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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, November 13, 1904, Image 16

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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'?' s"SpliJll& (F^n^Pw
. A*fc j.lj «_U~IB k__|^ • *%^L'-.<! •.^■^^J *^* * -,TJfjfj>» *^*"*"' f*T *^>w 1 '■^ ■^■^■^■^w ■»■%.-J^.'""^"^"^ / wtm ssmmM Tag mm -^ •*
. Successful Candidate
-.i That no Other Appointments
I ' Wijl^Be Considered Until He
and His Party Return From
J Two Weeks' Trip to the St,
-If Louis Fair and Through^the
s—-Smrth—-Chairman of ; State
" Central Comm ttee, Who Wl/f
Occupy This Close - Place* to
i Governor, Is Intimate Friend
of the New Chief Executive '
■„. 'x "■y'V^ Syrfr'--(-.'' ■;" •'.■.*r'^'?''*^»
--■ ■ iv'SSftSSSSsriiii..-.- .... iV .— .. ■ :-V~'\
ci- >."■•--\ -••.■'.";: -■;■„-.■•-. .: - .-,..-.
- — *<~—-~^ » ;-.•-*--"..••- ' - •■' . ,
;.- John A. Johnson, governor-elect, yes
-tercla'f'Trrtrtounced ' that upon going into
offieg be wjll appoint Frank A. Day his
: private secretary, and stated in addi
tion that he will !.: ny>t consider other
patronage until he has returned . from
a Southern trip that is expected to last
_mone than two weeks. _ •, .. , ■ : ,
% Mr. Johnson T came from-' St. Peter to
"be present at ,: the football game be
;^tween ;Minnesota. and Wisconsin^ which
J he attended " in-.company '• of Mr. Day
;and : other: friends. While here he an-
V: nounced that he had concluded to name
> Mr. Day ;to 'the position of secretary.
w say«*gh. th*t this would be his first ; act
after assuming the 'dutiesi of :; governor.
~Mr. "Day, who will occupy the closest
Work or the Society for Year
.Is Reviewed
Reviews of the work of the Minne
sota Art society during the last year
"■were heard last night at the second
annual meeting of the society, held in
the senate chamber at the capitol.
''M-OPe-rhair fifty members and friends
of the society were present.
President Robert Koehler, of Minne
i,aa?Qjis, said in part:
"The most important work under
.taken by our society during the year
was the aranging of the first annual
held at St. Cloud from
': April 4 to April 17. It proved a most
fhapf>y beginning of our labors, en
couraging alike as a purely artistic
success and as a practical means of
gaining our object, namely, to interest
i large communities in the fine arts and
•in artistic handicraft. The attendance
•was between 4,000 and 5,000.
"To my mind, the most important
Tomorrow we will have the
Hsavtest Apple Sale
....of the Season
Low Prices Will Prevail
New York Winter Keepers, es
pecially labeled for Andrew Schoch,
XXXX Brand, consisting of Bald
», wins. Grimes' Golden, Kings,
Greenings, Spitzenburgs, Bellflow
er. Northern Spies, Russets, Starks,
Swors. Holland Pippins, Phoenix.
. Wagners, per barrel $2.50
M.tcliigan Apples, good winter stock.
varieties: '; Ben ' . Davis, .- Russets,
Greenings^ Baldwins, Pippins,- Ram- r . v
<_■ bo, . Hubbardston, Telapahawken,.-: ■'.">
~ Fallow Water, Snows, Seeknofur- '
, ther, Nonesuch and other varieties,
"per barre1......... $1.75, $2.00 and $2.25
Special, attention to out-of-town orders.
| Write or. wire for prices on carload lots.
