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Minneapolis Office
HAS BEEN OPENED "FOR THE convenience OF its
Subscriptions, Advertising and News* Items Received Z
EITHER phone2SSO— EITHER phone \\-
George VV. Butters, of Minne
apolis, Is Chosen Vice Pres
ident of the Gideons
The Gideons, an organization of re
ligiously inclined traveling men, con-:
eluded their national . convention*, in
Minneapolis yesterday by the election
of the following officers:
President— H. Nicholson, of Janes
ville.Wis. -
Vice President W. Butters, of
Minneapolis. •. k
. Treasurer—J? C. Brown, of St. Louis?
Trustees—F. H. Griffin, of Worcester,
Mass., and F. C. Harrington, of New
Jersey. - • -■ V^"- *
Yesterday was devoted to the hear
ing of the reports of the officers. These
were -made by A. H. Humphrey, of
Chicago, the secretary; Dugal Cree, of
Minneapolis, the treasurer; W. M. C.
Kinney, of Chicago, and A. E. Meilenz,
of Milwaukee, of the auditing commit
tee, auJ 'diaries 'H- Palmer, of Chi
cago, the superintendent.*
All reports indicated the order was
flourishing. The finances were in ex
cellent condition and the membership,
according to the . reports, was about
5,000. ■* .«-■-' ?'
Last night there was a public meet
ing at the First Baptist church. Gov.
Van Sant made an address of welcome
on behalf of the state; George W. But
ters, state president, on behalf of the
city, and' Rev. W. B. Riley spoke for
the churches of Minneapolis. The re
sponses were by W. J. Ennls. Rev. L,
C. Smith made the chaplain's address.
Today there will be services in many
Minneapolis churches and at the places
of worship which have been put at the
disposal of the members.of the order
there will be at least two Gideons
among the speakers.
Fred Rosenberg Appears in Court With
Wardrobe From Several Sources '
When Fred Rosenberg appeared in
the municipal court yesterday he wore
a pair of trousers belonging to another
man who waxed angry because' he
could not secure possession of? the
panels, | i
: When Rosenberg was arrested he
wore a coat belonging to another man,
a vest which was the property of a
second and the trousers were from the
wardrobe of No. 3.
The police returned the coat and vest
to the owners, and the man who owned
the trousers complained bitterly of the
alleged discrimination, but the police
declared that Rosenberg's appearance
in the police court would be more In
keeping with the proprieties if he re
tained the garment.
E. L. Woodworth and Peter B. Smith
Will Strive for the Presidency
There is likely to be a contest for the
presidency of the chamber of commerce'
between Peter B. Smith, the retiring
vice president,, and E.. S. Wood worth,
who is expected to enter the field since
President James Marshall will not be a
candidate for re-election. The election
will be.held Thursday.
The retiring officers are James Mar
shall, president, and ' Peter B. Smith,
vice president.
Retiring directors are B. H. Morgan,
H. L. Little, C. C. Wyman, G. F. Ewe
and J. D. McMillan.
Retiring members of the board of ar
bitration are W. T. Hooker, W. P. Dev
ereaux and A. A. Beltz.
Members of the board- of appeals
who will retire are J. R. Martin and J.
H. Rideldoffer. Z'.z.y
Asks Evening School
_In 7 his autiual report John A.
Sehlener.preiident of the school board.
Few people Know How Useful It Is in
Preserving Health and Beauty
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal Is
the safest and most efficient disinfectant
arid purifier in nature, but few realize its
value when taken into the human system
for the same cleansing puroose. --"?
Charcoal is a remedy that the more you
take of it the better. :It is not a drug at |
all. but simply absorbs the gases and im
purities always present in the stomach
and intestines, and carries them out of the
system. *„sY.y ? .
Charcoal ? Sweetens the breath ' after
smoking, drinking, or after eating onions
and other odorous vegetables. -
Charcoal effectually clears and improves
the complexion, it whitens the teeth and
further acts as a natural and eminently,
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect in the stomach and bowels: it dis
infects the mouth and throat from the poi
son of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal in one form
or another, but probably the best ■ char
coal and the most for the money is in
Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; they are com
posed of .the. finest .powdered Willow
charcoal, and 'other harmless antiseptics.
in tablet form, or rather in the form of
large, pleasant tasting lozenges, the char
coal being mixed with honey.
