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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, June 26, 1904, Image 23

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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If 1
The trademark in the "Gordon Hat,"
ass hat and $2 for a $5 bill. The Gordon-
Fergueon company. East Fourth street
and Broadway, "Gordon Square," makers
of The Gordon Hats. Gloves. Furs, Etc.
f 2
1. '
t 360 St. Peter Street,
, 'St Paul's Leading Optician.
"When y.our eyes trouble you don't buy
rpor glasses! They will only increase
your trouble. We make only the very best
spectacles and eyeglasses and guarantee
their quality. The cost is not very great.
First quality alumnicq spectacles and
eyeglasses with spherical lenses, price,
' «4r £>iirt> D\j>m **-d^ urn- «r
l^l^ v 9 t^T WTW3O
f 3
A particular blend for particular people,
to be had at all clubs and first-class
buffets. A trial will convince. A.
Hirsehman & Co., 290-294 Jackson street,
Bt. Paul. . . \
m ____
•J^C < Tr.de Mark)
i ;:; :V /_£_ ■
' Meadow meats, poultry, fish, but
ter, eggs. etc. "The Best Known." L.
JiUsenmenger Meat Co.. 455 Wabasha st.
> ! ,—_
Slh 9 "
Cafe Neumann, Sixth and Cedar streets,
>iiesen & Co.. managers. * The best place
In town for lunch or dinner. Large dining
room for' ladies and gentlemen on second
floor. Service unexcelled and prices rea
sonable. Worthy of a trial.
*> —— _
,i v 6
Schoch's XXXX \ Patent Flour. "The
Purest and Best on the Market." manu
factured for and .sold exclusively by the
A- Sc-hoch Grocery company, Seventh and
Broadway. "St. Paul's Old Reliable
Grocery House."
if 7
The Wesley Piano, S. W. Raudenbush
Co.. Sixth and St. Peter streets, sole
agents. "A piano noted for its remark
able tone purity and its resonant tone
Quality." An instrument highly prized by
everyone owning one. Call and exam-
Ine it.
|!p ' 8
Th< celebrated shoe for women, made
on exact scientific principles. Dainty,
stylish, perfect fitting and lasting—
four most essential points to be considered
in buying shoes—all these and more. The
Dorothy Dodd, sold in St. Paul only by
.The Plymouth Clothing House company,
Eleventh and Robert streets.
Hww*&_^_ __9v
i- ■ 9
J V , |
■' *r¥Tbwie's Log Cabin Maple Syrup, ab
solutely pure, manufactured by the Towle
Syrup company, Chicago . avenue I and
Ouster ■ street, St. Paul, and for sale by
All first class grocers. v-
The Superb Estate Gas Range, sold by
the St. Paul Gas Light company, Sixth
and Jackson streets.
"The Acme of.Kooking Komfort for the
Kitchen In the good old summer time,"
as well aa during the rest of the year.
' . 11
Dainty Brand Coffees, Spices and
Canned Goods, put up by the J. H. Allen
Grocery company, Third and Sibley
streets, St. Paul. "Just the delicacy for
the table." For sale everywhere.
The "Apollo" master piano player,
sold in St. Paul only by Howard,
Farwell & Co., "the old reliable piano
house," 20-22-24 West Fifth street, St.
Paul. The Apollo is a piano player
which easily surpasses all others in its
ease of operation and the natural effect
secured. Call and hear it —an inspection
will convince.
"The Victor Talking Machines," W.
J. Dyer & Bro., 21-23 West Fifth street,
St. Paul, agents. The acme of perfection
in talking machines. Call and inspect
them —parlors on fourth floor. All prices
and easy terms.
'14-,. '.. ■ ..
\ • .. ..:■...
Burlington Route trains to Chicago and
St. Louis offer the best service possible.
"The Burlington Chicago Limited" and
"The Burlington World's Fair--Limited"
offer service unexcelled. City ticket office,
Fifth and Robert streets, St. Paul.
ir^EtfWfKlNfi'tt. % m to Q East T •
Custom-tailored ready-to-wear clothing,
"so different from the ordinary." Cloth
ing which exemplifies, its name, and is
kept in shape and repair as long as it
lasts free of charge.
