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[ fif^, „ - ■■ •■ ;*;•,..." . '. " ..■..';
F TFOST charming and withal praj:
--\/| tica! is the girl feminine when
,YX she returns to the household
circle in the form of the fam
f beauty doctor.
Herself a picture of immaculate
Lintiness, she inspires love of per
inal daintiness in the younger mem
:rs of the family. The tomboy sister
ibmits gracefully to having her
mds "done" in the cool shadows of
c porch or in the shelter of the
ring room, when she would scorn
le suggestion of visiting a manicur
t. The growing brother, secretly
[•moved, but openly indifferent, to his
ight skin eruption, will try "Sis's"
rmedy, when he would balk at the
rder to consult the family physician.
So through the entire family the
beauty cult takes root and flourishes,
extreme neatness of person becomes a
family habit—and the mission of the
family beauty doctor is fulfilled.
The family beauty doctor is a crea
ture of evolution. She rose to meet
the emergency. When the world fem
inine had paid the price of athletics
in tanned, large-knuckled hands, in
sun-burned, rough cheeks, it cried
aloud for relief, and the professional
beauty doctor sprang up in every city
in the land, ofttimes but illy prepared
.he work entrusted to his care.
Systems were hastily mastered, some-
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[ >t'L^R"-Tv.-k*-"- HAfljg ■ v igg^, i 1 {;«J i y , > .flK.ifl L-^^*"^'** ■- ■ v li21Bff":i«
I V T-*d^j^ :«yTT^*^il_jßfiß3?^■ 1= * J^^^ESBB^^*'•'"'^ ■** -■ * - ?^T^rt Biff^s.^^-"^*^'£%^ig^f^V^^- jpßE^B^y^M^K
L*^^ ■■ / )&' '.-•\« ■t# f jTfr^f-"*'* -^Tii tPvi ti^^^KEv* ! ■'*'" '■* ■■' '" "***"' ■•'■■• '—- fi ■■ ■-' "■' *'■■■■■"•■ j» ■■ **i ■*■ f/ * '■■""■■■■" * ■* c ij'; -■■■' * n "" * * "*■ i I *■• ■ ■■•■ ■" si_j * i*~ * ••^ i jjjp)wjp|W^yHß!ll3^RSS^Ml^^^KiSßß '•"
W» ■• ! **" j3wa ?Jii;' ;at a»• ' '■ ! Tt« m —. >/■ 'h ft. -f .: .^ .-131
FORTY acres of pleasure palaces,
radiant at night with hundreds
thousands ofelectric lights..
and stocked with novel and
entertainments drawn from
rs of the globe—this in brief,
. at Coney Island, aptly
"the nation's playground."'
-ummer day it if thronged
E ihou>ands of visitors, drawn
from Greater Now York's
ked millions, but from all
the United States, from Maine
■ Xew York is the sum
rt of multitudes of Americans
n other large citie- all
1. and few. indeed, come
: without visiting Coney
'-land's greatest at-
Dn —Limn Park. And all these
- g from notables like
Thomn- Liptnn and the Chinese
prince. Vu Lun, down to plain
md Hi Gaffncy, declare.
g the chute*, whirling the
I doing half a hundred other
• they never had such a
:heir lives before!
it" a dozen theatre?, three
>pended in midair.
- • lephants, forty camels and
oi other performing
and Babylonian hang
- ;-.nd thousands of em
f all color? and almost all
•na Park may fairly claim the
pf a world's fair in itself. It is
■': away the most ambitious and
- ■•-.'. amusement resort that New
ever known.
times to the betterment of women
patients, sometimes to their actual in
jury, and then the world feminine be
gan to think out beauty remedies for
Enter then the family beauty doctor,
who began by learning to manicure
her own hands,.to massage her own
face, and to shampoo her own hair.
She discovered that the work came
to her as naturally as piano playing
to the musically inclined, and she
The crowds that throng the streets of Luna Park.
Island was always a ga^N
place, but it used to have an unsavory
reputation, which prevented many de
cent men from taking their Wives,
sweethearts, sisters or mothers there.
