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THE election of Mr. D. F. Colville
to ihe presidency of the Minne
sota State Music Teachers' as
sociation insures the continued devel
opment of that organization along the
lines laid down by its organizers. Since
its beginning it has been most fortu
nate in having representative men at
its head, men who have appreciated
the fact that the broader such an or
ganization is in its aims the higher
will be the standard of the profession
it represents.
Loca] delegates to the Duluth con
vention praise it unsparingly. The ses
sions instructed and the programmes
satisfied, and when one considers the
laborious task that confronts the pro
gramme committee in irs work, this
general approval means a great deal.
Undoubtedly the success of the con
vention was largely due to Mr. Mur
doek'B efficient administration. He has
served the association's interests faith
fully and well, and as retiring chief
officer he parries it grateful thanks
with him.
It was chiefly to Mr. Murdock's ef
forts that the convention owed the
treat of ihe Henderson lecture. This
foremost of American music critics
talk about—and chiefly against—Rich
ard Strauss, but he agreed with the
latter in his statement that the Middle
West would some day be recognized as
the seat of musical culture in this
country. He said pleasant things about
;he convention, and he spoke very well
indeed of the programme made up of
the works of Minnesota composers,
which was presented at the convention.
Among the St. Paul composers repre
sented were William W. Nelson, Dr.
Rhys-Herbert and Carl Heilmaier.
A most enjoyable evening of music
arm poetry was presented last Monday
evening at St. Agatha's conservatory
by a group of the more advanced pu
pils in the literature and music depart
ments. The opening scene of the sec
>nd act of ': 'Romeo and Juliet" was pre
sented by Miss Maurine Cooley and
Miss Nellie Barsness, the former tak
ing the part of Juliet and the latter the
role of the nurse. The lines were read
•with intelligence, and the acting was
graceful and convincing. Miss Bars
ness also gave the melodrama, "Lyd
ia,' arranged from Lytton's "Last
Days of Pompeii." She presented a
most appealing picture of the blind
girl. Members of the conservatory
played the incidental music for the
melodrama. Miss Cooley recited Trow
bridge's "Darius Green" and presented
the third scene from the fourth act of
"Romeo and Juliet." Miss Esther Lun
tlemo recited Whittier's "The Sisters,"
and Miss Esther Conn Meredith's "Aux
Italiens." Miss Barsness also recited
Kimball's "Nell." Each of the pupils
in this department of literature who
appeared on the programme displayed
a thorough training in the art of read
ing. The piano numbers were also most
enjoyable. Miss Hilda Nordstron and
Miss Corinne Labrie played a Liszt
Rhapsodic arranged for two pianos;
Miss Lillian Kelso played Men
delssohn's "Rondo Capricioso," and
Miss Muriel Hayden and Miss Helen
Schutte played two violin duets, "Sim
ple Aveu," by Thome, and "Polka Con
certante," by Bohlmann. Miss Grace
Karr" played the violin accompani
The concert season at Lake Harriet
has been opened most successfully by
the Minneapolis Park band, Emil Ober
hofCer director. Otto Gebhardt, for
more than a dozen years solo trombon
ist in the Thomas orchestra, is one of
the soloists that has been secured for
these concerts. Popular operatic se
lections, marches and waltzes will be
the principal musical offering at these
Mrs. Parnell left last evening for St.
Louis, where she will attend the na
tional convention of the music teach
ers' association. Miss Nellie A. Hope,
■who was appointed a delegate to this
convention by the Minnesota State
Music Teachers' association, will also
attend. The convention opens June 28
and closes July 1.
An especially attractive musical pro
gramme was presented at the Jewish
synagogue Friday evening by Mr. Fair
clough, the organist, and by the choir
The synogogue's new pipe organ is one
of the finest organs in the state, and the
numbers which Mr. Fairclough played re
vealed its full power. These numbers
were: The "Tannhauser" overture- Guil
mant's "Prayer and Cradle Song" the
introduction to the third act of ''Lohen
grin;" "The Answer," Westenholme, and
V£? ntllene Pastorale," Guilmant. Mr
Phillips sang "It Is Enough' and Mr'
George sang the tenor recitative, "Man of
God," from "The Elijah."
Mr. Fairclough will give a recital in
&? l 5i f ese»l tln. g Misa Dalsy Chadwick
Ried, Miss Marion Kirke, Miss Buela Ben
edict Miss Helen Freemont Geer, Miss
Elizabeth A. Swan. Miss Florence Han
cock. Miss Clementine Mac Ryan. Miss
Myrtle Reed. Mis s Florence Campbell and
Miss Minnie Ekman. Mrs. Inez yon
Encke will assist.