The daily use of these lozenges will
.soon tell. in a much Improved. condition
of the general health, better complexion,
sweeter breath and purer blood, and the
beauty of it- is. that no possible harm >
can result from their continued use, but
en the contrary, great benefit. -
A Buffalo physician? in-speaking or -the
benefits of charcoal, says: "I advise Stu
art's Charcoal Lozenges; to all patients
suffering from gas in stomach and bowels,
and to clear the complexion. and purify
the breath, mouth and throat;- I -also-be
lieve-the liver Is greatly benefited: by the
daily use of them; they cost but twenty
five cents a box at drug stores, .and al
though in some sense a patent preparation,
yet I believe I get more and better char
coal in Stuart's Charcral. Lozenges than
in any of the ordinary cbarccai tablets."
will recommend the resumption? of
night schools, which were abolished
several years ago. g These schools were
well attended, but a lack of funds was
given as the reason for the discontinu
ance.. - 7
Claims She Has Been Threatened Be
cause She Aided'the' Police
Clara Larson, keeper of a resort, who
was responsible for the apprehension
of Louis Hersehp\\i£z, who has been
Indicted on the charge of attempting to
.lure a young girl a life of-shame, has
'called on the - police for protection.
• ? She -"asserts>Xhat-*ei-nc«"^fte* a7tf£!3tified
against the ?man threats have., been
made against her and' she has been an
noyed in other ways. . She will be pro
tected. ."";"/''■ . . -.
? j The young girl will .The ppodweed by
the authorities when her presence is
needed at the trial* -«•■*-'»• w**w«**-?;_".\
Drinks' Carbolic Acid
Magnus Larson, an employe of a
sawmill, committed suicide about 8
o'clock last night by taking carbolic
acid. His body was found at 10 o'clock.
He lived at 2018 Fourth street , north,
and killed himself in his room. He
was a widower about forty-five; years
of age, and '. lived with his ; daughter,
aged fifteen. No cause for his act can
be assigned. The body was taken to
the morgue.- ' - - ."-
Held on Serious Charge
-Henry Rennert, aged forty-five, was
arraigned yesterday on the charge of
an assault upon his twelve-year-old
stepdaughter. He .pleaded-not -guilty
and will have "an examination Wednes
day.: ? Bail waafixed <4n J"iWtffn of
$1.000. y-.Y ■-:; ■, . ■•■-': • Y.-yy
Workers at Work Again
Second story workers have resumed
their operations in MinneapoTTs""'after
a vacation of six months, man*
who has had the J fttt vilegeof enter
taining them is J. Burt, who lives at
924 First avenue north, where .they se
cured $50 in money and a valuable gold
Goes Back to St. Cloud
David Davis," of Minneapolis, who
was arrested a few hours after-"he had
escaped from the state ref«raßa*B*y at
St. Cloud, was.. rejuijjt-LJto ttjafijpstl*
tution yesterday, His companion, Ed
ward Dayitt,- is at large. ****»«■-*-
List of Patents
Issued this week to -Northwestern in
ventors, " reported by Lothrop i & John
son, patent lawyers, 1 911 and 912 Pio
neer Press building, St. Paul, Minn.,
and Washington, D.'C: - .-. y/yy.
, Isaac Barberg, Cokato, Minn., mower.
John .Beard, Livingston, Mont.,
means for telegraphing. •' >■<> g**J!ia*?.
Michael Beck* Minneapolis, Minn-.,
explosive rotary engine. ~
Frank Erickson, Eveleth, Minn., com
bined truck and shovel. ■ ■ ~
Jesse Holmes, Butte, Mont., metal
dam. - - '. ■-:■■■■ V :• 7*l v-—7
Darius Payne, . Minneapolis, Minn.,
combined pasteurizer, cream ripener,
churn and butter-worker.-
Found Dead In Her Room
Mrs. Sigma .Wall,, s forty years of age,
was found, dead in her room at 252 Eighth
avenue north yesterday morning. Heart
of death. During the night she left the
failure is believed to have been ahe cause
house to have, a prescription filled,; and
must have died .lust after her return, for
she was found lying across a chair and
she had not removed her wraps.
Red. River Threshing Resumed -
Special to The Globe.
