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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, April 06, 1902, Image 15

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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A Sale MOSt Extraordinary.
We have gotten hold of another lot of those fancy wash
waistings we sold you not very long ago.
Best koc Silk Chamhrave )
Finest Mercerized Oxfords I_ _
Finest Mercerized Oxfords /
in plain colors, white and fancy stripes or. white §fW 1
ground, regular good value at 59c \ Jl% ft
Bes.Si.k Ginghams J0 C
Cheap at SOc a yard. Just the thing you want and %£? i#
in aii the new styles... ?." 8 y".!... Yd
ah* M » <- tt. ~ "
All for Honday s Selling at 35c a yard
~~~ : — _ : —
F^^_ ■ /. s^ ,-r.«V ,'
We have the largest and best assorted Stock Of these popular fabrics in
the Twin Cities. Below are a few prices that will crowd our Silk Department
Black «llk Grenadine cm, Pnil i a ■ „,. , a- ' .-•
■ .s££ « 69C "s^.^?s«C
Black Silk Grenadines, Silk Foulards, the most beautiful patterns
Fancy and solid stripes, worth «£*_ you ever saw, worth .00 7R A
81.2. a yard Monday O5fC yard Monday /»C
our stock .« wash Siiks v unsurpassed hundred, o« piece.
yard 4«fC
We are agents for Skinner Satin, 36-inch wide, the only
reliable jacket lining made. Everyone knows the price is $1.50 yard, but as a
special inducement Monday we will sell it at, £14 AC
yard • VfladSO
' ~ ~~ —
— ,|| -^
£$&. jTJIIK' rGrtlCOflr^
#7©/ +msm.mn.^- A VItIVVUU
_ Jf^9 1 /'• ;
ryt^ 500 extra heavy pure Silk taffeta Petticoats
in black and all the new plain colors and
changeable effects. Very stylishly made,
JU|N^4J{ with deep graduated, accordion-plaited
flounce, finished with three inch ruffle; all
J^vS^SPivt-Sr have heavy pure taffeta Silk Underflounce,
finished with dust ruffle. We caii your
attention to quality, style and finish of
this Petticoat. Good value at £ft M o^k4fo
57.50. Our special price »4>98
/''«'* ■"
: : —
¥/ r .. I T , - p. . ,
Knit Underwear Dept.
Umbrella Style Drawers.
lilli T »Ay ■fiumii.ku f Ami
Wkh '\ Pm
JiiiiS ill
iililiipi fcg<l^gg£>
j^^W^M o^^^^^K -
mer Drawers ever made. We have
them in all grades, and place en
, .. n ,^ r% „ ' fl . X ;
sale Monday 3 lines at a special
The regular S OC grades, mesh cloth,
fine ribbed Lisle, 2x2 ribbed cotton;
all have deep lace trim- OO^
ming The price Monday «S»C
Ladies' Umbrella style Knit Draw
ers plain or ribbed cloth, lace trim
mcd. regular 2 5 C grade. «flß|j»
For Monday s sale 890
Women's Stockings.
Black Maco Yarn Hose. Have
an the splices, fun length and
! ,9K 3! 8?° rV an
sell at 250 a pair. On sale at
4for7g Or <*&&&*%
pair '...... d&tfC
,A., R , , „, , „
Ladies Black double sole lisle
thread Hose, good 35c quality,
at. ACa
pair. <£»Ij)C*
— ■ . ■
jl/l _j - ~ __ ~~ "
Monday in Our Music Section.
He Laid Away the Suit of Ihe Broadway Mandolin Folio, No I.
