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\ 20,000 YARDS FINE ORESS GING- m rwvwwfw* XfIUffYIMTfciOTTTMf 500 11-4 EXTRA HEAVY BLAN- f\ fk
? HAMS, aH new goods, 9c and 10c i%f| I "fJJ J^f^J^FKtijjAl KETS- Why pay 90c? All go in I*ll ft
j duality, all -go in this MfW 1^ ijltj : *" 7HE popular new store- * ... this sale at ..".'. . <mr Ijiilli
I Sale ......:...♦..„./ (B|JB^ , : %^%r 92-94-96 East Sereßtft Street and 412-414-416 Minessta Streef= Kennedy, McLeod, McArthur Co. Wily. :;:; .; v .... WL*~ %r %# \9-
I The Second Week of Our Great Stock Reducing Sale
\ Prices cut to make phenomenal selling. Every move we make must be better than the last So it is in this great sale. YOU WILL FIND PRICES LOWER, ASSDRTMEHTS LARfiER, VARIETIES GREATER THAN HERETOFORE. This Jan
* vary Sale is an opportunity which shrewd buyers will recognize as the. greatest-bargain event of ths entire year. All goods marked at a price that -will sell them.

I King of Suit, Coat and Fur Sales. Ladies' Robes Wonderful January Sale in
I Ladies' and Coats at Less Than the.. Cloth Costs. Ladies' Eiderdown, Robes, made A |«^- I— f^l l*\t*/\f fXi^f^T r\^tfV^-
I A sale that for women who keep posted (and most St. Paul women do) will meet your \** lar?c sailor collar trimmed in. \ /AIL L*l 1 1 l/lO HJCIV UvDlo .
I expectations, for these are garments offered at prices not to be duplicated anywhere. <*><*« ail finished with -heavy • . - . ■■■ - T
llf you see them you will be a customer sure. You must see them Monday. " ' SS^St^ Why €« Aft F*CQS cl led / re ir for nve days only, but many, lots-are small so come early. Extra
\ LaL^ats, from $12.50 to Ladies' Coat, from $30.00 Ladles' Suit, Lm . $15,00 ig nfL «Bl*V© salespeople and selling space, so all can be waited on promptly.
> Ladles' Coats, from $12.50 to Ladies' Coats. from $30.00 Ladles' Suits, from $15,00 to prica re» l ' prumpuy.
i $15.00.must go. 4itV^ 'i^d& t0 $32.50, • "must ■ go. _, See •- $17.50, must gO.^f|V X j%.& : ;——— ■ I' 00? Handsome Pillow Tops and 3,000 Balls Silk Finished Crochet, 1,000 Shams and Scarfs, with two
{Seethe price.-2^1% £|g- th« „ ti7 fa . Se, e th* w^. A £i|§ OniiM Oowijs B^1B°"~ &^.* ???:•... 2V>o SSuS* -- ■*
► only WW^^fWV price, / 0n1y.."........ *}r^^ V*^ B BnTffiGT 8 JAWHC quality at 39c. • s*al/ *-/Z2r -Peciai H»?W
I; " ' nlv wi/^^W . \JUllll}; VJUWfIS Top and back I2V>C Pure Dye Knitting Silk in all pretty
I Ladies' Coats, from $15.00 to <->niy--- ....-fl- "■ ; " :- Ladies' Suits, from $18.00 to ° ' ■<*»A£ V colors, full 75-yard -- - m 500 Shams and Scarfs, with, wide
{ $18.75, must go.^t* A DA Children's Coats, from $4.50 to $22, must go. <flV| Afo J± ' Ladies' Outing Flannel Gowns, made mpo^ IB ? ten t fe* Th™d ' n^^'^B -i tSt'S^-.f 1..1^ 25C
< c P p thp nrire fifell S6 50 must pq /ftt*» E3 >9s. See the nriee B& « fIL«R^ white or cream. For this *a Dainty Laundry Bags, ti%n ■**'«
