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Succeeds George B. Harris, Xow
President of the Road—Ottice
He Vacate* May Be
CHICAGO, April 5. — Howard Elliott,
for seven years £en*>ral manager of the
Missouri lines of the Burlington, has
been made second vice president of trie
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad
Company, with headquarters n Chicago.
Notice <>1 Mr. Elliott's election to the
position was received at the general of
fices of the company here yesterday, and
it was stated that he would soon come
to Chicago from St. Louis. As second
vice president Mr. Elliott will succeed
George 15. Harris, who left the position
in February, 1801, to become president of
the company. Mr. Elliott will have
charge of the operation of tho entire
Burlington system, consisting of between
: miles of railway, and Will
report direct i<> President Harris.
Although the statement lacks ofneial
confirmation, it is probable that the posi
tion of general manager of the Hannibal
St. Joseph, St. Louis, Keokuk &
Northwestern, Kansas City, St. Joseph
Ar Council Bluffs, and the Chicago; Bur
lington & Kansas City railway, which
constitute the Missouri lines of the Bur
lington system, will be abolished.
The new vice president was made gen
lanagy r of the Missouri lines Jan. 1,
3K'f,. He was born in New York in 1860,
and entered the railway service July 1,
li« 0, as rodman on the engineering corps
of the Burlington.
Confirmation which may be considered
as good as official comes from New Yore
to the effect that Charles H. Warren,
formerly vice president of the Central
Railroad of New Jersey, has been ap
pointed assistant to President W. B.
Leeds, of the Hock Island. It is stated
that before long Mr. Warren will be
made vice president of the road and that
be is to have charge cf the operation of
the enure system. President Leeds is in
Chicago only during brief intervals, and
the management of the road has decided,
it Is said, that it will be best to have a
vice president in charge of operation here
all thi time.
it is not made clear what duties will
tx given to Vice President Parker unless
it is charge of construction. Mr. Parker
has practically had charge of construc
tion for several years.
Since itSHT Mr. Warren has practically
had charge of the operation of the Cen
tral of New Jersey, and as such Has
gaintd a reputation as one of the best
opi rating nun in the East. He was born
In New Oilcans in 1857, and entered tho
railway service in 1876 as a freight clerk
In the office of the auditor of the North-
Western road. In coming to the Ruck
Island Mr. Warren will be returning to
i friend, as- he took service with the
company in 1*76 as clerk to the assistant
genera 1 superintendent.
Fatalities Llffht (in llaMriimli lliir-
InS I-nst Seven I>ii>s.
Tho current is.-uo of the Railway Age
publishes the following list of railroad ac
cidents for the last seven days:
A head-on collision between a freight
ami a*passenger train on the Baltimore
iV- Ohio, at Sand I'atch. Pa., caused a
destructive wreck and injured three train
men, the passengers escaping- serious in
jury. The statement is made that "the
wn < k was caused by the flag not being
far enough from the freight train to en
ahle the passenger train to slow down
for the aiding."
A freight train on the Chicago & North-
Western left the track near Woodbins,
lowa, wrecking a number of cars and
kill'ng two boys who were stealing a
ride.—The fast east-bound freight train
on the St. Louis & Santa Fe left the track
on a curve near Dixon. Mo., killing the
division roadmaster, who was on the en
gine, and injuring the engineer and fire
man, the former, it is said, fatally. Al
though the engine was turned over and
wrecked and several cars left the track,
thi iv was lie) injury to passengers.
The west-bound transcontinental train
en the Central Pacific went through a
culvert at Elm Creek, in Manitoba, that
had been undermined by floods, wrecking
two 1 ;tr.^, but causing no personal in
An Illinois Central fast passenger train
ran through an open switch and collided
With a freight train at Millington, Tenq.,
d< railing the entire train except a sleep
er, wrecking two front cars and seriously
injuring the fireman. The emergency
brake stopped the cars some distance
from the freight train, but the passenger
engine broke away from its tender and
was EtoppeJ by colliding with the freight
Eastern Minnesota Affairs.
Supt. D. M. Philbin, of the Eastern
Minnesota, has been at Cass Lake for a
few days past, and it is said that he is
looking over the situation in vlejr of
making extensive Improvements between
Cass Lake- and Cuba on the Eastern
I&* m
one to twenty minutes. Not one hour
after reading this advertisement need
anyone SL'Fi-'ER WITH PAIN.
Tor headache (whether sick or ner
vous), toothache, neuralgia, rheumatism.
lumbago, pains and weakness in the back
spine or kidneys, pains around the liver'
pleurisy, swelling of the joints and pains
o; all kinds, the application of Radway's
Ready Relief will afford immediate ease
and its continued use for a few days ef
ft ct a permanent cure.
It instantly stops the most excruciating
rains, allays inil-immation and cures
congestions, whether of the Lungs, stom
ach, Bowels, or other glands or mucuous
tut mbranes.
Reclining; Chair Cars
Attached to all our through trains Aisles carpeted.
Windows double, keeping out cold air. Chairs neatly
upholstered and adjustable to various positions. Toilet
rooms and a smoking room are provided. A porter
attends to the wants of passengers.
TIpM nfflpfi«—4oo *OBH*T *T. (Hotel Ryan), ST. PAUL
Milwaukee Official Say* Low Rate
Takes Bnsineas From the Stan
dard Card—General Rail
road Xe«n,
Traffic has not been heavy on the tour
ist sleepers operating between here and
Chicago for the past six weeks. This is
particularly true of east-bound business
and the system is not a success.
A Milwaukee passenger official, in
speaking of the sleepers yesterday, said:
"The east-bound business has been ex
ceedingly light and I do not think that
the business warrants the .running of the
cut-rate sleepers.
"In the case of our road I am sure it
works a loss. The people who ride in the
chair cars will not, as a rule, take a
sleper at $1 or $2, and consequently those
who do patronize the tourist cars would
use the standard cars.
"We offer no inducements in the way
of buffet service to the tourist passengers
and I don't think the cars should have
ever been put on. We do not beiieve in
them and will not continue them after
April 80."