Gray to Wear the Union Containing 20 popular pieces. Good-Bye
T Blu«- •: - P.ol^ Gray, Mr. Volunteer, Where the
Two Congregations Mississippi Flows, Sweet Annie Moore
The Tyrolean, 3-step PER and other nits; per folio. ■§£!-*
wSrMothTr'O'sedW'iin, SDeclal.V... ■«O
• ..: " AW m The Star Dance Folio-Ananged from
Just Plain F01k5....... 41^ . {he most popular and latest successes of
The Sunflower and t h ; Sun.! 11% the day. Here are some of the titles:
We're All Good Fellows ' 1 I Down Wheri the Cotton Blossoms
Stay In Your Own BacK Yard! lif Grow, waltz: My Lady Hottentot, schot-
Black Eyed Susan, march V ■ ''sche; Oh, Oh, Miss Phoebe, two-step;
and2-step \ My- Drowsy Babe, My Whlp-Poor-Will.
M, Hannah From Sayan- CENTS. When go Ban^ Begi.^ P^y, My
Blaze Awa/mS^::/ date Hits all under one cover. &« j^

Crockery Department '
|^**» w^VUti
■■ft- iiil^Wffißiii
|^^^ tings to select from. Your choifce\Monday oSy each 23C
■ - Special Cut G.ass T umb ,er Sale Honday each.. fi-*^O
200 dozen Rich Cut Glass Tumblers three different cut Af»
tings to select from You?choice Monday SLh 23C
xourcnoice Monda> oniy, each.. &Ub
liplf > ExtraSpeCial.
20^ Dlf C°Unt °ff °Ur Cntire St°Ck °f
~V/ll rlch American Cut GIaSS for One
day, Monday. ■
Open Stock Dinner Ware Sate . .^^^-^
Several new patterns in ooen stock Dinner /is?S^ /S iafc/^ v
Ware iust received in Semi PorrHa'n \>'*7*Za& (sfy&
HavlnHirhfnT w7^ f * m j E M ' Y^
Hav»land China. Special offer for Monday: %^rf§>^ Jfj
OQO/ Discount Off all open stock patterns
-^V/o One Day, Monday.
• «s«3SJ3J^-
I aiTin ChimSIPVC Clt-Brl R,,h«a^
JUaiil^ VllllllUCyb dllU t3lirnerS.
No. lor medium sizeChim- «^^ jp* Welsbach Gas Chimn&v F«
neyonly each *St# I, onivea-h §C
No. 2or large S ize Chimney «^ I No. 1* Tmed^m 'size JZ
K oni y.each ......^C JA Lamp Burner only, ea. 4«C
N0.2 Rochester or B.&H.^K^ § \ No. 2or large size Lamp - B-^
Chimney only. each... DC 11,. J Burner only, each OC
No. 2 Rochester Chimney, :'l24'A^- W* W /No 3 extra larpe size L-mn ***
inches high, only. each.... itfC tLLJ Burner only each " ifjC
" . v"vi wav"" • ■• 'w
r\ M^^ M • rv '2:-
L'TclOCriCS LlGnt
HereAreo ; l ZLr^L.
c . 8»»ns for Monday's Selling. .
Figured Denims — Our 14c fig^
kind, Monday per yard, 0n1y... OG
50-inch Tapestry _ Assorted in fancy
Oriental Stripes and color effects, worth
up to 50c The proper thing for door
hangings, couch covers or cozy cor
nerns sn Mondays pr ice, fq!;
t pery # *„••■; fcaU
Tapestry Portieres—3 yards long, 50
inches wide, an almost endless variety
of designs, weaves and ecler effects,
53.50, $3.75 and $4.00 values,
Monday's price for
shouid sell at Choice of our entire
S!le. CtiOn« $5.35
R u tf le Curtains-Three yards lon, regu
lar width, extra well made assorted in
dots, figures and fan^r stripes worth
$1-50. Monday's price Ofl
pair, only OtfG
Curtain Tie Backs-Our regular 5c a
pair kind, for Monday,
9 Paine f An tin
fcllPS TOP PC.
— ■ — ■ .
