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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, June 26, 1904, Image 19

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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at St. Peter's Catholic church. R*v. Father
Lang performed the ceremony. The young
couple will reside in Waterville, Minn.
; , Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Gall and Mr. and
Mis. George Rupp visited in Withrow,
4 Minn., Sunday last.
Prof. L. E. Warren, of Arlington, Minn.,
•was a 'guest among friends here several
days last week.
" The Luther league gave an ice cream
social Tuesday last at the home of^Mrs.
'.A A. Lawson. .
Mr. ami Mrs F. Niggetes. of Minne
fipolis. weie Sunday guests of Mrs. John
Mrs. Jewel, of Pine island, was a guest
of Mi>s Florence lngalls Saturday and
Mrs. M. Back, of St. Paul, visited her
daughter. Mrs. K. F. Blnse. the past
. Mr. and Mrs. Torrens. of St. Paul, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Beele Sat
Miss Jennie Horning, of Stillwater. was
a guest of Miss TiUie Eberle Monday.
» Judge II G. Hicks, of Minneapolis, was
a guest of Capt. H. A. Castle Sunday..
Mrs. Eva Hartley, of St. Paul, spent the
past week with Mrs. T. J. Loudy.
Mrs. Q. Stamm. of St. Paul, was a
guest of Mrs. E. Keiff Sunday.
Miss Minnie Harrison, of St. Paul, vis
ited relatives here Sunday.
Miss Ruth Erickson is visiting Miss Ma
bel Freeland. of St. Paul.
Mrs. W. Rich left Monday last for St.
Leo, Minn.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Bates
avenue M. E. church met Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. K. F. Slater, of Con-
Way street. The following: officers were
elected: President. Mrs. J. Drasda: sec
retary and treasurer. Mrs. M. T. Rile.y.
The next meeting will be held at the
homo of Mrs. Dvmada, on Beech street,
[Wednesday. July IS.
The marriage of Miss Ida Person to
George Redman Sisson will take place
Tuesday evening. June 28, at the home of
the brides father on Reaney street. A
reception will follow the ceremony. They
will reside at No. <4SS Margaret street.
where they will bo at home after July 15.
Th»> 1903 Euchre club met with Mrs.
Robii son last Thursday afternoon. The
prises were awarded t.i Mrs. J. Johnson
Mrs P. 1].., tier and Mrs. J. Fischer. The
*lub has disbanded for the season.
On Wednesday evening there will be a
missionary meeting at the Atlantic Con
gregational church instead of the regular
prayer meeting. -India" will be the sub
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eddy, of East
Fifth Btreet. are spending a week a3
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wein
hagen, of Bald Eagle lake.
Mrs. William Walker, of River Falls,
Wis.. lias returned to her home after a
visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H.
\ ihstadt. of Maple stieet.
Miss Anna Palmer, the national evan
grelist. addressed the missionary meeting
held Monday evening in the Atlantic Con
gregational church.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Weisel. of Maria
avenue, are spending a month in the
J-ist. visiting in New York. Washington
aai New Jers%y.
Carl Weinhagen left Wednesday even
ing for Milwaukee to join Mr. and Mrs.
George Weinhagen. who will sail for Eu
rope Thursday.
1 he Ladies' Auxiliary to the Society of
the Army of the Philippines met Wednes
day evening with Mrs. F. E. Krembs. of
Hope street.
Miss Nellie Davis, of East Third street,
accompanied by Miss Frances Kennedy
left Friday for a trip to the Pacific coast.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Goodman, of East
Sixth street, have as a guest their daugh
ter. Mrs. Louis Justh, of Chicago.
George Ryddell. of Chicago, was a guest
during the week of Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
.MeCleary. of East Fourth street.
Mrs. W. Jameson, of Hoffman avenue
and Mrs. George Jameson, of lowa left
1 uesday for a trip to St. Louis.
Mrs. George Sheppard. who visited Mrs.
A\ llliam Waldorf, of Bald Eagle for a
"Week, has returned to the city.
Mrs. Devre. who visited Mrs. C. C.
lioth. of Bates avenue, has returned to
lier home in Faribault. JJinn.
Mrs. HeiM and daughters Mary and
Sadi^ will return this week from a visit
with relatives in Pittsburgh.
Mrs Doble and Mrs. J. Ogden. of Min
neapotfs. were guests of Mrs. Robert E.
McCleary during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Butler, of Nashua,
lowa, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. S P.
Spindler, of Maple street
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ahrens. of East
3-.<ii!th street, have gone to White Bear
to remain until August.