Reeves' Iron Pills, the best blood and
nerve tonic. "For people sick of being
tired—tired of being sick." Sold under a
positive. guarantee by the Reeves Iron
Pill company, makers. Seven Corners, St.
Paul. ••■.■.■■■ ■- .-••.--. ; : i
"II The ff
Underwood |!
"The Underwood," standard visible
writing typewriter. The universal single
bank keyboard tabulating device and all
the modern improvements make it . th«
typewriter par excellence for the modern -
day business man. St. Paul office, 135
Endicott arcade. . ;
"PARAGON Cov't Inspected.
18 ;.. ,: - : -:f
"Paragon," United States government
inspected hams and bacons, prepared by
J. T. McMillan & Co.. pork packers, upper
levee, St. Paul, and for sale by meat
dealers and grocers everywhere.
Following this announcement are
printed the names and answers of the
seven contestants whose answers, sub
mitted in compliance with the condi
tions of the trademark contest, as an
nounced in last Sunday's Globe, en
titled them to participation In the
prize money, together with their an
swers in full.
It is deeply to be regretted that
many of the paper's readers who es
sayed a set of answers to the puzzles
presented did not comply with the
printed terms of the contest, and their
answers were accordingly disqualified.
A number did not contain the answers
to the questions submitted, others
were written carelessly on both Bides
of the paper used, while fully a dozen
were received at The G1 obe office
yesterday and Friday, too late to be
considered, as the contest closed on
Checks have been mailed to the
prize winners as follow?:
E. E. Finch, 217 Pleasant avenue,
first prize. $5.00.
Miss I. Todd, The Farrington, second
prize, $4.00.
Miss Lv La Belle, 343 Iglehart, third
prize, $3.00.
L. R. Speetzen, Great Northern rail
way, fourth prize, $2.00.
A. McCartney, 1581 Brand street,
fifth prize, $1.00.
C. Klostermann, 575 Aurora avenue,
sixth prize, $1.00.
Eugene Murnane, 242 Sherman
street, seventh prize, $1.00.
First Prize
1 —Trademark of Gordon, Ferguson
& Co., Fourth street, Rosabel to Broad
way. Used on their famous hats and
2— E. B. Meyrowitz, optician, the
best and most reliable in the city.
Store at 360 St. Peter street.
3 —Minnesota Club Whisky, made by
A. Hirsehman & Co., 290 Jackson
street. A good pure whisky properly
4 —Meadow Brook farm products, put
up by Eisenmenger Meat company,
located at 455 Wabasha. Products
noted for their purity.
s—Neumann's Cafe, located at Sixth
and Cedar streets. One of the best and
most popular cafes and restaurants in
the city.
6—Schoch XXXX Patent Flour,
handled by the Andrew Schoch Gro
cery company. The oldest, largest and
most popular grocery store in the city.
"Located at Seventh and Broadway.
7 .—Wesley Pianos, handled by S. W.
Raudenbush & Co., Raudenbush build
ing. Sixth, St. Peter and Market
streets. The best known, the sweetest
toned and the most desirable piano
ever offered for the money.
8 —Dorothy Dodd Shoes, the dress
iest, easiest and best wearing lady's
shoe ever sold. Handled exclusively
by the Plymouth Clothing company,
Seventh and Robert streets,
9 —Log Cabin Maple Syrup, manu
factured by Towle Syrup company,
Chicago avenue and Custer streets. An
absolutely pure maple syrup with a
national reputation.
10 —Superb Estate Gas Ranges to be
had from the St. Paul Gas Light com
pany, located at Sixth and Jackson
streets. The acme of comfort to the
housewife on a hot summer day.
11 — "Dainty." a brand of canned
goods and spices, put up by J. H. Allen
& Co., wholesale grocers. This brand
insures all that is best and pure. Firm
located at Third and Sibley streets.
12 —"Apollo" piano player, handled
by Howard, Farwell & Co.. general mu
sic dealers, 20 to 24 West Fifth street.
"The reliable piano house of the
13—"Victor Talking Machines,"
handled by W. J. Dyer & Bro., 21-23
West Fifth street. Talking machine
parlors fourth floor. The oldest, and
largest music house in the Northwest.
14 —"Burlington Route." Chicago,
Burlington & Quincy railroad. The
most beautiful ride and best train
service to Chicago and St. Louis.
