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|J^>T^'!^J^^^^^^^^^^^J^^ JZw* 1^ h^yM(WVV-»-^ <^yvT^'
THE Young alWs Christian asso
ciation's announcement that It
will revive its entertainment
course is a welcome one, for It
means that four artists of note, and
possibly five, will be brought to St.
Paul this winter. Gadski's recital will
be given either the evening of Dec. 6
or Dec. S; David Bispham and Shot
well-Piper Jan. 10 or 16', and De Pach
mann March 14 or 16. It is possible
that Ysaye will also be brought to St.
Paul by the association," but the Violin
-1 ist will not appear in the regular
course, which" will consist of the three
entertainments only.. It would be diffi
cult, however, to increase the educa
tional worth of a course that includes
such names as Gadski, Bispham and
De Paehmann. Of the many foreign
musicians who are to tour America
this season none will receive a more
cordial welcome than the eccentric
little pianist, whose recital is to be
the third in the course. De Pachmann's
grotesque antics at the piano furnish
his press agent with innumerable
stories or with suggestions for them,
but all who have heard the pianist are
apt to forget his eccentricities and to
remember only his playing. It is four
season since De Paehmann visited St.
Paul. Gadski and Bispham are more
recent visitors.
The Schubert club issued its year
book last week. At the musicale Wed
nesday afternoon Mrs. Briggs called
attention to a change in one of the by
laws which privileges the members to
invite but one non-reshient to the aft
ernoon musicales, and which specifies
that they shall not invite resident
guests except on payment of $1. The
; small size' of the hall in which the
: musicales are held necessitates this
limiting of the number' of invited
guests, and the officers have very wise
ly decided hot to sell any seats to out
siders until after 3:45, the time set for
the commencement of the programmes..
I The year book contains all the pro
grammes presented at the "extra" and
artists' recitals last year, a very happy
idea, by the way, for these programmes
. are an excellent advertisement for the
Maximilian Dick, the violinist, who
has been in St. Paul but a few weeks,
played at an informal musicale g-iven
Tuesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Hennessey at their home on Port
land avenue. Mr. Dick is recognizedly
in the virtuoso class, but public promi
nence has not robbed him of an un
affectedness -of manner that makes his
playing doubly delightful. That the
unaffectedness is the result "of genuine
simplicity, his playing shows. He pos
sesses a fine old violin from which he
draws a tone that is exquisite in its
refinement, but always sufficiently
virile. His fingering is fleet and active,
his phrasing clean and emphatic, and
the crowning charm of a musicianly
temperament gives color to his inter
pretations. Mr. Dick played a gavotte
by Franz Ries, "The Top," by Kranich,
and two compositions by D'Ambrosio.
Because he is master of the mechanics
of his art, Mr. Dick was able to convey
In their entirety the delicate fancies of
the group of composers whose works
comprised his programme. He was
particularly happy in having Franklin
W. Krieger for his accompanist. The
two musicians are in thorough sympa
thy and the piano most happily com
plemented the voice of the violin.
Mr. Dick, together with Carlo Fischer
end Miss Ella Richards, will give a pro
gramme of chamber music for the
Schubert club Wednesday afternoon,
Nov. 16, in the Odean. This Schubert
musicale will be the violinist's introduc
tion to'the public. He has joined the
musical colony on the top floor of th«
Chamber of Commerce. At the concert
which he and Mr. Krieger will give the
evening of Nov. 19, at the First Bap
tist church, Mr. Dick will play a suite
by Ries. The Metropolitan quartette,
which will assist, will sing among other
jfi BBr//// \\m
I "IW!!v v I Ml
\ advanced '<■':s% ;on the first of October
We have not [advanced our priC3S—Sse our window rdisplay— AH goods marked
in pain figures for your guidar.es. The largest slock ever shown in St. Paul.
GEO. R. HOLMES, i^t'fe^;
things the "Floriana" quartette by
Emil Onet and four of his pupils will
give a recital in November, presenting
the first act of the opera, "La Favorita."
