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A Wonder Suit Sale in our new Cloak and
Suit Dept. Not because we have too
many, but because we want to sell them.
We speak truthfully when we claim
to have done the biggest Suit busi
ness in St. Paul since our opening.
Something; must be responsible (or
the big success we have achieved in
this department. We had several
points in our favor, the garments were
all new and strictly up to the require
ments of the most fashionable and
exacting, and our prices could not be
approached, quality considered.
we carry no truck or shoddy garments
in our stock.
There is not a garment in our stock
that is not made of guaranteed pure
wool materials and manufactured in
legitimate, up-to-date factories. No
sweat-shop garments at any price.
150 brand new suits, including such
late and popular styles as the Maxim,
Gibson and Singer Blouse, made with
the detachable peplum skirt; finest; of
materials. About half the lot are
sample suits delivered to us three
days ago. Some are taffeta silk
lined throughout on drop skirts; suits
that cannot be duplicated in St. Paul
for less than $22.50, $25.00, $27.50.
Monday special, $15*00.
No suits on approval; a small charge
for alterations where same is necessary.
Several different lines of Taffeta.
Peau de Soie and Moire Silk Jackets,
including Eton and Blouse effects;
dressy, up-to-date garments well
worth $12.50 to $15.00. Monday,
H?€9a ft «£a
A grand showing of White Lawn
Waists: late season's styles at
45c, 75g, 87c, SI, $1,25, $1.45, $1.75, $2, £$7.50
It is hardly necessary to mention
our Silk Waist Department. We have
sold so many that nearly every lady
has been here. Such styles and values
cannot be matched anywhere else—
$3.5® to $18.50.
Strongs & Warner Co.,
Seventh and Minnesota Sts.
The Mothers 1 club met on Wednesday
afternoon !n Knox church. Mrs. S. M.
Kirkwood read a paper on "The Ear, Its
Structure and Care." Mrs. McConnell on
hing and Care of the Teeth," Miss
Edith B. Taylor on "Care of the Eyes."
Mrs I>!\ Briinhall, of St. Paul, sang two
i.-.ns. The next meeting:, to be held
in May. will be devoted to indus
trial training 1.
R. N. Robey, who has been for some
time a student at Hamline university,
left for Red Wing on Thursday, where
he wi!! become a teacher in the "state re
form Bchcei.
The Six O'dodt club met on Monday
ng in the church parlors. The ad
of the ovinint? was delivered by
Prof. Shaw, of the state agricultural
The committee having in charge the
piano fund of the primary department of
the M. E. S. S. announces a musical and
literary entertainment Tuesday, April 15.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mclntire, who wore
the guests of his imrents on Sunday
started on Monday for Montana, where
they will make their future home.
Miss Ada Pembertori, who has been the
?uest of her aunt. Mrs. Johnu Pember
i.iii, has returned to iier home in Eden
Mr. Walter Wieland, who has been the
of his grandmother. Mrs. E. H.
Kaley, has returned to his home in
The Ladies' Aid Society of Knox church
will give a sale of fancy and useful ar-
Kimball Pianos and Organs have been mids and sold op to dad;.
You can get them from cor St. Paul Branch Store at one small manufacturer's
margin ot profit—or cash or easy payments—as ycu like it. We also have several
SNAPS in second-hand instruments of well known makes. Better see them quick.
i fllniriTliTTi iiWin iii Ti In ililltlj |
tides in the church Friday evening.
Miss Winifred Bloom-field who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs. R. L..
Bloomfieul. has returned ».o Hastings.
Miss Ella Funk, who has been the
guest of Miss Maude Holever, has re
turned to her home in Faribault.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Round's visited on
Friday at the home of Mr. Chafes
Rounds in Minneapolis.
M3sa Elizabeth Kimball. of Le Suwur,
has been spending her vacation with her
father, D. D. Kimball.
Mrs. R. F. Marvin entertained at din
ner on Thursday Mrs. J. S. Craig and
Mrs. J. E. Rounds.
Mr. O. Gardelin spent the Sabbath with
his family, returning on Monday' to
Hudson, Wis.
Mrs. L. J. Lewis gave a paper before
the Mothers' Club of Southeast Minne
apolis on Friday.
Dr. George H. Bridgman delivered the
Easter sermon at the Central Presbyte
rian church.
Miss Lydia Anderson has been the
guest of Mrs. George E. Budd the past
Mr. Evan Jones and Miss Gladys Jones
were the guests of Mrs. L. J. Lewis on
Miss Lucy Rich, of Windom, has been
visiting her parents for the past week.
Mrs. Harry Jones, of Minnehaha street
entertained at dinner on Wednesday. '
Mrs. Craig, of Minneapolis, has been
the guest of her son, J. S. Craig.
Mrs. William Forbes was the guest of
Mrs. O. Gardelin on Tuesday.
St. Paal Social Circles
I've sung of the girls who p-lay at golf,
Of the girls who firh and shoot:
I've sung of the maid who's not afraid
To pose in her bathing suit.
