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The Saint Paul globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, April 30, 1905, Image 15

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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MllP*'iiJ!uJMllllffl iiai3ll iifc • ■^IMfcfc ■■■■Him MONEYS WORTH OR MONEY BACK -«r * RS^"^ _ _____
wHy tfsAl Hi i l^jM^^B* ] * iF^B — WTMtr^ . During a heavy shower a business man, carrying a very wet umbrella, entered a St. Paul hotel to pay a call to ; ■^^^B^^^^^^^^V^Bfcß^B—l^^^^%^HP^^Hl^^^"
f§^ mft " M fL-dW Ji k KB &m* MHI —^^T^ a friend "Pstairs. After placing his umbrella to drain he wrote upon a piece of paper and pinned it to the umbrella- - ' V IT* A■ ■' BBS £ 1 *»•* 1H • I I —^^^^^^
m^^f^^JbtSa^SfmSSSs^^^JgLJ^^^nA^J^twi^^hf^. "N. B.—This umbrella belongs to a man who strikes a 250-pound blow. Back in five minutes." - *•? " ■[■ Ik " M 3 _^P «^| k. 19 a m^_Jt' *"B ""^K^L *" **'" *
gjC^^HgWßHTTnTr^Tfi^^^WiWßWfffß^^^^SW^^^^^^i' * He, went upstairs, and after- an absence of fifteen minutes, returned to find his umbrella gone, and in its place I i^felH»MoPl^9''PPQfewLi^JlSM^^oii^htoß^^^^H^^.
)BRmwJmimlv*' n *^i I llml^^^^^^fiw** * < a note: "P. S.—Umbrella taken by a man who walks ten miles an hour. Won't be back at all." N ' RfJ£iTiflHUJB li*liailM! Uiiß V Wffff^^S^WHffßPJ^.
1 SEND US YDUR MAIL ORDERS monfy<; worth no L-mjirv R ,n, j THef* a, re °me °tH! r * hlnft s,. that never, ccme back- The Golden Rule 's a store where things never come back ll^i^""^^^^ .„ -
«jgrXZZ=^n_^ OS TDOR MAIL ORDERS. HONEYS WORTH OR MONET BACK and people always come back What keeps the people coming back to the Golden Rule is to buy more, for they ■_ - f?^S. gHD OS YOUR HAIL ORDeE' HOSTS WORTH « MOHET BJMX
I 1' jii ii i 777777. ■■'.'■ .i—g?"' 1""'M ,r~S know that if anything they buy is unsatisfactory they can bring it back and either get other goods or get their rL__T J , , ru.^nj. !^ru.io wumn "* worm tiftCJV , _.
rnnnn rir.r.rinrmiU. rir. r\ rTN r, PI f!f I n I*l rlr,ri ri i~ money back., It gives the men full opportunity to examine and judge of the mem and worth of the goods sold in 1 l\f\ T\ hflTl fl T\ nPIPIfI fl H f'l rl r 1! I*l HP I N rtfi Wr>i Hfl rl Hi"
Monday morning we wffl start our Great May Sale of Womsn's and Children's Muslin Underwear, which means the b*st values and the largest collection of styles every placed before the women
NIGHT nn\A/NQ PPTTinnaTG of the Northwest. Every garment is fresh, crisp and new. ; >^^^^^-;-U^ -
i^iuni uuwiNb PETTICOATS The skirts were never so wide and full and fluffy .the corset CORSET COVERS ,
men's Muslin Gowns, empire style, nicely Women's Muslin Petticoats, made with deep COV6TS Were never SO €XflU*Stiieiv daintY the laces were c " - • ■ -,;. . ' ':'
trimmed with hem stitched lawn ruffles and lawn flounce, trimmed with two rows lace „-„&- - ft fcp/mrifni /mcl tad v in in Awo tiovrL^ k o f/«« ~fflZl.A Soft Muslin Corset Covers, perfectly made. Cambric Corset Covers, square or V neck, .
embroidery front; well worth 50c. OO«* Insertion and lace edge to match; a bargain never SO DeaUtHUl ana tasly lOCt We never before Offered good values at 10c. ; Our May Sale j| tight fitting: well worth 19c. J||L
Our May Sale Price only ......... fi«fG at 60c. Our May Sale Price ; Q^j UndermUs!inS that Will prove SO thoroughly Satisfactory t»O Price onl >" • • ......*t-C - Our May Sale Price0h1y........:. I^2o - !
