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'■■■."' ■ ' ■--'■: "■- -V t^*^"*^^*'.'"^''-^ :C. ' '■-' '»" *"•■ ■ "... ; • -.» '■':'■ r ; '-■"■':." :"' -'--'.'- ■■' -'■■....-;...• ■ ."■■•- .'..■• :"-.-- ; ■..".=' i '-" -::'"' \
Democratic Candidate Will Ad
dress Four Large Audiences
Tomorrow INFght
"Compare the reception of R. C. Dunn,
the Republican candidate for governor, on
Wednesday evening of last week in St.
Paul with that which will be accorded
John A. Johnson tomorrow:"
This is the challenge of the Democratic
state and county committees, and if the.
voters desire to know how the slate
-will so in the election they will make
orisons. Mr. Dunn spoke in the Fifth
w.) .o 150 people, and not counting those
•wln f. m,ii,,wed from the Second ward, to
about sixty in the Fifth ward Wednesday
.vening of lasi week. He madf but
the two appearances before thtr voters.
Tomorrow evening Mr. Johnson will
make addresses before four audiences, in
the First ward, where he first appears.
the hall will hold 600. and there Is no
quetfion hut that there will be as many
■who will be unable to obtain admittance.
Ooing from" there to Twin City hull, at
Vnivtrsily and Rice street, he will speak
to aVi audience that will not be less
than •<". From there he goes to C. S. P.
S. hall, Western avenue and Seventh
street. Dunn did ' not have more than
sixty auditors at this hall, but it is pre
dicted by those who Know that Mr. John
son willhave 400 voters to listen to what
he has to say.
After he has finished with the regu
lar meeting Mr. Johnson will make a
speech in the Orpheum hall, on Cedar
street, this being to accommodate the
downtown voters. It will be quite late
before he reaches this section o fthe, city,
but th-re is little doubt but that Mr.
Johns. :: will be here greeted by twice
the number of auditors at the last of his
four sp -dies that heard Mr Dunn dur
ing the :ntire evening that he gave to St.
Greatest Apple Bargains
of the Season
Now Is the Time to Lay
In Your Winter's Supply
2,000 Barrels of
New York Apples
Consisting of "Ba».\dwins, Spies.".
Kennedy Red, Greenings Rus
set^ Pippins, King./* and otKer
varieties. Special fit a gL r»
for Monday, per J|2 %*^
barrel ......... W***<JsJ
3,000 barrels of fresh Michigan Apples
consisting of Russetsr.. Baldwins, Spies.
Greenings, i Seeknofurther, 3S Ben - Davis,
Steel Red, Phoenix and other; varieties.
These" are all good shipping- -61 9B
stock. Per . barrel, $1.75, $1.50..^ lßfc°
Carload of Kieffer Pears must be sold
Monday. These pears are fine stock.
"While they last, per bushel 50c
Per barrel $1.40
We just received a fresh carload of
Sweet Michigan Cider, per gallon. 25c.
Write for prices in barrel lots.
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Per bushel box $1 50
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Bananas, per doz 10c, 15c, 25c
Ol aligns, per doz 25c to 60c
Kxtra Fancy Winter Nellis Pears;
the sweetest in the market, per
basket 25c
Florida Pineapples, each 15c, 20c, 25c
Crabapples. per peck 20c
Malaga Grapes, per lb 20c
Hmne-made Mince Meat, per lb ....12'/ 2 c
New Hickory Nuts, per peck 50c
Sweet Potatoes, per bushel 90c
Good Potatoes,-per bushel 35c
Solid Meat Oysters, one quart makes
t wo. per quart 35c
Ben Hur Baking Powder, per can 25c
New Ceylon Tea, per package 25c
New Chestnuts, per lb 18c
Caviar in stone jars 75c
Write for our prices on Apples In Car
load lots
The finest grade of French oil packed to
our order. A fresh shipment has just ar
y 2 Pints, Pints. Quarts.
30c. 50c. $1.00.
New Smyrna Layer Figs.
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}.<iund baskets.
New Malaga Cluster Raisins.
A Fresh Shipment of Franco-American
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A full line of Hieknott's California
Canned Asparagus.