I've sung of the girl who weds .1 duke,
Antl lives in a palace hall;
And the fcotlight maids, with their lights
and shades,
I've sung of them one and all.
But now^2 will sing in a tof: refrain
Of the girl you would Hke to know ;
The girl .who can cook without paper or
The girl who" can darn and sew.
Of the girl who never went far from
Who is void of all social steherce-i;
Whc- is homely and neat, old-fashioned
and sweet,
The girl whom you see in your dreams.
—Jo'j Cono.
Gardening is becoming quite a lad
among the society women of St. Paul, the
; extent of it being in proportion to the
| sizes of the yards of the women who
I are takint; up the fad. There is scarce-?
j ly a woman in the city who has not nl
■ ready planted her nasturtium and bvi e-t
pea seeds in a corner of her back yard,
and is faithfully watering and scratching
day by day to discover a tiny sprout, i-Mie
dees not wonder at the little ones who
I dig up the seed daily to mte its progress,
so interesting is the growth of her gar-
I den. Then, too, the woman who is at
j all vain (and who is not) is tempted to
! have her garden, for what woman appears
j mere charming than one in her broad sun
j hat watering her flowers with a little
i green sprinkling can early on a summer's
| morning?
Aside from all this there is the ever
I available bowl of {lowers for the table
I which is often a great convenience. For,
with a huge bunch of nasturtiums or
sweet peas for the table, a meal ca.i be
very attractively set out at short notice.
Mrs. Charles L. Johnston, of Portland
avenue, gave a dancing party last even
ing in Summit hall, entertaining about
125 young people, in henor of hex- dauga
ter. Miss Edna Johnston. Supper was
Eerved in the dining room, and Mrs.
Johnston was assisted by Mrs. A. D. F.
Johnston, Miss Newport, Mrs. E. E.
Schiiber and Mrs. PI F. Burment. in;'
St. Anthony Hill orchestra furnished Ihe
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fagley. cf Holly
avenue, will entertain the mraabJ r:s of the
Kangaroo club Thursday evening.
* * *
Mrs. George W. Magee wi 1 give a
whist party Thursday altemoon at her
home on Nina av>n"e. for the members
of the Hamilton Whist club.
Mrs. Clinton R. Chapman, of Selby ave
nue, will give a linen shower Thursday
afternoon in honor of Miss Edith Mor
• • •
Mrs. E. J. Weatfake, of Ashland ave
nue, will give a thimble !>. <:■ tomorrow
afternoon for the members of the Spin
ster club.
Mrs. D. F. Vail, of Marshall avenue,
will entertain at cards Wednesday after
noon in honor of her guejt, Mrs. Pierce,
of Red Wing.
At a meeting of the executive commit
tee of the Twenty-third district of the
Woman's Christian Temperance union.
held Friday afternoon, at the home of
Mr.^. Warren I'pham, on Central park,
arrangements were made for the annual
spring convention, to be held Tuesday,
May 27. Mrs. Miller, president of th?
Hamline W. C. T. 1., ar.d Mrs. Samuel
Brant, of the Dayton's Bluff union, were
appointed to sele< t a place of meeting,
and Mrs. I'pham and Mrs. H. W. I'hll
lips, president cf the district, will have
charge of the programme.
The Junior Epworth league of the
First German M. E. Church elected the
following officers fcr the next six
months: President. Ruth E. Berger; first
vice president. Herbert M. Mahle^; seeord
vice president, L'zzie K. Gall: tnird vie:.
president. Benjamin B. B^ulke: fourth
vice president. Grace K. Manion: secre
tary, Peirl E. Bartin; assistant stcre
tary, Rus-rel F. W'ilhelm; treasurer. Alma
H. Wilhelmi, and organist, Frances
There will be a meeting of the Congre
gational club Monday evening, April 11.
in Plymouth Congregational church. Dr.
Lobe," of F.vanston, 111., recently from In
dia, will deliver an address, and the la
dies of the church will serve a supper.
The following committee of women has
been appointed to have charge of the
supper: Mis. S. R. Dea;raw, Mrs. J. L).
Humphrey, Mrs. J. Wat-ton Smith and
Mrs. Warren Upham.
The Metropolitan opera house ushers
will give their third social hot) Friday
evening at the Elks haU. The ICctro
politan Opera House orchestra will fur
nish the music. The reception committee
will include F. E. Brown, L. H. GP.lioy,
J. L. Shepley and G. W. Walsn Jr. The
floor will be in chaise of Messrs. W. 14.
Neol, A. C. Cumbey. E. F. Netzor, D. H.
McGuire Jr. and W. D. Dix.
The Musicians' union gave a mas
querade ball last Saturday evening at
Bovvlby hall. Prizes were won by Mrs.
