (| j^7 \^mng Machines. m^^ W&B
A Monday sale of all-silk Satin Taffeta and Crepe JRq /^TvS MM/W%lm/W&& -We are St/ Paul s §ents for tlle standard and Domestic Seeing Machines.
ue ( June Ribbons, that sell regularly at 25c, at •*r *• V"@? i^^ ffl/WM*/w ThCSS machines use ths Toof attachments and make both chain and lockstitch.
Ail the latest novelties in ribbons for neckwear, sashes, corsage bows, hair bows. Bows %U^M/M *§M&M3MJ§&^£SM W M W^di^® °lhSr machine^ dro? h=ad style3 ' as !ow as - *3-oa.
and sashes made free when ribbon is bought here. Let us show you the latest styles ■ - « t- _ '"**fc-^ Complete stock'of supplies for all machines.
inbows - : THE NORTHWEST'S GREATEST STORE. SIXTH and wabasha streets, ST. Paul 'Here and Sau2 Agents' Big Commissions.
The result of a recent purchase 'SlSfe&w 2,000 Walking Skirts—Made by the best- .^ .j^S&Sfi. We wish to announce that we We have never before planned so broadly for a sale of Muslin Underwear.
—300 Women's tailor-made ready- tailors, and to be found here only. All strictly «£Bfe - are showin v a better class of Never were the stocks larger or'better selected than now. These are the same garments that you pay
to-wear suits, jackets cut in all the J^ '^K® ESS and coWgs"many ex 1' 7 XTX eJSgM W n illlneiy. than eVer before" our regular prlces for ordinarily-and the question is. will you buy larger now and save 25 to 30 per cent.
latest styles including the new Maxim ■ rWI i *B|r elusive models in the lot. Prices JhQ QQ £&'y&*WMßm Uur stock includes the best or will you buy when the fancy strikes you and needs are pressing, and pay full price.
coat, Gibson and blouse, with habit M V*f f ran 2 e from $12.50 down t0.... v • Mj§ssMß creations of the leading ar- lt wil] not pay y°u to make the garments at home when you can buy at these low
back, also many different Eton effects #7 3,000 Dress SUrto-Serpejitine style, with |§ %& llri 77 , ' PrJces- Count the cost of materials, time and labor, and see what you sava by buying now
in twenty new designs; skirts cut JfU/f/w/\ "*," b°ttom; many different styles of trim- BPii incomparable products of our ' ' / ou^ g nov
serpentine and clinging' effect with \' % /yJ/MT A ™in to se'ect from: ex = lusive m°dels. Maae ' wß^"^*=^ff own workrooms. clus 1v c Ohi»fnC"" Mads of ? ood muslin, yokes jOSjk iJJ'/^JfIKtS- Drawers of good ZS
serpentine and clinging effect With I§/ ]j f*^ /f of broadcloth, cheviots, etamins, granite cloths, l§g* SH those wish'ne exclus iv c *4QWJIS of tuckin| and embroidery £Tm J^rGWerS having umbrella i,
flare at bottom, also separate drop S^J.,/ / 1 Venetians and homespuns, &**t\ Ci Ss^^r^lHr a± tlA i „. goAuiuaivu insertions, neatly finished with cam- -,* £§&&&£> of cambric finished with hem-stich- ...