CROOKSTON, Minn., Oct. I.—After
a general suspension of threshing oper
ations throughout the Red river valley
on account of rain, all machines are
again humming. The yield of-wheat
is better than was anticipated and will
average from eight to ten bushels 7 per
acre. ?
Miss Jean Morton, daughter^ of Joy-
Morton, of Chicago, niece of Paul Mor
ton, secretary of the navy,-and grand
daughter of the late J. Sterling Mor
ton, was married today to Joseph Cud
ahy, son of Michael Cudahy, the pack
er. Secretary Morton and many mem
bers of the two families .attended the
- Elevator Collapses
Special to The Globe '.'"?" ■' " jpfil§
~~ GRAND FORKS., N. D-, Oct. .I?— The
.new farmers' elevator at Thompson partly
collapsed this afternoon, and -it is ex
pected that the entire building will go.
Three thousand bushels of ?flax ran out.
The building has . been, opened "but" a
month. ""-"• '--.'- -
'yXXy Walker Is Convicted
BARRON." Wis., Oct. I.—Guilty of
murder in the second degree was the
verdict In the Walker murder trial?
Walker. was J charged-with -the murder
j of Oscar Burns for attentions to Walk
! er's daughter.
Found Dead in His Hotel '
FVEI.ETH, Minn.,-Oct. I.—J. Coyle, an
aged traveling man ■ from ."Buffalo, - N. V.,
was found dead in his? room at the Hotel
Eveleth. He had a * large ; sum of money
in his possession, one roll of ( bills - con-?
taining $150, An inquest will be held to
determine the cause of death. " -' ■ V
Senator Hoar's Funeral
.CONCORD,-" Mass.. Oct. ? I?—Funeral
services over the remains of the late Sen-"
ator George F. Hoar will be?held at the
First (Unitarian) church in this, the de
ceased's i native" place; -on 3 Tuesday after
noon. The,interment will be made in the
family plot at Sleepy Hollow-cemetery.'.*>**.
Revolutionary Leader Shot
. BUENOS, AYRES. Oct, I.—lt Is rumor
ed that Gen Basil io Munoz. .leader of the
Uruguayan ,revolutionists,', has been shot
by his former followers.? *""." ?"..;-
Nothing -to? Retract ? -
"I suppose' it's in ■ order to congratu
late you, old'chap?" •' -
"On what?'''"?' "'"' !UJ. ,v "' .:
--"On your? marriage to .Miss Strawbry,
of course." ..;.*? _.-. '-: z -._..:
y ."That" was a false• alarm. We're; en
gaged,: although a few. "people know it,
but we are not married yet, by a long
shot."■•*■-?■•' . '_?._?_,.___7-j__?;. yy -;--.-_? ; ■'■'-■• ;
"No? .Weil. I reiterate my congratu
j lations, old i i-ap."—-Chicago Tribune. ?*.-?
"*~ "** "' '"' *' " '" " '" ": "w "A
yyyyyr^r^sy -y— -*■*.. ,-■■■ .y:- .y,yy,^yr-, ■■:
2y22ZZ~. "'Z2..Z Zzy2„.,. ~2'-~'Z.Z's]
Subject Is Considered by the Minneso-
ta M. ?E. Conference
: Special to The Globe
"•■: WASECA, Minn., Oct. 1. — The
fourth; session of. the M. E. conference
was held here "today. In "-the work of
this week ? several - subjects, of impor
tance were 1. brought before r. the 'X con
ference, among which was that of rais
ing funds sufficient to erect a church
In Jerusalem and ? establish a mission
there. _; The sum ?. necessary? for ?, this
purpose was estimated at $14,000. Rev.
Mr. Forder, who has .been doing mis
sion work in Arabia and in Palestine,
offered and.. perhaps: has .given ? some'
valuable ' property *in Jerusalem?: to " the
M. E. church. Another matter -was"
the transfer?of Rev. Mr. Boyceto the'
Dakota conference. ? Rev.? J. M. Bull,
Rev. Mr. Moses'and Dr. Forbes were
elected trustees of the Hamline uni
versity. . ry X'zy:..:., - ... .
