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Saturday we began the greatest clothing sale that has ever taken place in the Western country. 3,000 beautiful
Suits in every conceivable style, pattern and material are now on our counters 7 having recently been purchased by us
from the celebrated New York high grade clothing makers—
This magnificent stock, coupled with our own high-grade Suits, afford you an excellent opportunity to purchase the
very finest Suits made in this country at less than the cost of material alone.
We offer you
$12 and $14 Suits for
w> tHkB m /Sm Sir
Democrats May Name Cap
tain Harries for Lieu
tenant Governor
Former First District Congressman
end Cowmunder-in-Chief of G. A.
R. Stands to Get Second Place
on State Ticket.
Capt. Harries, of Caledonia, stands to
Sbe the Democratic nominee for lieuten
ant governor. Capt. Harries is not avow
edly a candidate for any state office, but
he would be a pillar of strength on the
xicket and the gossip goes that he may
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from OUR OWN DAIRIES, and it
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Prompt delivery. -
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For - ± J m/j
have the nomination for lieutenant gov
ernor if he wants it.
Capt. Harries is one of the big men of
the Minnesota Democracy and of the
state. He represented the First district
in congress from 1891 to 1593, and Presi
dent Cleveland appointed him collector
of internal revenue for his district. He
is an old soldier with a brilliant record,
honored by the G. A. R. with the post
of Commander-in-chief from which he
has recently retired.
Capt. Harries has not so far as known
given his sanction to the use of his name
as a candidate for any office, but
throughout the state the Democrats are
discussing him as a candidate and a
very strong element of the party is sol
idly behind him.
Swanson Says He Had to Sign tiote
for a Civil Service Berth.
According to a story which was aired
in the courts at Mankato recently, the
Unit'd States government lost the
services of a good business man when it
failed to make L. P. Hunt assistant
postmaster general.
Frank Hunt, Postmaster L. p. Hunt's
brother and right-hand man in the Free
Press once, has, through his attorney,
asked for the dismissal of a tuit to re
cover on a note for $50 given by Charles
Swanson, a life-long Republican, resi
dent of Mankato. The motion for dis
missal was not made until alter Swan
son filed his answer in the case and
•hrew a little light on reform Repub
lican methods, which are apparently not
entirely confined to the sacred precincts
of the Ames jurisdiction.
According to Sw&nson's answer filed
and later published, he was an applicant
for tbe position of rural free delivery
carrier. The position could only be se
cured through the good offices of Poet
master L. P. Hunt, the big man of the
Republican party, and Swanson ap
proached the thrcne to make his wants
known. He says the postmaster turned
him over to his brother Frank Hunt.
Then his tale comes right down to Re
publican civil service methods.
He claims that Frank Hunt told him
the 10b could be secured through the
joint influmce of himself and L P.
Hunt, but that influence was not a drug
on the market, in fact, that it was worth
good money and there must be a fiduci
ary consideraticn or no job. A note for
$50 was executed, but when It matured
Swanson refused to pay, and Hunt start
ed suit.
F--vai.se n came into court with the best
legal talent In Mankato. His attorneys,
W. R. & c. D. Geddes, and Severance &
Andrews, filed an answer which ought
to tickle the ears and risibilities of Pres
ident Roosevelt. The answer sets up
that the note is illegal and void, that it
was given in consideration for a situation
under the government, and for no other
S. B. Nelpon. of Luverne, is promi
nently mentioned as the Democratic can
didate for senator in the Sixteenth dis
tri«?. Mr. Nelson is a prominent busi
ness man, well known and thoroughly
respected throughout his district and
a recognized power In the local Democ
racy. H« was a delegate to the Kansas
jglß|i.";gf,: 3^AUt Gl&BB, stJNDAYr jm% #^605. " -
We offer you
$15 and $16 Suits for
City convention, and if he is nominated
will make things more than uncomfort
able for J. H. Nichols, of Pipestone who
is considered the 'natural Republican
legatee of Senator Miller. The Pipe
stone county Democrats have a candi
date in W. B. Brown, and if the nomi
nation should go to Pipestone county
he will probably be the standard bearer.