It is not expected that the Great West
ern will run the cars after the Ist of
May, and it is not known that the system
has been a success on that road. In any
event, the 1 revalrnt opinion appears to ?ii
that the class of people who ride in the
tourist cars would take the standard
sleeper if the tourist car were not on the
Pullman Company Building It at a
Cost of #40,000.
The finest private car in the world is
nearing completion in the shops of the
Pullman Palace Car company at Pullman.
It is for Oharli s M. Schwab, president of
the United States Steel corporation. Its
cost will be $40,000.
The Schwab traveling home is seventy
feet of elegance. The whole is in Louis
XV. style. Every piece of furniture is of
special and hand-carved design. The
brass bedsteads—one in Mr. Schwab's pri
vate room, the other in his wife's—cost
nearly $1,000 each, and are hand-chased.
The tapestries, damasks and velours used
in the upholstering cover the finest curled
white hair.
Mr. Schwab's room is finished in reds;
his wife's in blues. The dining room tone
is green. Mahogany is the wood chiefly
used, but there is much inlaid work which
calls for maple, hollywood and birch. Tif
fany art glnss is in the ventilating win
dows at the top.
An artist was imported from Boston
to do the elaborate ceiling and panel
hand-painting decoration. This artist
is a woman, M. Annette Frisbie. Her
work for weeks has been done at the
Pullman works in a studio from which
the public has been carefully barred. The
few who have gained admission have car
rled reports to the downtown studios,
where the design has been warmly com.
plimented. Over the ceiling and the side
and the panels above the windows gar
iands of roses and lilies twine.
A bath room opens from the rooms of
Mr. Schwab and, his wife. The dining
room will seat sixteen. The kitchen and
refrigerating plant place every facility
at the service of the chef. The* observa"
tion room in this Louis XV. home is twen
ty feet long, and the window area is so
great that the occupants feel almost as
if they were riding out of doors.
I.oasos Land tc \orth-Western With
Peenliiir Restrictions.
The Chicago & North-Western has
closed a contract with John Alexander
Dowie for the erection of a combination
passenger and freight station at Zion.
The contract is rather peculiar in that
Dowie leases to the company the right to
use the ground free of rental unt.» the
year 3000, providing a number of cove
nants are observed.
For instance, the company is not to use
the premises for a soap factory, gl u e
works, bone-boiling establishment, gun
powder factory, saloon, beer garden or a.
manufactory of malt or spirituous liquors,
of cigarettes or tobacco, or for an opium
joint, gambling den, dance hall or cir
An attempt was made on the part of
Dowie to prevent the company from car.
rying pork or oysters, but the railroad
officials thought that the time might come
When the resid«nts of Zion would be in
need of food, and they did not want to
be restricted from relieving the famine.
Uoud Would liuy Baltimore* Inter-
est In the Western Maryland Ham!.
BALTIMORE, April s.—lt is officially
announced here that the Wabash system
is the real party in interest in the bid
put in by the "Fuller syndicate" for the
interests of this city in the Western
Maryland railroad, and that Joseph Ram
sey Jr., president of the Wabash, has bo
come a member of it.
The purpose of the syndicate is to se
cure the Western Maryland for the pur
pose of giving to the Wabash a line to
tidewater, and it has offered $8.500,00'J for
the city's interest. These facts were
brought out today at a hearing before
the aldermanie special committee having
the matter in charge.
Canadian Xortliern Can't Buy Alaska
Road. So Will Build One.
A dispatch from Victoria, B. C, says:
"The American shareholders in the Esqui".
malt & Nanaimo railway will not agree
to sell the road without the big la~nd
grant which is owned by the company.
Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann, who were
negotiating for the purchase of the road
to form the island section of the Cana
dian Northern, have therefore decided to
build an independent line between Vic
toria and Nanaimo.
"The contract between the provincial
government and the firm for the building
of the Canada Northern through British
Columbia has been about ccmpleted As
soon as it is ratified Mackenzie & Mann
will commence building from the coast
to connect with the line coming west
and which is now built to Prince Al
l>iO> Dj£l'OT, SlUliKif ttTHtiUT.
Trains leave and flirt at St. Paul a*
follows: --■:■ ■ -
ll . k "-iji 4-. »ii il' '• ■** w*s=*^ jr..'.'.'. -
P1 1 j( /»" <tTPM.^f>DVI[ i „... ■■■'I
Office 382 Robert _«. 'Pbon* 4SO.
" tEx. Sun. tEx Sat.
gEx. Mon. Othar3 Daily. LEAVE. ARRIVE :
Badger State Express. ) 8:3tl 10:1
Chicago, Mil., Madison > A.M. P. M.
Chicago "Atlantic Ex?r9S3' -. It: 10 pm 10:55 in
Chicago "Fast Mall" 1.... o°on? -, "'■«-
Northwestern UwitsJ. ) 8:30 7:23
Chicago, Mil.. Madison ..... ) P. M.",. A. M..
Wausau, F. dv Lac, Grssn Bay 6:05 pm 8:30 am
Manitowoc Sheboygan ...... t6:05 pm $8:30 ail
Duhith, Superior, Ashland .... t8:50 «m 4:45 oil
Twilight LlnVtet. ) 4:25 9:39
Duiuth, Suoerior. Ashlani.. (\ P. M. P. M.
Mankato. St. Jam« 3, Su. City. t7:40 am t4:15 p-n
Deadwo»d. Black Hilli .... t7:40 am 7:35 an
i Elmore, Alrona, Dss Moin»j .. 7:40 am *7:30 p-rt
! 'New Ulm. Tracv, Marshall .. . 7:40 am t7:30 pm
Huron. Redfield. Pierra U'£°* m t7:30 P"11
Omaha Express. ) 10:00 7:30
! «;a. Cltv, Omaha, Kan.Ctt7. 1 A. M. .P. M.
! >iou3t Falls, Mltchsll 10:00 am t7:30 pm
New Ulm. Elmors.St. James. t4:50 pm tlO:Osatn
Omaha Limited. ) 8:40 7:35
Pu. City, Omaha, Kan. CU7. 1 P. M. ' A. M. "■
Watertown, Redfield, Huron.. 8:40 pm 7:35 an
(2:/^)i&\ Cor. sth and Robert Sts.
