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Washington Entranced With
Game, Which Is Played
in Many Homes
f(Xew Diversion Has Phenotncnal
Hold on All Sort* and Condi-
tion*. From 9teM Senators
tv DudtliiiK Debutantes.
Special to The Globe.
■ WASHINGTON, D. C. May 21.—Mover
j lias the national capital been so com-
T-letely enslaved by the fascinations of a
game, indoor or outdoor, as it has fallen
; (under the seductive influence of the won
jdc-rful new game, which, having set , all
J l^ngland crazy, has come with- a power
' to] stride across the Atlantic to exercise
its potent influence upon our social life.
i As a prominent leader of Washington
I society remarked the other day, "Wash
ington has fairly gone ping-pong mad."
. Conversation in capital society has now
i foe-come impregnated with the peculiar
I terms of the new pastime. Where for
merly one would hear "social precedence"
' and "rising man," one now hears "clever
i (half volleyer" and "invincible striker
I out." '
"Love" and "advantage" as topics of
; social conversation have now a ping-pong
significance entirely foreign to their for
xtx-r meaning among the capital gossips.
The ping-pong party has entirely sup
planted the whist party arid the bridge
The peculiar ping-pong of the celluloid
; balls as they are beaten to and fro (from
■which the game derives its name) is now
to be heard j in every Washington home
from the palatial mansion of the fam
-1 ily of the men who shape the nation's.
I destiny on Pennsylvania avenue to the
• humble residence of the congressional
I bootblack in the eastern section of the
i city. Years are a matter of no consid
; ©ration among the devotees of the sport.
■ The mature matron whose nod or frown
I Oias settled one way or the other the so
cial aspirations of mar.v- a newcomer
.at the capital is as frequently to be seen
i exerting herself in a manner wonderful
to behold, to keep the little swiftly pass- j
ing celluloid ball from dropping on her
I side of the net, as is the beautiful bud
| ding debutante who, with flushed face,
eyes sparkling with enthusiasm- and ex
. citement. and bared arms wildly but
Withal skillfully circling the air, is a
cSaily testimonial to the aethestic features
of the game.
Strike* nil Classes.
. . Nor are the enthusiasts of the new
gam" to be found only among the fairer
sex, - Washington masculinity has given
itself to ping-pong with an abandon
,Nor ar^ the enthusiasts .of the now
which would furnish a profitable study to
the seeker- of pysehologieal phenomena.
Staid congressmen, dignified senators.
Learned members of the bench and bar
When they meet together nowadays dis
cuss not, the political significance of the
lim.s. but the latest-make of ping-pong
This -may be regarded as gross exagger
ation. It is a potent fact, however, that
ping p has attained a surprising vogue
■among Washington's public men.
All the leading hotels and cafes are
hastening to open up ping-pong parlors
on their premises, so that their distin
guished patrons may indulge .to their
heart's content in the game. . •
Senator Maur.a. when asked the other'
■day whether he favored the. erection of aj
ping-pong parlor in the national capital,
l>uckercd up.his brow* and gave the mat
tor a few minutes' serious consideration
before discussing the idea with a smile.
Congressman Sulzer, when asked to ex
plain the tremendous hold that ping-pong
has taken upon members of the-house,
said that it is a wonderful game for~ex
erclse. and gives one a good hand to
sustain the handshaking proclivities of
the vast army of well meaning citizens
| who swoop down upon unwilling repre
sentatives of the people with all the re
lentless energy of the notorious New
Jersey musquito upon its helpless victim.
As may be supposed, the stores have
not been slow to take advantage of the
commercial possibilities of the craze. In
* -addition to the fact that some of the
larger dry goods emporiums are opening
up ping-pong saloons for the accommo
dation of their patrons, the new game
has an important bearing upon the latest
styles. The ping-pong waist is prom
inently- displayed in the shop windows,
find is a phenomenal seller; while the
new forms of neckwear for women and
men bear handsomely embroidered figure.*
■of ping-pong racquets and balls upon
their silken folds.
Doom of the Tight Corset.
One important reform the game prom,
ises to effect, which may render rational,
the development which has been lavished'
upon it by England and America and im
mortalize the new game as one of the
most valuable and beneficent reform fac
tors of the century.