Ticket office, Fifth and Robert streets.
15 —"Fitwell." The Fitwell Clothing
company, 106 East Seventh street.
Men's clothing and their suits exem
plify their name.
16— R. I. P. Reeves' Iron Pills, a
blood tonic that is guaranteed. It
gives you new blood, new strength and
builds you up. Manufactured by J. H.
Reeves, druggist, two stores, Seven
17 —The Underwood Typewriter. The
visible writer saves time, money and
gives perfect satisfaction. Office 135
Endicott arcade.
18 —Paragon Sugar Cured Hams and
Bacon, everyone's favorite, put up by
McMillan & Co., pork packers, upper
19—Wisconsin Central railroad.
Noted for the courtesy of its employes
and the Efficiency of its train service.
Ticket office, 373 Robert street.
20 —"Apple Blossom Flour," made
from the best wheat by the best ma
chinery and makes the best bread of
any produced in the country. Manu
factured by William Lindeke Roller
Mill company, corner Seventh and
Brook streets.
21 —"Home Brand" groceries, put up
by Griggs, Cooper & Co., wholesale
grocers, Third and Wacouta streets.
Only the best of everything goes into
Home Brand goods.
22 —N. X. S. Nichols Expert School
of Shorthand. The largest and with
out doubt the best school of its kind in
the Northwest. School and offices In
Endicott building.
23 —J. T. Schusler, Tailor, 357 Rob
ert street. A suit from Schusler means
satisfaction. The best of material and
workmanship and prices the lowest.
24 —The famous "Robin Brand" of
groceries, put up by J. H. Allen & Co.,
wholesale grocers. Third and Sibley
streets. Every housewife wants the
Robin Brand because she knows it Is
the best.
25 —St. Paul & Western Coal com
pany. Orders are promptly and care
fully attended to by them and prices
always the lowest. Offices 49 East
Sixth street.
26 —To the Gates of the World's
Fair, Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad.
The most direct and convenient line to
the world's fair. Ticket offices, 398
Robert street.
27 —Pease Bros., Tailors. The best
and most exclusive tailors in the
Noithwest. Shops 380 Robert street.
28 —Ohio Coal company, formerly at
392 Wabasha, but recently removed
to 371 Robert street, and consolidated
with the Pioneer Fuel company. Good
service, courteous treatment and right
—E. E. Finch,
217 Pleasant Avenue, City.
Second Prize
I—Gordon1 —Gordon & Ferguson, good hats
and caps, gloves and furs. Service ex-
cellent. Fourth and Broadway, St.
2—E. B. Meyrowitz, 360 St. Peter
street. Glasses well fitted; prompt
service. All first-class optical goods,
kodaks, etc.
3 —A. Hirsehman & Co., a pure rye
whisky, of an excellent blend. Jackson
street, near Third, St. Paul.
4 —L. Eisenmenger Meat company.
Good meats and farm products. Prompt
service. Wabasha and Eighth streets,
St. Paul.
s—Cafe Neumann. Good meals.
Service excellent. Buffet, restaurant
and cafe. Corner of Sixth and Cedar
6 —Schoch's fine flour. The best of
its kind. Service rendered by the
Schoch Grocery company first-class.
Store at Broadway and East Seventh
7 —S. W. Raudenbush & Co. The
Wesley piano. Excellent in tone and
quality. Sixth and St. Peter streets,
St. Paul.
B—DorothyB—Dorothy Dodd, fine shoe for wom
en, handled by the Plymouth Clothing
house, Seventh and Robert streets.
This house carries first-class clothing
and shoes.
9 —Towle Syrup Company. Log Cab
in maple syrup; absolutely pure- Towle
Syrup company's factory at Custer and
Chicago avenue, West St. Paul.
10 —Superb Estate gas range, from
St. Paul Gas Light company. Fur
nishes the best means for cooking. Gas
Light company office, Sixth and Jack
son streets.
11— J. H. Allen & Co., spices and
canned goods. Third and Sibley
12—Howard. Farwell & Co., "Apollo
Piano Player," one of the best. Firm
address, Fifth, between Wabasha and
St. Peter streets.