V A&S&eJ Union Station, St. Pau'.
YiS^V'YjL Milwaukee Station, Minneapolis.
Dining: and Pullman bleeping Cars on
Winnipeg and Ckj«.st Trains.
No. 11 to Portland, Ore., ££ v% n J^l^
via Butte. Missouia, Spokane, *9:30*2:20
Seattle, Tacowa „ * am pm
Pacific Express
Fargo, Jamestown, Boze-» n .-- - _ IE
man, Helena, Butte, Spotane, lU.oO " /:40
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland... pm am
Fur go and Leech Lake
St.Clond.Litlle Falls, Brain- +8:30 +0:45
erd, VValker, Bemidjl, Fargo.. am pm
Dakota & Manitoba
Fergus Falls, Wabpeton,
Moorhead, F£rgo, Crookston, ....„., , _
Grand ForSs, Grafton, Win- *8:00 * 7:15
'xlpeg. pm am
Leave r>TTT TTTTI J6- Arrive
tS:6sam "L^TEA *7 :15 am
•aasgs superior t|=sop
'Daily. tSU. Sunday.
Ticket Office— Robert St., Cor. Fourth.
'Phone Main 856. _
L— *Dally. *E« Sun, tSxin only Arrive..
f B: lsam St. Cloud, Ferpus Falls, Fargo t6:oopm
tß:lsam ... Willmar. via St. Cloud ... 16:00pm
•9:20011 FLYER R.Sfc l "?'2:3i)DlD
™°»» (S^'a/y.^Jrtt) «:35 Pra
45pm Elk Riyer, M. and Sandstone tlO:OOa-n
H:4opm ...Wayzsta and Hutchlnson. .. t9:2Cam
•7:ospm Brack.. Fargo, C. F.. Winnipeg *7:45 am
*B:3opm . ...Minn, «nd Dak. Fxp... . *7:3oam
'n'opml-^'" •»* W"» Superior -| J 6^0 5^
Sleeper for 11:10 p. m. train can be oc
nuDied at any time after 9 p. m.
Miiwaukej EuMMMs
£ St. Paul Bym *SB&s^
Ticket Office 365 Robert St. Phona 93.
,*Dttly. lEx.Sunday. tEx.Sat, LEAVE. [ ARRIVE"
Chicago, LaX, MllwanJcas.... *8:30 am *10:15 pm
Chicago, La X, Milwaukee.... *6:00 *11:25 am
..Gtiicaao Pira lit&l 3Sdmi*2s am
Milwaukee. La X. Wt-,0na.... *3:00 pm «2:50 pm
Chicago, Farlbo, Dubuqua.... •■tOO pm *9:loam'
Red Win? and Rochester ... t3:10 pm 1:25 am
La Cross*, Dubuq'e, R'< Isl'nd' 18:30 am 110:15 pm
Northfi«l, Fari'M. Kan. City j*8:00 ami 6:10 pm
OrtOnvil!*, Milbank, Abardssn [ 18:45 ami t6:30 Pm
Ortonville. Aberdeen, tFarc3-i*6:so pm *7:35 am
Northfiell Farlbo. Austin ...1+7:25 pm til: 10 am
Chicago Great Western re,
"The Maole Leal Route." '
City Office. sth and Robert Sts., 'Phoa; ni M.
■Ex. Sunday, ethers daily. | Lv. St.P.'TAr. St.p"
Kenyon, Dodge Center. Osl- 8:10 am 10:00 pm
weln, Dubuqa'!, Frsepjrt e:lopm 7:50 am
Chicago and East. 1 l:2Gpm 12:50 pm
Cedar Falls, Watsrloo, Mar- 10:30 am 7:25 pm
shalltown, Das Moln»3. St. B:topm 7:50 am
Joseph. Kansas City. 1 I:2opm 12:50 pm
Cannon Fall S , Red Win,..:.: tff,3^ \™™
Northfield. Faribault, Water- t 8:10 am t7:2spm
Tilie, Mankato. 1 6:05 pm 9:45 am
Hayfleld, Austin, Lyls Mason t 8:10 am 10:45 pm
c'ty ... 5:10 pm f7:25 am
Eagle Grove, Ft. Dodge | t8:10 am t7:25 pm
{^jtSc^gfe^S) OT 9 fl!!!"~~ is£» lias 3wl
"LT-For I LjiTATIONS. ir.ft.nr
8.05 am Winona, La Orosse, Dubaque '
S5 n . «,„ | and Chicago, except Sunday 12.45 pm
8.00 am Wincna, La Crosse, Dubuque
£ <>* ~™ vsr* nd st -Lor "s> except Sunday
6.25 pmlWmcna, J^a Crosse, Dubucjue
Chicago and St. Louis, daily I 7.25 am
Ticket Office. 400 Robert St. Tel. Main 3d.
Minneapolis and St. Louis R. R. Co.
Office 398 Robert. St. Loni* Deuot.
Telephone Calls—6Gl N. W.— T." C.
Leave. | TEx. Sunday. »baily. ) Arriva"
lo"n« sm •■Watertowri and Storm Lake..lt6.o2prn
19.00-m Omaha and Dcs Momes t7.3opm
*5.15pm .Estherville Local *9.59 aTi
*c'n2 Pm St. Louis and Chicago (Limited) *8.405 m
!g^g.PgLQggJliJL^rlJ^£il!gilLirn itad)j»B.ooam
MM., ST. P. & S. S. M. E'Y. m
City Ticket Office. 379 Robert St. T&l. 1051
Union Depot. St. Paul. '
-'■"v>i'' EAST. lArr.vo.
J:j%I}ml-AUantic Limited ivaiiy).i ti-^S
10:00 am Rhinelander_Local(exSun) 4:55pm
0 ■ ) WEST. 1 I
3:ooatnl Pacific F,xnres3 (Pacific
. ft r I«. Coast> dally. | 6:55pm
s :ospm I.Dakota Exp. (ex. Sun.).| 9:sonm
City Office. 373 Robert St. 'Phone No. 694.