Ping-pong may abolish the tight laced
Ping-pong is essentially an informal
game to be played at the spur of the
moment, as the whim seizes. It is a
game to be introduced by the smiling
hostess after the last vestige of the din
"■ner has been cleared away and ti;o
white table cloth is removed to make
way for the ping-pong net. Consequently
as the rapid movement and freedom of
body S necessary to me ping-pong player
renders the corset impossible, the charm
ing diner out has either to leave off her
corsets when she dresses to attend a
modern dim party or run the risk of
having to stand against the wall in ail
the-prim symmetry of a corseted waist
and, watch the merry movements of her
more fortunate sisters who, with grace
fully swing forms, keep the merry cellu
loid ball ping-ponging across the table
at a lively pace to the intense admira
tion of the man with the racquet on th^
other side of the table and .every other
man In the room. v
This good may ping-pong do; bu other
„ wise what peculiar qualities has the same
to '-rive it phenomenal popularity? Strict
ly speaking it is nothing more or less
then a table adaptation of lawn tennis
and tennis, while possessing to an equal
and even greater degree the same physi
cal benefits and sporting fascinations of
its replica has never attained the vogue
which has been vouchsafed to ping-pong.
Played on Dining Table.
Ping-pong is played on an ordinary din-
Ing table and its only accessories are
posts tp hold the net, the net itself
vellum string or wood-racquets and cellu- ■
loid balls: The game is for two people
one standing on one end of the table,
the other opposite. The player who first
delivers the ball is called the server ■ The
Other the striker out. i The service is
strictly underhand and is delivered from
beyond the end of the table.
£ The: ball served must drop on the table
beyond the net and is then in piav. if
it dops into the net or off the table it
counts to the striker out
The server wins a stroke if the striker
out fails to return the service or ball in
play of the table.
The striker out wins a stroke If the
server fails to return the ball in play or
makes a foul in service.
On either player winning his first stroke
the score la 15. The second stroke brings
the score to 30; the third stroke is called
•40 and the fourth stroke wins a game
The player who wins the first six games
' -wins a set.- -
This is all there really is to the game
of ping-pong. Certainly it Is a skill de
manding and skill acquiring game. It
lias simplicity and cheapness to recom
mend it. It is far better from a hygenie
standpoint than a majority of parlor
prames and is an extremely socialble and
interesting pastime. It is. for these rea
. sons and its similarity to tennis, a game
calculated to prove attractive to the"
. younger members of both sexes. .
: But why It has set the people of two
' countries almost crazy: why old as well
as young-have taken up ping-pong when
they would not as much as look at an-
Our Opening of Summer fliilinery.
• Tomorrow, Monday, May 26th; V : sZt^Sgigie^
we will display the newest and . - ji^^^^^^^^s ■"-''
most distinctive styles of - mid- _ n£^^^^S| 3
summer Millinery. This showing jKjvaßJ^i Ir^k*
of the newest Parisian ideas at r*&l^p '
Mannheimers' simultaneously as , ' YL^SaEIfA
they are shown in Paris, London JmM^sfit\
and New York, will give you an •': ■•*/'_' FW?
idea cf how closely we are in touch ■" .-.' hjffi^^jiifch-^u? (m \'
with these noted designers. rf^^^^^^A^^
It also emphasizes the Prestige of '"^^jmtc^^^^^X^J
Our Hillinery Leadership. f '* '\if
You will see the very latest emerald if £g&^E&&t fetO^^
green effects in Paradise Birds, Plumes t^Jj£*%' ' *^ jhP^hP^ jK/'' \^
and Aigrettes (the new Paris vogue), CMfE|g^_/'' *%*£s Y^-§[
the Lilac Toques, the Carnation and 2^^^aoj^i"''" W'^j&^.'V^^'
Ameiican Beauty Trimmed Hats, all /fie^^^Ms *J> 4l^>^'X
the very latest. In fact it will be the ?^J&slgfi&yk& TT^"^- V/
season's most elaborate display of * y Dr^i-^af^. / IjJV/T^sijr ■■ -
High-grade Summer Millinery. "*ss??' ** as" Hmljr \*- /J/s
G3r*We cordially invite all. * *^fc*»'.<MV&Gsn '
Going to take a trip? If so, ws have
on display the largest and most com
plete assortment of practical Leather
Goods in St. Paul. Every Bag or Cass
in this stock, whatever its price, is built
to wear and give satisfaction, and at
a saving from 20 to 30 per cent.
Suit Cases in canvas and sole
££■ 75C ™ $25,00
Basket-Telescope, and Suit Cases,
light weight and cool; many shapes and
styles. .
Canvas Cases in evory shape and style.
Prices most reasonable.
Traveling Bags in every shape and
Real Alligator Oxford shape Travel
ing Bags — leather-lined, well-made
throughout, prices up from $2.50.
