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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, September 20, 1903, Image 20

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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Lace Curtains' Tomorrow I^^^^S^^^^^TDP^rw^ A Chat About Footwear
Lace Curtains Tomorrow MTTJITIE U|"tfClTiJll -^ ml Chat Ab°Ut Footwear
Too many odds and ends, that's the trouble just no*, due lo early fall buy- if | |Fl W\JL\ | 5S^ S^l I 1 I^3^ N| BITI" '°TTh? h fJ!,!,!?! !?*? ™St "J*? *""'* t0 ,n"
and recent great sales. They have all been rounded up in the last day or \Wk li*Jll lli Si P 9 1 31" 1 I (1W whlrh wS h^rt TJ ° ""rf if' T t0
two and tagged with a price that will insure their immediate disposal, 111 l fr»^Mffll llJl J!l1^ R I ™«~ Satisfaction that we>fafier. $ VhTdtTVh*
Nottinghams, Ruffle Swiss and Bob- A Small Lot of Mill Damaged Cur- -J^P^*&T A~j IHW^PWW^Wr*TB 1 "JLjyylLHzJ BLZ"W aW \*T§ sales take care of themselves.
binet Curtains, only 1, lVj, 2 and 3 tains—left over from recent sale — 'm 9" JL-!!^AJ^LaJ_ B I ffi 31(1, fl lJfettl3^HMMßgß*'*^^^^^^*^MßHßßj| W^^ AW? \\m\lk\
pairs of a kind, which is evidence about 500 pairs, that's all. Mill BBeSBIHBhBI gißSß**"^^^ —^■^■^^^^^ Jf mW&Vi. Women's Fine Box Calf Shoes, with
that their former price—sl.7s, $2.00 damaged doesn't mean worthless by :B''i^ *,mrni*mttTftJJHmWKm^ J^V r \&k\ stout soles, stylish and fl> Q A A
and $2.25 —gave them ready sale. any means—some are damaged so S^^^ m_ Y^n serviceable, at *fr<J ■"!!
Choice to close, per $1.19 slightly that you can hardly detect /£jL ' *H/H EN we opened the doers of the Golden Rule, we told the people of St Paul fL, \^^ w^wiSj&'^S^^S'^Jg;
»ot, Pair only 3> 1. 1& it \\ a\\\\\\ EN we opened the doers of the Gulden Rule, we told th 3 people of St Paul l|fc^ | 1 wel 2^o gride"'m^
corded Arabians, Nottinghams, Mo- 2«fC perfect would "iu'at 75c // JK*9jk YY what our policy would be of running the store. ,'■ Those who attended the first - Special, at «9llO«f
NSSy P?Hsh depomfs and Bobbinet ™*"M- a Dair fop Curtalns „ V da^ opening came back and brought their friends with them, and they have . Kg »?{ klnds^at KO
pa"? ofCa Urklnd * ,3S?„ tt?i»?at 5 " perfect, would sell 'at ftK jiiMJik b-n coming back ever since. ' Trade kept on Increasing, and as the sales Increased °BoyV Solid L..theV ct* !" **"
$3.25, $3.50, $3.75 and $4.00. Choice, 51.25 and $1.35. V^HP ' S4w the P'^es decreased, until now our business gives us an Immense outlet: so much so SL f£s to s'l Sped.i QQ
onlyl^' $2*49 790 perfect' wTuid CS aLTST7S \V'THRi\ as to attract the largest manufacturers and importers all over the world, thus enabling "i™1 at.......' .'..' SfOO
'„,., and $2.25 " \\ #|Kfl&Av US to sell go°ds at retail, for less money than little shops have to pay to small jobbers Women's $2.50 Shoes, 276 pairs on Men's Velour Calfskin Shoes, with a
Real Arabian, Battenberg, Cluny, -J>L ' '-'"" ,\ K^^ jl»\\ c-^ii-uu v ' bargain counters, a broken as- calfskin lining, stout double oak
Brussels and Irish Point, Motifany. QQn A pair for Curtains —if \\ \lMfflW »>"*! °X t0 jobbers at home. •" ' • \ sortment. . Our cut ft .a £%£» soles, worth $4.00, ft *B AA
Scotch Nets, Marie Antoinette and vWlr perfect would sell at $2.50 \\ 'W&Mf WKm\\ *„„♦», »i.i , j i^y. j '„ , . * ... , . price..." $ leO«9 at .. OUiUU