Lesslng & 9 for 25c
Lillian Russell 8 for 25c
Ocean Queen 8 for 25c
Perfectos 8 for 25c
Dan Sully 7 f or 25c
Tom Keene , 7 for 25c
Owl Brand 7 for 25c
B-4b jar Good Dairy 90 C
< 'hoife Creamery. 1b 23c
"Golden Rod" Pasteurized Butter
best butter made, in 2, 3 and 5 lb
Sugar Cured Hams, lb 12'-oc
Pteoic Hams, lb
Little Pig Sausage, lb 12' Ac
Fancy Summer Sausage, lb 15c
Klsie Cheese for Welsh Rarebit lb 20c
Imported Lingon Berries, gallon " 50c
Good Strong Cheese, lb . 10c
Fancy Smoked Salmon and Halibut" il> 2dc
Imported Anchovies, can 20c
Imported Appelit Sild, can ....'.'..." 15 C
?-Vty Bismarck Herring, can \ 30 C
Seventh and Broadway.
EXCHANGE offers a reward of Ton
Dollars for information leading to
the arrest and .conviction of any
person damaging, destroying or re
moving a Real Estate Sign.
GREGORY BOLT, Secretary.
National Germai#jfcmerican Santc Bldg.
Man From Providence Confi-
dent Dt mDcrats Wif! Win
in His State
■. ■_-"":.-/--.■ i:- ;.'■:>.'„ V, •,'-■■--■ -.-. '-;- :- -.•■..-. •- '- ■
According to \Yil!i;im A. Troy, a' iourist
. from ;Pi ovidonee,_R. Jv,_<i >arHerundiDayi.s
stand an"v-xi'«4!e4it chance of 'carrying both
Rhode"-Lslandj anu V/ollnectieut, and the
Bolid New England,-"which 1; has ? beehJ de
pended I upon by -the; Republican"; managers
or many years, jis j H.iibU- in b« broken ui>,
two states at least ove'r'io the Dem
ocratic cotuiifif!*'^«':Afii.^'. ~-J: ■■■ -
'■- -"Both siuti■•« will -certainly elect:Demo
ti-atic' govbrnors"^'.<atd-*Alr. Troy, at the
Frederic last liigljt. •/ "Dr. 'Garyin. v-the'
present' DcmocVatie «rn«r < of." Rhode
Lslan<VVwill-.be Vrc/ciected; for the^third
time, as he "Is.; wrtlTout-doiibt - the best. re
form eovernor that' the State has ever had. 1.
II" vra.s placecVin nomfnation.by.the"l>em
ocrats three years ago,-?when; the 1 work, of
the Republican machine had so thorough
ly disgusted the pc-ogle ' that a change was
demanded. : . .•.;"■.. ..:- ::.
"Garvin is not a politician- by any
means, els- tlfe casg of Democracy would
be much stronger as far a.< the presiden-
ial election; is concerned^ > Rhode ■ Island
has always been Republicnn by \ a"- slight
shade.^but for the j>asi two years Garviit
j has carried it oif"* the liemocralic -ticket,'
and will hi- re-elected by a larger majori
ty than ever this yWw. . r., >^,-ir, ■ ■ •;
"I look.n;joii Him to. take the electoral
vote for I'liik-r. hr- come out open
ly for the candidate of-his party, and is
devoting a = lot <>f time to the campaign.]
He has. a ; ver>- large following of "people ;
who will vofe* a"R-or«ling»U^ hiß ■ ideas, j and ■
while net a practical ponxieian, he ; will
carry enough" ■ t-fohiking; people with
him to insure : the result.- : I-.- 1 " .:■'•""
r "In Connecticut the Democratic:party
has been makiug "rapid "strides., for. the
past five years. All the targe cities in the
sfate, with the possible exceptionr of .New
Haven,;-will so Democratic,•"-and as, ; >the"
Democrats- have - a'"- 1rho<leI:-; gubernatorial
candidate in"Judge: Robertson, they are
"almost: certain of sweeping- the state/.
They are! malrtng a sti-ong fight for • the
electoral vote, and ' with . the "moral influ-
.ence of- such a—ma«-'a.s.:Robertson, will
win, beyond a reasonable doubt." ,
■:-::-:■--...- y ,,.- . - --. ■-, - -
Representatives of the Two Departments
Claim Credit fop Large Registration
The firemen and the policemen are well
pleased with Saturday's registration.
Representatives of the departments be
lieve that this means that the a mend
ments to the charter for the benefit of
their departments are to receive the nec
essary, three-fifths vote.
