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rled a shower bouquet of bride's roses.
Mr. and Mrs. Marino will be at home after
April 15 at Waterloo, la.
The Hamline Fortniphtly club will meet
With Mrs. Frank E. Brown, 737 Asbury
avenue, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Charles
P. Montgomery will read a paper on
Charles V, and Mrs. Budd one on "Bur
gundiiins and Annagnac.s." The conver
sation on "Stained Glass. Tile and Iron
M rork" will be conducted by Mrs. W. T.
Rich and Mrs. B. W. Randall.
Tho girls of Hamline university will
have an oratorical contest Thursday
evening. M~areh 9. The contestants will
be Bertha Ferpuson. Mac King. I^eonora
Koch. Sara Jones, Eva Grallng and Edna
Dan ford.
The Missionary Society of Knox church
held a special service Wednesday even- i
ing in the church. Mrs. Alden G. Bliss
and Mrs. A. E. Allen had charge of the
Mrs. Jean Morrison celebrated her
birthday anniversary Informally Friday.
Mrs. Morrison, who is 95 years old, is
still vigorous in mind and body.
Mi s. Vest of Minnehaha street enter
tained a party of children Wednesday in
honor of her daughter •'Florence, who was
8 years old that day.
The Mothers' club will give a social
Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs.
"Weymouth, corner of Capitol and Fry
Mr^Henry w. Babbidge and Mrs. Syd
ney CT White Jr. will receive tomorrow
nfternoon from 3 to 6 at 763 Pascal ave
Mr. and Mrs. Hoerchgens. mother and
brother of Mrs. B. F. Westphal of Van
Buren street, have gone to Portland, Ore.
Miss Cora Winston entertained Tues
day afternoon at a stocking shower for
Miss Marion Lindsey, a bride of the week.
Mrs. George H. Innis has returned from
the Pacific coast, where she was the
guest of her son. Homer Innls.
The W. F. M. S. of the Methodist
Episcopal church met with Mrs. E. N.
Wolever Thursday afternoon.
Miss Frances Thienea of Como was
pleasantly surprised last evening by a
party of Hamline friends.
George Wallace of Duluth has been the
guest of his sister. Mrs. -Willis*) Mc-
Cailum, the past week.
The W. C. T. 11. met Friday afternoon
with their president, Mrs. Foster, 1488
Capitol avenue.
R- G. Robinson has returned from Viola,
where he attended his parents' golden
The Schumann club will meet Monday
evening with Lee Pemberton, 1702 Van
Buren street.
Mrs. A. C. Robarge of Rice Lake has
been visiting Hamline friends tne past
Miss Maude Gleason ls spending a
month in St. Paul with Mrs. Fred Taylor.
Mrs. Morrill of Fargo was the guest
of Mrs. D. A. Lindsey the past week.
The Six o'clock club will meet in the
church diningroom Monday evening.
The Okiyaka club will meet tomorrow
evening with Mrs. Charles B. Collett.
Miss Vera Putz entertained Friday even
ing at her home in North Hamline.
Mrs. M. E. Rutherford has gone to Ar
lington, 111., to visit her brother.
Mrs. B. F. Westfall will go to New Or
leans to attend the mardi gras.
Miss Mabel Briggs of Duluth is the
guest of Miss Beryl Rice. »
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Graham will re
turn home this week.
Miss Cora Weed has returned to her
home at Spring Valley.
Mrs. George H. Hall has returned to her
home ia Plainview.
Mrs. C. N. Akers is visiting her mother
ln Brooklyn, Wis.
Miss Alta Gordon is spending Sunday
with her mother.
Mrs. G. H. Gilman has returned from
{Tacoma, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Hill have returned
from New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hackney have
gone to Florida.
Mrs- A. P. McKinstry has gone to Rock
ford, Minn.
Miss Ruth Ryan entertained Saturday
Mr. A. Adams has returned from At
Mr. J. W. McHose has gone to Cali
Mr. E. W. Wolever has gone to Indiana.
Misses Myra Holmes. Vera Ingalls and
Anna Erickson attended the literary and
musical entertainment at St. Agatha'B
conservatory, in St. Paul, Monday even
Mrs. F. Clark and Miss Jennie Muney
of Minneapolis and Mrs. R. C. Lehman
and children of St. Paul were guests of
Mrs..O. A. Sleeper the past week.
The Bible Study class met at the home
of Mrs. C. W. Rogers Tuesday evening.
