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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, October 16, 1904, Image 25

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Victim of Many "Fatal" Acci
dents Survives Them All
"WINGO, Ky., Oct. 15.—These things
have happened to William T. Thoin
brough, of this place:
He has been pronounced fatally in
jured, five times.
He has broken nearly every bone in
his arms and legs.
His scalp has been torn from his
His neck has been dislocated.
His face has been battered out of
rc-semhlance to a human being.
His ribs have been fractured.
His lungs have been ruptured.
He has fallen into a well thirty
three feet deep.
He has been run over by a hand car.
He has fallen from a high trapeze,
dislocating his neck.
He has fallen from a second story
window, striking on his face.
He has been gored by a vicious bull.
Having a great life ahead of him to
do in the accident line, the boy started
' Willie was scouting about the coun
try in the vicinity of his home and
came upon a well which had gone dry,
but which had not been filled up or
covered over. Willie had a large-bump
of inquisitiveness, and the well was a
ohallelTge to him. He climbed up on
the curb and leaned over and peered
into the depths. His eye did net im
mediately become accustomed to the
.hirkness in the well and he leaned
further over. The curb had decayed
and it collapsed under his weight, and
Willie vent head-first to the bottom
of the well. It was thirty-three feet to
the bottom, and when Willie reached
it his bump of inquisitiveness had di
minished noticeably, but he had many
other bumps to compensate for its
That was thirteen years ago. Since
that William has had four other "fa
tal" accidents and a lot of less impor
tant ones, and still lives.
Wife Returns to Husband's Home Aft
er Long Absence and Starts a Fight
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.—A female
"Enoch Arden" appeared in Kings
bridge yesterday, but, unlike the fam
ous character of Tennyson, she did not
so quietly away, leaving the field to
her successor. Instead Mrs. George
Shrady, wife of one of the chief heirs
to the famous Bailey estate, finding
Miss Ella Tucker, who she was led to
believe was another wife of Shrady,
in an upstairs room of the house from
which the wife disappeared three years
ago, seized her by the throat and, drag
ging her downstairs, was vigorously
pummeling her when George Shrady
walked in.
At this the female "Enoch Arden"
sprang at her husband and a furious
straggle ensued. At its height a mys
terious man in black, who had escorted
-Mrs. Shrady back to her home, en
tered, and while he engaged Shrady,
the returned wife renewed her attack
on Miss Tucker.
They fought all over the first floor
and then out on the beautiful lawn,
which surrounds the fine old Bailey
mansion. Neighbors telephoned for the
police and the entire part3 T was escorted
to the Kingsbridge station.
It was there set forth that George
Shrady, who describes himself as a
man of leisure, six years ago was mar
ried to the woman who yesterday re
appeared as mysteriously as s*he had
disappeared three years ago. Her maid
en name is not known. Neither of
them would reveal it, nor would the
mysterious man in black reveal his
It was told to the police that prior
to the disappearance of Mrs. Shrady
Miss Tucker had become an inmate of
the house. Then one day the wife
mysteriously disappeared. She left no
word behind, and three long years
passed without news of her. Yesterday
while Shrady was out his wife returned
to the old homestead. She entered by
the back door and at once made her
way upstairs. In a handsomely fur
nished boudoir the wife found Miss
Tinker. Not a word was spoken by
either. Mrs. Shrady threw one arm
around the young woman's neck. With
her free hand she seized Miss Tuck
er's hair and slowly, resolutely dragged
her flown stairs. •
Then ensued the fierce struggle in
the dining room, which was continued
in the parlor, where the husband and
the stranger became engaged, and was
carried on through the parlor window
to the lawn, where the police inter
"Is this woman you-r wife?" asked the
police sergeant.
'She is not," replied Shrady.
"I married him six years ago," said
the wife.
"And three years ago you left me,"
interrupted Shrady. "I have^ heard
nothing from you since until today.
You are not my wife. I refuse to rec
ognize you any longer."
"'Nevertheless, you are his wife," re
sumed the sergeant. "And since he re
fused to recognize you or admit you to
his home, I advise you to go to court
"I will," replied the wife', emphatical
At the door of the police station the
party separated, and again the wife and
the mysterious man in black disap
BALTIMORE, Md 4 Oct. 15.—Congress
man Frank C. Wachter will make a novel
campaign, and by automatic devices. His
first innovation, now being placed in sev
eral parts of the Third district, comprises
electric "talking signs." The signs will
be 'loaded" with forty different reasons
why the candidate should succeed him
self, and will fire away all night. In this
way Mr. Wachter hopes to engage the
attention of every voter, save perhaps the
Bu/ Vr. Wachter has overcome this by
arranging to place a score of phono
graphs with megaphone attachments at
prominent corners. All day and night
long the ears of the passers-by will b©
greeted* with: "
"Elect Wachter and get a deeper chan
"Frank Wachter alwa3"s has the interest
of all at heart."
