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Bishop Shanley at St. Luke's —Bish-
- - op John Shanley will preach in St.
Luke's church, Ashland and Victoria,
* * this morning at 10:30.
State Bank at St. Michael—The State
Bank of St. Michael was yesterday au
thorized by the state bank examiner to
begin business. S. J. Mealy, of Monti
cello, is president, and H. Benning is
cashier. The capital stock is $10,000.
Has Attack of Heart Trouble on
Street—James Oakes, residing at Cook
and Cortland streets, had an attack of
heart failure yesterday at Fourth and
Sibley streets, and was taken to his
home in the police ambulance.
Youth Dies While Sitting in Chair —
Arthur Cooper, fifteen years old, ex
pired suddenly while sitting in an arm
chair at his home, 957 Bradley street,
Friday. Coroner A. W. Miller, who
was called, decided that death was due
to tuberculosis.
Sutton at First Christian Church —
Harry Trumbull Sutton, of Nebraska,
. will deliver an address in the First
Christian church, Nelson and Farring
- - ton avenues, this evening on the subject
of "Christ's Idea of Freedom and the
Liquor Traffic."
Mayor Will Lay Corner Stone —The
corner stone of the new Salvation
Army barracks; at 1011 Payne avenue,
will be laid this afternoon. Mayor
Smith will lay the stone, and Brig.
Jenkins and Staff Captain Christoph
erson will assist in the ceremony.
Property Owners Lose First Round—
Judge Lewis yesterday overruled the
motion of the Chestnut street property
owners to dismiss the case brought by
the city to enforce the assessment for
paving the street, and ordered the case
tried on its merits during the October
Charged With Stealing Poor's Money
—John Graff, arrested Friday night on
a charge of stealing a Salvation Army
mite box from the"Loop saloon, Eighth
and Cedar streets, was arraigned in the
police court yesterday, charged with '
petit larceny. His case was continued
until Monday.
Giesen Would Be Commissioner—P.
J. Giesen yesterday filed as a candi
date for the Democratic nomination I
. . for county commissioner from the city,
and A. P. Wright, at present holding
the- office, desires to succeed himself
as a Republican from the Eastern
country district.
* Archbishop Redwood to Preach—
Most Reverend F. M. Redwood, arch
bishop of Wellington, New Zealand,
who is in St. Paul, will preach at the
Cathedral at^tlne 10:30 service this
morning. He is making a tour of the
world and is stopping in this city as a
guest of Archbishop Ireland.
Offer Excuse for Assault—Jacob, !
Peter and Joseph Wisdorf yesterday ;
entered pleas of guilty to the charge
of assaulting Edward Hinderer, but
claimed that they were justified be
cause Hinderer struck their brother.
Judge Finehout, of the police court,
will impose sentence Tuesday.
Insane Woman Is Committed—Selma
Bergland was yesterday committed to
the insane hospital by Judge Bazille
after an examination held in the coun
ty jail. She is afflicted with a religious
mania, and believes that she is requir
ed to inflict upon herself a series of
injuries, which are to purify her soul
and prepare her for death.
- A. O. U. W. and*D. O. H. Memorial
Day—The second Sunday in Septem
ber was selected as memorial day for
the A. O. U. W. and D. O. H. lodges
at a meeting of the delegates in charge
of the matter last evening, and a com
mittee selected to complete arrange
ments, of which C. Golke was made
president, Miss M. Erdman secretary
and W. B. Patterson treasurer. Sub
committees were named from the gen
eral committee to take charge of the
different features of the rfiemorial.
Heating Plant Operators Win
Fight in Court
In the case of Frank Urbach it was
yesterday held by Judge Lewis that it
is not necessary for persons acting as
engineers of steam heating plants to
take out a license under the state law.
Urbach was in charge of the heating
plant of a three-story flat building,
and was arrested at the instance of R.