Fresh carload of ; New England Ap
:. 1- pies, all varieties, per . barrel..;.-. $1.90
," Carload. Nebraska Apples, - consisting ,'. j r
of all varieties, per barre1.......... $1.80
a New York Kieffer Pears, per bskt...sl.oo
3-'73usheL.. barrel (will stand ship- •■>:*,
.ping):. • :".;.;..,.................. $2.75
Florida Oranges,, per doz. .30c, 40c and 50c
Florida Grape Fruit, each.loc, 15c and 20c
- Florida apples, each ... :1 ...r..- 20c
Fresh Persimmons, extra large, doz. 50c
. Jonathan Apples, per. bu box ....;..$1.75
Sweet Table Pears, per basket .. 25c
Fresh car Jonathan Cider, ga1...... ■' 25c
Special prices by % bbl. bb\., or cask. ;
Boiled 1 Cider, quart b0tt1e........;... 20c
Russian Caviar, in stone jars, each. . 25c
\':\iZh -Si' '~ GIVING TRADE.
New Malaga "Layer' Raisins, '
■-. •■&■■.■■■ U*»Dor#d SmyrnaiLayer Figs,
. Oriental Washed Fl o « in baskets.
Nev(, Safo.SheJl Walnuts,
i .-.^- New Shelled. Jordan Almonds,
£ n . A -.-K-if. 3"o^. 1-0 NaPes Filberts.
■ ; Gordon & Dlllworth s Preserves,
»•-. Franco-American - Plum :• Pudding,
•fu r-.. v- eller' Jams and Marmalade.
- J. H, Flickinger Canned Fruits,
; ? •Uaßesfde Brand Canned- Peas,
" am. J*iS!r-'-l r Brand Cann*<* Tomatoes.
_,■. sme.. JO?*?** brands represent the finest
; Roods that can be packed. -
Rtl **«srr rar-df the famou's-SchDch'sXXXX
B Brand.^Plow>«rrived ' today. *- This Flour
other^r^ir bread> whiter bread, than
r^SS -ere*Wfcents ■■ for ' the- celebrated Air
P\£ rt.J&*£i irners and Maples.
&.lb-J«s?Dslry Butter.., ... . ;..-.'...' • ' 90c
■ £h^s£iP£eaiu^i 'y- pep<ib.- W:-rr..-.-;;-.v 26c
1 Ivo«*apai£«j^arni Butter in 2 5 and
,5 16 jass,. .
; 2iattd a ibrjars of Pasteurized Golden
. r - CrdßU Buttor. : - -:r ..:-'.-.., - "'-;
--~ CureduHams. per ib'zi'.^'M 7.' I2y,c
1 Picnic Hams, per lb ..:;..r..-.. . •"-* 7|X
* I-;ttie.J?ig^S»usage, per lb ...: '"i2'Ac
Imported Pudding, .per can.'" 50c
■:.. 8: glasses; Pure ■ Strained Honey .-. v".{ ;. 25c
New - Holland Herring.' per keg.... -; -• 90c
Fiincy Summer Sausage, per &:^.~:;. Isc
Scaled ' Herring;- per;. boxT:;: .V."...; . ~ 25c
" Canada Craajm Cheese, per pkg. M: ■ 10c
%*■ CIGAR "i DEPARTMENT ."-- Tw"
Lessing a f __ #*_
PSontella .. rti.Vi ;r. —- i --A"-|; for 25^
*• Ocean Queen. .->. ...:; '::'.r.'r.r* 8 for ' 25c '
Barrister.- regular large " size; v 10c "I
astought.- -Special sale ..a for 25c
jir:- rjr-'i*..- <: ; Seventh and Broadway. *; " '
position to the governor, is chairman of
the state Democratic committee, and
was one of the leaders In the f ght for
Mr. Johnson. In addition he Is an Inti
mate personal friend of the governor
elect. They are both newspaper meiK
Mr. Johnson being In business in St.
Peter and Mr. Day in Fairmont.
Following the reception Monday
night Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Mr.
and Mrs. Day will leave for the South,
visiting the St. Louis world's fair and
likely going still further South. Mr.
Johnson stated positively while in St.
Pau! that he would not consider other
appoir-tments until he has returned
from his vacation.
department at the St. Cloud exhibition,
was the department of crafts. It was
within the comprehension of almost
every visitor and It appealed to them
from Its practical nature.
"A feature that aroused much inter
est was the awarding of prizes, as pro
vided by law, to artists and artisans
of Minnesota.