skirts Such an assortment of Styles || AA / all colors. Prices from $17.50 WO.SO \ * F " ' styjes at very moderate prices brie ruffle: full size and length. Our 39(7 %^^' in g; regular price 25c. Monday, J?Q
and colors shown nowhere else. The l! »#/1 I down t0 ---- — - VTv - ,™» surely; be pleased with 50c gowns. Monday 0n1y......... w~ . f.J^ ■ only '• <*
line includes all the latest cloths used llf jls«V P,«J Speclal at $»o. 00— Women's Silk Dress Ek?W our snowing. Gowns— 7sc and 89c values, prettily trim- .V. _
for enrino wpar JS**WVCVV\ »4p Skirts, made of first quality taffeta, also of s <*)t (it „ „„ .i « # mcd with lace or embroidery and hemstitch- _<. /"I urawirs or excellent muslin, trimmed with
lor spring wear. - - JL \Y\\\/Jr psau de soie. elaborately trimmed, new cling- "^S^v VfJntereSt tO the Pub- ing. These garments are made A <X ,^«v) embroidery lace or tucked lawn ~ _
Suits in the lot «f B W /J/J i \\ l| ing skirt. A $15.00 value <*#/%/%/> v O^^ . :.' :^ „"' of excellent muslins and cambrics. faM^ IK />b>«/r^yr r"^es. Extra vaiues UOG
worth $25. Val-gj^J'^J 1/1/ I V J» • special priced SJOOO " " .- " : : "C' | A great bargain at. V%/" VfiX*#7 at
ues were never so^&^ # •S~ '©^ $ > JV at.. yr^^.ww Your Money Cheerfully : Refunded-Select the Hat Gowns-offire cambric beautifully trim- M 111 I' r> „ v.. , , ,
Seat at - I " Dress Skirts-Special and exclusive l^ nT "*, «U"' "^ 3^ T mid With *—«S* -d lac^e or embroid- 1 / "cSSS 'ffi.ce - ci°esS
300 Women's Welkin. 3Urto-M.de of. basket | SS^ Zti Q */♦ A Ifi ?i^>^l£^&^n
weave material; colors Oxford, medium gray, ft, . fully made. . They arc exceptional values at * g cs.rea or reruna your money. styles, worth to $1.25. &1&G \Wf £fi\ and edges; regular prices up to 75c. /LQC
light gray, tar. and green; cut with - flounce and MM X our Pn=es ' 0 #£• /)/) > «,- ' r-: '_ : • tacn ' " ' «% * £%$$ Onl^ ••••• *^*^v
finished with numerous rows of <$ a* A O //f/ >JP^ -, rOm *53 &*&• V 6/ LJllrktiOG TC*l* lVl^*#n/^ ' " A large assortment of dainty Gowns in all *\\/ tv?^.W
stitching. Regular $6.50 value. #rtO *?O #§/// rt&ffl^V " down ton^L, ,- WiyyoO B\Jt &BJ$ lilW the newest styles .at $1.50, 3.2.00 and y^T'^^^a " Better qualities at 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and up-
M°nday * ' Ml 4«nr|\C WSSh WaiStS~We S- The celebrated Trefcusse and Rondat & Vallier >»1* m/.^-A complete assort- Wai'dS' --■
200 Women's Walk ng Skirts-Made flare JiWMBII '1| V\ showing new and exclusive Glace and Suede Kid Gloves, in all ths latest color- isnQmlSe meat Jf chemise S^-^K^^^fe) lo%UUo f V/«-Our assortment of
flounce effects, seams all tailor stitched, h^r-MB^g/l/M | 1 % X styles in Wash Waists, in ings and stitchinss made of muslin, cambric, lawn or fine iwS^iF^S^ »>»t//flt« *s7£Wf It 3 white skirts is the
line stripe materials; colors black and white, W«|f| l| \ - % ) . all the leading fabrics: _ .f'-, :, nainsook, extra long: and knee lengths, "X^^^l^^^S^^^ most complets In the city. All styles are
navy and white and gray and white. These MjJlillmW// . \| i \ J' designs and colorings are ur,,"'' eat Special— 2-clasp Glac; Kid Gloves, rft w r\f\ at prices ranging from " %V" ' well made, perfect fitting and of t'ood
skirts were bought at a special w>« /•olf/ _^ " %\^% £- the latest. & § /\/\ ln all the newest shades, per pair 0/. 1/4/ . «- . **>«/} ' • .T^''*>.: ':"' • -'''-7 0 materials. The prices range from 50c to 58.0
price and you receive the benefit. 02.00 %^£^*J^^K- Price.ss.oo $§.{){) 3-clasp Gloria Glace Kid Gloves, colors and 0f 9 c ££<? *0 $3.50 S& each.
