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Wisconsin Right Half and Fullback
+ Wisconsin Right Half and Fullback
Continued From Thirteenth Page
Out on the field there was no sympathy
displayed, and, beaten beyond redemption,
"Wisconsin played as hard, if not harder,
than ever. Try as they would, Minnesota
:could, not get across the. line ■ for . the
". touchdown : that would have made a
maniac of everyone present. Another
touchdown would have meant much to
Minnesota and could have added but lit
tle bitterness to Wisconsin, and Just when
everyone thought the team from Madison,
would become discouraged N they .. settled
down and fought grimly for. every' Inch.
After the kickoff following the fifth touch
■ down, Minnesota" started to sweep up the
field, in compliance with the insistent ap
peal for "another." Wisconsin rallied and
held the exultant Gophers for downs and
then kicked. Minnesota sped, up the field
and again and again was forced to kick.
Wisconsin could make no -.gains and re
turned the punt after two i, tries, and all'
the time the precious seconds were i tick
ing off. The remaining minutes were,
spent In this unprofitable play and the
final whistle blew with the <sixth. touch
down many yards away. .'Once' more fate
has linked Michigan and Minnesota-arm
in arm and the battle for the champion
ship will be fought out with useless
words. ' : ■ :.;*.- _ . __. •. • .''•s*r -.'.•i'
.Wisconsin Was; Strong " '.
Wisconsin was stronger and faster" than
when defeated by Michigan/.according to
the Wisconsin rooters who. accompanied
the team. This fact was announced on all
sides before the gam% and even after
Minnesota had scored the first touchdown
the Badgers' supporters, did not lose
heart. They attributed Minnesota'e suc
cess *. to her formation and promised that
as soon as Wisconsin became accustomed
to • them • that the * onward march - - would
stop. After, the. game these same rooters
were unanimous in the opinion that Min
nesota played a better game than did the
Wolverines at Madison. .
The Minnesota players were in the best
of condition, and Dr. Williams kept his
word when he » said after the Nebraska
game that he would have the men in shape
for the Wisconsin game. .Every man was
fit to play the game of his life and this
was demonstrated by few changes, and
these were not made. until the closing
moments? of- the second half, r* Wisconsin
was inferior in . this respect and > the i first
V half tola ' severely on both ■; line and back
field.- In the; second half there was scarce
ly %. scrimmage ' which . wasn't V delayed
whug^the^trainers restored some battered
BaOSCr, ana Coach Curtis was sending in
fresh men- every few moments. fi - ---
On the offensive Minnesota was at times
irresistible. Three • minutes for the first
- touchdtrwn and another made in the same
' time in the opening of the second half
tells! this feature of the play. Then again
Wisconsin, held, but this was due more to
the -desperate valor of the Badgers than
any-falling off on the part of .Minnesota.
. Wisconsin simply played on nerve and
grit, but nerve 'and grit ■ cannot last for
ever-and Minnesota wore out their stout
hearts. {- .' ••£ <'.*■-: ■ ■*„ ; -
The • defense' of the Gophers was as bril
liant as their offense.., Wisconsin's' elec
tric c.ha,rej» were effective for first down
but five times during the game and their
trick plays; ? which were few. were never
successful. ri The line was - always - solid.
A. yard and sometimes two or three could
««« hVw ? eX£ 0™ P«ited. ; Time
" J£L VFSS ■ Vanderboom and Clark shot
against the forwards, to : get through for
a foot, when - the Minnesota back field
wouW rally to the opening and throw - the
runner back for no gain or a loss. ■
?*:*T Gophers Well Balanced
- Minnesota played k well balanced game.
