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Absolutely Pure,
"Didn't someone ask him for a chew
of tobacco; and didn't he pull it out
of his pocket and let fall some of Sher
iff Justus' cards, and didn't you ask
him if he was a Republican—"
"Oh, now that won't do at all. We
can't have any politics mixed up in
this case," interposed Judge Finehout,
of the municipal court yesterday, after
Attorney McArthur had got that far in
his cross-examination of Officer Moses
Zimmermann. Mr. Zimmermann
charged Nick Burch, Henry Rau and
Herman Kanthack with assaulting
him on the evening of Nov. 5, at Stryk
.gr avenue and Delos street. He tesi
fied that complaint had been made
about rowdyism on that corner, and
he ordered the young men off. Burch,
ss Funeral of E. T. Clarke Tomorrow.
The remains of Egbert T. Clarke, who
died a few days ago in Phoenix, Arl., will
arrive in- St. Paul tomorrow, and the fu
neral will take place.. at 2 p. m. .in the
mortuary chapel at Oakland cemetery. .-.
' Bean the _^ Ttlß Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature f/X - y/S/^^^ST''
of *~&iS e?Z7*&6'&6f
This Business Was Established In 1858.
Broadway and 7th.
Automobile Tickets Free «S
Saturday bargains at "everybody's
store," the "old reliable" grocery bargain
- house. -
A large consignment of fancy dry-picked
Spring Turkeys £ u r n d .........:..... lOc
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Spring Chickens Sd. .:;:..:..: 10c
800 barrels always on show as samples of
the different varieties and qualities In our
Apple Department, the biggest and. best
In the great Northwest.
Good Apples r&s M d... $1.00
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Ben Davis, Geniton varieties, Red Streak
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he said, called him names, and he plac
ed him.under arrest. He claimed the
three attacked him, and all three es
caped. Mr. McArthur appeared for
Burch, and his cross-examination call
ed forth the court's protest. Attorney
McGhee, who represented the other
two, took another tack.
"Now, when you came up, weren't
these young men Just having a little
social conversation?" ho asked.
"Why, they were calling each other
"Well, that's social conversation
with some people, isn't it?" retorted
the attorney.
The trial of the case lasted several
hours. Judge Finehout assessed Burch
$25, Rau $5 and Kanthack was placed
in charge of the probation officer.
Continued From First Page.
of the ration system evil," says the
commissioner in explaining his policy
of abolishing that system, "were gen
erally recognized and universally con
demned except, perhaps, by a mistaken
philanthropy, which, ignoring the nat
ural law that man must earn his living
by the sweat of his brow, would ex
empt the Indian from labor and carry
him upward on flowery beds of ease.
It was felt that it was time for a
change. Heretofore the dealing had
been with the tribe. It is now with the
individual. His manhood is appealed
to and he is to be taught self-reliance
and self-respect, and to put his hand
to the plow if he would work.
"Nothing is further from the truth
than the assertion that the plan is to
hire out adult male Indians as contract
laborers. The results of the policy
have been favorable even beyond ex
pectation, and there is every reason to
believe that the final success of the
plan, If carried out judiciously, is as
Dropped From the Ration Roll.
"As a first result over 12,000 have
been dropped from the ration roll, be
ing wholly self-supporting. As a sec
ond result a large number o£ Indians
have been put to work or work had
been found for them."
Concerning the order directing
agents to encourage the discontinuance
of the Indians' custom of wearing long
hair, painting, etc., Mr. Jones says
the reports on the subject are all in,
and the consensus is that "it is a step
forward and in the right direction."
The report advocates that agencies
be placed under the charge of bonded
superintendents, of training schools, a
policy already started wherever possi
ble, and, according to the commission
er, given better administration when
the same agencies were under the con
trol of political fanatics. The total
cost of Indian schools during the fiscal
year was $3,487,786, or $18S per capita.