"This has resulted in our acquiring
the nucleus of a collection of art work.
But the law restricts the prizes to Min
nesota artists. For educational pur
poses, however, it is important that we.
acquire works ef high artistic merit,
no matter by whom produced. What
we have been able to acquire thus far.
Is interesting Japanese color prints and
a piece of silverware.
'We have also secured a collection
of photographs of famous art works,
which photographs are to be loaned to
clubs, societies and "institutions
throughout the state.
"We have sent circulars to school
officers of the state, urging that great
er attention be given to the teaching
of drawing and offering to assist by
providing lectures and loaning photo
graphs and original art works.
"We have formally expressed our de-.
sire to jolr in -abating the billboard
nuisance by securing legislation or
Mr. Koehler added that the society
might stimulate the introduceion of
art in manufactures by encouraging
village industries, such aa rug weaving,
lacemakin.e. metal and leather worto
Mrs. William E. Thompson, of Ham
line, the secretary and treasurer, re
ported that out of $4,000 given by the
legislature the society would have
$1,900 for expenses during the fiscal
year ending Aug. 1. 1905.
Miss Margaret Evans, of Northfield.
vice president, reviewed the society's
work much as did President Koehler.
But she suggested that increased funds
would add much to the practical use
fulness of the organization. She said
that Dr. John Qnincy Adams, of Penn
sylvania, wno spoke on art topics last
year before the Minnesota Educational
association and under the auspices of
the State Art society, had agreed to
address the educational association
again this year.
Other speakers were Mrs. Robert M
Seymour, of Duluth. and Miss Ellen
Wheelock, of St. PauL
Body Found In River Arouses
Montana Woman
:• Thinking that in the body of a man
found in the Mississippi.' river at St.
Paul, Sept. 2, she may find the remains
of her husband, Mrs. Vivian La Trou
nelle, : a woman living at ' Lost Spring
ranch, ninety, miles south of Miles City,
| Mont., has decided to come to this city,
to examine the effects of the dead man
and to consult the description on file
In the office of Coroner Miller. ..
.-;- The ; body ' when found was ' supposed
to be that- of Howard Valentine ' and
might have -; been - buried under : that
name had not Coroner Miller found
that the body was not that of Valentine
by;; an examination ~of ' the teeth, the
dead man > having ;a ; perfect ; set;: while*
Valentine had i four molars ■ missing. in.
the upper Jaw. The body was buried,
and not ;until; last week was the ques
tion of its identity raised, again. "
; Mrs. La Trounelle wrote to a Minne
apolis detective .askingV him to 1 locate
her :husband," Jean La Traunelk?, who
was . last. heard 'of , a week s before the -, ;
body was found .in the river. V She said
the husband left his ranch: and went
•to : Chicago,"- where '- he ~ made ;.■ several
sales .: *of -'" cattle. - On".„ his \ return he
stopped at Minneapolis and he is known
to have had ' about . $9,000 In his posses
sion. He wrote to his wife that he
■would- soon"i be home '» and she • never
heard from him again. '.- - : .*. " '
:• A description of the man found In the
: river * was 1 forwarded :to i Mrs.' La Trou
nelle,r> and ' she; said It corresponded
.with that jof her husband. 3 She j tele
graphed that she would start ' for the
Twin Cities within ■ a few days. \
.- :"--*. -' ■' • '. - '."*■ 1 '
■'"'.:,' - Room for University Gfrls
.- To secure funds for erecting, at the"
state university, a building- for the use
of the '-. young i women students, an op
eretta, "Dame Firefly,^ -will I.be \ pro- >
duced: soon at the university by - Twin
City artists and a chorus :of 150 chil
dren. . ■ ■ :' _ r'-,'.\.-y-:-\^\ '-"
■:- This plan and others in ' prospect will
be :carriedl; out by the Women's league,
of the University of Minnesota.