There was a dearth of individual spec
tacular-^lajra. .which- brtng the Multitude
■"J°i^ h.'S' fßt' but this fact probably con
tributed the more to their success Every
man on the team played his same -an «
?n n?t laj» A sjr6tem. and there wal^o bTa*
ing ft..-..Davies. Kremer and Burgan did
wonders advancing the ball, buT^very
man on the team was in on . every play
ana made their runs possible • - •
:*.',25.h?2? "I 1"018111 to be made Is that of
fumbling. - Minnesota lost the r ball' again
end again by. dropping It. Without the
£ UIJ£Si score would nave been great
I er b/ . touchdowns. as the blunders al
' SB^-^ & c, ritlcal moments. Minnesota
suffered, heavily from the officials and
• JT BS22l«^. capSd; udicla» retribution al
mos^entlriJtj'.i Minnesota ■ lost ;15 • yards'
I for offside play and 45 yards ! for: holding^
making- a total of CO yards that had to
be, regained.. With all this the game was
, remarkably free 1 from rough work -;v"v
~ There may have been some exchanges
that are barred in ", the rules, . but at least
r that had the merit of escaping the notice
.of ; the spectators. During, the entire
game there was not a single demonstra
tion , against the Badgers, and there were"
UiL fWl.tf^ any< who did n°t openly ad
mire their brave struggle.
.- Davies, Kreiner and Burgaif did the
ground gaining for Minnesota. Davies al
™ftS/w«L. bY# ckiS-K the line low and hard
outdid himself. .Kremer. In the past care
\lVL£ %?u pomt *of laziness. was. trans
? formed Those who watched " him - amble
; *£f line l In the - earlier - games
£ could hardly Sfcognire the mad, headlong
„ plunges ,of . ykterday. ■ And - Burgan did
.i every * *& l aA we as either, -and just as
often. V To Davies • frtl the lot of making
the lon* run of the day—42 yards around
, s the.- end z which brought . him within .10
yards of. .Wisconsin's , goal. line, while
'■■ Current did not show up as strongly as
th« two backs and tha end; In ground !
- fainlnK.^it: was only for lack of oppor
". -; tunity. There;.' Is Mttle ■• of f spectacular 1
-■•■--■■■."■ . v ~» -. . .r - • . . „ . ...-rr..,^
-—_■■"'-'- '••-■ " ■''■'■ ■■ ■■-■'■ . ■
Wisconsin Center
straight bucks into the line, but Current
was always good for a gain, and it was
always easy to tell Just where he hit.
Team Well Generated
. ■ "Sis" ; Harris ran the team' with con
summate skill and easily outgeneraled
Jones. It is doubtful if he made a mis
take in the entire game and he fought
and straggled for every bit of territory.
He snapped out the signals in I his old
time form and three times got the play
under way before the . Wisconsin men
had time: to\getiin line. He did nothing
remarkable in punting, but held his own
.with either. Flefsher. or Bush.
' Kicker was the surprise in the line. The
big guard showed .up well In the first
part of the season'and then slumped so
that it looked as ,if he was out of the
running.- Yesterday he put up a game
hard to beat. ; Brush, be.side him, gained
-many a yard for the maroon and gold
and; on the defense -allowed but few gains
Strathem Remp had a mighty strug
gle.! but "Mose." in his calm, unruffled
way, generally managed to have the best
of It. On the either side of the line was
**Sii*iny" Thorpe = Into the thickest of
.every play, taking the grueling that comes
.to the Jineman". until he was swathed in
adhesive .- rape from head to foot. Case.
at his lett,.fought his earnestly aggressive
"same: working every minute until relieved
•by > Vita. Vita made good gains and
• played strong' on the defense.
v-Marshall at left end was given no op
portunity to carry the ball, but he put up
a; good article of defense. Several gains
were • made by him, but he always more
than made up for them by spoiling a
double: pass, j
Vanderboom was unable to negotiate
the plays against "Minnesota •. that have
built his football reputation. He was
the Badgers* best ground gainer and play
ed a hard, defensive game.. Bush was not
so strong at right -end, but he was bet
ter than cither Flndlay'or Perry at left.
Bertke was unable to stop many of the'
Minnesota rushes and his position in the
line gave the Gophers good gains. Dona
van fought hard against odds. Remp pass
ed the ball poorly at times. Fleisher punt
ed well and held Minnesota, but it was
the tackles that were the points, of at
tack. Both- Brindley and St.- Germain,
who replaced him, were hammered down.