"If you want a ship canal, vote for
Wachter," and so on ad lib.
It will cost the congressman a tidy
penny, but he sayg it is a winner.
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Talks to His Imprisoned Bride
Till Police Appear. %
NEW YORK. Oct. 15.—Edward Carroll
and Estella Hertzman, two young people,
■who dwell in Brooklyn, enacted a modern
Romeo and Juliet drama, much to the
disgust of the* girl's parents, on Monday
night. Her balcony was th«.bky-window
of her parents' home, qn the third floor of
the flat house at Broadway and Linden
street. In the absence of a vine Carl
climbed "up an elevated railroad pillar
and from that point of vantage held con
verse with Estella until the police chased
him away.
The Hertzmans did not encourage the
attentions of Carroll to their daughter,
and when they came home a week ago
and announced that they had been mar
ried the wrath of her father caused both
to flee. The father brought the girl back
and announced that she would have to
stay in the house until he took steps to
have the marriage annulled. Carfoll, who
is employed by the Brooklyn Rapid Trans
it company, is twenty-six years old, while
his wife is only fifteen.
Driven to desperation over the separa
tion from the girl, Carroll decided to com
municate with her or die in the attempt.
From the street in front of her home he
could see her in the third story window,
but conversation at that distance was out
of the question. So he climbed warily up
on the elevated structure in front of the
house, and sat on the edge, where he was
in danger of being struck by passing
trains. For only a few minutes he was
able to talk, for the girl's "mother discov
ered the young man and called the po
lice. He protested that he had a right to
talk to his wife, but they told him to run
along, and he took their advice. Now
Estella is disconsolate.
Dr. Heller, of Vienna, Proclaims Allege*
Discoveries Ha Has Made
VIENNA, Oct. 15.—Dr. Heller, director
of the Jewish Institute for Blind Chil
dren, describes some highly interesting
and important observations which he has
made in recent years.
He insists that educators of the blind
are wrong in assuming from the first that
the mind of the blind is awakened and
instructed by the sense of touch. He says
that the progressive phenomena of a
blind child develop so minutely as to be
microscopical. Close study has revealed to
I him, he asserts, that, except in those who
are also deaf, the blind are developed
mentally by hearing, not by touching.
This explains why so many of the blind,
led by fancy and imagination, exist in a
dream life, which, while it makes poetical
beings of theni, also renders them a prey
to distress and misery.
Dr. Heller lays down the law that
schools for the blind of the future must
I teach them to recognize by the ear what
they have learned to conceive by touch
ing—material, dimensions, form, numbers,
and so on.
t He says, too, that in teaching them
great attention must be devoted to chang
ing the passive imagination of the blind
into an. active imagination, a process very
slow because the blind are ; nearly en
thralled by passive imagination. But it is
this change to active imagination which,
awakens the creative power in them.
The change can be effected slowly by
giving blind children freedom in their
play, by letting- them represent in their
I own way what they grasp of nature and
life, and placing at their disposal mate
rials and tools and leaving to them what
they will make with them and how they
will set about it.
But Dr. Heller says with emphasis that
their teachers should never forget that
the hand of the blind is the organ that
at once understands and executes, and
that if they are rightly taught to perceive
their manual capacity must be the most
perfect of all.
For Instance
"What do the society people mean by
an 'impossible person?' "
"Any person from Chicago or there
abouts."—Philadelphia Ledger.
-r. ■ .
Tom Watson In a Characteristic Pose
Hero of Gallows Miracle Soon
to Be Given Freedom
LONDON, Oct. 15.—The annals of crime
afford no more thrilling or grewsome
scenes than those in which John Lee, now
about to be released after twenty years
of penal servitude, was actor. A servant,
he was convicted of murdering liis mis
tress, an elderly woman of Devonshire.
The motive -suggested was that she had
reduced his wages 12 cents a week.
When placed on the scaffold and the
lever was pulled the trap refused to work.
Agahv the lever was pulled without avail.