!ss.?.^.W»so struts 50 o^, thepri? e:$10*00 double yoke, collar and sleeves trinimei sra*,?- 2c stamped and embroidered.... |QC 2 bls , ots 0( F _ spa Jr
{ only fr^» f . See the price, -^ only ■ . -..,„,, - 3 bl- lots of Fancy ypachtel Em-
" nn i v *JlF^s^s^^^lk " ' M ■ ' in wids lace,•- own mads wide and Mercerized Silk Pillow Cord. Why Good Laundry Bags, full A broidered Shams, Centerpieces
I Ladies' Coats. from $19.00 ulu-y " . . Ladles' Suits, from $23.00 fuU plnk and ' blu . V why jm. *%. . pay 10c Special, /kn size, stamped Qb Scarfs and Doilies, wonderful values,
\to $25.00, must go.. See Children's Coats, from $8 50 to to $27.50, must go. See pay 65c?,. We . ' - %W^ & yard •••■••••••.•••^•••- VV Any 50c pillow top and *1 n m* mm «a
> the 4fttlJ* I* fa $12.50. must io"^^- : ■■ A the « :^J^5ay:....^....V:../..:.^^%^ 1,000 Yards Rug Fringe in pretty back in the house. ££C 30C 25C IOC
i price -^ *^» h See the price TtKff^l *^|IL^w price S|l| fej i^Rfl -colors; others ask 10c. /in in ' v c t ' a
I « $13.50 Ouly :..'.4JpV^vV- 0n1y.'... $15.00 - !BS^^ •••"•"• 4c "stamped, e & 3c 1,000 Richardson Pillow and Doily
I A Great Fur Sale. || : Angora, Tains f S»lOc: I^llll SS~
I XXUiyUI IHI UUIV, AHA P . Me-rccnzedSi.kDrjpeV Fringe in JSutK." !nd 'stagedFuSS «^ value. Special 25C
j This is time of all times to get Furs. WMM^I^^I 12%" s°^ a"-? 6c '^^^SS^'-SlS^ 100° pmow Tops ' Am-!- Beauty
; 500 French Coney Cluster Scarfs. Why /JtV« £* m 10 Extra Long Marten Scarfs. $15.00 4Nfli& A<<V color!* 'wh^pay* t'.'oO? AA^ Mercerized Couch Fringe, in. rich .100 Pairs Pillow Shams, stamped. wash slik^nd CortS" 3 C°- rtlCelll
; pay $2.00? For this sale &pIaZS to $16.50 quality, all go Monday w|V*VV Our price...; V7V Oriental colorings, a . & p While the lot lasts, |a. lesson book, all $/*„
«4}/H*AJ^^ *» J *tt»l^*W .: f yard ©t special, a pair |V«C for ICftC
| 500 French Coney Extra Long Scarfs. 4N mA^ 100 Extra Long Fox Scarfs, $22.50 JJ :A a ' - • "- ' ■■ -. ■ . : , : . . , . - - .. - ' • "■V
> Why pay $4,50? For this sale aIIAaWO i and $25.00 quality, for this sale 4BIi A OWJ ■ ■ ""'■■' *- \ . . . ~~~ : —
r__ *yy*»^%H ; , ? „ t'^W Great Clearing Sale in Continuation of Our Big
I Greatest Bargains in Shoes, Overshoes and Rubbers Children's Underwear Linen and White Goods Sale
J _. BB^-- l I A «. «* «| I a«lSaa4 ft^ ma M L OLa^^ —-1 W u e. Place on sale Monday all of our broken sizes in Children's Underwear,
■ W&Silr Rlfloll S rillßi 1 OflluO Vfjiflfrila Vlllßft I" *^3Hfe^ • which we propose closing out regardless of cost. We have made three biff This sale Is the biggest we have ever attempted, and Monday we will have
IT iWIKI N A\ nlllKN ■in! IK Biß|(|KN ' ■ lots, of all our lines, in natural wool, camel's hair, merino and wool steam This sale Is the blsgest we have ever att-mptcl. an.l M.m.1.-.y w, ; will have
j mr* s®*. If lull U UIIU L.UUIUU . VUlllplll VIIUUU W .... ■ BnSS^rSySST rth UP t0 74c> and have marked them' at the anOther hie lot to select from Not only we, but manufacturers are alao.