Miss Zora Sweazey led. Miss Lizzie
Boody will lead the next meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Funk and daughter
and Mr- and Mrs. Ed Miller of St. Paul
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Beebe
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. McKenney will ar
rive this week from Washington, D. C.,
Where they have spent the winter.
Rev. George F. Gehr of the Chicago
seminary will give an address this even-
Ing at Memorial Lutheran church.
Misses Rose and Emma Rufenacht at
tended a party given by the Misses Frue
tel in St. Paul Saturday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Wessel and daughter Lu
cille of St. Paul spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Nelson Flint. -; ; -.>:
The Misses Hedstrom and Larson of
Minneapolis were guests of Miss Hannah
Hedstrom Wednesday.
An entertainment was given Friday
evening by the pupils of the public school
at Fraternal hall.
The S. p. W.club of-St. Paul gave a
dancing party at Fraternal hall last Sat
urday. , .
Miss Mabel Freeland of St. Paul was the
guest of Miss Anna Erickson the past
The "Degree of Honor gave a flinch
party at Fraternal hall last Friday after
Mr, and Mrs. John DahHn of Stillwater
visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Westllne Sunday.
A masquerade ball was given last even-
Ing at Fraternal hall by the Llederkranz.
Mrs. E. F. Blase entertained at an old
fashioned quilting at her home Thursday.
The Luther league met Tuesday at the
home of Mrs. E. E. Stone.
Miss Elizabeth Orth of St. Paul visited
here Sunday. . ;
The Merriam Park Woman's club, with
about eighty of their friends, visited the
art gallery, senate and house of .rep
r*sentatives in the new capltol Thurs
day . and : afterwards banqueted at the
Willard .hotel.; where toasts were given
by different members of the club. Mrs.-
L. A. Rosing and Mrs. Wells were the
guests of honor. ; ;L'-.-.:5^...;.-.;
The Woman's' Home and Foreign Mis
sionary Society of Trinity M. E. church
will meet Friday afternoow at the home of
Mrs. Roscoe Atchison of St. Anthony ave
nue. ■, ..■ ; i?~.;.
Mrs. J. M. Gillingham of Lynnhurst
avenue will entertain Tuesday afternoon
In honor of her guests, Mrs. F. J. Gilling
ham and Mrs. . Barnettof Neenah, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Beckley of Annan
dale, who were the guests .of Dr. and ■
Mrs. F. L.. Beckley of Marshall avenue
have . returned r home. : • . - ;
Mrs. F. J. Snell of Dewey avenue en
tertained at dinner Wednesday .evening in
honor of the birthday anniversary of her
daughter, Ella May. • ;; ,:,
Mrs. J. C. Thorpe, who has been th«
guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. Bowman ;of Car- ■
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\JE/ae?<i ("**%** A* I Daintiness, neatness and exclusiveness are the three ' . . - .•: .• •', ... .—^- ■ • p. rrtm •F ritT , . a ,-, " ' ~ ~
WaSll UUUUS I distinguishing features of our display of foreign and S!LK HEADQUARTERS OF THE NORTHWEST. NeWCaIOVP^ I I™™ h™h \ , *nd and Ame»ca they come —to fit
— — — domestic wash fabrics for the coming season. Every . " :' V -" ;I - . - IWwT VWUVTO | every. hand for aII occasions., from «ie daintiest, finest
win b e found in^hissecuon in addition to an especially pleasing < as- /ftltf* '• -„ £ „**** JfJ* \ -^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^
French Organdies. Tissues, Batistes, Eoliennes, Silk Mulls, etc. J^lMitn^Wf^i? At SI we offer-«ur Sappho, a fine delicate lightweight glove thor^hnii «.-'-•-: -■
French Organdies, Tissues, Batistes, Eoliennes, Silk Mulls,-etc. 4&M J&£ttw&#G/fc™**^f2 tire slove market and has only allesed rivals toda >'- challenges the en-.