■-'Miss May L. , Kelly will give a pupils 1
1^! Wednesday evening at her home,
464 Virginia avenue. \
Frauiein Shoen-Rene will spend the
summer in Europe.
Miss Elsie Shawe will leave for Chicago
this week where she will 9ypend some
time studying alon* the line of public
school music. Lewis Shawe In in New
Yoik. He will spend July and August
The musiral programme for Grace M.
E. church service this morning follows:
Anthem—'At the Door." l^orenz
Duet—"Ashamed of Jesus." Excell
Eva Mieheson, Edith Mortimer.
Evening —
Anthem—"lncline Thine Ear to
Me." Himmel
Solo —-Our Heavenly Home." Foster
F. V. DeVinny.
At Christ church this morning the fol
lowing music will be a. part of the service:
Organ—March, from the "Lenore"
symphony Raff
•TV Deum" Kotschman
"Jubilate" Schubert
Offertory—"ln Jewry Is God Known" —
Organ—"Choral." Rinck
Mr. Runkel, the organist, will give the
third of his series of organ recitals at
7:30. He will play:
"Marche Funebre and Chant Sera
phique." Guilmant
"Sonata No. 3." Mendelssohn
Prayer from "Der Freischutz." I-ux
Offertory—"Watch and Pray." Vicars
The nmsic today at the Park Congrega
tional church will be as follows:
10:30 a. m.—
Organ Prelude in B Flat, from Far
mer's "Mass."
Doxology. Invocation —All standing.
Anthem —Jubilate in A Buck
Scripture Lesson.
Response—"At Thine Altar" Hanscom
Responsive Reading. Gloria—All standing.
Offertoiy Anthem —"Christ Is Knock
ing At My Sad Heart" Otis
Solo —"Before the Throne of Glory"—
G. OJevin
Mrs. George Gere.
Postlude in C Chadwick
Mrs. George Heatherington.
Evening Service —
Organ Prelude Tours
Anthem—Magnificat in E Flat Parker
Miss Maxwell's Orchestra —"Goddess
of- Night" : Allen
Anthem —"Sweet is the Light of
Sabbath Eve" Eyer
Miss Maxwells Orchestra —"Am
Meer" Schubert
Offertory Solo—"Echoes From Church
Choir' Maxwell*
Miss Corinne Maxwell.
Solo—"Fear Not Ye. O Israel Buck-
Miss Whitcomb.
Miss Maxwell's Orchestra—"Amaryl
lis" Tocaben
Postlude Batiste
Mm. Geo.. Heatherington.
The order of the musical services at the
House of Hope church today follows:
Prelude—"Madrigal" Guilmant
Anthem —"O Sing Unto the Lord"..Buck
Response—"O Savior of the World"—
Duet —"In His Hands" Schnecker
Mrs. De Wolf and Mrs. Colville.
"Solo—"The Lord is My Light" Allitsen
Mrs. Jessica De Wolf.
Postlude—Allegro Risoluto Gade
Prelude—"Romance" Salo
Anthem—"Tarry With Me, O My
Savior" Baldwin
Solo—"If With. All Your Hearts"—
-I. Mendelssohn
Harry E. George.
Response—"Hear Us, O Father" Holz
Solo—"One Sweetly Solemn Thought'—
Mrs. Jessica De Wolf.
Quartette—"Thy Life Was Given For
Me" Gutterson
Postlude—No. 3 Rinck
Henry W. Savage arrived on Tuesday
from Europe on board the Kaiser Wil
helm der Grosse, after an absence of
about six Weeks. Mr. Savage went
abroad primarily for the London produc
tion of "The Prince of Pilsen," at the
Shaftesbury theater, but also for the pur
pose of organizing the cast with which he
is to present "Parsifal" in English in the
He said in an interview: "In Germany
I found the opposition to foreign repre
sentations of 'Parsifal' very strong. The
Berlin newspapers have published para
graphs exhorting German artists 'not to
leave the Fatherland in search of Ameri
can gold,' but I succeeded in engaging a
very strong company for the American
representations of the Wagner music
"Mme. Kirkby Lunn. of the Royal
Opera, Covent Garden, London, will be the
Kundry, as already announced. She has
rendered the 'Parsifal' music in concert
form during a brief season in America
under the management of B. J. Lang, of
Boston. Mr. Lang assures me that she
sang the role magnificently, and her por
trayal of other great characters in opera
justifies the belief that Mr. Langs esti
mate of Mme. Lunn's ability is not col
ored by enthusiasm. As an alternating
Kundry I have engaged Hanna Mara, the
leading dramatic soprano at Breslau. She
is a handsome woman of the brunette
type, somewhat above the medium height
and of Hungarian birth. She speaks Eng
lish fluently, and will, I am sure, make
a profound impression here.