Mr. Onet will himself sing the tenor
role. The pupils who will take part are
Mrs. Hesselgrave, Miss Petsch, Mr.
Winter and Mr. Rosenthal.
Misa Ella Richards, the pianist, arid
Miss Gordon will both give recitals for
the Ladies' Thursday musicale, of
Minneapolis, this winter. Miss Gor
don will give her song recital in De
cember, and Miss Richards will play
for the club Jan. 19.
President Hem, of the Choral club,
is in Albany, N. V.. called there by the
serious illness of his father.
The soloists for "Faust" have been,
selected. Miss Gordon will be the so
prano; Edward P. Johnson, of New
York, the tenor, and William Harper.
of New York, will sing the role of
Mephisto. The concert will be given
Thursday evening, Dec. 1, in the Peo
ple's church. The announcement that
Mr. Johnson is to sing the tenor role Is
particularly pleasing. He has already
been heard in St. Paul, and is by all
odds the most satisfactory tenor who
has sung here in many seasons. Puc
cini's "Stabat Mater" and Men
delssohn's "Hymn of Praise" will be
the second concert. Anito Rio and
Mme. Bouton will be the out of town
soloists. The final concert will be El
gar's "Dream of Gerontius," which will
be presented April 6. Ellison Van
Hoose will be the tenor. The other so
loists have not yet been selected. The
Choral club chorus now includes the.
best voices, in: the city, . and the re
hearsals for "Faust" are progressing
most satisfactorily under Mr. Fair
clough's direction.
The following music will be played to
day at the Park Congregational church:
10:30 A. M.—
Anthem—"When in the East' Da- :"''
light Gleaming" .Rheinberger
Response—"Hear Us, O Father"—
Schilling -
Solo—"Listen Soul" Blumenth'al
Mrs. George E. Gore.
Anthem—"Beloved. . Now Are We .
the Sons of God" Thorne
8 P. M.—
Anthem—"Praise the Lord, O My
Soul" Paul Mori
Anthem—'Art Thou Weary ?". .Schnecker
Duet—"The Angel" I Rubenstein
Mr. Woodworth and Mr: Metcalf.
The following music will be heard at
the House- of Hope Presbyterian church
today: .
Prelude— Romance Vieuxtemps
Anthem—"O Come Let Us Sing 1 —
Dudley Buck
Response—"Oh, Come Everyone
That Thirsteth". i F. Mendelssohn
Offertory—"The Ninety and Nine"—
lia B. Sankey
Mr. George.
Postlude—March in C Weber
Evening. 8 P. M. Special Programme—
Prelude—Organ Offertory in C minor-
Alex Guilmant
Violin. Second Romance-... Benj. "Godard
Anthem—"Abide With" Me"— . .
„ H. N. Bartlett
Solo—"Ring Out. Wild Bells"
(Christmas Carol) ...-. Jules Jordan
Airs. De Wolf.
Response—Sevenfold Amen..John Stainer
Offertory—"Strong Son of God" (In
Mcmoriam) Lehmann
Mr. Colville.
Quartette—"Crossing the Bar"
(Tennyson) ■ .. .-Joseph Barnby
'Postlude-'-Toccata .' Dubois
. The many admirers of Americas fore
most violinist will be interested in the
announcement thaffMaud Powell is now
Mrs. Godfrey Turner. The marriage took,
place seyejal weeks ago, very quietly, on
the Vail farm, near Pawling, N. Y. Mr.
Turner was for some years manager of
the Empire and Princess' theater in Lon
don. Tne ceremony was performed by
Dr. Dean, a -tine old country clergyman
of musical taste, who has recollections of
Ole Bull and Camilla Urso in their prime.
Fortunately, the concert stage will not
lose this rare artist through her mar
riage; the name of Maud Powell will fig
ure on many an American as well as"
European programme during the present
Edouard de Reszke's refusal to come to
the United States and earn $40,000 be
cause his agent refused to deposit $5,000
in bank is highly characteristic of mu
sicians. He will remain idle in Europe for
the winter as a result o» this adherence to
old style traditions, and if he does appear
occasionally it will be to earn very much
less than he could here.