<Then the hangman and the 1 warden,
standing each side of Lee, tried to force
the trap down, but failed. With the rope
around his neck Lee was marched aside,
when the trap immediately opened. Lee
was again placed in position and again
all efforts of the hangman and two war
dens failed to* force the trap open, and
amid a scene of terrible excitement, dur
ing which one warden fainted^ the con
demned man was again marched off, when
again the trap worked withput difficulty.
A third time this awful scene was en
acted, with the same result, and the sher
iff, unable to bear the strain *ny longer,
ordered that the proceedings stop. On
the facts being reported to the home secre
tary he commuted Lee's sentence to penal
servitude for life.
Lee himself acted like a dazed man, al
lowing himself to be led backward and
forward mechanically. The only words he
uttered were, "I am innocent."
No satisfactory explanation of the fail
ure of the trap was ever given. A white
pigeon fluttered round the scaffold during
the attempts to hang him.
Wealthy Neighbors in Litigation
Over a Trifle
UTICA, N. V.." Oct. 15.— Arow among
wealthy neighbors has divided the town of
WhiteslTCre. Mrs. Carolyn Halliday haa
sued H. E. Brocy. a pillar in the Methodist
church, for 50 cents. A little white calf is
the cause, and the resultant case has all
the legal obliquity of the famous lowa
calf litigation, that went to the United
States supreme court three times.
A few nights ago a bolt of lightning
set fire to a barn on the Halliday prem
ises, after which a white calf was missed.
Brocy. who occupies the adjoining farm,
found it and sold it to a Vermont farmer.
He did not know who owned it, but of
fered to turn over the money received.
Mrs. Halliday demanded the calf, and
Brocy figured out how many quarts of
milk it must have drunk, basing his com
putation on the shortage that was notice
able in the product from the cow that fed
it. Under protest the claim was paid, but
Mrs. Halliday at once brought suit to re
cover the half-dollar.
While Mr. Brocy attended prayer meet
ing last evening a constable stood on the
steps with a summons and served it at
the end of the services. Both of the par
ties named in the action are wealthy, but
each persists in fighting the case to the
After Relatives Who Opposed Match Have
Died—Man 76 Women 71
HAZLETON, Pa., Oct. I.—Prevented by
the objections of relatives from marrying
in youth, Jerome Hunsinger, seventy-six,
and Anna Lutz, seventy-one years old,
were married by Rev. C. H. Kirschner, of
Conyngham, last night at Mountain Grove.
The pair waited patiently until all their
relatives had passed away and they were
free and then they plightea their troth.
They .will leave for the world's fair to
morrow, where their honeymoon will be
Farmers for miles around attended the
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of the following proposed
amendments to the Charter
of the City of St. Paul,
Ramsey County, Minnesota,
to be submitted to the quali
fied voters of said city, for
adoption at the General
Election, to be held in said
city, on the eighth day of
November, A. D. 1904:
- St. Paul, Minn., Sept:23.. 1904.
To all whom it^rnay- concern: ;. . . ■ ..v ,
\: Know ye that these presents certify that
pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 351
of the General Laws of the State of Min
nesota for the year 1899, as amended by
Chapter 228 of : the General; Laws lof said
state ■ for the year 1903, the Judges of the
District Court of the Second Judicial Dis
trict, in the' County of Ramsey and State
-of Minnesota, iin which said county, dis
trict - and state - the ' City ■ of ..St. Paul, * a
municipal corporation, is situate, did d#ly:
appoint a board "of fifteen freeholders,
whose ; duty it '1 then i and -: there > became ,to
frame a charter for the City of St. Paul
aforesaid and to frame and submit amend
ments to .the existing ; charter :of r said
city, and which said board -> did duly re- 1
turn to the chief magistrate of said city,
to-wit: Its Mayor. Robert tA. : Smith.. a
draft of the. amendments to the charter:
of said city proposed by them, with the
signatures of a majority of them -and of
. their I president • and .■ secretary thereto ' at-:
tached, as follows: •> :• .- r. :
Resolved by the Charter Commission. of
the City of ■ St. Paul, appointed pursuant
to the provisions of - Chapter 351 of the
General Laws of the. State of Minnesota
for the year 1899 as amended by Chapter
; 238 of the General ■ I-iws of said state for
the year; 1903. that the following . amend
ments to the charter of said City of St.
Paul be submitted to the qualified voters
of said city for adontion'at the next elec
tion to be held within said city..