This amount maintained 249 schools,
with an enrollment of 24,484 pupils,
and in addition a numler of pupils at
the Hampton.Va., Institute and at pub
lic schools.
Michigan Young Man Shot by Godfrey
Hunter Jr. at Guatemala
WASHINGTON, D. C, Nov. 21.—The
state department is informed that God
frey Hunter Jr., son of the United
States minister at Guatemala City, to
day shot and killed William Fitzgerald,
of Grand Rapids, Mich. Hunter has
taken refuge in the legation and an
interesting question has arisen as to
his exemption from arrest.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Nov. 21.—
William Fitzgerald was born here and
was twenty-seven years of age. Seven
or eight years ago he drifted to Guate
mala, where he held several govern
ment positions. He is said by his rela
tive here to have been private secre
tary of the president of Guatemala for
some time past. The last time he was
In Grand Rapids was two yearg ago.
Fitzgerald was once a parlor car con
ductor on the Grand Rapids & Indiana
Can There Be Any Stronger Proof Of
fered Than the Evidence of St. Paul
Residents? —After You Have Read
the Following, Quietly Answer the
Mr. Charlea JHeadstrom, 405 Rice
street, says: "In the summer of 1898 I
was compelled to give up work on ac
count of my back. The pain was so
severe that I could not stoop or lift It
had been coming on me for about two
years. At times it was awful and the
kidney secretions were not normal,
either In action or appearance. I pro
cured Doan's Kidney Pills at F. M.
Parker's drug "store and the relief ob
tained was so effective that I will be
glad to give minuter details in a per
sonal Interview." -.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, N.
V., sole agents for the\United States.
Remember the nara«, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
Words Not Actionable in Themselves
Not Admissible to Enhance Dam
ages— Stockholders of Old Savings
Bank of St. Paul Not Subject to the
Double Liability Act.

The supreme court yesterday handed
down twenty-three decisions. Nine of
them were reversals of the lower court.
In an action for slander, In which
Nellie Jacobs, editor of the Herman
Enterprise, was given a verdict in the
Grant county court against Charles
Cater, the order Is reversed find a new
trial granted. The lower court ad
mitted evidence showing vile words
used by the defendant In referring to
the plaintiff, and as these words were
not the ones on which the action was
brought the higher court holds It was
error to admit the testimony.
Addle Moore, of Minneapolis, appel
lant, in the case of Moore vs. Dispatch
Printing company, Is given a new trial,
and the order of the court directing a
verdict fOF the defendant is reversed.
The supreme court says the decision
should have been left to the Jury. Miss
Moore sued for the publication of an
article alleging that she was insane.
Interests Fraternal Orders.
The order of the Hennepin district
court In the case of Alphonse Best, ap
pellant, vs. Supreme Council of the
Royal Arcanum, respondent, is affirm
ed. The deolsion is one of interest to
fraternal orders In that it is held that
a custom of carrying delinquent mem
bers may not be relied upon, and the
neglect to keep up assessments is a
bar to securing benefits.
The decision of the Ramsey county
court, which held that the stockhold
ers in |he Saving Bank of St. Paul ara
not subject to the double liability, and
the depositors are not creditors having 1
the right to enforce such liability, was
Tears ago Charles N. Akers, of St.
Paul, purchased a book from the Phoe
nix Publishing company and agreed to
pay $15 for the volume. He neglected
to do this, and eight years ago the
company sued and secured judgment
for the amount, but failed to enter it.
The- judgment was recently entered,
but the court holds that the company
was not sufficiently diligent and the
judgment was improperly entered. The
order of the lower court was con
The decisions are as follows:
Nellie Jacobs, respondent, vs. Charles:
Cater, appellant.
■ Syllabus—ln an action for slander, lan
guage which is not actionable per se, and
which does not contain the same Imputa
tion as that which forms the subject of
As a result of the defalcations of ex-
Deputy County Auditor Walter B.