Coney*lsland to-day is just as gay.
as it ever w?.s, but the evil features*
have disappeared and their places- have
been taken by new shows and new'
"stunts"' which are far more amusing
and entirely unobjectionable. This re=*
form has been wrought through the
exampFe set by Fred Thompson and
Elmor S. Dundy, who proved by the
success of Luna Park that the great
est triumphs in the show business are
attained by men who do not pander
•to vicious* tastes.
Within the space of two years these
young men climbed to the top of the
tree in the amusement business, and
their names now seem destined to
become as famous as that of Phineas
T. Barnum. Thompson' ts tTic practi
cal showman: Dundy is the business
man. Dundy gets the money for the
firm, and Thompson spends it on the
shows which all America flocks to
see. Their joint career is one of the
most picturesque success stories that
even this country, crammed from end
to end with men who have risen sud
denly to fame and,fortune, can boast
of. '
Both young men had been in the
show business for years, in opposition
and in partnership, without achieving
any very striking success. Thompson
saw Coney Island thronged by vast
crowds all summer, and realized in a.
moment what splendid chances of
turned her attention to beauty culture
as a fad.
In New York alone there are to- (
day scores of girls studying in beauty
parlors who never expect to take situ
ations of any sort. They are merely
laying the ground work for beauty
culture. Some of them are even study
ing at schools of pharmacy the art
of compounding lotions, emollients,
bleaches, etc., so that their own com
plexions and those of the entire fam-'
I making money in the show business
I were running "to waste.
"'Give these people something really
worth white, something they haven't
I seen before, sometfcjug a man can
J bring his wife and his Aunt Hannah
fto see, and there will be millions in
1 it." he reasoned.
k Dundy thought so, too.' They had
Lhardly any money between them, but
J D\indy has a convincing way with
capitalists and a great reputation for
"making good v on any financial propo
sition for which he borrows money.
He raised the needful, and Luna Park
was created and made a brilliant suc
cess in one summer season. The loans
were promptly repaid, and this sum
mer the Park has been reopened with
bigger and better attractions. Thomp
son and Dundy are justly proud of
their financial reputation. They have
been so straight in all "their dealings
that now they have only to mention
lmw much money they want and~*the
greatest capitalists in the country has
ten to advance it. Yet there is prac
tically no security beyond their bare
word, inasmuch as fire insurance can
not be obtained for amusement enter
prises at Coney Island.
Where so much is good, it is diffi
cult to pick out the leading attrac
tions. There are at least a hundred
big shows comprised within the forty
acres of Luna Park, and the small
side-shows number over a thousand.
One of the most thrilling and dra
matic spectacles offered this year is
the bombardment of New York City
by an enemy's fleet. The stage of an
ily circle may not be sacrificed to
incompetent, irresponsible beauty doc
tors and patent lotions.
In the art of manicuring the family
beautifier learns that the nails must
be filed, not cut; that they must be
gracefully rounded, not filed to ex
aggerated points, and that the well
bred woman does not polish the nail
to a lustre which is conspicuous. When
a younger member of the household has
acquired the unfortunate habit of biting i
immense theatre is composed of a
great tank, represeting New York har
bor. A fleet of ironclads, each care
fully modelled from some real war
ship, sail over the water s.nd tire at
the city. The forts reply, and
there is a hot engagement. It is
a most convincing picture of, the
horrors of war. The audience in the
theatre is guarded from the danger
of fire by a device entirely new in the
theatrical business. Asbestos curtains
were too common for showmen" like
Thomson and Dundy, so they, have
provided a curtain actually composed
of a solid sheet of water, which may
be dropped instantly.
Another first-class show represents
the burning of an entire city block and
the heroic work of the firemen.
A ?trect of real built-up huus.es and
stores, with a real trolley line and
clanging trolley cars, is shown. It is
full of people, who are buying and
selling goods, driving cabs, carts and
automobiles, hawking newspapers,
stealing peanuts and being arrested,
and doing all the other hundred .and
one things that may be wiftiessed in
a city street.