Fountain Pens-
Th.^ol^n Rule ( Fountain Pen has a
itX S£S^"SS"'^oS
price for one day Monday RQ
'V P V V""" OS»C
Uoth Finish Papers, white or azure, in
d. t b,OcXeS> at? Oxford size, big
value at 35c a pound. Mon- «O^
day special, a pound, only.. 23C
Envelopes to Match, 25 in a-y
package M onday ;> . #C
baling V> ax, all shades; ES^
5c sticks, 2 for OO
Initial Seals -15c kind; each 8e
BY nAIL MXWi I,!] "\\ I \\ ']J|'M»V FOR OUR
IT S^PvtuSESi ratfgSvi u^^^lS^j^Pl^^^^ SPECIAL
—^±- gf^S^Sß^^^^SS^^^^ _cat_aloq : _
~ —— TT^^ " . _
■-,"'- '^Ui — -—? ": . ' " "■
||..^ TP__^^ 1%1 -w ▼ It ~« .~<4. A.
I^l I 111 l I YlTfk M 11/PCT 1 l/^'j^ O fl* l'^Ti'ljf^^l ■ C
' n/ijuj n fl «oHfmfl«f
: Millinery Department.
Special Features and Special Prices Every Day. r :
Tailored H .t,-see the newest things in the «£« r a
latest effects at only VUIOU
TH mm ~iH* n v ; v "« •; ,v V
hats, no two alike •••••• *Jj giiUU f \9\f) gi.U.
' TDiriMlisirc '
I Xli liYHINUS. - -
We sell to you at the prices we sell to the milliners. .We are the
*""""'~ , .
<%'%'%*'*^ **'*'*'** **^**^'%^> *'•>'■>*'** *'*'%'«>*^
* /"> '1 • 1 iS "- • " ■'■ /• AA A /% , #
J VlVlKn VntitlOT AT IUIS / ImflrtiiaiitC *
cP iyilsn s PrinS 0T I™* »™*^*j
J New. Swell Gibson Suits ' £*£»,& Stylish, Long, Silk Raglans «-.*- $
S Priced only IW J
5 Fine Tailor- Suits An. asso^tmen^of Long, Swell, Silk Wraps JJ an s y el^* #
€: model Suits, new Gibson, Eton and Blouse shapes, in - ; taffeta, peau de soie, moire antique lace applique, trim'- f
9 every correct material and colors. Best 1&G& &Z ~ mcd as well as plain effects, at 0
¥ value of this season, at %&4Smis3 Olfl 7C COl Cfi C*o7 CO and as (MSC #
? iiilS Wo ci 4. d '*. T c vllfi lO| OZI.DU, OUiOU high as ODD I
+ 450 Ne\V Elegant SllltS, TWO Spe- % ' ™ 5
? Cial Assortments Copies of high-cost models Tailor-Hade Jackets From cheviots, broad- J
4 and exclusive ideas, from , s ... - . cloth and coverts, all J
r fine broadcloth, cheviots, Venetian, basket cloth, hand- silk lined, «J> fgZ up fi|Q.SO ?