Bourne and the mistakes made by
various county auditors of his time
and period of activity, Ramsey county
and St. Paul taxpayers have parted
with nearly $100,0<)0 in cold cash.
This is the sum total up to the pres
ent time, money that has been actually
paid out, and it is growing. Every day.
tax certificates are presented for^ re
demption, the holders taking their cue
from the decision which held the sales
at which they made purchases void
and of no effect.
How extensive these mistakes were
and how much property was involved
is shown by the fact that the entire
ioss sustained by the county is through
the medium of Interest Every holder
of an invalid certificate is entitled not
only to the face value of the same, but
to interest, 10 per cent, if such was the
rule at the time the purchase was
made, and if not, 7 per cent. The In
terest the county can never get back,
but the investment It has some chances
'the suit, !s not admissible for the purpose
of enhancing damages.
Certain words considered and held, not
to have been admissible, and that It was
error to submit their consideration to the
Jury for the purpose of showing malice..
Order reversed. —Lewis, J. -
Warren Potter and Patrick Casey, co
partners as W. Potter & Co., appel
lants, vs. B. G. Holmes and O. D.
Brown, copartners as Holmes & Brown,
Order reversed. —Lewia, J.
John B. Wendt, appellant, vs. Board of.
Supervisors of Town of Minnetrista, re
Order reversed. —Lewis, J,
Charles S. Hagery, respondent, vs. C. N.
Evans, J. A. Almirall and W. C. Adams,
copartners, doing business under the
firm name and style of Evans, Almirall
& Co., appellants.
Order affirmed. —Lewis, J.
State of Minnesota ex rel. W. B. Dougr
las, attorney general, plaintiff, vs. Sav
ings Bank of St. Paul, defendant; Ed
ward J. Hodgson, as receiver, appellant;
J. C. Prendergast et al., stockholders."
Order affirmed. —Lewis, J.
City of Mankato, respondent, vs. County
of Blue Earth, appellant.
Syllabus—The health officer of a munic
ipality is justified in Incurring the ex
pense of furnishing medical treatment for
the purpose of controlling a contagious
disease, when the county physician,
whose duty it is, refused to treat the in
fected persons, and such expense may b«
recovered against the county.
The county is liable, under chapter 29,
Laws 1902, for the necessary additional
salary paid the local health inspector for
extra services in locating and combating
contagious diseases. Order affirmed.
—Lewis, J.
Addie Moore, appellant, vs. Dispatch
Printing Company, respondent.
Order reversed and new trial granted.
—Lewis, J.
C. Gotzian & Co., appellant, vs. H. C*
Heine et al., defendants; J. M. Wardell,
Order affirmed. —Lewis, J. .
Sylvester P. Sympnds, respondent, va.
Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway Com
pany, appellant.
Order affirmed. —Collins, J.
Sjur P. Ness, respondent, vs. The Min
nesota and Colorado Company, a corpo
ration, appellant.
Order affirmed. —Collins, J.
Andrew Fajder et al., respondents, vs.
The Village of Aitkln, appellant.
Judgment reversed. —Collins, J.
Mathlas T. Coleman and Henry B. Bar
ker, doing business as Phoenix Pub
lishing company, appellant, vs. Charles.
N. Akers, respondent.
Order affirmed. —Collins, J.
William Diers. respondent, vs. E. R.
Ward, appellant.
Order affirmed. —Lovely, J.
Anna M. Ljungberg, respondent, vs. Vil
lage of North Mankata, appellant.
Order affirmed. —Lovely, J.
Alphonse A, Bost, appellant, VS. Su-
preme Council of the Royat Arcanum,
Order affirmed. —I^ovely, J.
John Rehm, respondent, vs. Elizabeth M.
Newton, appellant.
Judgment affirmed. —Brown, J.
John W. Clark, respondent, vs. George
D. Dayton, appellant.
Order reversed. Brown, J.
Myrnla H. W«tfer, respondent, vs. August
Buth and Augusta Buth, appellants.