B^ull All Trains Daily. [gArrtva
lEau Claire. Chip. Falls,! ~
B;ooamiMilwaukee and Chicago B:lsam
lAshland. Chippewa Fla,
»:40DmlOshkosh. Mil. and Chi. s:o9ptb
Office of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul, Minn., April Ist 1902.
Sealed bios will be receives by th*
Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
£ p. m. on the 14th day of April", A. 1).
1908, for the paving of the alley in biocic
one (1) of Woodland Park Addition, from
Kent street to Mackubin street, in sai-i
City, according to plans and specifica
tions on file in th« office of said Bo?rd
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least tw?nty (.0) per cent
or a certified check on a bank of St.
Paul, in a sum of at least ten (10} pe
cent of the gross amount bid, must ac
company each bid. Sai<s check shall bY
made payable to the Clerk of said Board"
The said Boaid reserves the ri°-ht to
reject any and all bids.
„„. President.
Oflicial: R. 1.. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works
April 2-]902-10t.
Pennyroyal PILLS
■ ,~<t»~V _ . _„ Original and Only Genuine.
TES S;^^^^ bine ribbon. Take no other. Refuse
A^i-/' „ tnrnM«U. 10,0<M>Ti«ini"n .Is^SoMta
5 a* °.v Ireland, archbishop; Rev. J.
S-^ariha^ vicar general; Rev. Richard
■ Cahill, secretary. , ;-■' -~r - ■ ":?^.kC
CATHEDRAL~ and st peter; Rev.
;w al i^^wler.; pastor; Rev. Edward.
Walsh, Rev. oiipher Dolphin, assist-i
ants, -services, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:30 a. m. and
VW-p. m.; Sunday-school, 3 p. m. ■ )
A^U^ PIION fGerman) - 1 Franklin and
Ninth p Rev. erome Heider,; O. S. 8.,
pastor; services at 6:30, 8, 10:30 a. m.
SACRED HEART—Dawson and Arcade;
p e,y- ./• x Gores,- pastor; services, 7,
8, 9, 10:30 a. m and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday'
school, 3 p. m. a - -
S» A^NES'—Thomas and Kent: Rev. C.
M. Solnce. pastor; Rev. A. Funke, r. as
sistant; services, 8,- 9:15 and 10:30 a. m.;
vespers and benediction, 8 p. m. - :
ST. ANDREW'S—Como 'Villa; Rev. L,.
Cosgrove, pastor; - services, 9a. m.;
Sunday school, 8:30 a. m. .",.' • = . .
ST. AUGUSTINE'S- — South St. Paul;
Rev. P. C'Neil. pastor; services 8 and
10:30 a. m. c ; '
ST. BERNARDS — Albemarle, between
Geranium and , Rose; Rev. A. Ogulin,
pastor; services, 8 and 10 a. m.; Sun
day school, 2 p. m.; vespers, 3 p. m. ■ ... .
ST. CASIMIRS— and Forest;
Rev. C. Kobyiinski. pastor; services, a
and 10:30 a. m., and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
-■ school, 3 p. m.
ST. FRANCIS—West Seventh and James;
Very Rev. J. N. Stariha, pastor, Rev.
J. J. Goergen, assistant; services 7, 8,
9,. 10:30 a. m., and Sunday school 1:30
p. m.; vespers, 2 p. ■m.
ST. JOHNS — Forest and East Fifth;
Rev. T. P. Gleason, pastor; Rev. Wil
liam Dobbins, assistant; services, 7 and
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school, 3 p. m.
ST. JOSEPH'S - Virginia and Carroll;
Rev. John T. Harrison, pastor; Rev.
T. E. Shields and Rev. John Kennedy,
assistants; services, 6, 7, 3, 9 anil 10:30 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school, 3
p. m.
ST. FRANCIS' — West Seventh and
James; Very Rev. J. N. Stariha, pas
tor; Rev. J. J. Jacobs, assistant; serv
ices, 7, S, 9, 10:30 a. m., and 7:3u p. m.;
Sunday school, 3 p. m.
ST. LUKE'S—Summit and Victoria; Rev.
Ambrose McNulty, pastor; Rev. Charlea
Cavanaugh, assistant; services, 7, S,
9 and 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sun
day school, 3 p. m.
ST. MARK'S —Merriam Park; Rev. W.
D. Hart (residence St. Thomas college),
pastor; services, 8 and 10:30 a. m.; Sun
day school, -, p . m .
ST. MATTHEW'S-73 West George; Rev.
J. M. Jung, pastor; services, 8 ana 10 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 3
p. in.
ST. MICHAELS—ParneII and Colorado;
Rev. P. O'Neill, pastor; Rev. M. Meln
tyre, assistant; services, 8, 9, 10.30 a. m.
and 7;SO p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30.
ST. PATRICKS-Case and Mississippi;
Rev. J. B. Byrne, pastor; Rev. M
O'Brien, assistant; services, 7, S, 10:30 a.
,m. and 7:30 fc. m.; Sunday school, 2
p. in.
ST. PETI2R CLAVER (Colored)— Aurora
and Farringtqn; Rev. T. A. Printon,
pastor; services, 10:ao a. m. and 7:30 p.
m.; Sunday school, 3 p. m.
ST. VINCENT"S - lilair and Virginia;
Rev. L. Cosgrove, p^tor; services, 1, 8,
9, 10:30 a. m. , uiid 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
school, 2 p. m,
ST. MARYS—Ninth and Locust; Rev. T.
J. Gibbons, pastor; fcirvices, 7:30, 8:30,
9:30, 10:30 a. m., and i:io p. m.; Sunday
school, 3 p. m.
— Selby and Arundel street; Rev." Henry
I. Steeman, pastor; services at 10:30 a.
m. and 8 p. m.; morning subject,
"Christ, the Great Provider;" evening
subject. "And the Door Was Shut."
nue and Mackubin street; Dr. Alexan
der McGregor, pastor; morning subject,
"The Glory and Power of the Chris
tian Church:" •vening, Rev. Dr. J. A.