Bobbinet Ruffle Curtains, range and up to $3.00. \ Wfflw&f V*kWb\ Another thing, we promised you that our ads would always be truthful, so when ■. • f ;
es.^ssss'&s £■& r a :~ «»■ j*"-- :»'*••• ffrifflL you cams he,e ,n response 'you did not corns to be *^°<"^ » »'<*°< "r^?^?sis:s^s ""*
$7.00. Choice, per ft« gin on top"™ makes S"ruct Smithes W FiT V&rfL newspaper flaring misstatements. In every instance you found the bargains just as especially. adapted for cold, damp at <PO«<UV
Pair' °nly ■■« TV fln Axminster, (Size OI auks. Omiln s «r3L // W'i^wO we describe them. „....-..,:.. '-V .- " fall days. S3 Oft Men's French Chrome Patent Calf
Pair' °nly *JH»«€FO Axminster, (Size OK /A $/ we describe them. fall days, SSOO " Chrome Patent Calf
2SL'I r C^L' iSi^ tosS ELS'TKS'iSS 5^ Qm Money ere a, qU a„«,es or„e Wf a ll good, „,. bo la M don:^ ood oounfors pi^S'iJK3S! :mnt^.,..,.53.00 .
price, per .j 9x12 ft.) A| fi OK irvLkw v at Prices unusually low. compared with what you will pay later In the season. We'll 17 ble soles; military heels,; patent tips Box Calf, fine grade, with single
yard ------------ "C Speclal *14i5,° mmmmmfJr ':> be pleased to have you come, if only to look around. Our salespeople will not urge t xt™ good values : $2.00 d°U. ble.^ $3.00
No exchanges, every sale must be finaL - The early visitors will have no 9^*) you to buy we're too busy for that, you'll buy of your own accord without urging. . ...... -7'''--r-;~ ' :'■'■-■■ Men's Glazed Kidskin— l2 kinds
difficulty of procuring several pairs of a pattern. ' - We have quoted some very low prices today in order to foster early trading. shoe"?' Ip'ecfal? St!*;.;:. 25C Slea "at*' °* doubks3 .00
Men's Department New Smart* Aut>umn Modes for Women in — ,-" ./.. ..—rr ■— ■
Half-Hose Bargain tf C QVl^f C C -A« ± C ¥ ** 1 4- TA7 # -i- T^ Hand kerCh lef S
Special lot of extra fine imported, full-fashioned OUllS* OlVirTS* WOSTS ««J 3.C ICGXS • W fllfitS* 1^ U'TS Monday we will otTer two great bargains in Women's
black and split white-foot half-hose, made from 7 - 7 "%^ m*m. m** M.T* m^ *~ ±J •) ▼YVPAA^K^}* "* *^ • Pure Irish Linen Initial Handkerchiefs.
doublfsoTri^s* HerLdoS^yeftsToSc^alufs The eadln * d^ ent *" W°men'S ™*r \ n <hQ Twln Gitiss whsr« » woman chooses with the certainty of choosing correctly-no previous season S $ Chi!i""' s ure v Wsh Linen Hemstitched
in the city on sale tomorrow 4Sk\n. ever brou^t to light so many exquisite model garments, their beauty, charm aaddash make them irresistibly attractive. Our extensive showing to- "rs!^xtra Jli'J ' th£ anS' em. w r^ d *?*** alll et"
at, pair .....ISfC morrow will include many new advance, exclusive autumn styles. ■'^•■i jT .. ' : ™& : !. .. . . ..... > ecial for Monda^' 3C
Men's Union Suit Bargain. . ' my - '':'"' '' Some nnmatrhaMo vain** C 4t '* '''**. 'i v- -«,l !«!,.♦ «»^_ * Women's Unlaundered Pure Irish Linen Hemstitched
Extra offering tomorrow of Men's fine worsted spring- aT^M . Some UMjatchable Values m Jlew Coat and Jacket Styles, :.- ~.yy"77 Handkerchiefs, of very sheer fine linen with tine
needle ribbed Union Suits; a perfect fall weight; our t^^^^^^^> Fine Tailored A| p OOC Autumn, 1903, Models—entirely differ- hand-embroidered initials, all letters worth tTb
I needle ribbed Union Suits; a tomorrow, tfv^ O^ *$k\ at* Tailored AlJ ANDAz3 ■entf' frcm 903» Models— entirely differ- hand-embroidered initials, letter ' worth 0%
regular excellent $2.50 value tomorrow, fly 4 OO «i » ' «raJnAND^/T ent. frcm last season's; long, medium and 12c Special for Monday only OC