Suddenly a kerosene lamp blazes up.
A policeman runs to the corner and
turns in a fire alarm; a crowd collects,
and the fire brigade dashes up in a
moment, the trained fire horses gal
loping through the crowd at terrific
speed. T There are three engines, three
hose carts, a water tower, an exten
sion ladder, and sixty-four firemen on
the scene. About fifty men and wo
men rush to the windows of the blaz
itip block and shout frantically for
help. Some jump into blankets, others
are heroically rescued by firemen, who
iJ'iiiWOKJllfMlS JWRWf
The beautiful electric tower that
> shines over Luna Park at night
the nails, it is the family beauty doc
tor, whose patient care of the abused
hands—pinching the finger tips gently
into shape and restoring the curve of
the nail—helps to break the habit by
arousing the pride of the little sinner.
Particularly does this gifted mem
ber of the family circle teach the
growing sons not to abuse the nails
by the use of a sharp penknife or cuti
cle knife. She buys for each member
a file, an orange stick and a buffer for
the daily c&re of the hands, and once
a week she gives the hands a thorough
treatment, polishing the nails with
rosaline or powder, using bleach if
necessary, aadswatching carefully that
all the young people keep their nails
in good condition betimes.
For discolored or badly tanned
hands she uses this bleach: Sweet and
bitter almonds, blanched and pounded
into a paste, 256 grams each; lemon
juice, 60 grams; sweet milk, 30 grams;
sweet almond oil, 90 grams; brandy,
180 grams.
Many an overburdened mother has
gladly turned over the task of sham
pooing the youngsters to the elder sis
ter, who really deserves the title of
the family beauty doctor. Not only
is this a relief to the mother, but
it is an excellent thing for the chil
dren, as few mothers have either the
knowledge or the time properly to
shampoo two or three bobbing little
heads. Great harm is done the hair
by slovenly or too strenuous sham
pooing. In the one case, harsh alkalis
or uncleanly soaps remain in the hair,
and in the other, too drastic sub
stances are employed for cleansing the
hair from oil and dust.
The beauty doctor takes the rebel
lious little patient to the bath room,
throws a combing cape of Turkish
toweling over the bare shoulders, and
folds another small Turkish towel on
the edge of the stationary washstand
V■■ . ■■■■■ .' ■■■ ■■■ I ■■■■■ ■" ■. : , ■■■: :■: .. .;■ ■■ '" '„■■■ „■■ ■-■■■ .■-*." 1 „: ■ J _. * „ * y. J •^Jc^.JHlßj*V<^^^» Z'^ ■-, ■"■■■''•■■■■<"•"■• *\'~ ** r^ ■<■'■■*"'■'■'■■■•■"■■■ -'•■■ ' 'i ■ 4 ■■".'■ ;'.:'"y " ; ■"'■• ■' ■: ,: "■' J- " $? i
:•■*« . JWJi 1 -^ J* ,-^^tfH SI ! *• 13 Bub Hußßliff -v
rißp jiJHP^"! ■ *i ¥ - •■■• IBH^^BR^lilw^S!H£3BSißiHJiß
clamber up to the top stories by
means of hooked ladders. A more
"realistic performance could not be
imagined, and the audience is worked
up to the same pitch of excitement as
a crowd at a real fire.
The Indian Durbar, probably the
greatsit pageant the world has ever
known, is reproduced with wonderful
fidelity to the original, crowds of na
tives, drawn from sixteen Indian
States, taking part. Maharajah?, ele
phants, camels, sacred zebus, nautch
.girls, snake-charmers, British grena
dier?, the Guides Cavalry, now busy.in
Tibet; the feudal soldiery of ancient
Hindostan, clad in all manner of
strange and brilliant raiment, join in
a gorgeous procession down a street
of Delhi.
Afterwards many queer "stunts^, 1 are
done by trained elephants, snake
charmers, Indian acrobats and other
native performers. The famous basket
trick and other wonders of Oriental
magic are shown.