"For the role of Parsifal Aleis Penna
rini has been signed. He is now the
foremost tenor at Hamburg, and it was
necessary to secure leave of absence for
him from the directors.
"For Amfortas I have engaged Johannes
Bischoff, a- young man of less than thirty
years, but for five years leading baritone
at Cologne. I have also engaged for this
role Franz Egenieff, a pupil of Maurel
and Lili Lehmann, with whom he sang
at the Western theater, Berlin, in Don
Juan and similar roles.
"The Gurnemanz of the American 'Par
sifal' is to be Putnam Griswold. an Amer
ican basso from Oakland, Cal. a pupil
of Bouhy. Mr. Griswold has been singing
with much success at Frankfort. The
conductors will be Walter Rothwell and
Moritz Grimm. The former is of English
parentage, but was educated in Germany
For the past two years he has been con
ductor and artistic director of the Royal
Opera, Amsterdam. Before that he was
conductor in Breslau. Herr Grimm has
been conductor in Stettin and Halle Both
are comparatively young men, not far
from thirty years of age, but have
achieved high reputations as Wagnerian
Rossini, whose "Barber of Seville" was
recently given with great eclat at the Ber'
nn royal opera house, once paid the fol
lowing tribute to Mozart: "The Germans
have always been great in harmony we
Italians in melody; however, since they
have produced a Mozart in the north we
southerners are better on our own ground
for this man rises above both nations!
combining the magic of the Italian canti
lena with the depth of the German 'Ge
muth. 1 If there ever comes a lime when
Mozart is no longer considered beautiful.
t[! eiL' w'ei >ld ones- who are still left, can
shuffle off this mortal coil. In paradise,
however—of that lam sure—Mozart and
his hearers will find each other again "
After the great success of "Th& Barber of
Seville Rossini was reproached for hav
ing borrowed from Mozart. At this the
genial master replied: "Mozart is rich- he
can afford to lend without impoverishing
himself." 6
Electa Gifford. the Chicago soprano, has
been singing with the Duss orchestra at
"Venice in New York" in Gotham during
the week just ended.
Kubelik. the violinist, lost a suit that
he recently brought against Dr. Gehr
mann, musical critic of the Frankfurter
Zeitung. Frankfort, Germany, on ac
count of a scathing criticism of his per
sonal appearance and playing.
Mme. Sembrioh, who is at her home in
Dresden, will pa\>s her summer vacation
in the Tyrol mountains, returning to
America in October for a short concert
tour in the west before beginning her
season at the Metropolitan opeia house.
a :— ".. . ——r*
Continued From Nineteenth Page
guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. H.
-Halloway. of Waltham avenue, has re
turned to her home in Mason City, lowa.
The Young Peoples society of St. Mary's
chinch gave a lawn social Wednesday
evening at the home of Rev. and Mrs.
George H. Ten Broeck, Iglehart street.
Miss Mary Hubbard, who spent the past
year with her sisters. Mrs. H. S. Moore
and Mrs. G. B. Hillman, returned to her
home in Lancaster, Wis., Thursday.
Mrs. F. J. Snell and Mrs. Lansing re
turned last Friday from Duluth, where
they were in attendance at the State
Sunday school convention.
Mrs. L. T. Sime, Miss Minnie Sime and
George F. Sime, of Northwood. lowa,
have been the guests of Thomas E. Sime,
of Carroll street.
Mrs. Harry A. Titcomb. Iglehart street,
entertained at cards Wednesday after
noon in honor of Mrs.- Kay Todd and
Mrs. Cudworth.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Pierce, of Du
luth. who were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank A. Pierce, of Carroll street, have
returned home.
Mrs. E. V. Canfield, who spent the past
year with her granddaughter, Mrs. Frank
Menefee. of The Dalles, Oregon, has re
turned home.
Dr. Carpenter, the recent guest of Rev.
and Mrs. Murdock McLeod. of Iglehart
street, has returned to* Lime Springs,
Mrs. Frank Menefee. of The Dalles,
Oregon, is the guest of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. S. Cowles, of Carroll street.
Miss Josephine Prentice, of Batavia. N.
V., who was the guest of Miss Grace
Kelsey, Dewey avenue, has returned home.
Harry Brooks, of Scanlan, Minn., has
been the guest of his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. D. F. Brooks, of Lynnhurst avenue.
Miss Gladys Hodson and Miss Donna
Mathews; of Carroll street, are enjoying
a few days outing at Lake Minnetonka.
The young people and the young mar
ried people of the Park gave a shirtwaist
party at Woodruff hall FridSy evening.
Miss Austin. Terrace Park avenue, gave
a lawn party Friday evening in honor of
Rev. S. C. Covert, of tSaginaw, Mich.
