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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, May 25, 1902, Image 17

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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A Tremendous Purchase of Women's Stylish Spring and Summer Attire
■ j^^s^^^^^g^B^^^^!^^' Tomorrow, Monday, We Will Start One of the Greatest **— ■■■nfcp^-- —^~^lli^m^ r ~
SS^^^^^Z^^Z Many of the Leading New York Manufacturer's Entire Stocks
M W.H.ELSIN6ERS.CO..ST.PAUL.MINH, -■ of Women stylish Suits, Costumes, _ jßiiiiiin WH.Elsinger S.CO., St. PaulMinn.
WittU fl'icc f A n^ O «J D™1o«- aZli^\ Dress skirts and Walking Skirts, Silkjl fi^ >* * •
Illgll Udbb tUalb alfli KdHSilllS ["^Dress Skirts, Jaunty and Nobby Coats,'■^f IS 1 CQA
A Manufacturer Suffers a Loss. mg% on the 111 I jJackets and Blouses, Raglans, Long Silk(|J . '.''& 'O V IX" L^°
We take his entire stock at 4UC Dollar f Wraps, Silk Etons and Silk Blouses, Etc., \^Mr W Every imaginable style and material. Manufac
*c&S§& I Long Silk Ramans i <P7 eft OH THE D2LUB\will in many instances buffered at 50c on $/OBTKBOLLIR ["^f. t s s tock at a Great sacrific«- Assorted in
t^m Long Silk Raglans, $15 ft 7 Cfl n . , . , ° l *^;^^^g^ lots. t a b lc,r^ d °reSS M
<«&# t o s2 , s ovalue. Price. 57.5U 1U rLT^
45/' Long Silk Wraps, swell styles, workmanship and of the season's most desirable styles. No refused or undesirable style would we offer you at Sicilians, black and coTors ™ CP X flO s*fl
:.. ,<^h > 4 5 0 ; 0a 25 ,00^0 d , j| 3 5Q pp^^^^^^^pi^^^^^ , pip -I&ass 54.98 ff
1 ,05 V " WIIJIUU deep cuts in prices on many lines of our regular stock, so as to meet the prices en the new purchase. Lot 2- Mostly all unlined Dress /rSlba
Jj Jlf L»f ex°tofl hM Th^ Gr*ate rSt Sale of Its Kind You Have Ever Attended. SjfSSSs?s^s AO
«f XX 38.50. Now f0r.... dZUiUU from thl v , p°Fe"the .Swell Nsw"Summer Suit^ and Costumes, all made up and $10.00 values, great variety 0E QQ £!//&$[
lIL/ll IVY rom the soft chngingfabncsnowinvo^ux You will find a full assortment of .izes in most every line. Also every choice .. riJ.HH wf/VnA
itljf Long Cloth Raglans and Tray- fashlonable shade. ' And the alteration, if necessary, will bs done free of charg 3 by expert fitters. , * "",*'. '' ". " "A"" WUIUU I. 1 f \f%
: WJT/ cling Coats, water-proof ma- Silk-Lined Etamin^uir> <**». N * •ri •♦ r. c•* V\ f 3>, v 2 h"grade Dress Skirts. | $ Of
'Mil • - teriafs Priestly CraveneHes All lIIV Lineu . damme wUits. <p|g^ ■ ■ New, Cheviot Blouse Suits, . , Soft and clingy material, fine eta- ghmmmotk ft /?k
M terials, Priestly Cravenettes All New and clever styles-swell creators in 2sl£3k Entirely new effects, silk lined bouse mine' strapped and hemstitched 07 Efl /'I A* A
Ml cean, new, tailor-made goods and the new use and Eton vest front 'flit* . - skirls drapTd oler drop skirt; vary de effects, best $12.50 values, cut to. . OfIDU \M MY
/i '\ ■11 all the leading colors—tney will go shapes Skirts made with a full flares over ' : MOT ' sirable. up to date style. ' Lot 4. 500 fine Cheviot Dress and WMm ~'?W \
\ IL-- fOF " So^-s.!°;° O a»d t 12i50 SS^ft^^^^iji Sspechiforthl. $|ft ftH W^inl SKirts. M-wool^US "tn e"d!ess #t/j»
U 1 TO* garment at special cut Cflfl ands4o 00 q? 7 jf^C * WSUIUU ' variety, lined and unlined, black and \f|¥i^^7^P^
/ !\ l¥" Pdce -7;: D« 00 COfi:nrf«o^n «U\ Extra Special $.5.00 Stylish .^s2,9B^*^^
l.i " I \\S Sl3^s» «'5-CO and $17.50 01 C{] &ZU 01111 d/ZsJO FT^L\ Et, amlne Sui f ; s at $o. 9 8-Black. blue 100 Black Walking Skirts from fine ill . wool
// .\\ enrmrnr .pecuil pnce. JbfoDU New Etam|ne Blouse Su3ts , „ .JU <«^C^feitf«A anci KraV. soft and c hngy summer eta- -1- new flounce sh^^^^^ Ilflt- au-\vooi
/ I \\ < armenr ' S^ ecial price' B |UU New Etamine Blouse Suits, HM mm- Eton shaoe, with sailor collar. "l^nV™ S^- shT 26 rows of stitch(ng; a special %% 7JI
L / i ' W $l8 s°'5°' -*22-5 ° and 25.00 Qlfl On Taffeta-lined jackets, new style un.-ined pSK(i£^>r N linen and lace trlmmed effects" fanCy -— or this sale cut to. OJ, ( J
>— I *&&**^3? garments, special price dIUIUU skirts, trimmed with moire strappings gIBBSf vest; ' acket and skirt trimmed with ff* """ """ ""■""■■'"^"*■»»■>■ iw 11 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■,■■■■■ .