Devorke, Mies Mansick, George Gelwlg,
George Olif. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Evans,
Mrs. Drake. Robert Earl, Mi^s Thomp
son and John Devork. The Bakers' uni n
attended the ball in a body. The music
was furnished by ten members of the
Mrs. F. G. Thore entertained the Young
People's Society of St. Sigfrid's ehiiroa
Thursday evening. The programme con
sisted of an address by Rev. J. V. Al
vegren, a vocal solo by Miss Carleen, a
recitation by Miss Elizabeth Spetzman,
,a piano and violin duet by Miss Esther
Petterson and Mr. Gustafson, and a piano
solo by Miss Stella Newatrom.
The last parlor conference of the Asso
ciated Charities for the season will he
held at the residence of William B.
Dean, M 53 Summit a venae, on Thursday
evening. Subject to bo ecnsicier#."l will
be "Summer Charities." Under this head
Mrs. Cyrus Smith will discuss "Outings;"
Miss Clara Sammers, "Playgrounds," and
Dr. Ohage, "Baths ard Parks."
Como Division No. 98, Ladies' Auxiliary
to O. R. C, will give a charity euchre
party Wednesday afternoon at' Bowlby
hall. The committee in charge of the
arrangements is Mrs. J. E. Roper, Mrs.
A. E. Daggett, Mrs. M. N. Goss. Mrs. J.
W. Gilboy. Mrs. Hugh Malloy and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Fisehman entertained th?
Neighborhood Whist dub at their ho*»ie
on Olive street. Favors were won by
Mrs. Lowenthal, Mrs. Fisehman,. Mrs.
I^evy, Mr. Kork and Mrs. Fogalson. The
club will meet next week with Mr. and
Mrs. Korwitz, of East Fourteenth street.
The seniors of the Cleveland high
school will give a concert Monday even
ing in the assembly hall. Miss Thorn
ton, P. Wold, Miss Maud Godfrey and
Miss Minnie Morton will be the soloists
Miss Marguerite Morton will direct the
The senior class of the Humboldt High
school will give its senior play Thursday
evening in Martin's hall. "The Spanish
Gypsy," by George Eliot, has been dram
itized by Miss Margaret Morton for pre
sentation by the pupils.
The postofflce clerks of St. Paul will
give their annual dancing party Tuesday
evening at Bowlby hall. The committee
in charge of the arrangements is Messrs.
Hickey, Healy, Exley. Wittmaack,
Brown, Garvey and Brant.
The Merriam Park Golf club will give
a dancing party tomorrow night at Wood
ruff hall. The committee in charge of the
arrangements included R. P. Eastman,
W. O. Larkin. M. W. Fay, H. Berreau
and Dr. Buckley.
The. Twin City Turners' f»sccursi.->n com
miUee met Wednesday at St. Anthony
Turner hall in Minneapolis. It was de
cided to give the annual picnic on Bun
day, June 1, place not decided, but will
be announced later.
The teachers of the Cleveland school
will give a reception Tuesday afterntxm
at the school for the members of the
Mothers' dub of the school. Mrs. H. H.
Barber will have charge of the pro^
The Jolly Sixteen Euchre club was en
tertained by Mrs. J. W. Brink, of L»a!e
street. Prizes were won by Mr. D.
: "3Jj| MMm
BHygSßf jiy Hi 1
Who Ts to Be Married to John Ward,
Formerly of the American Lyric Com
pany, Ap: il 52. f.Tiss Baasen Is the Niece
cf the Late Rt. Rev. Monsignor Baasen.
of Alabama.
O'Conmll. Mrs. G. Distlsr, Airs. W. C.
Harringion and Miss Carrie >'rie^e:\
The Woman's Foreign Missionary ard
Ladies' Aid Sceieti s of the Frist Ger
man M. E. Churc-h w^ll meet at the
home of Mrs. Tubbesii;g, : 431 Bast Eighth
stnet. Friday afternoon-sat 3 p. m.
Ladies' Aid Society Noy 12. Auxiliary to
St. Paul Camp Xo^l. Sans of Veterans,
wi'l give a muriest^ aiii literary enter
tainment April 10. 4t Oad Fellow's hall,
Fift'i and Wabashfi stracts.
Commercial couiMil, jKoyal Arcanum,
will hold their seeojul c^rd party of the
season tomorrow eyenitfe at Elks' hall.
Members, their lake's friends are
cordially invited to attend.
There will be a meeting of the St. Paul
Political Equality club at the horns of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fitz, of 81 Summit
avenue, Tuesday evening:. George F.
We:l3 will be the speaker.
The Ladies' Auxiliary sto the Union of
Ex-Prisoner* of Was association will
hold a social meeting Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Ejlen Strong,
on Cedar street.
The Fi3ke Jubilee singers will give an
entertainment at Plymouth Congrega
tional church Friday evening. April IS,
for the benefit of the Ladies Social anion
of the church.
Imperial Lodge No. 94. Order Columbian
Knights, will give its ftret social hop
April 11, at Central hall. Sixth and Sev
enth street: Music by Bostonian orK
A social dance will be given by Dress
makers' I'ricn No. 2 at Federation hall,
on Wabasha street, Thursday evening.