Discriminating buyers should aS all things vilf'Sl^section and[see £c many ' 1 <\&>*+s/€K^ much, wear as other gloves that sell at............ ...../$ 1 # 5Q
beautiful things, as words cannot portray to you any idea of their beauty. * Sixth and Robert Streets St Paul Min^ , °Ur °Wn importation of tne famous Reynier and Perrin cannot be excelled. T Our dis
—^.^____^_ ." - . ■ - - -• ■ . . .. . . oxrw», ox. t-aui. Minrv play is unsurpassed: Ask to see the celebrated Reynier ChevretteTannee. -
BUS--B—— tBBEZSBBB Recognized Fashion Leaders in Cloaks and Costurr.es. ~_g«»weg* <mi.3M.JT-"^»^i^^y^fPiwm 't^.^^jBSMMH,. »« ■—■ „
Children's Wash Dresses A Magnificent Display of New Dress Goods Ua^S Women , sFin ; ~
wL'V-L^t I SSST £% --™s-SMl^ffi^SS | fJP ilk Hosiery :
ing our dainty new styles at prices U- W mi M t*n.- i. «» r» *v . . .-. - ' -■ - .- vaBSI » % j •*» * »-_*^.,-_>« _y
to suit ail. Jrtk>^ Many of Which Have Been Designed and Manufactured Expressly for Mai\pb?imer Bros. \Wm*%
For little tots we ■ are showing fiiWlrl!s\ „ The beautiful and attractive ChifTon Eoliennes, the soft and lustrous Silk and Wool Crepes the rich-tinted Paris IPli_\_/ A clearance: sale of manufacturer's odd
Russian and French Dresses made fjll'l li i\\A l2i e5» t ™m^ O J finish- draP>' French Nun's Veiling, French Batiste and Taffeta Cloths, and'an endless variety of RTF lots that we bought at a big price reduc
of gingham, percale and chambray. 11 /////////', \\\\ ™*£t* %ef ' th f ns.? nd lor blnd, s in the most fashionable and popular Mohair and Panama Suitings (happy flf ] tlon. Th«y corns in pure silk, black or
!n si fr o s m 2 ioV ears ' at pre o ne Mwmm are iSni2tiivss e^\3iS ££zs2£ ™ immense exhibit of Exciusive d— M* teriai* aiid th <>rice* W ( c^-< t in ° h r krl whe omo are
down .to '""^ / *"■ &l\\\\ti\l\i\\)%L/)l i Phenomenal Black and Colored Dress Goods Bargains -' JK • beautifully embroidered and $1.15.
to q>I.AvJ phenomenal Black and Colored Dress Goods Bargains an are a bargain at $1.15
For children and misses, sizes 8 iQr iT.ii|jKr«\ —»••'•-' -_ ~""~"~"^"™~""""~~"""""" ~~"^~~—^~~"~~—~ '"^ _:
5R= n a oare leta ynd f K£ 'gS ||| C o!ored 00* :- m>- Rlack Dress Goods C^ /Viwitalll Rim r_f Mprit
Zr7r^tni§^J£ 46* in AWr.Z aTr' Veloute- • "——l Plp-SL c aadens ,s, | Oriental Rugs of Merit,
tSSd all at Wep Irice nsad^ingTo^ fS I S^SrS^. Cr^,., />Q r 'L^H^^aTrThirTw^^tJina w The phenomenai success °f thiS great department °f
$10.00 down P. i;O 7/- m Pf I•■; ; 42-inch Fin, Me»h Pari. Voile hXI 42^nchT All vJIoV Chfffon^ Veflint ' W.& JSloane New York is due primarily to the fact
to J>*_F«/v) tc»«- m , )o ia , »k . . • , , till ji <*->inch All-Wool Chiffon Veiling, that all their importations "show a distinct character
; 4J^!^ J^*^# ine^^Sct that are stnctly "P t0 «»te V"^ f Fabrics affording ample opportunity for sat- peculiarily their own." To shop all around New York
Boys' washable Knickerbocker Suits, in white and m e*ery respecu . ftr $1 yah»« isfying all wants. - an d come back to "Sloane's" has become proverbial in
colorß, and sizes 2 to 7 years at $1.50 to $6.75. . '---.- _ M __««^ JLmmm^ H ß_ Hl i l^_. the East. •
Co. IWasrrh1 Was rrh? 1 | B a t«tI«iiU Cil!S r miSSeß> tBT iII2 44" inCh lllumin«ted Mohair Suiti "3. I " " 42-inch Silk and Wool Enfl.dine Crepe, V Now this is exactly our claim for the Northwest, as
f4^ 81*" 45-lnch lridOßCent Shirtwaist Suiting, AOo 42-mcJi English Mohair ; Crispine, our Oriental Rug stock is largely bought in connection;
' P g ' 46-inch Panama Vigereoux, Vl X C 50-inch Bradford Sicilietta Wlth &loane—so ls unlike aTl>' other in this section. Our
Embroideries - 44-inch Chock T*-t*c""" H »£*,»,«« «..■. s.^. lS^^.£^«JS^ u'lS
*^ „ ... — • ' Exclusive Mannheimer Novelties. torslJHtilw« Materials that will s*rv<» various purposes. ruff- In these days of Aniline dyes, washed rugs and all
A new assortment of All-over Embroideries 20 Inches . -— I I :; ;.". .->> .. the other tricks of the Orientals, it is important to know
wide, suitable for making entire shirtwaists. ' Th«y are 50-inch Tartan Panama, •? - inch Silk .nd Wool Eolienne A* Sedan. exactly what you are buying. Our rugs are sold with an
extraordinary values and worth from $1.25 to mo per 44-iron New ChecV Voil. - ~ " 44-inch S.lk and Wool Eohenrw de Sedan, exact statemnt of the make ade dye and condition
yard, but will be offered -yr» r_O it-4 *_SS • 44*in°h New Check Voil e. . C^ *1 O < 50-inch Panama Suiting, - -^r^ on a purely commercial basis at one price and without -
Monday at ilfCe "OC, j)l eJ9 50-inch Panama Suiting., T) I• I O 50-inch Mohair Pequ.n Cloth, any timent in the matter at all. . ..