I 2.000 pairs of fine sample Shoes made by C. Gotzian & Ot, oh sale liere tomorrow morning, A" «A "sizes 20 and 22, we have marked In this sale per garment.. "' ' 230 anxious that we make this sale a success, for on the-volume of our sales
: numerous styles, Sizes from 3to 5, Values from $3.00 to $5.00. Your choice, per % / ilkjl -I. 12 —™' ■?<? an •2 > f°r thi3 clearing out sale, 'per garment. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 390 depends the sise of our order for next year. , They cut-down their profits,
i pair....;.,.. aP^B7 ?h e 8 s Se til t^i;, IST 'T'T* f y ' Sarment •^v-^-^^^ and we cut down ours. For Monday special we offer the following good
:v - V '. TT * These great bargains will be displayed on our department tables. Come v .
; About 400 pairs Men's Viet Kid and Patent Leather Lace Shoes, medium arid heavy soles, good tf»*| ia In- you will surely find qualities and prices which win please you. bargains: -
: sizes, worth up to $4, at '•'.... $*r*lv —" ~— ' ~ ~~~ —-— — — ■--: -
I Men's $1.50 Buckle Arctics, all sizes 98c Ladies' Pure Gum Rubbers, small sizes :..... ;_sc f irS fat Of MflcHfl Ifnd^rW^r <JalpC °% ~LTZ?ZT^i
: Boys' Buckle Arctics 75c Men's and Ladies' Rubbers .........19c UlCatWl Ul ITIUMIII UUUCI.WwSr JUICS : heavy, elegant patterns that usually sold for $1.30 dozen. Mon- ■««
: Misses 1 and Children's Buckle Arctics 49c Misses' and Children's Black and Red Null.- : /a< . Why not save money on your muslin underwear Toucan This stock sold for $1.50 and $i.75 a yard. da^ BPetiai • for 42C
! Ladies' $1.50 and $2.00 Fancy Slippers. „38C, fiers, $l.QCLgrade 47V is not only selling at an enormous saving to you,'but we are showing the Monday special. tfv| 4a A big lot of. remnants in white
: Ladies 1 Pure Gum Storm Alaskas, sizes to 4 25c ■■, Men'%,sLQo Kid Slippers ...... .. ......V.. ...,75c t e eriais r cut lof f^hat the manufacturers produce in these lines—good ma- • a yard ' ••♦^■♦^«l po^s, all lengths and plenty 3-yard
itn- -«i EA-vu'c^M.': • no i\AtZ,' P«V^,* i -othl. o««l"Z. c ji -■ ' V . terialscut of generous length and width—neatly made—beautifully trim- lengths, suitable-for shirt waists.
Ladies $1.50 Kid Sandals ....... .....98c c Ladies' Pgtent Leather Roman Sandals, . .^J»o mm „ mcd, clean., fresh stock, at prices you can't afford to make them Coma Extra fine double Damask, fine qual- slightly soiled and marked especially
Ladies' $1.50 Felt Shoes, leather foxed ....,....'. extra high. 9 straps, all sizes .........,:." *$$*&»& - and see our most attractive line. - , ' ■ lty and elegant patterns floral and low- For- Monday .they all go for 1
Men's $2.00 Felt Shoes.... .... U .^. K $1.49 Men's 75c Best Grade Rubbers ...^. 49C .~• v- I nH^i».rn&'rc ; . Tn , ; - ,r ' - conventional designs, napkins to of what they are; marked.