"A proportion of Jthe increase in the
vote was brought out by ihe policemen
and firemen." raid IJt-iit. Frank Horn,
member of the committee for the police
department. ''We now believe that it
has been shown to the people that the
population of the city has greatly in
creased, and that the allowances foe- the
police, fire and street department? must be
added In "proportion. "* From the reports
that we have received all that Is neces
sary is to get out the vote on election
day and the importaiit amendments to
the chart-PT will be. carried.
"To our way of thinking it is unreason
able for the people to suppose .that the
police can be supported with
the sum of $185,000 a year, the popula
tion being more than 225.000. as compared
with 125,000 when the amount was first
allowed. It seems to us reasonable
whon we are asking but $29,000 increase
to take <auce<sf -AimM^r double the popu
lation, anfi the registration indicates that
the p"eofp}?J^fflrve? macte up their minds to
the saine-«ffeei.''
Capt. Ferguson, of the fire department,
said that' arrangmerts for the final regis
tration day had been in progrefs for some ;
time, and that the great increase in the
voting strength of the city was no sur
prise to him.
In soliciting votes for the charter
amendments in which they were inter
ested the department employes did not
stop, to ask the politics of the prospective
Man From Alexandria Declines to Tell of
Enthusiastic Dunn Meetings
United States Senator Knute Nelson
dropped into St. Paul yesterday after
noon and registered at Ihe Merchants.
He showed his usual indifference about
talking, and after being asked regarding
the great Dunn enthusiasm in the state
I closed up very close and refused to say
whether or not Dunn was speaking to
large audiences.
Senator Nelson looks worn and thin,
and is evidently suffering from the t;is!c
of attempting to boost the apparently last
cause of Mr. Dunn. lie stayed in his
rooms the greater part. of tho day and
refused ta--*e«-'«my callers. He will re
main in-St. Paul until this mornins: and
then start on another speaking tour.
With One or Two Exceptions : Present
: Members Favor. Return of 'Democrats
It is known • that with oi>*> or .two - ex
ceptions the present distrjct; judges are
favorable .to a return to a nonpartisan
judiciary, which obtained while the Dem
ocrats were ; in power," and; their- influence
is being felt in all quarters. .r " J
This indicates ' the overwhelm elec
tion of T. D. O'Brjejvand' Judge Bunn.*- by
which the pr^ortion will ; be ; ma4e; four
Republicans to two t Democrats, and; the
piirciple. established!will- result t\xo years
from now in the disp?a«*trr?r(rf 'but;one Re
publican for a: Democrat, when Hie . bench
will again" be balanced: .„ All taint of -par
tisanship /will then be -removed., ";^.-..< ' -■
Democratic Rally In Martin's Hall Marks
Beginning of Strenuous ' Week
> D. WVT-awler will be one of the 'prin-':
cipal : speakers- at;;, the* Sixth ward | Demo
cratic rallyi this evenihsJij: Martin's ' opei;a
house, i South ; Wabsshu and :?j Colorado '
streets, and will::begin*'a' .strenuous week
for .the - Democratic oourftj*. ticket.--- ri fv.:«-
There will - also be * other spjjaker.s who
will attract :,-t attention, including ;E. L.,-.