Mr. Brown is a hustler, a member of
the state central committee and a vote
T. O'Connor, of Renville county,
Is being groomed as the Democratic
candidate for senator in the Twenty
second district. Mr. O'Connor is one of
the recognized leaders of the Renville
Democracy, and a vote getter to make
either Hall or Reike tired if his friends
manage to get him to make the race.
John Sullivan, of St. Cloud, is the re
cipient of a substantial boom as the
Democratic candidate for the senate in
the Forty-seventh district. Mr. Sulli
van is one of the strongest men In
Steams county, and his friends saiy
he can make meat of Ripley BroweA
who will probably receive the" Republic
an nomination to succeed himself.
The friends of C. A. Nye, of Moorhead
say that he will be the Democratic can
didate for congress in the Ninth dis
trict. Mr. Nye has not consented to
make the run, but his most ardent sup
porters claim that they will be ctble
to secure his acceptance of the nomi
nation, which they not unjustly claim
will settle the congressional troubles
in the Ninth, regardless of whom the
Republican nominee may be. Mr Nye
9^^9~*-~.. »i^ ffmi Bob) * S^kiA ryiH ssk^s Sf^ W V^^'w r*^ _? * » •
Chamber of Commerce, CommlrciS cl»,h S V ' " TJ^ raade Wednesday afternoon with the Jobbers' Union.
also be moonlight excursions on^dneaSv^S^,, -- ' ?, iaUon ? nd members of the press as guests. There will
, fit -of the. Coliseum Fund, -<■ ; "©cmestlay and Thu. td^ j ; «.;n gs and an excursion Thursday; afternoon for the b«ne-
We offer you
$18 and $20 Suits for
is one of the ablest of Minnesota's men.
He is best known as a Populist, but hag
eaually wairm admirers in the ranks
of the rock-ribbed Democracy, and it
is generally conceded that he would be
as acceptable to the Democrats as the
Populists of the district and of the state.
Senator Dan Shell, of Worthington
was in St. Paul yesterday. Shell's nom
ination for another term Is threatened
by a bunch of Fifteenth district insur
gents, who are trying to keep in line
with the main body of the Republican
party. Their operations are evidently
causing the big man from Nobles little
worry. His smile is as expansive as
ever and his girth grows no less.
Representative Henry Nelson, of El
bow Lake, says his announced retire
ment from the political arena is abso
lutely bona fide, and not in any sense a
farewell tour for advertising purposes.
He says, if for no other reason, he would
stay out to see some of the wise Re
publicans of his district get their bumps
when they run up against the primary
election law as candidates for nomina
Chairman L. A. Rosing, of the Demo
cratic state central committee, was in
St. Paul yesterday. A canvass of the
state, he says, finds the Democrats in
line full of courage, and the belief that
a solid front this fall means a sweep
ing victory for their ticket.
Odin Halden, of Duluth, Republican
candidate for nomination for state au
ditor, is one of the busiest men in the
state. He has two strong men as op-
ponents, and is not tor a moment under
estimating the strength of either Iver
son is making a stronger campaign t^an
Jacobson. whose friends are pawing wood
all the time, with the result that nei
ther of the three is willing to make any
claims upon the ultimate result Hald
en was in St. Paul yesterday long
enough to assure his friends that the
fight will not be over until July 1
Carload Arrives From St. Louis-
Contractors Are Behind Time.
A carload of cell material for the new
county ja'l has arrived, and workmen
aj-e now engaged In putting it in place
Until the contract of the Paulev Cell
con-many, of St. Louis, which has the
contract for installing the cells is com
pleted, little can be done to the suoer
structure. The iail is now bph'M fully
four months, and. according 1 t« the con
tract, should be completed by September
Thope in charge do not expect its com
pletion before next spring.
Rev. E. C. Mitchell la 111.
Rev. Edward C. Mitchell, of the New
Jerusalem church, is confined to his home
with an attack of neuralgia, and will not
deliver the usual sermon this morning:.
Other services will be held as usual.
Have your driver bring you a case of
Hamm's Velvet, the new pale bottle beer.
We offer you
$22.00 and $25.00 Suits for
5C£ E39K9 /«r niun
Jury Trials.
82630—Clara M. Eggerc vs. John J. To
William E. Hunt, as the father of
Harriet Hunt, his minor daughter, vs.
St. Paul City Railway Co.