13—Victor Talking Machine, handled
by W. J. Dyer & Bro., 21 East Fifth
14 —Burlington Route, best trains to
Chicago and St. Louis. Excellent serv
ice. City ticket office, Fifth and Rob
ert streets.
15—Fitwell Clothing House, 106 East
Seventh. Best of men's clothing and
good service.
16—Reeves' Iron Pills, the Reeves
Iron Pill company, Seven corners, St.
Paul. An excellent blood and nerve
17 —The Underwood Typewriter, the
Underwood Typewriter company. Vis
ible typewriter and an excellent ma
chine. St. Paul office, 135 Endicott
18 —Paragon Hams and Bacons, made
by McMillan Packing company, upper
levee, St. Paul. Excellent goods.
19 —The Wisconsin Central Railway.
Good service in Eastern traveling. City
ticket office, 371 Robert street, St. Paul.
20 —Apple Blossom Flour, made by
Lindeke Roller Mills, East Seventh
21 —Home Brand Canned Goods, pre
pared by Griggs, Cooper & Co., Third
and Wacouta streets, St. Paul. First
class goods.
22 —Nichols Expert School, training
for shorthand and bookkeeping, in En
dicott building. Conducted by M. E.
23— J. T. Schusler, merchant tailor
and importer, 357 Robert street, St.
Paul. Good clothing at moderate
24 —Robin Brand canned goods and
spices, prepared by the J. H. Allen
company, Third and Sibley streets, St.
Paul. Liked by all that use them.
25 —The St. Paul & Western Coal
company, fuel. Service excellent. Of
fice in Commercial building, St. Paul.
26 —Minneapolis* & St. Louis railway,
the "Albert Lea Route." The short line
to the world's fair. St. Paul ticket of
fice. 398 Robert street.
27—Pease Bros., makers of high
grade clothing for men. Satisfaction
always given their customers. '380
Robert street.
28 —Ohio Coal company, dealers In
fuel, 373 Robert street. Prompt serv
ice and satisfaction to consumers.
—Miss I. Todd, The Farrington,
St. Paul.
: Third Prize
I—Gordon hat, carried by Gordon &
Ferguson, on Fourth street. They ren
der good service.
2 —E. B. Meyrowitz, oculist, on St.
Peter, between Fourth and Fifth.
3—Minnesota Club wKisky, carried
by P. J. Bowlin; deserves credit.
4—L. Eisenmenger's Meat company,
on Wabasha. Good service.
s—Neumann's5 —Neumann's cafe, Sixth and Cedar.
6 —Schoeh's XXXX patent flour, on
Seventh and Broadway.
7—Wesley piano, carried by S. W.
Raudenbush, Sixth and St. Peter; good
B—DorothyB—Dorothy Dodd shoe, carried by
the Plymouth, fine shoes, on Seventh
and Robert.
9 —Towle Log Cabin Maple Syrup.
They satisfy. On Fifth between Sibley
and Jackson.
10 —St. Paul Gas Light company, on
Sixth and Jackson; carry good stoves.
11 —Dainty Brand is carried by
Kohler & Henrkkson, Third street.
12—Apollo piano. It is an excellent
13 —Edison Phonograph company, on
Wabasha, between Fifth and Sixth.
14 —Fitwell Clothing store, on Sev
enth street, between Minnesota and
Robert, carry a full line of men's
15 —Reeves' Iron Pills, manufactured
by S. H. Reeves' drug store, on Seven
16 —The Underwood Typewriter is a
very good one.
17—"Paragon." Swift's hams, made
by Swift in South St. Paul.
lg—w. C. R. R., on Robert street, a
first-class line.
19 —Lindeke's Apple Blossom flour,
manufactured by Lindeke's Roller
20—"Home Brand." Griggs, Cooper &
Co.'s goods bear this trademark of
quality; on Seventh and Wacouta.
21 —Nichols Expert School, a school
that makes a person wise.
22— J. T. Schusler, the tailor; an ex
pert at it.
23 —"Robin Brand," carried by a
wholesale house; is very good and sat
24_st. Paul & Western Coal com
pany, on Sixth street, in the Commer
cial' building: gives perfect satisfac
25— Minneapolis & St. Louis is the
only line that brings you to the gates
of the world's fair.
26 —Pease Bros., tailors, on Robert,
between Fifth and Sixth, are good
tailors. „.._..