Muiphy.'.the mem.bcr.:ot-.',he board of; pub
fife: works, who I 6utsptken giv
ingrhis* reasnns" fo? opik^jns^thoVclooitloir
■of Jesse-Foot.; the'Rc-iJuWfeui: candidate:
for county treasnvor. :., v ■ '.'"-.' " -
~,' : - Mrs. \Vsnslow's:Soothing: SyrUp'ivi
H*s tired for ever". YEARS by MIL
• LIONS?■ cf.' MOTHERS > for Jhalr 5 CHILDREN
i ths b«st r?r-.edy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by D-ae
tists in arery part cf tbs. wjr:d. B* isrs ana as- f«r;
■"Mrs. WiastoWa Sccthipg -J Syrup.'.' sind ? take >ne
ether Kind. -. -Twi.ity-f fehtja bjtti«.-: . • \.'j..-
r. Documents ihat are vcoyth auvtWnp are
worth: keeping lin > t> •- jttace; ofj a bsolute- safe-1
ty, and ouryauHsafTonl this. Safes ist-; a '
year. Security Trust C 0..": N\ Y. LifeTß'dg.'i
OerriDcratlc Cand'date for
Auditor Is Sure of
~f Fred B*>ek will be the next . uunly audj
. tor,-according to the best' judges'of puiiti
. ■ c:hl "conditions.': Mr. Beck is making a
| phenomenal campaign, eomhig'in' direct;
contact ;" with i the Yut.-is. willing-' and;
ready toindieate his policy.if. elected, and;
.demonstrating at all times that he is thor-:
oughly .: Competent to ■ fill the; position when
he is:elccted.':.--"'. '■•'• :l. -'::.'; .'■.■ ' ;
Vlf Fr<>«l Beck should ■be elected." ; said
a friend of the candidate, "the people may
rest assured that thi-y -have rchosen a
man who; will b<s'able to transact all the
{business.":: of I the office' without depending i
upon- deputies, who may or may hoJ be:

■■■:;■:-.. /-.:.x-^iS^H Kb. t'"-'-:": :.'--"-*A
■":"::■-'- '*- ; 'i. ' ' \
Democratic Candidate for County Au-
libnest. - The-incompetency of. Republicans
who : have filled this position : ha.s b'eii
matter of common gossip, but^such would
not Ik- the case";with Mr. Beck:"- - ; '■'■
In making 1-a. campaign - during which
he- lias :come in contact with a majority
of the voters of the county; Mr. -Befcicfh'as:
caused E. G.-^Krahmer; to become more
active. , Mr. "Kiahmei*"has found It neees—
sa'ry .to - attempt*.'ah* '. cxi>lanation -of his
reasons for holding iin ttie road and bridge
repair :■ fund, but has ;found': by :contact,
wiih the people to a moderate extent 'that
it is necessary for him.- to . seek:- skelter j ,
behind the leaders, .of. r: the .:Republican j
party. - The:/Krahmer.; campaign :is ivow •
almost" solely.--dependent • upon :;■ the) 'goed-f.
will of thej-'kid aggregation" running .the,i L
Republican county v canvass, v: Mr. '. Beck, j
on .the: otlier hand, is. appealing directly
to the. people: and.'dares,' tt-ll.them that .
ho ; will stand . In the j way of necessary .. .
lepairs- to county roads. . - . ■
Debate at Minneapolis Starts
the Week's Campaign.
This week's Democratic campaign
promises to be a record breaker, starting
with Monday and not ending until Sat
urday evening, and promises to be the last
great display of argument in favor of the
election of John A. Johnson as governor
of the state. The efforts are not confined
to tin- latt<-r days of the week, but extend
from Monday morning to midnight Satur
day, and promise to give the state a stir
ring that hag not been witnessed be
On Monday evening- the political situa
tion within the vicinity of St. Paul and
Minneapolis will be most affected by the
joint debate in the International audito
rhim, Minneapolis, between John Lind
for the Democrats, and James A. Peterson
for the Republicans. Hundreds of letters
and telegrams have been received at the
Democratic headquarters asking that re
served seals be retained for country visi
On the some evening Mr. Johnson will
appear at Mankato, in his home county,
a special train being run from St. Peter,
and on Tuesdaj Mr. Johnson will be in
St. Paul. There will follow four days of
rapid work ihat promises to bring forth
results, with a final effort by Mr. Johnson
in Minneapolis on Monday. In the mean
time the state, committee will make ar
rangements for Saturday evening, which
Mr. J.ohiisoti will spend in St. Paul.
Says Indiana Is Doubtful and Indian
apolis Certainly Lost to Republicans
Special to The Globe
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Qet 30.—Sen
ator Boveridge has admitted that the
state is in danger.
"Tho conditions are such that I hav<»
resolved to look out for my own end,"
is what Mr, Beveridge is quoted as say
ing in the Republican headquarters at
Munrie. I will not go through the
state with the Fairbanks special train.
In my opinion Indianapolis and Marion
comity are loft. There will be at least
1.000 majority for the Democrats. It
may be more than that. Organized la
bor in Indianapolis is working hard for
the entire Democratic ticket. Th«
cause of its opposition is the. fact that
Hanly, our candidate for governor, has
aroused Its antagonism, an*i unfor
tunately the opposition to Hanley af
fects ur all. It is now a case of each
man for himself anfl God for us all."