Koehier's orchestra will furnish the
The Twentieth Century Mission Band
of the Bates Avenue M. E. Church will
be entertained Friday afternoon by Mis 3
Liliian Parker, at her home on Maria
Mrs. Louis Feeser Jr., of Iglehart
street, gave an informal musicale Fri
day evening in honor of Misses Mantle
and Hattte Woolsoy, of Case street.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary Soci
ety of the Fir=t M. E. Church will meet
Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
J. F. Steward, of Grand avenue.
The Misses Hilman. of Lincoln avenue,
will entertain the members of the Chap
man Circle of the First M. B. church
Tuesday evening at her home.
The St. Anthony Park Woman's asso
ciation will give its annual breakfast
Thursday forenoon at the home of the
president, Mrs. A. R. McGill.
The Animate club gave its last social
dancing narty at Elks' hall, Friday
evening. There were about seventy-five
couples present.
The Ladies' Social Union of St. UpHtil's
Uiriversalist Church meet-..- Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. •}. GCocper, 2'J7
Dayton avenue. I' v» \
A dancing party'will be given Saturday
evening. April 19, in Odd Fellows' hall.
Payne avenue and .Wells street, by Mrs.
Wilson. ; ';.; i ■- . " ' -
The Ladies' Sewing Circle of Garfield
post will hold a sale of fancy artie-1-.s
Saturday afternoon in Garfield Post hall.
Mrs. Frank Whitmore, of East Con
gress street, will entertain the members
of the Congenial club Friday afternoon.
The Young Peopfe's 1 Society of St. Sig
frid's Church will v givs< a basket social
Thursday evening in thi church parlors.
Mrs. AbA Anderson. lof Cook street,
will entertain the Ladtafe' Aid Society of
St. Sigfrid's Church Thursday afternoon.
The degree team of Ramsey Camp No.
501 will give its third annual Easter ball
Wednesday evening. at t fcentral hall.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wood, of Fuller street,
will entertain the members of the Mistle
toe Euchre club Thursday evening.
Miss Ethel Simpson, of Holly avenue,
will entertain the members of the Spin
sters' club Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. J. F. George, »f Summit place,
Will entertain the: members of the Au
Fait club tomorrow afternoon.
The spring meejng of the St. Paul
Presbytery will bt* hero Tuesday at the
East Presbyterian church.
St. Paul Court Ni. ife, C. of H., gave
a ball at Central hall last evening for the
benefit of the court.
The Royal Social club will give a
dancing party Thursday evening at Cam
bridge hall.
Hiawatha Lodge No. 90, A O U W
evening^ US SiXth annual "a-1 Tuesday
rhe marriage of Mrs. May Selves and
v ictor Jackson was celebrated Tuesday
at noon at the: home of Mr. and Mrs
JV alter.B.BoFd, on West Central ave
vn ebnde was a"ended by Miss
Ellen McCarron. and Charles Bo yd at
tended Mr. Jackson as best man. Fol
lowing the ceremony a wedding break
fast-was served. The following were
among the guests: Mrs. J. Cassavant,
Airs F. A. Moore. Mr. and Mrs Walter
§-°, yd ' ,J, r- Mr- and Mrs- '':- A- Bo >'d' Miss
Eden McCarron. Mr and Mrs J \ Els
don. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Boyd, Mr. and
Mi£s Bertheaum, Mr. and Mrs. R
Rheault. , , : -c . -
The marriage of Miss Phiia May Weth
erby to R. E. Shaw, of New Plymouth
Jaaho. will take place Wednesday evening
at i.he home of the bride on Laurel ave
nue. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw will reside in
New Plymouth.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soule, of Merriam
tark. announce the engagement of their
daughter. Lillian Mac, to Benedict Jo
seph Loague. The wedding will take
place the latter part of May
Miss Anna L. Sunstrom. of Erie street,
entertained informally Wednesday even-
M Skin of Kennl- Is a Joy Forever,
£ _j*. Removes Tan, Pimples, Freckle*.