feß=^"^^^^ „ .*..-,• •',-• absolutely correct in every detail, finely fS^^^^ tailor stitched taffeta strappings; skirts Vylm Serial nil Aisla Rarfraln T*klae
175 Swell Silk Blouses, of Peau de Soie, Moire, Taffeta. tailored perfect in fit and VkS^ \fi .draped over drop skirt, all sizes. At LMld jpwtldl 00 AlSie Bargain laDleS.
Lined with white satin or white crblack taffeta; the acme ss 93 finish $25 00 -.tr.JISJS: '$k I $15.00, v.v wc>uld consider Ilfliliil&S 1 mcho-
T^e\^rc^ c s^i 2i°» andsl4-75qualities $5 98 ma-d^—e- 515.73 iMt 1 r- $9,98 n|P-x B2 l melton>
Take your choice Of all vUIUU New Eton Crash Suits /ill M\ P >UU sirable colors, flare flounce shape. $4.00 and $4.50 QO IK
Tailor-flade Short and Jaunty Jackets, Coats and tr - mmM i a ,M L.-*' » , iilk^ " ff|^ Stylish New Cheviot Suits— values. On sale Robert street aisle on large bargain table OLild
a--i. ... ■ *" i . . 11 i i ,i ii k—,[d»j iniiiiiicj jHct\ei. vest iront, uroD jisSSFSvit^j' hh\*^ \ . B
Gibson Blouses—from cheviot and broadcloth and kersey. skirts very stylish $20 00 a©lJP**\ liiliv 1 \ •—*—'*^*—a^**amemn^mmn*;wKM^amnm&u^mmßMmu^*^i^^uammamm^um
trimmed with taffeta, silk and satin. $7.50, $8.50 and \C (\(\ su; t - ' marked ' OiO PA .Slil^kS (Msl^P^Tv New Eton shape,taf- f* i»/i •* a •
$10.00 values. Take your choice at '' .; __z_. only ■•• •• J.OU JKmIKSs. feta vest front, skirts Summer Mi 111nery
TT —-'■«»■'■■'■- .. . r^> "!"™"T! " "" Collarless Eton Suits. ' Jill fe^ll^l^X. •»•*. V 3^ 6 ,7&\ d r°'] ::s^r^!^ Is the top thought in the mind of every woman
Extra Special On Aisle Bargain Tables. Fine quality in blue black. tan^Sl 1\ f'lTW^^ \™oZ P?1 /jlltlP^ Wehavea way of anticipating wants Mere's
800 Silk Waists, from a leading maker, enables us to and ,32? Fr^'fSeX P S^ fe jM^ \ VCS^ Sl4'^or -it' I I^^TOi ™■»"'"^an" Shape's f" those who would mm.
place before you the greatest bargain yet offered— the entire lot goes skirt; an elegant $20.00 '.. *§SS?iiiF/ ifW- 3 Marked for !-lis " K/^^SBSS^^ And Hats for those who will let us do their trim
on sale on bargain tables in 7th street aisle— black gt^g^ . as* suit CIO Kfl Ti|r v "n-W^^^ special C*T\ f; ft "SsS' ming
and colors. Stylish waists, made of elegant UjH il O Marked for this sale M™jfe fck -^rt7^--- -^' sale at §H Hfl T* I§S en , Hlflr ,. , , vv . „ D
taffeta silk and as good as you can buy for $5.00 10,/' llj| *" ifciww '**"* 'r> *JjyU r?V /^ 50c Black and White Pompons, 25c.