A $5.00 value for _ —*^«s^^- down t0.... black, per pair .....tpI.ZQ {* *f> —Covers ' made ' dT^^^l' \^t S*
Just Received—lso Silk Waists bought at manufacturers' Women's Spring Coats—Made of Kersey, covert cloth, 3-c!asp Vallier's fine French Sued* Kid Gloves, colors %j/Ql/QC$ good cambric, '2gFJ& >^ &OfS6*S an( i high^prTced °ccr3ets Tn
first cost. The materials and workmanship alone cost taffeta and moire silk. Prices rangi from \ modes, castors, grays and black; '■ a, c « close fitting and full front styles, neat- «»«._, M the city. All the leading makes and 'istyieV- at
more than we ask for them. They come in all colors and „,-- «*7 *lf} psr pair -.. tbJ,QU ly trimmed with embroidery, lac; and /Zz}Q M moderate prices.
black. Equal in wearing qualities and just as desirable as f^-°» aown V €•«/!/ „.,„, t ' ' hemstitching. Regular price, each. . **-^^ t^>
the high-priced waists. Regular $6.50 and &<-A rt t0 ----- Lace Lisle Gloves-in white, black and colors, «« X- Warner's Pi«st Proof Cors»t fin- b-t-v
i 7.50 values. Monday (only one to as39Br, ,h «=-,„ o , n\ I ■ . .i. P=r pair 50c and - • «©C Corset Covers-A large assortment of hand- M - s Y r Tc-Mfrert !^^^S^d£^h^S "75^
customer '. Cloth and Silk Raglans-Complete showing of the _______ ; . some cover, in all the newest effects, beautifully d>SG blue * alt «eSUX) vSS. Monday «^^
Special at $10.00—Women's Silk Rag- d»i/\ /\ /\ se?son s cnoicest creations at prices /V _^ /■ fj # " trimmed, at only
Main^ts *w.W ::T c.. m. $5000. down 1 $12.50 Sample blockings Dainty Corset Covers _ of „„. carabric , _ k or Petticoatsrys^^? 'ss s u er«t
——: — A"°"; er r pi? rlunity ndiy to;r ure soroe of those !,°t:ays 1- rTbb,» ppray; y &■ iLsss?^ E3*3*JE IltJs. "d Si »; •; 7«c
— . g A±j*f M "~ g* • § sample stockings— a lot secured from two large Mm- to $2.75. . Special for this sale • */v
-Omff^fa fl Jtf%f\f^*£ AnßiL f\Y% £*% iffl 00 B&ll&f^BfviG P°rters- an<l from J. M. Eisenstruck, Chemnitz, —-=— -^^7 •■
J * y 1^ ■ * > stockings £%&£ stockings JUrt&SS Q§QQ€ISS &xtfootdmafy Vqiubs
Our showing of dainty Wash Fabrics is extraordinary—such a wide range of choice wort ] l oc B Sex 0& r \t mSS^ jg , _ ___
Is not to be found elsewhere in these cities—and prices cannot bs duplicated. 5 ' M fs^h 9 1 i or ien» The spring stock of Dress Goods is most attractive, both as to style and price. The
THPPP <sPPriAI <? POD Mni\inAV>~ CAI C 75C2Lnd g . |1 — /Women and styles are varied enough to suit everyone and the prices are remarkably low. These specials for Monday:
*nt<fcE s^fallALs I-JK JHUINUAY jALb. -. n r JBcati «L« If ";'ri 'l"i " Black Cheviot, with "white hair-line stripe; 46-inch Black Cheviot—Look at the width—a 4* _
■™^"~~" _ »>»>_i_»^-i^^_i._ n __ *1U(-> ior... , \aigy L.nilClren. full 50 inches wide and thoroughly scoured "m&± % yard and a quarter wide —the 50c quality. OfpC*
Special No. /—Holly Batistes, Special No. 2— Best English Special No. 3— Toile dv Nerd Better come early— Sale starts at 8 o'clock. and steam sponged. Extra good value tDSfC Monday for
every style and coloring Dimities and Pal- m^gl Ginghams. You know —**■ "! " ~^~ m ; ■- ~ ■.:.■ ;..,.- — - .-:. -.• ~ atjpl.OO. Monday . *^ &f Black Etamine Mistrals—All pure wool, di Bf\ r\
made; the goods are worth fj|^y metto Batistes. §Z& S/*}ft thsss reliable, standard B&l/y dZltlirifi ttSfiPrifli^ special. •••••• • Priestley's make, and full 46 inches wide. A/ (J 5/
