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Paul Choral club, and Director
Norsnington had a conference
last week in regard to the works which
the Choral club will present next sea-
son. It is very probable that o*e of
Elgar's compositions, either "The
Dream of Gerontius" or "King Olaf,"
will be produced, but no decision can
be reachced until a conference has
been held with the Minneapolis clubs.
As has been its custom heretofore,
the St. Paul club will endeavor to ar-
range the dates of the concerts so
that it will be possible to engage the
same singers that the clubs in the
other city engage. This musical co
operation between the two towns
makes the expense of importing sing
ers Very much less. Saint Saens'
"Samson-y-and Delilah" is also being
considered for next season. It is not
unlikely that the concert course which
the Choral club will: offer for the
._ winter of 1904-5 will consist of one
of 'Elgars works—one of- the two al
ready mentioned—Saint Saens' master
piece and one rof the standard orator
ios. It is'not settled yet whether the
"Messiah" will'be sung at Christmas
time. When - the club announced last
year that It would give this oratorio
every Christmas eve, it believed that
the attendance last Christmas eve
would justify the announcement But,
unfortunately, that attendance was not
"^-^irge^and the members of the club feel
now -i&gt it would not be wise to
keep to their original plan. Whether
the "Messiah" "tt'Ul be sung by the*
club this winter wiJjk depend very
much on the interest she^'H by tae
public If there is no demand made
for : It, It will not be presented.
~"--■■ • • . - •
A students' recital may reveal ad
mirable, student qualities and still not
be interesting; there must be talent to
hold the sespectful attention of the au
dience. In the song recital given
Wednesday night at Mozart hall by
a group of five singers who are study
ing with Mr. Lewis Shawe talent as
. .well as admirable student qualities
were conspicuously displayed and the
audience, made up largely of society
folk who are also musical folk, showed
by Its close attention and Its enthusi
asm the enjoyment it obtained from
the programme. The singers pre
sented were Mrs. Frank O'Meara, Miss
Judith Dousman, Misg Zillah Harris,
Mr. Strickland and Mr. Stewart. Of
these Mrs. O'Meara is the most ad
vanced in vocal study. She has a
contralto voice of fine timbre, even in
scale, and colored by that richness
of tone which makes the value of the
alto voice. She sang two groups of
songs, "Spirit Song," by Haydn, and
"Fruhlingszeit," by Becker; and "Sap
phic Ode," Brahms; "Fruhlingsnacht,"
Schumann, and "Der Tod und das
Madchen," Schubert. The second group
was the more successful; nervousness
« preventing the singer from doing her
self justice In the Hadyn and Becker
numbers. The Schubert song re
vealed the full beauty of her voice, its
supple strength and its color. The
three songs of this last group were ex
ceptionally well sung. Miss Dousman
sang an aria that makes tempera
mental as well as vocal demands, the
"Jewel Song" from Gounod's "Faust."
She is a very young student, so that
it was not to be expected that she
would get out of the famous aria all
that there is in it. But it served to
reveal the beautiful quality of her
coloratura, soprano, its surprising elas
ticity and its smoothness of tone. Her
natural naivete aided her in the ex
pression of the song, which was sung
with delightful accent. Miss Zillah,
who possesses a dramatic soprano!
sang the aria from "Tannhauser,"
"O Hall of Song I Give Thee Greeting,"
and. later in the programme, "Where
Blooms the Rose," Johns; and "Spring
Song," by Oscar Well. Her voice
showed much promise. Mr. Strickland
was one of the singers whose singing
revealed pronounced talent. He has a
fine baritone voice with especially
good lower tones and he sings with
ease and excellent expression. He
Bang two sacred song 6 written by Pe
ter Cornelius, "Das sind Goldne Him
melspfade," and "Der Dv im Feld die
Voeglein Nahrst;" Mozart's "O. Isle
und Osiris" and Hawleys "Ah, 'Tis a
Dream." Mr. Stewart was most happy
In his choice of songs, the two rol
licking cavalier songs by Stanford,
"King Charles" and "Boot, Saddle, to
Horse and Away," being admirably
suited to his robust bass.
Mr. Rosenberger, who was at the
piano, gave admirable support tb all
the voices.
The following music will be sung today
at the Park Congregational church:
Anthem—"God Is a Spirit" Bennett
se—"At Thine Altar" Hanscom
Bole—"The People That Walked in
DarkDfeSS" ; Handel
Mr. Woodworth.
Anthem—"Light of the World" Hatton
Anthem—"Softly Fades the Twilight
Ray" Sudds
Solo—"Lest We Forget" DeKoven
Mrs. Gere.
Anthem—"O Lord, Most Merciful"—
Mrs. Gere.
* • •
The music at Christ church on Sunday,
May 16, will include the following:
Organ Prelude— Praeludium Cfcrcu
lare Widor
Te Deum Stalner
Jubilate Deo^ Schubert
Offertory Anthem—"King All Glori
ous* Barnby
Organ Postlude Chorus—"Judas Mac
cabeus" Handel
Evening Service-
Organ Prelude—Processional Dubois
Cantate Domino Buck
Nunc Dimittis Marchant
Offertory Anthem—"O Taste and
See" Goss
Organ Postlude—Allegro Maestoso —
• • *
The music today at the Central Presby
terian church will be as follows:
Morning Service-—
Organ Prelude—"ln the Morning"..Grieg
Organ Offertory—"SpTing Song"—
„, „ _ Rubinstein
Chorus—"l See My Savior Break
Through the Clouds" Otis
Organ—"Praeludium" in A minor—
_, J. S. Bach
Organ—Grand Offertory in D minor—
„ „ Batiste
Mr. Herbert F. Sprague.