Jones lacked Harris" generalship and
speed. Wrabetz played steady and hard
#.nd Stormqulst added strength to % the
team when he replaced the right half. 5
;? Fully 18.000 people witnessed the game
and this number would have been greater
but for the Tact that one of the Wiscon
sin section* was nearly empty. Had this
section.! been thrown 'open to .the public
early In the week it is - certain that it
would.have been tilled. There were hard
ly I.WH) Wisconsin.rooters-present, allow-'
Ing for. a liberal scattering throughout the
stands. • V- v «-~- - ■ -•-..- --. * ■,
4 Among those in the boxes. were Gov
van Sant and ' Governor-elect': John -A.'
Johnson.- Gov. Van Bant had invited Gov.
La Follette.to be present, but the Wiscon
sin executive discovered at the last mo
ment that official business -would prevent"
his attending. The day wag ideal, a little
nip of frost for the benefit of the players
and not so cold as. to. make •it uncom
fortable for the spectators. All In all, Min
nesota, closed the football -season'at home
in a . particularly pleasing • manner. - - •
rThe.Game In Detail '.;
.'Minnesota trotted, on to the field a few
moments after 2 o'clock and was greeted
enthusiastically. As soon as they were all:
on the field « roar went up from "16 000
--throats and. the ..Minnesota i band ! truck
up a triumphal - air. Megaphone brigades
thundered.and the cheering lasted until
the men formed in a ring and began pass
ing the ball. Wisconsin came ' out a few
minutes later and the reception given to the
Badgers wag tart lime less- In volume
than that accorded the ; Gophers. Wiscon- •-'
sin romped [ through a. few signals to • the
music-of the Cardinal,band and Captains
Bush ;Bnd.Strathern'tDs«ed for choice of
g0a1.,. Strathem won and took. the Church
street-goal. A few words of instruction
from the officials and the play was on *-
Jones kicked off to the 30-«ard line
but the ball roiled out of bounds On hi*
second attempt he booted the ball to the
35-yard line, where Current caught It and
brought tit- back- 10 yards>before being
downed. Fullback Clark made the tackle
that brought. Current down and the Wls-
consin man was "knocked, out. in ; the first I
play. He soon came to and the play, was •
resumed. \ Current took the ball through
Bertke. for ■ 3 \ yards . and Davies brought
the Minnesota rooters to their feet with a
dash for 22 yards: between" Bertke and
Findlay. The ball-was taken. in 26 yards
and : Current' went '. through Flelcherfor a
a-yard . gain. Kremer bucked - Brindley for
the : same : distance. and; Current: smashed
over Bertke ' for 6 yards. Kremcr ' hurdled
the line for.: 8 yards and brought the ball
to 'Wisconsin's ,25 -yard line."-- Burgan
skirted rCapt. Bush's end • or 14 yard* : and
Kremer hurdled , the left side of Wiscon
sin's • line, : going "11. yards ' for the; firrt
touchdown after three minutes of play
Marshall kicked out to Harris and Har
ris kicked goal.'- Score: Minnesota 6, Wis
consin 'O. H.r -.*v. *■-*■*- ~'" ' ■ ' --'■"-'.
. \ Gophers' First ; Fumble
: Jones • kicked • off to the 5-yard line Ho.
Burpan. who brought* it back 13, yards and
fumbled to ■Wisconsin. Bush went by Mar
shall for two yards and was hurt. fi Vander
boom;hurdled the line and started on a;
pood! gain, only to be thrown ; back. Jones
dropped ' back;, to the - 30-yard •: line - for t a
place kick. Romp made a poor pass, and
Jones missed the'goal by a Tnarrow. margin.