« somely tailored, alterations, if necessary,: made by ex- ■ at.... <H»%J) to N>IO J
j %lT?\l!%&chWk^****yn*£T£**a Taffeta, Moire and Cloth Blouses \
J Special^!°.s:s-. $12' 5° AND $18* 5° Plain or trimmed effects; best 0C.75 t0 fl;«K 5
5 New Style Blouse Suits at $iq oo J^^V^ °° °^° S
5 HaTdso^y^ New Walking Skirts —^i^ 5
% U7 Venetian cloth, black, blue, caster, tan and brown flaring flounce shape, with many rows of tailor stitch- f
| S^^^io^Tc^a^eT^^^iK 5ev......5ev...... S3- 50 $3 >98 and $5 {
? strappings, in new effects 919 Walking Skirts Fin. Skirts ma-tailored 5
% New Arrivals, Late Advance Styles »aiMii S^His throughout, correct materials #
t Suits -Costumes Exclusive artistic and colors, most extensive assortment of new ideas at #
$ Suits and Costumes Exclusive, art jstu: SI2' 50 Sl3's°f
> cloth, canvas weavts, etamine and novelty fabrics, made . #
A oversilkdropskirt.no two alike. 3i**E Tn Ci "7 C DreSS Skirts Many shapes and styles, plain or A
2 Prices range from 9Ow u^i3 trimmed, from cheviot, Venetian, £
S . ... , , etc-- superior to anything offered at the price, only \
I Lon& stym> R«tans--^Jattt : . $4- 50 $5 AND $6- 50 >
d-. correct shadlngs, at. SB" 75 DreSS SkirtS fine cheviot.broadcloth, vere- I
? 0n1y......... «*PV "f???* : tian, canvas cloth, etc., lined or un- J
T Traveling CoatS Handsome, long shapss, made .lined, plain or trimmed, black and colors; all the late V
t . , -* .SJ proof materials in all styles, ideas and extraordinary values at J
{ the correct colors. ©-|^..5O TQ C^^A' 50 59 D 0 AND Qift S
J Prices range from %»■** v AlNU^J|fJ#
? /-r.n j <^i • , u» . , i „ «,. « 5
j Silk and Shirt Waists by the Thousands. l
5.. r-,1 CMI ... . , ,■■:•, ~ t. .. „ „ S
J New Gibson Silk Waists, from excel- " TAyO Ilundred dozen new swell '
* lent quality Taffeta and Moire Silk, broad , ftj^^lM, Shirt Waists at about-One-Half—An ?
? shoulder effect, black and all leading colors, endless variety, in all the new colorings, £
f sizes 32 to 44—the kind that Ar Aft (5L <£L~sJ* fine Lawns, pure Linen, Madras, Mull, etc.; #
* you cannot buy anywhere un- \h T,, ~1g) broad shoulder effects, duck stock collar #
& sleeves at V 1! U X >^*y^^^^W«RUiHR mi eu- *«r • * , , „ *
5 spedat ! W'so^^KI II S W 11? Wl2 tS ' ImP°rted Ma" 5
5 «- — ■-»'-' <Ob«sv \kHA£w,^Hs! dras cloth and Percales, in all colorings, i
I Special New Gibson Shirt Waists, in/ l' t the ] advanced styles and ideajall i
d with large box plait, and the new broad: -: cut extra long in front, with the new broad \
i shoulder effects, with clusters of fine tuck- WmSfi|» shoulder effect. Regular $1.25 ftA t
% ing> neW Stock collar and new sleeves, J'llYT&Mu&J&r) and §1.50 Goods, nHf 2
% made of mercerized materials ft j. r « f^^^WM at •. •.- • - UUUS
I m Oxford pnk and blue, §\*s I W& New Shift WaiStS. an assortment 5
L l y o^"'"«r'- /V A P^ beyond comparison, made from all kinds of *
# White Lawn. Shirt... Waists, beautl- jQ A — light fabrics in striking color com
fu l embroidered front, fine tucks back .. A X M binations and most beautiful patterns; new i
J and front, tucked collar. Excellent;^ 1.50 A I Aft I styles collar and • sleeves, the latest out, strict- I-A 4
{ |^^^^^^gj^^?pg!!! ! 59C | '
~ -
Domestic Room.-
Cotton Batts-50 cases of fine white
batts> opens up even. Special gr^
for Monday OC
Fine Pacific Cretonnes, in all the new
spring patterns, light and darK effects,
; quantity limited; worth Be. RI A
Special. 020
Calicoes, black and white and blue and
white, in all the new spring styles, best
standard make. Et li_
Special TT2C
Fine Zephyr Dress Ginghams in neat
checks, stripes and plaids, fast ft_
I ££>TZ^^^
goods; cheap at Be. K^
Special.. Ob
Cream White Shaker Flannel, not
over-10 yards to a customer; QI A
worth 5c and 6c. Special.... V2C
Wool Baby Flannel.. cf^.m «*»«,
white Special for Monday.
