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All Chicago Lines but the Rock
Island Will Restore the Old
Circulars were issued yesterday by
six of the St. Paul-Chicago lines, with
drawing the $8 passenger rate between
the Twin Cities and Chicago and re
storing the old fare of $11.50. The
change will become effective Oct. 8.
The Rock Island has refused to sanc
tion the restoration of the old rate,
and the passenger officials of that line
say that the $8 fare will remain op
erative until the other lines that are
members of the Western Passenger
association make some important con
cessions regarding the proposed change
in the mileage ticket system.
If the Rook Island persists in main
taining the stand its traffic manager
has taken, there is likely to be a bitter
rate war in all the territory covered
by that system and the other lines of
the Western Passenger association.
Simultaneous with the restoration of
the $11.50 fare between the Twin Cities
and Chicago, will come the withdrawal
of the cheap late to Duluth and Ash
land. The Wisconsin Central and
Omaha are the only lines affected by
this change, and the old tariff of $13.55
will be substituted for the present fare
of $11.75.
The $8 rate was inaugurated June
20 by the Wisconsin Central. General
Passenger Agent pond, of that line,
cut the rate from $11.50 to $8 because,
he said, two or three of his competi
tors slashed tariff rates whenever any
party business was to be transported.
At a meeting of the lines interested,
he served notice that he would reduce
the rate to a figure where it would be
Impossible to cut it any further.
Chicago Lines Cut Rates.
As soon as the Wisconsin Central an
nounced the low rate all the other lines
met the cut. Mr. Pond's action created
considerable hard feeling among the
Chlcago-St. Paul lines and for a time
threatened to cause the dissolution of
the Western Passenger association.
However, a compromise was made
and the Wisconsin Central agreed to
withdraw the $8 rate as soon as the
Bummer excursion business ceased. But
a new factor enters^ into the rate trou
ble. The Roi-k Island's traffic mana
ger, John Sebastian, served notice that
his line would not cancel the cheap
The mileage question was up. for
consideration before the Western Pas
senger association lines and it was
voted fo abolish the credential system
and adopt a new plan of interchange
able mileage. The credential system is
Mr. Sebastian's copyright and he draws
a large royalty from the sale of the
credential books and tickets. It was
to protect his personal interests that
he threatened to retaliate by refusing
to withdraw the $8 fare.
Rock Island Stands Pat.
For several weeks the lines have
tried to dissuade Mr. Sebastian fromthe
position he has taken, but were evi
dently unsuccessful, for the circulars
Issued yesterday were published in
dependent of the action of the Rock
Island. Unless the Rook Island serves
notice of the withdrawal of the rate to
day, it will be nable to cancel the fare
Oct. 8, as the Elkins law provides for
tbe. publishing and filing of a notice of
withdrawal ten days prior to the in
crease of rates.
The summer tourist round trip rates,
made in May, will remain operative un
til Nov. 30. The eastbound excursion
rate is $20 and westbound $16.
Rock Island Immigration Agent Tell of
Homeseekers' Movement.
•'More than 25,000 settlers have located
iv Oklahoma, Indian Territory and the
Southwestern states since Jan. 1, and
equally as many will move into that coun
try during the next six months."
So said Alexander Jackson, general Im
nw^ration agent for the Rock Island. Mr.
Jackson spent yesterday in St. Paul and
Minneapolis arranging for the transporta
tion of a large party of homeseekers, who
will leave for Southwestern points Oct.
'"During the past two years immigrants
have flocked in the Oklahoma and the
Southwestern states by the thousands,"
continued Mr. Jackson. "Several counties
in Oklahoma have ten times as great a
population as they had a year ago. In
many cases the population has increased
6,000 during the past six months.
'On the first Tuesday in September
8.000 homeseekers passed through Chicago
en route to the farm lands of the South
west. Only a small proportion of those
immigrants returned North without pur
chasing land. All were well supplied with
money, for the settlers who are mov
ing into the Southwest are, as a whole,
prosperous farmers from the Eastern and
Northern states.
"The Rock Island owns no land and
few of the Southwestern lines operate
land departments. The land is the prop
erty of individuals and companies run in
dependent of the railroads. There is but
little cheap property, such as can be
bought in the Northwest for $2 an acre.
The wild land in Oklahoma that is salable
brings from $16 to $35 an acre. This land
when cultivated, will more than pay for
itself during the first year.
•'One advantage the Southwest has over
the Northwest is that a great variety of
crops can be raised. Farmers in Okla
homa grow wheat, corn, maize, alfalfa and
cotton. For nine months out of the year
the land is productive. In the Northwest
the farmers depend entirely on the wheat
crop, and if that fails they have no other
yield to fall back upon.
