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The best shoes for women
The most enthusiastic wearers of
Sorosis Shoes are women who used to
pay 5.00 for their shoes.- They not only
save 1.50 on every pair, but secure all the
style and snap that goes with a high-class
shoe, besides getting a perfect fit and a
shoe that will "_^*~^*^*"
Ld.ce department
Attractive stocks of newest effects
in pia::. embroidered and hemstitched all
over tucking, of Swiss _nd nainsook, com
with French val lace insertings.
prices run from 48c to 8.00 a yard.
Ribbon .rale
The best values and the handsomest
Best quality all-silk taffeta ribbons in white,
cream, biack and black and white and
hes wide jq_
hes wide 25c
Lining leaders
Always best and always cheapest here.
75c Silk stripe and plain mercer
ized moreens, a new lot of hand- #>$}—,
some patterns. Monday only _6vF\_
Italian luster cloth for skirts and
jacket linings, black and colors, |Q_
25c quality for IOC
Spun glass finish linings, black
and colors, 15c and 18c quali- «#_>¥/ 4
ties, tomorrow l^y^C
Moire finish fast black percalines. .....Qc
Cable Twill silesias, all colors jqq
New corjret»r
All the new models in many exclusive
La Grecque lattice corset for slender fig
ures; medium bust, sharp hip ■ ar
curve, white and blue, at **/O
La Grscque corset for stout figures, low,
deep bust, long hip, 3-00 to 8-00,
IA.W. B. batiste corset—long hip, straight
■ front—a 2.00 corset _■ _»^_
for „ _. I-5U
Wash petticoats
carefully made, perfect fitting petti
coats at vtry low prices.
i Washable petticoats of best striped ma
's terials, mads with double ruffle, v g\g\
'• Special i.UU
Wash petticoats of best chambray, deep
flounce v/ith two torchon lace « f*/\
insertions and lace edge I»^U
Petticoats of black mercerized cloth, made
with three ruffles, finished with * «>
ruching—3.oo skirts for *•/3
Princesse petticoats— - made,
adjustable yoke, three narrow ruffles,
velvet binding. nrfc
Special J;»UU
For men
We cater to economical men—for
those who want good goeds, but not at
fancy prices.
Underwear — A line of three-fourths
Wool light-weight shirts and drawers for
present wear, 1.00 quality Q m
for DSC
Combination suits — Medium
weight natural gray wool mixed combina
tion suits —good wearing and per- *« f\g%.
feet fitting j*UU
Spartan linen mesh shirts and
drawers are all right, and the *y _r^
price is only _W*^U
Monarch negligee shirts — A
brand-new stock, white and colors _■ g\/\
—the best we know of for itUU
Suspenders — Narrow web
lisle, kid ends, light and strong... 3UC
w .bt ''• :; A Workers' guild held its
unual mtvtißg yesterday afternoon
In the studio of Miss Mabel C Chislett
i-. the New fork Life building.' The fol
-5 officers were elected: President
Louis Jurgenaon; vice president. Miss
lAnna ; secretary and treasurer
* harl< j Duncan; boar.! of directors to
consist of the thr« Seers, Miss Chis
letl and -Miss Wheelock.
Hereafter all persons desiring to be- I
<■ >me active members will be required to !
submit 1 lien- work to be considered and
1 by this board of directors The
0 pro_Uective member must
be recommended by two of the present
members. Any person may become an
Lte in..mho- upon the recommenda
■: any two active members The
next meeting of the guild will be held on
the flrsj Saturday In May. This will be
the ) lasrt rneeUng until November. The
'■lay adopted the- consOtution.
Smokers are pleased with the pleasure
of gcttin- good Havana and Key West
cigars again in the near future at area
?T'iX !)- nOe- Th, re is no co_ier Vice
on earth in which to enjoy a good cigar
than In the library-buffet-smoking cars
onth £r nCeF [amited of the Milwaukee
road. 1 nese cars are the acme of lux- I
Ufa"e°^ Se and comfortan ideal lounging
Repairing, past 15 years with C. C. Bergh
now located with Frank A. L'pham'
free"*" 0 Optlcian- Qs examined
111 Cast Seventh Street.
££™ *'«•& ScWick $ Co.'s Eatest Store Hasps, saxs?
faction guaranteed. ST. PAUL, MINN., SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 6. 1902. forecwti rorrecT' *
Important sdJe of new lace curt_un_r
A wonderful purchase: Prices nearly half.