Mr. Mark Magnuson. who just gradu
ated from the Boston School of of Tech
nology, returned home last Saturday.
The Misses Sadie and Grace Simons,
of Carroll street, are spending a two
weeks' outing at Bald Eagle Lake.
Miss Laidlow, who spent the winter
with Mrs. George J. Reed, of Iglehart
street, has returned to Cresco, lowa.
Miss Lea Morrison, who was the guest
of Miss Hammond, of Carroll street, has
returned to her home in Duluth.
Mr. W. T. Matson and daughter. Miss
Jessie Matson, of St. Anthony avenue,
spent Sunday in Lake City.
Mrs. Postlewaite, of Illinois, who was
the guest of Mrs. S. G. Cobb, of Marshall
avenue, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Winslow and chil
dren, Iglehart street, will spend a few
weeks at Lake Minnetonka.
Miss Potter, of Detroit, who was visit
ing Miss Marian Adamson, of Carroll
street, has returned home.
Mrs. E. T. Holmes, Lynnhurst avenue,
entertained at cards Saturday afternoon
1n honor of Miss Cole.
Miss E. A. Drew, Iglehart street, gave a
children's party Wednesday afternoon for
her little son Richard.
The Sunday school of Olivet Congrega
tional church held their annual picnic at
Wildwood yesterday.
Edward A. Sime, the recent guest of his
blether, T. E. Sime, of Carroll street, has
returned to Windom.
Miss Leila Root, Marshall avenue, enter
tained a company of fourteen at dinner
Wednesday evening.
Prof. B. G. Eaton, of Dayton avenue,
attended the Sunday school convention in
Duluth last week.
Mrs. F. J. Cropsey and son Hawley have
returned from a short visit in Black
River Falls, Wis.
Mrs. William B. Hawley, of St. An
thony avenue, has returned from Black
River Falls, Wis.
Miss Pauline Koerner, of Litchfield, is
the guest of Mr. and-Mrs. P. C. Koerner,
of Carroll street.
Miss Lyda Muckle, Cleveland avenue,
entertained the Souvenir Card club Tues
day afternoon.
Mrs. A. C. Clausen and Miss Margaret
Munroe, of Rondo street, are visiting in
Morris, Minn.
Miss Katie Reed, of Cresco, lowa, is vis
iting Mrs. G. J. Reed and family, of Igle
hart street.
Mrs. W. F. Baker, of Seattle, has been
the guest of Mrs. C. V. Payne, of Prior
Miss Louise Watkins Dayton avenue,
has returned from a snort visit in Red
Mrs. C. A. Magnuson and daughters of
Rondo street, are visUing i n Lakeville,
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crandall, of Carroll
street, have gone to Canada for a month's
Arthur Geele, from Sheboygan, Wis., is
the guest of Harold Cook, of Prior ave
Miss L<aura Payne, Prior avenue, has
gone to Lakeville for a two weeks' outing.
Miss Edith Snell, Dewey avenue re
turned Monday from a visit in Duluth.
Mr. A. J. Larkin, of Carroll street, left
Wednesday to spend a week in Chicago,
Rev. W. C. Covert, of Saginaw, Mich.,
is the guest of Merriam Park friends.
Mr. C. M. Benham, Carroll street Is
visiting his son in Colorado Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Wallis, Marshall ave
nue, have returned from New York.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Montgomery, of Dewey
avenue, have removed to St. Paul.
Miss Mabel St. Anthony ave
nue, has returned from the East.
Mrs. George Marsden has returned to
her home in Frederic. Wis.
C. A. Magnuson. Rondo street, has re
turned from Boston.
Miss Florence Swanstrom is visiting in
Red Wing.
, R. S. Conery i s visiting in McMillan,
Mrs. Finton ana daughter Geraldine, of
Menomonc-fc, Wis.. spent Saturday with
Mrs. J. D. Wallwork, of StiHwater ave
nue, on their way to lowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Berry and son. of Santa
Clara, left for Colorado after a few weeks
visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Schultz,
of White Bear avenue.
Mrs. E. E. Cunningham,, of StiHwater
avenue, and Mrs. T. M. Lyon, of White
Bear avenue, spent Thursday with, rela
tives of Minneapolis.
Mrs. Essler, of Colorado, Elmer Essler
of Como avftr.ue, ar.d Mr and Mrs. C W
L,yon, of Minneapolis, spent Sunday with
friends of the Park.
Miss Myra Holmes, of North St. Paul
spent Thursday with friends of the Park.
Fred Gunther and son George, of Mln-
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neapolis. spent Thursday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Gunther, of Stillwater and
White Bear avenue.
Miss Ethel Harrison, of East Seventh
street, spent a few days with her aunts.
Misses Ella E. and Clara J. Gunther, of
White Bear avenue.