H. Johnson, state boiler inspector, and
accused of following the profession of
engineer without first having secured
a license. The, case was made a test,
the title being the State of Minne
sota ex rel. Frank Urbach against P
C. Justus, sheriff of Ramsey county.
Judge Lewis holds that the law pro
vides for the licensing of engineers of
steam engines and for the inspection of
boilers, and holds that Urbach could
not be held to come within the class
to be licensed. The plant that he op
erated was solely for heating pur
poses, with a maximum pressure of ten
pounds to the square inch. It is also
held that the subject of the law is not
stated in the title.
Man Convinces Court That He Did
Not Strike His Stepmother
James T. Gallagher was found not
. guilty yesterday when tried in police
court on the charge of assaulting Mrs.
1 John Gallagher, his stepmother, in
her home, at 57 West Jessamine street.
The woman asserted that her stepson
. struck her with a chair, knocking her
down, and would have kicked her if
i he had not been prevented from so do-
Ing. John Gallagher, the husband and
- father, testified in favor of the son
who was also supported by Frank
Sehloesser. On the showing Judge
„ Finehout found the defendant not guil
ty of the charge.
Few of Passengers Rescued From
Norge Were Bound for Northwest
According to the latest dispatches
received at A. E. Johnson's steamship
offices only three of the nineteen sur
vlvpEs of the Norge wreck landed at
Thorshaven, Faeroe islands were
. bound for the Northwest.
Rolf J. and Halvor Vageson, seven-
a teen md thirteen years old, respective
ly, were bound for Richardton, N D
and John Torgerson, twenty years' old
. wasjjound for Spring Grove, Minn All
were badly in need of medical treat
. anent when landed in the Faeroe isl
ands. After recovering sufficiently
- -tfeey will be either sent back to Nor
way orforwardftd to this country the
trip being optional with them. *
During July and August this store will close at one o'clock Saturday afternoons
When the doors closed yesterday at 1 o'clock the returns for the four and a half hours' business exceeded in nmnunt that nf m™,, „ h,, 0 + v
names .ere revered on Me coupons, ye fee, oeru sure Hat H, p.m ,s In symoatny iltH us. and "*«"^^ t°forlloT,
ST. PAUL'S SILK SELLING STORE. II c „ » , ======^^=^=^=^=^=^===
»%• « « « «~ « **» «orosis: the oxfords every woman wants these days:
PlOm \ & (7fr Three-fifty:
I IVl**« VVIIIIVII W IC*V« „, Rl9^ style-right shape-right quality-right price.
- - ENTRAKCES-WABASHA, FOURTH. F.FTHANOST PETER STREETS, ; tL?tht m"3 "el" sh'PmenU <>f ta" *« every fe-jj days, but such Is the demand that in on'dau's
An unexpected silk purchase A m£dsummer clearance of
4,860 yao-ds of the best ms\ *c } from the linen room
.1.00 foulards made in : Amer- J^F{/ ™~"---^-"""-^r^^^-r^^X'^^^s"" 1""0"
ie& to be Sold at only. ..... A YARD AU are bargains: Many *t almost half
We have sa.a I. v™. and a S a.n and cannot he,p re Hera.,n g -th l s Is « to Twin c, sUlt store. Each succeeds week fohn^Browf 6 TreUnd 'Itvjt^" "P 1""^^? fe
:- .. . ' - : m&.Ke a ciean-up, hence these low sale prices: >;; r-^ rA
Regular 1.00 foulards, the-product of the best maker-of foulards in America (whose name we are requested not v/ 5.50 :'. tablecloths will go for ..V.-. A.... • 310 - 6 no „*n * l- >
to use owing to the break in price), the very newest effects in coloring and design, plenty of polka dots of all ?.5O tablecloths will go for. /............ '..'.'.'.'.['.'. 4.60 800 a dozen napwlTs" for" : ■'''" ' ••••.•••••••• !'S
sizes on all colors of grounds. The silk is 24 inches wide and ought to set the silk sellers as well as the silk ,M| 0 tablecloths will go for :. 6.30 V 9.50 a dozen napkins for"" V VVT " .'••••.;. 620
buyers of the town wild with excitement. -.-' '^ v : ■ " 14 -00 tablecloths will go for 8.65 11.50 a dozen napkins for *-•••••••••:•••.•••••«
— --.-;.:■' x-a - tablecloths will go for .;.:..;..........V9.20 15.00 a dozen napkins f0r.7.7. ""'iO4s
- ■■paleat9:3o, and remember that 5,000 yards goes quickly here. tablecloths win go for 11.00 25.00 a dozen napkins f0r.... '.'!'.!.".!!!!!>.': liz^s,
Graoid sale shirtwaist suit silk %£&&&*"Cst 2*O «eS'.^fe."-»^"- 1 flr
:.! ; And every yard in this advertised lot is worth 6 9 c. 8 9 c to 1.00 * yard. 4.25 each. s,i e price , only «..JV . a doza, »h,s sa.a. on..