Mrs. Walter Holl. of Plum street enter
tained a few friends informally Tuesday,
her birthday anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Schilling, of Beech street
have been entertaining their son W F
Schilling, of Northfield.
Mrs. J. L. Payette. of East Fourth
street, is a guest of her mother, Mrs L.
Platto. of White Bear.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Krumschroeder of
Beech street, have returned from a visit
in Sleepy Eye. Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker who
visited friends on the bluff, have returned
t.» River Falls. Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. Lenahan. of East Fourth
Btreet. have returned from visiting the
fair at St. Louis.
Mrs Henry Knoeke. of Maple street en
tertained in honor of her birthdav'an
niversary Friday. •
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knmpfer, of Bates
avenue, spent the early part of the week
at Minnetonka.
Johanna Freda and Gustave Seegev are
visiting Mrs. Arnold Kuhlo, of White
Beareh Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Rogensock. of East Sev
enth street, have as a guest Mrs. Rogen
sock. of lowa.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Bates
Avenur M. E. Chinch will picnic Thurs
day at Como.
The M. O. B. Birthday club will meet
Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Sauter of
Beech stieet. '
Miss Louise Bersgren. of Fauquier
street, entertained for her mother Thurs
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Schumacher, of Cass
J-ake. are visiting Mrs. Maschffer of
Beech street. '
Ir. and Mrs. J. Obe. of Highland Park
tr 1 .ale* Vlsitin& M '«- Henry Knoeke, of
-ivsap]e street.
Miss Gussie Stein, of the Binder has
returned from a weeks visit at Bald
Eagle lake.
George Dantell and H. Bassler of Chi
rv gKn ar k &vests of their aunt > Mrs. Hen-
Mrs. Maschger. of Beech street Is en-
Jjrtaining Mrs. W. G. Bryan, of Mac
Mrs. G. H. Ohlsson. of Hope street is
entertaining Mrs. S. G. Smeland, of Su-
Miss Maude Slater, of Conway street
is entertaining Miss Clara Casey, of Su
Mrs. William Brink, of Bates avenue
has returned from a visit at Lake Minne
tonka. -: -
Miss Clara Frederic, of Hudson avenue
«pent the week with relatives in Minne
Miss Elsie Mertens, of the Alcavde has
returned from a weeks visit at 'fiald
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morris, of the
Binder, are at Taylors Falls for the sum
Miss Lange. of Maria avenue, enter
tained at a coffee Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Rebecca Eggleston, of Fremont
stregt. ]s at Red Rock for the summer.
Mrs. Eagle, of Farmingten, Minn, was
Mrs. McCleary's guest during; the week.
Miss Minnie Good, of Bates avenue is
a ga«st of Mrs. Frye, of White Bear.
The East Presbyterian Bunday school
wiir picnic at WiWwood Wednesday.
- Mrs. William Bunde, of Maria-avenue
has^one to South Haven, Mich. . Tl
< *fra y-C. D Andrews, of" th« Euclid View,
Is visitH« relatives in Michigan-
Mrs. S. T. Ryan and children are spend
ing, two weeks at Red Rock. '
in^r^e^Sk^^sSy h°W a meet
th^a^iJSh 1* F" <? Uinn have removed
xo jaast: Sixth street., .',, *
Air*. Mary Cannon. of East Seventh
s^andLisiecteves Y\ft* f% A Greater Sample Hosiery Sale ' AKA 'BthcLinenßoom
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A more complete exposition of the | jaß|a» t wear. Monday's prices, ."* ders and pretty stocks, in white only, that &*y 71^ ————— ——__————«««««___
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section on the second floor \* *T l^flWll snirt»WaiSt SUIt»S tive design, with pin tucks, broad shoulders and full fip" m irritates her more upon going into
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Fasso, La Vida and Lily of France tf*\£>/p>± f pen work' Three StyleS ' some having the C^ AA * WOnaaj spetial onl ....^"TroVrv j WBm, %^ shoes entirely different from what