Judgment reversed. —Brown, J.
C. O. Eklund; appellant, vs. L. R. Mar
tin, respondent.
Order reversed. —Brown, J.
John A. Brasie, appellant, vs. The Min
neapolis Brewing: Company et al., de
fendants; The Minneapolis Brewing
Company and Nels Booth, respondents.
Order affirmed. —Brown, J.
Start, C. J., dissenting.
R. P. Wells et al., appellants, vs. William
E. Moses, respondent.
Syllabus—A new trial herein is granted
on account of prejudicial statements
made to the iury by the counsel of the
prevailing party. Order reversed.
—Start, C. J.
Edward F. Walker, respondent, vs. J. C.
Martin, appellant.
Judgment affirmed.' —Start, C. J.
Andrew J. Berry, appellant, vs. George
A. Dole and Santa Maria Dole, respond
Order affirmed. —Start, C J.
Will Not Join Ramsey in Completing a
Boulevard Around White
Bear Lake.
The plan for the counties of Ram
sey and Washington to join In com
pleting a bouvelard around White .Bear
lake did not meet with the appro^i of
the board of county commissioners of
Washington county, the board having
decided-to take no part In. the prppos
ed improvement.
James E. .McGrath who is at home
from a trip to his logging camps near
Willow river,-says that cutting 1 and
skidding is in. progress and that when
cold weather comes logging will be in
full blast everywhere. .
About thirty members.of Stillwater
lodge, B. P. O. Elks, will go to Albert
Lea next Monday to take part in the
exercises inciaent to organization of
an Elks lodge.
Qeorge Gregory, of St. Paul, em
ployed-by James Molvey & Son, at
their Bear Lake camp, was brought
here yesterday and taken to th© city
hospital. Gregory was leading a
horse around the camp when the an
imal kicked him on the left side of the
face. He received several ugly cuts,
but Bis injuries are not serious.
District court has been adjourned
until next Monday and Judge Wllliston
has returned to his home at Red Wing.
Then petit jury convenes next Monday
for the hearing of jury cases!
The machines and the power plant
have ben installed in the new addition
to W. B. & W. G. Jordan's shoe fac
tory and Mr. Jordan expects to be able
to start the plant next Monday.
The funeral of Mrs. Nicholas Peter
son will be held at 2 p. m^ Sunday
from the family residence 216 West
WilkfH street, and from, the Danish
Lutheran church, West Laurel street,
at 2:30; Rev. Mr. Edwins officiating.
of realizing on. This, In the shape of
a new judgment, Is resold.
In some respects the invalidating of
these sales, which date back into the
'80s, has been a perfect gold mine to
local speculators, they realizing a
handsome interest from investments,
the property value-of which Was al
ways doubtful. They represented
-property sold for taxes, much of Which
was allowed to default because the
property was not worth the Indebted*
ness standing against it
These mistakes have been a costly
lesson to the county, and now every
precaution is taken to avoid a repeti
tion. Last May, In the advertising of
the regular delinquent tax list, two
publications were made because it was
feared the first was Invalidated by a
technicality. This was due to the fact
that, when the first and only .publica
tion required was made, it was found
that the paper In which the list was
printed had not filed on indemnity
bond. On the: advice of the legal de
partment the. list was republished.
Both were within the statutory period.
Congressional Committee to
Be Paramount and Ex
pound It.
WASHINGTON, D. C Nov. 21.—The \
Democratic congressional committee is
to "be made a permanent institution,
the members of the committee be
lieving that the natural life of a cam
paign for congress is not long 1 enough
in which to educate the people to
Democratic doctrines and arouse their
enthusiasm to an extent which would
result in success..
Our Safety Deposit Vaults are the best.
Security Trust Company, N. Y. Life Bldg..
California Tourist Car Service.
Tuesdays and Thursdays (two cars)
from St. Paul and Minneapolis. Southern
or Scenic Route, whichever you prefer.