;" The report, of the charitable work
done by the? church's several branches
showed that; about $40,000\ has been
given. ?; A . large distribution of food
has been made to ' the poor, over $20,
--000 in garments and ■■ many thousands
of Bibles. ?. -.
. Today's programme was begun by a
sermon at :15. a. m. .by Rev. Samuel
Ellery,? of % Slay ton??? An address - was
given i by 1 Rev. Charles Roads, D. D.,
to ? the Sunday School union., At the
public service Rev. Brushingham, D.
D., spoke on : "Aggressive Evangelism."
The street meeting ?• was ;addressed l by
Rev A. T. Foster, of -' Janesville, " Minn.
An Epworth league work j address was
given by Rev. H. V. Givler, D. D., of
St. Paul. ?
The board .of . church extension in
Philadelphia has aided,? according ? to
its ? report, .307 churches . in Minnesota,
received $44,887.63 from: collections and
$66,002.42 - from donations,- the loans
made? being $99,547.51, this for the
fiscal !year beginning Oct. 31, 1903, to
the time of | the conference % here. ?It
was decided? to hold the-next, confer
ence at Mankato. -.
St. Paul People Take Part in the Mar
riage of Gen. Sturgis' Granddaughter
Special to The Globe. -
- PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis.,. Oct. 1.
—Miss Virginia Rolette Dousman, of
St. Paul, daughter of the late H. L.
Dousman and . Nina Sturgis Dousman,
and granddaughter of ; the late ? Gen. S.
D.? Sturgis, U.S. A., and Arthur ; For
tunatus Crosby, of New York, son of
Admiral Frank C. Crosby, of the navy,
were married 'at the palatial home on
the Dousman estate this evening. Sev
eral hundred friends of the bride and
groom were? present. - The ceremony
took place on the lawn in front -of the
residence and was performed by Bishop
James Schwebach. ' • :-""""-?..-'
Miss Violet Dousman, sister of the
bride, acted as maid of honor, and "the
bridesmaids were Miss Clara Hill, Miss
Gertrude" Hill, Miss Pauline'Ferguson,'.
Miss Anette Furness, Miss Helen Finch
and I Miss Judith Dousman, the bride's
youngest sister, all of- St. Paul. ? Frank
Crosby, of Boston, brother of the
groom, acted as best man. and the ush- r
ers 7 were R. W. G. Willing" and • Farn- '
ham Yardly, of New York; v N. Phillip
Dodge, of; Omaha; : Col. v S. D. ? Sturgis,
U. S. A., uncle of ? the bride; Robert
Decatur Stewart and ..;-. Homer Pierce
Clark, of St. Paul.'.The bride was given
away by her only brother,. Louis de
Verville Dousman. .7- The V groom Is a
graduate of ? Harvard ? and was assist
ant corporation counsel of New York
city under jTlayor Low. He served as a
rough "rider 7 with President-Roosevelt
in the Spanish-American war. Mr.and
Mrs. Crosby, will make their 'home in
New York.. * ?. yX/ 77"■?;
Jury at Bemidji Takes Action in the
Case of Fournier and Westey
Special to The Globe 7-:-// "?'?
BEMIDJI, Minn., Oct. The grand
jury today brought in an ; Indictment
against? Paul . Fournier ?" and James
Westey for the killing of 'N. O. j Dahl
and his daughter Aagot last j April.'
Nearly a score of witnesses were ex
amined. It is j probable that -Fournier'
will be held until the spring ; term of
court, • or at ? least ? until "Shorty" has
been captured, as; it is believed by the
authorities that he will give up the en
tire story. -zzy yyyy.y-9■;■■■-
Jones May Have Lieutenancy
Special to The Globe. --.'-■' --
WASHINGTON, D. .C, 7 Oct. I.—
Charles Vernon Jones, honor graduate
of Shattuck military school, Faribault,
Minn., will be commissioned .a ; second
lieutenant in the army if he passes the
required examination. There are for
ty*-four.vacancies In the list of second
lieutenants, of which about thirty will
be. filled by enlisted, men who were re
cently examined at Fort Riley. .-Six
commissions 5 will be given -7 to ? honor,
graduates of the six leading military
colleges/ of j which : Shattuck school {is
one, and the remaining vacancies will
be filled -by appointments from civil
life. : . .. :"?• ;..-. ; ■■■ 7 '- ' . . z/y
Patents for a Week
tg*j^*if •"■r**y*-n |y- —c< ■ -■*• .-^- t.:'"--^*o *..-** v.*' '■ '
Special to The Globe ? ?,:>?•-•????-
WASHINGTON,, D. C., Oct. I—The
following patents were issued this
week ;to Minnesota and Dakota in
ventors, as reported *by .Williamson " &
Merchant, patent attorneys, 925-933
Guaranty Loan building, Minneapolis,
■ Minn.: y'Z: . ' "??-7
-7 Isaac -A. Barberg, Cokato, Minn.,
mower. . - ? ly'X. ' '.