Mrs. C. G. Burchmann and Mrs. W. J.
Bruchmann. of Stockholm. Wis., were the
guests of Mr. m.d Mrs. W. G. Lyon, of
Harvester avenue.
Mrs. Sparks and son Ronald, of Los
Angeles, Cal.. returned home Saturday
after a few weeks' visit with relatives of
the Park.
Mrs. Greesa and Mrs. Lowe and chil
dren, of High wood, spent Wednesday with
Mrs. A. E. Peterson, of Stillwater ave
Mrs. E. S. Ferrey and daughter Grace,
of Stillwater avenue, visited Mrs. E. M.
Van Duzoe, of the Peninsula, Tuesday.
Miss Bessie Pew, of North Dakota,
spent the past ww?k with Mis 3 Isabel
Lampson, of Stillwaicr avenue.
Mrs. E. L. Cha»in. of Aurora avenue,
spent Wednesday with Mrs. W. G. Lyon,
of Harvester avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cunningham, of
Stillwater avenue, entertained a lady
friend Sunday.
Mrs. Ayrisyne, of the city, spent Wed
nesday with Mis. Mayhew, of Stillwater
The Women's Home Missionary So
ciety of the M. E. Church has elected the
following officers for the ensuing year:
President, Miss Julia Bell; first vice pres
ident. Mrs. William F. Rich; second vice
president. Mrs. L. J. Hill; secretary, Mrs.
Berry; treasurer, Mrs. J. G. Johnston;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. H. Mat
thews; secretary of supplies, Mrs. W. S.
Van Meter; secretary of mite boxes, Mrs.
R. Q. Dugan.
Thursday afternoon at 5 o'clock occur
red the marriage of Miss Tora Yloisaker
to Rev. Larsen, of Minot, N. D. A large
number of out of town guests attended
the wedding, which occurred in the chapel
of the Lutheran seminary.
Miss Sarah Lydia Noltimier and Frank
Clifford Thompson, both former Hamline
university students, were married Wed
nesday at Newport. Miss Florence Shove,
of Hamline, was maid of honor.
Announcements have been received of
the marriage of Miss Mary Grayling, a
former student of Hamline university, to
Mr. William M. Crandall, of Minneapolis.
Mrs. Martha Gordon is in Oelwein, lowa.
Mrs. Meacham. of Redlands, Cal., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charles P.
The Misses Lou and Ella Webb receiv
ed Monday afternoon from 3 to 6 for their
sister, Mrs. E. J. Ruenitz, of Springfield,
Mesdames Laura Bingham, of Minne
apolis, and D. Collins, of St. Paul, were
the guests of Mrs. C. H. Stevens Thurs
The Misses Zell and Bessie Wells, who
have been the recent guests of Mrs. Guy
L. Caldwell. have gone to St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Fowble will en
tertain a family party at their home on
Blair street July 4.
Mrs. Frank Silverwood and Miss Clara
Funk have spent the past week with their
brother in Bismarck, N. D.
Mrs. C. G. Harrison entertained the La
dies' Aid Society of Knox Church at her
home Wednesday afternoon.
Piesident Guy E. Maxwell, of Winona
normal school, has been the recent guest
of Mrs. H. M. Evans.
Miss Daisy Sudheimer has returned
from St. Cloud, where she attended
school, the past year.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Leroy Brink enter
tained at dinner Friday evening. Covers
were laid for five.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McCormick. of
Browns Valley, are the guests of Miss
Emma Wcnger.
Mr. Arthur Clark, of Duluth. was the
guest of his sister, Mrs. T. M. Fowble
last Sabbath.
Mrs. J. P. Oerting and daughter. Miss
Ella Oerting are visiting in Faribault and
Mrs. Atkins and daughters. Ruth and
Blanche have returned to their home in
Elk River.
Prof. James S. King, of Hamline uni
versity, has gone to Europe to spend the
Miss Belle Holley has recently enter
tained Miss Ella Norman, of Montevideo.
Airs. James Scharff is entertaining her
sister, Miss Anna Wenz, of Bath, S. D.
MR* Hattie Ruenitz. of Springfield, has
been the guest of Mrs. E. J. Webb.
Fay Cnldweli went to Chippewa Falls,
Wis.. Friday to spend the summer,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Leroy Brink will spend
the next two weeks at Lake Sarah.
Mrs. E. Tuckey has been the recent
guest of relatives at Eden Prairie.
Misrf Bessie Wieland is visiting her
grandr; other, Mrs. E. W. Kaley.
Mi:>s Dojly Adams entertained the
Okiyaka club Monday evening.
Miss Vera Putz entertained her Sunday
school class at Como Tuesday.
Miss Mamie Huston is the guest of Mrs.