purchase calls for 4,000 yards" of the freshest, newest "; :^ ' .' . . ' / : ..r ' " Towels \ ' Tray cloths! made by - John S. .Brown. & Padding
'FiV $$g±4'ie aw*l l^tSo^M^o «a*^ m XU i.^ » *W* ifl"i^^''' '600: fine .softhuck" towels; size ask, size 20x30; ready for. use. Originally a for the table, very heavy qual
-1 [email protected]£a§ aild lOUISin6S 9 WOrth rtO LOO a Jfl£ 7 SiSl^^ 20x39- aUd SOld every day at worth 60c. Midsummer sale price C^O^ ity, 58 inches wide, a and qsold
\£M '• '' : ■'.'■■•■•• •'■';. . • ': :;" ' ,'. : ■■■•"■■ :;- M m &B& ,^mGS§ vflT---- ,40c each Sale.price, : Bedspreads: 85 fine satin Marseilles spreads, every day at 50c a yard
ya^rd, to be on sale Monday &,t J :■■■•■:'.'*" ■■'.'■■ IfITBP '• &••%* ' -:..--W.- „, «;i,. full size and fringed with dou- Sale price,
/^*W) iO DC UU SaS6 mOnClOy &JI ••••••.. €^ *%"*~, ble knotted fringe. Originally worth A _
' . : • -- .: ■■.-■-• •-'-- ■.-.r.-:■.;•..-=• ... : c,V.V - ' A^C 4.50 each. Midsummer sale 9QC 'b^g*
There are a.ll sorts of new styles, including stripes, checks, piques, both light and : dark effects, in fact a most . ■■..• ■' : price ......:......-.......... .....„...« •jfC? $tJ*-«
: complete array of all that's gorgeous in silk is here for summer ] and fall suits. - _ There ?is also ] a lot -of short ~~ ' - ' " ■ ~ '"'■'' ". :'"-. " ''' — > '"' '"
lengths, just right for waists and separate skirts. Originally worth to 2.00 a yard, these silks will also go at ' '""^ ~--jB : '•>' ' « « • ~~~
All ready at 9:30. Get in the rush at the great silk sale. "^■•: ■: _■ ■<' : -^'-- ivAOr" QT©SS StCll lS ITIUSt s*O
The midsummer clearance in the carpet, room has brought to light another §§| *" unexampled b^r^in wortuohy for fashionable skirt. g
lot, of domestic | Once ag&,in "under h&wlf-price tr rules: will you benefit?