■* ° ■ 4*Ss§NvssW! Moth ' Patches, Wash and skin
§"*» ■ 1 damages and error blemish on
■ £ fLI- jr^Sri "ur J^beauty. and defies
."£ §« Irfc^^^l X t JSjMetecUoa. It ha«
E« w ~"» JoR^A Ji //Vf IPIOO4I tDe tnt ot 5*
E?«b^K Bar ' H^if7* and Is so
U^S^fc Jw N'i iSd'/r harmlesswetsL-iteit
-< ""o 'cOI ' ff/v -•'/^>y^ tobesureitiisprop
"go ' ' :'Efl er!7 made. Accept
ssq J»*^»^^ ml no counterfeit ot
C 3 yi . ¥/ / •imil»' 1 name. Dr. -
_.^ '- .* r3kTr( I* A. Sajre said tc
>*— jfiV '3, •./^•'rSri V of the haut
/Xl JS& IJV7i4 \ ton (a patient): "At
fitllittp^^^Z'jMi* 1 ; . \ yon ladies will us*
V- l3f\./c»—S7« < I \them,lrecommena
/\^^*££l***g^j .^W. ' I'Qoaraud's Cream'
L'\ /ft.VM' A V^_/as the least harm
I ) X --J ■-- K» 1. .•*^ a*ful of all Skin pro
\.'"Zf-^J- ft\<*"^. > paratlons." Koi
. >^""» (V ~. ■>» «ale by oil Drusr
Gcods Dealers in the United States, cfnada and Europe
KRD. I. HOPKINS, Prop'r. 37 Great Jones St, N.Y
MIXED "3Z~~7^Zr~7~- —~^7 — " — S Q RTS
707 9RP To ssleot from, including ths Famous Grace May. ths most beautiful white variety ev»r intro r in
I UIiJU du=3d, and the world winnsr^ at thj Paris Exposition. " " "" L'Z IU3
Lb 60c GOOD MIXED SWEET PEAS at 3t)c par ft,, by mall 40c per Ib., to all wlio brinjormaii this id, Lb $00
ing in honor cf her birthday. Miss Mac
Sunstrom presided over the frappe bowl.
Covers at supper were laid for sixteen.
Th« decorations were carnations and
ferns. Each guest was presented with a
tiny doll.
Mrs. B. F. Gass, of Carroll street, en
tentained at cards last evening for Mis
Jessie Booth, of Butte, Mont., and .1.
Walsh, of Republic, Wash. Favors were
won by Miss Agne3 Walsh and T. Dag
Mrs. J. Jenny entertained at luncheon
Thursday afternoon in honor of M:s.
Lynch and her son, Walter Lynch, of
Miss Charlotte Maurer, of Lincoln ave
nue, entertained informally yesterday
afternoon, in honor of Miss Myrtle Ben
Miss Mamie Concannon, of Smith av
enue, and Mrs. M. J. Gibbons, of State
street, left Tuesday morning for Cherry
Valley, Wash., to visit their uncle, John
and James Joyce. While in tht- West
they will also visit at San Francisco, Ev
erett, Portland and Spokane.
Miss Gertrude Hill, of Summit avenue,
■will return to Miss Spence's school. In
New York, next week, having spent the
Easter vacation at home.
Mac Locke-Valisi, Miss Hale and Miss
Minnie K. Bailey left last evening- ror
Chicago, where they will attend the
grand opera.
Mrs. James McCline and Miss McClin-,
of Dayton avenue, have returned from
California, where they have been spend
ing the winter.
Mrs. Grace Frink and Miss Evelyn
West, of Sup-trior, are guests of Miss
Laura. Shepard, of Iglehart street.
Mrs. Leigh R. Freeman, the guest of
Mrs. W'hitaker, of West Tenth street,
has returned to Yakima. Wash.
Mrs. J. H. Sleeper, and Miss Sleeper, yi
ilolly avenue, *«vill leave soon for a visit
on the Pacific coast.
Mrs. E. M. Beard, who attended tho
Hill-Beard wedding Wednesday, has re
turned to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Curtiss, of Castle
wood, S. D., are guests of Mrs. Walter J.
.Allen, Holly uvjnue.
Mrs. A. Sr. Rose and Mrs. Jacob Dit
tmhoffer, of Summit avenue, are in Chi
Miss Howard, of Marshall avenue, will
en ertain Miss McMasters, of Milwaukc ;,
this week.
Mra. A. J. Holms, and family, of Day
ton avenue, have lert for London, En?.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Monty, Ashland
avenue, have returned from Florida.
Mrs. A. J. Hcnnings, St. Albans street
Will return next week from California.
Air. and Mrs. C. Gordon Johnson are
home from their trip to California.
Miss McClellan. of Marshall avenue, 13
■visiting In the Enst.
Aiiss Henderson, of Dayton avenue, is
visiting in Chicago.
Mrs. N. P. Brewer, has gone to New
York for two months.
Miss Nellie Finch, Summit avenue is
in Chicago.
Miss Rosser, Dayton avenue, is in Chi
The Twentieth Century Mission Band of
the Bates Avenue M. E. Church enter
tained last Friday afternoon by Mrs. Eu
gene Hubbell, of Bates avenue in honor
of her son, Arthur. Those following mem
bers took part in the interesting pro
gramme: Recitations, Aliss Verna Mi -
Car.n, of La Crosse, and Miss Peail Roth;
readings, the Misses Myrtle Saul and
Nettie Goeltz; vocal selections. Miss«s
Margaret Present and Ltliie Sweet: pi mo
numbers. Misses Lulu Becker, Bessie \ -
dale and Lillian Parker, and mandolin
solos by Air. Howard Smith, aecompanjed
by Miss Ethel Le May.
The Elysian Euchre club was entertain
ed Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. VV. 11.
