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Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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Genuine Albrecht
Valuey in ■
The Standard Furs of America.
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than the values you get at "forced sales."
Our advice—"lnvestigate and compare."
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The "Original" Fur House of Albrecht
20 East Seventh Street. ST. PAUL, MINN.
St. Ml Social Circles]
THE holidays are over. Today may
be said to be the last of them,
end tomorrow life will take on again
its usual aspect and school, and vari
ous other forms of work will begin
tigain. Socially the holidays have been
a success in St. Paul, more especially
lor the younger sets. The older ones
have devoted themselves almost ex
clusively to giving the young people a
good time, hence there has not been
very much formal entertaining. One
impression which is left* in the minds
of society in a greater degree than
ever before by the variety of the holi
day entertainments is the growth of
the city. About two years ago only a
party for the younger set of boys and
Kirls would have included all who were
well known; this year there were half
a dozen dances, representing as many
cliques, all equally well known. The
year 1903 has seen the division and
breaking up of society as no other has
seen it. Hostesses have been obliged
to cut down their lists; neither their
pocketbooks nor their houses were
equal in many cases to the entertain
ment of everyone they knew. Some
women have solved the problem by
dividing their lists and giving two
teas, or whatever it might be they
gave; others have cut down ruthlessly,
and in so doing have caused much
There is now a very large set of
young married people here who have
clubs, parties and dances. These are
well represented by the Sixty-three
club, the Assembly and Theater club.
The unmarried are rare guests, and
then only as substitutes. Outside of
the organizations mentioned there are
one or two other sets of young mar
ried people. Then, when it comes to
the unmarried, there is almost as
many, if not more, distinctive sets.
There are the older girls, the girls
who have been gut several years, the
younger set and the debutantes. The
only places where these all merge are
at big dances or receptions. Outside
of these are again the olfl settlers, who
have seen all sets rise, and are in
clined to smile once in a while at the
autocratic ways of some of the new
comers. And yet there is one pleasant
thing about St. Paul society, and that
is persons are not made much of for
what they have, but for what they are.
Money gives no entre into society. The
possession of it is no bar, but, on the
other hand, it is not an open sesame.
As for the men in society, ages count
very little. The man of forty and the
one of twenty belongs to the same or
ganizations. For men are scaree —that
is, dancing men. The girls know that
there is a large class of very nice men
In St. Paul who do not go out at all,
for various reasons. These it is hard
to reach, and they would add very
much to the dances and parties if they
could be induced to join the giddy
The most interesting piece of news
of the week past was the announce
ment of the engagement of Mr. W. W.
Price to Miss Risley, of Philadelphia.
Mr. Price telegraphed the announce
ment to his St. Paul friends New
Year's morning, and was showered
with congratulatory telegrams In re
turn. Mr. Price has been long and
favorably known in St. Paul society.
In the roster of eligible bachelors pub
lished by a local paper on Friday, his
name headed the list. Mr. Price is
much liked in the worM of society and
business, and his engagement is natur
ally of great interest to his friends. He
met Miss Risley In the latter part of
November, when she came to act as
1 iF&n/pc recoil i
If Of unequalled value as a II
P household beverage. n
bridesmaid at her brother's marriage
to Miss Holbert, and it was a case of
love at first sight. While his friends
here knew that Mr. Price admired Miss
Risley, they were surprised at such a
rapid termination of the affair. Miss
Hildegarde Risley herself is a very
pretty, charming girl, who was much
admired during her short stay here,
and while the absence of Miss Holbert
is much felt, her friends feel that the
prospective coming of Miss Risley is
turn about and fair play. It is believ
ed by Mr. Price's, friends that their
wedding will not be long delayed. Mr.
Price will be back in a few days with
his mother, who has been spending the
holidays with her daughter, Mrs.
James, in Boston.
There are many in society who re
merober with pleasure the New Year's
day of the long ago, and wish that
general New Tear's calling might again
be the fashion. This year the day was
celebrated by many different groups,
but not generally anywhere. Mrs. C.