Blackwell. of Minnehaha street.
Dr. Lawrence Griffin has gone to the
Philippines to spend a year.
Miss Lucy Rich has returned from the
northern part of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heines have re
turne.l from Lake City.
Rev. and Mrs. George Shaw have go»e
to Ft. Peter to reside. —
Mie-s Nettie Robinson is spending the
sun.-irer in Wisconsin.
Mrs. IT. W. Babbidge entertained at a
thimble bee yesterday.
Mrs. H. Withee is entertaining Miss
Wright, of Willmar.
Mrs. George N. Makely spent the past
week in Xorthfleld.
Miss Madeline Connor went to North
Dakota Tuesday.
Mr. Thomas Montgomery has returned
from €>t. Louis.
Mrs. E. M. Gillette is visiting her sister
in Wisconsin.
Miss Mary Shepherd has returned from
Lisbon, N. D.
Mrs. Frank Parr gave a pit party Mon
day evening.
Mis. J. G. Duff, Miss Dardania Duff,
Mrs. B. Robertson and Miss Millie Rob
ertson went to Long Lake Tuesday to re
main two weeks.
Mrs. R. D. Bloomfield has returned to
Miss M£.mie Hasslan has gone to St.
Mrs. A. J. Wallace is in Winnebago
The Ladies' Guild of St. Matthew's
Episcopal Church will give a picnic Mon
day at Minnehaha Falls in honor of Mrs.
J. H. MeDermott, who expects to go to
Los Angeles, Cal.
Miss Isabelle Parker was guest of honor
at a dinner given Tuesday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Snyder. on
Commonwealth avenue. Covers were laid
for ten.
Mrs. W. S. Brill, Mhs Ethel Brill and
Mrs. E. H. C. Taylor, of Carter avenue,
spent the week at Lake Minnetonka.
guests of Mrs. J. H. Chapman.
Horace Todd. who has gone to the
northern part of the state for the sum
mer, was given a surprise Monday even
ing by a company of friends.
Mrs. J. P. Berchem and Mi?s Pauline
Berchem. of Hampden avenue, will leave
Monday for Canada and later will sail
for a trip through Euiope.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dunn and daughter
Helen, of Langford Park place, spent
Tuesday at Lake Minnetonka, guests of
Mrs. Friend Brace.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McGill. of Scudder
avenue, entertained a number of friends
at dinner Saturday evening from St. Paul.
Mrs. Herbert Plant, of Keston street,
entertained at a musical Wednesday
evening for Miss Jennie Hakeman's pupils.
Mrs. Gibbs will entertain the Ladies'
Aid Society of the Congregational Church
Tuesday afternoon at her home at Como.
Mrs. J. H. Moosman, of Tacoma, who
has been visiting Mrs. Frank Tisdale, of
Langford avenue, has returned home.
The Young Ladies' Reading circle met
Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
F. E. B'alcome on Cromwell avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rich had as a
guest the first part of the week .A.. D.
Sandell, of Gettysburg, N. £>•
Mrs. Frank Turner, of Gibbs avenue, en
tertained during the week Mr. Terry and
daughter, of Lamberton, Minn.
Miss Grace Costello entertained the L.
B. T. V. club Wednesday afternoon at
her home on Bayless avenue.
Mrs. W. W. Rich, cf Langford avenue,
is entertaining her niece. Miss Lulu Mc-
Master, of New Brighton.
The Reading circle met Thursday after
noon at the home of .Mrs. Henry B. Tis
dale, on Bayless avenue.
Mrs. Emil Matschke, of Knapp street,
entertained during the week Miss Belle
Howlett, of Minneapolis.
Miss Julia Tisdale gave a kitchen
shower Monday afternoon for Miss Lilly,
a bride of the month.
Mrs. George Stanley Williams enter
tained at lunch Wednesday for Miss Ida
Cannon, of Chicago.
Mrs A. G. Pierce, of Scudder avenue,
is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Brogart,
of Humboldt, lowa.
Beulah Wilcox, of Carter avenue, gave
a party Wednesday afternoon for a num
ber of her friends.
Mr and Mrs". Mclntosh, of Alabama,
were visiting frienus at tiie agricultural
school this week.
The Misses Inez Nolan and Gladys Turn
er gave a picnic Wednesday at Como for
a few friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hunter and Miss
Madeline Hunter will go to the worlds
fair next week.
Walter Liggett, of Scudder avenue, has
gone to Grand Rapids. Minn., to spend
the summer.
Miss Ida Cannon, of Chicago, is visiting
her sister, Miss Bernice Cannon, of Knapp
Miss M. Helen Weed will spend her va
cation ih Spring Valley and La Crosse,
A social meeting and dinner was given
Friday at the state agricultural school.