Mulligan, of Fremont street. Mrs. P. J.
Pheney. Mrs. P. J. McDonald, Mrs. J.
Drasda, Mrs. Welsh and Miss Katherine
Hoban won the favors. The next meeting
will be held in two weeks with Mrs. R.
F. Slater, of Conway street.
Airs. Adolph Giesen, of Mound street,
entertained the Afternoon Card club
Wednesday. The prize* were awarded
to Mrs. W. W. Ilolcomb, Mr.s. A. R. Rob
ertson, Mrs. J. H. Lawrence and Mrs.
Edward Miller. Mrs. Clarence Loth
man, of Merriam Park, will entertain the
club Tuesday afternoon.
The New Century Card club n.et
Thursday afternoon at the home of Mis.
Hermann, on Conway street. Mrs. sev
ering, Mrs. G-eorge Binder and Mrs.
Rogers won the favors. Mrs. .lames
Mattimore. of Hastings avenue, trill be
the next hostess.
The Souvenir Euchre club met Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. H. F. Stcck, of Ma:ia
avenue. The favors were taken by Mrs.
Winter, Mrs. George H. Lams and Airs.
J. F. Georg«. Mrs. George will enter
tain the club in two weeks at her home
on Summit place.
The Ladies" Guild of St. Peter's Episco
pal Church h-eld an all-day meeting in
the guild rooms of the church Tueftl :y.
The ladies will give a silver tea Tuftd lay
a 1" the home ot" Mrs. Eric Haus-r, vt
East Fourth street. There will be a
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Edginglo.i, of
Minnehaha street, entertained the L'oxer
Cinch club at its final meeting of th
season Thursday evening. Mrs. Theudoie
Patton, Mrs. E. A. Kimball, Mrs. Rog
ers and Theodore Patton won the price?.
The Christian Endeavor Society of the
Atlantic Congregational Church held a
business meeting Thursday evening at
the home of the Misses May and Belle
Stevens, of Euclid street. Officers for
the year were elected.
Mrs. P. J. Fheney, of Maple street, en
tertained the Ladies' Aid Society of St.
Jtobn's Catholic cßurch Thursday after
noon. The next meeting will be held with
Mrs. Hilgedick, of Beech street, in two
The Misses Margaret and Mamie Mul
ligan have returned to Villa ."-[une,
Frontenac, after spending tev-eral days
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Mulligan, of Fremont street.
Chapter No. 24, Order cf the Eastern
The Ladies Relief Society of St. Paul
Star, will meet Thursday afternoon with
Mrs. Mrs. Rotter, of St. Anthony ave
The Edelweiss Needle Art club met
Tuesday evening with Miss Lefeert. The
club will meet next Tuesday with Miss
Blazing, of Maria avenue.
Miss Susan Farrington. of Chatfield, and
Miss Venna Home, of Minneapolis, w err?
guests during the week of Mrs. George
Parker, of Maria avenue.
Mrs. Hugh White, of East Third street,
will entertain the Ladles' Co-operative
Society, of the Atlantic Congregational
church Thursday.
Mrs. M. Hoban and Mrs. E. A. Kimball
will entertain the Evening Card club to
morrow evening at the tatter's home on
East Third street.
Mrs. T. J. Smith, who visited her
brother. Rev. George Parker, arid
of Maria avenue, IcTl Thursday for Rey
nolds. N. D.
Mrs. A. Patwell and family, who \ *-
ited Mrs. PatweU's mother, Mrs. Silcox,
Of Minnehaha street, left Friday for
Montana to reside.
Mrs. C. E. Griswold and daughter Mar
gery, of East Fifth street, left Saturday
Saturday for Sioux Falls, S. D., to re
Mrs. C. H. Shutte, of East Fourth street,
entertained the St. Agnes Guild of St.
Peter's Episcopal church Tuesday even
Mrs. John Miesen, of Kast Fifth street,
entertained Tuesday evening for tl c
birthday of her daugliur (Catherine.
The Dayton's Bluff History rl:iss will !'%
entertained at luncheon tomorrow by Mrs.
S. P. Spindler, ci Maple street.
Mrs. E. A. Northrup, of Fremont street,
has been entertaining Mrs. McCann and
Miss Verna McCann, of La Crosse, Wis.
Mrs. Samuel Brant, n( East Seventh
street, had as a KUcst during the week
Miss Fannie Smith, of Faribault
Mrs. Charlrs Tis.l tie. of Ccnway street,
in entertaining Mrs. Thomas and son, £
Mrs. Ernest Boxer. of East Third
street, returned Tuesday from a visil in
H;..-:: ings.
Miss Maude Slater, of Conway street.
is visiting friends in Buluth and Superior,
Tli.- Animato Dancing club gave H
hope of the season Friday evning.
Tfc 1? Sorosis club will meet Tue3day,
April 15, with Mrs. McGuire.
Mrs. Richard Kneuertx, t>f the Aloayde,
returned from ( Ihlcago.