While they last l|rfcl~W W~*} 9 T^ *1 71/1 J? •xL £^L\ Confirmation Wreaths (usually 50c) 20c
"™mT™B- -^ Mr ,- ,„ l^lilC IPLI IO f* /VI Sis€t ' t°s 11 IT Q We ' have the White Vei!s for confirmation Suits.
Colonials IAWI AW Cilt Oxfords. T . p4 . cT I ■"« . ■ XYA^^^ 4^^tii'^ «} White Hats for Children.. 25 C to 400
===== LOW V^ilt — The Entire Stock of Four Largest New York Manufacturers, \i Latest Shapes-it is almost impossible that
»our Vassar" line of low cut shoes comprises all the Including all the Sample Suits, and many from our own regular stock in the shaDe that w/don-t c™, i,«t n ™ L you 4^ auld want ? hat
best and latest things in summer footwear-French Patent ,_^gi i| lots ' to go at Ullheard-of sacrifice-Canvas. Cloth and Basket: Cloth, fine Broadcloth, tZ s raw braid snap- for sumn^r^a; 2S^Uferentlb^T i%Z "
Calf Colonial ties, with choice of a dozen buckles; Patent £^£§1 |) Cheviots and Venetians, fine imported Suitings, in fact, every new material brought out this season. AH the Ons^Zs^oTMon^^Z 20 different shapes. g|| C
Kid and Patent Calf Oxford Ties; Vici Kid Oxfords with frag ggSr neW Blouse ' Gibson. Eton short jacket effects, double-breasted and open-front effects, novelty suits of every style and *^>*W<4j>
welted or hand-turned soles, Kid or Patent tips, common- Jfi PJffif description. Over 1,000 stylish suits from which you can make your selection. The price don't cov^r ths cost Trimmed Hats —It requires at least two things to succeed In thj mil
sense Opera, Military, Cuban or French heels; ,^2s jp^felpj °f making alone. '-. ■ • ■•' " --^— -=— = —= ljnery business. One is the ability to create the
all the very best leathers you'll find in the j/^^^W^ $lO,OQ, $12.50, $13.75, fa mm « ft* $15.50, $17.50, $18.50, fa £ <f& (f&&& $19.50, $21 5'J $23 50 fa abb ff*\ /c* sty!es The other is the ability to sell them, The greater the latter is, the
Vassar line, maae up in the best possible jM W $15.00 and $16.50 W#kl I $20.00 and $22.50 W" I f|fS $25.00 and $27.50 ' I C 11H1 greater will be the opportunity of the former. Having the greatest Mi'llin
manner, at a considerable saving from prices M^^^^^ choice Of B^JIJ ?ho-%' Y ° Ur SlOllJ sitS Y°Ur I^laJallo cry selling Department, it isn't strange that we can shew many times the
you pay for such quality. All ti*O ffiS jgS^ 1^ „, _^ _'" C* °ICC ' cho!C3 V raVaS?H'^li^ novelties generally displayed. Our great array of summer creations is un
styles of Vassars are always.. a^W H&SV All (jUT Higher Grade StlltS Clll 111 the Same PrOnOrfinn a, tChable as to style, and the prices-well no one tries to match Golden
omen's Patent Kid Oxfords-Light .Vici Kid Oxfords-300 pairs of SI. 50 - - ■ ' ' _?L "^yuuiw a lU^MUUII Rule prices any more. _
or heavy soles, 460 pairs, all sizes, all grade, on tables Monday, €&€&«« T*% S~* *t 1 1 • •-»« ~~" ~ ' See them $^awll T0 H^«9a^9vF
2^.^..rs $1.98 B^ooV^is-s;;-,,;;.. zZH Hay Clothing Clearance Sale! imported Pattern Hat., white Duck Hat..