"Until within the last few years the
homeseekers have preferred to settle in
the Northwestern states, notwithstanding
the numerous advantages of the South
west. Now the tide of immigration has
turned and the settlers are rushing into
the Southwest. This can readily be ac
counted for. The land in the Northwest
lias been taken up by settlers and spec
ulators. Land men whom I have talked
to during the past few days have told
me that there is but little good land to
be had in the Northwest at reasonable
"The class of settlers moving into the
Southwest and into the Northwestern
states is better than ever before in the
history of American immigration. We
are ha.vWng well-to-do farmers from the
Northern and Eastern states, who are
buying land in the Southwest on which
their sons and daughters are settling."
Mr. Jackson left last night for Chicago.
He will return in a week or ten days to
complete the arrangements for the trans
portation of a large party of homeseekers
to the Southwest. On Oct. 20 the Rock
Island will make a blanket fare of $27.75
to all points in the Southwest.
Lake Shore Station Men Must Not Dls
. turb Slumbering Passengers. :
Not content with trying to reform the
baggage agent and ? his ally the' baggage
man aboard the.train, the passenger offi
cials of the railroads will attempt to in
clude station employes, expressmen and
train crews in the reformatory measures
now being planned..' ' ~ ' * -~ " . ■•■
Already the - edict" has r gone forth that
baggage must.be handled with more ; care
than at present, and H. A. Worcester,
superintendent of the | Eastern division of
the Lake Shore, has extended the dragnet :
of reform by issuing a notice to the effect
that it 'is imperative * that -' there -be - less'
noise in stations where sleeping cars are
occupied; by passengers. .. . . "
: For some time there have been numer
ous complaints from; sleeping caripassen-'
Bei-s, wh9 say. their rest is disturbed by
Bhcutiim c* »-<ler«. luui-Uina of. bacuzap-W
and .the \ moving of 'express trucks.- On
all the roads it has been, the general cus
| torn j when:. trains! are scheduled' to • leave • a
station at a 7 late hour |to have! the j sleep
ers made up ■ and ' allow passengers to re
tire at a reasonablethour.'-t;;-^;, "
->- The j. new ■ rule : does -. not ~ apply - ; to the
home station alone, but to the stops along
the line. .The shouting of station employes
must cease, 'according to Supt. Worces
ter's order, ■;and ; baggagemen x will be
obliged to handle trunks, In such a man
ner that their, operations may not disturb
sleeping passengers. -.-;■:,
Interstate Commerce Commission Listens
to More Testimony.
NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—The interstate
commerce commission met here today to
continue the investigation into the
charges made against the coal carrying
railroads. When the commission ad
journed in June it was understood that the
case for the complainant was completed.
Today Clarence H. Shearn. counsel for
the plaintiff, obtained permission to put
James Yalden. a public accountant, on the
stand to testify to the correctness of a
table of figures compiled to show a "com
munity of interest" in the rate per ton
per mile on coal carried by the accused
railroad companies.
Counsels for the railroads asked for
time to prepare and submit documentary
evidence and were given until Oct. 15 to
do so. Chairman Knapp said that he
wished to confer with the two members
of the commission not present, in regard
to the commission of its own motion
taking testimony in the case.
Notice was given by counsel for the rail
roads that a motion would be made later
to dismiss on the ground that complainant
has not right to bring the action, and the
hearing was then adjourned.
Talbot J. Taylor &. Co. Withdraw Action
Against the Southern Pacific.
NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—Edward Lauter
bach, of counsel for Talbot J. Taylor &
Co., confirms the report that the suit
brought by the latter firm against the
boutnern Pacific has been settled. Mr
Lauterbach says that the appeal in the
case has been discontinued and that an
order to that effect will be filed in the
federal courts at Cincinnati this week.
The suit was brought by Talbot J Tay
lor & Co. to restrain the stocks of the
Southern Pacific held by the Union Pa-
Cine from being voted at the coming meet
ing of the Southern Pacific, on the ground
that such exercise of control by a parallel
and competing line was contrary to law.
The case was decided against Taylor &
Co. in the lower court, but was appealed,
and by consent was taken directly to t2»e
highest federal court. The argument was
to have been made on Oct. 1
Report Shows Prosperity.
The annual report of the Illinois Cen
tral shows the gross receipts from traffic
were $45,186,076, the expenses of opera
tion $29,835,833, taxes $1,862,072, the in
come over expenses of operation and
taxes being $13,488,121. The total net in
come, after paying interest on the funded
debt and bonds drawn under the sinking
fund ($3,049,740) and the rent of subsidi
ary railroads ($3,170,136) was $10,729,393.