Lace curtains worth - |"|^| Lace curtains worth g^~. La.cc curtains worth £%£% Lace curtains worth «^^
6.00 to 6.75-in this M***** 9-50 to 12.00-in this £.%)%} 12,00 to 15.00-in this fljLuO 16.00 to 20.00 -in this jtJ^OO
great sale at *Q=. great sale at......... § = great sale at \ ... J? great sale at **■■*:==
We begin tomorrow a week of lace curtains Our Mr. Jones happened to be in New York anything even approaching these low prices. Remem
such as this town has not seen before. These curtains at just the right time and he secured'two big lots —one ber this extraordinary purchase of lace curtains goes on
came from a maker in St. Gal!, Switzerland, who is re- at a discount of 33^ per cent, the other at a discount of ba^e Monday morning.
tiring from business. We bought from the New York 45 per cent. They will go on sale tomorrow and fol- Arfc_bia.n lace curtains,
house upwards of 1,000 pairs of new lace curtains, im- lowing days in the same manner—many of them at Renaissance la.cc curtains,
ported for this season's business. They are the cleanest, nearly half-price. LouL/- XIV. lsn.ee curtains
freshest goods to be had at any price. But a few thou- ' : , Irish "- nt lace curtai ' n^
sand pairs is a small stock for an importer—much too Never before have We offered SUCII clean, Tambour l a^ '* •
iiii^i^« ' I*lll uuur 1 1\ c & Cf X 44 vet siii/*!
small to be sola by sending out traveling salesmen. fresh goods, such desirable and handsome patterns, at Brussels lace curtains
— , _—, _
$4 for *^cc curtains worth from 6.00 to 6.75 $7 for lace curtains worth from 9.50 to 12.00
ss^sss __■£__: sssasssss:si s sassstasis:a isisssssi^sssa ss assiiT^"^ ™- ■»-«
6018-14 pairs, worth 6.50. sale price 4.03 6118-19 pairs, worth 6.50, sale price 4.00 6126-21 pairs, worth 600 sale price 4.00 6031-12 pairs worth 950 sale pro. ?W «H £rs v h ,■■, _{. ■!. in 2S S^ **£• £'£ Sa'" 7-C0
6127-22 pa.rs, worth S M. sale price 4.00 ClOl-12 pairs, worth 6.50, sale price 4.00 COM- 4 pairs, worth 6.75, sale price 4.00 6113-9 Us! worth K^ sale iZI X Tv^ £5 worth mS _„ £„. £5 S3 paS. wo', th 2, Si price S
$12 for lace curtains worth from; 16.00 to 20.00 £9 for lace curtains worth from 12.00 to I&00 ~
Si-l SrJ :SJ IS: Lt £_ US Sfci SSI r^ &£. SI ££ US ££J ££ -«!; X: SS Prici gS 7584"12 -""■ "or"1 *"* SalP •"ice *M s"«-*"• worth «•»• »■* price 9.00 820,- 0 pairs, worth , ,00, S ale price 0.00
™<--8 Pairs, worth 16.00, sale price 12.00 8259-3 pairs, worth 20.00, sale price 12.00 1226-3 airs worth 13.00. sale price 12.00 "243-6 pairs, worth 12.00, sale price 9.00 8275-6 pairs, woith 12.00, sale price 900 8808-11 oairs worth 12 nn «i, •„ a n->
8841-8 pairs, worth 17.00, sale price 12.C0 8276-6 pairs, worth 18.00, sale price 12.00 .1173-6 pairs, worth"18.00. sale price 12.00 84S0- 2 pairs, worth 15 -00 ' sale price 900 «-* 3alrs worth 15 00 -' •— " tZ-- '--: I '
i«12~l Pafrs, worth 20.00, sale price 12.00 78SD-6 pairs, worth 16.00, sale price 12 f.O 1177-6 pairs worth 18 00 sale nricp 1"> ft) e-r-r „ * pairs, worth 15.00, sale price 9.00 8330-7 pairs, worth 12.50, sale price 9.00
SS=S pairs', worth 1800 sale Pri"e US 32£7"^ pahS ' W°'th " ' °°' Sale »*** 12-°° " J"l7 "4 '^'"^ ™*Vl A sale Pr*e 527^~12 pairs ' worth 12-C0 sale I)Hi' »•<» "92-9 -airs, worth 12.00, "* price °° 1103- 3 pairs, ■ crth 13.C0. sale price 9/0
1 ' U _^ prue 8442 _ 3 pairs t worth 12.50, sale price 9.00 63 _ 2 pa i worth 14.00, sale price 9.00