Full information at Rock Island ticket
offices, Sixth and Robert streets, St.
Paul, and 32i Nicollet avenue, Minneapo
lis. F. P. Rutherford, C. P. A., St PauL
Dicing Car Service
Discontinued November 20th for the win
ter on the "Soo Line" trains 105 and 106,
between Minneapolis and Glenwood.
Chicago-- aid Return $13.50.
December lst^,2nd and 3rd the Chicago '
.Milwaukee &, St. Paul Railway will sell
round trip ttokets to Chicago for $13.50.
good to return until December Bth.
For particnteßß call at 365 Robert St.
18 Years' Experience With Through Tour
ist Cars to California.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis runs
weekly tourist cars every Thursday, via
Omaha, Denver and the Scenic • line,
through Colorado and Salt Lake; every
■ Wednesday, via Kansas City and the
Santa Fe Route, to LO3 Angeles. This
gives a choice of the.two best lines to
Ticket rate only $47.90; berth rate only
JFor berth reservations and tickets call
at 398 Robert street J. G. Rick«l, City
Ticket Agent.
<vThe Ma*n Traveled Route.
During., the .past fiscal year^ The North-
Western Line carried 21,425.357 passen
gers.. This number is equal to €87,508,118
carried one mile or over eight and one
hedi times tha. total population of the
f: From people who are now stockholders, and who have,, made a thorough investigation
of the company and its prospects..":;;; ©^ ;: ; ;]■ : ~;.'.y.::-:r~
: , This should be sufficient evidence to convince you of the advisability of making
a purchase, of some stock at once. ♦
NIGHT HESSAGE. ■ ■ "-V ■■.■■/■-.■ ■..''■■■■'
- r " BSCEiyED at Fourth and Ra^rt Streets, Bt.Puf,«te& ;v 4 a»n<*w«T<^
: ■:. 34-NY-Am-GC ■-; y -"-':^-^\./: : . Bpd-^nite .r' 'i •■,■;-,■-:;■• 7:lspm
■•v:;? ;-:;;:-;;;••:■ ■::-■■-,;.::;:;:;.;;■ -|£^??!fe#^ Sheffield, Mass., Nov. 19. .'
St. Paul & Sunset Oil Co., St. Paul* Minn.: -
Add to my present holdings three thousand shares.
|:|;Jr .' \ ■ : 00^M^M^4?^ M. H. WICKWIRE. 7
||f||t ; Ct-O^V >| t'r<^h»,^ | O«^ | M*ftifrr.
■•" -.RECEIVED tt Fourth and Seter* Streets. It Paul, Bio* . . ■ tarn** ft**
_ 802-CH-EU-BC . , ■- 10 Collect ■-:-- Brainerd, Minn.,
St. Paul & Sunset Oil Company, -::--.--."- Nov. 20, 1902.
No. 24i.Endicott Building, St, Paul.
>;v - I can handle ;io-poo shares at fifty cents.
_ ' - :"-' _ -'" ED. BOGGS. . •^•'-..>
. The last block of stock which we are now placing on the market consists of only
One Hundred Thousand Shares,; par value $1.00, of which ■ several thousand shares
have already been sold, so do not delay sending in your order until the stock is all sold
While It Lasts Lsoc Share While It Lasts
The stock will not last long at this price, so don't delay, but send your orders at
once, making all remittances payable to . A. D. WARNER, President,
241-251 Endicott Building, St. Paul, Minn.
entire United States. These fig-ures fur
nish convincing proof of fhe popularity of
this great railway among the traveling
public. In this connection it may also
be of interest to know that the North-
Western Line carries more passengers in
and out of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chi
cago tha"n any other road and that it is
also the short line between these three
great cities.
A Choice of Ways.
To California, is afforded by taking the
Chicago Great western Railway. Close
connectioji is made at Kansas City with
the finest transcontinental ''Limiteds.