All remaining Circular Flounce, which were reduced : 46-inch Overline Canvas Cloth, ■ yard New ■ ..^Ti^JrH BrOad; Monday we place on sale 60 Oriental £-f .S "fifl
from $8.50 and $7.00 will *O<Qft New and attracUve fabrics and very exclusive. farji^L,,,, demln* "^ pronounced pieces at $18.00 and 47 Oriental pieces at. .. $1 D.UU
So at 4'--**v!/O ■■ «___________^___li_______ ■•••"■■"• " r ",-' •• ■-■-'>". and a large collection at higher prices— in every case
" — ' _. . , — i. 1 _.*V' _. . T"'^^ M'"^"^"'^^"M^-''^""*T~~"*~~**~~~~~*' the lowest possible. :'-;."::>;"■
Among the New Laces "•i^t»sS_^ l«t^ , o I "'"V^tZZ'™; -:^~^ 4*&»s «0... 9112 «. msM
*^ 2 44-inch Silk and Wool Poplin Eolienne, H|J <X ** T, h. C™ c „ V<T' .!_'_. ♦« „ Tapestry Rugs. Roxb«iry Ru?s. Velvet Rugs,
One of the principal features tomorrow will be an 45-inch Ray. Mohair Taffeta Cloth, *4* I •*-'V_f ; 44-inch Silk and Wool Chiffon Poplin, «| 0«n Silfi Sil»9^
extensive showing of 18 and 45 inch net top All-overs New materials that will satisfy the most ■ y«r* 50-inch English Vicun ? Cloth, -T -w*^V 3J O. iJ ' q>lO.__3
with bajids^and nouncings to match, In white, cream critical tastes. -;[;^ for $1.75 wda«* High-class fabrics of superior construction. QPT New Spring Carpets Are Arriving Daily
We are also receiving daily new designs in Mechlin '»M_rr_**__ t!_r-* A n "txr-. ... . . "... "7^"""™""^™""^""™"""^™"" "-'- ' • and we are showing the new styles and-colors selected
and Valenciennes Nets bo much in evidence for the V- f. VIWDJLIV.WEAR. ™°men • Vests, in high or low necks, with long or short sleeves OO_-» with relation to our decorative and drapery department—
lingerie waists and summer gowns. . ■ . , men 9 Pnts ln ankl« or kre length, worth 50c. for. ..-.. *V7t thus producing the best and most harmonious results.