27 —Ohio Coal company, is on Fifth
and Robert streets; they satisfy every
body. —Lv La Belle,
343 Iglehart Street, City.
Fourth Prize
I—ls a brand used on the Gordon
hat, manufactured by Gordon & Fer
guson, the largest hat, cap and fur
house in the world, located at Fourth
and Broadway streets, St. Paul.
2—Represents E. B. Meyrowitz,
whose address is 360 St. Peter street,
St. Paul, dealer in all kinds of eye
3—ls a brand of pure rye whisky
sold by Hirsehman & Co., 292 Jackson
street, St. Paul.
4—ls the trade mark of the L. Eisen
menger Meat company, on Wabasha
street, at the head of Eighth street,
dealers in all kinds of fresh and salt
meats, fish and game in season.
s—ls the name of a well known es
tablishment on the corner of Sixth and
Cedar streets, known as "Cafe Neu
6 —ls the brand of a high grade of
flour sold by the Andrew Schoch Gro
cery company, corner of Seventh and
Broadway streets.
<" —ls the name of a piano sold by
S. W. Raudenbush & Co., Sixth and
St. Peter streets.
B—ls8 —Is the name of a lady's shoe to
be found at the Plymouth Clothing
House, Seventh and Robert streets.
9—ls a brand of maple syrup put up
by the Towle Syrup company, corner
of Custer street and Chicago avenue,
and is known from ocean to ocean.
10 —Represents a gas stove handled
by the St. Paul Gas Light company,
Sixth and Jackson.
11—Represents the "Dainty" brand
of canned goods sold by J. H. Allen &
Co., wholesale grocers, Third and Sib
ley streets.
12 —"Apollo" is the name of the mas
ter piano player to be found at How
ard, Farwell & Co.'s music store, No.
20, 22, 24 West Fifth street.
13—Represents the Victor talking
machine, to be had at W. J. Dyer &
Bro.'s music house, 21-23 West Fifth
14—Is the ad. of the *>est line to Chi
cago and St. Louis, whose ticket office
is at the corner of Fifth and Robert
streets, St. Paul.
15 —Is the name of an up-to-date
clothing house located at 106 East Sev
enth street. Fit well.
16 —Is the trademark for Reeves'
Iron Pills, manufactured by S. H.
Reeves, druggist, Seven corners, St.
17—The "Underwood" is the name of
a typewriter to be seen at No. 135 En
dicott arcade, and is known as the
Standard Visible Typewriter.
18—Is a brand of ham put up by J.
T. McMillan, pork packer, Upper levee,
St. Paul.
19—Is the ad. of the Wisconsin Cen
tral railway, running from Minneapolis
and St. Paul to Milwaukee and Chica
go. Ticket office, 371 Robert street,
St. Paul.
20 —Is a brand of flour made by the
Lindeke Roller Mills, near the East
Seventh street bridge, St. Paul.
21—"Home Brand 1' manufactured by
Griggs, Cooper & Co., Third and Wa
couta streets, St. Paul, wholesale gro
cers, represents a brand of spices,
fruits and vegetables put up by this
22—Forgotten what it stands for.
23—Is the ad. of J. T. Schusler, mer
chant tailor and importer, located at
357 Robert street.
24—Robin Brand is the trademark
on a line of canned goods handled by
J. H. Allen & Co., wholesale grocers,
Third and Sibley streets, St. Paul.
25 —Is the ad. of the St. Paul and
Western Coal company. Office, 49
East Sixth street.
26—Is the ad. of the Minneapolis &
St. Louis railway, with ticket office in
Hotel Ryan, 398 Robert street.
27 —Represents Pease Brothers, mer
chant tailors, 380 Robert street.
28—Represents the Ohio Coal com
pany, 373 Robert street, St. Paul.
—L. R. Speetzen,
St. Paul.
Care G. N. General Offices.
Fifth Prize
I—The1 —The Gordon hat, Gordon and Fer
2—E. B. Meyrowitz, St. Peter street.
3 —A. Hirsehman & Co., Jackson
4—Eisenmenger Meat company, Wa
basha street.
s—Neumann's5 —Neumann's cafe, Cedar and Sixth
6 —Schoch's patent flour, Seventh and
7—Wesley Piano, Raudenbush's.