at 9lsU«l #i * WIU IP&U short lengths; a bewildering array of styles |H PP"^BH»
__^__ i __ > _^_________^_ Mi _^ i ____^_ i ___ i _ >|^^ 'W Suits made up with more style to them, and effects, to suit every taste and evsry h9 ————^——————————^————_'
-^ better tailoring, and in every way superior figure. i& Wy&k* ———>^——————————— _^™__«^__^__
———————^——-«————. \: ?\ to anything ever offered at the Dries. r'T Women's Underwear
I men Sale 3|?K>^> Long, Graceful Parisian Coat JJobby Kersey and Zibeline Women S Underwear
I_.IIICII ill', ;l*\ Suit^-In not a few but many new style CoatS. collarless, ne* shapes, lined
These prices afford ample demonstration of our determi- ' ' W^.l 'uy, ' *</ \ ideas, from fine Scotch men's wear, mixed .with a fine quality, satin, ft A 7 ti m%\ St. Paill'S Greatest Underwear Dents
nation to double-up the sales in these departments tomorrow. W-M 'I ' m ' '\"' suitings, tweeds. Scotchy effects, cheviots, tailpr stltchsd, at \h I*l S^^^^^^k. ' * a'gjju.
The foresighted woman will need no urging to anticipate l~''M ) \ 'i\ N etc" The V are all new, clever styles, made on]Y ..2.... UUI 1 U i^^^^^^^i^a. ItS time to bUy the medium or heavy weights, and this
her future needs. &&[- '^ i\ ' W\l il by the best tailors, and you cannot begin _. x — *-'„' j „L ... t. J^^^^^H^A Is the store that can suit you in weight, finish and price.
Irish Linen Table Cloths «MgP-ii to match them '" « I «i and COR Kersey CoatS. trimmed with stitch- ■ ■Mp^l^2p£tf» „h Kfll flece „() Vra'" """ v— s""'' —' »
IriSh Linen Table Cloths - WmkmmWk^m themoney. \IhAND\7h ed velvet and strappings, and A|) Pft Hibbed fleece Co ton Vests and Drawers, silver gray or
Made by J. N.Richardson Sons & Owden, Belfast, Ireland l3»''4 * ••- oid lined throughout with%atin; «B hJJ ■-^»^ butt'n^l^SefS^T^ ""^
$3.50 Table Cloths, special $2.50 «S»^A Ultr<l Fashionable SuitS - A new large pouch sleeves, at.. WWIWW ||f B^^^^ " Here, each ...^??.! ..^?^....: 1 SIC
$4.25 Table Cloths, special $3.13 i»S^^^^^ f^ showing of real swell models ,at from Stunning Coat* at $12.50, .MS\ 'JmMM Medium Weight Vests and Drawers, ribbed cotton not
$5.00 Table Cloths, special $3.75 j^WW to S^^'fc^Kn^Jib'talSoTSj ? 14'50 and $ 15-From elegant MS M 1 fleeced ream col hand finish; Just right «Q
65 Scotch and German Pattern Table Cloths, half bleach- X fif H '^^^a other city—every suit magnificently made kerse >' new v ca Pft '«cts, newest mill- fIW kWP?OZmk ror early wear, each * ""' W««
ed, sizes 2% and 2% yards long, worth $1.75. OQa WW'~m\ )*vBF and tailored to perfection- a wide and Ury effects ' three-quarter and half lengths, jHH M^^M^Wi Heavier Weight Vests and Tights, ribbed cotton, with
Special for %9llG . #»#;'^H varied collection, the larges» ever shown \ H el throughout with best of satin, not Wtf mW^W&lm%m^l fleecing, cream color, hand finish: can be worn JB Q
Small lots of Slightly Damaged Irish Table Linen. We <&>& $ P^WwM ° real swell, long, graceful Parisian Coat Svwhlr^m^ 1 »h '^ *° *" V Ca? *#1 fifes^& all winter, each *M»C
secured at underwriter's auction, 120 pieces, about 5,000 »^ AmW Suits from high-grade, imported materials; these "* ," P." al W0 oMer at * Mooo^W^ . Wool Plated Vests and Drawers, heavy A|- _
yards, of bleached and half-bleached Table Linen of Irish J^li^^^i^^^WM^P^^ broadcloth, zibeline, cheviots and . novelty "^ ,^? pV.ar- prices ! - HUitru:)^:., : -.; P->^^|*slEM weight, light fleecing, silver gray color, each. UuG