The choice of three touriat cars via dif
ferent routeß may be had via this line.
Ask about them. J, N. Storr, City Tkt.
Agt, Cor. 6th arid Robert Sti., St Paul.
Northern Pacific,
"Duluth Short Line."
Train leaving Minneapolis at 1:20 p. m.,
§t. Paul at 2:00 p. m. Sundays for White
ear and Wyoming will be discontinued
on and after Sunday, November 23rd.
To New York or Philadelphia
Via the Lehlgh Valley Railroad. Double
Track. Stone Ballasted. Magnificent
Trains. Dining cars a la carte.
Stop-over allowed at Niagara Falls on
all through tickets to New York and Phil
Deer Hunting on the "Soo Line"
Was never better than during the pres»
ent season. Get in your shooting early,
New Hunting booklet now ready at the
Ticket Ornce, 379 Robert street.
Take the "North Star Limited" to Chi
cago or St. Louis-
It is the newest and best, has buffet
library care, compartment sleepers, chair
cars and dining- car, and enters the best
station in Chicago. No transfer to trains
going East, Southeast or South.
J. G. Rlckel, City Ticket Agent, 898
Robert street, or Union Depot
To California Cheap.
The elegant 18 section Pullman tourist
oars run by the Minneapolis & St. Louis
R. R. are superior to any cars heretofore
operated. They leave St. Paul and Min
neapolis every Wednesday via the Santa
Fe Route, every Thursday via the Scenio
Line. Berths through to Los Angele3
only $6.00.
For tiokets call on W. L. Hathaway,
No. 1 Wash. Aye. So., Minneapolis, or J.
G. Rickel, 398 Robert St., St. Paul.
The Chicago Great Western Ry.
Now runs through cars from Minneapolis
and St. Paul to Austin, Mason City and
Fort Dodge; shortest and best line. For
further Information apply to J. N. Starr,
City Tkt. Agt., corner Fifth and Robert
streets, St Paul.
A Series of Artistic Tally Cards
Has been issued by the "Soo Line." Just
the thing for card parties and clubs; at
the Ticket Office, 379 Robert street
Homeseekers' Excursions.
Homeseekers' tickets to nearly all
points on sale at low rates by Chi
cago Great Western Railway on first and
third Tuesday of each month. November
to April, inclusive. Available In the
through tourist sleeping cart. For par
ticulars apply to J. N. Storr. City Tkt
Agt., corner Fifth and Robert streets, St
Automobile Tickets With Pianos .and
We issue Automobile coupons till Janu
ary 1, 1903, two for every dollar of pur
chase, whether cash or time sale. We
also issue them on all cash paid in on
account of old contracts. W. W. Mira
ball Co.. 382 St. Peter street
Speculators Routed. .
The enterprising Chicago Great Western
Railway has obtained 150 reserved seat
tickets for the Minnesota-Michigan foot
ball game at Ann Arbor, Michigan, Thurs
day, November 27th. Same will be on
sale at $2.00 each at City Ticket office,
Cor. Fifth and Robert Sts. Low Rates to
Ann Arbor and return will be quoted on
application to J. N. Storr, City Ticket
Golden State Limited.
Newest of California trains—and the
Leaves Kansaa City 10:40 a. m. daffy.
To connect with it, taKe morning trains
from Twin Cities over North-Western, M.
& St L. or C. O. W. railroads. Only 63
hours, Kansaa City to Los Angeles.
Through cars for Santa Barbara and San
Southern Route—through a land of per
petual sunshine.
Tickets and berths at Rock Island ticket
offices. Sixth and Robert streets, St. PauL
Ballard's Cily Express.
magßp* The combination is "BUSTED"— Trunks
'JmPf^ to all parts of the city, 25c; each addi
tional piece* lOc.
Hotels and traveling men, lOc each. |
r Prompt delivery by the Old Reliable, Establish
ed in 1886, who has always been the people's friend,
Moving, Packing and Storing Furniture a Spe
cialty. Both Telephones—Mean 701-2.