-. Fifth Warders Are —The exec
utive committee of the Fifth Ward Im
provement association has . issued \ a caU
for its members to attend the. meeting,
of .the; boardV of i public works s Monday •
afternoon at 2 o'clock, when-tbe matter J
of fixing the t assessment district X for I
• the paving of West ; Seventh street will : \
be considered.
iif GcnuineSAstrachan Jackets.fworth $55
for $;3. Ra;>om & Horton, 98 E. 6tk.
Democrats Preparing to Pack
The G!ob£ Special Tomor
row Afternoon ..
■ St. Paul v Democrats received , ; 'with
enthusiasm l, the i announcement :: of ar
rangements with the North-Western";
line for "'The ;• Globe Special" 4! to 1
the governor's reception in v St_ Peter
Monday evening, when the people will'
be. given an: opportunity to pay their 1
respects itoV John i?A^ Johnson. Vys-~?''
;." Judging- from « the • large '•;number *of • ;
tickets that have been disposed * of, it
Is evW«*nt that the limit to the accom
modations will be reached long before
the tram Is ready to pull ; out of the
union depot at 4 o'clock Monday after
noon. There Is not only a great desire
to see ■ and hear the govern«r-elect, but
innumerable persons t who loyally sup
ported • Mr. Johnson desire' to , see; him
in 'bis riianm *to«nr*amifl ?'RiSr
roundings. ; - v'-
All indications point to a success.
St. Paul Democrats take the position
that they cannot afford to be outdone
by Minneapolis or any other town, and
promise to be on hand with a crowd
that will fill the train. The Minneso
ta State band will lead the local 'con
tingent, enlivening the trip on the
train and participating in the evening
parade. A popular feature of the trip
is that it will be possible to return to
St Paul in time to catch the 12 o'clock
street cars.
Mill City Train
There will also be a\ special train
from Minneapolis, accompanied by a
band and ■a . large i automobile. Inter
est in the reception in' the other twin'
is intense, there being an announced
determination to outdo St. Paul on the
occasion. , This makes it necessary that
the -local enthusiasts make ' a * deter
mined effort to Bee"; that this object is
not accomplished. _. : . .'".
-■ There will also be special trains from
the followingstowns, each accompanied
by a band: '£ Blue - Earth, / Mankato,
Sleepy Eye, Faribauß, Tracy and New
Ulm. In addition hundreds of visitors
will aarlve '. on ; the regular: trains dur
ing f.tl^eJday.'^-'." -^V., . . • ; "r • .- ; ; ■
*;• Extensive : preparations; \ have •. been
made in St. Peter for the event. In the
evening there will Ibe a torchlight pro
cession, the • like of , which '. has . : never
been seen :in St. Peter. The r review-
Ing stand and ' speakers* ■ platform will
be erected .on Minnesota avenue, the
principal business street '• of; the » town.
There -will be special, decorations
throughout . the town, it appearing, that
the. citizens have without exception
joined hands in-- a determination to
make the . event successful.. ;
Committee Is Going
The Ramsey county Democratic
committee will attend the reception in
a body, this having been agreed upon
yesterday. The committee will make
every effort possible to arouse interest
nn& thereby bring about a showing
that will be a credit to St. Paul. The
local members of the state committee
have joined with the county commit
"A reception of the character plan
ned will be an event in the history of
Minnesota," said F. A, Pike, chairman
of the county committee, "and it would
seem to me that there should be a
greater number of persons desiring to
go than can be accommodated on a
train. From what I kav« heard there
is great interest apparent, and I be
lieve that Ramsey county will make a
most creditable showing. The county
cominitteemen will do all in f'ieir pow
er to bring about success.*'
Tickets can be secured a the count
ing room of The Globe and at the
city ticket office of the North-Weatern
line.. The charge for the round trip is
New Ulm Chief of Police mad Sheriff
After Cocaine Fiend Suspect
Sheriff Julius, of Brown county, and
Chief of Police Klausen, of New llm,
were In St. Paul yesterday searching
for a man suspected of being concerned
in the Gebhardt murder at New Ulm.
The officers started for Montevideo,
vrhere a man thought to be the sus
pect was under arrest. The man had
been released before they arrived, and
they learned that he had gone to the
Twin Cities. He Is said to have been
a cocaine fiend and is thought to have
visited the office of Dr. Gebhardt a few
days before the crime was committed.