15c. Monday %5?%0 Special for Mon- $ & 4f/^%^ goods. Monday 3 & %<& ~ «^«r««i*«y TrT--' M. w Colored Mohair Cheviots, Russian crash and steam- The $1.50 quality Monday for ,:... V mm*r*r
°n!y day 0n1y........ / only Hercerized Sateens-36 inches wide, 60 different colors sponged Cheviots, in a full line of colors-just „ „ 100 pieces Coloied Dress Good* on center table fur
! i . m evening and staple shades. These are absolutely per- 63 colorings and weaves «th« lot-and they re (QQ ' easy Selection-Panama weaves, basket suUings, wool
Cibson and Panama Suitings and Waistings- -,_ Mousseline de Sole-" Arnold*" best goods, „- ™ r f!J!fJ; £!" n wash ly\ F" '^dsrskirts, shirt- worth $1.00 and $1.2 & a yard. Monday special. crash, Etamine; Revals, Sivera Cloth.-al! new spring
very desirable and stylish materials, in solid ZSC guaranteed perfect and the-regular 50c quality. 3SC Monday Values to 40c a yard. pR r 100 pieces of : Handsome New Goods, in all-wool Mis- colorings. Big assortment of the new steel grays, brown
colors ." . ««^rw Monday only ."".. v«r** uct/ .^. ■«••*»# tral Etamines. g!l-wool Canvas Etamines, Vene- m/\ and castor mixtures; 46 to 56 inches wide. q* f\r\
c • di 1. />, ' "!.'." "l."l!., ,n, ................................ One case of Silesias—36 inches wide "beetle •* " .tians, SheDherd Checks, 50-inch all-wool Chevi- QUC Regular $1.25 and $:.50 values Mo..day and tHJ.UU
Swiss Plumetis. Glasgow Tissues, &ilk Finished Cham- Imported Sivisses-Solid colors, with black CZ/\~ finish; grays and blacks- 12J4 C quality Monday 7C ots, etc., values to 75c, for WW all the week for V<*V
brays. India Striped Zephyrs. Irish Dimities 9R embroidered silk dots, Monday OUG A n . r D „ ' 'onaay... «v _ . , _
and Scotch Ginghams in immense . HOG one use Percalines, in browns, grays and blacks, ft— >* - # &• M 8 A A A^Jf §
varieties - Hungarian Madras— 32 inches wide, guaranteed »-*, full 36 inches wide; 15c quality. M0nday......... mJG If M $S% &fjf% f> /f M/V %lßKej&' /\^/»^ A(m JWAdt/rAII
Afarw//a /Voue/tj/ ieno-Wlth silk lace stripes. >, - shrunk, suitable for men's shirts and ladies'waists. /5c Crinoline-50 pieces cross-barred; Crinoline, in ec •ynieresuny iH\ trews nionaaij
suitable for waists and full dresses; others adver- 25C °nday ' — black and white; 12^c quality.; ......... OC, *^- ■-• *ww .wwr.mm* my —r«vfv -«. -« »«r w *»«. r^ »—.
tise them as bargains at 35c Our price Monday «ra6ant"ife So/e-In self-colored lace stripes and fancy - . — — -_ — - News of radical reductions on the most wanted Silks— the reliable kinds, the kinds
Silk and Linen Tissues —ln linen color; 3 very m>» stripes, Silk and Linen Tissues, Lace Jeddah, mm s\ i4.%r\ g7/\rifl 27/i/iaama i v i o i,l i. . i *,». L n.
sheer, swell summer dress fabric, 32 inches 4>£/(? Silk Tissues-no such variety ever before shown SUQ lfp7^_fc' W0 ijQQCt iSfBCISOTIS you know about. Read the list and profit by it
wide. Monday in the Twin Cities at the price www %&B&^ZS!!jm& . ?-^ 5000 Yards of White and Cream Sliks—Fcr costumes, Foulard SHt<~— New Foulards, Printed Pannes and Satin
. , ' ' ©l^iPli'vS* w"y Our Optical business is the waists or trimming purposes; handsome styles in stripe?, Imprimme, handsome, rich effects in scroll, flora! lace.
wßy j+ ■ larapst in thp Twin Piti o brocades, novelties, Crepe de Chines, Louisines, Foulard?, conventional "Dv Barry" and "Dolly Varden" designs—a!!