'Michael Beck, : Minneapolis, explosive
rotary, engine. ... ? . :- , ;-.? •
-x Frank Erickson?. Eveleth, Minn., com
bined truck? and' shovel. \ . .:- . -l"
j.j; Darius W. Payne, Minneapolis^ com
bined churn, etc. :-'&tS!^&-
Call to United Christians
DAVENPORT, lowa.. Oct. -I.—-
William ■ Rudolph Benkert, chairman
of the national committee of the United
Christian i party, has. issued .at call ? re
questing all; Christians and? patriots to
meet in every "city and -village every
Sunday afternoon for the : purpose of
economic :. discussion ?in • the name \ arid
spirit of -7 Jesus. V • The :' principles '; upon
which -. the ■ United < Christian J party >: are
based' are the : disarmament: of nations, :
the i referendum y, and:: the -? adoption of
the golden rule as the foundation of all
government. yY^^^j^lss^s^^^^^^S
Editor " Named for Congress •
OMAHA, Neb.. Oct. I.—Gilbert M.
Hitchcock, editor of the Omaha World-
Herald, was '■' today unanimously nomin
ated for congress by the Democrats"of the
Second congressional district. :?.
Train Is Derailed
Special to The Globe ?'
HASTINGS. Minn., ! Oct. I.—The . Hast
ings and! Stillwater train was - derailed a
mile and a half west of Port Douglas this
afternoon,'?caused by a '•;■ broken*flange? on
a car loaded with logs. No one,was hurt."
BOOK? :zz/
Reveals Startling Secrets
y- Jealously Guarded for
.".."'/ Ages by Adepts. ;
Explains the L Workings ?? of ? a y Strange
Force That Has Been Over- '
looked by Scientists for ?"
Zzy .■' Centuries Past.
Tells ? How * Men and Women May Cure , Dis
y ease ? as if by Magic, and Wield W
a Powerful Influence Over the
;? Minds and Lives of Others.
Why Some Succeed and
■:"•■'': Others Fail. "-; . _
Peculiar Arrangement by Which 100,
--• 000? Copies - Are zto Be ; Given
Zy-.2y Away by Mai!—Abso
--" lutely Free.
■ ilT m" ""-'-4»!.P -'i ffiJ-wfi — ' — [ —'■■—■ ayy
Try^yX^BJ JgJEBJPB^!Ej y l. -f i
I*"" ™ll'™Hl!"|^NOA■^lOl^^"™," Ml
A room filled with copies of a strange'
and mysterious book, the. like of which has
never been 1 fed" to the eyes of the • public,
'Is on j exhibition at lan 3 institution in New
York city. Scientists and physicians have
read. copies of. it with ; amazement;; specu
lation is rife among masters of occult sci
ence as to who -wrote it; many contend
that -no - mind -of * this age ' could - divulge
the "carefully" guarded ■ secrets of the wise
old sages and adepts in such simple lan
guage. .-.**'•?- . '.". ■>"■■;: z- -,
--Prof. ?- Frederick T. Mclntyre, who
claims authorship of. the work, offers to
send a copy free to any | person who \ will,
in his own handwriting, send the following
odd lines to him: '■'■■/7'Yy.ikjj£B__
"I want power of ; mind, n •-:-■-
Force and , strength in look.
If my writing is satisfactory,
, 7; Please send me the book."