Prospective travelers will do wsll to
choose from cur assortments, as we
make a specialty of catering to thair
needs, ye know our prices are the lowest.
"°msUnilEß frocks
J^ls§^&Y I\[EARLY every express brings us the
y^^^wS^. new anil late' model*, fresh from the
«wit^iiiPy^'ss9bi designer's hands. Exclusive, creation's
«9fioSf~Lj|| that cannot be had elsewhere in this city.
-*j3f|*iijJ /»li . Visit, this section as often as you win,:
jrf^^^^vj^^/^JLj-^ and you will find some new and charm-.'
<ll«\'^^ V " " ' '■"" white dresses
r^&.R mrnVW^NtV \ \ Of point d'Esprit. >10.50 and up. - ■
llvr^^K<lw/vBV \ India-Lawn, *-«> and up. !
'7/ I^Cl J&k^ lj%S^i • r.Or-die, t»M>O and up. „ '" ,
m ' *VV\^^l $iwJ!&^s '■ PI^ETTY COLORED DIMITY
£jf£§Mij^tMC.XW I JsSV at rices &0 low you can't afford to have
/ 'a^y^^W I /^S__ : them made—ips.7s, ipiO.OO and up.
/, -^r /^^?a» I / K^22*! Linen Dresses for morning wear —
/ £iff / 1 \ 1\ "?15.00, $25.50 and up.
y^lir V \ '^Sjlr^'' -" OUTIXG SUITS ..;
1% ~~ j\ /* v^ of White Canvas Cloth, of "White and .
i \/f i " Blue Striped Novelty Cloth, of Blue and
& \l I Wl.'ite Linen, in a wide 'range of prices.
A complete showing of White Waists from the most prominent makers in this
country. Never before have we had such a tremendous business as we have had
this season. The styles we show are exclusive to us for this city, and from $1.25
up the selections are most complete at $1.50, $1.75, $2.50 up to $16.50. ' "
" Cur New Buyer, Miss Miller, Offers Monday '
ne Art Embroidery Section
Several decidedly popular offerings. Do not fail to visit the Art Rooms above all
things. See that beautiful display of Hand Embroidery.
Mexican Drawn-Work, Hemstitched Just received-nice; line of that White
Linen Doilies, and Blu3 Japanese Linen, 30 popular
tX'.^ 5....15 C 0 6niy nC. hSiZ9.....I9C f°r Shirtwaists.
f Saturday arrivals were 200 dozen Stamped Linen Turn- .-
$& Saturday arrivals were choice either white colored; | j&y
over Coliars. Your choice of either white or colored; \ -J^
1 fs^ all the newest styles- -now such favorites. Every I EL^
1 one worth 5c each. § V^£".y
FOR riONDAY 0NLY.............. *
These offerings are the superb pure
flax Lir.cns that we carry in our stock
now priced much below regular prices.
TOWELS— Bleached. German huck Towels,
hemstitched, 23x45 inches, regular price 35c
each, $4. CO a dozen, now $3.00 a *l P^
dozen. Each ...; JsrtiS^r
'. NAPKlNS— Bleached Irish Dinner Napkins,
doubU satin damask, regular @* JJ (fa
prize $5.50 a dozen, n0w...... ftjp"!?^ 4?^?
TABLE CLOTHS—Bleached Irish Linen,
size 2 l*ix214 yard, far the r.ev round tables,
regular price $6.00 each, ®!S ft<%
now ...t|I?«VV
Bleached Irish Linen, 2x2<t2 yards, regular
price 54.00 each. " <^!^ fi&
N0w....'". Is£il +
BEDSPREADS—Warm wsathsr Bedspreads,
the feather weight, lighter than a regular
bed sheet, easily washed, cool.
single Bed size, ecch. 53.00
Full Bed size, each $3 50
Extra Bed size, each $4.9 3
TOWELINQS— 100 plscss of domsstic
crash, 1 7 inches" wide, regular price. &At
7c a yard, now "*V
100 pieces of Stevens brown crash Toweling")
17. 13 and 19 inches wide,, regular "^ />»
price 10c snd 12V2C a yard, now., ■
Hundreds of styles to choose fro:n and many
exclusive with us.
We are showing a good line SeLf*
at........ ........:. -aV^V
Ascots, Automobile, Four-in-hand and Stocks.
Emiroidered turn-overs up from sc.
other form of sport; why the game
acquired such a vogue on the other side
that one serious British magazine writer
has accused; English society of being
more interested in the records of ping- j
pong champion than in the fortune of
the British troops in South Africa and
has prophetically croaked of Nero fid
dling, while Rome is burning— are
phenomena that: it would puzzle the
average human being to account for; and
the answer is certainly not forthcoming
from the devotees of the game. : .