But the Hindoos are by no means
the only strange foreigners in the
shows at Luna Park. As many un
known tongues are spoken there as
were ever heard at the Tower of
Babel. On the "Trip to the North
Pole"—a most remarkable mechanical
illusion—you can see and talk with
real Esquimaux, living on the ice in
real Esquimaux villages. An Esqui
maux baby was born at Luna Park,
for the patient to rest her chin on.
* In a bowj close at hand she has
ready the yolk of one egg, beaten
thoroughly, with one pint of warm
rainwater and an ounce of rosemary
spirits. The egg will remove dandruff
and cut the excessive oil in the hair.
The rosemary leaves behind a pleas
ant perfume. Dipping both hands in
to the shampoo mixture, she works
it intd the scalp, rubbing thoroughly
with the finger tips. When the scalp
is saturated and the dandruff is loos
ened, she has the patient rest her
chin on the folded towel, and the rins
ing begins. The hair is not washed
its full length, but the shampoo, as it
is washed down, cleanses the hair.
A rubber tube, which can be ad
justed to any pipe, and which has a
perforated spray nozzle, is useful for
rinsing, and warm, not hot nor cold,
water should be used. The right hand
directs the flow of the water, and the
left is held at the base of the brain
or on the forehead to prevent the
water from running down the back or
into the eyes.
Soft, warm towels are used for pat
ting the hair dry. It should never be
rubbed violently. Then it is fanned.
Drying in l the sun makes the hair
lighter in tint, but this often induces
The beauty doctor understands
scalp massage,, and knows that the
mere rotary movement of the finger
tips over the scalp is not sufficient,
but the scalp must be loosened from
the skull, because if the scalp fits
too tightly to the skull the hair can-
not grow.
The family beauty doctor is a verita
able angel in disguise during the sum
mer, when outdoor life, blistering sun
and arid breezes do their worst for
the complexion. With her soothing
lotions and creams and her gentle
massage, she removes the one sting
which exists for the girlish athlete.
For the manufacture of her lo
tions, she has an equipment which
is put to no other use. It consists of
a double boiler in agate ware, a flan
nel bag, not unlike the old-fashioned
jelly bag; a pestle and mortar, a fine
hair sieve and a pharmaceutical meas
uring and weighing outfit. Given these
and pure drugs with which to work
and she evolves comforting lotions
which may be used with perfect
City children suddenly exposed to
outdoor life in the country suffer tor
tures from sunburn, and for this af
fliction the family beautifier will use
this simple remedy:
Six drams of pulverized borax
mixed thoroughly with three-quarters
of an ounce of pure glycerine and 12
ounces of orange flower water. As 12
ounces of the orange flower water is
equal to 24 tablespoonfuls, it will be
seen that it pays to make this cooling
lotion in double quantities and keep
Camel drivers on the streets of Delhi.
and so was a dear Httk baby elephant,
which daily gratifies an inordinate ap
petite for peanuts. Turks, Moors,
Japanese, Chinese and men and wo
men of a dozen other nationalities
walk about the grounds and discourse
amiably to the crowds about their
native lands. For this reason Luna
Park gives a man almost the same lib
eral education that he could gain by
extensive foreign travel.
One of the most popular resorts in
the Park is the Japanese tea garden,
which is suspended nearly a hundred
feet above the central lake. It is the
largest garden of the kind outside of
Japan, and it was designed and con
.-tructed by Japanese artists, who took
some of the most famous temple prar
dens of old Nippon for their models.
It would be impossible to devise a
more delightful spot in which to rest
and enjoy a cup of tea after the stren
uous pleasure of doing the round of
the shows.
For those who like novel "stunts"
of the "loop the loop" order, "whirl
the whirl" will provide a new thrill,
Passengers are whirled through space]
in a string of airships and enjoy all
the sensations of sailing up in the
clouds. When this palls upon them
they can shoot the chutes, ride upon
the finest switchback railway in the
world, dash through long tunnels be
hind a miniature locomotive, and drift
through a subterranean river inhabited
plenty on hand, for its effect is imme
diate and restful.