Comforters-150 extra fine Home-made
Comforters covered with the best silk-
ohne and filled with good cotton, hand
tied'slz*: 2 y.ards; $1-75
worth $2.2 d. Special... I■ I 9
: •
5ecia1...'.....! IS©
finish; a b^gain al 12Kc *%*
black and all colors; sold everywhere at
better anywhere at 25c.
Special _ -;_ _ 28C
36-in. Silesia, staple shades only, none
better anywhere at 25c. *A 1-.
Special . 1 £%&
36 . in Moire Taffeta linmg, |«JI A
°mething>neW- S P ecial..g.l2 2 C
" ~ '
Women's Night Qowos.
A«n,r HA t F -, Rl c^
Monday we will 4g£@L
put on sale all
ofouroddsizes ®*I
an,d, •"^ -IJ.-^
mtstd nighi
gownsatabout v VwJl?fm#C^:J
. |j alf pfice> I\^ V
There will be \\%ffifi . BIR^J
a beautiful as- ';^J/ Mf-/^
sortment tose- H^ i#| \YXIcIM?
lect from in all nil . 'm§sm
SiT t- IP !W
|™ street bar- ; -■I-I'l^V :
KSh fr^ & ♦*Plm?*l-?. i s°*?!
=■ Monday a? priced from
"■ W^ ', -^~-^ ;
SfffStO P
'*jy »uc <i# vv' C33i o*^ %ff
riAfUUA. r^~~-w-™~~4- "
Clothing Department.
Persistent low pricing is telling. We are and always
wili *» the lowest-quality for price considered
tvt~,- 7OC * _Vf\J*.« C«.:«. C* i v/ mi -—■'
Newest Ot Ne\V Suit Styles-We will save you
Sailor and Sailor Sutsi. These are all in exclusive styles with us
and we show an endless lot of standard styles in Norfolk. Sail
ors, manly 3-piece Suits— ranging from extremely low
- priced goods at $1.98 or less up. Our leader at $3.50 and
~— ~ r—7~ -
Robert Street Aisle Depts.
NT. "
RofWrt ' „ w , • -
Be^°° h' 'f t 2 Ifi
"Hon. blac* and white, 5p001... ■■>
Good Pins, warranted 400 pins in m -
paper,. worth 5c t , paper „,." It*
Darning Cotton, black and colors, -^
3okind Its
Best Linen Finish Thread for heavy
' sewing, J. 0. King's: Kismet Al^
forcarPet sewing, kind,spool £*2\*
Yard White Basting Cot- im~
^2 hi^JSriT4S
advertised good value at 19c gtn.
Our price, a pair Qu
Whisk Brooms, made of best broom
corn. 10c and 15c kinds, -^^
choice /C
Curling Iron, hard wood and finished
, hand, good^ue at sc, 2^
each.....,......;........... , *-2^
r.. ...
DreSS FiniSblQgS.
White Pearl Ruttons lv,t n-^Mtv
vv ™c P earl Buttons.best quaaty.
h 10 2 Vo 2e n on card for ©C
Stockinet Dress Shields, light weight,
value, a pair. 7 ©C
"S^ffi*^ io
silk Seam Binding, reguiar |*
Mon l M? y fifi
Monday "J
BestQual,ty waterproor skirt binding
on marKet regular 10c yard, g
Monday OO
ot -: DfeSS jTrithmngS. :
Out of ail our Imported and domestic trim-
P^il ipi&iii
black and colors, and new Persian
effects, Goods worth ;o d 89c
$1.50 yard, choice yard.. OSfC
, „- r a
Pat t , , „
Pate.lt Leather. Belts, nickel harness
buckles.-worth 15c £. Aa
, each •♦••••................ Ol*
Ladies' and- Misses' Chatelaines.
lar?« assortment of styles and sizss,
50 3 value, choice »Q A
; -B f^.£X«t» 4^2-
-value at 25c;choice. t ..,.^lJ©
We would call your attention to our new
and complete lines of wrist bags; : travel
mg bags and suitcases, at prices to suit
all. ■ ■'" .- •■■ ■
, — '
White Goods.