9 — -—Bertram Lebhar.
Low Rate' to - Dnluth. .1
Tuesday, May 29th. the Omaha will sell
round trip tickets -to Duluth for $5.75,
good returning, until June 2nd. - Call at
322-Nicollet Avenue.
THE ST. PAUI,, GIrOBE sqNDAY, MAY 25, 1902.
A TREMENDOUS general clearing, price-sacrificing silk sale. No need for a long story-to brief, our stock is heavy and must be re
■ duced regardless of cost. come and be your fancy weaves at wonderful cadu^Hnn, n•„ Z ' . ' , to a»^ *§ great sal*. Facts
weave represented have the silks, come and be your own judge as ; *V?" "* "* loadsd with won^rful bargains-every stylish and new
weave represented at the following prices: *Ule *re loaded Wlth won^rf"l bargams-tvery stylish and new
2&C $§£ 4^C Tab, £. I Z*iT T^ 7 a yard
TableNo.L „ . ; .~_T*to No.; 3., ,-> «„, „ ,^ bl9 &4. tXZT tZY^
r " The values and regular selling pries of these silks are from 75c to $3.03 a yard and th, variety in each lot is enormous; Sale starts promptly at 930 a m
The very best quality corded wash silk, not a few ,100 pieces Foulards, the very choicest designs ,nd Taffeta Surprise-The greatest values offered
odd pieces, over 300 styles and colorings to select , oloriags-all 1902 patterns, made to retail for $1.00 a Not a few undesirable shades, but all popular color
from.(lso pieces of white alone), in stripss, plaids v ar°-24 lnchss Wlds- It will-pay you to -see these ings, black, white, cream, navy, national reseda
andcheckvabsolutely fast colorings/ Our regular" f Y^7^ *?***•. browns 'tans' casters.old rose, lavendersand
49 _ QUalitv ■-' no ■■■ . I^s" Noth^so cool or wears hke a foulard. They; won't prays. I?inches wide; worth 85= at any time. At
,-....':: 39c -•ait; unS. at> P-r 4sc the surprisingly low price of. >% A
yard............. V^fV I yard.^......:;.;r;.....;; ; ;. _ 4|9V j W yard :;..;........ 4^V
Crep. d 2 Chine-All colors and 44-inch bl»ok Crepe de Chine, vary Our Guarantee. B, ac Taff,. " 1.500 yards of white Habuta' pure
black, 24 inches wide, our : A- „ heavy: regular $3.50 qua!- &*} rfc 85c qua H ty . 21 incheswid 9 . for 6 9 c silk 21 inches wid^T worth 39 • r
$1.00 q ua1ityf0r............_©7C ity for, peryard »2*48 I fcfffiffi-ffi^^S;;;:.-^ jj M^^a^!'.: I4C
t3i~3^^;'^^~l^^ aUthl3 Sea3On'S SUks ' and are lengths from to \% yards, desirable
for dress trimmings, fronts, facings, fancy work «d bigi. This „ tne largest and best lot V 5 have ever had and are marked cheap:
5C IOC ISC 20C 25C 30C 35C 40C <«tf 50C each
In Linen Section.
just what you want for warm summer weathar
and everybody will wsar whits materials this
season. It is a collection that shou'.d not ba
overlooksd—the season's newest designs. The
prices are tha lov/3St, qualitiss ths best.
White Mercerized Madelines — A fabric
for shirtwaists or dressss—ths newest creation
in soft-finish3d materials —25 new designs
that sold at 60r a yard.
Monday I
White Persian Lawns—32 inches wi is,
very sheer.
3 5c quality' 50c quality
Monday for ... ..25c Monday for ...40;
60c qua Monday for..' .....50c
White India Linon.
12V'2c quality j ' : 15c quality ■"
Monday f0r..... 8; Monday for 11c
20c qualtty 30c quality
Mcniayfor 15c - Monday far 19c
35c quality - 40c quality
Monday for ....25c ■_ Mondiy f0r.... 27c
White Linens—For skirts, shirtwaists and
shirtwaist suits, 35 to 54 inch- ©§ PA
es wide, 6jc to *IjJfi* V V
Engravsd in the latest and most approved
forms on high-grade wedding stock, workman
ship unexcelled; script, j Roman and shaded old
English. Our prices most reasonable for satis
factory work.
A Monday Special.
