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Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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rO^ w omes
W&^ in the West
'Own a homo and farm on irrigated land, where
drouth makes no difference. Thousands are mak-.-._";"
ing excellent profits in the Yakima Valley, in the .•:". ' -_■
Palouse and Clearwater Valleys, ■ on irrigated lands
in Montana'and other: Washington and Oregon dis- tiags
tricts. Why don't you try ? -
Exceptionally Low Colonist Rates
■ . . • ■•'•,
- __SJCH- 4lfc #fc ■■ From St. Paul and Minneapolis to Billings,
r*2lfslTlG tPIaV Mont.. $15; Helena. S2O; Spokane. Wash..
■ •■"■■■" MV% $22-80; every day until May 16. 1905. Bpe
in m Wt%M ■ I clal ♦• Settlers' Rat^s to principal Minns
l>nSSQl WBtaslaf sota and N. Dak. points every Tuesday
«J!f«S9li "W . during liarch and April. Travel via
Northern Pacific Railway I
'C. W. Mott. Gen'l Emigration Agent. St. Paul. Rates and information from
Q. F. McNelU. City Passenger Agent. 19 Nioollet Block. Minneapolis: Geo.
D. Rogers. City Pass. Agt.. Fifth and Robert Streets. St. Paul, or write di
rect to A. M. Cleland. G. P. A., N. P. Ry., St. Paul.
Alton President Is Willing to
Stand on a Square
CHICAGO, April B.—"President
Samuel Spencer of the Southern, in his
speech before the Traffic club of Pitts
burg, has expressed the views of rail
road men throughout the country,"
said S. M. Felton, president of the Al
ton railway today.
"The railroads are not opposed to
the president in bis efforts to put an
end to the evils that may exist, and
Mr. Spencer's speech should do a great
deal to remove such a popular misap
prehension. There is no one so inter
ested in seeing secret rebates done away
with as are the railroads. If the evils
•were widespread it would certainly
justify drastic measures. But what
ever may have been the state of affairs
in the early history of transportation,
it is my sincere belief, based upon per
sonal experience, that the great ma
jority of the railroads of the country
today are giving the people a 'square
"This fact is borne out by the testi
mony of the chairman of the inter
state commerce commission, who in
1903 declared before a committee of the
sermte that rebates had practically
ceased to exist. It is to the interest
of the railroads that they shall never
be .revived, and to this end let any of
fenders be punished. It is a significant
thing in this connection, however, that
in the "two years since the passage of
the Elkins law no attempt has been
made to enforce it.
•'I should like to say, in conclusion,
that when the people realize that the
present movement for federal control
of the rates is leading inevitably to the
adoption of the distance tariff, under
which the farmers of the Atlantic sea:
board with their less productive lands
will be given an advantage over the
farmers of the west, this agitation will
cease forever."
President Earling of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul, and President
B. F. Winchell of the Rock Island ex
pressed the most hearty indorsement
gf Mr. Spencer's remarks. Second
Vice President Harahan of the Illinois
tontral expressed himself as entirely
Si sympathy with Mr. Spencer's views,
"All we ask is what President Roose-
now promises—a square deal."
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hH gßk^^Sg visit to our big brew- 1
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ii!k B3HEMIB^ ou that HammY 8
m Wk y JBB leads in modern R
fft A A I methods and ap« B
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the home, brewed I
Sfek ww^iß p^ one ® an<^ I
IbJi^ai I Quick Deli/cry M
South Americans Appeal to
Secretary Taft for Rate
WASHINGTON, April B.—Secretary
Taft today gave a hearing to foreign
ministers representing most of the
countries on the west coast of South
and Central America on the subject of
trade restrictions resulting from alleg
ed combinations between the Panama
railway company and the Pacific Mail
Steamship company and certain steam
ship lines running southward from
Panama. Tliere were present besides
the secretary, Minister Carvo of Costa
Ri«a, Minister Corea of Nicaragira,
Minister Ignacio Calderon of Bolivia.
Minister Munoz of Guatemala, Minister
Manuel Alarez Calderon of Peru, Min
ister Walker-Martinez of Chile and
Charge Wither of Ecuador.