Contralto Solo—"I Think When I
Read That Sweet Story" ....West
Master Mayo Wilson.
Chorus—Te Deum in B minor—
„ _ Dudley Buck
Organ—Fugue in C minor (Book IV.)—
J. S. Bach
The music at the Church of the Messiah
today will be:
Prelude in A Alex Guilmant
Processional—"Christian Soldier*"—
_ ._ H. B. Fuller
Choral Evensong Tallis
Gloria Patri c M Kettle
Magnificat in G...W. A. C. Cruickshank
Nunc Dimittis in G..W. A. C. Oruickshank
v enl Creator" t Attwood
"The Laying On of Hands"... The Bishop
(1) <<(L Divlne Redee™«r" Gounod
Mrs. Maude Cullen Robinson, soloist
(2) "Hallelujah Chorus" from ,"The
The Choir. .
Sevenfold Amen" Sir J. Stainer
Recessional—"Jerusalem the Golden"—
Postlude—Grand Chorus— Lf JeUne
t J.^ Baptiste Calkins
The following music will be sung- to
day at the House of Hope church:
Anthem—"l Will Never Leave Thee"— -*" ■
"My Shepherd Is the LivlngP God"— °US
After the sermon Mrs. De WoTf will^inl
"My Am Countrie," by Emery. B
Organ Prelude—Second movement '-" •;
eighth symphony ;..-..... c. M. - Widor
: Anthem—"A Song in the Night"— or
Solo-"Go, Heart, to Thy Sa^or^° dman
Mr.Colvine. ChaS-Wllleby
Offertory-"Then Shall the Righteous
Shine ''" *• ™ '"A •' • Mendelssohn
_ ; ■■'-*---\ ■ ~ Mr. George.
boio— Adore and Be Still" (with
.violin, obligate) ...Ch! Gounod
•o „ j> Mra- De Wolf.
Postlude— (Trolseme).. Ch. Gounod
„ A upt^tr. °f sanL recital will be given \by
™ If l* 110118^* st Clemen? Epis
copal church on Wednesday evening The
following programme will be presented:
Sonata in C Minor -V •• Mendelssohn
_ (Grave, Adagio, Maestoso, Fugue.) ~
Communion in P .r. Grison
Fantasia (en Forme Offertoire)—'''
Soprano Solo-"The I^'Mv^"
IJ«ht •••• ~;... ... Allitsen
Mrs. Florence Buck. *' -
Prelude and Fugue in E Minor Bach
Prayer and . Cradle Song . ... Guilmant
Andante and ■ Variations • (From v^i
Symphony in D) „. \.. g Haydn
Soprano Solo—"Fear Not Ye O ,
Israel" ... ...'...;............ Buck
Barcarolle (From Concerto) —
_, . „, i v Sterndale Bennett
Festal March in D. ; .. V..... Henry Smart
The music at the Church of . St. John
the Evangelist will include today:
Morning— . . .. t j
Te Deum.in B F1at..... Brewer
(a) Baritone —"The Trumpet **
„., Shall Sound" (Messiah) Handel
(b) —"Unfold, Ye Portals
■ . Everlasting" .............. Gounod
! Evening—
Magnificat in F..-. Tours
Offertory— -
(a) Soprano —"Jesus, Meek *"->il:1
and Gentle" Ambrose
Master Guy de Lambert.
(b) Chorus— Up Your Heads"—
The St. Anthony Park Choral club, un
der the direction of C. H. Metcalf, will
give the sacred cantata, ''Queen Esther "
Friday evening, May 27. in the Congrega
tional church. Raymond and Wheeler av
enues. The chorus of forty voices will be
assisted by prominent soloists of St. Paul
and Minneapolis.
• • •
Mr. Charles Smith Tarbox, of this city,
has composed a new set of waltzes "The
Princess Illusion." They have Just been
published by W. J. Dyer & Bro. The
waltzes are rhythmic and melodious.
* • •
Mrs. Hoffman will play accompaniments
for Charlotte Maconda, Genevieve Clark
Wilson and Herbert Butler at the Rock
ford music festival which will be held
next month.
• • *
Harry George will go to. Mason City,
lowa, this week to sing the leading tenor
role in the comic opera "Princess Bon
The Bergh testimonial concert will be
given at the Park Congregational church
Thursday evening, May 26.
The Chicago Inter Ocean prints the fol
lowing interesting interview with Mme.
Mme. Schumann-Heink, by her whole
some genuineness, quite as well as by
her wonderful gift as a vocaltst, won
many hearts on the Pacific coast. And,
bless the little mother's heart, »he again
gloriod in her possession of eight healthy
protests against race suicide in Germany.
And when Ashton Stevens suggested
that it was a bit strange that she should
have more children than all the other
noted opera singers together, the madame
quickly replied:
'They don't know what to be a mamma
"Bad for the voice?"
"That's what they think—foolish!"
"A silly superstition, eh, Mine. Schu
"Nothing but nonsense. Children are
the most healthy things I know. And as
for the singing!—well, when I had no
children I could sing just two octaves,
and now that I have eight I sing all but
one note of three octaves. See?
She went to the ebony piano and struck
the-D of the bass clef, and then herself
intoned the note to make the rumble of
the piano wires sound' thin, following it
with a trumpet like F on the top line of
the trehle clef.
"That was my original register." she
said, "but now"' —and she went up the
scale from the F—"l sing to there.
Lightly she took the note, and it was
high C! Alboni's record for range was
6mashed to smithereens.