W W. Rich, of Langford avenue, spent
the iatter part of the week in Chicago.
Mrs. George Eggleton, of Gibbs avenue,
is entertaining her sister from Duluth.
Mrs. J. H. Block, of Priscilla street,
spent part of the week in St. Peter.
Miss Elsie Taylor and Carl Taylor, of
Carter avenue, are in Portland, Or.
Miss Maud Mason, of Nourse street, is
visiting in Marshall, Minn.
Justin E. Brown, of Gibbs avenue, has
returned from Wahpeton.
Miss West, of Priscilla street, has re
turned from New Ulni.
E. W. Young, of Alden avenue, has re
turned from Mankato.
W. W. Rich, of Langford avenue, is in
Miss Jessie Foster has gone to Seattle.
The marriage of Miss Jennie Alice
Thayer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Thayer, of White Bear, to Louis Brayton
Lawton took place Tuesday afternoon at
the bride's home. Miss Abbie Lawton.
sister of the groom, was maid of honor
and Westley Lawton was best man. Rev.
Thomas Barbous performed the marriage
ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Lawton will be
at home at 311 Franklin street after
Aug. 1.
Miss Ellen Labore and Mr. Albert W.
Doerer were married Tuesday. June 14,
at White Bear. Rev. Claude Genis offi
ciated. Miss Anna Doerer was maid of
honor and Paul Lemire was best man.
After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs.
Doerer will be at home at White Bear.
Mrs. J. E. Weishinger and son, of Min
neapolis, spent a few days with her sister,
Mrs. R. H. Long.
Dr. and Mrs. A. MaoLaren have taken
the Bolin cottage on Manitou island for
the summer.
Eugene Summey. of Seattle. Wash.,
spent a week with his daughter, Helen
The young ladies of Lake Shore gave a
dance at Ramaley's pavilion Wednesday
Mr, and Mrs. Loyell Jerome, of New
ork, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tracy
Mrs. A. P. Hirschler and son, of St.
Paul, are spending a few weeks at the
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, of Vie-
toria. B. C. and Mr. and Mrs. Bently. of
££ spent a few days with Mrs.
Charles Reif.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
gave an ice cream social Thursday even
Mrs. Rogers and the Misses Rogers
have opened their cottage on the island.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brown and family
are at Lakeside for the summer.
Mrs. Fredericks, the guest of Mrs. F. J.
Reif, has returned to Stillwater.
Dr. and Mrs. Malchow. of Minneapolis,
spent a week at Leip villa.
Miss A. Fitzgibbons. of St. Paul, is the
guest of Mis s C. Nippolt.
The Rectors' Aid society met this week
with Mrs. P. J. Raven.
Mrs. S. A. Thompson has returned from
a visit at Parker lake.
Mrs. C. R. Groff is entertaining Miss
Grofr, of Washington.
Luther Case and daughter Emma have
gone to St. Louis.
Miss G. Groff has returned from a visit
in Illinois.
Miss Sallie Benson has returned from
Miss Edith Coleman has returned from
Miss Florence Hotchkiss. of New York,
who has been the guest of Miss Charlotte
Hardenbergh, of Dellwood, has returned
to her home.
Mrs. Scott Maedonald and son, of
White Bear beach are visiting in Barnes
ville, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Manton, of White
Bear beach, are entertaining Miss Alvina
Miss V. Lenhart. of St. Paul, is the
guest of Mrs. J. H. Bennet at Bald
Mrs. J. Schoonmaker, of St. Paul was
the guest of Mrs. C. G. Titcomb this
Miss Louise Chapman, of Bald Eagle,
is entertaining Miss Helen Batson of St
Mrs. J. N. Thayer. of White Bear
beach, is entertaining Mrs. M. B. Steb
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Raudenbush, of
Bald Eagle, have gone to Europe.
Miss Virgie Conrad, of Stillwater, has
been the guest of Mrs. Orsenger.
Mr. and Mrs. Summer, of St. Paul, are
at Mahtomedi for the summer.
Mrs. J. Crooks, of St. Paul, spent a few
days with Mrs. Fairchild.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Fay are spending the
summer at the lake.
Dr. Cook, of St. Paul, is the guest of his
sister, Mrs. Ottis.
Mrs. L. J. Lambert, of Bald Eagle, has
gone to St. Louis.
L. J. Lambert is expected home from
the Philippines.
M. D. Miller has returned from a week's
visit in Chicago.
Miss Gertrude Hall is visiting i n Du
Miss Espy spent Wednesday in town.