The dßlcers have a description of the
man they want, trot they had not asked
the local police yesterday to aid them
In their search.
Genuine Astrachan Jackets, guaranteed.
24 to 36 In. long; worth up to $55. Special
Cit. Ransom & Uorton, 3S E. 6th.
FOR MANY YEARS our liquor depart
ment has enjoyed the distinction of cater
ing exclusively tc the trade of families,
physicians and hospitals. Purity and the
highly medicinal qualities of our wines
aad liquors arc the foundation stones of
the high esteem In which this department
stands with particular people.
••Londo* Dock" Port, 5 yean old, */k
y gallon 7 .". :'.': .......'.......,".:....... 50c
Elegant Riffling %-gal bottle. *- 50c
Fine Maderia Wine, bottle ....;.. : 75c
Virginia Seedling • Claret, .. very " old. • •" .:
- bottle -...;.-.:.......-...:7;.:.. 1:v.../. soo
l>i f'h dlf Art * Pja Ffre > years ■ old; gov-
ImUICIICU Kyc eminent Inspected;
aged In bond. We pay the tax and , there- j
fore 1 can * guarantee > the purity. | Extra" fine
quality; recommended for medic- .C | An
inal use. Full quart, only .v.\ *I«UU
Leader Rye, old and mellow, full qt. «5c
Standard - Rye. full qt.TTr.v.rr.-. .^..'. '• 78c
Jockey : Club 'Rye, 12 years old, • re-"- ■
- nowned for "its J richness." "Its
■< mellowness." "its flavor." "Estab- ,;
v lished a: reputation when men : now '
- old were boys." Full <jt.r;;rirr.v; $1.50
Imported French Brandy. Imported In *
case, guaranteed strictly * pure. • per *
- bottle .-. rr.:-. :vt:r.-.T.-^i.00,~ $1.28, *I.*>
Isvalfd Tonic Port e«ce^n a °u d;
high-class." Great blood maker. Absolutely
pure. This - noble wine ■is well worthy of:
the; highest t esteem*, that « can :be ' awarded •
It, both by the connoisseur, and the medi
cal fraternity. The buyer ■ cannot be i too
careful rin I selecting, : especially •if required
for medicinal 1 purposes; $I.o# ••:• or* 1
grade, per bottle, i only^iTrrrn^irriv O 3J
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a ill 111 My $2-50 * Shoes -stand'
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U f |tl U an<J flt Why pay
3-"iSf # ■ ■•*** **$i *3.50 fe for. J the ;v same
Drtinn # thing?
B^o.T# - \hAO3 S" T- 7th st.. si-
M.irsJ^ I4lttn«4 P»'^; 313 Ntcoltet
■^^■-vnUwll Aye., Minneapolis. -C;
The entire stock of H. Stein & Co., comer 7th and Cedar streets, is being
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"Jiz^^Srl^S^^SWili? ?t": 10" from, lined with the best guaranteed . patent fasteners, union-^ a » a
SSiiiSll^ -;. ?wS J £ «O. ... S..SO. S lu^fe%-t.... C. 1.--.s3*4s
: — " ' v -^-^w SlO, . S9, S6, S5, m^ A^ '
$1.75 Comforters $1.08 ; ""^^^^ $1,50 school Shoes 98c
Esi™ t"rs vi y75 kSd orters ' iS7 -i^r <9Q Toilnrori Quito <11 Rfl B Oys - and Liule g^^« u and
C.osu, g olt.Sa.e-, i $kos OZO I dIIOIBU OlillS dI I .UU s^^z'fsvss^S.