"A new note for every baby," she com
"You could be a soprano and sing the
Brunhildas and Isolde!' I ejaculated.
"Certainly," she returned, with a wink
of one of the genial dark eyes that focus
at slightly different angles. "But why be
a number fifteen soprano when you can
be a number one contralto?"
"To be sure, madame! I appreciate the
rarity of the contralto voice.
"And why is it rare? Do you know?"
On such short notice I did not.
"I will tell you why, my dear sir," she
said, without the least of condescension.
"It is because contraltos want to be so
pranos and sing leading roles, and be
cause foolish singing teachers help them
to 'raise' their voices. So, they are ruined
as contraltos and spoiled for sopranos v
Oh, the singing teacher is an awful fel
low when you get the wrong kind!"
• • •
The labors of Theodore Thomas for the
cause of music in the United States dur
ing the last half century will soon be
published in an elaborate work. It will
be both biographical and historical in
character and the product of George P.
Upton, whose writings on musical sub
jects are widely known. The work will
probably be Issued in two volumes, one
dealing with the events of Mr. Thomas'
career as a musician and conductor, the
other,. containing the programmes from
1855 to the present time under his direc
tion, showing the remarkable growth of
popular musical education in this coun
Th« second Bavarian music festival
will be given at Regensburg May 22 to 24,
under Richard Strauss' direction. There
will be no novelties. Standard works by
Beethoven, Wagner, Bruckner, Liszt,
Strauss, Brahms and Mozart comprise
the programmes. The orchestra will be
the Royal Opera Orchestra of Munich.
• « *
Van der Stucken's collection of modern
prise songs composed by him after the
manner of folksongs are being sung by
his -daughter, Greta Van der Stucken,
Mrs. B. Fiebach-Markbreit and Anna Nor
ton -Hartdegen.
* • *
Siegfried Wagner has finished the first
act of his fourth opera, "Bruder Lustig."
He. has sent the score to Eduard Reuss,
the well known pianist of Dresden, who
is at work arranging it for piano.
• » #
After the death of Dvorak there are
still five great composers in the land of
the living: Saint Saens, Grieg Bruch,
Guldmark and Richard Strauss.
At a recent performance 'of Gounod's
"Faust" in Nice the role of Marguerite
was successfully sung by Miss Alice Wil
liams, a young American.
Continued From Nineteenth Page.
Blair street. Mr. and Mrs. Boehm have
gone to St. Louis for a wedding trip.
Mrs. Joseph Cottier will entertain the
Ladles' Guild of Epiphany Episcopal
Church at her home Wednesday, the oc
casion being the annual birthday cele
Mrs. E. M. Gillette and Mrs. W. S. Van
Meter were guests of honor at a dinner
party given by Mesdames Pickard and
Avery. of West Central avenue, Friday.
The Odd Fellows gave a social and
dance at Masonic hall Wednesday even
ing. Messrs. Conway, Crawford and
Wingaard had charge of the affair.
The senior class of H. U. entertained
the members of the faculty and the
sophomores at a banquet In the church
parlors last Monday evening.
Mrs. Howard M. Smith will leave on
Wednesday for Tacoma to meet her moth
er, Mrs. Frank E. Cole, who is how trav
eling on the Pacific coas*.
, Mrv,and Mrs- Louis Dunn entertained
last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. «\>rge Lud
|ofd, of Como. and Mr. and Krs. C. J.
Milward, of Minneapolis. v '
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Du*. why have
spent the last year in Fargo, will return in
the near future to make their home in
Mrs. Talmadge, of Fry street, is enter
taining her mother. Mrs. J. Spencer, and
her sister, Miss Jessie Spencer, of Min
neapolis. .. -
Mrs. Charles P. Waterhouse and son,
?LF ? rf Stc' were the guests of Ham
line friends the early part of the week.
>■ M V C. ,_WI Akers entertained this
week heT, brother,; Mr. Theodore Dwight
and family of Sioux Falls, S. D. ,~
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parr entertained
tT, Li e w Mr- Pa oand Mr- and Mrs.
Rudolph Hanson, of Bemidji.
~vnJ%r^ J" W€bb and daughter. Miss
Etta Webb, who spent the winter in Cali
fornia, have returned home.
Miss Florence Johnson, of Minneapolis,
h?, Z^,nW eS± of Mlss Maude Walker
has returned to her home.
Mr. Harry Duffy, of Chicago, spent the
lyanP darMr°s f J^^-^his^S
Mrs. Van Meter, of Hudson, who visited
her son, W. 8. Van Meter, returned to
her home on Tuesday. . ;
- Mrs. B. L. Hollister, of Altkin, who was
the guest of Mrs. William Murphy, has
returned home. . .
2 Miss - Frances Peterson recently enter
tained her sister. Miss Olga Peterson, of
Washington. . ...
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Caldwell entertained
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Cook, of Minneapolis,
last Sunday.
Mrs. W. N. Blake, who visited Miss
Nellie Brown, has returned to her home
In Duluth.
Mrs. Cunningham, of Van Buren street
entertained this week Miss Woolley of
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Tuckey are visiting
in Lie Sueuer county for a counle of
Mr. and Mrs. W. 9. Perry, of Portland,
Or., are the guests of Mrs. Clarence
Drew. . «
Mrs. J. W. Leedy. of Epworth. lowa,
visited Mrs. W. A. Ballentyne this week.
Dr. Knox Caldwell spent Sunday with
his parents. Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Caldwell.
Mr. Frank Shanley. of Bald Eagle lake,
spent part of the week in Hamline.