When the skin has been roughened
by sailing or exposure from long
mountain climbs, it should be washed
daily with this lotioiv One-half twnce
of simple tincture of benzoin, one
ounce of glycerine, one ounce of alco
hol and two ounces of distilled or
boiled water, mixed thoroughly.
The elder members of the family,
particularly the men, are apt to suffer
during the summer from dust gather
ing in enlarged pores of the skin.
Here is the family doctor's most de
pendable remedy:
Strained honey, 50 grams; white
soap, shaved in thin strips (either of
the floating soaps will do for this, or
a pure white castile), 40 grams; tinc
ture of benzoin, 10 grams; white wax,
30 grams; storax, 10 grams. Melt the
soap, honey and white wax and mix,
then add the benzoin and storax. Use
instead of soap to wash the face be
fore retiring. A cpld cream or a cu
cumber cream should be applied after
the face has been thoroughly dried.
For the cold cream she uses this
prescription, handed down from an
old Kentucky family famous for its
Rose water, 4 ounces; almond oil, 4
ounces; spermaceti, 1 ounce; white
wax, 1 ounce.
Orange flower, lilac, violet or elder
flower water can be substituted for
the rose water at pleasure, and the
addition of one dram of tincture of
benzoin or a half-dram of salicylic
acid will insure the cream from be
coming rancid.
An oily skin is particularly annoy
ing in summer, and it can be relieved
by bathing the face twice or three
times daily with this- lotion: Sulphate
of zinc, 2 grains; compound tincture
of lavender, 8 drops; distilled water,
1 ounce.
The family beauty doctor takes no
chances on facial massage, but studies
it under the direction of an expert.
Facial massage, improperly adminis
tered, is extremely injurious to the
complexion. Certain movements are
intended to reduce the tissue, others
to increase the amount of adipose
matter. Rubbing the face the wrong
way induces wrinkles rather than
eradicates them, so self-massage is
not to be undertaken lightly. The fam
ily beautifier makes her own massage
cream from the following receipt:
Lanolin, 2 l/ 2 ounces; spermaceti,
3.4 ounce; white vaseline, 2^ ounces;
cocoanut oil, 2 ounces; sweet almond
oil, 2 ounces; tincture of benzoin, l/ 2
Melt the first five ingredients to
gether, beat until the mass concretes,
adding the benzoin, drop by drop, dur
ing this process.
Extract of violet or any perfume
may be added if agreeable.
It is this knowledge of what to
do and what,, to leave undone which
makes the family beauty doctor a
remarkable comfort in the family cir
cle. Though she cannot write ft. D.
after her name she is none the less
an angel of mercy to those with whom
she comes in contact.
by mermaids and prehistoric monsters.
These are not a tithe of the attrac
tions at the Park, for they simply defy
enumeration, and no two of them are
alike. There is plenty to interest every
body at Luna Park, from the college
professor to the street urchin.
Luna Park, in brief, is an ideal pla
for decent people's pleasure. It is the
best thing yet done in the summer
amusement business. Even a St. Louis
man, who came to see it the other day
in a superior spirit born of his own
big show in Missouri, was obliged V>
admit that "it gave the Pike a clean
knockout."' With so many firsi-efcrss
attractions it is hardly surprising that
a, crowd of two hundred thousand
'paying guests" in one day i
longer looked upon as amazing by
those most enterprising of showmen,
Thompson and Dundy.
Naturally, their success has created
a crop of rivals, who appropriate
ideas just about the time they have
finished with them an 4 are getting out
new "stunts." But they still hold the
palm, and. in the minds of most visi
tors, Coney Island spells Luna Park.
Nowhere else is there the same vast
crowd, bubbling over with fun and
high spirits; the same infinite vari- ry
of amazing novelties and thrilling
spectacles. Rival shows which try to
steal Luna's thunder are much 11. <
"Hamlet" with the Prince of Denmar!
left out.

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