Women's Soft r Muslin Gowns, trimmed with only Vw'"'" n"7 Oftflr customers OS those placed On Sale tomorrow. Come early Muslin Corset Covers Vor square neck ■ Fine Nainsook Corset Covers in a beautiful .
four rows torchon insertion between clusters Fine Soft Muslin Petticoats, made with deep and come often-tucfa hpaw «avii\r« niv HpivpaHaKlo mor/«k«n trimmed with torchon and hemstitched rut- collection of dainty inserted lace and em-.
of tucks; a big bargain at 50c. 00-* lawn umbrella flounce, trimmed with two ana COme Olien SUCD neavy SWingS Oil aepenaaDle merchan- fle; a good Ibe value n a "««cnearui broidery trimmings, finished with b#adins
Our May Sale Price only OvC clusters of hemstitched tucks and hem; well diSc are Worthy Of extra effort On your part. Our May Sale Price only OC and ribbon arm sizes to match; well worth
HubWrt 1 Gow I ns 'c. m P|re. and Mother only?. .T.'... ."!!.*?* ??}?. ™™.. . .5 3C DITA T\ ITX/ITDV ITTITM f* A D S*1?I fl IVT Fine soft Nainsook and Cambric Corset Coy- only. .° U!". ***. ™™ 49C
Sffl^nd VSb^dSy^ SSR£*MJE2 Women's Muslin Petticoats, made with Kit AD ItVItRY ITItM CAREFULLY Sil^n^iiV'^f S2 I^^^ A beaUtiful collection of fine Nainsook^ov
-75c. Our May Sale Price on y?.4-9C l^-inch lawn flounce, trimmed.with three. . . . Jjr tlon cc edge to mate -h, worth up to ers handsomely trimmed with lace or em
* —wm^^r rows of deep lace insertion and tucks with r—T"=F=r-s^ ■. " . i uur May Sale Prlce <JC n broidery; covers that are good $1 00 4* A
omen's Gowns of fine muslin, empire, V lace edpe, also with two clusters of fine " \ . 'dl» ■ ' y '••' £9u values. Our May Sale Price only nHG
shape and slipover styles, daintily trimmed- tucks and deep embroidered ruffle; actual fFf^W-V 'T/T-^- '• iM??vs^ " —— —■' • - - .••■-.... . •'••.^^^^
with hemstitched tucks and lace; well worth . $1.25 values.: Our May Sale Price 4Q>£Z.*% 7 "r'ljf- i\ I' I^*.' ■ " ' ~ —~ ~— ' ~ '
$1.00. Our May Sale Price RQ/n. only OOG ' I. '.P/ *' '• \S-I'JL^'Xu^^V r pr> AT MAY -.. " •
on'y • ......O*JG Women's extra wide full Petticoats of Cam- : jl'-r '¥ '\ -'- -V. I «feJk:®!l:™^ OR.EAT MAY SALE .-,••.
Fine Nainsook and Cambric Night Gowns .. brie and Muslin, trimmed with tucked ruffles Jc\\' 'f/i } V(//i«»aB«l'll'W' v\ •• ■ a mmr 'm* — "
nicely trimmed with late, embroidery and edged with dainty laces and embroideries; A- •W.\™M i 'ii^i'l AiSHlIL'' «'.L\ PkllllllANV Mtf^liM ¥ T«^ Jl AM ....