These ministers have collected many
data intended to show the injurious ef
fect upon direct trade relations be
tween the United Stales and the west
coast of South America, of the existing
traffic arrangements between the Pan
ama railroad company and the steam
ship companies. They stated that by a
system of preferential rates to these
favored steamship companies, the Pan
ama railway company had made It
practically impossible for any other
steamship lines to engage in the carry
ing trade between, the west coast and
the United States. It also was stated
that the railroad company favored the
Pacific Mail and the selected Chitean
line not only by an ingenious system
of through bills of lading, which were
discriminatory against other lines, but
as it also controlled the terminal docks
on the isthmus and denied the use of
these on even terms to the other lines,
competition was impossible. The Im
mediate result was that a large pro
portion of the exports of valuable raw
material from the w-'est coast which
should go to the United States was
carried around, Cape Horji or through
the straits of Magellan to Europe,
much of it to be reshipped at great
expense to America. Coffee was a par
ticular sufferer from this treatment,
but nearly all tropical and subtropical
products were injuriously affected.
Secretary Taft was deeply interested
in the presentation and aranged that
the ministers should submit to him a
memorandum which he In turn would
lay before the isthmian canal commis
sion next week. He desired also to
consult on the subject with Mr. Brls
tow, who is Just returning to Wash
ington from a trip to the isthmus and
the Pacific coast, with the special pur
pone of looking Into tMs question of
discriminatory rates on the Panama
railway. Secretary Taft expressed his
own belief that the discrimination com
plained of should be stopped and his
expectation that the canal commission
should deal with the subject in that
spirit, regardless of any immediate di
minution of railway receipts.
Milwaukee List of Actor Passengers
For Week Near. 680 Mark
During the week Just past the Mil
waukee road has moved either into or
out of the Twin Cities no less than
eleven traveling theatrical companies.
As some of the companies have used
the road twice in the week the total
number of passengers which the com
pany has accredited itself with moving
in and out of Minneapolis and St. Paul
during the week is close to 600.
The companies which tested the good
service of the Milwaukee were as fol
lows: "Mother Goose," 18a people;
Creatore's band, 60 people; "Isle -of
Spice." 60 people: The Knickerbocker
Burlesquers, Bowery Girls. Bryant's
Australians, each with 35 people; Hen
rietta Crosman, SO people, and the
following companies with memberships
ranging from 20 to 30 people. "Dangers
of Working Girls." Terry McGovern.
"Yon Yonson" and "Happy Hooligan."
Steamer North Star Clears Buffalo Bound
for Dututh
Lake navigation formally opened last
evening when the North Star of the Mu
tual Transit company line cleared Buffalo,
bound for Duluth. with a cargo of mer
chandise destined for the Twin Cities. A
number of boat? leave the New York port
today and tomorrow, and within a week
the regular lake business will be w.-ii
under way. The ice in the straits will
not give the boats any trouble, it Is
thought, for it has become so rotten that
it is easily crushed up.
Labor Trouble Closes Shops
PORT HURON, Mich.. April «.—The
Grand Trunk locomotive shops h«»re were
shut down today, throwing 500 men out of
work. The union machinists here recently
submitted a list of grievances to the
Grand Trunk officials at Montreal. They
ask<*d an increase of - cents an hour In
wages and reduction of the number of ap
prentices. A few days ago the machin
ist.* received cards asking if they were
satisfied with their present employment
and wages and if they would settle griev
ances individually with the road's officials.
How many men answered the questions
affirmatively is wot known. The next de
velopment was the shutdown today. Two
wt-t-k.s ago 125 men were laid oflf at the
aame shops to curtail expenses.
Special Train for Convention
A special train over the Milwaukee has
been chartered for the purpose of carry
ing a large warty of delegates from Min
neapolis to the forty-sevpnth annual .-tate
Sunday school convention which con
venes at Owatonna on Tuesday. April 25.
The round trip rate has been fixed at
$2.02. After April 15 tickets can be se
cured from Mr. C. J. Hunt, Ryan hotel.
From Westport to the Soo
OCDENSBURG, N. V.. April B—The
preliminary survey for the extension of
the Brockvllle, Westport & Northern, to
be built from Westport to Sault Sle.