Anderson will speak on China.
basIia and Summit avenue; Rev. George
M. Morrison, pastor; sermon topics,
10:30 a. m., "The Needed Revival;" 8 p.
m., "Honesty."
street, near Mississippi; Rev. William
J. Gray, pastor: morning, 10:30, "The
Risen Life;" evening, 7:30, "Peace."
Kiiiscomi I.
CHRIST CHURCH—Fourth and FrahKil n ;
Rev. Charles D. Andrews, rector; Sun
day services (first Sunday after Easter);
holy communion, 8 a. m.; Sunday school,
9:30; morning service,. sermon and holy
communion," 11 a. m. subject of morn
ing sermon: "Jesus and the Resurrec
tion;" evening service and sermon, 7:30
p. m.; subject of evening sermon: "The
Stone Rolled Away." #
ST. PAUL'S—Ninth and Olive; Rev. John
\V right, D..D., rector; services for Low
Sunday, Low celebration, 8 a. " m.;
matins, 10:30; high celebration and ser
mon, 11; choral evensong, 7:30.
ST PETER'S—Dayton Bluff, Fourth and
Maple; Rev. C. Herbert Shutt, rector
divine service for "Low Sunday," or the
first Sunday after Easter- low celebra
tion of the Holy.Eucharist, 7:30 a m ■
Sunday school, 9:20 a. m.; matins'and
sermon, 11 a. m.; evensong (choral) ?nd
sermon, 7:20 p. m.; the Easter day muSic
will be repeated by the vested choir-
Friday evening, prayer and address 8
p. m. ..-■'_ _ /_i
BATES AVENUE-Bates and Ravine;
George S. Parker, pastor: morning serv
ice at 10:30: subject, "The Center of
Spiritual Gravity:" quartette. Miss At
kins, Mrs. Sharpe, Messrs. Butler and
Cnbbs: union -evening: service- in Day
ton's Bluff German M. E. church.
Third street and Dayton avenue; Daniel
Li. Rader, pastor: mornijig subnet "Th»
Elements Enuring into Pain's Conver
sion: ' in the evening, "The Signifi
cance of the Conversion of Jean'Val
jean, as Depict* d by Victor Hugo "
PEOPLE'S CHVRCH—Service in the
Metropolitan opera house, at 11 a. m.
Dr. Smith will preach on "A "Vorking
Theory of Religion;" Mr. Musgrove
will sing- AshfonTs "Lead Me Aright"
and "Rejoice in the Lord," by Shack
TlST—Raudenbush hall, oorner of Sixth
and St. Petrr. at 10:45 a. m.; subject:
"Are Sins Disease and Death Real?"
lish)— Morning service at 10:30; Dr E G
Lund; subject. "The Victory of Faith. 1'
Odd Fellows' hall. Wabasha and Fifth
streets: lyceum and conference meet
ing-, C:P/i p. m.; lecture by Mrs. Joseph
P. Whitwell at 8 p. m.; subject, "Love
One Another;" following lecture Mrs
John Saver and Mrs. Ella White wili
give spirit messages and readings.
NEW JEIRUSALEM-Southeast corner
Virginia and Selby avenues, Rev. Ed
ward C. Mitch.ll, pastor; service at
10:3-3 a. m.: Sunday school at 11:45 a. m.;
subject of sermon, "The Practical Use
of the Holy Supper."
UNITY CHURCH tUnitariaiO-Wabasha
street, foot of Summit avenue; Rev
Richard W. Boynton, the pastor, will
preach on "The Simplicity of True Re
ligion;" services begin at 11 a. m.: Sun
day school me:ts at 10 o'clock- Youne
People's Bible class, 12:30 p. m.
—Corner Ashland and Mackubin; serv.
ices, 10:30 a. m.: Rev. Henry B. Tavlor,
pastor; subject. "The Message From
the Skies;" Sunday school, noon; young 1
people's meeting. 8 p. m.
Grotto; Dr. John Sinclair, pastor; fore
noon sermon, "Can? a Man Walk With
God Now as Enoch Did? "Communion
and admission jof members; eveningl
Rev. John Copelan-d will preach; sub
ject. "Social Questions and Christian
and Farrington; 11 a. m.. sermon, "The
Apostclic Church;" 7:30 p. m., sermon
"Four Kinds of St)il:" A. D. Harmon
GLOBE ADS \ --' 1
■,; - TRY ONE ''•■-■ '■-•••■■■:
'.-' -■'■■^'■■r 'aV.'* AND SEE
.--, and: SEE
Where Weoit/- C&.n Ba
Left for Insertion ia
The Globe
At the R&>te of I Cent per
Word. No Insertions Ac
cepted Leu than IS Centy
Personal, Clairvoyants, Fortune Teller
and Medical Classifications,
2 Gents Per Word.
No insertion accepted less than 25 cents.
CONGER BROS., Druggists, Selby ave
nue, corner St. Albans; 40» Selby
avenue, and 349 University avenue.
_- -. street.
ALBERT W. BORK, corner Mississippi
' and Nash streets. ■ -
CAMPBELL BROS., Selby and Victoria.
S. H. REEVES, Druggist, Seven Corners.
STRAIGHT BROS., Druggists, Rondo
and Grotto streets. r
A. T. GUERNSEY & SON, Druggists, 171
North Dale street.
enth street.
E. B. ROLLINS, Druggist, 295 West Sev
enth street.
SEVER WE3TBY, Druggist, Maria ave
nue and East Third street.
W. A. FROST & CO., Druggists, Sel!>y
and Western avenues.
WALTER NELSON, Druggist, Univer
sity avenue and Rice street.
RIETZKE & CO., Druggists, Selby and
Western avenues.
A. & G. SCHUMACHER, Druggists, 490
West -Seventh streets. -
avenue. ,
YOST'S PHARMACY, Dale and Univer
BOTNER & CO.. Druggists, 678 Grand
avenue, corner St. Albans.
C. T. HELLER, Colonnade, St. Peter and
Tenth streets.
J. P. JELLINEK & CO., 961 West Sev
enth street.
W. K. COLLIER, East Seventh street,
corner Sibley.
A. A. CAMPBELL, Louis and Rondo
streets. •
H. J. M'CALL, 453 Broadway.
DREIS PHARMACY, corner Ninth and
St. Peter streets.