manufacture, extra heavy quality, 58 and 64 inches wide, llji 7§A camel's hair ef- ft -9 p. DOWN ft Aft CIO 1% fl CI A r\(\ 0I H mmWgMmk ' The "Ideal" Ribbed Vests and Drawers, a fine gauge neat
damaged by water in transit and therefore slightly soiled ' WWmmV fects. Prices Vf H AS \<|l ta|/.ni| tAI^S-.tlll ■» Efl M ilk finis.i garment, about half wool, Er"«»"
on edges; this lot of goods Is easily worth up to 60c a HM-: rangefrom .^ i U LOW AS^«" Wl^lUU UITIUU-WIU *^S^^^W each 5S C
yard, but will be sold Monday at less than O C *«. mSmW^. StyilSn DreSS SkirtS, In lined and *ls*w Accnt*+mon+ CHrl«h r«-t. A Th- "M» a i" i)iii„,i \-. ,♦« ,1 i, '*",',"
cost of importation. Special, yard 35C Jj A 1 -A^^™-^^^ I I Jl^ '^ - all wool^e^
' Table Padding. #^?'V^^P^k ' S^^fURSTg. «S vZITU^ 55: truly sre,hln^ Wo, ndeL ho many i^^^» Bhape ' each ::' • — 98°
950 yards best 64-inch Table Padding, heaviest RQ . HBl m\ SJiJTin tbeSaS'i T* V "»«" °^ "h^ -d °"« «X™ »3^^ Union S U it "Specials"
quality made, <oc goods, per yard %3m9l* WmM!^^mWmmW& money. In the cheaper grades we have some, by ev-rvbodv ■ls a* thlncr n f fh, «.,.*»,- "• ---'■JH^SM^ .
500 Soft Finish Bleached Pillowcases, size-- ft #^V^m^>%^;^ extraordinary values at $4.59 to $7.50 J om an ot today wants to be dressS to suit .I^Kllw^"- ,At $1.00 a suit we are selling a silver gray Q ftft
45x36, actual value 14c. Special, each.. 1 lIC i- I^HP^^ and if you want area! elegant, high ? rade ** indivldual^tSe Ito?.^^"" Jd»»^-^ »-»> ' half wool garment * worth $1.50, at OhUU
skirt wo can show you some wonderfully kirn , , ', "ii,. wn ' 3ucn * X*« Ai ». r „
, •• • - - --' ■"^r^S^^Smm clever new Ideas at '= wunaenuuy bewildering variety, of new Ideas are Intro- A^^^^mmm%mmWi^r^ >' VM? At $1.50 a Suit. The "Ideal", a-fine ribbed silver color,
__ _ __ Am Am m m ,_ a^<% duced. You will have no difficulty ln BS^i^>,a.y- % wool garment that is cheap A 4 PA
Silk Petticoats „„ # $10, $12.50, $15, $20 choosin?fromlh,s assortmftnl-• Ran s«» ■■-"-,i,pTB^PBP^" at this price......... $1.50
A - T , .-•'", New, Clever, Separate Skirts,lnstepLengths,fhe choicest assert- 0.1.1 low as 0/11 -- -Monday Only---$2.50
Af^JS " yOU are in need OI a ment and most complete stock of new styles ever shown in WW ■-'•..--" feU ,
c;tllf P^tH^n^t ->n^ « in ,he Nerthwesti and better values than wa have ever before ————«__—^____^___ '"- .« ' « A - Swiss Ribbed Silk and Wool Suits, white pink and sky;
y^sv}r ouk remcoat ana are looking offered. .. . . |' Stylish Autumn CoatS, rough and smooth mater- also a full fashioned merino suit, in white and new blue,
JL^VX- for a bargain, we would advise Skirts, from all the fashionable fall woolens mannish ' S X Wfl ST Sfl^Hlrll MflnflflV la, is> fine qua,itr satm lining: we make special »4A a strictly high class make for a one-day »a j-ft
jti&ZpS. youto look at the bargains We effeoto. in mixed Scotchy twills, tweeds, cheviots .nd broad ;l V'Hr IfIUIIUOJ : efforts to offer the best value to be had at S&IU -ale, Monday . «^OU
//)*6C\\ offer for Monday cloth, In popular shadings; full one thousand sklrtsitoichobse- We will offer 500 new Silk Waists.' - A Splendid Assortment, of Waists-Madras. ——
J/(^\r^ offer for Monday, , from at -...SS. *7.50, $10, $12.50 from the best of taffeta, oeau de heavy vestings, in white strip-s and fancy figures- broad I - • ■-* a. " ■a.