Maurice Grau used to laugh over the
fact that Eduard de Reszke was the only
singer in his eompan- who always ex
acted that a deposit be put to his" credit
in Paris before he came here. He made
a fortune under Maurice Grau's manage
ment, for the two brothers had compara
tively little when they came here. But
every year big brother Edouavd wanted
$10,000 put in the bank before he would
An exalted personage was one of the
soloists at the Bach festival in Leipsic
last week—Landgrave Alexander Fred
noh yon Hesson. He is forty-two yeais
olfl and nearly blind. Music is his favor
ite diversion, and he gives much of his
time to it. He owns several famous cas
tles, in which he spends his summers; in
winter he is usually in Paris;. Everywhere
he: loves to gather about himself eminent
musicians, artists and authors. He not in
frequently plays at charity concerts, usu
ally under an assumed name.
A beautiful obelisk of black marble was
unveiled in Berlin on Sept. 30 in memory/
of the eminent, baritone Theodor Reich-
Mann, who died on May 22. 1903. It was
erected by Frau yon Miranda, his sister
and sole heir. The highest officials of
the court theaters in Berlin and Vienna
attended the ceremony, which began and
ended with selections from "Parsifal."
Honors have fallen fast on Felix Mottl
since his return to Europe. He had hard
ly assumed his duties as generalmusikdl
rector in Munich when he was asked to
conduct the concerts of the Philharmonic
society in Vienna, and accepted -the offer.
The latest Munich journals bring the news
that he has now also accepted the post of
director of-the Academy of Music in that
city, recently vacated by Stavenhagen.
Perhaps he will look back gratefully on
the lesson New York gsve him last sea
son in the art of "hustling."
Mme. Schumann-Heink now sings at ev
ery performance of "Love's Lottery" at
the Broadway theater the Brindisi from
"Lucrezia Borgia," the polacca "The
Right Girl," and "Sweet Thoughts of
Home,'" all of which are applauded by
large audiences nightly.
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has returned from a week's visit in Min
Miss Etta Hanson, of Stillwater, was a
guest of Mrs. Peter Copeland, of Wbjtall
street, this week.
The Arlington Hills Mothers' club will
-meet Wednesday afternoon in Phalen
Park school.
John Rosen, of Jessamine street, en
tertained the Men's Club of Gustavus
Atlolphus Chursh ' Wednesday evening.
Mrs. M. D. Kelly, .of Collins street, is
entertaining Miss Qumn, of Owatohn'a,
and Miss.MacNrerney. of Grand Forks.
Mrs.. Jane. Warner,: of Carver, has 'been
visiting: her daughter. Mrs. Bert Sulli
van, of East Tenth street.
Miss Violet Moore, of Case streets has
returned from Taylors Falls, where she
spent part of the week.
i EdwinWhitcomb, of Fauquier street, is
.visiting in. Little Rock, Ark., en route
from the world's fair. >".-:"■ . .
. Mrs. Murphy, the. recent guest of Mrs.
•P. Murphy; of Case street, has returned
to Morris, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson, of
Burgess street, have gome to Forest Lake
to reside.
. Mrs. S. L. Smith, of Case .street, has
returned from St. Louis and Blooming
ton, 111. . "
• Miss Esther Horn, of Bradley street,
has been entertaining Miss Horn, of Red
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lewis, of Case
street, have retained from McKinney,
N. D.
The Lucky Thirteen club gave a bowl
ing party Wednesday evening in Phister
Mrs. Thomas Pauline, of Case street,
has gone to Kalispell to spend the winter.
Miss, Nellie Goodhue, of Helena, Mont.,
has, been visiting East St. Paul friends.
Miss Emma Cosby, of Saufc Center, has
been a guest of Mrs. Cole, of Clark street.
Miss Nora Heenan gave a parcel shower
Saturday evening for Miss Elsie .Kashel:
Mr. and Mrs. P. Memmer, of Reaney
street, have returned from St. Louis.