• For Monday's Soecial Sale
bor Monday 8 Special Sale.
Shirtwaist Linen, 36 inches »ide, heavy,
the right thing for this season, two
qualities shown at ,
50c and SSfi a Yard
f _•*««* «"M UJU a J«««. .
'". 'White* Airline Cloth '
The sheerest goods ever shown, beautiful
silky finish, 45 inches wide. Ideal goods
- for bridal costumes. Several qualities,
. a.! priced very reasonably, a yard,
««0,890,5i u(si.aß
Sheetlnß- 2 yards, wide, Boston hand
bleached, extra heavy quality, regular
' 22c values. "|Bl5 I*%
, Spec!al ■ »2t*
India Linon Remnants, 30 and 40 Inches
wide, 15c 20 0 and 250 «|f|
*»*»«• Special, a yard... lllC
Table Cloths and Nankins "
„„!," c ° ? «
Hade by John S. Brown & Sons.
50 cloths, assorted patterns in new designs,
size 2 x2^ 2 yards, regularly *^ |-
sold at $8 and 4iO each 7 SR 5
_ Specif W-«O
fri"g«d- Huck, Turkish Bath and Dam
aS?!SZI 1210

Needle Art Dept.
1 nnri. Cnv,r mm r t, v,
Lunch Cover*. 30xoO, fine hemstitched
fMeeClle Art DeOt.
Lunch Covers. 30x^0, fine hemstitched
7^"' Th^ale° r ? WOHh 39C
sc^, l™
or plain, good value at 75C. OA A
_on y;-' '•• """.••••• **
Tapestry Cushion Tops, worth to
Monday's special QQ p
t^k 'r" C
'"tSSL oSSSth'rSinch X"
same on both sides: deeo double ruffle
worth 4 3c. Special for ' « g-.^
Monday -. 4SOG
Oriental Strips Cushion Cover, finished
with tassel on each corner; O4**
good value at 50c. Sale price ■JidG
** 2iC
Btenberg Doilies'V^x 12' '* «i
I ,:h linen center ..!.. 3SO
'Ba enberg Patterns, including Hand-
J Kerchiefs/turn-over Cellars, Butterflies
|•- and Bow Knots in-endtass vari- Q^
I ■ eties# Special for Monday only. tHn 5
C nen^ Department Features^ „
CUgetie Quarter SlZe CollarS
'W3vsTSwkl\\\\\ 'W om2th|n 2 New —
|||lii|§ Eu Sre"e Collars are al! made in sizes frcm.
I r^^i an inch larger than the shirt band is too '""
H |||i and one ths same size is too tight.
IKflfiL ill JmH These are just right.
Bmi '; i ft.—fij|<|^^ffll Made of fine 1900 count. County Down, pure
TOMWi '""^ ""
jpM^aißi3HKiflßMi It'S a gOOJ new thing,
wsssssssm . • Hadn't you bmer try one.
Special Bargains. Special Bargains.