With the surplus dividend fund brought
forward from June 30, 1902, $1,132,446. the
amount available was $11,861,840. There
was paid in dividends $5,702,400 better
ments $4,881,253, set apart to provide for
the difference between issues of bonds
$100,000. carried forth to surplus dividend
fund $1,178,180.
Great Northern Enters Demurrer.
Special to The Globe.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Sept. 28.—The
Great Northern railway has entered a de
murrer to the suit of Stanislaus Neuga
bauer, who seeks to recover $5,000 for the
death of his son at Havre, Mont., be
tween two and three years ago. The
claim is made that the case should be
governed by the statutes of Minnesota,
which limit the time in which an action
for damages can be begun to two years,
while the plaintiffs insist that the Mon
tana laws, which allow three years, should
be the guide. Judge Searle has taken the
case under advisement.
J. D. Farr*ll, assistant to President
James J. Hill, of the Great Northern,
with headquarters on the Pacific coast,
was in . St. Paul . yesterday. - . ;L
The railroad and warehouse commis
sion will hold a hearing today at Crooks
ton on the application for a "V" connect
ing the Northern Pacific and Great North
ern .at Tilden. -just east of Crookston.
The petition is made by citizens of
Erskine., Fertile and Red Lake Falls
E. H R. Green/president of the Texas
railroad, paid a visit to New York recent-
Jy and upon return to Terrell Tex
it was said that .he had made financial
arrangements for the extension of the
a??^ ' fl; om. Ennls to Waco. The Texas
Midland railroad Ls owned by Mrs 'Hetty
Green, mother of President Green."
v It is announced that the Rock Island will
resume work today on track construction
on the west side, of the Osage river for
the Kansas City extension. The line from
St. Louis to Kansas City will be completed
about May 1 of next year and according
•ii t e P, resent plans of the company it
will be placed in operation at once. -■
Attorney General W.B. Douglas will
ask that the case of the state of Minneso
ta against the Northern Securities com
pany be heard by the United States su
preme court immediately after the govern
ment.case on the merger, which is set
4?r r E ec \ 16 . Gen Douglas will go to
Washington to make the request of the
court. .; .- : -.-•.'.. . .■ -..
The Chicago Great Western yesterday
announced an excursion to be run from
Marshalltown, lowa, - and ' intermediate
points to St. Paul Saturday, Oct. 10 A
rate of $3 for the return trip will be
made The regular one-way rate between
Marshalltown and St. Paul is $6 75 The
excurßipn * tcke will be good returning
until the followjng Monday. ■ -
There is little doubt that the elevator
companies and railroads with: lines en
terir.c South Dakota will this fall have
great difficulty in : handling the vast
amount of grain that will from now on be
shipped to Eastern markets. Threshing
is. under full headway in all parts of the
state, the weather being all that coula
be desired for ; this work, and soon the'
capacity of the» elevators ;and railroads
■will be taxed to the utmost.
■f With a view to protecting American in
dustries from the inroads made upon them
by competition-: and consequent cheap
ocean and inland freight rates, the rail
roads from the Missouri river east to the
Atlantic seaboard have entered into I an
alliance 1 and will hold a meeting j n jf ew
York Oct. 8 for the purpose of taking defi
nite action along the lines indicated. -
J. P ,V. EElmerr r general passenger agent of
the Chicago •■ Great "-.■ Western, has an
nounced that the passenger service on the
new Omaha extension will be ■ opened Nov
1. Trains, wiir leave Omaha daily at
7:55 p. -: m., arriving -in St. Paul at V
o'clock the next morning. From St - Paul
the train for Omaha ; will . leave : the " union
depot at 8:45 p. m. and will arrive in
Omaha at 7; a.: m. ' The : Omaha I trains
will b e equipped with buffet cars, electric
lighted; chair cars ; and standard sleepers.
Although official f confirmation is : lack
ing, the report that the Gould interests
are planning to reach the sea in both di
rections is accepted as - true. in railroad
circles. That New York is their objective
point at . present, now that 1 entrance to
Baltimore is assured,. is. ■ not j doubted and
the" attitude of : the Pennsylvania-Vander
bilt forces indicates that they are seri
ously perturbed over the situation; -
: The advisory committee of the ,Western
immigration bureau will meet the repre
sentatives of the trunk lines in; New York
for. the purpose of having a general dis
cussion of the immigrant situation. - Con
ditions at -the present time are said to be
in ? an;% unsatisfactory state .; both v to ■ the
trunk lines and the lineswest of Chicago
and St.Xouis. The object of the "meeting
will-be to bring the interested lines in
closer j co-operation and ■; thereby secure
better control of the situation.