co nn r^™V«^f™' "'t^™' c.. One large lot of Ladies' Tailored Suits, $I.SO. Sale ->;/« Ql?^'
52.00 Comforters.• Now. si.4o many kinds and styles to select from. Price..... ../...V^V
512.23 . Comforters. Now $1.75 including new butcher coats, short :. -' "" : ■ ■: m
$2.50 Comforters'.' ; Nbvw.r.'..i....i....^5r.90 jacket style and many others; made of
$2.73 Comforters. Now $2.15 fine all-wool zibeline, broadcloths or AQ Il ftn f o OhnflO 01 Rfl
.23 Comforter... Now *2.40 l^Ps^^is $5 MBIIS 00088 0 I ,41l
$3.30 Comforters. -:;N0w::.;............52.75 values.up.to |2S 00. - :^|| -^! One large lot of Men's Shoes, consisting
«_ .- #%| „ I " SUfi 110 °Ul Sale 5| .JO of box calf, velour calf and vici kid
# A VhllATinfir di% i-rice ._. -»^»«*-r"v Lace Shoes, good heavy soles, worth
ill OlfUUtlllcL Oil 52.50 Fur Scarfs, now ..51.25 up to $3 00. closing f jta
Heavy- var,, wi de u^eached LL^ »«.OO Fur Scarfs, now .v- .00 . .gS^^;£^^ ...$| 4 49
;Sheeting; regular 7c kind. a $8.50 Fur Scarfs, now- ••,.•„•'•• $4.25 ; ■-.■ • ' ■■-■ ■■-.•■■.•. ' -■ ■■■■■ ■■♦:;■' -;'
•Closing Out Sale Price, <(^ 535 Astrachan f*na»c now St 22 SO . • --
peryaV^-^..".:.::^':.:^...:!:......;.....^^ •« AStracnan OOalS, now 522.50 : Women's best , quality, fleece lined
..''.„'. — ■.'■-••-■■ ■-^v ■ • - - --—^—s—i_'.' r -. # , —; — .-..'...,..'■" " "7 —''■.".'. ' Storm Rubbers, all - sizes, air a
7c Outing Flannel 3&c BcHandkerchiefs 3c —^"'•— s<)c
. Heavy Outing Flannel. 27 rmches,wide,. '. Very fine imported Hemstitched Hand- 1- - Men's, Women's, Boys,' Misses' and
regular. 7c kind. Closing. aI/ - - feerchiefs;. our regular 8c: kind: -"-^ ? i: " Children's Overshoes, Felt Shoes,
Out Sale Price, *>>%■/ \ /i- Closing Out Sale ' <*i* r' " Leggins, and all kinds .of Lumber
per yard .:....ii.-.. ...-..:...-.«.:.......... V/2V Price 1...1;^.,V:V- men's Footwear at half value.
"- * St. Louis Rates Cut In Two "fs' *'.
: Only 0.00 for round trip to the World's
Fair Nov. 14 to H, good returning to Dec
1. Call at Minneapolis - & St. Louis rail
road ticket office, 39S Robert . street.-- for
tickets or berths. • Two fine trains a day.
; St. Louis ■ Rates ; Cut In Two i\'_-
Only JIO.OO for round trip to the world's
Fair Not. 14 to 26. pood returning, to Dec'
1. Call at Minneapolis & St.: Louis rail
road ticket oSice, :395; Robert street." for
tickets or berths. .Two tine.trains.a day..
. Through - Tourist Cars . to; California.-- •
".Two cans a week, with choice of routes
[ and experienced conductors In * charge.
The Minneapolis _ St. Louis R. R. is the
; pioneer | line t and gives ' best - service, c Get
I rates or berths at 398 Robert Street. • St.;
PauL .- ... ■;"- ■_ -;., :.-^ :■ •»-
Best Lighted Trains In America "•;
- The "North ' Coast: Limited" and" "Lake
1 Superior Limited? ■of the Northern Pacific
railway ' are . worthy -.^ the ■ title. ; - Try
them * and - see • for yourself.;.- City A ticket
office. Fifth and Robert streets. :-. • ....