Linen Handkerchiefs— Half Hose-
Three weeks ago we placed on sale 200 dozen 'On sale tomorrow a big lot of
Men's Linen Handkerchiefs, and sold the entire foreign hosiery, plain and fan
laundered, % and 1 inch hem, also woven hem. Manufacturers' samples and
all plain white and worth in the regular way short lots. On sale Monday, at,
»2J^-S. not over six to a purchaser. 7g% a pair, Im*%
Special Monday price M O 0n1y... IOU
S MM H*, in Our Shoe DeparfnentT ~
\/£% CCQ I* I r*Y*7 i^fl^" £*t~lS\H£>
.▼**^^C*l- l^V/ W VUL «JIIUCS*
All the new correct Spring Low Cut, yo 11 find in thVassar line
S^vEfM Sn^Sx^wuf^^r^^S
plete assortment in the Vassar line—over 35 kinds ■€
The very best possible shoe values. Always M'ObW
omen's Patent Kid Oxfords—Light I 300 pairs of Women's Box Calf Vici
soles, others with double soles and ex- an J Patent Leather Shoes—A broken
tension edges: all sizes, all widths. Our assortment as to style and siz-s SHd-s
r^vl ar 250 uality QO 1Q worth $2.59. Choice fe 4A O
Monday, special .... 94Zsl«f for lot Monday, at 5J>l«O*J
Women's Patent Leather or Vici Kid 185 pairs of Woman's Sam Shoes
Oxfords—Welted soles, hand-sewed —Worth $3.00 to $4 00 Sampl
process, military heels; all sizes, all sizes all are small Your Vr> '*, -T"iffc
widths. Special Mon- o*^ fIX choice Monday at \£ I*£ «5
Poiuii«' P-ste ? , women's shoe Lac es -Tubu.ar br^.
'lie^lfbo^MXTpecul °onn? v a a °ne-half yards !o^- "21^
°^-• -••••- C »d'°«"L«es 5c
QnArifll Qi IVP t* \HT ** *•£* Y\^*^.4- C^l/-k
special silverware uept. bale
No Silverware Department in the Twin Cities is more complete than
ours Our stock comprises Silverware from the largest and best manucac
turers in the country. No old stock, bacause we buy right and sell right
berthing new in this line of goods can always be found with us. Prices^
Monday on high-grade Silverware are such that you can't afford to miss cur
hruit Dish—Quadruple sil- £J3*L Butter Dish and Syrup
sm."sHs>a /\ SSBrfiS
$3-00. Special Monday, / % §3.00. Special Monday.
<R2 "i *S I * I C& Q -ffl X
VP^«Ba*P i I $£ ilO
Fruit ami Salad Bowl- (^^tl&n^O\ i, ln fl v ~ J
Quadruple - silver plated. Vffl^ra^^^; "^'nß . Dish - Q? a iF >.
Reguiar prjce $ 2. 50 ; hZfT giver-plated. Regular price
Monday, gj fW X^^^^' -^ ,
at day 51-60 Monday- $1-95
Crumb Trays and Scrapers JEL^ Cake Baskets-Quadruole
Quadruple-silver plated and t&JAJ&\ silver-plated. Regular price
Scraper with Ebony han- **«L*sb* $3.25, fi£O *» CT
die. Regular price Monday. M^a^^P
Special Monday, fl> Z3 J5 ffK cooon Trays"— D.-artrnnU »n,,, r '...
at 0 I ■4«l s-con Tvfvs- ««n IT hrtaM
Claret Jugs—With quadruple silvar-plated plated too- bead edfe R-gular orice
Jops. Regular price $1.25. |i.50. P S P SaI rAnday^OK^
Monday vQJ*fJ"ir at iQ? «9 C
18 47 Rogers Bro.'s fancy handle Teaspoons, set of six ::::::::::::::;::::: $1 10
, J v ' • 5 ' 'W
«847 Rogers Br°' * fancy handle Dessertspoon, set of six .... $1.85
1847 Roers Bro/s fancy handle Tablespoons, set of six $2 15
100 dozen Knives and Porks; guaranteed 12 Dwt Monday "per 'of'
Knives and six Forks, compLe '.. Tf^^.T.jf 1*.52.23
' "
f«f««* c . « M J rUHA- n ~l~ T\ t
lUimtS <3flU LlllidrCll S DCOI
... . F
' $** \
£ ®fc ft t CHiif w ;
VBEk able braidssizes for
J1» "Cgular low price '
%^ B $1.00. Special for
3*7 Monday AQp
T/-. ■ 0n1y... ***fC
Children's Wash Sailor Suits and I
Piece Dresses of fine Ginghams, Per-
cales and Grass Linens with large col-
lars. trimmed with White Pique and
fancy washable braids, 8 different styles
to select from. Sizes for children 4to
14 years of age, worth $1.59. Spe
cial for Monday, Qf|«
beautifully trimmed with washable braids.