Harris kicked ; out 1 from I the > 25-yarrd i line,
the bali rolling ■' out «of txwuidß ion Wls
c«Nrisln'» 44-yard line. Harris tried again
ro»\the 25-yard ■ line < and kicked .'to Wra-
«t -jay **^;> ? t ~* -'-iiw** wf £&BF ] I BR; X
JaßC^^Bwn99l^^^^^^H^^^^^^V^ofißß9B33E9B * "*' ♦ v mi^i^Hi^^^Bi^H^^^^^^^Br ~ 2 DlflS^^l^^^^l^Hl K^uK^dßbw^^t
"* '^* \if^te^^^^'"^^^^^"^4r^^£^^^^ Wisconsin Fullback ' ' :"•.' ♦? >'*i-^ - t — Vyj «
X ."'_.•,••■ Tm"_ "I_L" ill' •»■ _^l*'»i . - • 1^- ■• ~"~™"""T^itt™"""~"?"™^~*"""^n "~ „.T ' _' >
Wisconsin Left End
■> ■•-ft*i'iT^BBBBBB^MBBBBBB!M^^W ffT^i^ v* -^M»^^^a*- .*tJv*" j J' t t%3Si • «BBF -^SsBS ■ ■ ot
' ' I ' ■"■V(iw „,^yct I {Tt.t^Wi £tj «■" '3jir^3Bßß!l*G^|^^?lßcy^^BßfcT?lp^ff*' f^~^ i
k.-^*fc?»*. ir'j_^Bk>«»r*^tlfll dHml C^Ebbb^Smßbbm BB^3B3c3^K*sk^.jtySß BBSS3scs»^^B^^3Bfc-?^J^L **„^i
S :^E
: H;xm i" ul^a^Prii^By^^^^^B!^^^WßWßM!MiiMßi:
' ttfPv*^ ■ • f* ,'J^Cr> *«, •
Wisconsin Left Tackle
betr on Wisconsin's 45-yard line Wrabetx
: returned the ball 8 yards. Burti lost a
' }"*™ on '"**: double pass and Vanderboom
railed to make any gain at Marshall's end.
FV'isher dropped back to the yard line
and panted to Minnesota's - 50-yard line.
' Minnesota got the ball on the 25-yard
lice and Kremer made 4 yards off Fleisher.
Brush bucked Donavan without success
and Current was thrown back a yard on
an attempt or* Bertke. and It was Wis
consin's ball on Minnesota's 29-yard line.
vamlcrboonV tried Marshall's end without
any gain and Clark bucked through
'btraihcrn for 2 yards. = Jones' dropped
-back to th* 48-yard line for a place kick.
Remp marie- another poor pas*. Jones
■ barely- getting the ball on the fly. Jones
misspd the o*l by a rod. and Harris
•kicked'.from-the 25-yard line to Ftadlay
♦n the center of the Held. ■ Findlay came
back to Minnesota's 45-yard line. -•'
' Clark made a yard over Brush and
-SIG" HARRIS •.,; ; | - ..." ,; . ; ; — -j BRUSH
i JHmNf ft 'J^y\ ? KPW fc ♦ A
' V^Bs r^^B^Bnßß^^^^^B^Bi B^HH B^SB^^bhßL B^v *'
I V^B Ei I b— Jb^B^Bv^v/ ■- ]
~*■ .': ■' Minnesota Quarterback *„"- . Minnesota's JjtO. Scd i-"" ~ "^ Minnesota' Right Tackle - • ..