."..The Comfort of Horned *
\ls the r kind ' you find on 'Northern, Pacific
trains. Low rate*, fastt time. City:ticket
office. Fifth and Robert streets. ' *- •
' ; St. • Louis } Rates Cut In Twof, y^
:-• Only $10.00 for round trip to the World's
!■ Fair -- Not. 14 to ? *6, r good returning to
:Dec."lfa Call at '■ Minneapolis & j St. Louis
.Railroad 7 ticket' office, 390 -. Robert street,
for tickets or berths. Two fine trains a
day. -.- ■ . • •-. ■ .- -•»<-. hjv r» --.'♦^»-«c' ■»*
A WondroMS and Awe-liisplrino- Product
y.l of; Nature. Found ' Only in California
!J California's ■ attractions >>«re mostly of
its -o«n kind, peculiar to the state.-and oX
ncne;is^thi3:sojcirvhatK^lly l> true as that
unique product the Bis; Trees. The age
of these colos. 1 is from 1.500 to 3.000
. years. - The - Martposa • Grove. • which ; can
be visited while en route to the Yosemite.
: contains - some .: of c the & largest. -..: In the
Calaveras Grove are from ninety to one
hundred of huge size.". Near Santa Crux
Is a beautiful prove of redwood Blr Trees
which .win^trell employ a day's visit.
These can ba best reached by the Union.
Pacific .whose - fast - trains ■ from Missouri
river-reach-California 16 hours ahead of
■ all competitors. ?. "- ' ' '
. Pamphlets ■ and . - maps describing the
wonders •of >. California, and . full Informa
.ion about » the ' most comfortable and , di
rect • route to - the Pacific Coast, can be
obtained - of ; J. O. GoodseU. ; T. P. A..
Omntu»>. N*b. •".,>-: ■ ■ ■ ■ •. : •. -
*. ■'•' Marriage i Licenses
C. D Joslln. • Daisy Jenkins.r
Ilaf. M. Jeanberg. Sehna;Olson.' - '
Ole Johnson, Nellie k Dlsley. •:■ ~* -":»>'•'-.- - :.
A. B. Fletcher. Mamie C. Davidson.
-*. southeast: corner • Lincoln 3 and Avon; to
I . be moved out: : nine • rooms and bath, hot
•; water, hardwood floor: -Inquire of S.
■:£W. Raudenbush, 789 Lincoln or' Sixth
and St. Peter. .^-. > r .r ■--' ■>■ .'.■'TT-Tk
i with.lnitials "V. L. M." Reward on
','-return 3to• B. K. Edwards, ; 307 Manhat
tan Bids. . :^ —• --.- .....■■■-,•
Hed j room i with * board; ail; modern con
- -enlences. Senby ay. .: -- -j*. ■ : ■.-; -j
itJ of -W0 f Shertmrne say; r. owner can * have
same ■by calling i and ■ paying t charges. -,
girl to, wash and iron three day? in the
.: weefc. Apply 302 Summit ay. Monday
' or Tuesday before 10 o'clock. X.'-j.
f floor,; sewer. * water and • closet.' 703 B«d
--.'-• ford ■t^.--7.-."..vr.^r:^-g,-:r-^-.-7.~.- ..'■ -*.' -.^
for rent. 121 Iglebart sL
Two ; Through Tourist '[ Cars to California
The , Chicago Great - Western . railway
offers choice .of - two through . tourist cars
every, week to California, one leaving
Minneapolis and St. Paul: Tuesdays - via
Omaha and the Rock Island route; r the
other leaving on Thursdays via Kansas
.City and the Santa Fe route, -For further
information . apply to •J.r N. Storr, Gen'l
Agt.. corner Fifth and Robert streets, St
Paul ;-;^.^fev>^
. SIO.OO Return Ticket to St. ; Louis
: ; The * Minneapolis - & St Louis railroad
will sell excursion first -class tickets to the
World's : Fair '<and ■ back for only $10.00,
Nov. 14 -to . 26, good for return any •" time
before Dec. 2. Two fast trains a day to
the gates of., the" fair. - Ticket office, - 393
Robert street, St. PauL .
contract WORK '
Paving Fort Street, From Third Street to
-J'- Tenth Street ■
,~ Office of the Board of Public Works, . ■
:* City of St. Paul, Minn.. Nov. 3, 1904. —
> Sealed bids wiilbe received by the LJoard
of Public Works in and' for the -corpora- ■
tion of the City of ; St. i l>aul, Minnesota
at t tbelr-. office in said city i until '2- p.
m. on the 14th. day "ef i November, A. D."