Ladles'. Misses and Children's Felt Slippers..... -.25c Men's Felt Shoes ._ 98c Ladie* Covers LadlSS GowilS : match, usually sold for $2.25 a yard. ttJSS'iSS v ?£!i ? 8c **"**% °
H "'^ '-^ -—— : - : :"° d t T n tafr VFi Cambric Z**Zn t kIV S cSS* tri^S I*BF^.^^ $|,4S \^^^^ 5C
H, |P Splendid Values i|§f :|gf|| , : Men Take Notice :; Corset Covers, trimmed in bands of with lace, embroidery, fancy yokes. Hemsti^d Table ciothld dozen A good-sized Bath Towel, worth
I Indies' and Children's Hosiery ffloiiarch and Ctliett lace inserting, neck and sleeves, double back, large assortment of Hemstitched Table Cloth and dozen 15c. For Monday ia^
i Ladies' and Children's- Hosiery Monarch and Clflett -w_^lS^|f StZSESSKI'S.. 7Z~"*ZZ"dSZ
■ It Is in this department you will find the best values that money can pro- -«.. Price A^V Ladies' Fine Nainsook Gowns, made Monday special. (P AA hemmed that sold for Si 50 For
; cure for our patrons, but among our many good values we wish to call • Qltiflr* v.;^; •;. ;-" •>-/ :- with double row of lace inserting... a set .........;...;.J9jW»- Monday' UT»o 'A. a.
: particular attention to the following qualities and prices. •. ... „ ■ jilllt3 ' A . beautiful assortment, of Corset front and back, neck and sleeves ' special . %>$ tlCl
: ladies' fleece lined Hose euarin- Children.. Cashmere Hose a very - ■"«•■ •« Covers, made of nainsook or cam- edged.to match, laced with baby rib- A silver bleached hemmed Cloth, " * •••«!»■♦ V^
! &ZS&2SSP 2OC- ,°fC c Z^ar^-S'?. I.'. 0'....!^: — *•«"■»• tosotc^ m:4oC Ladies' Skirts SS. to;S aleepSi'ri y"d ' Mon. l a S .,pec- 1a ,. y ,...|5C
i Per pair ■IA/«V Monarch /-A. ■ '100 dozen Ladies' Fancy Skirts, extra special 7*JC A Muslin and Sheeting special
: ChlMrwi'., flPeoo lined Hose either Infants' Cashmere Hose, all colors, aiv-"' __|%Cja% Ladies' Chemise, made of lawn or made with four lace inserting, with " ' marked for Monday.
: flnpnrhPavv ribbed seamless foot with silk heel and toe, seamless foot. . : $1.00 £&*" VvV nainsook, made French style or ruffle of lace to match or deep A good, strictly all linen Napkin, Linen finished Toweling. **,
■fast back WhvMv others 15c to a very fine Quality worth 25c St>e- -n,,«f* ■ ■ '■*. :1' trimmed: neck and sleeves, skirt flounce of embroidery, with cluster good size and patterns, that usually worth 6c. Monday special... :^V
■ 20?T SrVRfMo! lhlf2 o^ltoAlLZT -%^1- . duett, Aft^ ■ ESS^ t? tuf S d lnsertln^ "eck of twdy^aU-wlth duit toffle. ..Whr " sold for $1.65. and JL7B. dozen. Checked Toweling for glass, strictly
ss sr^.f?r.^:.i2«« S.- .....v j^ c «.. S o er 98C «rs?: 98c s-.r:'. 8l. f°r $|,25 sS&S?fr"* 7c
y^i*<l^i^i*fl^i*fl^i*fl^i^i^a^l^^ii^«i^i^««r<rfl^ '
Continued From Seventeenth Page.
course of lectures will be given at the
Atlantic Congregational chruch. The lec
turers are Dr. J. Doyd, Rev. Holmes, of
Minneapolis, and Rev. M. Evans, of the
Atlantic church.
Mrs. L. Bradley, of East Sixth street,
entertained at a luncheon Thursday for
Sirs. Frank Hevener.
Mrs. J. M. Kuber. of Maria avenue, has
teen entertaining Miss Johnson and Miss
Blom, of Stillwater.