Mrs. H. W. Babbidge entertained the
Ravens Monday evening.
Miss Lillian Plummer has returned to
her home In Wisconsin.
Mrs. Clausson. of Faribault, is the guest
of Mrs. Alden Bliss.
Mr. and Mrs. Love, of Blair street, have
gone to St. Louis.
A double, wedding occurred at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Watson, of East
Lynnhurst avenue, last Tuesday evening,
when their daughters, Miss Blanche Wat
eon and Miss Beatrice Watson, were mar
ried, respectively, to Frank C- McCutch
eon, of Lamberton, and Carl J. Hougland,
of Marshall.
H. W. Mixsell, secretary of the T. M C,
A., and family, of Chicago, have moved
to Merriam Park, and occupy the Whit
tlesey residence on West Lynnhurst ave
Miss Longfield and Miss Tracy, of Car
roll street, gave a parcel shower Wednes
day evening in honor of Miss Luella Ma
cauley, who is to be married In June.
Mrs. Prank Tuttle, Iglehart street, en
tertained the Souvenir club Tuesday after
noon. High scores were made by Mrs.
C. W. Moore and Mrs. Prank Matson.
The Woman's Home and Foreign Mis
sionary society of Trinity Methodist Epis
copal church will meet at the home of
Mre. E. L. Burton, Rondo street.
Mise Lillian Ellis, of St. "Anthony ave
cue, left Wednesday for New York city
to attend the annual meeting of the Inter
national Sunshine society. -, -: r "-J '■'■;
v.- Mrs. F. M. Fowler, of St. Anthony ave
nue, is entertaining her father, John Wil
llam and sister, Miss Bessie Williams,
of Rio, Wjs. .; . •-._>■-. z <r-y. ;._. u/•- *.. ■'_
; T Mr- "and Mrs- - Robert Follensby, from
Utica, N. V., visited Merriam Park friends
last week on their way to Malta, Mont. K ; l
__ Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Murray, of: Terrace
Park i avenue, have i returned r from - Cali
fornia, where they spent the winter.
- A. C. Anderson and family, of v Marshall
avenue, ; left. during the week to - spend
the summer at Lake Minnetonka. - .
_ Mrs. Emily Brown : and " Miss Luella
Brown, of . Wilder avenue, left last Satur
day for the Pacific coast. . ~- - «. '
Mrs. Isaac Black, of Duluth, has been
the guest of her sister, Mrs. B. A. Phil
lips, Dayton avenue. -'- : -
Mrs. r Swan and Miss Swan, of Carroll
81 *?££• ha-X gone to .: their summer- home
at White Bear. - ;. , ..--.
--> Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson," Feronia
avenue, i entertained the ~ Whist club Sat
urday evening. r
__ Mrs. Clarence Lathman and Mrs. P. C.
Koerner will entertain the Cinch club Sat
urday evening. . : f:
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stronn and children, of
Rondo street, have gone to Bald Eagle for
the summer. ... - •
Dr. H. S. Patterson and family, of Car
roll street, have gone to Bald Eagle for
the, summer.
Miss Helen Shepardson, of Marshall ave
nue left last week to spend a year in
Mrs. George L. Huntington, of Marshall
avenue has returned from a visit in Jen
nison, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hillman, Dewey
avenue left Tuesday evening for Green
tVich, vt.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Sherman, of Rondo
street, have returned from a visit in Mil
Mrs. O. A. Robertson, Feronia avenue,
entertained the Book club last Saturday
evening. *
Miss Lyla Root. Marshall avenue, left
Wednesday night to visit friends in Chi-
Miss Mabel Milham, St. Anthony ave
nue, has returned from a visit in Du
Miss Mabel Milham. St. Anthony avenue,
left Wednesday night for New York city.
+<»Mrf' h- A- LeSS, Carroll street, en
tertained informally Friday afternoon.
Mrs. J. H. Dv Shane and daughter will
leave next week for Davenport, lowa.
Mrs E. A. Currie, St. Anthony avenue,
has returned from a visit in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Mucklo have re
turned from a visit in Hudson, Wis.
M. B. Kitt, Cleveland avenue, left dur
ing the week for Williamsport, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rogers, of Feronia
avenue, have moved to St. Paul.
Mrs. D. H. Eastman. Marshall avenue,
has returned from Faribault.
John Sheldon and Albert Bray spent
part of the week at Ogllvie.
Mrs. C. S. Bartram, Iglehart street, is
in Indiana.
After the regular meeting of the Royal
Neighbors, which was held last Wednes
day afternoon, a game of palindrome was
played and prizes were won by Mesdames
E. P. Moore and Ed Plaison.
Dr. Griswold is attending as a dele-
! he E PWOI"th league convention,
which is being held at Oronoco this week.
Misses Cena and Clara Erickson of
Minneapolis, were guests of their cousin
Miss Elizabeth Swanson, this week.
J* r: G- H- Hagaman entertained a party
of friends at his home on Thirteenth ave
nue last Saturday evening.
Mrs. Ed Starkey entertained Mrs. Min
nie Bedenge. and Mrs. McGrath, of Chi
cago, a part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gates, of St. Cloud.
Minn, were entertained at the Nelson
Flint home last Thursday.
The Liederkranz, North St. Paul Rave
an entertainment and ball in Fraternal
nail Saturday evening
*«MlSS™, Lydla Schleleer, of Grand Mea
h?Jh Or\ n KnVv,T' as a ,&uest of Mlss Eliza"
bern Orth this week.
O Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kuehn. of Minne
ffie'ra^riufdfy 18 at the Frtd Rechow
Mr and Mrs. E. Kainuth were guests
SL» t &;S erlck at South *• SB
w^wJP"6^ Ogly *..S? daughter Alice
severaTtTntt 3' for Europe to be gone
. Mt?- J- E. Evans, of St. Paul, was en
tertained by Mrs. E. F. Blase last Sun-
Miss Jennie "T»!son and niece Florence
]vere entertained at the Nelson home Sun-
Miss Mac Bergen, of St. Paul, was a
guest of Miss Anna Erickson Saturday.
•M/i s- C; ,H- Wille >-. of Minneapolis, was
visiting friends here last Wednesday.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Gall were guests of
friends in White Bear last Sunday
Mrs. Elizabeth Potts was a guest of rel
atives at Curtis. Wis.. this week.
„ M.^; ° <£• Sleeter has returned from
a visit in Minneapolis.
Mrs. C. G. Bruehmann, of Stockholm,
Wis., who has been visiting her daughter,
Mrs. W. G. Lyon. of Harvester avenue,
has returned.
Miss Ethel Warweg, of Farmington, who
has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. E. L.
Lepel, of White Bear avenue, has re
Mrs. M. T. Sanders and son Donald^ of
Laurel avenue, spent Wednesday with
Mrs. E. S. Ferrey, of Stillwater avenue.
Mrs. R. Gessert, of Harvester avenue,
entertained the Stoddard Lecture club,
Wednesday. Subject was "England. "■
Mrs. Austin, of Flandreau avenue, will
entertain the Stoddard Lecture club May
28. Subject will be "California."
Mrs. E. E. Cunningham, of Stillwater
avenue, entertained her mother of Min
neapolis Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Minnie Bruehmann, of Stockholm,
Wis., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. W.
G. Lyon, of Harvester avenue.
Mrs. C. W. Lyon. of Minneapolis, spent
Wednesday with Mrs. John H. Gunther
Jr., of Stillwater avenue.
Miss May Thompson, of St. Peter, spent
a few days with Miss Grace Ferrey, of
Stillwater avenue.
Mrs. S. Scott and daughter spent Sun
day with Mrs. J. D. Wallwork, of Still
water avenue.
Mrs. Tarbox opened her cottage on the
Island last week, and has as her guests
Mrs. C. S. Slaymaker and Mrs. E. A.
I Young, of St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Blaisdell, Igle
hart street, have moved to the lake for
the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, of the Aberdeen,
have taken a cottage at Dellwood for
the season. _
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reichett. Marshall
avenue, are spending the summer at
White Bear.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Herschler, of Cen
tral avenue, are spending the summer at
Wnite Bear.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Sohulze, of
the Aberdeen, have taken a cottage on
th« Island.
Judge and Mrs. Van der Venter, of the
Aberdeen, will epend the season at Dell
Mr, and Mrs. Joseph McKibbin and fam
ily are spending the summer at White
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hardenbergh have
opened theh- summer home at Dellwood.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Deuel, Ashland ave
nue, are at the lake for the season.
' Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Smith are occupy
ing their cottage on the peninsular
Mrs. Charles A. Clark and family are
at Dellwood for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Drake, St. Paul, are
at the lake for the summer.
Dr. and Mrs. Charlee L. Green will be
at Dellwood for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Taylor are out at
the lake for the summer.
Mr, and Mrs. George A. Archer are at
Dellwood for the summer.
Mr, and Mrs. Henry A. Boardman, of
Dayton avenue, have moved to their sum
mer home at Dellwood.
Mr. and "Mrs. Sehuneman have opened
theiT cottage at Dellwood.
Dr. and Mrs. j. E. Shadle, of St. Paul
moved out Wednesday.
Mrs. J. H. Sanders is occupying a ;cot
tage onjtfanitou island.
. Col and Mrs. Van Duzee will spend the
summer at the lake.
T&TtTftetiJ&S?. Warm are at ™««.
m^ raf n theMlake Catlin ** Spend the sum "
'-" ;MAHTOMEDI. ■ .
Maj. and Mrs. N. C. Robinson have
rented a cottage; at Mahtomedi for the
season.; Miss Dorsey," of Stillwater, will
be their guest for: the summer.
E Mr. and Mrs. C. ' Fairchild, St. Paul,
moved out to the lake - last week and
«aye as their guests i Mr. • and: Mrs. L. F.
Fairchild. '. ;;
--« Mr- .aii d " Mrs. Perry and Mr. and Mrs.-
Robert Davis, of Stillwater, have moved
into their cottages at Oakleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Galbraith", of St.
Paul, have taken a cottage at Mahtomedi
for the summer. :
Maj. and Mrs. John Espy and Miss
Espy, St. Paul, are occupying their cot
tage this season. , :
Messrs. Roy Miller. Mark Hering and
Joe bmitn : have taken bachelor quarters
at Mahtomedl.' . i
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rehse, St.
Paul, are occupying their new home on
the peninsula.
■Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Swan, of Tacoma.
Wash., are guests of Mrs. Swari at
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, of Bt.
Paul, have opened their cottage for the
Mr. and Mrs. George Rank, of St. Paul,
will spend the summer at East Shore
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram W. Parsons, of
St. Paul ,are at Mahtomedi for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Gedney and family have
taken Woodbine cottage for the Bummer.
Dr. and Mrs. Paterson, St. Paul, have
moved into their cottage on the peninsula.
Miss Harriet Hale, of St. Paul, is oc
cupying her cottage at East Shore Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Bixbey and family have
taken the Abbott cottage for the season.
Miss Gregory, of St. Paul, who has
been visiting Miss Gedney, has returned.