J. A. BALLARD, Manager.
and 822 Nicollet avenue, Minneapolla.
F. P. Rutherford. C. P, A., St. Paul.
■ "■>• -"i-•• Lowest Colonist Rates. /
The Chicago Great Western railway on
the first and third Tuesdays of November
and December, will ■ sell s one-way second
class colonist tickets to the West, South
west and South, at lowest rates yet of
fered. > For particulars - Inquire ■ of .J."• N.
Storr, city ticket agent, corner Fifth and
Robert streets, St. TFauL;.
"; Sunshine Route • California.
Through Pullman jurist sleepers to
California via : the Sunshine - Route (C.
M. & St. P. i and Santa Fe Lines),' every
Tuesday, commencing October. 14th. Berth
rate, $6. • "• ■ %• .: - -■ -■-■-..- ■- - ■-•■.-.;• --■
~; Ticket office. 385 Robert street, or ad
dress W. VB. Dixon, N. W. P. A., St.
PauL - ;; 7 :- •: .-■■■■■■ jr \ -■■-'_■ '■: .-■■■ "
i- ,1 Soo Line Homeseekers' Rates
During -: November r and ~: December to
points in r the Canadian Northwest.■;:" Call
at the Ticket Office, 879 Robert street, for
particulars. ?;/« j^r-tr-.--;- ;.-■.: . ■■■-■■ ■_.■■.■
"800 - Line" Thanksgiving ' Rates. .:£;
Tickets on - sale November S 26th : and
27th' at all < stations at * fare and one-third
for .- the * round - trip. ■. For.;. particulars - call
at Ticket Office. 379 Robert street. •--*•■"
?-V, : '■'■- ---"■ v ■ DIED. if: *: "'■'■
BRADY—At' Portland, i Or., " Nov. 20, 1903, -
Julia, widow of the late John BSidy,
•; and mother of Thos. F..;-John, Fred
'.-■■ and Julia Brady, all of St. Paul, Minn*
Funeral notice later, ;;-_.. :- '„ -■ ~ a^\
KOEHL.ER—Thursday^ Nov. 20, -at St, .
y-- Joseph's hospital, - Adella v- C. Koehler,
;. aged thirty-seven years/ wife of Henry
£dh Koehler, 389 West > Central. - Funeral
' from residence, 8:80 Saturday, Nov. 23.
; Services at St. Peter Claver's church at
> 9 o'clock:'^ .' .'■■—■. ;- ?. - '°:-'2'^ ■'"::i'«■'"'A,'" ■-:•
OWBNS— Thursday, * Nov. ; 20, at Seattle,
- Wash., of -typhoid fever, Leo J. ■ Owens, •
■ aged * twenty-two years. Interment at
Seattle. }--■-■ \
DEAN —Friday, Nov. 21, at her home, near
--■* Bloomfield, Minn., Mrs. = Mary Dean,
'-'"- aged forty-one - years,"- wife of Orlando-,
vA. ■ Dean arid • daughter ? of s- Mrs. ? JohiJ"
Smith, of -Reserve.;; Funeral from late
residence at 8:30 a. m., Monday, Nov.
■"■'? 21. - - Services •at St. James' ~ church •at
10:30 o'clock. ■■:'■■■■ - ■'- -J'- --"•":-;
J~"^' : j i'-«; 5? Marriage Licenses.
1 Joseph H. Swanson, Ida Klngr?.~"vVv-
; Frank E. Nelson, Mary Seiletz. ■''\'~''i^
;■:■-:..• 'v_-i-;C ;^- :; ;.^ Blrths;',;;.^^;- ■'- .
' Mrs. C. C. Wagener, 865 Yon Mlnden, boy.