The Urn Zoo Wee club will meet Tues
day afternoon with Miss Stella Willlus
of Hoffman avenue.
Mrs. G. L. Dobb, of Chicago, was a
guest Saturday of Mrs. Edward Schutt,
of Fremont street.
Miss Moore, of Maple street, has re
turned from Winnebago City, where she
spent the holidays.
Mrs. Rolfer, of Maria avenue, enter
tained Friday afternoon in honor of her
mother, Mrs. Cole.
Miss Florence Herbert, who visited Mrs.
It. E. McOleary, has gone to her home in
Hopkins, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman have re
turned to Wahpeton, N. D., after a visit
with relatives.
Miss Elsie Wichman, of East Fourth
Btreet, entertained a few friends last Fri
day evening.
Walter Werner, of Chicago, is a guest
of Mr. and Mrs. John Seeger, of East
Fifth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Krieger, of East Third
street, have returned from a short visit
In Duluth.
Mrs. J. W. Lie May. of East Fifth street,
liad as a guest Saturday Mra. Nettie
Mis. R. E. McCloary entertained at a
cupper Monday evening for her son,
Miss Ethel Winkleblek, Mrs. Samuel
Spindler's guest, has returned to Minne
Miss Barbara Smith, of East Fifth
Btreet, has returned from a visit at Pearl
Lake. r
Mr. and Mrs. Zable, of Hope street, have
returned from a short visit in Dubuque,
Mis 3 Mabel Evans and Matt Evans, of
Bates avenue, entertained Thursday even
Mrs. Adam Holmes entertained the Urn
Zoo Wee club Monday afternoon.
Miss Vera Helmes. of East Fifth street,
has returned from New Ulm.
Mrs. Theodore Franks, of Maria avenue
has returned from Fargo.
The M. O. B. club met Thursday after
noon with Mrs. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Waldorf gave a card
party Monday evening.
Mrs. G. X,. Harding spent part of the
week in Minneapolis.
The Misses Ball, of Fremont street,
have been entertaining relatives and
friends from Staples.
Mr. and Mrs. Krembs have returned to
395 Hope street.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bolland, from Cam
bridge Springs, Pa., who spent the holi
days with their daughter, Mrs. C. C.
Crandall, Marshall avenue, left Tuesday
for California, where they will spend the
remainder of the winter.
The Ladies' Aid Society of Olfvet Con
gregational Church will hold their annual
meeting and election of officers with the
president. Mrs. S. G. Cobb, 1852 Marshall
avenue, Friday afternoon, Jan. 15.
Mrs. J. E. Gearey and children, who
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. R.
Gearey, of Carroll street, left Wednes
day morning for their home in Pine
Miss Sadie Matson," who has been the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Matson. of St. Anthony avenue, re
turned to Hutchinson Monday.
The members of the Ladies' Study class
entertained their husbands Monday even
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Lynch, 1954 Iglehart street.
Mrs. A. P. Dapron, Wilder avenue, en
tertained the Woman's Home and For
eign Missionary Society of Trinity M. E.
Church Friday afternoon.
Miss Ruth Frisk, Marshall avenue, gave
a luncheon last Saturday in honor of
Miss Courtney, from Louisville, Ky. Cov
ers were laid for ten.
MisS'Armino Watkins entertained about
forty young people at a dancing party at
her home. 1852 Dayton avenue, last Thurs
day evening.
Dr. Andrew Henderson and son, Gordon,
returned Thursday morning from a two
weeks' visit in Montreal and other points
in Canada.
Mrs. James D. Dv Shane, Iglehart
street, will give a tea Saturday afternoon
in honor of the ladies of St. Mary's
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert t3oOch, who Were
visiting- Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Halloway,,
of Waltham avenue, have returned to
The Daughters of the King of St. Mary's
Episcopal Church met Monday afternoon
with Mrs. G. A. Coykendall, of Moore aye-
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Black, /.he recent
guests of Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Phillips,
Dayton avenue, have returned to Duluth.