American ~T - "T^ ~~i — f^^^ f A
W* Jh * A phenoineoal foulard silk business c^r Pets an^ ™gs
WW^SII gWIJIIft/ _-• . . Practically all of the new stock of carpets
A - . 1.00 foulards lOr 58 CentS ■ and ru §3 are now in- Th* 'atest effects in colorings
A bargain extraordinary Third , veck of our **£&««*«■**. u^di.,l.,.^ and designs ars here-and there are many choib ? M t
.„ ACCk Ot our Sreats^e of foulard silks. Last-"weeks-,sales were larger than terns confined to us for the Northwest. Special offer
40C Silk Stripe madraS 18^ th°SS °f the W6ek bef° re And thecomlns week 'S bu3in33S should greatly surpass that of last week. We ings for the week:
* are giving ths best values in the two cities. We have the best assortments—the newest color schemes— p » , f „. ,
One of those, unusual bargains that our the newest effects, from the smallest pin dot to the largest scroll pattern in two. three, four and five-color ,olTr , 7 ve-vet car Pst- b°rderS QSL~ ■
facilities for exceptional buying enables us to secure combinations, „.. " to match;-regular price,. 1.25. Special yO^L
from time to time. Imperial Brussels carpets, regular 90c qual-
The best news —Additional lots of heavy satin panne foulards came last week. e^» M^fr ity, new designs, border to match. Special 7mC
100 pieces of very fine WOVen madras—all so that to-morrow we will show neaxly..io6 styles. They have a beautiful luster and a very soft CM &* Best quality Body Brussels rues' '
white.grounds With dainty embroidered silk stripes, in finish—will not-muss or wrinkle—are' positively guaranteed to wear, and positively worth 1.00. '
light blue, pink, green, yellow and lavender. Our price only '5.iTj:'. '......... '/..* %^^^^M 9x 12 feet 25.00
We could easily sell every yard in a few China silks are sold at lower prices here than in any Novelty silks— Another big Monday sale 6I J '° 22<K
PriCS °f gowns and children's dresses, ■\ . C'°M them °Ut qUlck (rsad>' at 9:30 ' not b3forc) *(% n Ths are beyond question the best goods in the market. Come
5C| ji _ the price will be 3yl~ and see them.
JwbL Af*i &*& 4p " White china silk, 20-inch, 39c quality. 10 CClt* .«■»
W White china silk, 28-inch, 49c qua1ity........... 20 Cents Cfe Pc de chine—ln 35 shades-white, cream. Best quality, per yard 6 0c
a __. . nmn - , . . ... . V/hite pongee sijk, 27-inch, 1.00 quality 6«i C-nts pink ' Hght blue, old rose ' yellow, turquoise, cardinal, tan, 9x 12 feet rags 12.00
a yard tomorrow. Careful buyers will not neglect whUe J J q nile, reseda and many others-full 24 inches wide. Th l3l r\ • A 1
this opportunity. s , . /5 Cents our special 89c quality-equal to the best regular Unentdwl IXI^S
—— , Black Jap silks —Made in Japan, dyed in Lyons. 1.00 qualities. Tomorrow only OCIC ,
««* j, « 23 inches wide, 49c quality for ■..:.;........-.20 cents n " A col!act[on of 30 antique Moussoul's. Kazaks, Shirvans
W¥OlH®ll SlinClPri/VP?ir 27-incheswide, 75c quality f0r..:.;/.;: cents b'a^ck taffetas have won the and Daghestans, worth up to 30.00. Choi
ffUUIUII iS^ai^^A W^®i^ 36 inches wide, 1.00 quality tor ■". '; .. 60 Cents C°nfidenC2 °f the WOmen of th; Northwest by sheer force of of the lot to-morrow 20.00
Vests-A large variety of plain or fancy trimmed 46 inches wide, 1.75 quality f0r.,.,.;.... ...1 8 T"> They have a beautiful luster, a soft kid finish, and — : .
