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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, June 26, 1904, Image 10

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn90059523/1904-06-26/ed-1/seq-10/

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/ 1 want on£\ /MY HEART'S \ /Vm SlOcY XVou Two Lußߣ£S \ . —s. ~~| f . _■ -^ r /"' " . -v - ' ———____ ' —-. ,
]o' vb^eHiAPs] V^BAP .V^AR |6if BELoyiF J / Vsiß?^/ \ /Ort! ISS^ /thp^^' S FOOIA vW>V)
i. " I mind once after th' old rDancin' Sal' had been
in a bit o' a blow off Burma a leak was diskivered below th 1
water line an' wot does th' ol* cap do but haul up a divin' outfit
an' call fer volunteers. They wus still a high sea runnin' an'
when me an' Bill saw that oofl f suit that th' cap's grandad had
left him we both got seasick fer th' first time in twenty year.
/HE s n, -'%&& *" rvoo £oulDkt\
4. "Sure enough, when we struck th' deck ihey wus
no signs 0' th' skipper but his coat on th' gunnel, an' there
wus th' ape a' pumpin' air fer dear life. I can't say as how we
wus exac'ly sorry t' lose th' oi' man, but we wus mightily su'
prised at th' way he done it. T' make sure, how-sever, Bill
reckoned as how we'd better shut off th' air supply in case 0'
WM*«^HM-M-___—_■■■■■■_■_-_-_—■_-___i■—_■_■_■__—■■_MN-___MMHi M ■■»■-»■■■■—-^■■■-■-«-^-^_--m--_---_m-___,
f^^ _T" _i~ w^**^**>"***^">^^_^ ____■_*• _i _^^-_^^ _^^^ *^^ '• * ______
* "' " * itP^/'C/^^v2Cns-)---. r— -—~~~"- . /JTO //O '>^«c^_-TS (THAT'SS/OT __^—- *^" j/sSs^S^'L **#£/*/ yoo '^e
/*" Si&-v^ *""% / I jr""*""^- S" ' """V """ "*W "S^_l^ "" 4Cooyri«hu lao*. by C. J. HirO
fc _ '^^ j/ \^' IT \_? » I I It (S*^_r " '"""" "^f " " -™l<"1 r _t __***** iSsa;l »-yipr ii, „. L __y^*""^ ' __-——^__
. 1 ■ jW jT ' M _r Jr t__tfr V _y _^****^^ \
I _P^ jt&s~~ y^" ■ BY _»r*^C*-^»_jJ ?"V _ __»/^^ B
I ___*l^ «*----*--- *^ ___#^ M <**- . %.- r -#—'-■ ■•,■■■■
m. M_Hi___-__________rio' w^ ■ _««__>' __f^_r *iv. - _____*' a^ "^«<
__^_________________. _-_■<-__*■____-___■ _____^______D-^^^^ ______<T Slj' — '"' "A ■ **w '^^___ **"" ■» , JILI _ 4 ______jJn-1 m
—^J*l|iC~* ■ ' ■■■■■■t^_waw—«—hp» in. ■■■ ■ ■—■^■ng&^itaj., ,i 2_!!_li_, f _-—^._ -C J
Pftwun^^^^ M^___^^^a^a _ H a^* <4^' j^f
2. T< Well, we got Took so bad (nat th' oP man was
finally obliged t' send us below decks an' swore as how he'd fix
th' thing hisse'f jis» t' show how easy a job could be done when
a man set his mind to it. It didn't take me an' Bill long t»
take him up an' cut fer our bunks while Davy Jones an* th'
parrut stayed on deck t' lend th' ol' man a hand.
—— ——— — <^~ i i ■.. ■—■■!■■. , m<mm n -■»■! , „
5. ■It didn't take long fer us V relieve Davy Tones at
th' pump you'd better think. We wus master o' th 1 ship be
twixt us, me an' Bill, an' we notified th' parrot an* ape t> that
effect, an' arter lightin' my pipe I spun 'em a yarn about a fel
ler I knowed wot done th' same thing in th' West Indees an 1
th' ship's doctor called it sugerside.
3- Th only thing 'at worried us wus th' fear lied
back out at th' last minute, but he kep' on thumpin'
around on deck, an' arter a while we peeked through the dead
lights an' see him go over th' side with a splash. We knowed
then that th' jig wus up 'ith th' skipper fer that 'ere divin'
ng wasn't seaworthy enough t' hold shin's bisquit
I ■-„'* .
0. "We wus all havln' a good larf when aH 0' a sudden
wot bore down on us from astarn but th' ol! Cap hisse'f I wus
never able t' figer it out, nerßffl either, but he must 0' got out
o that suit some how an' clum back on deck, but we *us over
board in a minute. He wus good enough t' throw us a line
but towed us in th' water aH day, jis fer an objec' lesson, as he
sed. n "

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