■."A"- meeting of the Mexican - Central rail
road -■ income i bondholders was - held v yes
terday in New York, — over 57,000,000 in
come ■ bondr; • were represented, -'c A - com
mittee was ; appointed:- to investigate - the
affairs of ; the company, to act protectively
for the bandholders and. call for the de
posit of -bonds for those- who are dissatis
fled f with - the' offer 'of the. company | made
through-.the Ladenburg.: Thalman & : Co.
syndicate, also to ascertain- why no re
turn-has- been -made of the: business ? af
fairs of the company. The committee is-
Benjamin •F. Tracy, chairman; | Sidney J.
Smith; Otto Bannard," president - Conti
nental Trust company; '- J. W. Henning,
governor sof the - stock ; exchange; D. IS.
Ramsay, vice president i Mercantile v Na
tional bank; ■£ B. TvW.T- Jordan, .j president
American Loan and Trust; company,' Bos
ton; James .Harold Warner, counsel, and
w. JDiaiasmove, secretary.
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good references, if required. Please
address or call on the janitor, 550 Wa
basha st. ■ '
YOUNG MAN twenty-two desires position
with good prospects; first-class penman;
has had office and bookkeeping experi
ence; also good references. G. P J 361
MAN would like some situation, as fire
man or engineer; first-class references;
six years' experience. 507 Wabasha.
A BOY would like work driving of any
kind. Address 206 West Third st!,
Room 19.
A YOUNG MAff; aged 21. would like work
in wholesale house, or driving; one who
is willing to work. Call or address
A. G. Same,. 183 Ramsey at., St. Paul
WANTED—Position In wholesale house
where there .Is chance for advancement,
or any other inside employment. Ad
dress J. F.. 239 Curtice st.
SALESMAN—Wanted, by a young man.
a position as salesman in a retail cigar
or news stand. Address J. M. R. 294
Summit Place.
WANTED—By a man and wife without
children, work of some kind in a ho
tel or farm work. Address M. C. Scott
St. Paul.
OFFICE WORK—Wanted, by young "man
eighteen years 6f age. work in some of
fice where there is a chance for ad
vancement; Jias knowledge of typewrit
ing and is rapid and accurate at" figures
wages $35 per month. Address A G'
474 Blair st , city.
A YOUNG MAN eighteen years of age.
attending high school, desires employ
ment for afternoons; references furnish
ed. Address D 190. Globe.
SITUATION by hotel clerk; night or day;
in or out of city; by young gentleman;
best of references. Address D 196, Globe.
AN AGED COUPLE would like to get a
building to take care of for the winter.
Address 537 Westminster. City.
WANTED—Position a3 clerk In general
store in country; 15 years experience In
general merchandise. Address 464 Vir
glnia avenue, St. Paul.
YOI'NG MAN wants steady position as
law clerk, bookkeeper or typewriter
good references; will work in secret ser
vice. Address A. J.. 348 Market street.
A TRIAL mail order will show how quick!
cheap and well we can do your print
ing. May we serve you? The Abbott
Printing Co.. TTnion block. St. Paul.
goods for the Pacific coast; big saving
in freight; see us before shipping. Boyd
Transfer and Storage Company. 46 S.
Third at.. Minneapolis.
. " Citjr Clerk> Ofpo*>.
St. tfaul, Minn.. Sept. 26. 1903.
Notice is hereby given that proposals
marked "Progosa} for Furnishing Prison
Van or Black -Maria will be received at
the office of the <fMty Clerk, at the Court
House and City, Hall. St. Paul. Minne
sota, until Oqtob#r 5, 1903. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. according to specifications now on
file in the City Clerk's Office and Chief
of Police of the City of St. Paul, Minne
sota. ■ ,
A bond in the sum of twenty (20) per
cent of the amount bid. with two sureties,
residents of the City of St. Paul, Minne
sota, or a surety company bond in the
same amount, oe, a certified check of ten
(16) per cent of the amount bid, must
accompany each proposal as surety for tht
making and executing of the contract.
The Chief of Police of the City of St.
Paul reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
City Clerk.
Sept. 26 to Oct. 3 inc.
Popular Wants | Popular Wants
"Proof of the Pudding"
Those Who Advertise in the Want Columns
of The Globe Get* Good Results.
Helps Both Realty and Investment Business.
St. Paul Aug. 28, 1903.
The St. Paul Globe,
Gentlemen: — Our Advertising in The Si. Paul
Globe is bringing us good results; increasing our
business oaily both in real estate sales and invest
ment loans.
New York Life Building.
WANTED—Good lady solicitors for city
work on a straight salary; no novices
need apply. Circulation Manager Globe,
702 Ernst building.
SALESLADY—MiIIinery saleslady; must
be thoroughly experienced. Apply to Mr.