. Mrs. George Perkins, of OHye' street,
spent part of the week in Lake City.
v Thomas ..Cameron, of Fauquier street,
has from Bozeman, Mont.
Mrs. H. ' Emerson, of .Williams "street,
has •returned from Anaconda. Mont.
Mfs". Henry. Yoerg/'of -.Collins street,
-has Returned from Butle, Mont.
Mr; and Mrs' A: C. Carn'elson. of Reaney
street, have, gone" to. St. Louis.
Air. Charles Reed will, give a theater
party Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Thomas Sykfis. of the "Portland"
has returned from-the East.
Mrs. Linesy, ■ of De Soto street, has re
turned from Augusta, Wis.
Miss. Marie- Thiers has returned from
the East and St. Louis. "
Dwight Whitcomb. of Fauquier street,
has gone to St. Louis.-
Mrs. S. A. Johnson, of Olive street has
returned from Duluth.
Mrs. CarlPayne. of Charles street, has
returned to Lemars:
Mrs. L. Reinhart,' of Sims street, has
gone to St. Louis.
- Mrs. E. R. Ide, of Fauquier street, has
gone to St. Louis. :. . : -.-.-: ..■:.- -: : /.
■S Mr. and Mrs. -C. Burns ; have : gone to
Duluth. : : V, ,; ".'•.." -r -.."
Mrs. Marie. Curran • has returned from
Duluth. - ;.;.--'• ' \ ..-■*■'"•;■•■; -
♦ *
. y~l ~—~——— "' 4
.;. The t Caroline Elmer Missionary society
met , : with :; the - Misses • * Elmer Thursday
afternoon. Jk Mrs. v Walter ": Ryan - read ~ a
paper :on "Mormonism;" Mrs. -B. A. Allen
■ read - ; one ion "Persia." The ' following
■ officers were :elected• for • the :ensuing, year:
President." Mrs." G. N. Makely; vice L presi
dents,"Mrs.. S. :M. Kirkwood and ; Mrs. E.
W. Kaley; 7 secretary.; Mrs. J. E. : Rounds '
; treasurer, Mrs.-.-A. H. : > Bliss; chairman of
literature committee/ Mrs.'. Walter Ryan. ' '
. f The social- event -of the week }in Ham
line : has; been '. the receptions given by Dr.
and Mrs. R. N. Avison. LOn ; Tuesday
■ evening .£ about \- one *■ hundred i guests, ,-. the
older members of the congregation.- called.
On Thursday evening about one hundred
, and '■< seventy-five of the .• younger - people
paid ,their -respects" to - Mr. ; and. Mrs. Avi
son. .;.- -.•;.; :-■'_:;-- y-\- - .'■ V r ■-' r- V;; -■-:' V-V: l- "-
U. The . Hancock School Alumni association
will; hold its annual business meeting
Tuesday evening; .'J in"; room -8, :". Hancock
school. Miss Ella Door will give: a talk
on her trip abroad this summer. ~- .
r? James E. Markham :" will address -?Z the
: Hamline '■ Six O'clock * club Monday even- •
ings on ''- the amendments %to t the city' char
ter. S. A.v'-Farn;-worth-;■■'will speak on
'•JYee Text Books."
,ii Mrs. Howard JM. Smith and. Miss ■ Cecile
■ Cole save 4 a parcel shower last S| evening
for Mis*. Minnie Garrison, a bride of i this":
• week*.'- -" Tvvr-nty-fnur guests * were - present"
Mr.. and. Mrs.. A?l^ \*an Meter- enter
itelned^*at'7dliinfir •'£ilonday'»: evening s3 in
:honor ot tKeir wedding; anniversary; Cov
*ers;were Hid" for twenty-two. 'c- .7 *^ -^•r.T
Mis. W. B. Carper " has had as recent;
guests Mr. and Mrs. :-' John L.ohg, Afton,
lowa, and Mis. V. T. Long.v Forest Lake.