Miss Anna Muckle entertained a large
party of young people at her home on
Randolph street last Tuesday evening.
B. E. Graves and family, of IVfoline,
111., have returned to the Park and oc-.
cupy .their residence on Carroll street.
Mrs. G. G. Waller, Marshall avenue, en
tertained the Ladies 1 Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cutter, of Abbots
ford, Wis., are the guests of their daugh
ter, Mrs. S. G. Cobb, Marshall avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Coykendall will oc
cupy the S. S. Bayer residence on Moore
avenue the remainder of the winter.
Miss Reyes, who has been visiting her
sister, Mrs. D. F. Brooks. Lynnhurst ave
nue, returned to Winona Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Smitten, of Mar
shall avenue, who spent the holidays in
Owatonna. have returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Zahm. who were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Halloway,
Waltham avenue, have returned to Ma
son City, lowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Humason, Car
roll street, will entertain the Evening
Cinch club tomorrow evening.
Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Cobb, Marshall ave
nue, are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. M.
B. Cutter, of Bethlehem, Pa.
Mrs. Walter Still and daughter Gladys,
of Chicago, are the guests of H. E. Still
and family, of Selby avenue.
The Misses Helen and Alice Ostrom,
Iglehart street, returned to St. Mary's
hall, Faribault, Tuesday.
Mrs. S. V. Boyer, Moore avenue, has
gone to Denver, Col., to spend the remain
der of the winter.
Mr. A. P. Wakefleld, Marshall avenue,
will leave tonight for a month's visit at
"Hot Springs, Ark.
The Misses Louise and Armlne Watkins
returned to St. Mary's hall, Faribault,
Tuesday morningl.
The Merriam Park football team gave
a dancing party at Woodruff hall last
Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Doak, the guests
of Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Phillips, have re
turned to Olivia.
• Miss Anderson, Carroll street, enter
tained the Young Ladies' Card club Tues
day afternoon.
Mrs. F. B. McLaughlin, of Iglehart
street, has returned from a visit at Co
lumbus, Ohio.
Hon. George H. Munro, the recent guest
of his sister, Mrs. A. C. Clausen, has re
turned home.
Alfred Crider and Harvey Gordon gave
a sleighing party and supper last Thurs
day evening.
Mrs. I. E. Wallis. Marshall avenue, Is
entertaining Mra. H. B. Wentworth, of
A. H. Rogers, Iglehart street, has been
entertaining his cousin, Mr. Roberts of
Miss McMillan. Prior avenue, has re
turned from Mankato, where she spent the
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, of Hast
ings, have been the guests of Park
Mrs. George L. Huntington, Marshall
avenue, has returned from a visit in Lu
Richard J. Marvin, who spent the holi
days in the park, has returned to Du
The Opechee club gave a dancing party
at Woodruff hall last Thursday evening.
Roy Ostram. Iglehart street, has re
turned to Shattuck school, Faribault.
The U. M. O. club gave a dancing party
at Woodruff Hall Saturday evening.
Congressman and Mrs. F. C Stevens
left last Saturday for Washington, D. C.
Miss Bertha Ludwig has returred to
H. C. TVlcKinstry has returned to Win
"nebago City, after spending a few days at
the home of his sister, Mrs. A. J. Wallace.
Prof. J. R. Brandrup, who was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Holley, has re
turned to Mankato.
Mrs. B, H. Benham was the guest of
her mother, Mrs. Helen M. Evans, dur
ing the week.
Mi\ B. J. Rice has gone to Casselton,
N. D. Mrs. Rice will leave for Cassel
ton in two weeks from now, where they
are to make their future home.
The Hamline Mothers' club met on
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs,
W. S. Ryan.
Miss Sophie Chick, the guest of Mrs.
J. B. Munson, has returned to Dawson.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright, of Willmar. have
been guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. Wlthee.
Mrs. E. E. McCrea. of Alexandria, Is
the guest of Mrs. C. P. Montgomery.
Mr. N. Norman, the guest of M. L.