Dougherty, millinery department, Schu
neman & Evans.
HOTEL WAITRESSES for Dakota; com
petent cook and second girl; private
family. Montana, cooks, houseworkers.
kitchen girls, etc. Free places; best
wages. Golden Rule Employment office
27 East Seventh st.
GIRL wanted for small family. 885 Hague
ay., Northwestern phone, 735 J-l.
CASHIER—Wanted a thoroughly compe
tent girl to act as cashier; she will have
no bookkeeping to do: she must have
experience in this work as we have no
time to teach her. Apply in person
with references to Ransom & Horton,
99 East Sixth st.
GlßLS—Wanted, girls to wrap candy at
171 South Wabasha st.
who are seeking employment to realize
that they can best secure situations
through reading the Help Wanted col
unms of The Globe, daily.
SITUATION wanted by air! American
woman to care for an invalid; best of
references. Address Nurse, 4«0 Jackson
WOMAN wants work for room and board
where can have girl six years old with
her; no washing. Address V 109. Globe.
STENOGRAPHER—Experienced lady
stenographer desires permanent posi
tion or will work half days; moderate
salary; can furnish good reference If
necessary. Address Stenographer, 410
Cherokee avenue.
COOK—Competent cook wants position.
Address 50 East Seventh; room 7.
DRESSMAKER would like a~few~more en
gagements in families; will do all kinds
of family sewing. Call or address 303
Marshall avenue, near Farrlngton.
A REFINED widow lady, with no chil
dren, wants a position as housekeeper
for a widower over 50 years of age.
Address T 107. Glebe.
WANTED—Position in clothing or general '
Store anywhere; over fifteen years' ex
perience. Address E., 464 Virginia ay.,
St. Paul.
AN experienced laundress would like work
by the day. Address 206 West Third st.,
Room 14, 3d floor.
EMBROIDERY to do by capable woman.
Shirt waist and cigar ribbon pillows a
specialty. Ribbons furnished. Miss
|>t Clark, 235 West Fifth.
WASHING—A lady would like to get some
gentlemen's washing. Apply 702 St. Pe
ter st.
HOUSEWORK—Competent girl would
like a position at general housework
in fiat; wages $15 or $16 per month.
Address. 482 Cedar at.. City. _
WANTED—Children to take care of not
under six months old; elderly woman;
$10 per month. Call 519 Lafond st.
A RELIABLE woman with two children
would like a position as housekeeper,
either in city or country; good home'
more desirable than high wages. Ad
dress M. C. 669 Jackson st.. St. Paul, j
YOUNG lady, experienced, wishes nosltlon
as bookkeeper. Has been employed In
printing office. Good references. Ad
dress P 183. Globe.
WIDOW, with child five years old. wants
a place as housekeeper; answer to V
110. St. Paul Globe.
PLAIN SEWING by the day or week. J.
V., 382 Fort st.
WOMAN wants work by the day. Call or
address 15 East Ninth st.
WANTED—A place to board in return for
services while going to school. Address
or call at 15 East Ninth st.
WANTED—A position in widower's fam
ily as housekeeper. Address 15 East
Ninth st.
GIRL learning millinery wants place to
work for room and board. 811 Jack
son st.
WOMAN would like any kind of day
work, washing, ironing or houseclean
ing. Call or address 452 Thomas St., up
WOMAN would like to take in washing
and Ironing. 507 Wabasha st.
STENOGRAPHER—Lady stenographer
wishes position; has had experience and
can furnish references: willing to leave
the city. E. C. 19G East University ay.
WANTED, places by the day for chamber
work or care of furnished rooms. Call
513 Wabasha st.. room 5.
EXPERIENCED Stenographer would like
permanent position. Miss Miller, cor
ner. Bradford and Hampden.
HOUSEKEEPER—Wanted, by mlddle
aged American widow, a position as
housekeeper for bachelor or widower. No
small children: farm preferred. Address
667 East Third street. City.
STENOGRAPHER—Young lady stenogra
pher desires position; can furnish refer
ences; willing tc work for small salary
where there is a chance for advance
ment. Address 613 Jessamine st.
YOUNG lady wishes position for three or
four hours' typewriting a day; also ex
perienced cashier. Address M. J., 62S
141 East Ninth St. "Telephone. Main. 183 .
WE FURNISH women by the day to da
housecleanlng. washing, ironing, sew
ing, nursing the sick and mending; also
men to <1o odd lobe.
PASSBOOK LOST—Sept. 14, 1903. Pass
book 1007 C of the State Savings bank.
Finder is requested to leave the same
at the bark. If book is not presented
within four weeks It will be canceled.