models that are exclusive with us, j& "Rnl^^ small colored dots. Monday's price only A heavy Habutai Silk Shirtwaist, black or white, «|§^ sne wants because the store in
made from the finest materials, #^JKYB. _ „ _.„ . • ._. c•* with five tucks on each side and box plaits d*y| {\(\ T&\ fSf\ question does not happen to have
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perfect in fit. Bf^Ej^^A \W§ V M\ f*£P* the shoe she wants"
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filled model that is 'most cool and^s®S lSr SvJj and granite cloths, braided and novelty braid trimmed, lace and insertion, forming a pointed yoke, also several I Jfp \jsjM S° m °Ur mam oor bttiet>"
comfortable, is priced ' /jf If i?j^l mil'■ • « full skirts in gored, kilted and plaited effects. Some full clusters of tucks, that are regular $8.50 and d^^" f\f\ • wl Hi room, as practically every require-
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sssr.r=.: I rarEKsrwaasr^^ss TL z" :n mmmmi |lp|ppp|ppfe® -
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A Midsummer Silk Clearance Sale AM Unprecedented Bargains and Ready at 9:30
Imp -^ A arand clean-up of over twenty-five hundred yards of j No j j^^ This lot consists of 27-inch colored Pongees worth $1. 25 JS^| 4*^
%^^ CaU kindS °f plain and fanCy SilkS which have accumu- p . Sent on a yrd and is the greatest offering of the kind ever made, STm /^
lated in the past few weeks. We have gone through our "none , App rov »i It is the most wanted and desirable silk this season for jff iLiJP J
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1 %^ yd. lengths of fancy Louisines, Taffetas. Foulards, Wash and micpn rh an «rJrl °s°»!! n\ llßht and df rk brown> natural color' cham Pane- tan- reseda- gray fib 4M \
yq' Plain Si!ks of all kinds, all in one big lot on tables at 15c a yard | Taken 1 changed | fT 7.^^^^^.!!!. ,?^ ■ .^ ~ yd-
Volute Habutai Rlack Guaranteed Taffeta >q Colored and Black Peai* de Cygnes Rkck Crepe de Chine
36 inches wide, 75c quality, f0r...,. .... 4clC 19 inches wide, 85c quality, ...... OcIC 21 inches wide, $1.25 quality, f0r............ 9oC 40 inches wide, $2.00 quaUty, f0r.... $1 0 25 '"'
- Peering the Embroideries -fijb' Only 4 More Days of Our Most Successful
At 9 o'clock tomorrow morning every yard of Embroidery in our immense stock will be placet on counters J" -^^^ 11116 SclIC Of J^llSlll\ VJI\CiGT >W£Jll'' 1
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Matched Sets of cambric, nainsook and Swiss embroidery, • fygssfS&^L wh^wl'lS 10 118 Ori' a,successful, sale thi month have been far from V
Embroidery Galoons and Bands, New Embroidered Medallions, J lfflW%<jk SoS^ have been more thln^k iT^J^wl^^ «° h^ th&t ,eXPI Cta" ■
An extensive variety of AU-over Embroideries especially procured for .ingerie waists and dresse,, AJM^W ™™^™™^^™*?*o and
Flounc.ngs for skirts and corset covers, Embroidered Waist Patterns, ffl^r^&€&'*^ and do lt «uick!y we give you choice of these goods tomorrow
Shirtwaist Materials of tinen, crash and etamine, with trimmings to match. " 'rafftk v ' • -
Don't miss them, as you will have to wait a long time for amther such opportunity. tLsr.zffl**-" *fv A t* LsSS t>KdIV Cost> Of Material
SfJiis iff i^g^a i*nan \^oso oi iYiQieriQt
10c to $5.50 EMBROIDERIES 3c to $2.69 I l^J I <*»* r^^^c w vx*f>«> ""c^e
lUC 10 GO FOR. ONLY <5C tO 4>J..Oy I YjS 1 Corset Covers Underskirts Q^ise
1 .ace and okiery Remmmts at Extra Special Prices 1 * s&M Jkw. cwin g rs..e orth %^ fi^ r PIS sOc- 25c
*^ * " JW'mk Price...... 29C UvJi. P«".ce £.D£
On the bargain circle we will place all odd patterns of Lace. Embroidery. Chiffon, Net. etc., in fact all Kfofrw C\eJrt,?V£ J2°°' *t*- r£^ S "£ *i° iM ***