Cbld-Initlal Writing; Paper, excellent quali
ty, kid finish, one-quire box (24 shssts and 24
envelopes), all letters, no two alike. |P*
Extra special, per box .......T. ..... I%^V
Colorado Millionaire's Spouse De
- , gins. an Album Collection— '
. - tographs Show New Gowns.
WASHINGTON. D. C, May 24.-Thom
f- S AA V W alstl h? s just P*"l a Photographer
?<OO for spending one day in taking pic
tures- of his wife. When Mrs* Walsh
returned from Paris not long ago she
broiTght an assortment of gowns that
have Ten J the wonder and envy of half
the United - States. The other day she
donned these gowns on e by one and
posed before a camera until her entire
Prompt Mail Order Service. >- . : Silk Headquarters cf the Northwest.
Sixth and Robert Streets, St. Paul, flinn.
The Recognized Fashion Leaders in Cloaks" and Costumes. ; I ;\-I-,-.
Another Entirely New Ottering of Cotton Dress Fabrics
: JUST a week ago we presented an offering, of Cotton Goods that made quite a
■ .sensation. Tomorrow we offer three entirely new groups at equally stirring
prices, including the finest. lot of ?:;'--.'-..-.. . J 5
Printed French/Piques 1 150 pieces of printed! Printed riercerized
—cur-50c a yard quality. Dimities and Jaconets, | Newports- 40c a yard-
Monday. : - J}~ our ? 12^cand -15c A^ kind. Monday, * M
n1y.... ;.. .. .. A^V! quality, r Monday.. ©V I only .......... Z5 V
A. m JUf wv! V'd ' : anOthr i=rES SMf me"* of^Embroidered Swiss, for which there is such a great.
demand. WhUe spot, on b !ac k, btack on whit,, and a!i othar^ta,!, shades in different s iz S dot, on
ss.e Monday, : A1« a !ar H ns of handsom, white Wov 3n Tab suiting, with white Ja-quarJ
figures, an exclusfVe novelty, r.ewEnd stylish, on sale Monday.
'^^"'^'. Oxford Tlodels. I
W"^" have a splendid assortment with buckles, but
i^^^^^^^L •■ tons and silk ribbon bows, with either welt or
' turn soles, color effect, modishness; novelty, hand
■ iPi^^^^^^^^ some cut and pstfect fit are not their only recom
:^^^-^^^^®i' mendations. : The soles are firm, graceful, sturdy
■■WlfH^im ■ and comfortable, yet possess that greatly desired
HEUta requisite —flexibility. Prices range <S* i\i%
H^^ up from $V*VV
'^^©^^^^^ ' *Our Shoe Guarantee—Any purchase found un
'"'i- ' ■ •'.- •""s^^^^^^s,-- satisfactory can be exchanged or money refunded.
•"-.■-■- ' I MJHJBiI ■•~We J are • sole »Sent 3in St. Paul for Laird, Shober &Co
■ ' . -■-■•' -=, *%<9ti Philadelphia, and A. Qarslde & Son's justly famous' make of
Correctly Gowned Women are Lavishly Purchasing.
White and Cream Wool Goods
ACME OF FASHION-The fine white woo! fabrics in soft,
creamy tints, appropriate for social functions; also outing wsar. Airy grace
is typical of these rich, pliable materials.
They are the chosen fabrics for evening gowns, reception gowns, etc., as
wslLas dresses and waists, or separate skirts for outing W3ar.
These textiles, so favored by fashion, are particularly conducive to comfort,
and the delicate tintings ha ye a most agreeably neat, cool appearance.
They corns in Sicilians, Mohairs, Brilliantines, Cheviots, Worsteds, Eoliennes
etc., and have a luster and richness. Every wardrobe should contain at least two
-suits in these dainty woolen materials—one for evening and one fcr outing wear
Briliiantines, mohairs, Sicilians-
Lustrous white and cream, with ctisp
surface tnat retains a brisk, fresh ap
. psarance for a great length (g*| E?/%
. of per yard^ 500 to •s■♦ V V
Silk Eoliennes— r r 2
_ Also Wool Creps "de Chines, very
■ stylish for fancy evening costumes, are
here in abundance, per A^j pa
yard. .25 to^ ;.-..'. $A»VV
Pictures Cut Glass Brasses Venetian Glass Lamps
KayserZinv ase , Wedding Gifts. Ch ? n a a fingDishes '
Art Department Bronzes Third Floor.