The Schultz Millinery School
For ladies and misses wishing to learr
the Millinery Trade; instruction given -by
a thoroughly experienced teacher- pupils
taught in three to six weeks so as to be
competent of taking positions or trim for
themselves and family, or go in business
for themselves; personal instructions giv
en each pupil; we teach you more in two
weeks than you would learn in six months
as an apprentice; ladies who wish to open
stores are introduced at the wholesale
houses and shown how to buy to
best advantage. Call at 57 and 59 East
Seventh street. Schultz's Millinery, from
2:30 to s:3fr p. m.
It Might Not Pay
"Why don't you do something to con
vince the people that you are an enemy
to the trusts?" •
"I'm afraid to go-any further in that
direction." answered Senator Sorghum,
'for fear 111 convince the trusts of the
same thing."—Washington Star.
Take Salt Water Dips
Within Easy Reach of New York City
- - —...-■ i.i ■■ i^<M>»^arv.n^
LONG l^ii§§ii^ ISLAND
Bdoksseiit on r« ( LOINO ISLAND (Illustrated description), 8 cents. ;
A^f « vitalT 1 UNIQUE LONG ISLAND (Photographic reproduction)^ cents.
c«jpt ot postage. SIJMM eR HOMES (List of hotels and boarding houses), 4 cents.
- Gen'l Passeneer Agt. I . New York City Spl. Agt. Pass'r Dopt
Hotel Somerset, Boston.
Commonwealth Avenue.
Boston's Newest and Most Palatial Hotel. .
While delightfully situated.at entrance to Park and Fenway, and absolutely open
and having unobstructed air and view on all sides, the "Somerset" is only ten min
utes from Railway Stations, Theatres and Shops. The ideal " stopping off " place
for families and tourists en route to and from the Mountains and Seashore.
Open Air Restaurant. Alfred S* Amer, Manager.
Col. and Mrs. C. A. Williams gay«
an "at home" on Thursday evening.
About a hundred guests called during
the evening. The house was beautiful
ly decorated with cut flowers, palms,
flags and Japanese lanterns. The ladies .
receiving with Mrs. Williams were:
Mesdames Leonhauser, Hall, Gardener,
Sayer. Ridgeway and Miss Patton.
Company B, Twenty-first infantry, '
consisting of fifty-nine enlisted men. -
including two members of the hospital -
corps, left on Wednesday for Water- '
town, S. D., where they will encamp
with the national guard of that state. •
The officers in command were Ca^t.
Ralph Van Deman and Lieuts. Sayer
and Ware.
Chaplain James Osserwaarde gave a
picnic on Friday at Min#ehaha park
for the children of the garrison. One*
of the features of the day was a base
ball game between the girls and boys,
which resulted in a victory for the for- j
Sergeant Major J. Drescher and Pi i- "
vate C. A. Clarence left on Saturday
for Washington, D. C, with Corporal
Lynn Snow, of the Thirtieth battery,
F. A., who has been ordered to the
government hospital for the insane. J
Sergeant Fred Weller was a delegate
at the session of the grand lodge of the
state of Minnesota I. O. O. F. on Wed
nesday and Thursday. He represented
Snelling Lodge, No. 163, I. O. O. F. •
Lieut. A. H. Bryant, of the Thirtieth
battery, left during the week foi;
Washington state, where he will visit
for two months before going to West
Point as an instructor.
Lieut. Edmund Sayer, of the Twenty
first infantry, has been granted a two
month leave of absence, to take effect
upon completion of his target prac
tice for this season.
Lieut. H. L. Morse, recently appoint
ed from civil life, will join the regi
ment shortly. He has been assigned
to Company D, Twenty-first infantry.. -
Gens. A. R. Chaffee, chief of staff
of the army, and C. F. Humphrey,
quartermaster general of the army, aro
expected here on June 30.
Sergeant George Kelly returned on
Thursday from Lake City, where h«
encamped with the Third regiment in
the capacity of drum major.
Maj. Euclid B. Frick entertained
about twenty-five physicians from the
Twin Cities with an exhibition of hos
pital work in the field.
A recruiting party from the post vis
ited the following towns during the
week: Anoka, Hastings, Northfield,
Owatonna and St. Peter.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Tiffany, of
Washington, D. C, are the guests of
their son, Lieut. George A. Tiffany, of
the Twenty-first infantry.
Sergeant Hamner, of the hospital
corps, accompanied Company B, Twen
ty-first infantry, to Watertown, S. D.
Sergeant* Angus McDonald, of A
company, is relieved from special duty
as acting color sergeant.
William C. Vinsoft, Tenth battery,
field artillery, has been discharged for
Miss Kalman, of Summit avenue, is
the guest of Capt. and Mrs. Herman
Sergeant Fountain, of G company,
has returned from a three months' fur
lough. -
Ennis Roberts, of the Tenth battery*
has been promoted corporal.
Mrs. E. Flynn and niece leave today
for West Virginia.

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