Mrs Adam Ilolmoa is visltiag frienis
in Milwaukee.
A reception was held Monday evening
.it the home >;' Mr. and Mrs. John Dai's
on Prescott street by the Ladies' Guild
of A&cension church in honor of Bishop
and Mrs. fcldsall. The host and ho
Bishop ami Mrs. Edsall, ttev. and Mr
Charles Holmes and Mrs. V. J. Hawkins
received the guests, of which almost two
hundred called during the evening, in
the dining room Mrs. K. Thiem a'vd Mrs.
W. B. Tudor were assisted by Mrs. Trav
is, Mrs. H. G. Dampler, Mra CHto Send
ers, Mrs. W. K. Suns.-, Mrs. flarpe/,
Mra. George O.ssmaim and Mrs. 11. C
J..'.-:: 'on.
Minnesota Gopher Tribe No. 21, Improv
ed Order of Kedmi'n, gave sts Easter bail
Monday evening at tlie West Side opera
house hall, corner *>uih Wabasha and
Colorado streets. The Twin City club
furnished' the music for a fiance pro
graji m. of seventeen mimf.o;.. The Moor
and reception committees were composed
of Messrs. Frank Baer, M. J. Moriarty,
William Wright. Ton: Henry, Jerry Rog
ers, Charles Giessell, John Highland and
Vincent l.a-i.'.-.idale.
The Ladies'; Aid Society of the Clinton
Avenue M. E. Church gave an April Fool
social Tuesday evening in the parlors ''"
the church, Clinton avenue and East
Isabel street. - A musical and literary
■programme was rendered by Rev. O. W.
Taylor, Mr. M. L. McTntire, Mrs. Isabel
McKay, Mrs. Nina Babeock and Miss
Jessie Dingle. The ladies in charge of ar
rangements were: Mtsdames M. L. Mc-
Ir.tyre, O. W. Taylor and E. A. Connolly.
Messrs. J. F. Fahey and W. Hecfcel
their fifth dancing party Thursday
evening at the West Bide Opera house
hall on South Wabaaha street. B
orchestra furnished the music for the
dance programme.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary So
ctety of the riinton Avenue M. B. Church
!.■ i-I its April meeting Friday after
noon with Mrs. O. \V. Taylor, or' Clinton
avenue. The hostess had charge of the
Mrs. W. A. Rudd entertained the Con
genial Sixteen ciub at progressive euchr*-
Monday afternoon. Favors were award
ed Mrs. J. O. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Frank
Wilson and Mrs. Sandbt-rg.
The Thursday Night club was enter-
Mined at progressive euchre Thursday
evening at the horn-? of Mr. an<i Mr:;.
Kdward Thiem on East Isabel street.
Carmel Chapter No. 127, Order of the
Eastern Star, received Tuesday evening
in honor, of Mrs. A. D. Moe and Mrs.
Otto Sanders, retiring meni
The West Side Junior society will hold
a social hop Wednesday evening- of this
w< • k at the West Side opera house hall
on South Wabasha street.
Mr. Ross Cograve, of West Superior,
spent last week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrr-. John Cograve, of EaaL Congress
L'iro> t.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Hebron
Baptist Church met Thursday afternoon
witn Mrs. F. i!. Doran, of East Con
Mrs. J. H. CaDahan, of Greenwood ave
nue, is at M tthewsvHle, S. D., called
there by the death of her brother and
Mrs. M. A. Thomas, of Kast Isabel
street, left Wednesday for Buffalo, Minn ,
where she will s;*;n<l the summer.
Mrs. Thomas Bradley, of West Isabel
street, will entertain the !>eisur<» Hour
huchre club Monday afternoon.
Miss Mamie MeAodrews, of New Rich
monci, is toe »<uest of her sister. Mrs. M.
Murphy, of Sjuth Robert street.
Mrs. H. W. T.nvoorde, of Bidwell
street, entertained at an informal lunch
eon yesterday afternoon.
The Minstrel Club of Unity Camp will
go to Stillwater tomorrow evening, where
they will give their show.
The Koelus Procllum will give its
Easter dancing party Friday evening of
this week at lAtt'a hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawnsderry, of East Con
gress street, have returned to White
Bear Lake for the summer.
Mrs. L. H. Ickler, of Cherokee avenu<\
has returned from spending the winter
at Hot Springs, Ark.
Miss Alice Andrist. of Ka.st Winifred
street, entertained the Busy Workers
Wednesday afternon.
The Faggot Social club gave a railroad
card party and dance Tuesday evening at
Jdrosz's hall.
The Ascension church members held a
parish meeting Tuesday evening at th-»
Mrs. M. Uitchell, of Pago street, spent
HARDY, Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery^ Roses,
Fruits, etc. ■— zzt^^^^iHl -— i
Seyi MfIYFIELD NURSERIES, WasliinQton Go., Minn.