Actual comparison with whit is being offered
proves conclusively that our brands of Ladies'
Fine Summer Underwear are decidedly superior
in style, quality and finish—and you are not
asked to pay one penny mere. Here are some
decided bargains for. Monday:
Ladies' Fins £heer Lisle Thread Vests,
low neck, short sleeves or sleeveless. *& *7 ■•
The best 4 0j value. Monday 0n1y.... It £V s
Ladies 1 Lisle Mesh Empress Sryb Drawers,
lace trirr.m-d at knee;, cool, easily laundered:
equal to copyri; hted makes at three " S (%*»
times the trice. fm?9 Monday for .. i& V v
Ladies' Ontita Style U.iion Suits, short
sleeves, knee length; the most popular style
mads and well worth SOc each. -
Monday special.... .". 4^«?V
Ypjllanti and Sterli.n? UodeTwmat for
ladies and children.
Extra iize Underwear, ail styles, for stout
Just tha kind for younr lady graduates.
We show a splendid line of the most beautiful
creations. The latest decorations ar» neat floral
designs on -gauze materials, with and without
lace edges, pearl, bone and enamel stick-, plain
and handsomely carved; at any price, little or
7s= t0................... *pg&»yv
Beautiful collection of dainty Japanese Fans,
many new designs, • • : Ci*
up fr0m........:.."... ll"../ ,"......"."; %^^V
All of our high-grade French Ruffs ranging in
, price from $13.00 to 45,00. at half actual value.-
wardrobe had been faithfully depicted.
bne has the collection in a handsome
album, and it is a delight to show them
to her friends. In fact, this has proved
so agreeable a diversion that many wom
en will probably follow Mrs. Walsh's
example. It affords untold pleasure to
discuss costumes, tire materials, the trim
mings, etc.
Last winter society was much amused
by the rivalry between Mrs. Walsh and
Mrs. William H. Draper, wife of the for
mer ambassador to Rome. Mrs Walsh
claimed that her ermine cloak was the
handsomest garment ever brought to this
country. *Irs. Draper made the same
'assertion regarding her property. Then
the price of the two garments began
to increase wfih the telling of the sto
ries by their best friends, until the fig
ures reached unseemly proportions. The
feminine judges, however, deoided that
Twine Cloth and Nun's Veiling—
m The popular fabrics of. the season, are
also -shown in the rich . creams and
whites—per yard. "" lE*** a a
$1.00 to.. ....... $2*oo
Handsome Serges— .
Storm Serges, Clay Serges, Cheviots
and Worsteds in immense variety noth
ing more serviceable for outing or vaca
tion wear. Pries, per fl> m /%/^
yard, 75c to;;.;:;.. *P^*VV
Specials for Monday:
Dress Shields, light weight, size 3, every
pair warranted perfect, Extra special, .*] *,
per pair ..,,,...... / V
Hook-on Hose Supporter, satin pad and fancy
silk frill elastic, all colors, the kind that hook to
the front of the corset, equal to any *• P m
at 50c. Special, per pair ......... iiy^V
BUck Sewlnz Silk, best quality. 600 yard
spo.Js: warranted; all sizes, Spe- iff i*
cial, per spool. .................... £ \^
Knee Pro leztors far children's stockings,
'eather or Jersey. Special, ■ 1 C i*»
per pair.... ... --# I3V
Infants' Flan-.el Skirt Patterns, silk em
broidered. Hi yards each, worth /s|Fa'
$1.50. for Monday *p & V
White Saxany Baby Flannel 2 6 inches wia;.
unshrinkable, worth 30c per yard. For |/\ /*
M0nday................... I*?V
Summer Fur Care.
The Progressive Fur Storage. How to
prolong the usefulness and improve ths appear
ance of your furs. Store them at Mannhsimer's.
The scientific treatment " they periodically
j receive from expert farriers is alona worth tha
small charge made for storage and responsible
insurance. • "
, ■ Reasonable—Reliable.
Phone or Postal—We call.
The newest ideas and effects in Veils and Veil
- sngs ate shown here ' Washable *% £? a
Veils up from Jb&\*
Mrs. Walsh's jewels, gowns and laces
are the most superb at the capital. When
she gives charity it is with a lavishness
worthy of Eastern fable. : Where other
women are content to give a hundred
dollars, Mrs. Walsh will give $500. .
> Her dinners and other entertainments
are sumptuous and- are always marked
by some distinctive • feature, novel as
well as elegant. For instance, Mrs.
Walsh entertained the Belgian.: minister
and his bride at dinner on Tuesday night,
April 15, and she planned her entire
fete in the national colors of Belgium—
yellow, black and red. - : - ...