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Willis, of the Wil
lard, are at Mahtomedi for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bronson, of Stillwater,
have opened their cottage at Oakleigh.
Rev. and Mrs. Madeira have taken one
of the Gillette cottages for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Fassbinder, St. Paul, have
rented a cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Titcomb are spend
ing the summer at Mahtomedi.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Otis, St. Paul will
spend the summer at Oakleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Dyne and family
are at Oakdell for the season.
Miss Lila Espy is enteHaining Miss
Eleanor Dobson, of St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Stillwater, are in
their cottage for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Hall have opened their
cottage at South Shore Park.
Dr. and Mrs. S. G. Smith are at the
lake for the season.
Mrs. Rendali and family is at the lake
for the season.
A board consisting of the following
named officers of the Twenty-flrst In
fantry will meet today for the pur
pose of examining officers who partici
pated in the prescribed school course
as to their proficiency in the subjects
completed by them during the school
term of 1903-1904: Maj. H. A. Leon
haeuser, Capts. A. L. Parmeter, W M.
Morrow, T. F. Dwyer, Herman Hall,
R. H. Van. Deman, Celwyn E. Hamp
ton and C. Stacy. Subjects: "Infantry
Drill Regulations," "Military Field En
gineering," "Manual of Guard Duty,"
"Troops in Campaign," "Firing Regu
lations," "Military Law," "Administra
tion" and "International Law."
Capt. Edward F. McGlachlin Jr., of
the Thirtieth battery, left on Sunday
evening for Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
where he will serve as a member of
an examining board. This board con
venes for the purpose of examining
applirpTito f— tlitf position of expert
banners in the artillery corps.
Capt. Ralph H. Van Deman, Twenty
first infantry, will inspect the cadets
at the University of Minnesota on May
21, and those at Shattuck school, Fari
bault, on May 30, in compliance with
orders from headquarters northern di
Chaplain and Mrs. Osserwaarde en
tertained at dinner on Thursday even-
Ing in honor of Col. and Mrs. C. A.
Williams. The guests present were:
Maj. and Mrs. E. B. Frick, Capt. and
Mrs. T. F. Dwyer.
The fire department was called out
on Tuesday evening to put out a brush
fire which had gained considerable
headway, and for a time threatened
the buildings on Minnesota row.
A concert will be given in the gym
nasium next Friday evening by the
Macalester college chorus of fifty-five
voices, under the direction of Mr. H.
E. Phillips, of St. PauL
Capt. Herman Hall has resumed
charge of the commissary office again,
relieving Lieut. J. F. Ware, who has
been in charge during Capt. Hall's ab
sence. ♦
The game of baseball played on
Tuesday between the soldiers and
Hamline teams resulted in a victory
for Hamline, the score being 4 to 3.
Private William S. Brlstow, Com
pany D, Twenty-first infantry, is trans
ferred to the signal corps and will be
sent to Fort Wood, N. Y.
In spite of the disagreeable weather
on Wednesday a large crowd attended
the concert given by the band in the
upper garrison.
Private M. Picha, of Company C,
has been granted a three months' fur
lough. He will visit at his home in
Bartley, Neb.
Capt. and Mrs. C. Hampton enter
tained the members of the Comedy
club at an informal supper on Monday
Capt. Charles H. Howland left for
San Francisco, Cal., on Friday even
ing. He will be absent three months.
Capt. and Mrs. Herman Hall have
returned to the garrison after a four
months' absence spent in traveling.
A song service will be held In the
post chapel this evening- tinder the di
rection of Chaplain Osserwaarde.
Sergeant Thomas R. Jarboe, of Com
pany A, has been appointed quarter
master sergeant of his company.
Miss Kline has returned from San
Francisco, Cal., and will be at home
at the Angus in St. Paul.
Ferdinand A. Stallsmlth, hospital
corps, was discharged today by reason
of expiration of service.
Privates Alfred Degerman and Esk
rine Adams, of Company B, have been
appointed corporals.
Commissary Sergeant J. B. Machle
left last evening to visit Jals family at
Cannon Falls, Minn.
Mrs. R. H. Van Deman left on Fri
day evening for a visit to her home in
San Francisco, Cal.
Sergeant Charles J. Humphrey, Com
pan/ A, has been granted a furlough
for two months.
Mrs. Cromwell Stacy entertained a
party of twenty at a musicale on Sat
urday evening.
Eli C. Couch, of Company A, has
been detailed for special duty in the
post exchange.
Lieut. W. E. Goolsby, of the Twenty-
* gr St. Paul, Minn.
Will be the order of the day for Monday and Tuesday,
and all week, when, to make room, we will sell seventy
five suits, regularly worth from $20.00 to $50.00
at the ridiculously low price of
$ 12.50
This sale will comprise a full line of very latest and most
beautiful styles in Cheviots, Tweeds, Scotch Mixtures,
Shantungs, etc., etc. Now is your opportunity to secure
a beautiful suit at a price far less than the cost of material.
This sale is positively genuine.
first, has been granted a month's leave
of absence.
George W. Kesterson, of the hospital
corps, has been ordered to Fort Harri
son, Mont. .
An informal hop was given by the
officers In the post hall on Friday
evening. ■'••;;'■- •■.■■■-..■.
■-:..;T~" ■'.. S Baptist. ; . /_- .._•
WOODLAND PARK—Selby avenue and
,- Arundel street; Rev. Henry B. Stell
man, pastor; services at 10:30 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.; pastor will"'preach in the
morning and there will be Christian En
deavor services in ' the evening. .