1 1 i■■BSEHBHE-.n $1.50 Ypsilar\ti Fine Sea Island Cotton Union Suits Monday 89c - n ■ nm iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiMwiMiii ninn iwm
A Big Sale of Sample Spring Suits /^ Great March Sale of Colored Petticoats
A-jV^ffiT/tfisrai ---> *^i_^n P.plf\W l\^Alttr_Vir*_*lff*_at%C* iT^/^C^ Below are a few of the many remarkable bargains you will find tomorrow in /r >*. Vj.v. r^
«^^__S«r^-____W>^\ *T^l Pp^*^^ ITAaiIUIUtIUI Cl O Vval our Petticoat section, and every one of them will be found well made and \3fz£k
-SrinP IS/SHSfSE This Is an event extraordinary-just 200 sample suits below manufac- Full Of the Newest Style Ideas Their Makers Could Evolve tFjj
-3 V^\V«-IOBv fiTflß^^B turers f cost—enough for only a -few days' selling, as the values are so great -„ , ... t . ... _ ,->.., . . , „ J t**^
PL^- l|,y M /ffifV^Pi and the garments so attractive they will go out very quickly. ' Blue or gray and white striped Seersucker Petticoats, having bias umbrella X >*>
WTLStb^JK I'MXV The sample sprlng lines of two leading New York manufacturers are in- n °"nCe ' "e? Uy "n, l- Bhf? tt yUh t tlire a \tA^ rul!le9 aud extra under- Q« r ' 4. J^
' -ffl-l-MI IMaI. Cluded In thiS ale- Sult3 ln a! 1 th deslred fabrics and Btyles deluding silks. la>' a regUlar 51- Petticoat- Monday for &OL /lSf^f^_7_l
_ls iNi _■ 9 llm plain and fancy, broadcloth, panama, serge, cheviot and mixtures. Many other styles of Washable Petticoats, {T-| ') »■ _ C.O Aft I jVv^\rf__^ir lr\
1-^SfE^-^ffi^ 8 i IllUy Being samples, of course . they represent the very best style and work- made of chambray. grass cloth and gingham, at...^1.^3 T0 JsvWP*<\\
__HM-W_-^-_a-__iß I lilWl manship the makers turn out, yet the prices are below first cost. •VV.^'- Black Spun Glass Cloth Petticoats, having deep umbrella flounce, finished Vl^^t^^ufi^
rarll lilllr'ti ■ with three hemstitched ruffles, strap bands and tailor stitched seams "7C ySMrJSM**1 —'n/
ti£%Hßmr f^Sanr\mm <!\ $25.00 and $20.00 Walking Suits, $15.00. . r formerly priced at $1.25. Monday special /DC &fyitl[ W
>VH^-S>/4--^[l.in-}-fti S3S OO and Cinnn Wallrintr Ct? (A Fine black Mercerized Sateen Petticoats, with sunburst accordion plaited *«ril 3
ygf^^^^^F^gt^iy^ >l5;)-UU ana S»JU.UU WalKing SUItS, $17.50. flounce, finished with rutfle and strap bands, also Moire Cloth Petticoats, in Vll» f
Jg IJ^ylCa. Tj _ $40.00 and $37.50 Walking SuitS, $20.00. black, blue, brown and green, sectional umbrella flounce, finished wiih tucks J fIH »|
■ . -M-gwAffll »!} s _-r/x -*/% ja- _ r r*«. *■• *!•#»• ' and strap bands, extra underlay and dust ruffle, that are worth <T -t CZf\ 111 8,l
I m EL 5// $50.00 and $45.00 Walkirvg Suits CO^ $2.00, win be sold at !pl«v>U . >d^li iSife^
||S JB^/^^lMk ' /||/ $50.00 and $45.00 Silk SuitS for.--- ........ .. .. -4/---O Soft finish Black Moreen Petticoat^ having umbrella flounce, finished with J/QL/IH&L TfflKN>
/lle_»si_^S^%^«-k i\\ ' - ''-' '■ f x "-' tucked ruffle, tailored seams, extra underlay dust ruffle, and a C> (\(\ r^/ Hw^sl
//[liw^M^l^H^ ||j( Come early, as there is only one of a style, and sizes are 36 and 38, aII color.. $4.00 value. On sale Monday for ,J)vJUUII \^*N^
Ilia^Uß^mS^mSSßU^M n -* * I Xl A t -. Gray, brown and black Mohair Petticoats, having deep accordion plaited ?!VC tM^Oi mT.y
jippP Bill FOSltlVely NO A^prOVaiS * flounce, with tucked ruffle, extra underlay and dust ruffle, worth CQ T^ %??£ TYvZ**^
J^^^^^^KMgJEa SB/) COVert Jackets — Man y new styles in nobby Covert Jackets. 22 to 27 Other styles of Mohair Petticoats at $5.00 to $6.00. V