. /AMENDMENT NO. 1.,\ •
That ■-. subdivision 4 of section 4 of
title II of - Chapter V.of - said charter be
■ amended '; so as • to read •as follows: .-■- j", '?■-'■<
"To provide for the-support and main
tenance of ' the fire department of the
city. The total expense of the administra
tion :of said department, including all '■. ex
penditures for...- lands, \ ,- buildings, rents,
stores, fuel, horses, apparatus and ■ ap
pliances of every description, salaries.:
: wages and all other, outlay, whether •of • a
temporary or permanent nature, shall not
in any year, exceed the - sum rof two hun
dred k and r forty-five ".thousand - dollars." in
addition- to-anv- unexpended balance re
maining in .said fire-department fund from
the Dreceding year."
' ::- • ..:■ ■'■ ■ '■:-'■■ ■ • ■■■'■ •- -O ■ •
That subdivision 5• of section; 4: of title
II of ■ Chapter V of said ~ charter be
amended-so as to: read as follows: ■.-, V
- "To provide for the support and main
tenance :of ' the police department of - the
city. -> The total expense of the adminis
tration of. the police ■ department, includ
ing compensation ■of pound masters, and
all expenditures for - lands. -.buildings,
rents, stores, fuel, horses.', apparatus and
appliances of . all kinds, salaries, wages
and all othe^ ' outlay, . whether 'of perma
; nent or temporary nature, ; shall ; not. -in
any year.- exceed the sum; of two hun
dred and fourteen -thousand dollars, in
addition-. to any unexpended balance re
maining jiv ; said police - department fund !
from the preceding year." . ;
' That subdivision 21 of section 4. i title
n:of - Chapter V of '.said charter be
amended so as to read as follows: ' -:
"To | provide - for. the maintenance and
improvement of public narks, : parkways,
drives' and other grounds ' under. the ju
risdiction of ithe board i of park i commis
sioners, not exceeding in any. one : year the
sum of.- ninety thousand dollars, iln * addi
tion to any unexpended, balance remain
ing in • said • fund at the end: of- each fiscal
year, and .; in - addition... to all s moneys i re
ceived -by = said board ■ from • donations ■• or
from the lease or operation of privileges,
or other incident to the main
tenance i and ,i management - of . the "* public
parks."- .. _ . . :_ . . ,
"■■.*■"-. AMENDMENT NO. 4.
■«"-:.ThatV subdivision -15 of section? 4of ti
tle II „of Chapter :V-;of;said charter be
amended" so; as to :■ read *as follows: r
;-s "To. provide i for i cleaning J and repair
, ing streets.'i sewers, sidewalks '■ and i cross
walks. The total amount of expenditure
in any one year for all of said purposes,
: other ;. than ':■ that .: paid by ?. special <" assess
ment, shall - not ; exceed t the v sum !of two
: hundred thousand »' dollars, in addition ;to
any i unexpended % balance < remaining »>; in
said; street and sewer fund : from ;the pre
ceding ; year.". ■•; -'■^■y-.2i:-'--2*f .\ ■ -'.'T ''■'- •■■•':"--•'•'■*-'
>'\ (Note—This *..: amendment is :. submitted
pursuant :■•. to ** petition i presented to the
i commission, purporting ato■<be *' signed *: by
more than five per cent of;, the : legal l voters
' of ?. the- city ; voting at; the last election.).."-
That subdivision 12 of section 4 of title
II of- Chapter V of said charter be
amended so as to as fallows:
"To provide for the payment of sala
ries, clerk hire and incidental expenses,
including 1 printing 1, stationery and other
supplies, of the department of the Com
missioner of Public Works. The total ex
penditures for all of said purposes shall
not. in any one year, exceed the sum of
thirty-five thousand dollars.*'
That section 23 of title II of Chapter V
of said charter be amended so as to read
as follows:
"Section 23. To provide for the sup-
"port of the health department of said
City, not exceeding, however, In any one
year, the sum of twelve thousand dol
lars, in addition to any unexpended bal
ance remaining in the health department
fund from the preceding year; except
that in case of invasion or threatened in
vasion of the city by dangerous epidemic,
the common council may, by ordinance to
be passed by at least three-fourths of all
the members elect of each body,, author
ize additional expenditure to be made
from the general fund, as the same is
herein provided for. The commissioner of
health shall appoint an assistant com-"
missioner of health, who shall be a phy
sician in regular practice, and such num
ber of inspectors as may be necessary,
and shall fix the salary and compensation
of said assistant and inspectors, provided
always that the total expenditures of
said department during any year shall
not exceed the appropriation therefor as
above provided. Any other requirements
of the charter in conflict with the fore
going provisions are hereby repealed.