<^KL_J^4fc Women's TaffeLa Silk Waists, Waists-We are as usual showing a very - btck PTi 9^fc nnlil n Mallc? lorsa, nd Mulder, piam and« i ft P M7r ¥n?r Lining Department
[^^^-^^ Petticoats in a Ibeautiful col ' lare° and attractive assortment of waists; they are made in the- «m wai large collectlon of regular - , plaited effects, new AI /111 Xl/H Xs7»l " «.
/ yl^fe lection of .tvl.f !tl! W most becoming styles, and you will have no difficulty in find- 55.00 waists. sleeves, at I»*T 0 J U/llJl °J||J 2 cases of 36-inch Fast Black Sateen, double
Ar^lfli Sty all the leading shadls S?"% WHI DleaSs V°U' Special tor Monday only Mohair Sicilian Waists, serviceable' new effec- f°M for pett,coats "^ linin^ Sl'ec,a, 14C
and black our regular selling XSK^^r QQ R()aNdQQ QD « OE ' -tfe "all^t ;JO% $0 Afi $0 QQ 50 pieces 36-inch En g ,ish "wm^SHesi., sta- |ft^
X^M^M^K price, $10 to $12. Special for metallic dotted waists at .. VWIJU 4?JIOU f% H H '"H ' and black, at .... W fcl 2. WV t 8 *rlj WZ| U 0 pie shades only. Special for this sale, only IvC
Sfeggl^ Monday $6.98 Flannel WaistS—Many v Clever 98cto$5 H oMt WrOLDerS from flannelettes and standard f\t\ 50 pieces of 36-inch Spun Glass Finished Percaline, high
*■ ; W'W stylesandallcolorsaUrom........ UtfC TO M -^^ L|»^^^^^«:Sy" 98C SSTiSSS^.! ™^... 9C
OUR GREAT SILK DEPARTMENT Drug Sundries I Largest Dress Goods Stock & Northwest
"Waivil ♦** w- n „»» f* lar a j a* | A m t> • ■*■ complete line of the celebrated ' *^ llic
OCCOaa l° NOne —II We AQVerLISe It», lt» S a Bargain. Madame Isebell's Toilet Prepara- The New DreSS Goods Best $1.00 Zibeline, Black, 70. Fancy Black Nub Mistral, our -7E-*
Our Silk Department Is resnlendent wits «OT + -, * *\., M . ■* , .. tions at special prides Monday— fine silk luster at J»C . regular price $1.00; tomorrow IOC
Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot % ' 50c Turkish"'Bath" iS weaves and effects Is very Black Silk Nub Zibelines, 50-lnches New Black Voiles, In all the latest makes;
I^Ol «> ?, uc . ' urKisn lutti qu, OStf» comprehensive and embraces j.|j. at *. 7S «•, «n -^ - A>a «i m „„ 4 in., —• *-k
Hundreds of odd pieces and short A large assortment of Fancy and Thousands of yards of Stylish Silks, Special fiOU a generous number of French, ™ d * ' * SlaZO Monrfl 7OC
lengths of silk, worth up Aflk^. Plain Silks, worth up to i^Q** all colors and black, worth up to Isebell's Skin Food , and Wrinkle English and Domestic Fabrics ,_ : ................... .. _« .. m ™°", f V". •'•_*".'^* '" " .
to 69c yard, for 4C«fG $1.00 yard, for 4lfC 51.25 yard, KO«. Paste $1.50 jar. ,j {.; QO p which are shown exclusively TWO Extra Specials -50-inch Mohair Sicilian and 50-inch Tailor Cheviot
" . j^e for OSfC ' peci^ ................. : .SfOO at this store. Fashion has set - , -Good for Monday. Blacks only.