J. M. Goldsmith. Treasurer.
near union depot, lady's pocketbook.
containing money and papers; return to
Mrs. Stover, 653 Canada st. for reward.
DOG LOST—Pointer dog. white, with
brown spots around each eye; liberal
reward. William Collins, 501 Ashland i
ay.,. 'phone Dale 606 L-l. I
nlshed and Papered rooms; all prices
day. week or month: depot carg pass
the i.*oo The Western. 105 East
Eighth; Imperial Hotel. 16 East Eighth;
Yukon Hotel. 127. East Eighth; Econo
my Hotel. 3CO r 'son St.: transient
irade solicited.
FIFTH ST.. 234 WEST— rent, fur
nished rooms, steam heat, bath, gas,
newly furnished rooms on first floor.
ROOMS—Two rooms furnished; one room,
per week. $1.50; one for $2.50; light
housekeeping:. Inquire at Kennedys
Employment office. 15 East Ninth st.
FOR RENT—Unfurnished Tecond floor of
641 Cedar st.; all modern.
of St. Paul are to be *ecured by watch
ing this column daily. If the house you
want is for rent, you'll see it in The
'_ Globe. "
• in the line of houses for sale are always
to be found under this classification of
Th<> Glohe.
WANTED—Board and rooms for the
winter for man. wife and daughter
Address. W. E. S., care Globe, giving
rate and location.
. to live, : just watch The Globe's "To
Rent" column, and you will be sure to
_-■ find what you want if It's to be had.
WANTED—A. farm of 200 to 220 acres to
-, rent, with privilege of buying; suitable \
for stock; within twenty-five miles of '
. St. Paul.. Address 908 Tuscaroia st.
i M*^—^^*^™"^—^— —^
LOANS to salaried people without mort
. gage or Indorser. Only security your
name. Others on household furniture,
pianos, etc., without removal from your
. possession. Minnesota Mortgage Loan
Co.. 316-317 Pioneer Press bldg. •
WE HAVE unlimited . Eastern money to
loan on improved ' St. Paul property In
any amounts at from. 4% to 6 per cent;
prompt replies to all applications. Jef
ferson & Ferrcll,: 402 Globe Bldg.
Safary and Furniture Loans.'
St. Paul Financial Co.,
Room 301. New York Life Building.
6 AND 6 PER CENT MONEY to loan on
Improved property in St. Paul and Min
neapolis. V. C. Gtlman, Germania Life
TYPEWRITERS for sale and rent; re«
pairing promptly attended to. Under
wood Typewriter Co., 136 Endicott Ar
cade; 'phone, main 1544. . -
where to appreciate that every day
there ■ are excellent chances to better
yourself offered in these columns.
N. W. LUMBER and wrecking Co.
yards. Broadway and Fourteenth. Uni
versity and Dale; new and second-hand
lumber, doors, windows, brick, cheap;
buildings bought.
FOR —Jersey cow. fawn color,
with black points; five years old; bred
from Washburn stock, Oshkosh, Wls.;
gives nine quarts milk a day now and
will be fresh milch in November; last
ten months has averaged fourteen
quarts rich milk a day, which I sold for
6 cents a quart. 95 West Colorado st.
OLD lumber at half price if taken at once.
Broadway and Fourteenth st.
" .thing, or If. you have a good thing for
sale, no matter. what it is, you will ac
complish what you seek through the use
of THE GLOBE columns.-
DO YOU WANT a stenographer and
typewriter? Call up Main 1544, Under
wood Typewriter Co., Employment
dept... 135 Er.dicott Arc.id<v no charge.
100 SINGERS. Domestics; genuine auto
matics. $8.75: DroD Head, five draweri,
oak <*sse. all attachments, ten year*
guarantee. $13.60. 99 West Seventh.
For the Construction of tho Substructure
and Superstructure of a Steel Bridge
Over Happy Hollow, Upon the Mendota
. Road. Replacing a Wooden Bridge.
City Clerk's Office.
.: ': St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 26. 1903.
Notice is hereby given that proposals
marked "Proposals for the reconstruction
of the Dridge over Happy Hollow, on.the
Mendota '. road, ' - and - approaches " thereto
within Dakota county, Minn.;" will be re
ceived at the office of the City Clerk in
the Court House and City Hall, St. Paul
Minnesota, until 5 o'clock p. m., Thursday.
October 1, for the reconstruction of ' said
bridge in accordance with plans and spec
ifications now on: file In the office of the
Commissioner of ■"• Public. .Works, of the
City of St. Paul, , Minnesota. :.