Marie, has been completed for SOO miles.
The construction survey wtll be begun
next week and work on the line will tx*
rushed. The extension will connect Lake
Superior and Thousand Islands. The rail
road is owned by a New York syndicate.
Railroad Notes
W. W. Broughton. freight traffic man
ager of the Great Northern. Is absent
from the city on a two weeks' inspection
trip to the Pacific coast.
A neat folder bearing exhaustive in
formation regarding the time of arrival
and depaituie and the character of the
various trains entering and leaving the
union depot has been issued by Informa
tion Agent Fabian. The folder is an in
novation In Its line and will probably
prove a great convenience to travelers.
Four Hundred Die or Are
Maimed and Public Anger
Exceeds Bounds
MADRID, April B.—Four hundred
persons were killed or injured today by
the collapse of a new water reservoir
In course of construction. King Al
fonso waa snooting at Carahanchel when
he heard of the disaster and imme
diately repaired to the scene. His ar
rival was the signal for ovations from
the crowds. The king was deeply
moved and insisted upon personally su
pervising the relief measures. Work
ing: parties are removing: the debris and
continue to recover mutilated bodies.
A workman who was injured says
the collapse was so sudden and com
plete that It was Impossible to tell
what happened. The meji at work on
the reservoir, however, anticipated
trouble, as a fortnight ago three arches
collapsed and cracks developed in four
The public hold the engineers and
contractors responsible. As the day
passed the indignation and excitement
increased, and serious disorders are
feared, especially on the occasion of
the funerals of the victims, should the
•authorities undertake to prevent pro
cessions passing through the center of
the city. Already Incipient demonstra
tions directed against those held to be
responsible for the disaster are evi
dencing. Processions of women carry-
Ing black flags are parading the dis
trict in which the disaster occurred. A
great crowd marched to the center of
the city and forced the merchants to
close their establishments as a sign of
mourning. The markets are all shut
and business is entirely at a standstill.
No Slight Injuries
The work of recovering the dead and
Injured 1b hampered by enormous
crowds of angry men and wailing wom
en. The estimates of the number of
persons injured are increasing. Nearly
all the injuries are of a serious nature.
The ambulance stations are overflowed,
but assistance continues to arrive from
every direction.
The structure which collapsed was a
huge quadrilateral one. 350x150 metres,
built on arches. The disaster was due
to the weakness of the supporting pil
lars. As the greater part of the debris
is under water, the work of extricating
the victims is most difficult. Up to
this time 100 bodies have been recov
ered. These were taken immediately
to the cemetery In order to prevent
disturbances. Seventy injured persons
have been rescued, but It Is feared the
remainder of those working In the vi
cinity at the time of the accident per
ished in the crushed masonry or were
Military guards are posted all about
the scene of the disaster. The govern
ment has authorized the opening of a
relief fund, and, at a meeting of the
cabinet. It was decided to appoint a
mixed civilian and military commission
to establish responsibility for the dis
Sensitive teeth excavated without pain.
Guaranteed. Dr. Hall, 601 Phoenix lildg.
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f jfo^^"*. iE^KiwPOT Miss Clara Glenn. 742 Dayton avenue, was awarded the ftr*t prize— the Junior Range. Mis Hazel Goeltz. -700 East Sixth '
MltfM^mVXTMxa ';ME I ft Ml street, -was awarded the second prize, the Misses'. Rocker: e and Edith Faulkner. 3 .Douglas street, was awarded the Bust
W mteM^mW^R.-jßm 5 y iS£ of Lincoln- The reasons that won are given below. We heartily thank the ladies.-Mesdames F. A. Keys, S G. Cobb and
W UtSf&M VsK*^4^lM aimSl A L L - Huntington. who graciously acted as judges of awards; and we as heartily thank our hundreds of little girl friends ,
' mrfVn rftZk&AMjEnSI 7/S whose enthusiastic support made our contest a glorious success. . . -,_. ... -. ".
Wijlfitik VaVffi * ffi ( \^T* These "Ten Reasons Why" won the These "Ten Reasons Why" won the These "Ten Reasons Why" won the ?