*.-. ,*; v •- •; si. y.y .-•fr-.-^-f-j "->% -i i» i y-
Prof. Mclntyre > says that- he can tell
by glancing at those he receives just what
the one who penned them is best.fitted for
in- life; what the writer's i characteristics
are; what to do to get well quickly.if sick,
weak, run down, physically or mentally,
and whether the writer will succeed? In
using to advantage the many powerful se
cret systems of personal influence outlined
in the book. He does not wish; to send-it
to any person who would use the system
of personal control for any other than an
honorable purpose.' Like • Andrew Carnegie,
he believes In the distribution of good
books. ' No book in - this ; age ?of - scientific
progress has created such a : well-merited
furore of interest. " . •?-'--'*-■ ,
- This book Is full of startling ; surprises
and many pictures, showing how one mind;
controls another; it explains ■ - how . the >
strange phenomena of developing Personal
Magnetism, Hypnotic Influence; - Magic
Curing of Diseases, Reading Characters
and Minds. Projecting 'thoughts to dis
tant places are accomplished; it gives you
the key to the development of the Inner.
'Forces, concentration, force of .character,
memory, and powerful systems of'swaying
the minds of-others; how to overcome the
most' obstinate "disease, or habit through
an inward subjective power, as the Hin
dus banish disease and despondency at
It is by far the most wonderful book "of
the age, and all who receive free;. copies
of It can be thankful. \- It points out the
road to financial and social success; it re
veals many -mysterious phenomena that
have baffled scientists for centuries past...
If you wish a free copy of this wonder
ful I book,. sit I down - and i write the above
verse and send it to Prof. F. -k T. Mcln T :
tyre,. Dept. 369, ■ No. 126 th West Thirty
fourth street. New York. . N. Y. -
- All who write will receive it, no one will
be disappointed; it is sent by.mail, post
age paid, * absolutely free.
— *4.xZ- eat Co.
;-;■' At the Head of Eighth Street. "
y/zyy (No Branch Markets.)- ' v ?
Always Right Prices.
We mention a few of them'for Monday:
Picnic Hams .'..'..?••'•*•'•• •.••• ®c
(A nice new lot just out of smoke.)?-..
Small Porterhouse Roasts.... ?. 12!/ 2 c
Pickled Tongues, per .1b...'... 14c
Lard, "Meadow Farm ';? Quality,"
| bulk, 3, 5? 10,; 20 lb.? pails, at ... 10c
- (Absolutely pure.) -'y-. /
Dried 1 Beef, Ham Pieces, by the .
" piece, 4to 10 lbs. each, at .. ?.. 15c
Porterhouse Steaks, small cuts..l2|/ 2 c
Beef Tenderloins, large fresh ones, O
zAtol 6 ! lbs. each, per lb 77. ::/. :. - 20c
Fresh : Dressed t Fowl ; (hens) .. 7Y/.W/ 2 0.
Fine Old Swiss Cheese ?..:':?: 18c
- (Rich and mellow, a "cheese that
is : well ?worth:23c to 25c lb.) * ?
Lots of Fresh Made ? Dairy.- Butter
7 coming in every day direct from ? .
the farmers; 5 to 10 lb. jars. .16c, 18c
(Come in';:>nd;see 'it; you will
like ? it.) X/'z/yZ/Y . -. : ';'".- „,-;.
■ Extra : Fancy ; Creamery Butter, . - -
bulk or? jar V.V .;...... .....7. 22c
The Taste Tells. :: 7?
Lots ' of Other Good Things at the
/'-y'z.z'Zy .-■ -;?-; Big Market. -: -: -.* . v
B;?;?.?oi;e. seventh st.■-: y y jmPv:..:;
a Painlets Extracting, Fillings. /jffit&^kk
8 f Plates, Crowns and Bridges, * '
j||??? $1 per week-is all" you pay on a Buck's Range or. Heater. ? The . hand-'-IB
11 somest, best, most all Ground satisfactory .7 Ranges and Heaters in the mk
'JfflZ world! Think!'.- Jusl one dollar per week—just a small share of your pin
jfej^^^S,SWaTiftrßWiiiifliwiii_ tL nioney—and you can own one of the j^Mgmmmimmmmmm
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|@ iPi fl F 1 week anc* money back after 30 1 kMo!?