Breaks Motor Record
PARTS, Oct. P.O. -At Gaillon today Lan
franchi. on a motor cycle, rode a kilometre
in 29 3-5 seconds.
|m The Fall Season.
ll^T^^'^^H i St. i Louis [fe^ noted for the beautiful fall season now at hand, and affording the greatest com-
I BAOliilJi^ fort aiK r easm'° ; for your World's Fair visit. You should not delay your trip much-longer,
jflkiiiiiiMiiiilßL^Lj^il as this great exposition will soon be a thing ot the past. Burlington Route direct service
from the Twin Cities offers the most pleasant and comfortable Way of getting there. Call at our City Ticket
Office. soih Phones m i2«6. CEO. D. ROGERS, City Ticket Agent, Fifth and Robert Streets, St. Paul.
• -■■■■ * -.-. - ■ 'i:-^r-' ■■ ■ :■'-.:: >
lllljill: |
Chairman Ptke,of Counly Com
mittee, Now Confident
of Vxtory
-F. . A. ; Pike.' chairman .of the Democratic
t-omiij-. committee,*/ after considering the
Saturday: ivglsti-ation; in St. Paul, was
eonflilr-nt tha (- the; returns j were in . favor
of; the] DemocraticvCOuiTtyi, ticket,^ particu
larlj'. iii view of; the great increase in the
Fifth and'.Kißhth wards. -- -1:- . :' : .
-"•"^'ln'rthe heavy registration"; it will be
L noticedvthat. iii a -greatj. majority of the
I precincts <he increase is where, the Dem
ocrats can- always * rely, upon •polling- a
heavy vole," said Mr. Pike. -''This fore
casta the success of the county r Demo-
i.'iti/, ticket, and assures " John ■A. John
son, the :Demoeraticl'candidate for gov
ernoiva/RreatPr majority, in Ramsey couri
tytl;an.was anticipated."-^ -' : : ;:. '„-""-."
'■lithe,vote (hat is.' registered is brought
out - there is mo .. question, of " the - outcome
in St. Paul and ; Ramsey }j county. - Even
those Republican^;candidates ; whom their
supporters; class as -sure winners are lia
ble to find- on the day after election that
ill' pnrty--.sentiments-has.been aroused and :
that- lhe;peo])le. are determined 'to .give
the Democrats an opportunity to carry
<>ut their ple-ige that they will reduce the j
taxts. ;•.•. - ■-,-;' '..'- i- : -r- ..:■-_■■ .. ■; 1.-.'.'
f-, "Tlie city c and ?countjvwas='. never in
better y shape, except : that ■' we ■ consider
the tangle \ in which the Republican couo
ty auditor and board of .county commis-.
siouors"have tied ttio road and-bridge re-,
pair fund.'-" In this action Republicans
have | injured Otc business - men and . far
mers, :•* mxl -.: wilh v this sentiment *in "i" the
carniKiian-and the'Bioat' number, of; votes
:to be ; polled there -.would -."eem to bo no
question that the '. party= will win a ;
.great,victory." ..• .'- ' .."..---. ...•.?,:
--■•;:--W." B. : Webater, chairman •of ■ the ■ Re
liublican'i.t.-arnpßigni«.-ommiUee,'. was not
'nearly*so'confititenb.r'He =said: .. :: " ;*'>••
:; - "The \ resjistratioat iis i>eculiar: and hard
to 1 understand, Ann 1 believeithat the . Re- j!
-puVjlicans I will hold thrir - own on I the ■ in- :
crease. , We "worked- : hard; in the different
wards, and'there is .every: reason-for. us i
to believe • that the outcome will be - satis
factory. ;-rln" some: sections of the city the
Sshowing-: a disappointment, ".but on
the whole we-lmve every reason to believe I
:that a majority.: of x-the 'increase will be i
polled ior our county candidates."