The C. E. of Knox church will give a
literary and -musical entertainment in
the church parlors Friday evening.
Mrs. Sarah 13. Gordon entertained at
dioner Wednesday evenine for her son.
Vinton. Covers were laid for nine.
Mrs. Reynolds and son Montgomery, the
recent guest rrf Mrs. J. G. Duff," have
gone to the Atlantic coast.
Mrs. A. Champiin, of Ohelton avenue, is
entertaining her daughter, Mrs. Artenaas
Stevens, of Canada.
The Misses Grace and Lottie Hough, of
Minneapolis, were the guests of Miss M.
Selk last Sabbath.
Dr. and Mrs, C. P. Montgomery will
move into their new home on Capitol
avenue this week.
Mi%. and Mrs. Landford Frizelle. Mani- j
tou. Col., are the guesfcs of Mrs. N. Smith,
of Fry street.
C. W. Dickey, Charleston, S. C, has
been the recent guest of his aunt, Mrs.
Nettie Smfth.
Mrs. Guy L.. Caldwell has recently en
tertained her aunt. Mrs. Ketcham, of
Mi. A. V. Hilis, New York, wa» the
.guest of his daughter, Mrs. Alden Bliss.
Mr. Towner, of Charles City, lowa, is
the guest of his daughter, Mrs. C. W.
Mrs. Myrtle Campbell, of Mexico, has
been the guest of Mrs. A. H*_ Bliss this
Miss Lottie Ludwick will entertain her
mother, Mrs. J. Ludwick, Minneiska, this
Mrs. Andrew Wingard and daughter
Leona have returned from North Dakota.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Johnson enter
tained Informally Monday evening.
Miss Mac Curtis Minneapolis, spent
Thursday with Mrs. M. A. Carr.
Miss Harriet Davidson has returned
to her home at New Rockford.
Mrs. Burbank entertained the ladies of
the Ravens Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Le Roy Brink enter
tained at dinner last Sunday.
Mrs. Van Ossee, of Washington, Is the
guest of Mrs. C. N. Akers.
, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Miller have re
turned from North Dakota.
Mrs. Donald McKenzie is entertaining
her aunt, Mrs. Copeland.
Mrs. A. J. Meacham will return from
Utica, Minn., this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Vant Hul have
moved to Hamline.
Miss Edythe Hackney is in St. James.
| *Mrs. J. N. Heal is in Mauston, Wis.
The annual reception of the St. An
thony Park Woman's association was held
Thursday afternoon at the home of the
president. Mis. A. R. McGill. Mrs. W.
M. Liggett, Mrs. George 11. Shellenberger,
Mrs. H. E. W. Schuette, Mrs. H. S. Baker,
Mrs. D. A. Cudworth, Mrs. Andrew Er
win, Mrs. Plant, Mrs. C. J. Buell, Mrs.
William Todd, Mrs. A. C. Well
ington, Mrs. T. L. Heacker; Mrs.
W. B. Douglas, Mrs. H. B. Tisdale,
Mrs. E. H. Binghardt and Mrs. E. C.
Frances assisted Mrs. George Shellen- —
berger gave a talk on the history plan of —
the course for the year. Mrs. Higbee gave
a talk of the training school movement. •
Mrs. Francis gave vocal numbers.
Mrs. A. C. Wellington, of Common- \',
wealth avenue, will entertain the Worn- „
an's Home and Foreign Missionary Society „
of the M. E. church Friday afternoon. „
"Mormonism" will be the subject. Mrs. „
Hegstrom will read a paper and Mrs. C. „
Ackerman will preside. <,
Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Fryckberg, of the -•
M. E. church, were given a reception Fri- <'
day evening at the residence of Mr. and "
Mrs. J. Swanson, on Bayless avenue. Mrs. «'
A. C. Wellington, Mrs. L. Lewis and Mrs. <'
Everett Clark had charge of the affair.