East Seventh street.
JOHN BODINE & CO., 881 Payne ave
B. A. Treat, 442 Broadway.
Anybody Oat of Work la St. Paul or
Minneapolis may insert an adver
tisement under this heading Xreo
of ehnrtfe.
A BOY aged fourteen years would like
work in the city. Address 224 West
_ Sixth st.
APPRENTICE—A strong boy, eighteen
years old, would like to learn trade of
some kind. C. F. S., 25 West Wyoming,
■ city.
A MIDDLE AGED MAN wants work
'_' of any kind; am good to look
-after horses and can miiK; am willing
to make myself generally useful. Act
. dress C. Bargett, general delivery.
BOY—A strong boy of sixteen would like
work of any kind. Address J. S., 459
Pleasant ay.
COOK—If you are in need of a good first
class meat cook (male), competent to
; take charge of kitchen, address L 45,
; Globe. . '
DRUG CLERK wants situation; graduate
of Manitoba College of Pharmacy; tour
years' experience; references. Address
E. S. Blain, La Riviere, Man.
ENGINEER—An engineer wants posi
tion. Address, with wages paid. Room
20, 189^ East Eighth.
ENGAGEMENTS wanted by experienced
man for cleaning, refitting and laying
carpets; first-class references. Please
address F. H. W., 459 Carroll st.
ENGINEER— years' experience
in of steam plants; can furnish the
best of reference and license; can do
his own repairs. J. L., 645 Columbia st.
ELDERLY single man would like a po
sition as night watchman or any other
light work; acquainted with city; ref
erences given. Address Box M. S
Globe.* •
ENGINEER—Wanted, situation by engl
, neer of ten years' experience; have
first-class license; good references. Wil
liam Kraliiyj, Capitol hotel, St. Paul,
Minn. „
EXPERIENCED cashier and proofreader
wishes position at once in office or
store; good penman; accurate at fig
ures; very bright and energetic. L W
P. O. Box 316. ' - '
FARM HAND— farm hand wants
work-at once; spent life on farm. Ad
dress Henry Lewis, care Columbia Ho
tel, city.
HOTEL CLERK—Situation by young
gentleman as. night or day clerk in ho
tel; best of references. N 44, Globe.
HOTEL CLERK—A young gentleman of
good family and having the best of
references wishes Eiuiation as day or
night clerk in hotel R 10, Globe. i
PAINTER and paperhanger, experienced
wants work; have tools for job work*
twelve years' experience in city. Paint'
er, 603 East Mlnnehaha st.
POSITION WANTED-A first-class dry
goods man of long experience in all de
ipartments, silk 3 and dress goods a
specialty, would like position in a good
country town; Al reference; competent
to take charge. Address J. T.. 452 Cedar
STENOGRAPHER-A position as stenog
rapher in St. Paul or Minneapolis
Please state salary. W. E. Wadsworth
Fairmont, Minn.
TWO YOUNG MEN want positions to do
odd jobs, to sod lot?, rake up yard,
clean carpets, wash windows, if" \ou
want a, good job done and low price
call 315 Walnut st.
STOUNG MAN of eighteen wants position
to ao odd jobs of any kind; satisfaction
guaranteed. H. W., 315 Walnut st.
YOUNG MAN wants position in office to
learn penmanship; can furnish refer
ence; will work for small salary on
start. Please call or address 992 Cort
hmd St., city.
A. M. HARRIS has accepted the position I
of special.representative for the Friday '
Gold Mining Co., of Sumpter, Or.; he
will open offices in the Germania Lifo i
Bldg. ~ i
JUST RECEIVED, direct from factory
agent,, ninety-five machines, all makes,
with attachments, and fully guaran
teed; all next week, $11.50; come early
S9 West Seventh.
Office of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul, Minn., April 1, 1902.
Sealed bid§> will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for tne
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
2 i. m. on the 14th day of April A D
1902, for the construction of a sewer en
Maryland street, from Edgerton street
to Jt-ssie street, and on Jessie street,
from Maryland street to Geranium
street in said city according to plans ana
specifications on file in the office of sai<i
A bend with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent, or a certified check on a bank of
St. Paul, in a sum of at least ten (10)
per cent of the pross amount bid, must
accompany each bid. Said check shall
be made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
. President.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
April 2-1902-lOt.
Anybody Oat or Work In St. Paul or
Minneapolis may Insert an adver
tisement under thia heading Ire.j
of charge.
A LADY would like babies or children to
take care of at home. 66 Park place,
CHAMBERMAID—Wanted, situation as
chambermaid in hotel by young woman
with one child. Address 141 East
Eleventh street.
DRESSMAKER-Competent, will make
ladies shirt waists and dining room
girls' dresses and aprons at reduced
prices for the month of' April. Call in
the evening, at 103 West Tenth st.
GIRLS for hotels and country, in city, on
short notice. Leave orders at 303, over
Yerxa'3, Cedar and Seventh. Twin City
Relief Society,
141 East Ninth St.; Telephone Main 1?3
WE FURNISH women by ih- oav to do
housecleaning, washing, ironrng, sew
ing, nursing the- sick ana mending; also
men to do odd jobs.
HOUSE CLEANING — Woman wants
house cleaning by the day. 27 East
Ninth st.
HOUSEKEEPER—A woman with a child
wants position as housekeeper in city.
Address Room 2, Lexington hotel, cor
ner St. Peter and Fourth st.
HOUSEWORK—Good German girl wants
position for light housework in small
family in St. Paul. Address M. J., Gen
eral Delivery, Minneapolis.
HOUSEKEEPER—Position wanted by
young woman of refinement, in widow
er's family or hotel; willing to leave
city. Address L 42, Globe.
LAUNDRESS — A competent laundress,
widow, would like to do first-class wash
ing and ironing at home and go out two
days a week. Please address 3^7 Capi
tol ay.
MILLINER-First-class milliner would
like position as milliner or saleslady.
Phrone iyo4-L2, Commons, 460 Jackson N
M., Room lls.
OFFICE WORK—Wanted by a young
girl, office work, doctor's preferred
Call or address 350 Waverly Place St"
Paul, Minn.