plain hemstitched tucks; good $1.25 values. well worth $1.50. on, y 98c r'XdrL\.k Uf-H" ; f frWlffifcr 1 iv'^^^W^J-M "tt v/niiarens musim Underwear -
our May Sale Price AJ- Our May Sale Price only «foC -^?tIt1: :Jl Wl tKtX^'u VfUMMI VII ATAU^AiII VllUVl TV Vfll
Na'rnsook-a^c^bricN.imGown^f «" . Fine Muslin and Cambric Petticoats, made " Ijf'ttl' • •rw'T^ : '■■ w'a 3* \ lil'*^ )'B We are offering better bargains in ChUdren's Muslin Underwear this year
Nainsook and Cambric Night Gowns of fine. with wide flounce trimmed with beautiful H VY' ' 'A:JEi£S:A-l s^->^'\Jn #£r Xly<i>7 "c arc onering D«ier Dargains in Children S Muslin Underwear this year
soft material, in the slipover, square neck point d'esprit or torchon insertion and lace; /' ;> I' v'p'i?*^^ s>»3lr. 4^- ,1/^vn— /$/i'vJ tnan ever before. Ihe ready-made goods cheaper than the material
or V neck styles, beautifully trimmed with petticoats that are well worth A| <Tfc «- /.*"• A- >ofe^»i ?:itß\u /^y^-^t^Vu^i v^^vv^A'/Y
Our^y rprlce l6Bl g°°d values " «:bo- «2" Our May Sale Price ...... 91103 ;[•»: '^^W^^JK^^^mJ^B'^ Children's Muslin Drawers Children's Petticoats of nice soft Cambric...
nVv frice *#l€O Women's fine soft Cambric Petticoats, made r /fi:J-V*'"-«P - VButt M ff^-'KL— V*v\\* ' Til '. «.... - : umbrella flounce trimmed cluster of tucks
oni> ****l-r W ith deep lawn flounce trimmed with five 1 ■■*£"• : i '•*]■ ~JF^\j7 &\h '| VTA \r«C-s>.: zwt-L' Children's Drawers of fine soft Muslin, per- and embroidery edge or with imitation tor- •
Fine Soft Nainsook and Cambric Night rows point d'esprit insertion and lace edge V. yf » • -J-^ ÜBi - ' l)r7 f&jj I 'r2*A Vw^^TmvvVa fectly made and neatly trimmed with cluster chon lace and insertion sizes 2to 14 *5 A
Gowns, made in all the newest styles, beauti- to match, also with wide embroidery inser- 9-L <*;rSV *\ *^?ifl AjJT? \V^-)/liv UVW (I vflwl P of tucks and deep hems, sizes Ito 14 years; years, worth 69c. May Sale Price 4£fC
fully trimmed with val. and torchon laces; tion and tucking with embroidery ruffle to ' .iF'W %S V ■ faiir/t^JfivY- \ i^i'rSSth^n^ \Xm\ \ worth 15c to 25c. ". . *#*--. r .. u , r, ...
well worth $2.25. m-| Va Ok match; well worth $2.75. m 4 f* g- |.\ { l\ V VWOTiBtfWt «4" \WwXnT '• :\A • Ma >' Sale rrice • Itf C Children s coats of very best Cambric,
CHEMISE DRAWERS _. '''iiSS^ S??c de-S- s S 2a:?^ a:!-......15c ST worlh"so^r^S? 'tao^-
Women's fine Nainsook and soft Cambric Soft Muslin Drawers finished with hem and - g^,,:.SfPSSn \ v4fo^.~' *.^j^'viff \ll^K3jTT^3C^H^i Children's fine soft Muslin Drawers (Cambric *»%»*#
Chemise (short or long), solid yoke of lace cluster of three tucks, all perfectly made \\ l,;^l >> jflJHhfargr'"l^: Z \\* *"*&£&?<?&$&/ finished), trimmed with cluster of tucks and ■—