Sizes from 4to 12 years of age, worth
$2.25. Special for fl* 4 JSQ
Monday, only
\ '.
n , „ —
. J^gg 30(1 SOfldf eS.
" "-"** """ MUUI IWJV
Special Prices for Honday.
X *
M«lvina Cream, 500 tox. 2Bc
Special, Monday £>«*\m
Parker Pray's Rosaline, 25c 4**-
SaX, To^ W^b 50 '«2
Dr Sheffield's Tooth Paste. |||
Woodbury's or flikado Face Powders,
«=— lsc
Roger & Gallefs Perfumes.
°f the Valley, Sandalwood and
others, regular 75c odcrs. , Jockey
Vera Rose, Peau d'Espagne, Lily
of the Valley. Sandalwood and
others, regular 75c odors. jBA*
Special, per ounce 48C
S^z. bottles.Bay Rum. ordi- -O 0
nary 25c size IOU
Prof. Austin's Shampoo, *O*k
35c Rubber Good , I*f C
Rubber Goods.
F-Hy Fountain Syrln.e. Goodyear. 4
pipss. pat up in wood box; 89b
:: 3-qt. size. Special 4$«?G
Goodyear Combination Water Bottle
and Fountain Syringe, best quality 2-
qt. size. ©4 AC
Special 911£3
tu.ing, lengths.... 8o
Rapid flow syringe length. ....10 3
Bottle Brushes, 0n1y............ 5 C
Our regular 500 Bulb Syringe. OQ^
■ ■■'• Special at.................. «9*?O
Medicine Atomizers, 3 tins. «3)fi^^
test 50c ever sold. Monday O^G
T ■
r,I , rF/ nnrcc rAAnt ,
sSurtlSS.^o^r h
at W'*'
'^^S s&«
65c quality. Monday.. O5fC
Unfinished Worstcd-54 inches and
heavy, Just the thine for a dressy
.Idrt or Jacket. Regular $1.75
quality . onday> m- O£?
at.... .. . T.. $1 0 25
Etamines-To rive an oooortm ttv •
thos<J who w J e unabh PP to sec y u ; e
this at the last sale we will ma^
th . ice a _ in Mo nd a/ gft c'"
for'only ' OtlC
Ss, jm*JL s '°°° yards of fine
\V /figl! Cambric and Nain
*\ [W' sook Embroidery and
*^IN%X insertions; medium
**- and wide margins,
fe&#W-^3k A ea"tifu!. a 330r t l"
E^^l/t sTct ° rom "wor h
t^[email protected]>AW 25c Der yard
K2!W3^ c^forMonda a
"^3s^*s yard c
i^S^ •■»■•••• IOC
' '
KOl^S 811(1 SUppIICS.
SP e C al XIB «Jffli
6 Tubes Velox Developer 20c
BHi^So, uti o n :::^
Poster Board, 22x30 10c
«-• Bottle Developer. kind 10a
ja-oz. Bottle 1 on.ng 35c
Poster Board. 22x30 10c
Printing Frames. 4x5. 150 Wnd 100
Eastman's Developing Powders, 4C^
25c packages. ... ISC
n; , Jt \/ nt .:~U n
Paints & Varnishes.
made. Per gallon C£9 AA
BS^Sr".. $1.50
Berry tros.' Hard Oil fly 4 Cg*
FinTsh. Per ga110n.... $1.50
Strictly Pure St. Louis W h.te .
Per hundred $6-20
Boiled Oil. strictly pure. In S-gaiion lots
on y; bring can. Per f&Of*
galion vcPfinO
Ready-nixed House flj-| ftft
Ca llon &5C
Fuller's Wall Paper Cleaner. -«
25c packages Bl3^
Lewis' Lye. 4 cans for. 25c
Furniture Varnish. Pint can 150
Furnitur.- i>u«ish 250

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