REFINED elderly lady, for light house
work or nursing; good plain needle
woman; on the hill preferred; could go
home nights; has references. M., 607
Laurel ay.
SALESLADY — Wanted, position by
young lady as saleslady or demon
strator; thoroughly experienced. Ad
dress R 28, Valentine_Apartments.
SITUATION WANTED—Situation as sec
__QJTd_girl. Address M. A., 84°. Payne ay.
STENOGRAPHER-Young lady "with
knowledge of stenography desires posi
tion in office; six months' experience.
Address 21S Goodrich ay.
STENOGRAPHER—Lady" stenographer
having good knowledge of bookkeeping
wishes position; can rurnish machine it
necessary; willing to leave city. 31S,
J^ew York Life building.
TWENTY competent girls waiting for
places at Twin City Employment Co.,
in and out of city. 303, Phoenix block
telephone. .
WOMAN wants to go out washing or
ironing for Monday, Tuesday or Wed
nesday. - Call or address B. G., 542 Cedar
WOMAN wants to go out washing or
ironing by the day. Call or address I*
G., No. 542 Cedar st.
YOUNG LADY of some experience would
like work in a store. Address U 30
Globe. '
YOUNG LADY wishes few more cus
tomers in sewing; shirtwaists a spe
cialty; the pretty plain waist made for
50c. Call or address 252 Rondo st.
liams St.; tailor suits and shirt waists
a specialty perfect lit and finish guar
Office of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul, Minn., April Ist IM2.
Sealed bids will be received by th^
Board of Jtiblic Wc.rks in and for the
corporation of the ( itv of St. Paul Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
1 p. m. on the 14th day of April, A. J).
'i'M'l, for the construction of a sewer on
Payne avenue, from Geranium street to
Maryland street, in said city, according
to plans and specifications on flic in the
onice of said _';oard.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
! or a certified check on a bank of St.
I Paul, in a sum of at least ten (10) per
cent of th« gross amount bid, must ac
company each bid. Said check shall by
made payable :o the Clerk of said Board
Ihe said Board reserve! the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: R. L. GORMAN. Presidtllt-
Clerk Board of Public Works
April 2-:w2lot.
Office of the Boari of Public Works
CJty of St. 1 aul, Minn., April 1. 1902,
Sealed bids will be leceived by ihe
Board ot Public Works in and for me
i corporation of the City of St. Paul Min
nesota, at their office in ?:aid city' until
2 p. m. on the 14th day of April 'a 1.)
1902, for the construction of a sewer ori
street, from Victoria street to
: Chatsworth street, and o n Milton street
Irom Fuller street to Central avenue in
said city, according to plans and specifi
cations on file in the office of said Board
A bond with at least two Ci) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty f2O) per
cent, or a certified check on a bank of
St. Paul, in a sum of at -'east ten (Ml
per cent of the gross amount bid muit
accompany each bid. Said check sflall
be made payaule to th-_ Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
April 2-1902-10t.
OfTioe of the Board of Public Works
City of St. Paul, Minn., April 1, 1802,
Sealed bids will be received by th«
Board of Public Works in and for tha
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city,' until
2 p. m. on the 14th day of April, A. D.
1902, for the construction of a sewer on
Marshall avenue, from the present end
of sewer easterly to Milton street in said
city according to plans and specifications
on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per
cent, or a certified check on a bank" of
St. Paul, in a sum of at least ten (l'J)
per cent of the gross amount bid, mu;t
accompany each bid. Said check shall
be made payable to the Clerk of said
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: R. "L. GORMAN,
"^ Clerk Board of Public WorTts.
April 2-1902-10t.
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul. Minn.. April Ist. tJOZ.
Sealed o!Js will be received oy tha
Board of Public Works in ami for the
corporation of the City of St. Paul, Min
nesota, at their office in said city, until
i; p. m. or the 1-ith Jay of April", A. f>.
1908, for the construction of p. sewer on
Edmund street, from Grotto street to
Avon street. In said city, according to
plans and .specifications on tile in the ot
rice of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty <2v) p e r cent
or a certified check on a bank of St.
Paul, in a sum of at least t<n (Hu p-r
cent of the gross amount bid. must ac
company -ach bid. Said check shall be
made payable to the Olerk of said Board
The said Board reserves the right tv
reject any and all bids.
Official: R. 1... OORMAN.
Clerk Board of Public Works
April 2-iaO2-ll)t.
Auf LL IXVKSTMEi\T made through I
us will Pay you a cash weekly income,
greater every week than a whole year"i
interest on the same amount in bank;
will commence to earn this at once and
continue to do so until you withdraw
your money; no gambling scheme or
speculation, but by rreans of a legiti-i
mate licensed business. Address E. J.
Arnold & Co.. 9th and Pln e sts., SU
Louis, Mo. .
DRY GOODS-Clean, up-to-date stock
for sale; Invoice about* $5,000; paying
business of thirty years; owner's death;
causes change. Address Ladies' Bazar,
Chatfleld, Minn.
FOR SALE— nursery grown, ash,
elm and box elder from one to throw
inches in diameter; a liberal discount
on large orders. Wm. H. Brimhail,
Snelhng ay. north. Ham line.
FOR SALE— bakery and confection*
cry, in good location; cheap if taken itt
once. Address E 33, Globe.
FOR SALE—A high-grade "Hen llur"
lady's wheel in tine condition only $12.
Call on Raudenbush, corner Sixth and
St. Peter, or 639 Fairmount ay.
FOR SALE— Newspaper and job of
fice in good Wisconsin town; woli es
tablished; sickness cause for selling.
_ R. F. Hiler. IPS East Seventh st.
class, small grocery store for sale, do
ing a good business; owTier has to leave
town. Address E 36, Globe.
MONEY WANTED~-We can make loans
on improved city property (50 per ciint
valuation) at 5 to 7 per cent net largo
or small amounts. Write Mercantile in- *
vestment Co., Los Angeles, Oat
STOCK, consisting of clothing-, shoes
furnishings; invoice, $7,000; Southern
Minnesota town; sales, $IS,wK> to J23,0C0
per year; will consider trade. Phillips
519 Pioneer Press Bldg.
TEXAS GROWS— now has ll,oof> miles
of railway, 575 banks and over three mil
lion population; I have just publish' a.
book giving Information about the :
State, entitled, "Business Opportunities
in Texas;" it is splendidly illustrated.