Mrs. Frank Mahar, 1 802 : Park ay., : boy. . v-"
Mrs. J. Purcell, 323 Western ay, boy, ~?. ■
Mrs. Henry J. • Mulcare. 102 - Acker, . grjrl. :i;
Mrs. Wm. E. Cariveau, 126 Cayuga, girl, - >;
Mrs. V. E. Englund, 1929 St. Anthony, girl.
Mrs. . Chas. G. Lappla, ■: 1098 W. 7th. : girl.
Margaret Gould,^Rosetown,: 69 ; yrs, Nov.
i Henry Johns, city and county hospital. 44
. . yra, Nov. 19. ~~ ." ", -' " ■ .L 1:" 1 *- ,W?
Walter Petersoni city and county hospital,
"■l-2 yrs, Nov. 19. ■':'"■ •>"-••■ <*"'"-',-'^;''.?.>„";-'•■ •
Manuel ' Appman, 1046 FauQUier St., 9 yrs,
'■'■ Nov. 19. -•"'' ---^-i ____—
Sophia Weber to A. :J. Kahlert, It. 2i- %~:~v\
a- and part It 3. blk 23, Rice i&jxrj&i^
jtla*-'-* Add m., ...iimanwitiin 11,000-
I A. W. Dlmond and wife et al. to W.
J. Nottage, It 8, blk 5, - Elfelt,
" Bernhelmer & A. add...,.,, 3,500 i
F. S. Gray, to H. Johnson, It 9, blk
2, Drakes Sec. add ,f. „ 1,100 1
P. M. Mollers to H. Hermes, und.
.■. 1-8 blks 5, i, 7, 8, 9 and 10, Mid
- way Hills ...;..;......»;......... 700 i
Wm. F. Mathews and wife to Wm. :
Andres, It 9, blk 9, Smith Sub. of
Stinson'B div ..,,,..;........,.; 3,850 -
J. Gross and wife to F. Bram, It 9,
blk 26, Rice & Irvine's add...... 8,842 •
Total .....i««^^.....;.. $18,992
ICTnUPQLITAX ! Ussee'and Mana'gar
25c and 50c;' ■■; ■.■--• -1 •■■ 25c to $1.00
Tomorrow— N»tll Co. In "Hon. John Grlgsby. * \ ,
? Monday—"Tho Bonnlo Brier Busi-"' *:* . "
" : Nor. 27, 28, 29—"The Liberty Be;! ta. '
-T-.'-i-..--- . •-.;.-> . ~~~: ■ ; ;_•_-_.. -.•:•'-• ■-..--. ; \
Mat»inee ■ «[.;.„ Ust Tlm9Tonight -^ . '•
• - Today '• Writ* H. West
2:30... JUBILEE
STAR v .':■ "Matinea Daily j
THEATRE Evenings at 8:15
Merry Maidens Burlesquers sfg^
.'■ '%-'' •' and '- -V/: 20c
S Next Weelc —The Moonlight Maids. :
Two Shows; Dally—2 to ;B,*; Btol2p. "m.
High Class Vaudeville free to andGsntlatnm !
;.-•■' Most Comfortable Place :in the City. „ '
- i
i)% C«nts P^TB Hot tl e» montha* mstnWfhlp.
4 « Each taiootf rMerivei tie 6 fflola 1 club otgtn
*?*tt moßt h. looiadiaff »i aelcceaQf hlch-o&M
tocu and iast rttiiiental sew sraoo444hluonVß.
i lapieoeiiiiv %%'''■" i?-~- - '-■ ■--• •;. -*■ ■■■ - -,^
m K»«n fn«MMr, will aka r»0«lr«» Ctrtl<Mt| »tUmi
bof»>!pv\iigb thtjff lTit»»«8f OJab a#oft»la M*
Tare C!tf, tnd 91 bwinnljwrttai^. mutu or »nuilc»j
1 (111 t«j»(*«t pg^.*T^tt vlf J»tt m«tfh mere Ibas rout
mo»«ry»» *df tb, WQTD^t LlMttAßt-HOTIO CWS,

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