S^'WSp X f^ #*• :iWSM: ■ We have g^hered together another lot of practically new dress skirts, weights that
k ' ' Pff O<l W(T% ¥\& HAr^fTiroH °an be J Worn ri §ht now.' all strict " tailor-made correct new models, handsomely
* 'UK%9 .-^W''' WC - ddLJLIIII^CU trimmed. The fabrics are voiles, etamines,, cheviots, broadcloths and Pan- W SB? **> /^w
■.'-■• V . ■ rv " " " • V : amas; all seasonable and many of them received not more than a month ago. §§ t M lli
It ha^ been a busy week in the carpet room, ths clearing of ths stock is goin 2 ahead briskly and many splendid bargains never ™ rked to.sell at 22.50, 24.00, 27.50, 29.50 and 32.50. Monday you can M^^«mßftlf
reach the newspapers. Note the extraordinary prices on following rugs; ... . ../r. ' . . „ ,5 „ „.;. " make a selection -at ........ ............ ........ .... .... ...;.... ;... \J W^^^^r
I i2^pattfirns.vwuton;;Rugs, SiZ<> 9Xl2> jwere^^^ 10 patterns wilton Rugs> 83x10 were : r ■ Women's 24.00 new Handkerchief linen New lot cr^venette ::
>7 patterns Velvet Rugs, size 9x12, ; were 2500, : .6 patterns Body Brussels. 8.3x10.6, were 23 50 ftSIS SllK.SUluS^ shift WdUStS f: ' rixinCO&tS""'''-""' '
; MW-: ?^i^ w».» "V- ••»»'- 1900 now -v:-; ; ■>»; to go on wi r -^ worth rMM W& I ■ Iftt^l^^'^ &S
-^M^^f^m^^ 6RUgS:. a"ia!'.ris.OO -J3*. I^s :% H 13.50
Also on Monday morning we shall place on sale for immediate clearance, several hundred-yards of China and Just 35 suits win be sold at the a little lot of 10 n
Japanese mattings. Most of the lengths run from ten to forty yards, and there Is excellent ..- • above price. 8 ah" nlw eleganUy VitT and pLi d'Se ftfilKlt^T^V^
Choice of good colorings and patterns. The entire lot will be closed out at about half DHCe g^y eifSio?longee- Plain °r T st, ri/ manAer " fu»- v^e^fri^faU^i^ESfi
! — ———ii:—■■•■•--■- ■-■•--'■•- ■ ■.--■.,-:■■--.:-,.,.■- , ... -....■-.; .-.-;. ,-:\ „J^ •;--■■ ; -' *• .- f * v sec< . , Droaa snouiders. coat has a guarantee.
| vv.:;.;;.^, -- > ' ■-;-■-.:: '•„ r--j — > ..,■--/. :' -■■ -"■.'. : • ■'• —~~" : =f ■-[_-■'„. . ._'. . .;," _ ...... "^ ...'._ ; — : : : '' ■ '"' ' ■ ■ -- •■ ■■.■■:■■.■ >.■■>-•-■'
WomenT "^!^ July dewance cotton dress goods AJ£S
Samnle An extraordina|i s^le bringing gigantic economies Cut Glass
i :Ci:-:i- Will • ■ Nearly all corisiierably under hdwlf price. We have ust opened a new ship-
Cx f • ■: wearly Ml considerably under h&.lf price. ™entofiinecut B ia M pi«e.inmo.i;
ICIO^S ': ; :. v.; -v.": ■ • . ■• '•■--••:■::■ ..••-■ - " brilliant, new. and beautiful designs.
' ■ " ;' '.SS^SS^^^SIS^ sale we've told you of, in the domestic department. The entire stock of summer wash cottons" is . included in Special display will be made Monday
We shall place on sale Monday are fnSns&Sy^lu^^^ *" tha' * °f and special prices will prevail. Some
morning at 9 o'clock a very choice idea of the cheapness may be had
collection of the higher grade At m« • . . * from the following suggestions;
Onyx seunple stockings :^f^-^ MdwteriaU worth up Batiste^;Dimities. India' ;A A * 7 Materials worth up to 35c Olive dishes from 1.25 to
Onyx sample stockings QJ^ j Fine sheer abrics ' such «• Batistes. Dumtie.. India m m Materials worth up to 35c Olive dishes from 1.25 to
for women There ar I'd irflr %^# ' 1 Lawns, Embroidered Swisses, Printed Swisses, Ap- . M /fi f\ 32-inch Madras cloths in pure white and colors, 3* 75*
fancy lisle, also aTooHprinkHnrof > ' P»qu e ' Stripes v Swiss Muslins, etc A magnificent l^fltJ Embroidered and Dotted Swisses. Fancy Tissues, Comportieres and bowls
• silk. They will be sold as follows _.; • a'VOrd" A aSS°rtment /.embracing.all the'colorings 1; in demand. . ■ • ™ "■'.*■ v*^ Solid color Voiles, Etamines, and Shirtwaist Suit- frQm ,_ tQ ;# ■-•f.,,
a yard \ mss' , T . ,
75c qualities to go at 50c —— V ases priced tO 20.00.