Aside from the mineral resources, it
takes up the various lines of Industry
nee and sugar growing and milling,
lumber, growing fruits and vegetables
for Northern markets, tobacco, brick I
and tile, canneries, etc.; petroleum oil
as purely speculative; views of oil fields
and wells and list of companies also!
about the laws, public land, and withal I
some humor Interwoven; no advertise- *
ments; is impartial and estimates and
figures given are authoritative and ..til
da I; this may be worth something to
you; price ,5 cents; no stamps. J c
_Abernathy,_\Vharton,_Texas. '
WANTED— Some one having land near
city to go Into the chicken business
with me. I will furnish incubator and
brooders, hens, etc., and give half of
increase; also half of all egg you fur
_ nißh land and houses. L 4S. Globe
WANTED—A German Catholic as part
ner in a furniture and undertaking busi
ness In , one of the best locations In
Minnesota; village about W0; rich sur
rounding country; fine outfit; splendid -
chance for the right party. Address A.
_>. Macho, Piers, Minn.
*|:<I WILL buy out a lunch counter and
restaurant serving 150 people a day am
takes a tea and coffe.e business; $sOO ''
for a home bakery, doing a business of
*35 per day. See People's Rental 209
West Seventh.
ATTRACTIVE, unincumbered lad; . !e
]•< ndently wealthy, good charact.
disposition, would marry and finani
aid homt -loving husband. ••<
Room D. li.| Vine, Cincinnati Ohio
ATTRACTIVE and unlnc m ( r
tcan lady, ag< thirty, w> ■
wants good, honest hu
_ Pacific. 59 Di arborn at., Ch. .
middle-aged Germaa-American bi
man, worth $1
Bpond with .1 lady with .
early marriage. Addiesa B( i i
Paul. Minn.
A WONDERFUL French clairvoyant;
what he tells comes true; send 10
birthday. Prof. E. Carnot, Box
Providence it. i
A YOUNG WIDOW, worth $30[000 would
marry a kind, honest gentleman of
business ability; no trifier. American,
<S I.a Salle st., Chicago.
DR. 'JACKSON'S Uterovaginal Supposi
tories are a boon to married ladies;
they absolutely destroy all germ life
and impart vigor and tone to tne parts;
send $1 for a box; lady agents wanted;
Dr. Jackson, 452 Adams st Chicago
menstruation quickly cured; forty years'
experience. Office open from 9 a m.
till 10 p. m. Dr. Wheeler, Q
Minneapolis. TeL N. \Y. M. 3203-L2 T
C. 523.
FREE INFORMATION to any women of
a never failing, hai mles
edy; a simile home tri itment. Mrs
Morton, 122 West ay., Buffalo, X. Y.
and tn-telllgi lit lady want Immi < .
good, capable husband Add] as Era,
112 Clark st., Chlci
LADIES—I6OO reward for a I
Btinate suppression, any ,
monthly regulator fails to rel ■ •
harmless, vegetable, sal
long: suppressed. Dr. Jackson R
R !:H~l, !t,. Dearborn, Chicago.
i LADIES— If hopeless, worried or discour
• aged, write us for our regulator; one
■ treatment guaranteed to relieve ab
| normal case of suppression, any cause.
Dr. Mead Remedy Co., 21 Quincy St.
! LADIES—Use our harmless Remedy for
i delayed or suppressed period; it cannot
[ fail. Trial free. Paria Chemical Co.,
Milwaukee, Wfs.
| MARRY— Denver Corresponding As
; sociation; 20-page paper, 10c pealed; only
I Incorporated association in the world;
i 3,000 members, worth $100 to $100,000. R.
j L. Love, Manager, tver, Col.
i OH HO—Weak men, our Improved vac-
I uum developer guaranteed cheapest;
best on earth for sexual weakness,
stricture, losses, varicocx enlarged
shrunken organs; particulars sealed
The World'a ] S^Ss.' J^-nver, Col.
PERSONAL— gentleman hold prom
inent position, worth $3),000, J1;$00 year
ly, desires affectionate home-loving
wife. J. S. Box 848, St. Louis, Mo.
UNEEDA sweetheart; join our club; you
will find what you want; particulars,
2c stamp; special club, Box SK, Omaha
RETIRED business man, Independently
! • wealthy, never married, wants poor biit
honest wife. Address Mr. Weller, Real
gEstateTßoard Bldg., \ Chicago, 111 •
SUCCESSFUL business" man, very
wealthy, middle-aged, wants sincere,
hone3t, home-loving wife. Address Mr.
Clark, P. Q. Drawer 158, Chicago.
WlDOWEß—Merchant, worth, J20.005, and
beautiful home, would marry affection
ate, home-loving lady. Address James
W., Box 848, St. Louis, Mo.
WANTED — A gentleman would like to
meet single lady or widow from twenty
five to thirty years old; if suited may
assist financially; object, tired -jf liv
_ir>g alone. Address H jtt,_Globe.
■want; correspondence with lady; Cath
olic preferred. Address E 34, Globe.
WRITE for valuable book, sent free,
showing how to secure independent in
come for life. Jumiapa Co., Full, non
building, St. Louis. Mo.
YOUR FORTUNE TOLD from cradfe~to*
grave; what I tell you comes true; send
dime and birth date. Prof. J. M<-trs
Drawer 704. Chicago.
YOUNG WILOW, no children, owns nno
farm and other property, also SIU.6QO
cash, wants kind, reliable husband.
Hart, 47 Park ay., Chicago.
Eh Arrests discharges from the urinary
■ organs in either sex in 48 hours.
Htf It is superior to Copaiba, Cubeb, or in
■ Jeetions, md free from all bad smell or
M other inconveniences.
m OMIM I ML-miUI Capsules,whichUwttSiM
W the name in black letter*, without which V^ /
%i none are genuine.

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