X^...:- m:.^:: 25c »*«£ - -■-.- i*2 -—r dt- — Women's stocking
yp price 01 —vJ^ ever before- There are 130 styles v here now in a wide . V V <J «J tLU^t^alllg^
Drawers-Women's lisle mesh umbrella Qf , range of prices. For a big Monday;, sa-e we shall oner J*J^ 13-^yards wide. 2 .18 Hermsdorf fast black' lisle thread stockinps, velvet
%C^» about 60 styles of black novelty-grenadines, 44 to/^Q^. 36 inches, one yard wide I -3« „. . X ' vuivci
drawers, lace trimmed, only O^C: 46 in. wide, worth 1.10, 1.25, 1.35 and $1.50, all at9»C 27 inches wide.... ' OScent, f^'/; 1"^ rib ' with four-thread sphcings. They were
.. .. , A ...... 4 . . , ■' ■ ... . „ ' Cents imported to sell for 35c. For a rousing Monday sale our
Combination suits of fine lisle thread, lace -«- Moire velours and moire antiques are fashion's 19 Inche3 Wlds 69 cents price is
trimmed, very superior quality../ 1./J) latest favorites. White, cream, black and all the wanted White COrded —48 pieces of white corded JO CeiltS
For large women— We make a specialty of ' „ colors are here at decidedly the Rawest prices in he wash silks-no two alike—came last week. Newest styles •■ , „ uu ■
• out size vests and pants for stout figures. All styles. S^C Northwest. |- I,] i , / of checks and stripeS( in plain white; also style 3 " a pair-Just a penny more than half-price.
out size vests and pants for stout figures. All styles. gWt wonnwesi. o f chec.<s and stripes, in plain white: also 120 styles in col
r. A,. „ ■■'. . . _ Widths—2l to 36 inches, O rs. They're of best quality, possessing the luster *^ Finest maco combed yarn stockings with ecru soles;
Drawers—A line of lace trimmed umbrella 50C Prices—n«r 1.25, 1.33. 1.50 and l.8 5 . and finish nf *i <=iii,~ O«^J. 4&C So! . and Mgh doubl, h«,, re^ar 35c Mnds, gg^.
drawers in out sizss for stout figures 5^ yoc, 1.^5, I.j^ I.^ ana I.O^, and finish of $1.00 silks. Oar price is «&yC double sole and high double heel, regular 35c kinds, *>£c
"~~ ~~" ~" ——— - —■ ———^-^—^——.^— " __ ~~ —— — —. . c. . _^____^
You will adways find here the
Greatest stock of dress goods and suits in the Northwest
The best suits, skirts and jackets Fashionable dress goods
. , . . Fashionable dress and good dress goods. Everything of merit produced in Europe and America is here. The
Ana we. put particular emphasis On the word best. For qualities are the Chief Consider- finest S oods are here and the best goods also for those of limited means, And, whether you buy something at 50 cent* a yard
ation in cur stock of ready-made garments. Not only must materials be bast, but the wcrk must be the best ; the °r the m°St CStly °vslty in the store- you 're sure t0 get - ood value for your money.
styles must be both new and correct. There's no room for freaks here. The shapes must be right, too, and Etamine canvas in all the staple colors—a splendid cloth well worth 60c a yard; also *%£%**,
every garment that leaves the store must fit perfectly. We're particular about this. Then the price must be a big line °f colored cheviot serges, the best 50c values in the house. Both lines on extra special sale to- B-_yC__»
right—as low as any in town—mostly lower when qualities are considered. Our prestige and standing in the New morro *'' at VJr Jr
York markets give us every facility for closest buying— and that means closest selling. -'* :"-" Canvas weaves in all colors, new goods just re- New worsted suitings in fine mixtures - ~. p.