"The provision contained in section 3,
title 11. of Chapter 6 of said charter, im
posing upon the Commissioner of Public
Works the duty of collecting and dispos
ing of garbage and other waste matter
is hereby repealed, and hereafter the duty
of -collecting and disposing of garbage,
dead animals and other waste matter,
except stable refuse and night soil, is
hereby imposed upon the department ot
health, and such work shall be done un
der the direction and supervision of the
Commissioner of Health, and a fund shail
be provided therefor by taxation, to be
known as the 'Garbage Fund,' which
shall not exceed In any one year the sum
of twenty-five thousand dollars, in ad
dition to any unexpended balance re
maining in said fund from the preceding
year, and in addition to all moneys re
ceived from the sale and disposal of gar
bage, dead animals and other refuse mat
ter, which receipts shall be credited to
said fund.
"The Commissioner of Health, within the
limit of such appropriation, shall have
power to employ such help and assistants.
as may be necessary to enable him to
dischargee the duties hereby imposed, and
shall, with tho approval of the Common
Council, fix the compensation o'^ill em
ployes, outside of the health department
proper, who are engaged in the collec
tion and disposal of garbage, dead anl-~
mals and other waste matter."
-' - ■-■-"•••■-.-■■:•.'■;■:■■■. .- V>*V*«V *. a.
That section 3 of title = in. of Chapter
V of said; charter be amended by strik
; Ing: out the words "and ; any unexpended
balance of the corresponding: fund of the
previous year." . > .: - ".
.. _'• :'.: AMENDMENT NO. &.,'< ';,}. : "/
That section ;29\ of title I of Chapter
XIII of .-- ; said charter be amended i by;
striking out the following language there
in, viz: .: ■. t'i ■„" ", . ■...■,:.■.. ■ ... i--' ■•'-.-.■;r '■■
-. :.■•■■ "There shall' thereupon be paid to the
owner- of such property or to his f agent
me amount of damages which may have
been awarded therefor over and above all
benefits , assessed as " soon as a sufficient
amount of the assessment shall "have been
collected for that i purpose" and inserting
i?« + pIaS.c thereof the following, .viz:; 'The ;
irltv of .St. Paul shall thereupon cause to
ne paid to ..the owner of s such ■ property
trie amount of damages over and above all
?f net) - which may have been awarded
therefor within nine months after the
date of the confirmation of : such . assess
ment with interest -at - the rate -, of seven
per cent per annum.' " -..", ;-,,,;; ;.*,
■ •.._ .\'^ 'AMENDMENT NO. 9
ar^lf-i PPaYl a Y xm of said . charter be
amended by adding thereto the following
additional section: . .-;; r- -
mi^fo tlon 4,*- The ' Board of - Park Com
m*nSlOners f -is- hereby, authorized in its
of an ■on to pay : the wnole: or any sart
O t^L a,ward ;or ' Judgment for land - con
no™, -i 0: Park ■ or,parkway purposes, in
f m % said aboard has on hand In the park
.™a-;. or can obtain by donation, bequest
°i\° therwise under.. lawful; authority.
5252? available therefor, and all pro-;
tiil s: o{. the - charter inconsistent with
tnis provision are hereby repealed." > ': ;•;
AMENDMENT NO. 10. - ;:
.^That section 45 \of title 111 ; of : Chapter
ml .^'charter be amended- by strik
inff out the followingwords: ■hrJy./r-y, ■-■'.*.
tainVr? Ved, tll at no*Wn» in this . title con
m-eiurn fi"'-"£ -construed to affect or
whf^T i e the J Jen of the state for all taxes
«i££ nave been or: may be levied ' upon
such - property v under the .: General Laws
thereof s. <i atev/ and by inserting in . place
inereof * the following words: "The lien
nit ai = assessments, J judgments; and ; certi
™i.of ■■• saje issued thereon under any
SSnn *on of v this charter.- shall ■> be co
stal t .anaj equal with;^the lien of the
state of Minnesota for - general -taxes lev-*
lea on: such: property without regard to
}™ h -priority . in ;point«of; time of ' thei;at*
taching of either of said liens." :. .; ■„..,-; :;
. AMENDMENT NO. " 11. .'."'-; ?