The history class of the St. Anthony ]'•
"Park Womenls association will hold its „
first meeting Thursday afternoon at" the „
home of Mrs. T. L. Heacker, On Raymond „
avenue,- with Mrs. George H. Shellenber- „
•ger as leader. <,
Mis s Sadie Chase, of University avenue, < •
entertained at a peanut party Friday <'
evening in honor of Miss May Erwin.. .<'
Progressive games were also played and -< i
prizes were won by Miss Erwin and Ay- "
rll Halstad. '•
The D. A. R. will hold its state meeting J \
Tuesday in the Congregational church. „
The ladies of the church will serve dinner. „
Mrs. Samuel B. Green will have charge of
the affair. „
Rev. Edwin S. Pressey, of Gordon ave-' <>
nue. has returned from Dcs Moines lowa, «>
where he was in attendance at the na- ''
tional council of the Anoka conference. ''
Mrs. Henry S. Baker, of Blake avenue, ]'
and Mrs. Emil Matschke, of Langford ( '
Park place, are entertaining their sister,
Mrs. C. N. Fugle, of Duluth.
Mabel White, of University avenue, en- ..
tertained a number of her little friends 11
Saturday afternoon in celebration of her i •
eleventh birthday. ■ - < >
The young people of the Park will give ' |
a Halloween party at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Sewell, of Pym
street. ■ ,
Morgan and James Fitzgerald, of Rock- <.
ford. 111., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. < >
William Nolan, of Gibbs avenue, this < •
week. 11
The Junior Sewing Circle of the Congre
gational Church met yesterdaay afternoon
at the home of Ruth Erwin, on Pym
street. \ [
Mrs. Newton, the recent guest of her < ■
daughter, Mrs. E. H. Farnham, of Noiirse < •
street; has returned to Grand Forks. < >
Mrs. Sarah Bradish, of Superior^ Wis.. ''
was a guest of- .Mrs. H. B. Tisdale, of '
Bayless avenue, part of the week.
The Mises Ella and Maude Mason, of „
Nourse street, will entertain the L. B. T. „
V. club Thursday afternoon. „
Mrs. William Liggett, of Scudder aye- ('
nue, will give a reception from 4 to 6 "
Tuesday for Mrs. Fairbanks. . • ...
Miss Helen Francis, of Pym street. ] ',
gave a candy pull party Thursday even- „
ing for Miss May Erwin. „
Miss May Erwin, of Pym street, has ''
gone to Dwight, N. D., where she will "
teach school this winter. ''
Mrs. Alvah Bull, of Langford avenue, ] [
entertained the Young Mothers' club Mon- „
day afternoon. „
Mrs. George Passage, of Blake avenue. ' •
is entertaining Miss Lillian Miller, of < •
Wahpeton, N. D. «'
Miss Anna Vilas. of Raymond avenue, „
has gone to Madison, Wis., to visit rela- „
tives. <,
Mrs. George Stanley Williams, of Ray- <<
mond avenue, gave a luncheon Monday.^, * •
Mrs. Erson, of Anoka, has been visiting !'
Mrs. N. P. Nelson, of Raymond avenue. 4 ,
Mrs. Smith, of San Francisco, has been <•
visiting Park friends. < •
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have removed to '
2398 Bayles avenue.
i;::--;-;--:.:r .■•.7:: .*
4>Jv: / ;;^ ._.."" '■■''/:' .'~~*\- ,',"."'v. -','-,y.'
Mr. and Mrs. { John H. Gunther, of I Still -
; water'.p avenue, and: George ; Gunther, of
': White Bear, attended ac; surprise f- party
on ; Mr. and Mrs. W. R. ' Peters. ; of ; Minne
apolis, in ; honor of ' their ■wooden ; wedding.