Minnesota Quarterback
Wisconsin Fullback
Wisconsin's Quarter and Left Half
■Vanderboom ■ went the'same-way for four * a yard. Jones punted to Harris on the
yards, making first down. Clark smashed 16-yard-line and Harris brought the ball
Into Case for four - yards and Vandcr- back > eleven - yards. Case went through
boom skirted Marshall's end for two yards, j Brindley for three yards and then tried
SlSh B " IsC°K ns, n * first, do - »sain and the other . tackle for a gain of a yard
putting the ball on Minnesota's 35-yard Case gained two yards more through
™ ; r,i^der^S?P fumbled the ball on the Fleisher and made it first doWnToSe
next play and Minnesota fen on .It. on her broke through center on the next play and
36-yard line. . Da vies shot, into the,, line, was dragged twelve yards before Wis
but was thrown back a yard and Harris consin could mass in front of the' ball
took the ball three, yards around Bush's Burgan was thrown back a yard on-an
end o n a quarterback, play. Harris punt- attempt at Donaran and - Minnesota was
ed from Minnesota's. 30-yaxd line, out of penalized five yards for offside; play
bounds on \\ isconsin's 43-yard line. > \ Current went through Bertke for" five
\*rabeta went Into Brush without any yards and Davies made six around Find
gain and Wndlay gained a yard on Mar- lays end. Brush hurdled Remp for three
shall s ; end. Flelsb«r., runted from v Win- yards and Davies skirted Bush's end for
cons in s; 3. -yard line .to. Da vies 1 -on Mm- fourteen yards ■ and brought the. ball •to
nesota s 49-yard line. Davies dropped the Wisconsin** 45-yard line. Brush dove
ball and It rolled to Minnesota's 39-yard into the line, but could not make any
line. \ where. Wisconsin gained., it. / Van- headway and Davies made four yards off
aerboom smashed into : Strathern: without Bertke, and repeated the play for a
any gain and tried Tt again for a gain of 3-yard gain. Minnesota drew another
Minnesota's Left End
Wisconsin Right End
Minnesota Ittght T*ckle
• Wisconsin Right Tackle Wisconsin Right Halfback
"Wisconsin Right Tackle
6-yard penalty for offside play and had the
nail on Wisconsin's 45-yard line. Burgan
tore around Findlay's end for sixteen
\n 3 aiul DrouSht the ball to Wisconsin's
19-yard line. Brush plowed through Remp
for four yards and Davies wont around
Bush s end for four more. Current went
through Remp for two yards and the ball
was o n Wisconsin's 19-yard line. Davies
got three yards through Bertke and then
made another through Brindley. but fum
bled and the ball went to Wisconsin on
ncr thirteen-yard line.
Wisconsin Forced to Punt
Wrabetx made a yard off Ricker and
Vanderboom made another through
Brush. Fleisher punted from the 5 to
the 41 yard line and Harris brought the
ball back to the 19-yard line.
Brush made a yard through Brmdley
and Davis went by Bertke for seven
yards. Kremer went around Bush's end
for eight yards and brought the ball to
Wisconsin's 22-yard line. Davies got by
Bush for two yards and Harris made the
same distance around Findlay. Daviea
tried Bush's end. but couldn't gain and
Wisconsin got the ball on downs on her
18-yard line.
Vanderboom and Findlay tried a double
pass which resulted in a 4-yard loss,
Marshall making a clever tackle. Wis
consin tried the line, but Minnesota held,
and Fleisher punted 45 yards to Harris
on the 55-yard line. Harris fumbled and
Wisconsin got the ball in the centre of
the field.
Vanderboom made a yard through
Strathern and fumbled the ball on the
next play. Minnesota gaining it on her
60-yard line.
Case smashed through Bertke for a 9
yard gain. Kremer bucked into Remp.
but the Badger center hold fast. Davies
got by Findlay on the next play and went
42 yards to Wisconsin's ' 10-yard line.
Davies tried Bush's end without success,
and Case went through Donayan for a
gain of A yards. Case made a yard
through center on the next try. and the
ball was on Wisconsin's 5-yard line. Case
bucked Remp again and got 2 yards, and
Davies went by Bush for a touchdown
Marshall punted out to Harris and Har
ris kicked goal. Score, Minnesota 12,
Wisconsin 0.