M. Griggs, of Summit avenue, gave a
very beautiful tea in the afternoon in
honor of her sister, Miss Anna Griegs,
of Tacoma, who is her guest for a
short time. The presence of Mr. Stan
ford Newel has been the occasion of
some entertaining, principally by his
men friends. Mr. Louis W. Hill was
among those who entertained him at
dinner and several affairs at the Min
nesota club have been given in his
Among the affairs of interest to be
given in the next few days are the
dance Mrs. Kenneth Clark will give to
morrow night at Ramaley's hall for
Miss Kopper, the small dance given
Tuesday night by Mrs. Louis Warren
Hill, the first formal entertainment in
her beautiful new home, and the tea
which she will give on Wednesday
afternoon from 4 until 6. On Saturday
afternoon Mrs. Tighe will entertain
from 5 to until 7, in honor of her niece,
Miss Schurmeier, one of the season's
debutantes. Thursday afternoon Mrs.
W. E. Howard, of Summit avenue, will
give a musicale in honor of Miss Lima
R. O'Brien, the young pianist, assisted
by Miss Mary Guest Smith.
Mr. Charles- E. Smith Jr. and his
friend, Mr. W. D. Hart, who has been
spending the holidays with him, have
been spending a day or two in Minne
apolis, and leave tonight to return to
Yale by way of Buffalo and Niagara.
Among others who will return to
school and college in the East this
week, are the Misses Charlotte Har
denbergh, Judith Lawler, Elizabeth
Skinner, the Misses Schultz, Miss
Schumeier, who all go tonight; Miss
Prouty, Miss .McDavitt, Miss Thomp
son, Miss Foley, and among the young
men who will return are Edwin Clapp,
Edwin White, Dean Gregg, Shepard,
Haynie, Stringer, Grant and Graves.
Mrs. Ansel Oppenhelm Is spending
the holidays in London. She sailed
with her husband the latter part of
November and has been doing much
country-house visiting during the last
month. Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kalman
are settled in their home at 46S Ash
land avenue, but will not be formally
at home until after Feb. 1.
Mrs. W. J. Dean gave a small lunch
eon Thursday in honor of Mrs. De For
est, of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Pearce, who
have been at the Aberdeen, have been
much entertained during their stay.
Dr. John Rogers gave a dinner at the
Country club in their honor Wednes-
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day, and Thursday night Mr. and Mrs.
Howard James, of the Aberdeen, en-j
tertained them at dinner. -"-' I
• * *
Mrs. George B. Young has issued in
vitations - for ,an ; evening musicale on
Jan. 15. ? Judge and Mrs. -Young have
just . returned from; Washington '---. and
New York. : Miss Ristine, who has
been the guest of Mrs. Wilkes,; of. the
Aberdeen, has : gone to Minneapolis to
visit relatives. "~ _r: „: . " _:i ."
• ♦ •
=V": One of the most important events of
the past week from a masculine stand
point, was the Yale banquet given last
night at the Commercial club. Many,
of the best known men ' of St. 1 Paul, :
Joth old and young, attended and made :
addresses. :? Dr. Burnside Foster was
toastmaster, and Mr. . Stanford": Newel
and Prof. Lewis were the guests of ;
Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Hilbert announce
the engagement of their daughter Olga to
Mr. Martin Giesen, son of Mr. and Mrs.
P. J. Giesen.
The Winner Euchre club was enter
tainer by Mrs. J. Goettleman. of Ramsey
street. Prizes were won by Mis 3 Anna
Rowan, Mrs. Elliott, Mr. A. Hertou and
Mr. Sheehan. Mr. J. Carr won the hand
prize. Miss Anna Rowan, of 619 Conway
street, will entertain the club next week.
Mrs. H. W. Dickman, of 903 Beech
street, will entertain the Elysian Euchre
club Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 5.
Mrs. H. W. Dickman, of Beech street,
entertained a number of relatives at New
Year's dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Dickman. of Beech
street, entertained at dinner during the
week Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Binder.
• * •
Misses Hortense and Katherine Dickman
entertained Informally a number of their
little friends during the holidays.
The Misses Beth Alton, of Alexandria,
and Maud Marsden, of Bald Eagle Lake,
are spending the holidays with Carrie S.
Alton, of Marshall avenue, for whom the
latter entertained a few friends Tuesday
Mr. Arthur Woodland, accompanied by
Miss Lottie Woodland, will sing "Face to
Face" at the Bates Avenue Methodist
Episcopal church this morning.
Mrs. S. A. Farnsworth entertained dur
ing the week Miss Amy Lyons, of Way
* * *
A benefit ball will be given for Miss
Nellie Schultz Saturday evening, Jan. 9,
at Paul Martin's hall. Miss
Schultz met with an accident and
her friends are endeavoring to aid
Mrs. F. G. Thore. of 1915 St. An
thony avenue, will entertain the
Ladies Aid of St. Sigfrid's Church
Thursday afternoon, Jan. 14 in
stead of Mrs. Charles Ekwald,
as previously announced.