or embroidery, finished with ribbon, ruffle on »nd a good value at 15c. |A A \\ tjS^Oft " * jT^&ftwSf * \I / 7 \mX?"(Bm3VXZ<E®/**' embroideries, sizes 2, 4 and 6 years- 4 A
bottom, lace trimmed; values that OOa Our May Sale Price lUG \wW^ THBt!V.:;^4(rfl " ' iflftAy^aSS*^ worth 29c. May Sale Price ' | Sfft Children's Muslin GOWnS
are worth $1.00. Our May Sale Price O«f C Umbrella Drawers of soft hemstitched Cam- j/tfHfcl P0 "' "~ \\\ \/llpsßi Sizes 8. 10. 12 and 14 years; worth g% C cwxa • , , r .. k.-u sV:'
Women's fine soft Nainsook Chemise (short brie, with 5-inch ruffles, all with perfect fit- ,971 VJJ v\V\\ '«*\ s""^^ffl/ V/\ iV.irlw-" 39c. May sale price . ZOC Children s soft Muslin Night Gowns, neck,
or long), daintily trimmed with beautiful ting yoke bands; good 25c values. il-- /*/ Biz? -W$ - . %kSk' -r=~ Itf Children's TTmhrPlK Drawer, nf'finV i« „T; "ont and sleeves trimmed with neat Cambric
S"±rss,™ * 98c ourMaysalePrk' 15c . MKim^^^^-E '/1 wLJ»-- w»h»";\Sf rru eai D^n/.r,;^rS: 52sssffsr-jgr^s<*^»^ "
>i.qu. uui M.iy hale ttlce %W%M\M Soft Muslin Umbrella Drawers with Cambric V^^^^i-1 Iffifi^ffffifMM^\ H^^S sizes for children 6to 14 years; good Oil** Price .f. 330
CHAnT iiMiirnpi/inTo ruffles, finished with embroidery; OC _. /iOrtra/ I AIW« >flt^\ißfcfc*!!#/yij^v value at 59c. May Sale Price O«9C 0 ..., , »*»* v
SHORT UNDERSKIRTS worth 39c. Our May Sale Price. ... 2OC s^7^W t^f/lf V^lL^^^^/TW^^^lnVlS!^ '• — •*•*** Children's fine soft Muslin Night Gowns, yoke
Women's Cambric short Underskirts, made Fine Nainsook and Cambric Umbrella f'LPpilJmm^Miy^^J'Wom^J^^^ Children's Moulin SkirU Sl^^^^^^^*l^!llll^:
with 8-inch flounce, trimmed with torchon Drawers, the flounce is trimmed with hem- <-A? W mV 'l I wdUMJT^km U \\\ AU#^^Sr Children S MUSlin SkirtS front "^! sleeves ' triSmed with rnffl^ 9 of
Price only ••■;;■• •■■•• •• ■ • ; • 390 pr e h 6. 9 C:.. Our May .Sale. 45c %i#y^l^^^iJ^\^^ lawn ilounce. trimmed with imitation torchon ape; pood value at 69? 39c
wirno«'-«.'o ""»."•" "I Vt . • **Ol# X^iJ^^Xw/^/feF^g^^^ Aj^bsS^ ■ lace and cluster of tucks, all perfectly made. May Sale Price O«fC
Women's hue Cambric short Underskirts. Fine Cambric Drawers in all the new styles. >JHp-S««ap-f -:^- -—; v^- :^&2f¥^sJ' Mft^&^^^Z' sizes 2to 14 years; worth 39c. Mr? r , ■, .. , w . i. o *' . *^»*-v
with lawn ruffle trimmed with three inserted with fine lawn ruffles, beautifully trimmed 3* \<sshzL=^ |" 1$&S£&8fflB&l9&*- /^> ' May Sale Price ?! %NO' ...... 2oC Children's Night Gowns of tine soft Muslin,
hemstitched tucks, also with tucked flounce with clusters of tucks, dainty insertions. ' V *&<i&?Kgs3f£- '-*^ ru; ,j,, H ,. D . f+; ' ''ll'' ","„ .'."",',, lv, Kn ! ieok, style w! th embroidered and tuck
trimmed with ' dainty embroidery or lace; ex- ' ■ laces and embroideries; values easily worth : __^-?^fr^l!_--. Children s Petticoats of fine Cambric, made ed yoke, for ages 4to 14 years; square neck