The dinner was served on a bright red
silk cloth with a black satin ( centerpiece
on' which a mass of yellow jonquils was
placed. ,; Crimson roses! were' used as cor
sage bouquets. Mrs. .;Walsh received her
guests in a resplendent gown of yellow
satin brocade with a. "' (virsaare ' bouanat
■ ■■-._:'"'■:■.:* - *■■- .. •-.:■. ■ ...-■.-
HP BeautiM Robes of Lace,
jgjglL^ Net Silk and Linea Grszielle Cloth, Wool
tt 111!*!! Etamine, Esprit, Applique and Batiste,- all ths
Iys j| newest styles at money saving prices. They
%&r*yrf*isjf are Pricec* at 512.93 and upwards, and are the
/ '%jffi>'-'.' \ greatest values in high-grade robes ever offered.
J Beautiful c Robes our entire stock of
Net Silk and Linea Grazielle Cloth, Wool
Examine, Esprit, Applique and Batiste,- all the
lewest styles at money saving prices. They
ire priced at $12.98 and upwards, and are the
jrealest values in high-grade robes ever offered.
We shall include in this sale our entire stock of
I YaM gg* hand-embroidered Linen and Toile de
l lf'M |||i|j* Soie Waist Patterns and Robes, all at
quick-taking prices:
,^^^M^^ $12.50 Patterns at $6.98
|P? $15.00 Patterns at $8.93
P $20.00 Patterns at .... $1 2.98
" Remnant Sale Extraordinary— I Condensed Sale of English Tor-
Every short end or remnAnt of Allover, chon Laces— The balance of our rscsnt
Lace, Net, Applique Trimming and Em- large purchase divided into two lots
broideries to be closed out regardless of Lot'l, worth to 10c. for ac
former price. Lot 2. worth to 15c. f0r.... 4c
Last Week of Our Great May Sale of
'pHE advantages of this |&J |55jtt '^JfiGJS "UPS
' sale are more than or- |^>X' iPI ■ •
dinary. as every prudent jI/'^ Jbilh3i^J
buyer knows at a glance, but- f^B *jjO%•' ' -/> fili^lfl
it would not even be ordinary K^ijS'fj*/ i' V YT^W^i
if quality were not main- jj^'ipty J^U' ■oM?'M*&L&i^
provide most emphatically, M% \ I Jf^^y^^l^y' • 3
Below are a few of the 'J< -^v^ / "^^viV
"""JUNE BRIDES — Get M\*
your trousseaux of us. • Here if^'l^lWit^^^^'^^£r^^,
you will find the best French /?'-*-'{[\t-U/^''^r^^^ht
fine Nainsook, round neck, elbow
sleeves, trimmed with Torchon or Val
enciennes lace insertion and edge,
worth $1.75. May sate £>% *% I"
price C'l.i^
GOWNS — Fine Nainsook, round
neck, elbow sleeves tiimmed with Tor
chon lace insertion and edge, beading
drawn with baby ribbon, tf»« aa
value $1.50. May sale price «p|*VV
PETTICOATS— MusIin and Cam
bric, deep lawn flounce, trimmed with
two Torchon insertions and edge, or ten
tucks with hemstitched hem, extra dust
ruffle, worth $1.25. May aa*
sale price..... 77$ V
UNDERSKIRTS — Fine cambric,"
lawn flounce trimmed with hemstitch
ing and tucks, or Torchon lace inser
tion and edge, value 69c. Ci\i»
May sale price.. C^VV
You will find at our Glove counter
an all fresh, new and complete stock
all colors, all kinds—plenty of all sizes.
Another'new lot of Fancy Xovel
iifn in Lace Gloves and Mitts in a
large variety of pretty patterns, at
©se, 7r,«- SI.OO mill .-.«).
Our Milanese I.lnle Gloves have
the style and appearance of the suede
kid glover—at
sOc, 75c and #1.00.
A complete line of Kayoer doub'e
tippecl SHU Cloven— all shades, black'
and white,
GOe, 75c, .Of) and $1.25.
The celebrated Reynier and Tor-In
Peerless Gloves.
. Lot I—Fancy Braids.! in colors. bl a ck and
cream, worth up to aoc a yard. Moo- £L/tt
day pries . %/V
Lot 2—Fancy Braids, worth up to 35c
a yard, Monday l^\i*
price. .... IVY
Remnants—Consisting of Persian Bands,
black, cream and colored ap- H«i|f Dfina
piques at less than ....... llall "I
KIDDUH3 Them Now.