B—DorothyB—Dorothy Dodd shoes, Field-
9 —Towle's Log Cabin Syrup, Towle
Syrup company.
10 —Superb Stoves, St. Paul Gas
Light company.
11 —Dainty Brand Chocolate, George
J. Smith's.
12 —Apollo Piano Player, Dyer's.
13 —Columbia Phonograph, Dyer's.
14 —Burlington route, Robert street.
15 —Fitwell Clothing store, Sixth and
16 —Reeves' Iron Pills, Seven Corners.
17 —Underwood Typewriter company.
18—Paragon Hams, McCormick
Packing company.
19 —Wisconsin Central railway, Rob
ert street.
20 —Apple Blossom flour, Lindeke's.
21 —Home Brand goods, Griggs,
Cooper & Co.
22 —Nichols Expert School, Endi
23 —J. T. Schusler, tailor, Robert
24 —Robin Brand, C. R. Groff & Co.
25 —St. Paul & Western Coal com
26 —Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway
27 —Pease Bros., tailors.
28 —Ohio Coal company, Robert
—Alice McCartney,
1581 Brand Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Sixth Prize
I—Stands for the celebrated Gor
don Hats and Gloves, made by The
Gordon-Ferguson company. Fourth
and Broadway. The best goods for the
2 —Stands for E. B. Meyrowitz's op
tical goods. First class in every par
ticular and guaranteed. Store at 360
St. Peter street.
3 —Minnesota Club Pure Rye Whis
ky, an excellent blend, prepared by A.
Hirsehman, on Jackson stret, near
4—Stands for the celebrated meats,
butter, eggs, fish, etc.. sold by the
Eisenmenger Meat company on Waba
sha street, near Ninth. The things
sold by this company are always pure,
and you get what you order.
s—Stands5 —Stands for the Cafe Neumann,
Sixth and Cedar streets. This cafe has
the reputation of rendering the best
of service at moderate prices.
6—Schoch's Four X Flour is well
known and gives satisfaction where
used. Sold by the A. Schoch Grocery
company on Broadway and Seventh.
7—The Wesley Piano, a moderate
priced piano, sold by S. W. Rauden
bush company, Sixth and St. Peter
B—Stands for the Dorothy Dodd
Shoe sold by the Plymouth. It is a
>«y good shoe. The Plymouth at
Seventh and Robert streets, sell men's
clothing and furnishings.
9 —ls the label on all cans of Towle's
-\ in m»fl"" fiffp^
The Wisconsin Central railway. City
Ticket Office 371 Robert street, H. Brown,
agent. A system noted for its efficient
train service and the courteous treatment
accorded patrons. Special low rates to
St. Louis tomorrow. Look it up.
■n" APl>le Blossom Flour," made by the
William Lmdeke Roller Mills East Sev
enth street, St. Paul, and for sale by all
first-class grocers. "Apple Blossom/ in
flour, is a synonym of purity.
"Home Brand"
"Home Brand Pure Groceries," pre
pared by Griggs, Cooper & Co.. Third
and Sibley streets. St. Paul, and for sale
by grocers . everywhere. The goods ap
preciated in the homes.
"Nichols Expert School." a modern
model, up-to-date school of shorthand,
typewriting and bookkeeping. a school
giving a post graduate course for stenog
raphers." conducted by that eminent ex
court stenographer, Malcolm E. Nichols,
at 339-353 Endicott building. St. Paul,
Minn. Employment guaranteed to gradu- i
' -VJ.T&cmiSLER./
J. T. Sehusler, importer and merchant
tailor. 357 Robert street, St. Paul. One
of the city's leading tailors, who guaran
tees satisfaction in- every particular. In
vestigate his "25 per cent reduction sum
mer sale."
IB JfA iSi £1 Bt «H Ef k 1 I&F
"Robin Brand" canned goods, coffees
and spices, prepared by the J. H. Allen
Grocery company. Third and Sibley
streets, St. Paul. "The satisfaction brand
—for sale by your grocer." Once tried,
always used.
Log Cabin 1 Maple Syrup. Made by the
Towle Syrup i company on the West
10—The Superb Estate Gas Range,
told by the gas company. They make
cooking easy. The gas company's of
fice is at Sixth street on Jackson.