Committees Believe That -.More Than
i 32,000 Voters Registered
• ' TRere is every reason to believe * that
.'the I Rafnseyi*county' registration; will con
i siderably ■ exceed . 32,W)i1, as it -.was-neces
; sary ■•"■ to secure | returns J from many of - the
i ■-precineis- at an \ early -r hour. ; Just- the
j number registered, aftfr-. the time the
| polling pfaces: were visited is y.eia matter
■xTfuspeeala'tton,: but ■ that r the showing" is
! : stronger, than presented by' l^.h.e.G 1 o-b c
1 Sunday'morning'-is assured. . y.^xy ■ -'. '"
. • In the "returns | received Saturday night
it "was ( shown ' that 31,914 voters had reg
istered in'ihe city, :- but %as\ it was nec
essary -to. secure the figures rapidly, and
as • many of the j judges closed the booths
bt-fcre'-'-the; exact figures couW be ascer
tained, . is likely that the of
ficialtabulation- will-show that thenf are
than 32,000 voters. that the
number jnay rea-oJi almost 33.D00. ~ •
:.-■ This means that during the ? next week
there - will.be - a severe struggle in the
couuty.':rarid with I?the -i ßepublicans • quar
.reling there lis every ■ prospect- that the
Dt.hiocrats : secure ; the entire county
■administration- and be able to carry out
the policy .'that - will reduce taxes. t_. -/,-«-
Bulgarian and Servian Monarchs Pleased
With Each Other's Acts
SOFIA, Bulgaria. Oct. 30,—King Peter
of Servia arrived here this morning and
was cordially welcomed at the station
by Prince Ferdinand. The day's cere
monies concluded with a dinner in honor
of the royal guest, at which, in offering
a toast to King.Pijter, Prince Ferdinand
said that the visit constituted an epoch
in the life of the two peoples and was an
expression of iticir sincere and mutual
The prince emphasized the necessity of
a friendly and intimate union on which
the future of the two countries depended.
He said:
"I am convinced that today's events
will contribute to the triumph of our
efforts to preserve peace."
King Peter in responding said his con
stant aim had be</n to make a Servian
policy devoted to a sincere rapproche
ment. It afforded him great pleasure, he
said, to find Prinze Ferdinand animated
by the same sentiments. This visit. King
Peter added, would give a fresh impulse
to their effortH in behalf of intimate
union of the 'two peoples.
The Macedonian committee has pub
lished a manifesto, declining to partici
pate in the reception accorded to King
Peter, on the ground-that the understand
ing established between the two countries
aims at an attempt to partition Macedo
Cars Derailed and Two Trainmen Hurt in
NASHVILLE, Term., Oct. 3O.^At Mur
frt-esboro. T*-nn., thirty miles north of
here, Nashville; Chattanooga & St. Louis
passenger train No. '2, north bound, was
wrecked at 5:25 this afternoon.
Engineer James Green was badly scald
ed and bruised, and Assistant Express
Messenger Frye received.painful injuries.
No passengers w»-re injured. An open
switch caused thf- engine to leave the
track, colliding wit a freight cars on a sid
The engine was overturned and rolled
i^to Lytle creek. The smoker and day
coach vrere derailed and traffic was de
layed for several, hours.
Cortelyou In Chicago
CHICAGO, Oct. 30.—Chairman Cortel
you, of the Republican national commit
tee, arrived in Chicago today and for sev-
• I b^p^fefe^^^ffl^ffi ji I The Kind Yon Have ; Always Bought, and Trhieli-lias been.
I \ §gfli§lScf z P |! _v in use or over 30 years, has borne the signature of
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i AVegetablePreparaUonforAs- m:. fF SJ&¥fl~t-#~ ~ sonal supervision since its infancy.
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| MBk»*.iiLiiß.TßLa,nH b.hji>.m | , v- ---Xii&jxts ■" and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Promotes DigeslioivCheerful- | Ififu jl ■ J& (P»'V/\ ntA
I nessandßesLConteinsneilher i| •• .; What IS CAoTOKiA
j 'Opium.Morpliine^iior Mineral. | I " -' ,-v .:^>. '
! "Narcotic. I :^; Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
i ■■'■■"■■■' ;: "'• ■' ■• -:-"'- 1 | goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. 16
~ * Js.; Dm , uro 1 contains; neither Opium, Morphine nor other "KTarcotiO
jk^awnrSAMUELPmmR |l substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
M^Smn^ - V W ' and allays Feverishness. cures Diarrhosa and Wind
A^liJ**'' ' m Coiic. It relieves Teiething Troubles- cures Constipatida
'/tyrrntftt ».■ -"••' pi r and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regiilatestho
..-•-.. Hfrrp.!'*^-** 8 Stomach and Sowels, giving- :healthy" and natural sleep.
I^^^%.^ '. :">■"■ .if The-Children's Panacea-i-The Mother's Friend.
■ Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- Us • >■ t>^««« xi« a ei~~«4. . v»
:! ness and Loss OF SLEEP. H jrt Bears the Signature of |||B|| g-
PM^M|| The KM You Have Always Bought
■■^Bwy^yMw, J| In; Use p Qf Q^,, gQ Years.