•-:■■ Congregational.
PLYMOUTH—Wabasha street and Sum
mit 'avenue; service at ' 10:30 a. m.;
sermon, "Fellowship, a Prime Factor in
the Salvation of Men," by Prof. R. Wat
son Cooper, of Hamline university. ~
PARK— avenue and Mackubin
street; Dr. Alexander McGregor, pastor;
morning subject, r "Religious Founda
tions;" evening, sixth in the series on
Heroes of the Cross, "Gustavus Adol
phus." ■- . - ;
, . Episcopal.
. street,-near Kent; Rev. A. Overton Tar
rant, rector; services (Sunday after As
cension day), holy communion, 8 a. m.;
Sunday school and rector's Bible class,
9:45 a. m. morning prayer and ser
mon, 11; confirmation lecture, - 3:30 p.
m.; evening prayer (choral), confirma
tion and sermon by Rt. Rev. Samuel
Cook Edsall, D. D.; bishop of Minnesota,
8 p. m.; morning subject, "The As
- cension."
° R?v S ChSes rtD a^, Fra^lin streets/
Methodist. -
B^Z ES A-yENUB-Bates avenue be
tween Ravine and Euclid streets!' S E
7' £ astor; Poaching at 10:30 a m
dtocour^ P"»Th: Sn b3eCt. ot the morning
crn 1" he .ReP°rt °f Some Mod
to A?arat." evenln S subject, "A Cruise
FI-?^ TJ"Corner Dayton avenue and West
Third street; H. V. Givler pastor- the
Xl«£ eS AWlJl be cond"cted by Prof
l?3oV^, Ba^ e«- wno will Preach at
iv. SO a. m. and Bp. m.; at the evening
service Mrs. C. O. Krieger will be «
sisted by Miss Carrie Krilger with violin
Paul°G vler° COmPanlment by Robert and
FIRST GERMAN-Corner Olive and Van
Slyke court; J. Berger, pastor; 10:30 a
V, c? nTmatlon service; 12 m. Sunday
5ch001;.7:15 p. m. Epworth league; 8 p.
mneSOta Sunday Scho°l union
CENTRAL— C«dar street, opposite old
capitol; John Mayhew Fulton, D D
pastor; preaching by the pastor, 10:30
of "n^K^tg subJ ect. "The Overplus
'&%&$». 5v Oe Sn Sin mS S e^ce iI!> Sr SaM e O n?f
HRVv Ew FT?°w E-L Fif and Exchange;
t^su^ecfof w- B°yle, D. D., pastorl
the subject of Dr. Boyle's sermon in the
rt°*£?i£°' M} 7 UL be opportune and
of vital interest; in *the form of a ques
. d .a It ,is this: "Are the Churches
Ready for Organic Union-Which fa the
. Most Desired, Uniformity of Creed and
Government, or Federation With Unani
mity in Aim and Action?" In the even-
S^^Ba^ ln F^«n/^s
FIRST— and Grotto; mornlne
■ service, 10:30, when Rev. E. J. Blekink
of Kalamazoo, Mich., will preach' Sun
day i school, 12 m.; evening service,
Christian Endeavor meeting, 645- mid
week service. Wednesday, Bpm?' -
UNITY (Unitarian)—Wabasha street, foot
of Summit avenue; Rev. Richard W
, Boynton, ministeh ,'R ev A R Tilling
- hast, of Minneapolis, will preach Serv
ices at 11 o'clock. Sunday school at 10
• street, near Ashland avenue; Rev H
B. Taylor minister; Sunday at 10:30
a. m.; prelude "The City's Sin Against
Minors Charged With Law Breaking-"
sermon, "The Revelation We Believe
in. --
—Raudenbush building, Sixth and St.
Peter streets; 10:45 a. m., subject,
"Soul and Body."
tist) —St. Albans street and Holly aye
■ nue; 10:45 a. m., subject, "Sour and
PEOPLE'S—Pleasant avenue—Dr. Smith,
the pastor, will conduct services at
10:30 a .m and at 8 p. m.; morning sub
ject, "The Descent of the Holy Ghost.
With Some Reflections on the Doctrine
of the Trinity;" evening subject "If
the People Would Not Stone the Proph
ets;" Sunday school at 12 m.; Chris
tlon Endeavor at 7 p. m.
NEW JERUSALEM (or Swedenborglan)—
Southeast corner Virginia and Selby
avenues; Rev. Edward Mitchell, pastor;
service at 10:30 a. m.; subject of sermon.
"Sober and Drunken, Naturally and
Spiritually;" Sunday school at 11:45
a. m.
Odd Fellows' hall, Wabasha and Fifth
streets; lyceum and conference meeting,
2:30 P. m.; lecture by Mr 9. Joseph P.
Wliitwell at 8 p. m.; subject, "Death
the Gateway of Life;" greetings by Mrs.
Jacobs, of Minneapolis.
Union Depot, Sibley Street.
Trains leave and arrive at St Paul
as follows: _____ ' "_
Electric Llg-hted-Observa- LSftveArrlr?
tion Cars to Portland, Ore., via *1 o*l 6* 2 '20 •'
Butte, Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma , m ° p^ v
Pacific Express
Fargo.Helena, Butte, Spokane, »i n«1 R * 7 .Aft
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland . 'v ' ° I •** ■
Fargo and Leech Lake Local pm *m
St. Cloud, Little Fall*, Brain- . _ ._._ „
•rd, Walker, Bemldjl, Fargo.... t 8:40 f 5 :60
Dakota and Manitoba Express *m Pm
Fergus Falls, Wahpeton,
Moorhead, Fargo, (Jamestown *B__ »7 -. '
Dally Ex. Saturday), Crookston, * 8:00 * 7:2S
©rand Forks, Gratton, Winnipeg pm am i
"Duluth Short Line" IS*"3s
™».«.ro 2:25^2-50!