■' A bond in the sum of twenty (20) per
cent of the amount bid. with two-sureties
residents of the City of St. Paul. Minne
sota, or a surety company bond in the
same amount. <or certified check for ten
(10). per cent of the amount bid; must
accompany each proposal as a surety for
the making and execution of the con
The Common Council, of the City of St
Paul. Minnesota, reserves the right to re
ject any and all of said bids.
By order of the Common Council
City Clerk.
Sept. 20 to Oct. 1 inc.
Popular Wants
FEMALE L'iSKASES cured. Irregular
menstruation quickly cured; forty years*
experience. Office open from 9 a. m. till
10 p. m. Dr. Wheeler, Globe Bldg. Min
neapolis. Tel. N. W.. M. 1763 J-I;'T. C..
335; gooa home for patients.
I-ADIES In trouble, call or write Dr. Bly
Fourth st. south. Minneapolis. New
Viook. 26c.
Williamson and Frank D. Merchant)
tent attorneys and solicitors. Main
office. 929-935 Guaranty Loan Bide
Minneapolis. Minn.; branch room. 53
McGlll Bldg.. Washington. P. C.
: _
Union Depot, Sibley Street.
Trains leave and arrive at St. Paul
as follows;
Electric ghted-Obwrva- leave Arllvt
tlon care to Portland. Ore., via *1 0: 5 * 2 "20
Butte.Spokana, Seattle, Tacoina *am p '
Pacific Express
Fargo.Heleca. Butu, Spokane, •10:15*7 .4|*j
Beattle, Tacoma. Portland...... tu. #l° ' •'**>
Fargo and Leech Lake Losal Pm *"
Bt. Cloud, Little Falls, Bralu- . _ -«.- e«
erd, Walker, Bemldji, Fargo.... 7 8:40 fc'so
Dakota and Manitoba Express ara m
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton,
Moorbead, Fargo, (M&ndan _ „„„ - - „_
Daily Ex. Sunday), Crookston, * 8:00*7:25
Grain! Forks, (iraftop, YTlnnipeg pm am
"Duluth Short Line" tW\IM
t*a, N6T o * 2:25^ "t 2:502 i
DULUTH AND SUPEftIOB * 11:10^6:25:!
• l>»l:y. } Kx. Sunday. '
NOTK—AII train* oro the Union Station, Bt. i
rat., m Union Station ir, Minneapolis :
3£'l£Srt£& Phan Mali 858
To the Rad River Vailsy. Duluth, West
Suparior, Winnipeg. Montana. Kontsnal
Country and Pacific Coast.
L»»t> 'Dally. TExcap: Sun. Arrlra
\tVi iTn || St- Cloud. Fargo. Grand F-cs, '5.25 pm
«as Aberdeen. Fargj 16.15 pm
n°Ac "" "•• rvi^ «° Paeifl: Coast... «10.40 pa
♦2.35 .mWllmr.SFir.Wtn.rKtn.S.Cy tI.U pm
T2.35 fm ..Princeton. Ml!t^. Duluth tI.U pm
iymf.km •• wv"'a "H Hutchinsan .. f9 25 sm
•5.80 Pugtl Sound Exprtss "1.4S
PM Mor.tana Pacific Coist pm
a.06 pm Rre:^.. Far<so.ClFor<. Wpg, »7.45 am
7.35 rm ... Minn. & Da:. Express.... *7.3 i am
ToSn m T Vmar- S Fa'ls- Yank- S *745 urn
Paul to Duluth} %a =
CHICAGO, 823<"
Ticket Office 36S Robort St. 'Phona 98
»Daily. BEx Sun. cEx. Su. LEAVE- ARRIVE.
Chl:apo. Milwaukee. LaX .. |aB3O am a 9.50 pm •
RedWinr. LaX., Mllwaike? »300 rm a 2.50 pm
Chicago. Mllwaukes, L»X . a 7.35 rm 11.25 am i
(RIGOQO PiOW Liiiel -9:39 pn; '7:00 001
Chlcaga, Mllw., Madison. .. al I.oopm 1 1 I.2s*rr-
Chlcifo, Faribo. Djbuque ... --4.00 pm a 9.05 am i
LaCrosje. Dubuqaa, R. Is'an-ib8.30 am|b9-50 vm '
NorthflsH. Faribo, Kan. Cltysß.33 «ma 6.10 pm ■
Ortonvllla, Milbanlc, Aberde?n|bß.4s »mb 7.15 pm :
Ortonvllla. Aberdeen, c Farjo a 6 .15 pm a 7.45 «m
Northfiald. Faribo. Au;tlr» ... b7,25 pm bli.lO*m
ManVato and Walls. b3.00 arr. o 10.35 am
Mankitoani W'lls. b6.£o pmblO.OOpm
- i
Chicago Great Western Ry.