cellent values at 69c. *, g\ $1 00 May Sale Price AA ' —•• tn ep umbrella flounce, trimmed with style of fine Cambric. lace trimmed, tucked
Our May Sale Price only 4r»C | only! , 69C I ' H_ _ j^Sfc^&'^Wlii.^&BG t^^y^li^"^.^.'..^^' 1'
'^'wt™I tQiauL UllSl Wash Goods **&}£&*' . Wash Goods Mid-Summer MiUmery
\A/» man V •«/-»., it* j»ct • j *x_ - Efl|ff^fiplffi Monday in our Robert street center aisle the greatest lot of fine wash goods, at values up to 39c, will be on sale r®£_^ f^T^O^V ShlPfrW/li^f. H/lt.C
Women s Custom Made Shoes and Ox- v -m at a tremendous price reduction. Two prices only. 9c and 12|/ 2 c a yard. V*'r- .V' - \ yr-k^sfc^i fir^^^S. vJllll IWUIaU illlu)
fords. Shoemaking of the highest order. The '^WmO%%M Tomorrow's Great Special in Our Robert Street Center Tomorrow's Great Special in Our Robert Street Center /^f^^f^^'Wl^^^K They °°me in the new l^. orentine
best leathers carefully selected fire used in this »r^' v3*B* Aisle—l2'Ac fancy Sateens. 18c fancy Lawns, 25c fancy Aisle—2sc Fancy Crepes. 25c Plain or Fancy Voiles, . >j^£&SCstjHSi&fl Btraw '- lJatavia cloth, chip Milan, Jap
,rr.] Ft™, o\nilVc S<letlecl *}\ "SeainTtils S^f | ? wlss ' 15c Oxfords. 15c Danish Cloths. ISc fancy Ma- 25c Organdies. Plain Mo«sellne de Sole, worth 39c; /^ //aBBpKSfISISS^^ and Tuscan braids, now casino
grade. H,very detail is given special attention BO / 4 m , di as. Printed Foulards, plain and fancy fine Japanese Kimono Cloths. Ma- if Jjs^l^^ oS^^^S^^\ and pavilion sailors Hi L
necessary in high grade shoemaking. Hyle's ,/.,>/ Jk wash materials In all the new styles dras. Pongee. Linens and Printed -M &^\ \M {J^Sr^ifi^^^S^^^A backs and the popular Napole-
Russian calf, Hylc> patent a/and /.'V/ tfigS VSffi \l^r»l "££„?"% Q|% S£^"r,,;li:£ 10^ V^SSSESI iL^WSXT*
White SUedes, black and tan' vici kid and # "_, ~''^BmSSSB ! on bargain tables in our Robert street I^^%JT up to 39c a yard. We expect a great 1 iiffilM 111 tT| (I '''^ij^^^^P^^^ M I VS ' i|UIl' 8 ' Bt aW 0111"
patent kid, $1.00 saved on every 'jmP&mBfBW- ' aiS'e •••. • rush, so come early Monday morning.. ■™™ | ]»"> s.. f^y feather8 ' at M .u
pair. Boots #|% A >^ **L \\\(MCSMBtr \nV In addition to this extra sale in our Robert street center aisle we will sell staple fabrics as here mentioned: isi&^^fefcw ?^^p* ■ iar prices. ..ST. „
S"S OvtV.rd^ Sk^J ill! /g|€ r I EXTRA — Cashmere Finish Black 100 Pieces New Toile dv Nord Regular 25c Shirting Madras, all VJg'^^a^ '^eeST^ T^€^if\ Hfaf C nrP *'
...-. fAiuruts UfHIgWW &B£~2r&Sßtf" •* Sateen, used for a-great many dif- Ginghams — Needless to say that styles—The best fabric " for shirts • < r[Bi!!j.'iiWy *^ VIV JTICItO and small
at ;.•£• ~ tiswii ' "— -^ i ferent purposes. -You save four they are the best ginghams in the or waists. It's the prettiest and c^T^i ?W^*scfir the hi^h and medium shapes the new