Lot 4, I^OI J - > Isebell's Face Powders,' all shades; her stamp of approval on the «0 pieces 50-inch all-wool Cheviot 10 pieces 50-inch Black Mohair Sicilian
"Uncle Sam Silk," guaranteed to L-Ot O regular 50c values. - OC|r* two extremes— Sheer Fab —Our regular prica 75c a yard. Monday —you should take advantage of this bargain,
50 pieces heavy weight Crepe de wear, a beautiful assortment of A nice quality Crepe de Chine, In Special, a b0x.....:.;. m^mjfu ric and the heavy Zibeline special in our black dress goods W* A a it is good for Monday Oil**
Chine, all colors, and Crt^ colors; sold everywhere J2 fh black, white, pink, blue, Nile and Isebell's Flesh Worm Eradicator; effect . ' ucmic at «9vG only ... . V«9C
black, worth 89c, for 0»C at 59c yard, for 43f& yellow, worth 69c yard, gQ p I^o jar. ***' 69C At "the Fashion Show held Real Seal Zibelines - 1., Fancy Zibe I 1 n c s-The Tailor Suitings - Correct
Lot 7 LOt 8 °r '"" ■■'/"*"« V^° Hind's Honey and "Almond Cream; in Madison Square Garden new brown and blue; $1.00 a rough kind that has a warm for those nobby suits with the
■rfUl * - • A „ :. : , *.^^2., , - , LOt 9 50c bottle Soe- §m§S'^.-'- New York city, modistes of yard saved if you buy them appearance. long coats; 56-inch, worth
10 pieces 19-in. Black Taffeta. This All ,* he T leading shades in a good Silk Serges specially made for clal ... '..... 2&0 this country and Paris were here; per >m« C A Per &+ Eft $1-50. Mon- fl*.| JA
is a great bargain, worth A X J 9 T yLd'iof ' 29C lining, worS Oq! Cream Mealy, In tubes; finest ' represented by their finest yard ....., fed.Oil yard 3>l.s>Uday ...^I.IV
39c yard, for *Z\M\j «c } ara, Io —vw yar d, for .................^SSfC . 25c tube. v- Ifto handwork. The handsomest The Only SLock of Evening Shades and Creams in this Git*y.
Lot 10 Lotn , Lot 13- K^„-.,;.i d .,i;..-2.0, J"2 SS? wr"SS^TSIS: s"k E°";°""-;'" '™« g» CfT E3," en"er A »T V°"«-B=-
w^i. v 10 pieces 54 . 1n Black Taffeta, the 10 pieces Black Peau de Soie, just r neat satin-lined box fly g% AO Voilies Eollennes: the heav- new shades and cream, handsome line of new tints; tiful for evening wear; It* sour
6 pieces 36-in. black Taffeta Silk. best quality made; sold every- the thing for the new coat, worth Special, a bottle..'. 5&4&3Hf15 ier materials were the Zlbe- nOW Qfl 9 R heap at $2. SI Rft special, at. (>* f|ft
Cheap at $1.00 yard, 7f| ft where at $2.50, fi^j 7C $1.50 yard, Ofto Sachet Powders - Finest odors- lines, Boutonne Suitings, «-. O i«^o Our price ....** I.OW per yard ....