Fine Vici Kid Oxfords—Single or double English fad—For large girls or small . _ .^ . We have some smart imported hats that Not only ready to wear, but just what
soles, all the wear and style of the girls—For big boys or little boys. See -. StlltS TOT ROV^ &Ft 'I VY*lifli'c C,,U C were show" at our summer millinery you want to wear-Simply ideal as
$2.00 Kind in this {£4 g||| this novelty in our Shoe Depart- *^"H-»J *^l *~»\J J O ¥•-f IUUIII 5 Otlllb opening last week. Now you can have knock-about hats for lake and outing
line ' at V" BI**V ment. Aged 3to 6 years. \*} Ages 4to 20 years your choice &*% A AA wear, and priced at only
' of one lot Jjfc | H ■ OET tZ ffk
Thp I act Wppk- n? Our ft^qf M«,r Hundreds of Suits, not a clean-up of some factory ' /rT^\l^/\ " Here is the same kind of a deal, They are our Monday at.. *** ■ AND O^C
Hie UaSl WeeK Ul UUr Ureat JUdy or jobbing house's accumulation, but all new goods /. \W { \ regular s lock, of pure all-wool goods. The lots are — — ■ ,
/Vt « 4 1 5 #-« I T**rl/\M«^r/%«*. C«l/% bought to start our department at a lively ait mads ; / 'I';* M \ broken, but you will find most everything. One thing A . _-"„ "'. - x-
XYlUSlin UnUCrWCar Od-IC. ° f all-WOOI durable tweeds, cheviots and serges, / A '\]]\\\ \ you will find, is that they are all well mad«, well A I IPfiffiHP |-<Alimrn Qilt Q^la
• You can't resist such bargains as these: \X "l^A/ 7 - tailored and well lined "**■ V-EVIIUIUW I UUIUI II UllSl .OlllC
Better in quality, better in finish, better in styl;, better suited to your purse are the -" . ' \.i7^/if\ /
Muslin Underwear Bargains we are offering during our great May Sale. Your choice of Suits worth $2.03 and |g |A |J W7 11 W Yourch^ °f Suits ■ worth $5.00 fljj ** AQ A surprise to our customers. Remarkable values in the home of bargains
Petticoats 7Qa Will buy a fine cambric or naln- * -™.' il\ * ..../%» a «•■ *r S~/ r 10 at. -.;;. s^ 1 «-> a «U» ** - ' *^
lS)* fl-«S»O sook night gown beautifully Your choice of Suits worth $3.ooand f£ 4 f*O 11/ // Your choice of Suits worth $3.50 <£(€* "% £T Best Foulard Silks Hade, every Excellent Quality Foulard Silks,
Sgft-rfc W.ll buy a cambric petticoat with trimmed. Your choice of 10 different $3.50. at ... . . %P a »>©*jl 1/ / to $10.00. at V v.l A*3 st>'lc a picture in Itself and every color all select patterns and popular colorings'
O«f<Lr lawn flounces trimmed with styles. Worth $1.25. - ' . I [if Your choJc- of Suits vorth '*m <=Tim* nr- St- 60, 1: Our regular one; Aft nn a A silk that la very cheap at
fine embroideries or lace, Worth $1.00 ft m buy a beautiful cambric gSV "^ $2.39 ■:-!PVr 7«Sft 2.^,!"? 4?i? $8^45 On/Jayif g RQ P hQf 1 sf '^ ',"
Will buy your choice •of 10 SPiSC or nainsook night gown, very Y o : *4-50-at J« 2JJ |\W ggSg WashSuiU -^ » Clty Monda-. UuU UUU *o' V° " M°nday>
SfOG different styles of fine cam- elaborately trimmed. Worth $1.50. Your choice of Suits worth $5.00 A|| \ f n Boys' Wash Z" 1 , u'T u ty WW WV .9c.
brie or lawn petticoats, beautifully trim- and $6.00, at VjfW«*J?V .L \> «, i,', ' "" ' r- t . .
mcd- Worth $Ks°- Corset Covers. Boys . Neglfgee shirts _. Made with two separate W^ Ha^?4^ g°°d m°nsy °°C"r/ "m9ot- Extra S?' cial Bargains in Ta% ta Silks.