Holley, has returned to Montendeo.
Mr. and Mrs. Bedal, of Sioux City, are
guests of Mrs. M. L. Webber.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Caldwell have re
turned from Farrington.
Mrs. Burbank will entertain the Ravens'
club Wednesday evenln.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gllman have re
turned from Chicago.
Miss Nellie Carpenter has returned from
Maiden Park, Wls.
Miss Ceclle Cole has returned from
Olivia, Minn.
Miss Mina Spear has returned to El
more, Minn.
Miss Ethel Bradford has returned from
Miss Edith Montgomery has returend to
Mls3 Maude Taylor has returned from
Miss Belle Holly has returned from
Miss Gertrude Nash has returned to
Miss Ethelwyn Innis has returned to
Miss Floy Rossman is visiting in Spring
Miss Anna Sudheimer has gone to St.
Mrs. Cora Winston has gone to Chi
A grand concert will be given Friday
evening, the 22d Inst. in St. Anthony Park
Congregational church at 8 o'clock. The or
atorla "Emanuel" by Alfred Bierly, first
presentation in the Twin Cities, chorus of
forty voices and soloists under the direc
tion of P. H. Metcalf. Soloists: Mrs. Marie
W. Graves, of St. Paul, soprano; C. M.
Keeler, Minneapolis, bass; P. H. Metcalf,
St. Anthony Park, tenor; assisted by the
choir of the church. Soprano, Miss Lena
McKown; alto. Mrs. Alice Tlsdell; tenor.
Adam Richardson, bass; Harry Blodgett
and the Abt Ladles' quartette, first so
prano, Miss Lena McKown, second so
prano, Miss "Winnlfred Brush; first alto,
Mrs. Alice Tisdall, second alto, Miss
Edith Hackney.
Mrs. E. H. Burghardt, of Bayless ave
nue entertained the Women's Home
and Foreign Missionary society of
the Congregational Church Monday
afternoon; Mrs. E. S. Pressey pre
sided and gave a short address
taking for her subject the mission work
among the Indians, and was followed in
the discussion by all the ladies present
and proved to bo a very entertaining
The Misses M. Helen Weed and Myrtle
Weed, and Mrs. B. L. Hamilton, of Hat
ton. N. D., were guests of their sister,
Mrs. Fryckberg, during the week.
Prof, and Mrs. H. S. Baker, of Blake
avenue entertained informally, Monday
evening, in honor of Miss Blanch Valen
tine and Alden —Valentine. Miss Valen
tine is a student at Smith college and her
brother is a graduate of Yale college.
Misa Winnifed Stuart, of Anoka, was
guest of honor at an informal dancing
party Friday evening at the home of Miss
Rosamond Rich, on Langford avenue.
Miss Rich was assisted by Miss Gretta
Reasoner and Miss Stuart.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Congre
gational church have elected the following
officers: President, Mrs. Samuel Green;
vice president, Mrs. H. N. Stephenson;
secretary. Mrs. Andrew Ermin; treasurer,
Mrs. C. W. Piper.
Mrs. Samuel Green will entertain the
Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational
Church next Tuesday at the Babies' home
the ladies will sew for the babies.
Mrs. Morrison entertained from 3 to 8
Saturday at her home, on Cromwell ave
nue for her daughter, Vcllita, in celebra
tion of her birthday anniversary.
The History class met Thursday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. H. L.
Heacker on Raymond avenue. Mra. C.
Backers led. Subject: Henry VI.
The Misses Nolan, of Gibbs avenue en
tertained a group of friends from Minne
apolis Monday evening. Music and games
were the features.
Mrs. L. M. Lefflngwell, of Hampden
avenue, will entertain the Ladies' Guild
of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Mon
day afternoon.
Clarence Stewart, the recent guest of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stewart,
of Commonwealth avenue, has returend to
Havre, Mont.
Mrs. W. W. Clark, of Commonwealth
avenue entertained at a masquerade
dancing party Saturday evening for the
younger set.