' 1904, - for the paving of -Fort street with
asphalt," from Third street to ,Tenth street
In said city.'.according to plans and spec!
--: fications on til c in the office of said | Board.
;--'A bond . with at least • two • (2) > sureties
:In a sum of .at least twenty : (20) * per cent
or a certified check on a bank of St. Paul
in a sum of at least ten per cent of
. th*; gross - amount bid. ~ must - accompany ■
each bid. i Said check f shall be made pay
able to the Clerk of said- Board.-^ ■;-•;,-.
-r*iThe. said Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.' --. -- v.--'-, ■ *' -
:..;-• ;/:'.".-.» :v. |;-i JOHNS.^CRODK. v
• • *- •:"■■-. •*;.■'■{ ■ -.;*•■ President.
Ofl.clal: r R:, 1.. GORMAN. r*< ■? *:■•••■ \
?££. v--*-fw! Clerk •. Board iof Public Work*. r z I
Nov. 4-1901-XOt :
Dr. W. J. Kurd, £gl
BP . OX K. SEVENTrf'ST. .-."*• jfirar k - ■*"
§3 Palnlets Extracting. Fillings, JfJ^s^^m • -
a Plates, Crowns and Bridges .jffiljE; *$& -
1 a Specialty GUARANTEED. M&fSjjtt\*
mSa&vteSßlKxmLaiA aßfiltt 198119 Im
SV3IMEXTILLi:,S.C. '-".':
-- OF*ssD«j:l;lßot.-- r ■■>
Hizh-erass hotel strictly in the Pines: Wo tin- \
do-ir»bl«>'" • >ule. ■ Eton teen-hole Golf Links.
Fine hunting.; Excellent drives. -, .;
: - XiwKt utditle »nl harness horses. ;&****
V ■ ' Oar .New Bnoklet, > *~
I F. W. W br * < '"■. Prm)H..( .barlet-ton^^-^
•|K V- ':CHICH*ESTER s'en'cUSH *' -^'-
MjiyKSVal pills
trN^V^Aia UED u:<i'Gold tnettHlo boxes. ei«l*4..-'
f.--v "lvi *"**ribbc»- «ko otker. Jicfnta.':, |
bVNBA*Z. Ai-»yirHi»b,« Ladfes uk DrnnM
IMffSla UED u4 Gold TOtiUla boxe* r»!td
witt6ii»t>bbci!. Take no other. Uefba*
"JTI «?S* «V| f>H->-cr»u« SBbaUtntloaa and Irj!L». f J
(X tlan*. 80/ ef your i>ru-gi<:. or mvi Ut. ta
I ZL. ■' « s*U?2*i> ftr. F"<J="«a»^. Tertlßionlai* ?
0 »*i ** Reflef IWr La4tecan, n m iefMr, by re
•^V- *" i' t«m Mall.. 10.9O#TcstiBocLs>>5. - S..'..lbf
T »11 I.ra«sau. Ctl<-he.»er«-h-mlra! v*,
mtti:. ihi, :*em. StodUoa b«uib i'l;lLA« 4*4*
: is^^s^j|':«iEN WOWIEM,
>}S^^cUEE.; ><twS| Coa BiK « for unnatural .
in l*• • <i>t>/B disrbarp?s,inflaaiin;ition», •
#-^f Ga«r»ot«4 .11 irrititiong or ulceratLt>n»,
m&Mi =•« •» Kriomi*. of inacon meaibrane*.*" *
E~rf :rf»»«»t«r«!i.lM.-,-p»in!e»», and n»t «*«*in.r?:
EEVANSChEHICMUB. pent or poisonous. ■
CittUUUTI,BjBH i-; Sold by £>raeirl*U- ■;
'^k9k C.S. i. J^T or tent in plain wrapper.
" 'S^^B Si en. or 3 bottle $2.75. "--.
- _-^%«f»^% y. f»/i Circular »ent na r*ju«»r, -

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