Drawers. Will buy your choice of 15 di/- collars or collar attached with tie to match; of **■ Monday J pecia!-In this great line •* VI be choice of Best Colored Taffeta Siik made:, Very (JooJ Quality ColoreJ Taffeta
|JC A Will buy a pair of fine cambric ferent styles of fine embrcid- percale and madras ' m pretty patterns and black and whits • a large lot of .wash Suits for boys 3to 12 years. Suits ever imaginable shade. ftp all the leading colors, • rfX '
25G or muslin umbrella drawers -7 or lace trimmed corset covers. St^ e3' Good 50c Starts. Monday, . _. OQ -. that sell regularly at SOc to 75c. Our • Monday ff|a3>l!! One day on!y, RIP One day only, RQp
very neatly trimmed with embroider; Worth 35c. ■< n choic- '"■"*"' ', *'" V' T''" «"SFl# ' saving-price '- • • • OOG Monday UUU Monday J0 If
or lace. Worth 35c. m If*^ Will buy your choice of 20 dif B°y^ Caps—ln all styles, well made and attractive, gen-,- Straw Hats for children. A:i immense assortment in the "Ffl-, 36-inch, full yard wide. Clack tot r. -54 inch, full i 54 varJ- wd
-4SltpiS ISs33=2S?sS yj^jg^iiiM 100 fgii^^lgii is© J9.c SSfSfS <1./5 SSSSSkS
brie or muslin umbrella drawers, bcauTil new shapes. Worth 69c. ~ ' ; .~ . — ! —^ ~ _ Our price Monday, 79c yard. why pay more? Our pries $1.75 yard.
Night Gowns. * a-wSzm.c, - 6 d,,. New Summer Dress Fabrics umbrellas. c '"^•»^"">^y
_-^ ...,„, .. , **«« ferent styles of fine lawn A r>,. n,.;,,^ /-.-+«.- r- > 4. c 7 mm damages and UO-CartS.
49C bric^i aht LT wonth° r am" chemise very neatly trimmed. Worth 69c. ■- A Big FriCe Cutting For a Great Sale Oil Monday, Women's fine Union Taffeta Silk Sun or .... All Reed
fiQr wnhr. fir c rbric Cight Wsoo b k uy C hem?s; IT*ry O\:Z White Skirting Duck. I Finest Grass Batiste. ' Fast Black Dress Sateen ES^SS?23 Xt'T^ ' ' "ecS^
allSe^ew??vle; YeWn nr^Vno mmedin --- flne embroidery or lace. For this sale we will give a regular 15c Monday we will .offer 50. pieces; of this It is not every day you get a regular' hanSoiel^cTfr^m" 1 tJi™ JoTa^ / C^BI Cart, fancy
all the new styles, Worth $1.00, Worth $1.50. quality; never has such fine - duck been fine woven fabric in linen, blue and pink. 12^c sateen forthis price. This quality JJarfc verySabofaSfv trimrif^ lltWoM design, just
An Odd lot Of Night Gowns Will be put On OUr Muslin sold at thfs low price. For one G| ' Well knowa, serviceable and washable. is the best Henrietta finish and warranted td S JmJ?^ 1- hnf^?"
TTnrWw^ar harrra^n nKlor-. -.11 f 1 i j day. r.- %919 goods cheap at 18c, but for-, absolutely fast color, (quantity £3^ cerfect satNfartion »* ""-^" io give fI«^WH^J?( bolstered in
Underwear bargain tables; all Of oar soiled and mussed . this great sale, only 1&O \-limited.) ' The price for this sale OC perfect satisfaction. 'S^WW-mM Corduroy
Night Gowns at about half price. . Figured Dress Sateen. «_ , g est s co t c h Zephyrs ' These Umbrellas cannot be (^^^Wh cvs t hion, s v
' Drugs and Sundries. j Camera Department. £ft^«WSfft Extra Special ! H^|^l^ ZTS.""^'^L"^^' <^^»k ££bl
asc si« Satin Skin Crea m lOc At Special Prices Monday, YouVc'Sic't, "n-'i^"' 11C ,„„„.„ t''l»»dr.,, don't miss this sate. w. Our sale pries «L II /|j ■ W®&F t \]h ?" d
tuticura Soap, a cake 120 Yourcho.c. for on, day ■■«# SOO PI*COS won't again mM them as low. J Jk_ choica, oaly ... *X ■• ■ ** /■HiM^I t
$..ooS.S.S.mood PuHfl.;::::: 64. pj^rif^'No^'"^^^ 36-in Covert Suiti«gs- Fine Lawns, Batiste, Dimities «sr ai.--v .-;:••• 1"c — ■ ~ OT®™ >>™u-sZ
3,00 Peruna. ,h. g ra,,o n1 c.... 5 3c STS t."LE?3' it Poet «°» m a«, r >ai ,or O», ln , s,r, S : „•. ,„. , hJLJUi ... Ig »m. Maochester Chambray. Paint Department W^mW-'tlim
$1.00 Dr. Kilmers Swamp Root.. 54c Kodaks. Send for catalogue. to show you the cheapest place *O« in thin summer faljncs, not a yard D y everybody, as good value at 18c a C)l s „ eciai lor nonaay. Threp-piece Child's Harden Set. g--.