#1 A /;i^;:vf IIP Mi \ FIRST PRIZE ■. 1. Material Used—One reason wny j THIRD PRIZE --\
vif Ai^'7 ■ V w .j l- Material Used—One reason why THIRD PRIZE
M&rS&lv&lSm''{■•'■•& 13 V* My mamma, dear, should use It - my mother should use the Buck Range ■ ••■■-. - - .... .. -..-. v ./v
f^iMimViffiwfc&S I! « Because (Ist) it looks so. fine. ' in preference to any other is .because Th . are mv tpn np< , t rpasons-^
itHkrtr&SltfMWS WvL B^-*B^ ■ And th« you know Id like that she «he must readily see that the material -. These are m >' ten best reasons.
*B&&BB8iiBr ¥ vl ibVW'a^ Should have one just like mine. used in making Buck Ranges is of the why my mother likes the Buck
jggßP^ li ~rtP^iiT«:A t l? ink rti SCt it ~ hncst. or the stove couldn't give the Range .-■■■■ -
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.;. -■ > ,".~;'.'. : :. ViX^y - -That little Junior range— 2. - The Oven—And the fact of the - i - '<•-.'..
p^ml It'p in the North Star window. oven being s o clean and white encour- First— lt is neat and attractive in
-■..■•:-, *;.„..\ i'Vrf . .^JSBffl^' If I don't. 11l think it strange " .ages her to bake, and makes her work or^ y -■-—- ■ " :•■-- •■ .
' • ;(d> And then you see. it lasts so long. mf«. °'a V 2%* "^a na task. -^ appearance. '.-'-:--v:' A'--- '
X•> -'• ' ; iX^, 1*1?. '^ aniL Str g- ad^an^le of^betoTSSteto burn^ofh i Second-It has a fir* (fven, bakes
if r» n ■ j-i 1«« (4th) And set In place so perfectly coal and wood makes it fine in sum- ... -, . . '•:','■ ',— ■ ■■ '■
LjlllTlP 111 That nothing can go wrong. - mer, as wood can.be burned and a vitho burning, and is - always
V "*) _ I know that a perfect baker steady fire- need not be kept burning. . clean' ...,= - " ' i
- : . „; ': It will surely prove to be. , „" 4- , D£ u*hts~~L think °, ne good re*- " " . ;
t C #^^l^ >^««^ r° r "^ P21"110"131 * Purpose son is because she can always depend Third—lt Is made of the best ma
|t^4^£W f° r thl Particular purpose upon tne Buck Ra nge. as its fine plan Third—lt is made of the best ma
" |Vl|l|n|ir\ -' •It was mostly planned, you see. - of construction prevents the draughts rt , rin! ' ~ '
4 «V/bJtJI%/Jl VI (6th) The cooking that Is on it done failing to draw. - • terial. - „; ..■-.-. , v . y ..
•V — ---- > •JS'iSI'SSSS^i-'i^k.: ■■ -wS.^n.^sl'^".,;- o'-^"^ -rourth-1,. saves fuel and I, '.
The new Spring Patterns. are .pL-tr^r^'-Srrr 1"8- J^^SUrWJSLJSS! cheaper ' : '
" r--<--. <- : •-:,-.. - Now here's another reason why ' of :aU other stoves. . ? ' „.,.. 't* ' " „ ~ i)
all in atid; a fin**r • array of My-ma the Bucks should use: 6. Economical in Use of Fuel—From ; Fifth—lt consumes all gas. , -
mi in, ana^a uiici ,v *V . V l. (7th) It only retiuJres,one-baltaheluel. the: economical standpoint the Buck ; „.-- -• w • V'-. % --„-•.,.,■ >>
„. r ■ .11 ■► Some other kinds require V:.-.- Range is sure to win favor, as the - ;.' Sixth—The ventilation is -fine. •-.