•^Mrs. J. S. • Blades, of North Dakota and
Mrs. Griswold, of St. Paul,, spent Wednes
day with : Mrs. A. T. Wilder, of ; Stillwater
avenue.'fj;^.'-.;v.r"^-- j;S-"~. -j . ■'■ ■;■.;.'--.■ ■■■-?. .7. '
"r ::Mrs. Nisonger - and 7 Mr. ; Nisonger, . of
Minneapolis, spent' Monday with Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Cunningham, :' of Stillwater
avenue. , : ■. ;, ;, •;. :-;■.-"".-■":
Js'. Mr. and i Mrs. McEwen, -of Minneapolis,
were the guests -of Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
; Lyon, of j, White; Bear avenue.- V v -uj ' .• ;
; The Cottage prayer meeting will be held'
Thursday : with Mjs. George Lockwood,- of-
; Stillwater avenue. ":„'■■'';.'?.' ■■":< ~ ■'-"'-''■':''■'"■' r~' "'"■
'-, Miss Grace Ferrey, of Stillwater avenue,'
"entertained a young friend for a few days.
- - The •E. O. S. ? club :: will meet v with fMrs>
E. Tepel, of White Bear avenue. ■
•■" ■" -- ■■;■:- r.:-.r -- - --■- •- ■„..;■-: :. ,-.■.•■
After the regular meeting of the Royal
Neighbors last Wednesday evening a so
cial time Was indulged in and the game
of "Who Knows Me" was Indulged in.
Owing to ths many requests
of our patrons we have decid
ed to keep op;n for business
every Sunday, commeacing
Music evary eve-i ;g by oar oxn cr
chestra of five piece;, under th>
direction of Prjf. W. W. Nolan,
Sacred Concert Thi» Evening,
"~" October 23, 0 to 8 —
$1.00 One Dollar DOWN One Dollar $1.00
That's aIL Just bring one dollar with you and call at our Talking Machine Parlors on the
fourth floor, spend as much time as you can spare in examining the Victor and Edison ma
chines, select yours, leave your $1.00
the best and most satisfactory home entertainer you ever heard. You can pay the rest in easy
weekly payments and enjoy it while paying for it.
Tou know the one with the dog on. The best talking machine in the world using disc
records. The Tapering Arm, which does away with the noise and squeaking you have heard on
many other kinds. The wonderful Mute Needle for parlor use, reducing the overtone so it can
not be heard, in the next room. Every tone clear, sweet and distinct. Come in and hear_Jt
whether you want to buy or not.
With the famous gold moulded records. The best of all cylinder record machines. We
are Northwestern wholesale agents for the Edison machines and records. We supply dealers all
over the Northwest and carry an enormous stock of records; and our retail customers in St
Paul have the benefit of same from which to make their selection. Records 35c each.
WT IYVITD /St QOA Talking Machine
• J • 1/ 1 JVIV \OO DIVV/«9 Parters 4th Floor
"'- '^■^s^^BHßSßSirai^^lt^M^^^^::'-^BBsSa:':':: '*':'--'---'-j-- "jBSwbF ■■ .
Arch - Duch
ess Louise, di
vorced wife of
the new King
of Saxony, is
Shown at top,
the King to the
left and the
palace at Dres
den ■to right,
Princess Louise
and Andre
Giron, the tu=
tor with whom
she eloped, are
seen at the
PRESDEN, Oct. 22.—1t has been told in court circles that the Arch
duchess Louise has sought to see her former husband, the new king,
and that he was disposed to receive her, only the most pro
nounced intervention of the kaiser preventing the meeting.
Now it is announced that the archduchess is not to be permitted
to cross the frontier.
Prizes were won by Mrs. Joe Mueller and
Mrs. William Husby.
Mrs. Nelson Flint gave a puzzle party
at her home Wednesday evening. Prizes
were won by Mi?s Myrtle Surazey. Mr.
Albert Luger, Ole Hill, Miss Ida Scheefe,
Mr. Dave Bodine and Elmer Orth.
The Bible Study Class met Tuesday
last at the home of Mrs. E. A. Beebe.
The "next meeting will be held with Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Hagaman.
Misses Emma Rufenacht and Pauline
Carlson entertained their Sunday school
classes at the home of Miss Rufenacht
Sunday last.