- A laree assortment of pretty new ribbons In
good spring shades. The offering consists of
Moire and Satin taffetas, heavy corded pillow
ribbon and a variety of new fancies, <i E! *
4, 5, and 7 inches wide. • Monday.. J& V
Baby Ribbon— No. 1 satin and grosgrain, all
light shades and black. 10 yards to f/^*
spool. Monday IVy
of red roses and a wreath of red roses
in her hair caught in place by an ex
quisite diamond butterfly.
A large bow of black satin was fay
on her shoulder and fell to the hem of
her gown. It was one of the most ef
fective toilets seen in Washington, but,
as the people here say, everything Mj*.
Waish wears is effective. Mrs. Walsh
has now in the course of erection one of
the handsomest homes that the capita!
will possess. It ia on Massach'.
avenue and Twenty-hrst street. Mrs.
Walsh has planned a great part of the
mansion, especially the drawing room
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh propose to give
some entertainments which will be unique
in the social annals when tnis house is
complete. For the nresent they are not
allowing their social prestige to suffer
Excellent Offerings.
jg&L A splendid sho-v
--tQ&f,k ingl of new Paris
\^rF riodels.
V_^ Silk and linen
'fg^ 2^ batiste—light, cool,
§1 >w\ comfortably strong;
IWSJI V in. our FassOt Lily
&U MJ3&\ \ °' Trance and La
/A / ) VMI, in prices from
tiW\ §3 TOOO
F* ' \ $15.°00
Some new things in J. B. corsets, the
girdle corset, just the thing for hot
we ather, being a support for the bust,
and at the same time short and com
fortably as a girdle, full fi»fl Aft
gored straight front, spec'l dpi* V V
A variety of models in linen batiste,
low, and medium busts, long hips, Val.
lane trimmings, band flos- 4?»0 £d\
sing, at t[?i!«^V
A large assortment of batiste and Eng
lish nets, in girdles, short corsets, also
long hip, high bust models g> j\
at 50C
CHEMISE— Fine Nainsook, trim
med with blind embroidery insertion
and edge, value $1.35. May AA«
sale price *^9v
DRAWERS -Fin? cambric, lawr.
flounce trimmed with two rows of Tor
chon lace insertions and edge, JR £»
open or closed. May sale price 4vV
CORSET COVERS-A choice lot of
fine Cambric and Nainsook Corset Cov
ers, full front and tight fitting, trimmed
with hemstitched tucks, Torchon and
Valenciennes lace Insertions and edge,
embroidery and baby ribbon |" /\
worth 69c. May sale price.. \j v
The balance of our Manufacturers'
Sample Lines and all goods slightly
.soiled from counter and windo .
play, consisttng of Gowns, Skirts, Che
mise, Drawers and Corset Covers, at
less than wholesale cost.
A visit to St. Paul without seeing
the store of all stores is incomplete.
You are always
Welcome lit Miiiiiiliciini'rs'.
whether you buy or not. Make ■at
store your headquarters. Arrange to
meet your friends here— your
self perfectly at home. You will find
on our third floor a
Comfortuble Waiting Room
provided with every, convenience find
attendants always present. Informa
tion cheerfully given.
We have the most complete stoc'.j of
much wanted mveltiea in white, ecru
linen and colored embr
ladies' and children's dres;es and ma
terials to match.
The) is a department in this great
store that looks, out for the interests*
of our mail order patrons exclusively
—has nothing else to do, and it has a
Ml! force of experienced people.
Orders from out of town get careful
and prompt attention from this, the
quickest mail order house in the
Northwest. Goods always shipped
same day as Instructions are received.
Butterick Patterns
When it com as to patterns there ar.»
none si» grood a3 the Butteriek. We
know whereof we t-peak. We are St.
Paul agents for the Buttertck Patterns
—best always, and we take subscrip
tions for the Delineator, the recog
nixed fashion authority.
They live In a fine mansion out on th»
attractive hills west of Washington. For
the past year Mrs. "Walsh has been In
mourning for bee sister, Mrs. Lee of
Kansas City, who was killed In a carriage
accident. The dinner to the Belgians
recently marked the end of their retire
ment, and they will again take their ac
customed part in in*- doings of the smart
set. It has been Bald that no woman haa
ever succeeded bo quickly In becoming
a social power, ns this Colorado woman.
Just before in. Paris exposition Mr. a.vJ
Mrs.-Walsh came here ana begin to en
tertain in a small way.
They had lived here some months before
they were iden^fled as the "rich"' Wash
es, v Then Mr. waun went to Paris as
one of the commissioners, and at tho
French capital Mrs. Walsh became an
acknowledged success.

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