for •••••■ %wmjt ror *& ■aM m* for.. ...%9*9l* Rose^Vio, Hello and Carnation; : Scotch and English Nub Suit- Washable and Noi\shrmkable All-Wool AlbatrOS, 100 QQa
__—__—_—_._„_——•----—--—«--—«---«---— -"-—--i^-—-i™ii^^-- Ml ™ M^^«__M ,,^__ M _, — regular 50c values. Spe- OEmxa ings, Meltons and Worsteds. Pieces Always in Stock— Why pay 50c a yard when our lew price is always ... UVU
CCnTDJMDEn Df A MI/PT A ¥ 1^» cial, oz -...*.%9\»..- r. i -Aii I these fashion-favored Ask t,o See the New Fabric— Down-Exclusive with c 4 oc
febPlbmlibK BLANKET SALE. ' m A■- , . , iV £2.^ o^ miUSTs- usforSt.Paul(Come S inevening S hade S and C reamwhlteonly). perya rd si-25
v want the nurest wool in the whiter "lh: Iww♦ .. , > , *^^1^L-'# ' New Arrivals in Jewelry S5 tS new SSS". mist New FaUVesLings &^ Wool Waist Cloths So Popular tor Fall Wear
like The" s™ SiSff betow 0*!?? lS»"S oiAISIS? way 'Sc? niE? SS?J. a^ beTort SS , Monday's sale on high-grade Jew- , choice eaves . , ,7 , m ported French Vest! Best Domestic Votings Extra Spec.a.-200 pieces
advance in wool. No values to equal them elsewhere in St. Paul. - ' " elry will save you money. -Jewelry . _„_v__ -,* _^^^ in exclusive designs, dainty and Wool Waistings in all the best Tricot Waist Flannel In
„„,,, .„, , . stores will ask you double for the '„*!:-:uf.. WSmmimW^* colors and creams, . new late styles, at all light and dark colors.
5 cases of full 10-4 all-wool Blank- 4 cases of full 11-4 all-wool Blank- .50 pairs of full 10-4 all-wool White same identical thing. price items ffIM&SP Ac - + <*.* rt — mt — ' -n -* 1- Monday ft #& _
ets in tan and sanitary gray; good ets in tan and sanitary gray; ex- Blankets, good staple yarn, in pink, Gold-filled children's necklace and ">Uow. M"• 03G. $1, $1,21 251). 50C- /OCa £«IG
borders; will be cheap later on at tra large; weights full & pounds; blue and red borders; a bargain at heart - set with 6 pearls; regular ' -" -•■■•• - -•-•••■■ -f ■ f f" f ;«;"":' "" vw
$3.25. Our special QA /JQ a bargain at $4.50. Our special $3.25. Our special fij AOA nrice:' $175 sSdal -P*S-!«--S^Je ' ' '■ , -.- ! ~ . . ' '
Price sl^.^|-5f sale price- SiSI fCfe price-only $2.69 M^ndat *. .^?? . !!' $1.25 ■■■„ St. Paul's Greatest HaHH«ro^ rio^o^ftni^^f
75 pairs of fine sanitary gray all- only •••••••••• • 50 pairs of full 11-4 all-wool White 4"t flo .d stiffened Jady s chain - . r^ Hardware Department
wool Blankets, full 11-4, with hand- . 100 pairs of large all-wool Blankets Blankets, Am handsome borders, :.h^el^i^^^'^^'- " GrOCRerV DeDt.V _ i,. - , nl \ jn 4 . __
some borders these goods will be in black and red and black and g% bl-^ g* * barg a.n at " J™- regular price" &O QO VI WWI%VI J UZpi. fr^lk Nickel Plated Bath- igSS^fc
cheap at $5.5.0 later In the sea- whlte checks, good staple wool; a + 25- Special for cw«i «CJ $5 Special Monday -«SlO itlO JDL Fancy Lamp, complete with J^E^lltf^,
son. Our special Q« 4 O bargain at $3.25. Our ft« A O this sale-only 3>4-.«fl-0 fo. .peial, Monday vwiww y^TV large globe with pretty decora- JSk^#iA ■ ' mom FumkKin<rc I^^SmmV
Price 94119 special sale price.. Ofc|4sl • 1,000 pairs of full 10-4 Cotton Blan- Large s.ze, gold-filled bead necklace; /<£&& tion ol[roses on rich red body £m\ l^Jl r°°m * UmiSl\ingS. Ws&&sS£h'