"The Maple beaf Route."
City Office, sth and Robert. 'Phone 150
--__ | Leave I Arrive
'.Ex. Sun., others dally.| St. Paul[ St. Paul
Hayfield, Mclntlre 8:10 am o:sf. pm
Oel'n. Dubuque, Free- 8:30 pm 7:15 am
port. Chicago and.East 11:20 pm 12:50 pm
Cedar Falls. Waterloo]!o:3o 7:25 pm
Marshalltown. Dcs M., 8:30 pm 7:15 am
St. Joseph. Kan. City. 11:10 pm 12:50 pm j
Red Wing, Rochester. ! 5:25 am ! 7:00 pm"
Osage. Northfleld.Man
ltato, Farlbault 1 5:27 pm|lo:2s am
Hayfield. Austin. Lyle.l! 8:10 am]lo:46 am '
Mason City | 5:10 pm|! 7:25 pm
Eaple Grove. Ft. Dodgel!8:10 am|!7:2s pm
lilLJc.^t.p.M.ao.RYili= J
Office 382 Robert St. 'Phone 480.
cE*, E Mon."' Others p'W. LEAVE I A RRIVE.
Chleaeo Mil.. Madlsjn .. .. 8:30 am 9:50 pm
Thcago Atlantic Express".. 10:50? m 4:45 .m
CMcap " Fast Mail" 6:35 pm 9:iS am
Northwestern Limited) ._ v
Chl^eo. MIL, Madison. .( j ••10 ■■ >••" ■■ '
Wausau F. dv Lac. Grsan Bay 6:35 pm 9:25 am j
Duluth, Superi-sr. Ashland ... ,8:10 «m 25 pm
Twilight Limited I . _ ._,
Du'.uth, Superior. Ash!and.. f *-10 P" •••• m I
Huron, Redfleld, Pierre .. . 9:3 T«sm|7:*3 pm
S!ou« City. Omiha. Kan. City o3Varr. 7:41 pm
DesMoln-ss, Web. Cy. Alfona a 7:40 im »4: 1 5 pnt
Omaha Limited M.I- ...
Su- CI y, Omaha. Kan. Clt; I 1 05 •" ' 7-15 ■*
. loux Falls. Mitchsl!. Redflsld 8:fo cm 8 .-,0 a -r»
Das Molnss. Mitchell. SuFalls! e:O3 "wn 8:0' in
Rock Island System.
Ticket Office. 6th and Robert. Both
• Phones No. 121. ;
Leave I Arrive
All Trains Dally. St.Paul St.PauL
Qulncy. Hannibal. St. '
Louis 9:45 am 4:25pm
Quincy. . Hannibal, St.
Louis 7:ospm 8:00 am'
Chicago, Davenport and
Peoria 7:ospm 8:00 am
Northrield. Faribault. (
Owatonna 3:45 am 4:25pm ;
Albert Lea, Waterloo.
Cedar Rapids I 7:ospm 8:00 am!
fH M.,ST. P.& S: S. M. g,\
City Ticket Office.' 379 Robert «t. Tel 1051, '
Union Depot, St. Paul. ',
Leave. | EAST. - |Arrive.
7:2opm|Atlantic Limited (dally). B:4sam
9:loam|Rhinelander Local(exSun) 4:55pm
8:05 am! Pacific Express (Pacific
Coast) daily 6:4opm
6:ospm .Dakota Exp. (ex. Sun). 'J:ooam
Irinnsapolis and St. Louis R. R. Co.
Office 345 Robert. . Union Depot.
Telephone Calls—CCl K. "W.—C9O T. C.
I.**** §Ei S-nli/. »D>r.y ArrUi
.{S.aOam W»tertowi »ni Stirm L»'« | 5.55 tn
19.00 am ..Omihi «n 1 D | Msl.iit.. J 7.2Jp".
•4.55pm .'.Esth»r»lll» anl Ma..ls>x. ; * 9. 5) am
*? Iftom Tl»e Norfi Sta.- L-'nit;! • 5 CfV,-,,
• J►lUJliy To Cblc»-5. S: LculsAP»iri ! O.OUU.M
*B.oopm OmahaitD>»Molr\ji(Ltnkltii) I' 8-3 Jam
Wisconsin Centra! Ry. Co.
City Office. 373 Robert St. 'Phone No. 631. '
Leave. |. "~ lArrive."
St.Paull .-.' All Trains Daily. |St.Pnul.
JEau Claire,. Chip Falls
B:Coam Milwaukee and Chicago S:lsam
".. Ashland. Chippewa• Falls
7:4opm|Oshkosh, Mil. and Chi.l 4:3opm.

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