X* &A§ •* f iV • I ■!'^s*«^caeS&* '■ ." ■ luryvst. in we. >" VIUVS, Taffetas, Moire Velours, etc., plain and fancies, _j* 1902 styles; 100 different patterns and colorings; values up
¥ Iffi&ffiQ nnrl jfO wHlf& £ itAA/IC. \lT%&r*inlQ First-Because we buy direct from the manufacturers with values up to $1.50 a yard. All displayed on (&C to $1.25 a yard Monday's special pries for /^q^
<^^%B f{#f %(& W#|M V^T 1 |IIt& %^yWtl^» wVWVIHIv in gross lots, saving sometimes as high as 35 per cent, and, center table, at per yard „ * these handsome 24-inch Foulards, O*/O
M IT as' a - consequence, can sell our Spectacles and Eyeglasses 2000 Yards Novelty Silks— ln Taffetas, Japanese Wash 98c and
• # ' for rom one-third to one-half less than other-reliable deal-_ Cords, Foulards, Washable Pann* Satins, etc., in waist 5 Pieces 36-inch Black Peau de Sole— For the new coats
Extraordinary Values in the Linen aisle Monday. Our extensive buying enables US ers in these goods. if-? . , -......__ lengths, skirt lengths, dress ; lengths and full and skirts; rich, heavy, handsome silks and 0. «-|
to offer you seasonable goods at prices you cannot duplicate elsewhere. , ftl an S^ c Y °"d7 Becauf e our Opti°t dcP. artmsnt is r charge pieces of handsome silks; values straight up to 59(? ! he best wearin * weave made' $Zo° qjality 0/.%3i/
■> or j y ot an expert refractionist, and the adjustment of lenses by $1.50. Special, per yard ww -r
White Shirtwaist Linen—36 inches wide, ex- A* _ 72-inch Full Bleached Satin Damask—Made "by him I°. sim Ple' and complicated refractive trouble^ are in- 42-inch Black Guaranteed Taffeta — $2.50 *mp?b 36-inch Black Guaranteed Taffeta — $2.00 a, « q
tra tine, and worth 75c a yard. Monday H*UC Richardson of Belfast; very best $1.00 quality. »£?_ vari"iy satisfactory. ' : j, ■■ quality, per yard 01,(0 quality, per yard 0/.0*7
„ ... . • , Monday' §OC Examination free. Our optician will teil you whether M ■ J X-■ J ____' ■ ' ,
1 alt bleached Irish Satin Damask— Extra B/)** monaa ' •;•• ***** glasses should be worn or not. . '— : : ■ " " "Z~
heavy, 65c quality. Special, Monday OUC Napkins—Bleached, silver bleached and half-bleached ~ : .'■■"■ — ~ — ■ Z^S /* l/\il*M tort 4nt* P/loV* fln//C nt\A^hUflfPtl\
Linen Etamine— In white, natural, plain colors ft _ sizes 20x20 and 22x22, regularsl.7s and $2.00 0I M a 7 M % MLi Bto A# I~k!l Vl/|f I |»f /Wl Mlftfllf J^^H^ 541 |I 4 V^# I•• \A* Of I
and striped: regular pries 50c. Monday O^C a dozen. Choice Monday tpJ.H'Q' nJUdil J^GlQQt* liQWS L &
■ \ - :': ■■■'# TT w Jrriv No exclusive clothier can serve you better than v-e can. and we guarantee to save ycu
Great Reductions in iOhite Goods Monday Never before were we so busy in our Wall /^s*si>\ 25 per cent on every purchase. These specials for Monday:
i* 1•• i- , - Paper department That immense purchase .of / Sjf^\ |\ k M . v>. . A » " • ** . «• . sz, .1 i • '--rr „
S^^iSSJSJt^ .'sc Bedding Specials &m roils, m ail grades, to be sold tomorrow at / I \\l A jflen s Clothing young Men S Suits ChildmS Suits
40c Sheer India Linens for, per yard 30c Eiderdown Comforters-6x6, very best sateen cover; 08 "half what other stores ask for same qualities. I J. Vl k \ Woo , cuits—Well mad-and Good, Serviceable Suit—Well Dickey Knee Pant Suits—
2c,c Persian Lawn for, per yard 15c would be cheap at $6.00 each. 0« Ojp Lot 7— Good kitchen and : bedroom papers -^ N I' «=\/ stylish, perfect **% M — * made and fit :cely, /* +> — /v Strictly all-«ool Casslmere.