Write for"""''' 71 n a \t t^ a. i"\ *
catalogue. m MAY, St. Paul.
jMtTwc<, k "il" "'••"'«« In HUM,
j: \sr st. ;«ai |„
were re-elected after k.wll tbe . vestry
were served Thl mi " relrt'3limi3
was given! >, .'.' , 1, l;' l "w' gramme
w!sftianS wS? ari d John Blomberl
The church JS?*i ('"lni'an-v '"" '"■
The "hur H, J, , eomrany of Wends.
of MrF. Altman. on R,. s " str'elt ° h°rne
s^r^ iie^rk--^'--^-n
The annoel meeting of the Bast Pres
•urch will !,. ,eid m „,. v
evening In the church. Tuvs.lv'an 'UN
day meeting v.,, be he-Id. The 1 .1 "s"
nVeiuf L"'e'y WIU fUrnfsh the «»«*;
Thank offering services will be hold
Drnn, " AS'Hlry M- E" Church." Dr. JuH
Donahue, a returned missionary will de
sr-K ass S, I
for Miss Martin's school in Penang
Royal Oak Camp, R. x. a., m , i Fridw
evening in Odd Fellows' hall to J^S
Plans tor a dance to be given Wednesday
nm m&> April 23. in Odd Pellows ha i V
1-ifth and Wabasha streets.
Tho National Protective ' Legion gavo
fellows hall, Payne
street. Prizes wi re won by >»"> s»n
ion and Mr. Collina
Mrs. John M
entertained the .
by Mrs. E. J. Q
and Mrs. Ward.
The Young People's Society ol
►has church gave a musical and lit
erary entertainment Wedi ening
at the home of Miss li t i nttn
Reaney stn i t.
Mrs. O. Sohlberg, of Sims street, en-
V', 1 m« 1' I}..' ladies Aid Society of the
First Swedish Luth.-nin church Friday
afternoon. Fifty lad! were f>rescnt *
The MJssea Hulda and Minnie Lund
qulst. of Sims street, will entertain the
O-dds and Ends Society of Gjstavua
Adclphus church Monday evening.
The Missed Mardie an.i Hattie Woolsey
entertained informally Wednesday even
- I<?S'?S'- Mufleal is imbera were given by Mlsa
Susie YVilcox and Misses Woolsey.
The Ladies Aid Society of the'P.owo
Memorial church gave a book social
inursday evening in the church for the
benefit of the S. S. library.
•Mrs. Harvey Cook, of Fau^ufer street,
gave a luncheon Thursday for Mr.s. Sarah
Hounds Stemen. Covers were laid for
I he Boxer -inch dub was enterl
f 11?™ Ing at {]„. home of Mr
and Mrs. Sherman Ejgerton, in
rhe Ladlea.-Ouild of St. Jamea Elrfsco
pai church w.as ent« i
ternoon at the home at Mr,: |
Mr. and Mrs. Jain: a Herberi
'. will entertain the vj
club next Saturday evening
Mrg. Leslie Parlin, of Phal,
d at lunch Prii
Sarah Rounds Stemm.
Bey. and Mrs. Sohlberg, of Sims
entertained the first of the week Mr.
Lewis, of < 'annon Falls.
Miss Carrie Eiagan, of hfew
is a guest of Mrs. Z. C. I! )lm<
Frank Murphy and O1
have gone to Stevens, Mm
Mrs. I-;. H. tde, of Fauquier
entertaining Mrs. Sarah Bounds Stemen.
Allan U. Benham, of St. James, ha*
been spending his Easter vacation with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Benham
erf Carrol] stn
rI h. Ladies' Aid Society of Trinity M.
!■: Church met Friday afterno
home of Mrs. a. B. Rand, o -
thony avenue.
rhe Ladles' Aid Society of t*he
byter&n Ch irch met at the hen
Mrr:. E. A. Currie Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. If. It. C ,
the wii.t. r \r Manlius, x. v., ret
home Wednesday morning.
Miss Helen Ostrom, of Si. Mary's hall.
ult. was the guest of relath ■ I
friends during the v. • k
Mrs. Cooper, of St Anthony ai
baa r« turned I'rum a th:
ir. Milbank.
Mrs. Spencer, of Coldwater, Mich.,
was ' of .Mrs. Q. H. ■
Mr. and Mrs
I from a mo
avenue, entertained b
Mrs. Charles Irwin ci
Young Ladles' Card
The Ladles' Guild of St. Mary's Par
iah held its annual meeting M
Mr. and -Mrs. W. F. Hell, of Igi.-hnrt
street, left Wednesday night for Chi
Paul Magmwon entertained at <:in-
ncr in honor of Kmmet Nay lor ad
Mrs. Archibald Coleman enter
the Sweet Sixteen dab Thursduy
Kmmet Naylor, of Chicago, is fta
of Hoy E. Campbell, of Marshall ave
The Twentieth Century club met Fri
day afternoon with Mrs. F. J. Err.-tt.
Miss Lucy Wiseman haß be -n v
in Pine City.

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