75 pairs of 11-4 all-wool Ammana " „ . ' ,',- , • , kets, in tan, white and gray; sold regular price $2.20.* ft J £k\m\ UlfTfcrT'^] 21 inches hieh; reeulaf D r Ice CBUff^ll ~__ „ . 1 . iwu il^^
Soc.-ty Blankets, in gray only; 50 pairs of all-wool scarlet Blank- by others at 65 cents. Our spe- Special. Monday ...;;.^ I B**o_ $2 98 Monday^Sfcirt I^^KT '' =»—f Our line includes all the |/w|
these goods are all stock and no ets: ,^ lth, blac 3 borders, heavy clal price (limited)— AC A Ladies' or Gentlemen* solid gold only' 9>2f■ ■«§ H-— "^i latest appliances, COI\- H%[email protected]
styles; the best wearing blanket weig P* "nd good woolj.worth $3^5. only **alO front lever link cuff -buttons, new ■ - yS§? Genuine" German B iVr mEgSgy sktin? of SOan dishes BM
made; worth $5.00. <£Q QQ Special for this sale AA Jiq| 1,000 pairs of full 11-4 wool-finished designs; regular price, A C & SZ»^ k,!!" teL^-' SISUng OI SOapaiSneS, k^^m^SSl
.Special 90«90 } ..ry~**7- :-vv»-V.vr.:is?.4"*W,-" CottoS Bfankrt., ! handsome bor 11.25. Special,. Monday .7. OOO: ". j«V ■ SISJJd^ '- hand-Som9' v ' Sponge racks, tOWel
100 pairs extra fine all-wool 11-4 50 pairs of 11-4 all-wool scarlet ders, tan, white and gray; sold by j Gentleman's gold-filled watch chain, fffl^ decoration A. * bars, toilet paper holders, f fin
Blankets, in silver gray and tan, Blankets, made by the Ammana others at 98 cents. Ourgjg-^ % gold, finest gold-filled-' watch-chain „„.,„;'« JSt*^ X WmTm% SPraVS. bath tub Seats, tumbler <■ I !\~~'
with handsome jacquard borders; Society; full 5 pounds; cheap at special price OSfQ made; regular price, ;ift-/S KO '+&&&&>. regUjarsl,^ BH gl |l"**K k„,ek K«M«^ «»^ 1
fine stock; worth $10.00. Special $5.75. Special to ft «A r- IQ( j . . ... „ . Rlan . +c $6.00. Special <^|4«OU M " . ftQp. IJLIi *»« tOOth DniSh Holders, etC. ]__ j I -—i
for this sale- $6.98 this sale-0n1y..... &4 a b 5 SLrSS^i"'^ 53^?"% Solid silver birthday pin; r^i^JflSS IBI^ fCT These goods are ,11 made of brass. J»U,
Bo' U 5............. 200 pairs of all-woo! fancy plaid by others at $1.25. . Our 85C the different flowers for SpSS tS^^^HHl H heavily nickeled to prevent them f-om Ttl f^
'50 pairs of extra fine, pure white, Blankets, every thread wool both special price ..©tlC months of the fear 1; regular with nice f«I&3 U neavily. niCKeiea to preven. tn^m I.OIXI I§lll Ll
lambs-wool Blankets, with pink, warp and filling; fine fluffy stock; 2 cases of fine 11-4 wool-finished £ ice 5°C- s Pecial ..V '< (s£L-Jsk ', cora- VitmJmf^r^ <S^^ ■. rusting. -We can please you both in J_| UN —
blue and red borders; this will be it comes in two sizes; 10-4 size. Cotton Blankets, in tan, white and ¥°^ ' ty:.**&.p r^fe^Tfev "T " WM% /ll\ 11 quality and price. For Monday lii I
a great blanket later on for $6.5. worth $4.00; sale price, $3.19; 11-4, gray; extra heavy; handsome bor- So,,d Silver fob chains; regular [ijfv £) a ' «. WL /4*fci=J L^Sll cri„ o « J /I* a*/V II
Our special price- flj -« - worth $525 . Sale *^ \s Q SeJ? sold b^ithew "at fio Pfice $2.00. Special, ft-i-.-A.O 1 j^O <^^> Vlf s?^ We Will give a ! PG" « Cl% tJ llr"
only V^©B^.SB price—only 3>4a 15f -y $1.39. 'i Our fecial: price.. JfoO Monday ■ *frQ -J^ H ■** VJi/ Clal dISCOUI\t Of. •.. &*%& A? l^S^
———— —————^——————^^—^— ____

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