ISps^tigiiii-^ specl" •••■•-••;••--•.■ ..w.w n »-—--.- h 6c. erroll , 2 C \}jLXJ %■?>*» s4.so %£** $3.50 —■■ "°" s/95
±KtSW2SSSBSrt.S?niS: /5C Bedspreads Lot2-A ,rand-as;or; m en,"ofpapaWsuHab l efor li/ Woo.' Dress Suits-F™ DicVey Ca. S |^ Su«s- X/'suVu-; t -, ilu i
ggg=!ggg 25c ;||^^^i|||a^^^^^^ f / / S&sjiSS |rr.^2 SaSsfS
"~~~ ~ ■ _____ '. Lot 3-Heavy gold and pressed papers in handsome I/ // m $12.50 "and $15.00- Swe?I 7 Ores, '"Suits-Equal to $1.95 and V•« %>
Nfe. iSS/) Shoes fnr Mnm*n E?""°. d;'.r^- to c / Suits that have the style and tailor made at double our price. Norfolk Suits-Fine dark
tP%v &hto% ihU J#f/I^C? tf\&* MdwfWfo&m -icmorrow at. I / mof an « e lusive tailor's Well made 0 #/^ 0f« blue serge wiH £ -
r^% 90.01/ jnves jor women. z^^-«-i^-^* I I productions: linings and trim- and stylish, $/ UTO W cost you $4.00 0&.&Q
f LOt 4—Choice line OT Tapestry papers, all 1 /{ mlngsare first-class' at elsewhere. Here
II -M ■ O-'-'in^f Spring Shoes is the best that can be found anywhere. St^g^^p'^gf | 7<? Hl^ jj^n^- B^AUjr. s«^o« cmj^^wju.u.h™.^, v. t .»«r.
M "%iSS& lhe best manufacturers. have contributed their best makes to our (Borders-sold by the roll.) 0 Largest Clothing Department in the Northwest—Second Floor.
ri^ liR|L stock. Shoes that fit and give perfect satisfaction. Your money ——«———— __-__^___ —-^^- ... . . : -=z-
IS^ 5* back if they dont We' are sole St. Paul agents for the n ■ pa LJts\* a*• fit* M ****B&> mSttf* 13l SQ GS* tiV%/% #1 f"
Tfgjk 1"-^, "Rochester" and the "Ultra" Shoes for women. ' OHT0" SI SI offi^PSTlPiif $&**** T%QUS&JUffI%SnUM jfJU&&lllfZl H
\. H^Uki:' 'Ik le "ULTRA" $3.50 Shoes for Women —We have them tT O i " Wail .Ptnhtt Cnrrintum &izE^\ Japanese Tower Vases, ///SSSF^TSS*ye^ <">
VT^^^^ in aU- styles, sizes and widths and every pair -has the V'nusual-Wings in alt lines^-these are hints: £aby images |^ „: ^^^s l i^ Sta ,
tek £*£. stamp and guarantee. Don't miss seeing' them fine Quality Cotton Chatties ' (ZjL^ %s%£ b« St V. V. ..V.V:;. 3^ >:^1 -^I^^
OT^M^ before # you purchase your-spring shoes. 0^ l^/l m beautiful designs and colors; suitable for p^ - ii^ ■ artslSi lS fefi^-f Jm^ m<Mt^^^CM-
Thereisno belter or finer shoe made for IZTTy^r^ 5 and coxhfcrts' For a Monda^ fjO T^44 nf^ith^lSi Mo; ,' „ ' 'Wg^^F^l^^'
women than the new "Ultra" at bi^ ss ;;;;- c ;;-- Fe ; ya ; d; ;;;;; :; ;;;; \^M s^E^lill¥ 1/flfe tAI
"^ "g ~*%~^ If? f~~ ■" Jm Big fining Bargains V^^P^^ ite"" |^ T M^ ■ 0^^ ZO°!° Ss" ""^
ft Jt j^/ojfilT W*S&tifos*S§ m ./f*S&Ssf%£%4' VVv/^S Rpmna"ts of Black Saieenr.ndPercai:ne-In lengths f^g^>^)\ Neach C° "^'l* .80 fc^/' !y . <*.- 2c"
Wl ©841 y? rd!:.: alUM. 2sc. and. 3sc. a.^ d: 10c Sf^^w IH'^ctS'^l I tM^ I°^