,That section 1 of title 111 of Chapter VI
be amended by - adding at the end .of said
Ho P the following:' -' -'<&->Si'£Z-:-s.-i'J?,
oofnKid C mnicipal : corporation . may -: also
esrawish along any street, or any portion
thereof (on one or both sides). within said
city. a building i' line : upon s the land » ad-'
Joining such, street- and distant not more
th^n fifty feet from:, the margin ; thereof,
and. may acquire an easement in the land
between r such line and the exterior street
ll°e.- l sucht.that no-building- or : structure
shall, be , erected -or maintained ' upon sal*
land.- Such;easement shall be known and
may be designated in '< the >,proceedings"
easem - acquirement > as'; a building ;; line
easement.*-.; r'~r,r, -,y -_.-- -V- -r .v '-v' t^~' '*5
- •"Such ; easement ,", may >be - acquired by
grant \or• by condemnation. V. It ; may ? also*
be * created T: by /dedication by • indicating,
such ? building , line ? upon \ the ; plat of any
property. fi!ed ,in the; office 'of - the Register
of , Deeds sof ?. Ramsey r County, r and. the-
Common; Council shall have power to l- re
ruse -to accept or approve ■; plats of land
unless building | lines ■ are ( shown and I des
ignated ;. thereon.--r- ■ !-.-■ -.. - -u-v; i ■ '—„ ;■ %
7 "The „' cost :t and v expense of > acquiring
r any such- easement shall ?be ■ defrayed: by.
assessment ; upon property benefited I there
by, in proportion to such benefits, without
regard <l to c cash valuation. When such
easement is y acquired "iby? condemnation^
the proceedings t- therefor, cas well as ? for
: the '- levying, ;: collection 5 and - enforcement
of r the .' assessment against : property i bene
: fited, „ shall i be: similar ;to \ the , proceedings
in : this chapter pf escribed '■. for the opening
and widening of -; streets, arid 1? any i com- :
pensation i; awarded 2 the ■.- owner or other .
person I interested iin \ the ' land, by reason ;
of taking :{ such v easement, shall >be S paid
within the same time and in like manner
as s is i provided " in $ cases * of s opening J arid*
widening I streets; provided, that Ino such
; easement c shall a include |or a take in >j any
portion «s of a: private -i residence 7: existing
:at the i time ;■ of i the I takiue « effect "% of this :
charter provision, except by consent of or
grant from the owner, and provided, fur
ther, that no such easement shall be ac
quired by condemnation, except upon a
written petition therefor, presented to the
Common Council, signed by the owners
of two-thirds of the property adjoining
the portion' of the street or highway along
which the easement is proposed to be ac
That section 7 of title 111 of Chapter
VI of said charter be amended by adding
thereto the following:
"Provided, however, that no such as
sessment upon any lot or parcel of land
shall exceed twenty-five per cent or the
assessed valuation of the same for the
purpose of general taxation, unless the
owners of a majority of the property
abutting on the line of the proposed im
provement shall have filed with the Com
mon Council a petition therefor In writ
ing prior to the passage of the final or
That section 10 of chapter IV of said
charter be amended by adding at the end
thereof the following additional sub-sec
"Sixty-third: To define. regulate,
license or prohibit gift enterprises
and the issuance. sale or giving
away of trading stamps in connection
with the sale of merchandise, and to
license and regulate persons, firms and
corporations engaged in such enterprises
or either of _them."
That chapter XI of said charter, en
titled "The free public schools" be amend
ed by adding thereto, at the end of sec
tion 2, the following: .
"Section 3. Said Board of School In
spectors of the City of St. Paul shall,
within one year after the taking effect of
this charter provision, inaugurate, and
thereafter maintain, in all of the free
public schools of said city, except high
schools, the free text Jjook system, where
by said Board of School Inspectors shall,
under such reasonable rules and regula
tions as It may adopt concerning the use
and preservation thereof, furnish and
provide at public expense, out of the
funds provided for the support and main
tenance of the free public schools of said
city all text books then, or thereafter, in
use in such schools, for use by all pupils
in attendance thereat, as the same are
needed and required by such pupils; pro
vided that at the time of inaugurating
such system said Board may as a condi
tion to furnishing books to any pupil then
in attendance on any of said schools, re
quire all text books owned by such pupil
or his or her parents, of any of the kinds
then in use in such schools to be turn
ed over to and remain in the custody of
said Board, as the property of said city,
and for use of said Board in inaugurating
a"nd maintaining said system. The said
Board of School Inspectors shall also
make provision for selling and sell at
price, to any of the residents of said
Htv desiring to purchase same, any text
book othl kinds furnished free-to the
pupils of the public schools of the city
of St. Paul under the provisions of this
section." AMENDMENT NO . 15.