Miss Stackpole entertained the Saturday
Afternoon club yesterday afternoon at
the home' of Mrs. Frank Richards in
Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman, of Bayless ave
nue have returned from Young America,
where they spent the holidays with their
The L. B. T. V. club will be entertained
Monday (tomorrow) afternoon at the
home of Miss Grace Costello, on Bayless
The marriage of Miss Frances Jeanette
Harris, formerly of the park, and Mr.
Frank Elden, of Plymouth, N. £>„ took
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place Thursday afternoon at the home of
the bride's sister In. Minneapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Young, of Gibbs
avenue were entertained Wednesday even
ing at the home of Dr. Roethe in Minne
Mr. and Mrs. George Eggleton. of
Gibbs avenue, entertained at a flinch party
Monday evening for Minneapolis friends.
Mr. and Mrs. William Westphall. of
Bayless avenue, entertained at a musical,
Friday evening for a number of friends.
Herbert Todd, of Waverly, lowa, has
been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
William Todd. of Langford Park place.
Mrs. Harry Vaughn, of Cleveland, Ohio,
Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Du
vall F. Polk, of Carter avenue.
Bpecial services were held in the M. E.
church during the week with Presiding
Elder Stout as leader.
Misa Grace. Costello, of Bayless avenue
has returned from Fargo, where she
spent the holidays.
Mrg. Alvah Bull, of Langford a%-enue,
will entertain the Young Mothers' club
Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Frences. of Pym street, enter
tained the South Side Whist club Thurs
day evening.
Mrs. M. A. Jones, of Cromwell avenue
spent tbe week in St. Clound.
Miss Florence Todd, of Langford Park
place has returned from Anoka.
Aurel Halsted entertained a number of
hlg friends Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant, of lowa, have been
visiting Mr. I. B. Grant.
Roger Cudworth, of Cromwell avenue
has returned from Fargo.
Howard Flagg, of Raymond avenue, has
returned from Fargo.
Miss Foster is visiting relatives In Wis
Mrs. John Luger entertained the Ladles'
Cinch club Thursday last. Favom were
won by Mrs. Joseph Schleck and Mrs. John
Luger. The next meeting will be held
with Mrs. T. L. Morgan.
Mrs. Lizzie Engburg and daughters,
Teckla and Cora, of St. Paul, were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelsoii Friday last.
A dance was given last evening by the
North St. Paul firemen. Music was fur-
nished by the Wolf and Barrett orches
Mrs. Fagiidas and daughters, and Mr».
Bonnell, of Minneapolis, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. llagaman Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilberts, of Lake City,
Minn., was a guest of Mrs. Fred Crouse
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Bruntrop, of St. Paul,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gait
Miss Sweet, of St. Cloud, Minn., was
a guest of Mrs. R. A. Vosburg the past
Mrs. Adolf Bodine, of West St. Paul,
was a guest of relatives here Saturday.
Miss Marie Mollett, of St. Paul, visited
relatives here Friday and Saturday last.
Mrs. J. C. Cramer, of Minneapolis, was
a guest of Mrs. Hattie Holmes Thursday.
The Luther league will meet with Miss
Pauline f'ark on Tuesday next.
Miss Edna Sanford, of St. Paul, was a
guest of Mrs. Moore Tuesday.
Miss Mildred Kingsbury, of Heron Lake,
Is visiting Miss Vera IngalLs.
It Is Something More Than Between
Tweedlcdee and Tweedledum.
Special to The Globe.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 9.—The
mystery of Drlggs' conviction In th«
postoffice bribery scandal and Senator
Dettrich's acquittal in Nebraacka la
explained by the different statutes gov
erning such cases. Driggs was convict
ed under section 1782, R. S., which
prescribes penalties for crimes com
mitted by members "after election and
during continuance of office.**
Dettrich was Indicted under section
1781, which makes bribery an offense
only when a man Is "actually a mem
ber of congress"—that is, when he ha«
taken the oath, which Deitrich had not.

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