accumulations incidental to a large and active lace department like ours. Rummage prices will be the rule until V#C FffirWnEtim V^Bhc^ Others worth to $1.25. p,li 9 %1 p^l'"9 CO
all are cleared. \ShEt/WM l?Y Clearing Sale fffVr* *P ■ Pnce *P^
: Pri °^C Kimono Saames Kimono Negligees
A Most, Extraordinary CurLai^ Announcement 3^ ST^'.lSic S S^* 1"1"88c :
Hundreds »f pairs of rich Lace Curtains from France, England, Switzerland and from the leading American ~~ ~~ ~ ~" ~ ! v : " 7 ~r ~ ', "—— ~. """ —
makars'arranged in four special lots for this great sale. By no means the odd lots that are ordinarily sold at A ' l/flin/ I f«\VVe¥V/il Qala t\f ITiv\ \A/^el* f^*+.**Jkm
such prices, but all perfectly clean and fresh curtains, selected because of their beauty of pattern and for the j£*L ▼ 3S* Jr vHUjUIU vJOIC Vl 1" lilt? V V dSII VIQOQS
dependable way in which they are made. *• ' " ■ ——— ■— --i—^ hmmmhmhmmmmmmmhib mmmimmmmw>
Z. _ ; - |-_^ |^«a«MI I ««a TK » I IYm' - Vei 10,600 ards enter into thls remarkable offering.for tomorrow at the Mannheimer store. They have
.-'-■■ ''■'■ ■■■' OUT Wranq i^OiuS mU I HBS6 oargai riCflS been taken from our own carefully chosen stock and bear prices that are frequently one-half and less than one
—■-■ ; ■-- /- .--•',' '..J-'.:.'"_ t -*© ' . ■■^—»-—™^^« -- / . ' „ half former prices. • - »
$f%. &\EL |®af (\f\ (t SBHP ff»/\ 1 «tf /"^fc i\i\ The saie is truly a drastic move in the direction of stock reduction and offers exceptional advantages to
Siß&i *x 1^ sti 191 c I iQC I ore 1071 c
Cable Net Curtains, Scotch; Brus«ds, Irish Point, Ar*. A.. '_, ,„ VmST^LT^*' 1 1 2?^ '»4^ fS ' ■ <^ 1i ff x? f A» # For
....... _ • , M ! ' Arabian and CJuny, BrtMi- »«»n,Whit6 .and Ecru Cluny, B MSSBBt / 25c £3 V^ 35c sOc <L M X 75c
Guipura and Brussels Ef- bum, Cluny, R«n«i««anoe _ , »^_. -..-, White and Novelty Irish , *■* !• 33c to 45c — t© 60c «■ t* SI
-, _. •• «■■ \. i -j ■■„"■• ■ -_ -v , ■«<•-and HftentMM«no«t f rtch Point and many oth/r r.,r 1 ' .... . ■"*■ .«•♦■
feet»- :::-_:; : and «ov«lty Curta,n«. . Point and otter Curtains. , Urns. ««<* many oth«r Cur- J; -^ dimitl^ and -tuVand' 'Hlt»r r I striped • tissues ' SHk ' finished Chambrays; Embroidered Swisses and '
i „ AilibeOn..P^L^ofCurUln,atHalf>rice. ' : g| Embroidered Cham- and shirtwaist suitings in 4«-lnch plain. colored sUk
AH the Ont-R«wr Lots of Curtains at Half Pnc«. shirtwaist suitings. brays in exclusive patterns an endless variety. Batiste In all staple colors
-/• >--^^-:V • -- ■■:-• I;-:: :l We Make a Specialty of Reuphoisteri na Fine Fum!h»i-« '"T;. '^iM&o^^^^^^oM **> * 'y-d Embroider .Pt« m etta.,'7sc. "'
P Fme Furnitur<- $1 a y*r4 Embroidered Swisses for only 50c. $1.50 a yard Embroidered Wumottas, 75c.
: <.4»a.i-''-' An ««^«! n <wi tw-t?i.,«i nl.j .Cvl; ' ""V."-'..J__.'.'..'-_. _~ t ! ~ ! ~~ .. - " ~" ■ ; ; ~~ : — ~—r-, —: —: —: :————— ■ i — ; —-—— —— ;—_—— — —.—r -." ■—: ■'-■"" ■■■ ."•'''' ''•'".'.— .
at Its last meeting of the season, Tuesday
afternoon. Mrs. J. H. Murphy, Mrs. Ber
nard Curry and Mrs. Culleu "won the fa
The union service of the Protestant
churches of Merriam Park was conducted
by Mr. W. R. Bonham, the noted tem-
perance evangelist, who gave a stereopti
con lecture at the Presbyterian church
last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mr*. A. J. Schanck and Mr.
and Mrs. B. E. Schanck. of Luverne, who
were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. George
L. Huntington. of Marshall avenue, have
returned home.
Miss Julia Brown and Miss Margaret
Tleman entertained last Wednesday aft
ternoon at the home of Miss Brown, on
Wilder avenue. In honor of Mrs. Hobait
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Whitney. Mrs. F.
D. Week and Mrs. John Alern, of Slay-
ton, Minn., have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. F. C Kelsey, of Dewey avenue.
Mrs. A. H. Zahm. who has been the
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