I S^s| 'r| TRADE US YOUR OLD STOVE; ■•!./ ''Jj§3|f "if
_f ;-- ""' '" '■ I- 01 :,V*U.*fi'---^ have moro than 100 S v , „ , I PnnHc . %_ 1
m .A-C Uh ]a,B and beautiful pat- C You ye yet to see the largest, most PftAfU H
K«£ fit S W.I Tai terns in Iron Beds, all of .ft complete stock of medium and lew priced car- § uUUuO &f
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M H6Bd- Make Your Own Terms f Make Your Own Terms « a |/ Q i f
sHa yi PAYri eni 9k pHS J *A^P*^**^^iri iDuiCMiur /"* o >;?* n^>' »i»*» $w£
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*■ '■ * Stop*, to ? compare the ; effi- i
. cient *- telephone _: service 4 of; I
today .? with the telephone
; service furnished;--? before?
the Twin i. City Telephone
Company entered the field?
. It -ls much; better now, and:
We BM It
Independent metallic cir
.X y cuit telephones. "--'• : ~ ?. 'yyy,
/ Business,? Per? Month, $4.00 )
■Z. T^Tyy 7 X Residence, ' Per Month, $2*s*.
T Sewer on Blair and Elfeft streets
Office of the Board of Public Works, '-'■
City of St.? Paul, Minn., Sept. 24, 1904. ?
'-"■■Se aled bids will be received by the Board'
of Public Works In and for the corporation
'of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,-at their'
'- office - In' said city.''. until 2 p. >; m. "on ? the
sixth i (6th) '.'- day*, of : October, A. D. 1904,
for the ' construction \ of ia " sewer on i Blair
street, from Gaultier street to Elfelt street,,
5 and *on ' Elfelt : street from * Blah*.' street "^ to i
connect with the present sewer, in .-Elfelt
j street, between f Blair street I and I Lafond
street, in said city,"according to plans and
specifications on '-. file ?in the •• office -of : said
, Board. ;r' =-; :*;-' -r'-r-' ' - „ -Z-yr-y''-Y-: "yy:.
A bond with at least .two (2) v sureties
In a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
;or a certified check on a' bank of; St. Paul,
iin a sum of at least ten- (10) i per. cent; of
■ the" gross (amount I bid, B must I accompany ,
• each bid. Said ! check ■ shall • be: made ; pay
able to the Clerk of said Board. ■Yyy
r- The said Board reserves the right to re
* ject any and '. all bids."-'--- yyy -rr •:■ - r y-Y
yyy "-- - - ; JOHN; S. GRODE, .
- - . . -. - President.
r, ; Official: R. L. GORMAN." •"■* V ry:
-yy -r- ? Clerk -Board of Public j Works, ,'y ,
/ Sept. 25-1904-10t ' yyy '■
Curbing and : Macadamizing Grand Avenue?
and Floral Street --<-_ :
Office of the Board of Public Works?'- Y/y
Vi City of St. Paul. -Minn.,- Sept. 22, 1904. ;>
?. Sea led '*'■. bids will -- be "". received .- by V. the -
Board -of ? Public z Works • in and for the
corporation I of! the City , of' St. Paul, Mm-?
nesota, at their office in said city, until ;2?
p«r m. .on the • third > (3rd) ■<. day ?! of October,
A. D. 1904, y. for the • curbing and • macada- ;
mizing Grand avenue, from Lawton street,
to 1 Floralr street, rand Floral % street, from *
■ Summit| avenue) to Heather place, - in said
city,r according •' to .plans' and specifications;
on file In the office of said Board. ■■ y
r A bond with at least two- (2) sureties
In a sum of at least: twenty > (20)- per: cent I
:or' a? certified s check '; on ■■" a ? bank '. of ~. St.
Paul, 'in-a sum 3of at /least ten (10) pcr 1
cent of the gross amount bid. must ac
company z each -*■ bid. Said ? check •■ shall ~>. be r
made parable to the Clerk ef said Board.
- The said Board - reserves the right to re
ject anyl and; all bids.-."■''--: 'yZr- zr.yyy
yyy 1 J. -..-. JOHN -si. grode,- .y -.
■■"- ■■'„ *-'", ..* ■ - - •--;."* President. ■■'■■■
-'? Official: R.'L?-GORMAN,- "y -.-.*' :
-~ Clerk; Board of Public. Works.- •■'.
Yyy/y -- ■.-.-=-• Sept. 23-iao4-iot. ? ■■y-yyy. '■/-.

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