ceived. well made, sharp hard finish, 52 inches — /%_ and hair lines, black and blue, full 52 in. wide.... JL^CI
wide. Remarkable values, at HOC
New _mit bargain— A new line of high class suits made of Venetian clcth blue brown _^ n \ a v ** ' Mohairs in mixtures and small stripes, the best
and black; blouse jacket and vest front. Jacket and flounce of skirt are trimmed with 'taffeta silk and %H§?& PA Col°red mohairs in a wide range of dark colors; suitings for traveling in the market, 54 inches • *- -,
braid. The best suits in St. Paul for '..:.... ' J__O«n_lO ako shades of light blue, g. ay and tan, so de- r/\_^ wide !•/__.
"\ '■"" ■""." **^*^-°^^^^ sirabie for waists. Extra good quality, for HUC -> »* ', IS*
r*>u vi •_?'•• .4. , , r' ■ 7A?«, #-_.•_ c. ■*i it i „ s^^^" French suiting's Mixtures and striped effects, in
Gibson blouse -ruit of fine etamine or granite cloth. Jacket is richly but quietly trim- te Cheviots— Strictly all wool, all colors, 48 *-_ entirely new and very stylish weav-s- gra- blue **_
mcd with self color moire, full flare flounce; skirt is tailor, stitched; silk drop skirt finished with ruffle"^s^7 : EtA inches wide- Monday only /w$C tan- 50 inches wide . ' ' !OO
soft shades of gray and tan. No custom-made suit at 60.00 can surpass it. Our price is -,r"^ #; -, lIW R..^ P4^- nA Pin» imnn^t^ a • L o. • i a \ u""^" ' *******
-urpassu. uurprtceis vi -'**_# fir ,°^^^ Burr Etammes— Fine imported goods, in Qs* Plain colored canvas cloths—French goods. -^^
g ■ i -tiv all colors. The regular $1.25 quality, for O^C all colors. Very good value, at.. . 2*oo
Long u**ilk coats—Taffeta, moire, peau de soie and pongee. Prices 20.00, 25,00, 30.00 and 35.00 " ~~~ ■
31d_ck mohair brilliantine^
New Jackets— Strictly jailor-made covert jackets, I Taffeta silk wa^rts— Made of. best taffeta—they're Th * best in the world are made in Bradford, England. They're made of fine mohair, finished with a high luster
coat back, tailor stitched, velvet collar, flare _____ | well made and handsomely trimmed and they and as soft as silk. And they're the best wearing goods made without any exception. Nothing wears so clean Note these
sleeve, self-colored taffeta linings, o_so haV£ the St^s and finish of th more expensive fjT 'AA' special prices for Monday:
Very special. *\J I creations; black and colors; decided bargains at £l»^^ Brilliantines Mohair Sicilians
Moire blouse jackets With peplum. military collar, "n.l«rm" »_._e* P«-_- rXi.':£&i! _. Li_ 44 Inches wide, 7Sc quality toi 59 Cents 43 inches v/ide, 1.25 quality for 1.00
ana large white moire revers. effectively trim- -™ 0" .^ists- Famous for the broad shoulder 44 inches wide, 1.00 quality for 79 Cents 48 inches wide, 1.35 quality for 1.10
mcd bell sleeves with cuffs, white taffeta lin- *> A AA ZlVn^T^T^^' ThiS parUcuiar -_-_,_ 42 inches wide, .25 quality for 89 cents 48 inches wide. ..SO quality for 1.20
ing. Splendid 30 00 jacket, for • -6U,U\I lme's made of fine black peau de chine, and the L f|Q 44 inches wide, 1.35 quality for... 1.19 54 inches wide, 1.75 quality for 1.30
uamLlimuL ______ ""•••• -.-■--'.., price is only. vv 44 inches wide, 1.50 quality for 1.29 48 inches wide, 2.00 quality for 160

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