Jones kicked off to Kremer on the 7
yard line. Kremer returned the ball to
the 25-yard line and Harris got around
Bush for 3 yards. Brush smashed be
tween Brindley and Fleisher for 3 yards,
and then made 6 between Bertke" and
Dona van. He went to Brindley and
Fleisher a second time and made a 3-yard
gain and Case made 4 yards through
Gophers Draw Penalties
Harris dodged In between Brindley and
Bush for a gain of 3 yards, and Case
hurdled Brindley for 7 yards. Burgan got
around Bush's end for 5 and Kremer re
peated the play, hut was called back for
starting before the whistle blew. Burgan
squirmed by Findlay's end for a 17-yard
gain and then went around the other end
for 10 yards, bringing the ball to Wis
consin's -5-yard line. Kremer got away
ahead of time and went 20 yards to Wis
consin's 5-yard line, but the play was not
allowed. The crowd began to roar
"hurry, hurry," and Brush went through
the right side of the line for a 6-yard
gain. Minnesota drew a 15-yard penalty
on the play and the ball went back to
Wisconsin's 40-yard line. Burgan made
6 yard? around Bush's end and Davies
added 5 more. The time was drawing to
a dose, and Harris dropped back to the
42-yard line for a drop kick. The ball
went to Jones on Wisconsin's 5-yard line,
and the Badger quarterback squirmed
through the field to the 44-yard line,
making a return of 39 yards. Jones took
the ball for a 2-yard gain, and Clark
made 2 through Case. Clark tried again
but failed, and the ball went to Minne
sota on Wisconsin's sft-yard line. Brush
smashed through Brindley for 8 yards,
and time was called with the ball in
Minnesota's possession on Wisconsin's 42
--yard line.
Second Half
Minnesota made no changes in the line
up. For Wisconsin, Perry replaced Find
lay at left end and Hunt went in at left
tackle in Berike'g place.
Harris kicked off t© Perry on the 10
--yard line. Perry came back to the 30
--yard line. Ciark made a yard through
the line and Vanderbootn made a double
pass to Perry- Perry went eight yards
and fumbled, the ball rolling out of bounds
to Minnesota on the 30-yard line. Brush
shot through Remp for a 4-yard gain
and repeated the play for two yards. Case
hurdled the center of the Hne for two
yards and Harris skirted around Perry
for seven, bringing the ball to Wiscon
sin's 15-yard line. Case went through
Hunt for twelve yards and Davies went
over for a touchdown after three minutes'
play. Marshall kicked out over Harris and
the try for goal was lost. Score: Min
nesota 17. Wisconsin 0.
The pace began to tell on the Badgers
and changes in the lineup became fre
quent. St. Genrmine went in at right
tackle, replacing Brindley. Jones kicked off
to Davies on th« 3-yard line. Davies came
back seventeen yards. Kremer went
areund Bush for flve yards and Davies
made eight, but Minnesota was penalized
fifteen yard*. Harris went around Per
ry's end and was only stopped by a good
tackle by the Indian. St. Oermaine.
O'Brien replaced Kleisher at right guard.
Kremer tried Bush's end. but was thrown
back for a 2-yard loss. Harris punted
from the 15 to Wisconsin's *0-yard line
and Jones brought the ball back to
Minnesota's 53-yard line.
Da vies Has Accident
' Clark made a yard over and
Vanderboom made two • through Case..
Bush punted from the 47 to Minnesota's
26-yard line to Current, who was downed
in bis tracks. Da vies fumbled the ball on
the next play, recovered it. then stumbled,
and .In «pite ■of ■ all these mishaps made
: seven .- yards . around Perry's . end. - Case
bucked the Mne twice for a 2 and a. 5-yard
gain and . Brush hurdled , for five ? more.
.Brush tried the line ; again and pot three'
yards, and Kramer went around; Bush for
; eight ■ yards. BrusH wen trover Donavan'
for three yards and then tried Remp, but
failed to gain. '• Stroxxjaist -, went .in- at
; right. half In Wrabetz's place. Case-went
through- the line for a yard -and Daries
■went oy*t Hunt for ' three,.: Kreraer ' went:
j around; Bush's end • for ■ a 6-yard gain and
. Harris ' dodged - around; the other side |of
j the lin» or, twelve. ■ Da vlek followed Har
iris for font rarda and Brust was held at
t center. Current - made ~ a.-yard 'aa * Hunt
Wisconsin Right Halfback
and Harris gained another by Perry. Vita
replaced Case at left tackle. Krcmer
made four yards through St. Germaine
and Brush made three through Donavan.
Biush repeated for a yard and Kiemer
went over for a touchdown. Harris
!P d *goaL Score: Minnesota 22, Wis
consin 0.
Wisconsin Falls to Gain
Harris kicked off to Perry on the 14
--jara line and Perry came back 9 yards.