/_-_lßff?liM#rtHfeßilflH-rag SSfl -____-_____-_-__-_______, inches long, in fitted and half fitted styles GO new -.-.■> ir^..» i?«»--^.»j:>. - \r t ~ . it- c:n n **- «
R^s^gp^^^^^^^Ml designs to choose from, at prices ranging it*_^_-r\ ' CQA • : Four .Extraordinary Values in Fine Silk Petticoats
.^l^g^^f^ll^^P^^^^^ frOm * * 4>vP»v_tV/ lKy *PkJ\J Lot I—Black Silk Petticoats, deep accordion plaited flounce, finished with ruffle and ruchings— rft» <■* g\ __■
*BMism&£*sf&::i>*<" *^L$S. mm pi. , x. i . . . <■ . . i" . . , nearsilk underlay and dust ruffle, also a lot of dark changeable Silk Petticoats, accordion plaited *k "V M*^%
HH_BSl^_^^V^S^ NeW SkirtS are here ln a Greater variety of styles and materials than fiounce, ruffle and ruchlng. silk underlay and dust ruffle, worth 56.00. For Monday, only ;.... *P*J*CJ<J
P-SlW'fiytßfgaamllßjHKi^gMiwi] -_-___»_-_________■ ever before shown, -mohairs, Panamas, serges, voiles, veil- ■.„••,,,<..,. . . ,
:^^B-_K-HBBii^--^^- ings, and novelty check and stripe materials. The prices CC to'^OC 1S One In a" U the Lot 31S made °f heavy rustllns Lot 4~AII tne desirable light and
.^-^l^^KfW-^^ range from • 33 1U 2).__.0 desirable colors, made- of heavy Taffeta Silk, with five attached dark changeable Petticoats, made of
s^^ Evcentlonal values at $8 $10 $IS_SO-nd 815 00 rustling TafTeta Silk, with gradu- ruffles forming flounce, nearsilk heavy rustling taffeta silk, having deep
—' VWnfifrW^ m>>^^ Exceptional values at $8, »iv, $12.50 and $15.00. lustiing laneia suk, \sua grauu „_/■,„»„„ «^i i » „m^ ' ~ U i o i«» graduated accordion plaited flounce,
T^rTrr . .. « . , . _„_ -_„_. c - ated accordion platted flounce fin- underlay and dust rUme-, ThlS 1O! Imshed && ruehines silk underHv
A Silk Shlrt»Waist» Suit* Bargain In t>he WaiSt» Sect,lOl. uhed with narrow ruffle, drop siik comes in black and colors, and and dust ruffle> and one tnat wouid
A fortunate purchase made ln New York last week w are now showing a complete assortment of Lawn. " underlay and dust ruffle, worth $8.00. Includes values up &£ $10.00. be cons i der ed good value at $12.00.
A fortunate purchase made tn New York last week we are now showing a complete assortment of Lawn, Monday spe- tf A £\S Monday special CC fkff Here as a snectal tt t a*\ff
enables us to offer a bargain Just at the beginning of Swiss. Linen. Silk and Novelty Waists. Hundreds of S-, at *** 54.95 at 55.95 "t a special S/.95
the season the like of which seldom occurs until much new styles to choose from and the prices are as attrac- cuu at
j ater tive a3 the —ranging from $1 to $25. . '
There are 100 of these suits, made of fine quality, Before having your waists made glance through our Lace Curtains, Portieres, Tapestries, Cretonnes, Etc.,'
fancy taffeta—pla ln ground, with neat white stripe Waist Stock as every day we hear people say—"How g »« ** »^ < y , »j»
and check effects. In black, navy, brown, red. green, reasonable and pretty—why bother to have them made." A «■«. «rni>i_r>->t>/%Tfc p fTTIf II^XirMMQ
and Monday's price ls CIA AA A special for Monday—is an allover lace waist, silk . M. 1 "*"* M" l*XlTll!>nyVUJ IVJ-.UUV/1 IUPi3
only .t N -P-U.UU lined, val. lace trimmed, white or butter color—the newest Our buyer, who has just returned from New York."finds that to make room for some very unusually large pur
" * *t v " sleeves button back worth $7 r0 if Vk/\ Our buyer- who ims iust returned from New York, finds that to make room for some very unusually large pur-
The New Walking SuitS * for ' • - "S5 00 chases made for our spring opening ln two or three weeks that our present stock must be reduced materially, and