tilings for th« home YOU never -To make the kettle sine- and danca : - »»•«• hot blast linings make it possible „ A . *« - : " --" •? "^
° -.-•'- A maKe me Kerne sing ana aance _to gave at ,i ea3t 25 per cent of the fuel . Seventh has always a supply V
„„ „ ■ -c" ' " r'j" _-. -Vi" •*■ On a bright -and cheerful rflre^--•::; consumed by other stoves. -- - ' ' » v.' ♦' --'-•■--"- • -. -.. •^iv->i
Saw., JiiVery 'deportment IS (Bth) The terms are Very easy, too, ' ' 7. The Ash Pan—lt 1b so arranged •of not -water- -" ,V
•-■■'•* ■■'-■*-'.ir.-i>-Z.\: •■-?■:.: .-;.•._-■-/. ~ An item that I think ', - . - .... that It does not. scatter the ashes over ■1a '■■*■ •-:•_, •-■ : V-1^- *■ . '"'r
bulging- with the latest and Will intent all.mammas d 5 • -the.-to^g^tta, P^^^H^ or E^h-It has^ grate t for r wopd^
. . . , , , . " *he th«y must do. exterior finishings on the Buck Range ° «
best the markets Of the COUn-. A now Xnogo"^ to te" you ■ are far suitor to those used on any Nlnth-Everything about $$$
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lF> anora- .: -The Bucks, of course. I mean. 9 Dnmbuity-The Buck Range will
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V/ WPi 1 tyivfYiJ .42 Dayton Avenue. City. 700 East Sixth Street. St. Paul. Minn. :
Bwlpt hi Fun H tilt 9nmt Whner Pitt. H You Ara Sick W« Wait tar You. ]! Yeu Art Out of Work Wo Walt tor You.
CHICAGO. April B.—Edward W.
Mitchell, at one time a leading figure
on the Chicago board of trade, organ
izer of a corner in wheat in 1868, and
once worth millions, is dead at the
county hospital, aged 70 years, a pau
per. His fall came In 1870, only two
years after he had cornered the wheat
market and made a fortune. Since
then he has lived in the hope that one
day he would regain his former wealth.
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&If fllli Don - t live and linger. DEAD «"*«»*< >8 indulged in not ver>' long agu, i i M^W.P Kindly Fill Out T4liS C°Up °n and Mail It.
&to the pleasures of the world. %hen and which you are still praetuing. Na- MEDICAL I 3 200-PAGE MEDICAL BOOK FREE ttl
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V% you a happy, manly man. with sexual. not^ Ttnl life hereafter Now is , R m HI to^ indd m^^^J?^tf*?™ 11%°°* and Syinp" &1
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If -■-- - Entrance 108 East Fifth Street. SIOO,OOO Capital, incorporated Under the State Laws of Minnesota. * ML
f^^ ■-.-■-. - • No testimonials published unless requested by the patient. . t»
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Globe Want Ad Man will can. ;: -v. ii.E.Cw.7tti*JM«»«i«ti^ST.PAOUMUUt «_T_^^_£"«___*_ erte» SSffl^r 1 £& ■ the name hi buck fctt«C wh_ vS^
' r ■■! !•—•««. ar "if "I I kbm ■ l_l_,r«« poo« are nemiinc _ j|
But his failure had so shaken him that
»he never regained his position, but
grew poorer and poorer, until in re
cent years he depended entirely upon
the charity of hla friends. Members
of the board of trad<» have made up a
subscription to help defray the funeral
MaJ. Gen. Cullen A. Battle, agred 75
years, died here today. He commanded
the famous Third regiment of Alabama
troops during the Civil war and has
filled many distinguished positions in
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April B.—Leo
pold Levy, a wealthy merchant and
prominent politician, ls dead. He was
born In Wurttemberg, Germany, In
New Warrant for the Smiths
COLUMBUS. 0., April B.—Gov. Her
rlck today issued a new warrant for
the extradition of J. Morgan Smith anil
wife, now under arrest in Cincinnati
on an indictment returned in New
York charging them with conspiracy In
the Nan Patterson case. The warrant
was issued at the request of Assistant
District Attorney Garvin of New York.
Gets a Bridge contract
Special to The Globe
EIK RIVER, Minn.. April B.—A contract
for building a bridge across the Mississip
pi here hag been let to W. F. Ohadbourne
of this place for $21,950.

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