Ferry tried Marshall's end and lost a
yard and Vanderboom went at Burgan for
no gain. Bush pnnted from the 12-yard
to Minnesota's 58-yard line. Harris got
the ball and brought it back to Wiscon
sin s 4.-yard line. Brush made 6 yards
off Hunt and tried the same place for a
gain of 2. Harris went ahead 3 yards
and Kremer went 13 through St. " Ger
maine. bringing the ball to Wisconsin's
23-yard line. Vita went through Donavan
for a yard and then through O'Brien for 4.
Current went by Perry for 5. Stromqulst
shifted from right half to fullback, re
placing Clark and Franzke went In at
right half. Davies tried Perry for no
gain and Kremer got 3 off Bush. Brush
made it first down and Kremer went
around Bush for a yard. Vita went
through St. Germaine and Current gained
2 by Perry. Kremer made 2 yards through
St. Germaine and Vita went over for a
touchdown. Harris kicked goal Score:
Minnesota 28. Wisconsin 0.
Jones kicked off to Harris on the 15
--yard line. Harris returned the ball 8
yards. Vita mffcle a yard and then fum
bled. Wisconsin getting the ball on Min
nesota's 32-yard line.
Vanderboom advanced a yard and
Franzke tried the line for no gain. Bush
dropped back to the 45-yard line and
kicked to Harris on Minnesota's goal line.
Harris was downed after advancing 2
yards. Harris punted from behind the
line to Minnesota's 40-yard lino and Wis
consin returned the ball 2 yards. Bush
made 2 yards by Burgan and Franzke
made a yard on a double pass. Bush
punted to Harris on the 15-yard line and
Harris came back 6 yards. Vita made 4
yards through Remp and Davies went by
Perry for 15 on a long hazardous pass
from Harris. Kremer went around Bush
for 2 yards and Minnesota had the ball
on her own 40-yard line. Vita made 5
through Hunt and Kremer made 2 around
Bush. Brush hit the line for a gain of a
yard. Harris punted from the 36-yard 1
line to Jones on Wisconsin's 27-yard line.
Jones was downed in his tracks.
Fake Kick Falls
Bush tried a fake kick, but was tackled
for a loss of 8 yards by Marshall. Franzke
made 3 yards through Brush and Wiscon
sin punted from her 15 to her 50 yard
line. Harris brought the ball back to
the 30-yard line. Burgan made a yard
around Bush and Brush hurdled Hunt for
3. Wisconsin held on the next try and se
cured the ball on downs. Vanderboom went
around Marshall for 5 yards and Strom
quist hit center for a gain of 3. putting
the ball on Wisconsin's 35-yard line. Wis
consin used Franzke in a delayed pass
play, but he was tackled for no gain.
Bush punted from the 25-yard to Min
nesota's 53-yard line.
Davies made two yards by Bush and
Minnesota drew a 15-yard penalty. Har
ris punted to Wisconsin's 39-yard line
and Wisconsin returned the ball three
yards. Vanderboom went around right
end for twenty yards. Stramquist made
two through center and tried left tackle
for no gain. Bush punted to Harris on
Minnesota's 25-yard line. Hunter re
placed Davies at left half. Hunter made
seven yards around right end and time
was called with the ball jn Minnesota*
possession on her 50-yani line. The line
Minnesota. Position. Wisconsin.
Marshall -..L.E Flndlay-Perry
Case-Vita L.. T Bertke-Hunt
Thorpe L. G Donavan
Strathern C Remp
Rlcker R. G.. Fleisher-O' Brien
Brush... sk, R. T Brindley-
St. Germaine
Bnrgan R. E Bush
Harris Q Jones
Davles-Huntar L. H Vanderboom
Kremer R. H Wmbetz-
S tromquf at - Franzke
Current F. B.Stroraquist-CJarli
Touchdowns. Kremer 2, Davies 2, Vita
1; goals, Harris 3; referee, Ralph Hamill,
Chicago: umpire, Clyde Williams; head
linesman. Coach. Ristine, of Ames; time
of halves. 35 minutes.
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