soc California Syrup of Figs 25c 25 Wizard A Folding Cam-ras ' with to buy; we. say Monday...... IftG worth less thaji 12H.C «nd- 16c. To ; ; yard iWe must limit the quantity.) TV 1/ ,re .St Louis White Lead, Regular price 10c, Monday only.. %fir
s»s»»to8: SS£SSS£ B«tn««.iin.* Ma gJSR-fLfawi;* fcr.!» i3c afigr.* se.oo rT - - r anJf .
.ftS^^.tJ $1,0,0 .« m an OryPl not = th,_O r P £ u s r^h *«* 7C , — gf Sol l?d3iES .|^^^^^^
M • — 4x5 size, d0z.. 363 5x7 size, doz.. 60c a yard ..,.«BC.-i 1 j Fo^r th^exlra' sSe^f" one CIS ga"On - • &5*C Monday only '._... 755©
; MUSIC nitS Ideal Wash and fixing box for 4x5 I Inen Skirtino- Crfl^h C c f' Rln^L. n^e<= i ,„,« day............./...;... ©500 Ready Mixed House Paint. Our regu- Palmer's Hammocks 41 In. wide, 82 in.
Mid the Orante Trees and Bios- ' \ A . and 5x7 lates" Regular price Linen OKirung V*raSll. hast Black DreSS LaWH. _/- . ".'„'.*"„.','.. lar brand on sale Monday. OE^ lone, with pillow concealed spreaders
soms She is Waiting. I /\ $1.25............ 790 A great chance to buy your cheap Out- For suits, skirts or lining. Don't con- "Milted UOIT bkirtingS. Special per gallon 090 and fringe. Monday m^ OS
Leva Is All In A 11... I CODV 25ectlon Tripod .... . ./. .48c ing Skirt. This quality is about what found this with other lawn at. 10c; this 50 pieces of these fine fabrics, bought to Yellow Ochre, dry, per pound .3 3 oniy -^■■fc^
feSpHli *i £g{ssa.fe^£!&;--:ja. :;gJS'.£-s!ssr;^Bo ;^ffrj?.^r=g : iQg y go 983 i#iil^is^
PPl^= \ |J^Bo ttl e De v.ope r ......:;;: l o c^h Black Dress Goods Department stationery. SSSSSSSnL« 1?-"" " "$2.00
B^AwT l-sT B Tr a Ucky Man- I Ce"tS i _ Moha.r Novelties-Monday ye place on 45-inch Mohair Sicllian-A firm, l wiry Latest Hieh-Qrade Bond Paper. Roy.l Johnson's Floor Reviver, 1 q ,...98 3 o°' ■JP^.^m'
P^^piiilll Embroideries. |§ |J|i|iSg |£^^S^ : F^^^e^— ~' It's a Privilege "
Mandolin Music contains 21 up-to-date Monday we will put on sale a lot of fine the thing for a warm weather *%*% 1 Special c year# OifC 25c value in the Twin Cities. <f O o Elastic Adhesive for filling cracks in We aooreciate that it's a Driviltfe for us
CCSV CrMi C ?«,"'• CL°, rindaMarch> Embroideries, odd pieces, worth sort. Special . 390 P **W# Monday special, a box I^SC floors, ready to use. Pbr p0und....200 ,0 ikfbS, e^?with you but it's ait
I ande nr inTtrumanSl'Htf WCI6B 39c, 50c and 69°* Your C« '38!!l C! 1 tJrilliantine-Seautiful finish, 46-inch Egyptian Crepe-A soft clingy Envelopes, to match above paper, 25 in a Part* Green put in 1, 2 and 5-pound privilege to obtain by 'mail the lowest
Soecial Monday ITC choice, 0n1y............ fiUU . high luster, regular 59c. ■ /Ua#* fabric for a cool dressy skirt. 03 «% - package, always sold at 10c, for |-^ packages. Per p0und...... 190 prices quoted anywhere on the many thlng.-i
special, M0nday............ ■m *j . ; _ | Special ............ £g-«?C j Special.. ; OOG one day 0n1y.... Oo| Send for Color Cards. we 'sell. Send us a mail ordei.
... ST. PAUL GLOBE, SUNDAY, MAY 25, . 1902

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