Metropolitan} Le^;^ger .
Don't Mis? th ■- Stunn'n j Show Girls i <
The Oriental N'usical Comady Success
With Vera Mlchelena-Wm. B'aisdeil
Henry W. Savage Offers Pixley and Lu
ders' Latest Comic Opera
Look at This Great Cast
Harry Bulger Emma Carus
Stanley H. Forde Ida Brooks Hunt
Frank Doane Cheridah Simpson
Dore Davidson Helen Hale
Charles H. Bowers Margaret Sayre
Frank D. Nelson Ida Mulle
.John Donahue Lucille Nelson
Harry N. Pyke Mattie Nichols
Next Sunday—Kyrle Bellew in "Raffles."
Nov. 10 —"Babes in Toy land."
£|>/llJg| JAC*»IITT
■ Positively The Big Melodramatic Success -"
I'dßeir* "HER FIRST
the Ses3cn. | Matinees —Wednesday and Saturday
Next Week—"HEARTS ADRIFT." .
C3> I /-V rV I) EVENINGS at 8:15
20c Musical Extravaganza IOC
qnr» " ■ Incße'd
*""' Next Attraction—Kentucky Belles. Seats
rock drilling -to do small job of taking
out surface rock; will pay good wages.
-Apply- 8 -a.- nr. Monday, ; Grand ' opera
•■■ house office. •'■•---;■■'• . • - „
CONORS— Sunday, \ Oct. " 30. at thej resi
':- dence of her son-in-law, Thomas Hee
: nan, 281 Rondo street, Mrs. .Mary Con
ors, aged 86 years. \ Notice of funeral
hereafter. . : • ,-'■ : ■■-.■....-
Jff^ f—l A : The Best Business Men's
I__ 11 in the City. Everything
IS %~W~jy Tresh and Clean.
eral hours tonight was busy with the
Western eommitteemen, discussing the
windup of the campaign. Mr. Cortelyou
said tonight that he did not know when
he would return East.
Lipton Thanks Crew
LONDON, Oct. 30.—Sir Thomas Lipton,
in visiting the cruiser Olyropia, of the
United States European squadron, today,
to thank the crew for the loving cup
which they presented to him yesterday,
said he had received many trophies, but
among them all this cup would occupy a
prominent position; but, he added signifi
cantly, there is one spot which he is keep
ing vacant.
Fatal Fire at Wedding
ST. PETERSBURG. Oct. 30.—At a fire
following a wedding in the poorer part of
St. Petersburg this evening eleven of the
guests were burned to death. Five others
are missing and it is feared that they
also have perished.
Mrs. W. W. Half Dead
Special to The Globe
STILL WATER, Minn., Oct. 30.—Mrs.
W. W. Hall, wife of the former night
guard of the state" prison, died today of
paralysis, aged sixty-nine years; She
leaves six daughters and one son.
■■•■'" I "••■■'■-■■
Fr=\ i=a ipa Day and Evening Sessions Beginning Thursday, Nov. 3.
Til ■ Is I=3 Most wonderful systsm /-Os ". Cali. phons or writ 3 for
. __—_————— - ever invented- ■*^ particulars.
GIBSON, CHRISTIE. WENZEL and <f B Painlets Extracting, Fillings, S^Ei^fch
HARRISON-FISHER EFFECTS <£ H Plates. Crowns and Bridges Jp*V'*oia
In-Black,and White PUflTHrißiPriY f H * Specialty. /■^ft^l/
and Color, In ;•MJ - .rnuiuaiwni | m SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. «L&ffl%Ai
102 E. 6th St Tel. .Main 2032-L3. |> s!ssroawsg^?jas|g»gzsaEa& tKil>^.«ni^>
3x£><S>S><S><S^-®>«><B>^<S*S^^ ■ ■■■iiiiiiiiiii *«w W r«
Don't Vote
until you have read tKo two most
w remarkable personal articles ever
written during a Presidential Cam
w paign. They deal with
and are by W. Bourke Cockran and
—— Alfred Henry Lewis in the great
November Election Number of the
Metropolitan Magazine
ClftJifl U/Qnt AriUQrticamaniC Offer the cheapest and quickest me-
OlilUS lldill AUlGlllOClllGlllO dium by which buyer and seller ara
. brought together. Try them tomorrow.

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