* ' *.* *" * */.*" * •H****"" to do It has made some most decisive reductions, which will afford you
We are showing a complete assortment of the newest - Th*_ Npw Silk Snir « ' .. ' . -_.• " .. .. ••«.»««• : "'ti *»• * . ! •** -- r s
materials and styles, comprising Blouses, Etons, Redin- t<3 *ue n w JiIIL JMlfai> Unusual Opport>Dmt-ies at, Lbis, the Most, Seasonable Time of t,he Year
gotes, short coat effects and many novelties. The silk suit Is Fashion's favorite for the season, and 75c to $1>25 Ruffle d Muslin Curtains go for 500 i $6 to $7 Real Renaissance Curtains go for.. .-. $3.50
The materials are broadcloths, cheviots, serges, mo- we are showing them in a great variety of colors, styles , 1-50 to J2>so Ruffl Muslin Curtains go f0r....:... $1.00 I $n.50 to $18 Real Renaissance Curtains go for.. $10.00
hairs and neat check effects, ln blacks, blues, browns, and materials. Taffetas. Pongees. Burlinghams. Rajahs. . $1.35 to $2.50 Bobbinette Ruffled Curtains go f0r. ... $1.00 ! $17 50 to $25 Real Renaissance Curtains co for $1500
greens and whit*, and neat stylish novelty effects and novelty Silks. Blouse and long coat suits, shirtwaist \ 3 75 to , 5 B obbinette Ruffled Curtains go for $2^o \«to 18 PortterS r^uced to g° f '^
The prices range £9*V TO CfnA and demi-costume dresses, CIA TO <&Iflft $4.75 to $8.50 Bobbinette Ruffled Curtains go f0r.... $3.50 „: .^IJI^" 1 «nn
from .-X 3>JLD lU 4>"VtF ranging in price from J>I%J }? 4>IUU $18 00 to $20 Fine Brussels Curtains go for $12.50 $3 to $10 Portieres reduced to $5.00
_ : : 1 : ___: $45 to $50 Fine Brussels Curtains go for $35.00 *12-50 to *15 Portieres reduced t0... $7.50
.r^.-,-,. f>% j j ..... mi •. • / $11 to $16 Irish Point Curtains go f0r......"........ $10.00 $750 Imported Bagdad Couch Covers now $5.00
\il/|l|£,g V?OOQS GTIO VVnlt© INOVCIt^ICS • J6TS to 10 Boliw Femme Curtains go for $5.00 ] $9 Imported Bagdad Couch Covers now , $7.50
> V [■' Tf ' " ■'"■''::'■■: $9 to $11 Bonne Femme Curtains go for. $7.50 j $15 imported Bagdad Couch Covers now $9.85
Entirely new novelties ln Paris Linens and Em- White "Creponette" - and "Spider . Cloth," 30 inches " !".! 5 J^Ste^lbr^ SZl^ll *£J™''" g"^ j &<>c to 65c Tapestries and Draperies, per yard 37</ 2 c
broidered Suitings at 75c, $1.15 and $1.35. V : .- wide, very sheer; for waists, worth 60c to 75c Af\ r J' 5j \ O "V % S'rrete Colored Curtains go for $500 I 7^c to $1.25 Tapestries and Draperies, per yard 50c
. $1.00. $1.15 and $1.25 "Old Bleach" Linens, 36 inches a yard, for HH/C $«to $16 Crete Colored Curtains go f0r. .......... *$1o!oO *IBX> to $2 Tapestries and Draperies, per yard. .... $1.00
wide, for shirtwaists and suits, on sale tomor- "fD _ Our annual importation of Embroidered' Swisses in $17.50 to $20 Crete Colored Curtams go for $15.00 '*3 to '"♦•SO Tapestries and Draperies, per yard $2.00
row at T. /Ot pin dots and figures is now open. : r Af\r* TO Ci $9 to $11 Cluny Lace Curtain, go f0r......: $7-50 j 60c to 75c English Cretonnes, per yard 37'/c
Sheer Handkerchief Linen, 36 inches wide, the Bea- Prices from ••••••• ..TA/V. IKJ $ I $13.50 to $15 Cluny Lace Curtains go f0r.... $IZSO I 30c Fancy Art Tickings 15c
son's most popular fabric for waists, $1.25, $1.50 Q^ 3,000 yards extra quality white Persian O£v_-«' 2.000 yards 10c and 12V£ figured and plain £^\J*%£> \ " 1.000 yards figured Swiss Muslin and 10c to 7_-.
and $1.65 qualities. Monday, a yard v 7 / C ' Lawn, 32 inches wide, worth 40c. for ___OC Silkoline. Monday for , O/2C j 15c Ecru Scrim, Monday for 4 ..^ / Q
•?»■'■■''-■■- • — ~.~” .. - ■• • ' • . •'- "— ~i~ ' --•"■» .•-»•.