The Columbian Euchre club met
Tuesday afternoon at the residence
of Mrs. J. H. Ryan. Favors were
won by Mrs. P. H. McHale, Mrs.
J. P. Connell and Mrs. James A.
Prosperity camp and Prosperity
grove will hold joint installation
ceremonies in the I. O. O. F. hall,
corner Fifth and Wabasha streets,
Wednesday evening, Jan. 6.
The Ladies' Social Union of St.
Paul's Universalist church will hold
its annual meeting for the ek-ction
of officers Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. L. W. French. 476
Dayton avenue.
It is announced that the Ladies'
Aid Society of Central Park
M. E. church will hold its meeting
In the parlors of-the church Thursday
afternoon, Jan. 7, at 3 o'clock.
• • •
The popular lecturer, Dr. H. W. Sears,
will give a lecture in the Central Park
M. E. church. Twelfth and Minnesota,
on Friday, Jan. 8. Subject, "Grumblers
and Their Cure."
* ♦ •
The Willard Hotel Social club danc
ing party club will take place Friday
evening, Jan. 8.
4 • •
The Postoffice band will give the fourth
ball in its series Wednesday evening, Jan.
6, at Elks' hall.
The public installation of the officers
of St. Paul Cha»tor No 24, Order of the
Eastern Star, occurred last Monday even
ing at Masonic Temple and was witnessed
by a large number of the members of
the order and their friends. Miss Caro
line E. Bell, past matron of St. Paul
chapter officiated as installing officer, and
after the ceremonies was presented with
a past matron's jewel, appropriately en
graved. The officers installed were:
Worthy matron. AOBS Layette A. Gray;
worthy patron, Frank W. Noyes; asso
ciate matron. Miss Marion I. Seward;
secretary. Miss Mary E. Hill; treasurer,
Miss Isabel Gddfrey; conductress, Mrs.
C. Paul Krueger; associate conductress,
Mrs. A. J. Burningham, Ada; Miss Myra
M. Blinn. Ruth; Mrs. Maggie Kemper,
Esther; Mrs. George B. Nienaber, Martha;
Miss Dora Bell, Eiecta; Miss Emily Bell,
Warder; Mrs. Xicols, sentinel; J. C.
Krueger, organist; Miss Maud Godfrey.
The third of a aeries of dancing parties
will be given by the chapter in the near
The Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church
Sunday school has elected the following
officers: Superintendent. Mr. H. Alexan
der; assistant, Rev. S. G. Sykes; secretary.
Miss Ada Brack; treasurer, Eugene
Schneidler; librarian, Miss Smith; pianist.
Miss E. Greutzke.
The Metropolitan Opera House T'shers'
club will give their tenth social dancing
party next Friday evening at Elks' hall.
Muhlenbruchs' Metropolitan opera house
orchestra will furnish the music.
Constellation chapter, O. E. S.. will hold
open installation of officers Wednesday
evening at Masonic temple, West Fifth
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Memorial
Lutheran Church will meet with Mrs.
Henry Hanbert, 151 Iglehart street, on
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
The Assumption Social society will give
a progressive euchre party Tuesday even
ing. Jan. 12, at Assumption school hal\
on Exchange street, between Ninth and
St. Peter streets.
Minnehaha camp, M. W. A., and Royal
Oak camp, R. N. A., will hold a public
joint installation of officers at Wood
man hall Thursday evening, Jan. 7. Mrs.
J. G. Herberger wil
fleer for the lipyai
Charles G. Lay<"
law committee
the installation
will be a .shot'
an addros.s by I'ov
by Mr. John Oe
and Miss Pearl B
Emma Alee, :
Skemp, to be follor
refreshments will !■•
ing members ><■
on the roo-pt:
crt A. Smith.
Jagger, A. J. Braw
J. Donahower, 1'
Hornick, Dr. J. 11
son. Dr. E. H. S
I'hil C. Justis.
Hamlin, Judge B
I.ampp. J. J. Tain'!!
C Collins, Char!'-;
Reese, P. M. Mai
George W. Duwdi". .
Mrs. John J. I.yoi
last Wedne.sda
Birthday club, whi
the year. Sh--
Miss Rodgers, of W
Minnehaha 1
progressive euehro
noon at Central hi!
Esther Lodge
a card party at \
Franklin iitnl
evenint,', Jan. i, 1

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