11—Dainty Brand is a brand of choc
clate candies prepared by a local con
12—Apollo is ; a kind of table water
with some* lithia in it. Don't know
where made.
13 —This indicates the Edison Graph -
ophone, sold by Minnesota Phonograph
company., Seventh street and Cedar.
14—Burlington route, means the
Burlington . railroad \vhi< runs runs
to Ghicago and St. Louis, and has ex
cellent trains. Ticket office, Fifth
street and Robert.
16—This identifies .Reeves.lron.Pills,,
said to be an excellent blood arid nerve
tonic. Made by S. H. Reeves, Seven
17—The Underwood is a brand of
whisky made in Cincinnati. It is sold
by many bars in St. Paul.
18—Paragon Hams. Government in
spected and prepared by J. McMillan
& Co. on the levee somewhere.- The
goods are well liked.
19—The Wisconsin Central railway |
is a road that runs, to Chicago and Mil- !

, ft T£ e st- Paul & Western Coal company,
49 I^ast Sixth street, wholesalers and re
tailers of the best fuel on the market.
The Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad,
the only Twin City railroad with a sta
tion at the gates of the exposition j
grounds. "To the Worlds Fair in Eight
een Hours." City ticket office. Ryan
hotel buliding. 398 Robert street. Tele
phone. N. W. Main 661.
Pease Brothers, St. Paul's oldest firm
of tailors. 3SO Robert street. Importers
and tailors of high-grade clothing for
men. Their trademark stands for the
best of materials, fit and workmanship.
The Ohio-Coal company, recently con
solidated with and the successors of the
Pioneer Fuel company, city office, 373 :
Robert street. Wholesalers and retailers
of the best obtainable fuel. Charles G.
Hartin. city sales agent.
waukee. It is a very good road. Its.
St. Paul office is on Robert street, near
20 Apple Blossom Flour, made by
the Lindeke mill on Seventh street. It
is a good flour, and makes good bread.
15—Is the mark on the clothes sold
by the Fitwell store on Seventh street,
near Minnesota. They are good look
ing clothes.
y 21 Griggs, Cooper & Co. make
Home Brand Canned Goods, both
fruits, vegetables and spices and cof
fees. Store at Third street and Wa
couta. * - ~
—Is the trademark Malcolm
Nichols uses in advertising his school
for teaching \ stenography and book
keeping. It is the best school of its
kind in the city, lam told. It is in the
Endicott building.
—J. T. Schusler, the tailor, has his
store on Robert street, neax* Fourth. He
makes men's clothing and makes it
well. Moderate prices prevail.
24—'Robin Brand canned goods are
excellent. They are made by Allen &
Co. *
25—The St. Paul & Western Coal
company has an office on Sixth street,
in the same building with Rose Shan
non. They sell good fuel.
26 This ad means the Minneapolis
& St. Louis railroad, which takes you
to the St. Louis fair by a short route
and gives good service. Office, Ryan
27 —Pease Bros, are high-grade tai
lors, who make good clothes and get
good prices. " They are on Robert
street, near Sixth. ;
28 —The Ohio Coal company is on
Wabasha street, near Sixth. They sell
fuel of all kinds.
— C. Klostermann.
- 575 Aurora Avenue.
■ ■ z ■ . :v
Seventh Prize
. . . „
I—Gordon1 —Gordon & Ferguson. This trade
mark means to me the best in hats and
furs. The firm has rendered service to
the city, first, in adding to its great
ness, and second, in giving to the peo
ple for half-price the best hat on the
market. The "Gordon Hat" bears this
2—E. B. Meyrowitz & Co. This
trademark means to me the best in
everything pertaining to optical appli
ances. The expert service and advice
rendered by this firm is the saving of
many eyes in this city, and state. Their
optical instruments, including specta
cles and opera glasses/bear this-trade- i
mark. . :■ ;
—A. Hirschman & Co. In the Min
nesota Club whisky they; offer^ the
greatest value for the least money, and
at the,same time you patronize a «home -
industry. .-This trademark is t found on
all their products. " -
4 —L. : Eisenmenger Meat company.
This firm conduct the most up :to date
arid modern meat market in the .West,
having in their store every appliance
that goes toward the convenience o*
. Continued on Twenty-fourth "Pago

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