That section 10 of Chapter IV of ; said
charter be amended by adding at the end
thereof the following subdivision: .;■.=
mereoi '■ To :provide and maintain > public
day grounds and places of recreation-for
children, and to ; levy I the necessary , tax
to • acquire and . support ■; the same - not ex
ceeding in any one year the sum -of ten
th T Uhf foregofng "is a draft of the pro
posed amendments to the present charter
of the City of St. Paul, made, framed
and adopted by the Commission appointed
by the District, Court of the - Second I Ju
dicial District of the State of Minnesota,
under and pursuant to section '36. article
34 of - the constitution "of. the Slate of
Minnesota, as ; amended -by that certain
amendment proposed \ by: the Legislature
of the State of Minnesota in an act of
said Legislature known as Chapter 280 .
of the General Laws of Minnesota for. 1897,
and duly adopted at the general election
of said "state held \in - the year 1898 and
chapter 351 of the j General; Laws of • the
State of Minnesota for the year ■ 1899. ' and
chapter 238 -of the j General l Laws of <; the
State of Minnesota for the year 1903 and
said draft of \ said proposed amendments
-of - said - charter :of - the : City of - St. Paul
is hereby returned to the Honorable Rob
: crt A. Smith. Mayor ■. of A the City of .St.
Paul according to law, signed by the
undersigned members of said Commls-
SlDated this 23d day of September, A.. D.
1904 ' ' ' "■ - L
1904- JAMES E. MARKHAM, I-- .-. -'
-■''■■-■ ■■■■• •••-■• ■■ -- ; ' ■ '-■-■-"-■ President. •'•'.•
-;v*.v,r*-r----'>:.;-.: Secretary. -
"" CHARLES '.W' GORDON, : ■.;
•":: EBEN C. IVES. : - :S-- ,%. :--,>
■- H. E. W. SCHUETTE, . -i
1 JOHN BLOMQUIST. „ - ?,:. ■
. , Endorsed:: City Clerk's Office, City |of
St. Paul; Minnesota. . ... , . '..
Filed September 20. 1904.
- .." ■■•V-■■. ■-:-.-:' — -City- Clerk.
Oct. 3-3904-30t .^ ;:-.... -■-._.■
Sewer on Vernon Avenue, ' From .; Prince
..; ton Avenue to 200 Feet ; South V
. Office of the Board of Public Works, "'< ;
"-■', City of St. : Paul, Minn.,' Oct. 6, i 1904.
■- Sealed bids will be received by. the Board
of Public Works ;in iand i for ■ the corpora
tion-«f the City of ; St; Paul, Minnesota,
at their office in said until 2 p. m.
'■onI: the 17th day of October, A. D. ,1904,'
•for the construction of a sewer, on Vernon
'' avenue;! from J Princeton' avenue ito a 1 point:
: 20* > feet I south, in said 1. city, according - to '
plans ?and t specifications on f file in the
office of said Board, >,:,'
: —A": bond i with ;at least . two; »'2) i sureties
in; a sum of at least; twenty (20). per cent
or a certified check a ban?: of St.- Paul.
fin a : sum- of at least J ten (10) per cent of
; the * gross t amount/ bid. * must ; accompany
each bid. Said check shall be made ; pay
able to the Clerk of said Board. ■.'. ■'■
; - The said i Board - reserves . the right to
; reject any and all.bids. . : ■_ > '. ;-y
■ - '-;■" 'v, • JOHN S. GRODE, J ?;;
SJ^**^^mP^P^:- ■■•'■"'■ ' President.
Official: R. L. GORMAN, ' .'-■■- : : :
:- -r. Clerk Board of -Public Works. :-•
;fT/:,^ --.-■;>:* Oct. 71904-10t ■[■ ~j-j.;. ..;./,:^
X EBBM" *% V™d*v3 nevet WL
'f$ SiSS Hill' .^SlJjOlLiafeiTl'ftclir'elffS .'.
>IX KSDXOIHS CO., y.O. B»x34W, Bute*, Sfan.