DULUTH AND SUPERIOR 'lhioj; »6:ffl;
_,_ • * Daily. . FEx. Bundaj.
HOTB—AII trains at* the Union Station, St.
Paul, and Union Station in Uinncapalli - ,
TICKET OfflCE^garfe&Sfr*
Some-Western nf 1
Offloei 386 Robert St. Phone 480.
■ ♦Ex. Sun. Others Dally. LEAVE ARRIVB
Chicago, Mil., Madison 8.30 am 9.50 pm "
Chicago "Fast Mall" 6.35pm 9.35 am
NORrKWEfTEHN UMITKO ... i Q.is 7.20
Chlcaeo, Mil., Madison .... 1 °pm . «am - ■
Chlcato'.Atlantic Express" 10.50 pm 4.45 pm
2SS ltJ|j.§v.p2Ilor' Ashland.... •5.10.m *4.3oprn
Duluth. Superior, Ashland.. j *»pm
Blmora, Alfo.na, Das Molnes, *7.40 am "7.40 pm
Elmore, Alzona, Dos Molnes, 8.00 pm 8.00 am
New Ulm, Tracy, Watertown. 9-35 am 7.40 pm
Su. City, Omaha, Black Hills, *7-40 am 7.35 am
Su. City. Omiha. Kan. City.. 9.35 am 7.40pm '
Watertown. Huron, Redfleld, 9.05 pm 8.00 am
.2fL°.2jMltchßll'SuFall, 9.05 pm 800 am j
OMAHA LIMITED ) 0.00 *7.35
Su. City, Omaha, Colorado-. / pm • am
§». City. Omaha. Kansas City. _« L OS pm 7.35 am
%m,l .i'lji -' 4- c -LiiUl-.'i,, lJli«L,i" l i^. „! JFrn i. W"-i
Ticket Office. 332 Robert Street. Phone Mam 854.
Leare. *Dall>. tEx. San. Arrive.
t t.30 am St. Cloud, Fergus Falls, Fargo t 6.25 pm
Msam Lake Mtnnotonka 8.35 am
8.05 am (V 4*9 Mlnnetonka (Sun-1 6.20 am
(day only) J
918 am { S.^Farfo 00. .°°} »Ml P."
*10 JO am Fl *er to Paolfio Coast *10.40 pm
f 5.40 Dln • .Wayzata and Hutchlnson. .. f 9.25 am
* 6.00 •••'"Bet Sound Express... *245 m
• 7.60 pm Winnipeg Express .... ♦ B.Csam
/ Farto. Grand Forks, Win- \
* 7.66 pm Inlpec, £00 Palls, Soo City j • t.loa«
To Duluth
* 9.00 am ...Gopher State Express... • 8.30 pm
t 2.35 pm Princeton. Mllaca. Duluth + 1.10 am
♦11.10 pm ...Night Express to Duluth-.- » 7.16 pm
Chicago Great Western Rfc
I "The Maple Leaf Route."
City Office: 6th and Robert Sit. Hum 160 M.
tEicept Sunday; others Dally. s^p V a " ul s Arp a *i
Chicago and East. Dub-jque, ( f/"™ «-50pm
Oelweln. Mclntlre. Hayfieldl j^fggg 2 |jg ™
Kansas City, St. Joseph. Dss f 10.50 738 pm
Molnss. Marshalltown, Wa--< 8-30 pm 7.20 am
terloo .... ..■■ Ul.2opml 12.40 cm
Red Wine, Rochester. Farl- f tß.2sam t7OO pm
bault, Mank«to ... — ( 5.27 pro 10- 25 ani
Dodge Center. Hayflald — 5.10 pm 10.45 am
Austin. Mason City, Ft.Dodfe ( 8.10 am 7.38 am
Carroll. -Council Bluffs an d ■
Omah« ... 1 ( 8.30pm 7-2Opm
City Ticket Office, 379 Robert St. Tel. 1051.
Union Depot, St. Paul. _ - ,
Leave | J Arrive
7:2opm Atlantic Limited (dally). B:4sam
9:loam|Rhinelander Local(exSun) 4:55pm
6:ospm Frederic Local (exSun 9:ooam
9:osam Pacific Express (Pacific
Coast) daily 6:4opm ■
s:ospm Dakota Exp. (ex Sun) 9:ooam
IIHI C. B. &Q.R. R.
nriian both phones main 1286
Leave | All Trains Dally | Arrlv
8.20 a-m Winona, La Crosse, Dv- I
. buqus, Chicago. St. Louis I 12.45 p.rn
8.40 p.m "CHICAGO L1M1TED"....... I 7.20 am
B>4op.m j Winona. La Cross*, Dv- I
I buoue. Chlcaeo. St. Louis 1 3.20 a m
Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. Go,
Office 345 Robert. Union Depot.
Te!s;hons Calls—66l N. W.—690 T. C.
Leave tEx- Sunday _*Dal{y l Arrive
tS.2oam Watertown and Storm Lake +5.55 pm,
T9.ooam ....O.raha and Dcs Molnes-... +7-50 pm -
•4.55 pm ...Esthervi [9 and Madison.. *9.50 am
*7 lflnni to CM;aSt. Louis & Peoria 0.59QH1
I.lUplll to Chicago, St. Louis & Peoria .fl.jUlllll .

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