i.oo qualities to g O at 65c Cream and sugar sets 6.00
1.50 qualities to go at 1.00 At* A . __ . ,
■ 1.75 quanties to •Bo■at '■ ' 1.15 *«f\ .- • I Many of the newest of the season's weaves "Voiles' J "^L --• /™c balance of * onr <5c an* GO* fabric, ar. In ? eCantel"S ' ' P'tcher^ etc.,
.1.75 qualities to go at..........1.15 T;^^--'-'-: "-■v • :^ -■ 8.-- v l""r^e«f "w".»» weaves,,.vones, :-__: "-."'.■..•■ , The balance of our 45c and 50c fabrics are In J- yci -'l"LCV;».. pucucrb, etc.,
»:::::;;;:; ;:::;:;::::::::;t: *7C zr of many ki"as 'au at s™reduc- s.rr^^^r^tr: "•»« »?«»'*«•
One-third off all through, and silk • fl yard' .) ' ; t 'fl yard I et°' - - 'Twould be wisdom to rriake your
l' hose to -the first comers. '-'.»,. '^^ :*"-" • . ■ >"" — V"' -.%'" " - ?'" ' yarn, ■ self a sent at these very low
% prices.
Women's Jersey doth bathing Kayser silk and lisle gloves for Reduced prices on bathing Two special sale tables at the
suits ._.■■■;^v ;■/ "> -': :^^\/]^':-:^s^mm^ suits for men ■ jr~~ • ■■ ■ «•
Also a few of brilliantine- for the early ones. The ideal hot weather glove; a complete size as- : There's a fine assortment now, get ■ them while the QTSSS COUritd*^
Originally sold at 2.50 a suit. All have white eortment now in, in the very choicest shades for I'ocf S^tsT : -^ . v .. - - SWUII vvUll>V&d
bILT ns gpeclaf P Hcc c ,in *"* " j Q|T ?!ii^P^^pi£iSlS KSI -; Main thoroughfare aisle! You can tell by the look of -these items that
■ oniv "- -■•'" •"■-■ : ■■ *«^r ■'-'": ■ ■ :Kf%**' Vs^ *t#»: ■ V»ii«'iJ 1 Art iU ■■ -. . ".-' 2.00 Suits f0r......... ■ ■ ' ■ ' 160" ■■ ■-*■■- - -'■ ■ .»-!-.•■■■» .■
. 11^'""" ••-••"•;••;•;••.•!••.•_••.■:••".•;-.^ ..^,V*'- t SOC, 75C and 1.00 tKe pair 2]50 Suits fw!!!!!!!!!."!!.**.*.!.i!i*."".i[].'l|Bs - its cleanirig-up time here, arid at such a time the original price is almost
V:--^ ~~ « — — -' lost sight of. you'lliind: ■' \
Men who want these ties A c!osin^ out of women's high-grade On one table gou>nm
Will ll&Ve tO lOOK SII&XP I " •' :^ ImflOrted ATld^lCAV«^rr VA^k ' - •25 pieces of Mohair Sicilians in colors of blue, gray, brown and black.