■■■* ~ •.'i.'~..^'' '■ ■. ' L ■.' -,:"'.
Sewer on McLean Street, From Earl to
Cypress Street
Office of the Board of Public Works.
City of St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 6, 1904.
Sealed bids will be received by the Board
of Public Works in and for the corpora
tion of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
at their office in said city until 2 p. m.
on the 17th day of October, A. D. 1904,
for the construction of a sewer on Mc-
Lean street, from Earl street to Cypress
street, in said city, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office of
said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least ten (10) per cent of
the gross amount bid. must accompany
each bid. Said chock shall be made pay
able to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Oct. 7-1904-10t
Grading, Curbing, Etc., Farrlngton Ave
nue, From Front Street to Lawson
Office of the Board of Public Works.
City of St. Paul. Minn., Oct. 12. 1904.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Public Works in and for the cor
poration of the City of St. Paul, Minne
sota, at their office in said city, until 2
p.' m. on the 24th day of October, A. D.
1904, for the grading, curbing, filling and
leveling Farrington avenue, from Front
street to Lawson street, using cement
curbing, in said city, according to plans
and specifications on file in the office of
said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent.
• or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul
in a sum of at least ten (10) per cent
of the gross amount bid, must accom
pany each bid. Said check shall be made
payable to the Clerk of said Board.
The said board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Oct. 12-1904-10t
Contract work
Sewer on Avon Street, From Center of
Marshall to 224 Feet South
Office of the Board of Public Works,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 6, 1904.
Sealed bids will be received by the Board
of Public Works in and for the corpora
tion of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
at their office in said city until 2 p. m.
on the 17th day oi October, A. D. 1904,
for the construction of a sewer on Avon
street, from center of Marshall avenue
to a point 224 feet south, in said city,
according to plans and specifications on
file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul,
in a sum of at least-ten (10) per cent of
the gross amount bid, must accompany
each bid. Said check shall be made pay
able to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bid*.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Works.
Oct. 7-1904-10t
Grading Wynne Street, From Sr.elling to
Hamllne Avenue
Office of the Board of Public Work 3.
City of St. Paul, Minn., Qct; 6, 1904.
Sealed bids will be received by the Board
■of Public Works in and for the corpora
tion of the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
at their office in said city utttft 2 p. m.
on the 17th day of October, A. D. 1004,
for the grading of Wynne street, fronj
Snelling avenue to Hamline avenue, in
said city, according tc plans and specifi
cations on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two «(2) sureties
in a sum of at least twenty (20) per cent
or a certified check on a bank <jf St. Paul,
in a sum of at least ten (10) per cent
of the gross amount bid. must accompany
each bid. Said check shall be made pay
able to the Clerk of said Board.
The said Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Official: R. -L. GORMAN, '
Clerk Board of Public -Worlds.
Oct. 7-1904-10t
Bh Arrests discharges from the urinary
■ organs in either sex in 48 hours; ■ '« -
Was ;i ; It is superior to Copaiba, Cubeb, or fn- .
m jectioM, and free irom all bad smell: or
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■ dANTAL-M IDY Capsules, which bear (100
n| the Dime in bUck letters, without which \r
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i&SaFl* l*• s d*j«]w digchar£e;),inC?.mir.at!;)Q3,
m&ff Onaraoteed ■ . irritations or ulceratio^
X*»? cot to »tiictor«. T" .= of mucous-i*»einbrati«!.
PrfT*«u Cob!b!o». Painless, and not a".i- r
fJSITHEEVANSCHEMIWLDe. ■ gent or poUoaous. . £-
: MfgL ciNcmjun.o MBM ?■ Sold by omEsi*t*,
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y;^q^^Ew:- !',-a-"^4sF*B by cxpraßg,-:prepaid,. for
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,%.:•. »*l' Circular sent an r'jaMor,
Pennyroyal pills
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. Jf*N3*vS«SSk la UED and Gold nuts'.lia boiM. ««•!«,*.
ri& I sE**?* I? 1*-Wiw »l>'>o:>- Tote » other. UeOr'*e
'.1?1;*^ *S» Dnnceronß Substitution* and Itn't*.
' Ij / ■ -7--''<"' fiT tioui. ■ Buy of onr Drnig >.:%. or «art 46, !B :
" \ <•» '.: .Jf ct»o!i>» i'-»r - Partlaulnr., Testimonial*.
fet 9* :-": D *»* '• Relief for La4le»," <» <<(.'«-, V re
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