85640—William E. Hunt vs. St. Paul City
Railway Co., a corporation.
86340— Mary Kenaley vs. Chicago, St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway
Company,- •
Court Trials.
83440— St. Paul Trust Co. vs. Ellen A.
Strong et al.
Bessie H Wilson et al. by Dora
S. Willson, their guardian, vs. Modern
Woodman of America.
75673—Saraih L. Stinson vs. George S.
Noren et al.
75673—Sarah L. Stinson vs. Carlton J.
Greenleaf. M?;
Special Term Trials.
75657—Receiver of Savings Bank. Peti
tion of West Realty Company. Bunn, J.
80478—Estate of N. W. Kittson. Appeal
of St. Paul Trust Company. Bunn, J.
85781—August Richard vs. St. Paul Trust
Company, administrator. Kelly J.
86397—State ex rel. H. M. Webber vs.
Probate Court. Jaggard. J.
82718—Assignment of Thomas A Killar.
Lewis, J.
John J. Dobson vs. Helen Dobson.
Lewis, J.
86374—Susanne Wagner et al. vs. City
of St. Paul. Lewis, J. \
Edwin M. Ware vs. A. D. Sample.
Kelly. .7.
85763—Edwin Stevens vs. James Sullivan.
Jasre-ard. J.
78818—Arthur P. Pierce, administrator,
vs. A. Guthrle & Co. et al. Otis, J.
. Orders and Decisions.
• Order to amend complaint In case or
Charles F. Metz vs. St. Paul City Rail
way Co. Lewis.
- .;.- .— «
Deposits made now at The State Sav
ings Bank, Germania Life Bldg-., 4.th and
Minn. sts.. will be entitled to 6 mos. in
terest Jan. 1.
Marriage Licenses.
Peter Theelen. Maerdalena Classen. ~
John Stcpperan. LotUe Taylor. ,
Frederick A. Stanley Hannh E. Jennings.
Achatii's Carlson. Minnie Schmidt.
John •H. ' H-lgeson. Anna L. Ltndstrom.
Oscar M. Fetsch. Eva Rae Allie.
Harry L. Guite, Margaret Walker.
Mrs. A. N. Storey, 677 Jessamine, boy.
Mr?. John Wacouta, 214 Front St., boy.
Mrs. U. O. Pangbuxn. 1126 E Fourth, girl.
Mrs. S. G. Land, SI "Western ay. s., girl.
' - - Deaths.
Walter Hatches, city and county hospital,
2% yrs.. June 6.
Mrs. "Vincent Mark^l, city and county
S hospital. 34 yrs.. June 5.
Clara 2 Schultz, 448 Van . Buren, 3 yrs.,
- - June 5. .•■ -..
Baby Hemsch. 309 Iglehart, 3 dys, June 5.
Mrs.T Maria Phillip, 229 E. 13th, 6S yrs.,
i June 5.
; Thomas J. Burke. 184 Smith ay., 38 yrs.
I L. J. Gnadt, Minneapolis, Ikiinn., 54 yTS.,
k June 6. : ■ '■■-■:--
Norwegian Singers' Picnic.
There will b?> music at Fort SneMinj
park today, where the Nordmaendenes
Singing society will hold its annual pic
ROlTX—Margaret, beloved wife of John
Rohn. at her home ]IS3 University
nue, Saturday, June 7, aged thht\
years. Funeral from above reel
Tuesday morning, June 10 at
o'clock Services at St. Agnes" church
at 9 o clock.
Dr. E.N.Ray,
7th and Wabasha, St. Paul, Minn.
Artificial Plates at all prlcaj. No char-, • v
extractlng. Filling 50 cent 3 and up. 3 11
Crowns and Brides Work at lowest 'posslbls
price. We are old eStlo"3hsi and r3H"-
No cheap work.
V M¥^kS^^ 08H
if g/£ IteamTaundry g
febi -Vi/^^t. Phone fWj6OS W
ftrtistlo Pliotoorap^
caa&&ss2 Sat- ::i
_ novoltisi. A/
filing appointments you secure the per
sonal attention of Mr. Zimmerman. Tele
phone 1868 J-S.
PHOTOGRAPHS finished for Ama
teurs en a guarantee. W. W
Stivers, 615 Ryan Annex Bldg.

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