£vl?* '■" '"-"' • ::">f*' ;i * j -I- a :'reat:' nnr( , haw ;:-'-; v*-*-'""-^'' :' f ;-" MUpWI WU «*IIU UO/SCI VCdiS v v. ; .These Mohairs ; are 45 inches wide, of excellent quality and
-" OUr-in-hands • thelb'est of New York makers ofmen^ There is^^both silk and'^lisle, and this'is an unusual -.chance. There ought h^h luster- Originally 60c a yard. >; r 0% £\
WMA Xil AtdAIUS . tne best of New York makers of men's There is both silk and lisle, and this is an unusual chance. There ought While they last Monday <.\3t^
ru r rhanr a nhhed c bsy ort ends of the not to be a dun moment Monday at the und—count- the price is • • %jyv
nwe togS ke h ea m r h ar %££ sne^jbiTSd Zc "-" c n^SouS c^h^^f V<£T' sh^hS^and^a" On another table in main aisle "
made : just as well as the 50c tie. v Sale price .. .| v . .^.^^■^^;:-; fi'^ front Re^ aiicediol-J^ ' C trimmed.; Reduced to p ' - Lot of imported cotton dress goods In superb^ fancied Not a large quan
;. Men's ..white, lisle thread shirts and Men's Munsing blue color silk lisle :-.f;'.;«.;;::v^-'!'"i-- ; " — ; / . -~: :• ' . _ ' ;r •> - : .7 - tity "of any one kind, but every kind is- equally desirable. :' > ,„ : . ">
drawers, a beautiful- M A Union Suits that sell _, P* O-^ -: /;^O^; ;;1 - «%Sfe There are union linens, cotton crepes, nub suitings and 7^!11,«M.
ao°, qUal ity- 7QC -- -resularly at 2.50. : .1.90 ;; SoC | fOC 39C many others.' Originally worth 25c a yard. 12zC
: o. Special: Monday^ forr;vv::v ; ; /j; V*^T^ Special ? price TV. .:..:.;;: :•.*• jprw-;-;. ;- ■'•;:i^;>. -:^ WoT^V -"->.:-:^-;. fC~'^<"J^^-&*^' '■'- v^tvT^u^-^i i";.T.-......."..... .>.."..'; '.. ;-; A«i2^^.
Lember Company Will . Develop a New
" \ - Minnesota I Business . '■'*-/ -
The Weyerhaeusers, through their
Cloquet company, are c em
barking firyan enterprise to manufac
ture turpentine, pine tar and pine oil
from the stumps of the cutover lands
in Northern Minnesota.
The idea originated with a concern
in Hinckley, which has been operating
on a small scale for some time past
with marked success. The
buys up the stumps at S3 a cord or
agrees to clear a man's land and take
the stumps in exchange. It requires
but four men and two big iron retorts
to handle sixty cords a month, the
products being 600 gallons of oil. 1.200
gallons of tar and 900 gallons of tur
pentine. This will sell for between
$500 and $600 and the expenses amount
in the neighborhood of $200.
The Weyerhaeusers are completing
a deal whereby they secure control of
the Hlnckley company and will operate
the business on a very large scale.
Stein Files Bankruptcy Petition
Henry Stein, a St. Paul retail dry
goods dealer, yesterday filed a petition
in voluntary bankruptcy. He gives his
liabilities as $93,428, with assets of
$72,640. Many of the largest claims
against the insolvent are held by New
York wholesale houses.
Three Thousand Invitations Have Been
Issued for Big Reception
The public-reception to Cardinal Sa
tolli, which the Knights of Columbus
are arranging, will be one of the largest
functions that the city has seen in
years. Over three thousand invitations
have been issued and the assemblage
will include the representative people
of St. Paul.
The committee In charge of the re
ception has decided to have it held at
the Ryan'Tiotel, instead of at the Com
mercial club, as at first announced. Dr.
E. W. Buckley, chairman of the gen
eral committee, will appoint the mem
bers of the reception committee Tues
day. Judge William Louis Kelly will
deliver an address of welcome, and the
distinguished guest will then be intro
Cardinal Satolli will arrive in St.
Paul Tuesday morning and will re
main here ten days as the guest of
Archbishop Ireland. He will, In the
course of his stay in St. Paul, visit St.
Paul's seminary and will meet-the
prelates of the Northwest.
Cardinal Satolli will celebrate pon
tifical high mass at the Cathedral next
Sunday morning, and Archbishop Ire
land will preach the sermon..
Steamer Grade Mower leaves foot ot
Jackson at 9:30 daily far Fort -Snellins.
Soldiers' Home. Mlnnehaha Falls.

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