■^" y w - 0 v Remnants Colored Skirling Percalines— ln brown, each.. ..... 6.00 each .T.ii.oo W^*l^^^ """dfl^ ' 2SC *jr! '
-„ . . . ,-,'■• ,' ■ . -■' -■ - grays and tans: values to 25c yard. Remnants of Can- . Lot No. 3. your choice, BgB&t&M Tl t»>!-iC- S
-Ims sale is one of the greatest bargain events of the year. We don't wait until vas. in grays and natural color; value to 15c yard, Cp Ifsw &)aqons for the BotJS J^^ '5° B W v gl special /fSS^
the season Is over and you have bought your carpets at regular prices, but offer you now, right at the be- tor"-"--.-v • ....:........ JU 5 •* ? I STaR ! The Star -WMff W«J" Sale on f S
ginning of the season, a large and choice assortment at. an actual saving of from one-fourth to one-half. Basement Shos Earaalns ; A Hardod Ex?« V Wagons, the || r ' '\ a c n ° d fS''r MwM V'*4^ (ias nan- |\
They say that "to see is to believe," and really the old maxim applies very-well for you must see these &usemem jnoe bargains . stron^st and best wagons on th. market. Pa- §.<^« E S" jMg t!es- ?
values in order to believe it is really possible tobuy such splendid Wts L-so "liuL Ze^ $ 1 U^|«^ W. I
new goods that are daily crowding in. . ? ■•■.■■.-.- .--••■ :•.:.-■ Boys _ 1.50 Sa.n Calf Lace Sho= . , per pa,.... 89, I 103 rases wtftw|^ , n -; JJV 1%-vBM Special. "" 35C /5C 0/ /)/) China Sale
It will pay you to take advantage of this sale In anticipation of your future wants, for you'll have to wait at W^^M^^R P^f n R-^ Toi!et Hf "7 ' ' "1l l^* T* .-^^ 0/.UI/ for Monday. (|
least another year for such carpet bargains as these- - - . . / . ,ai .Finishing raids- White and colors; worth 6c a Oil Paper in rolls and '- ' . *|f=r-^J All - -g,^^ Fish and Game Platters. Plates. Jags.
> - .— .•_•--■:.::.■.. '■-•' " ::* " " - • :v ; bolt ■of 6 yards. Monday special . .;.^... .^....._, «IU \ padcaees .- our'wan ; ' \ ' *p~4<£> '^Lh2Jf' Jar6U J^^SS^Skk -.♦^^^^r^ Trays and
Sanford and Smith's! J| ■■ $1.50 Royal Axmir.ster... Imm a - $2.00 Royal Wi1t0n..... *) #% •■ • ' Hose Supporters—A small lot, worth 6c, 8c and Qfl known brands Gilt > l $Ir'%r> Pedestals, UmbreHa (Ifi^^^SaS JT^'Z^ SiiJL'^V-'
Tapestry Brussels Car- Iftl^ ft $1.25 Body Brussels j/II ft $1.75 Bigelow Axminster I I ILf. ICC- Special to close', per pair ....;'.... Oil Edge Carnation, / "'«a&aK»«' Stands en sab Mor.- W^^Sffi&B *y :i»l«;; \ f,!l fSrv
Bring room measurements-better measure several ,-ooms-you'll wish you had when you see these bar- :»«v^.,-......,;,. : „..::lte X / Or : ZSc I * PAPER. VfiS^^ Cf /)/)
gams. If not ready for a Carpet, we will, on paymer tof a small deposit, hold it until wanted. ". : .51IK °"n- v P- | yard ■■/:■■■ ..■■■........■■7C 4 JQrZSC V[j .;*"">. Jl ehl..hih. | ■ prt»«or SS7R .■ MT"^\f QiiQQ
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