- ' . ' .' ''.<.-£' • ' ' ' • ■
I Dressy Street Boots A Most Gorgeous Showing' of N.ewSilk>' orset> Requisites
Having closed out all our small r- Many exclusive noveltiss and charming styles, upon which Dame Fashion has bsstowad hsr smils. will bs here. At no t.ms In The absolute necessity of hav
pi ra 0c ke enon oslu Oe f {foSSfy horning" Tnd \Lf?\ OUr Car«r S° "^ in thft S=lSOn hay «* sho Such M eXclusive Varie^ ° f b'aaUful sllks- W^ S| Z'T* *TT "T *"*
continue unUl Tuesday night- ■? ~ TVfiw II - ;'-\ "c:•■-••'' ' '"- ift-. I adjusted to the figure by ex
-- -V .. : mk . V Words Cannot* Picture t,he BeanLv and Immensity ot the Display. s >k<A>^ penenced corsetiers, is becom
-3 Complete Lines cL: \ . • "■ , / X^J >^ Ing more important each sea-
Ladies' Dress Street Shoes J& X\ Ne.t u,u. Polk. d«, TZTZZ ;—~~—J sffi« for s_rt.w-»_ s«_ /^ it, w-n'." ',t P/^g u^
with medium weight welt /jSi± PUin and Fancy Colors and \J S\* WJ UJ hJ\ Silks for FretCy VVaist.s T» \VS!SEr\/jl feet contour of the corset
sole, nice Cuban heel, fine -iS.- ,'J? jS\ I The Most Elaborate Figures . vvwv>^n^^^^^^^^J^v^J Silks for Dressy Gowns I / jfflil V / tnla beln an established fact
mat kid top. and can be J^piJ i| T_S£__s '; *~^^ l^jees ,1 FojSards //f^ >^ °»p methods of corset fitting
:S2jfSr,SEK J™' f^J Tifietas I Pongees FouloMs // f% Z™l^£~£
y^\^#^ 2l inchss wide, Lfi whU«, ivory and A 27-inch Crash Ponjee. Ihe .24 Inches wide. In many fancy ef- •tf/-|i/ ifrcW ' tOmfl who !i aS been ? erfect!y'
Ladles' Patent Calf, plain f J<&^^ cream, but we have only five pieces of latest in shirtwaist fabrics, euar- fects for shirtwaist suits, .as they are _£/■ 'm* ' lilnri^ satisfied sends a friend to pur
toe lace shoe, with rather/^^^ ?J each, so If in need of any bs on' hand anteed to wash aad wear. Special the most reUabla fabric on the markeU l*f T I jSJ ■ - chase some one of our various
?eV°™i.l^ l« n. <p h. <nd baa"l!ire» sybwt ,^, 3t<) , Ma,^ 1"740 «-"*■ 49c <rt ' 59C «°»^-—^"?«-: 69c " ■"• *' "Moifar/"'"'- 1018
widths AtpD. ..-;;• .~ CQ ffLA - """ .-.. -^-r-^ ai.. :-.-.:.SfYV..|^, ••••••••• vv^ Our Lillian, priced from MJOO to $10.00,
All regular $5.00 Shoes. Monday for 0n1y... J)O*O\} r Colored Pon<rpoc 27 inches wide, in aU the latest spring colorings, extra heavy, and A ftr \ :>. - ,;,«-« Vida. priced from $4.00 to $9.00, > :
7• - '"-_'_ •'••"-,■ - ' ' , ■ww-x,. W rwi^-ca a rich flnish> fQr Bhirtwa|at miitSt sklrts waists. Monday at. ... CfOL __I Lily of France, priced from $6.00 to $15.00.
\ r ew :- Millinery burlinghams rajahs |n the Art Embroidery
■-■■.--■ .• ■ - .... r : 27-inch —ask to see Burling Ham le Jungle Silks. 30-inch Rajah is in all respects a counterpart of true Free Lessons given dally in all kinds of embroidery
- A number of stylish street and costume hats are added the beautiful hand weave similar to that of burlap, but native hand loom fabric, and at th« seme has ele- from 2to 4 p.m.' - v
. daily to our already large assortment of exclusive styles. soft as' kid. an ultra material for suitings. and cloak. ments of durabllity.and usefulness which are co requisite New Material, for Shirtwaist, and Suit..
The Flower. Hat, which at present ls the leader, 1. and mobile coats, in all fashionable —adapted . for street and 'house gowns, evening cos- j Same will be stamped free for one day. '
shown in all the new and beautiful colorings for spring. colors/and^. f\f% tumea and blouses, in all the fashionable ; <t"l OR 75c. stamped and tinted Center Piece, with.-. ■.•."•'lQ'i."
:. \' ;- -."■'•;. .__ SOH only., 4)___»\/U I colors <j)l»-_.3 I floral or conventional designs for. „ «%v7C

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