Mrs. R. C. Lehman and children and
Miss Pearl Longfield. of St. Paul, vis
ited Mrs. O. A. Sleeper Sunday.
Mrs. M. E. Weston and children, of
Tjadysmith. Wis.. is visiting her parents,
Mr. "and Mrs. Otto Weber.
Miss Ann Foran, of Stillwater, and Miss
Margaret Early, of St. Paul, visited
friends here Saturday.
Mrs. Sanborne, of Madelia, Minn., vis
ited her dnusrhler. Miss Eva Sanborne,
Saturday and Sunday.
Misses Helen Hess and Elizabeth Sie
bold, of St. Paul, spent Sunday last with
Mrs. Joe Paul.
Mrs. L. G. Klenck. of Kalispell, Mont.,
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Dixon.
Mrs. Thomas Johnson has been spend-
ing the past week with friends at New
Richmond, Wis.
The Ladfes' Cinch club was enter
tained by Mis. T. L. Morgan Thursday
Mrs. John Schuster, of Glenwood. Wis..
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Otto
Mrs. George Sanborn. of Minneapolis.
Continued on Nineteenth Page
St. Agatha's Conservatory:
of Music and Art g?chan s ge ]
" '1 ~ " ' * " X +
% ... ,- ;...,. ■ ■...-■ ~X.f.
PIANO] HARMONY ;; ..:; • :" '. ; - t
I"; TlVl*l"t BANJO. ZITHER =; , /- I
- - -yE I LANGUAGES rC ■..";-:;. J
miurnir (DRAWING, I
"ul^'lm" Call or send for catalogue - ♦
-185 Rondo Street
New Term Begins
Monday, November 7
at 8:30 P. M.
Course of 16 iessons $5.00, second term
free If you need it. No visitors to
look on while you practice. :: :: ••
Lift's Hall, Grand Opera House Bldg.
WM. H. BAKER, Principal. A. H. WEI3, Assistant
Dancing thoroughly taught and cor
rectly practiced. We are convinced
that Ours is the best school of dancing
In the city; let us convince you.
. Private lessons by. appointment.
N. W. Tel. Main 1775-L2.
Dress and
Street Hats
Opposite Field, SchMck & Co.
339 St. Peter Street.
French Dry Cleaners
We make a specialty of dying
carpets, or making them into rugs.
We can match any shade desired.
Fancy laces, Battenberg and em
broidered pieces handled carefully.
Gloves, ties, ribbons dry cleaned
like new.
50 East Sixth St. 242 Nicollet Ay.
421 Wabasha St. 522 Nicollet Ay.
Facial ft assage
Miss Mlddleton's Classes In
655 Holly Avenue.
Ladies' Class at 2:00; Girls' Class at
4:00; Evening Class at 8:00.
Jf\ "', tjWUWTfI ijSk The Best Business Men's
1 pßß—l a. Th« Bast Business Man's
' '* BI __ 13 "'■ -In th« City. ,' Evsrythlng
SlV^vf " ' r res'l and Clean. '■ -
:..:^::^:-::y'^':'-.-'■-':. GET THE HABIT. "-- ~r
g 91 E. SEVENTH ST. jBnL
B -PainleM Extracting, Filling*. AB&gzcfK
Plate*. Crowns and Bridges '•T'Ma
I Specialty GUARANTEED M&X£&xt
? In Black, and White PHfiTOfiRAPHY %
% and color in . -;.;— -™«'V ll' f •
% 102 E. 6th St. Tel. Main 2032-L3. $.
'■».-■ . fc ,■.-,.,.-"' V- ■'.;.. -._ ;. ,-'•■■■■"■ _ ■ ;■ .'.-'-. '\l '
■gg^a^ OE N T1 S X
or. b. c. cornwell
-. ~ Robert and Sixth.
. s : ~ > Chamber of Com. Bldg. >
j No ' teeth jsoibad};Is can't Improve them.
Porcelain Fillings make 'the 1: teeth appear
-- 'g perfect. -;;■-•:,•■■■;■,•.-■;;! '■

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