«v»«»f»n.f;j.,.jcL „r,iv. m.' .. .^ dnd one"half cents a yard. To market. All the new styles, fancies most durable in existence. All *" J / * JmR high side trim straw and hair hr»iH
Vassar Oxfords and Shoes, "Gibson Ties." "Court Ties" and "Wide Ribbon morrow, 10-yard limit, only. Q-. and plain. Always and cv- 4A _ you want at this |C n I C-, HjE) "elvet winm feath?™* irS •'""
Bluchers fine patent co tskin, tan and black vici kid, Russian calf. Un per yard OC srywhere 12»4c Tomorrow. IOC «ale lOC \^ /'&' !!„„' *m f ' feah _ers: straw pom-
S?Sd a? eacr n wilh' HHht haSrturne^ ,fOUn d °£ y I" the mUCh hlSher 30"in- lmerial Chambray Linen Fini.h-Every yard of 50 Piece. 30-inch Plain Dress Lawn—A complete line of V** J%k> l^JH^^t^™™*^*'
A multitude^ of new nn£ Si nT » S \ he m^V Stl"eet shOe lh!s Clth is warim*ed in every respect and comes in. a new shades, aIPO black: every yard warranted fast color. V_^%«€f S2T2? +»?£ °r^^ wear. i
rS^i5.?!?55WJSwaa iwj|a riffTsaa-aaK-aasra?! 1 .10c S re*.^.^?. ii.. —■„ 8c y^^v $2-49 $3.49, $4.98, $7.49
Sharood's Sample Shoes at About Price M SPECIAL SPRING DRESS COODS SALE TOMORROW WM^V 1? ifi^u- v V
Men-; «on «somnio -tv-^ — -#*, xa, . . ■••*«» Mohair Shirtwaist Suitings —The Fine Imported Sicilians in all the Black French Voiles—A very fine / •f/ ? rrGriCKv^Kiri H/ltQ
Sho^ 2:'.,u»«h P 7Q Women's $3 Sample »4 CA new fancy fabric; also cream white; latest designs and colorings; full 46 quality. 54 inches wide; regular .. J * « «U**ll V^lll|J 11U15
onoes. *«iie price... M9^a M%9 Shoes. Sale price QIIWV regular price, 50c. Tomor- QQ A In. wide: sold regular- fri |Q price $1.50 per yard. < A ftT '^ : Now in demand—All the new shapes
Men'« $3.50 and $4 00 Sample Boys' $2.50 . Sample tf^f 7Q row's price O«7U ly $1.50 yd. Tomorrow.. 9la I«f Tomorrow's price <© 8 • S3 .... . Air . .... ■>:="^f=i' including the new popular Napoleons;
?.r:...'?.-'...52.49 s=urtSr;*SJ-I2 — -. — - — — - —: 7 —— ■~^z^£sx^&*«'?.!??. $ 1.49•
g^£%^.no SSs-iiiaHSS Woman s Fashionable Spring Attire The New and Latest Trimmingsi^
iHli" «AS ESSiSyBj "— AS NOWHERE ELSE & , *-» ** *-
0n1y........ 91i30 Q»for<iß. sale price.,3>l »SFO Every eligible style tendency finds adequate expression in the Wraps, Suits, Costumes I • , .... . _ j
Fr«»P <khn» I /H-«»« "Kelly 1"" patent tip, the kind that I Jackets - Skirts. Waists now redy for your i^pection in oar famous women's apparel sections. .- 1-meilS OAd White GOOdS :- "-■■■■■-
May Paint Sale Monday $10.00,516.50 lS#!&m&-W^ $5, $8.98, $10 ri^i-Jl S^F'»"--—
XTJIUJT Ullll OUIC lTl\J»llViay . COR fin m 9^ W^ «*T*^'l9^^V J IjH <<P- 010 CO CIC lnch wMe. worth to $1.00 AA or Iron Beds; worth »| A A
This is the time for painting, decorating and retouching the home. We O&J.UU wM ■ ' jJsi£^'"^ •/^>^?T- r (-—^StK *5? 2 glZiOUi 0 0 yard- Special, yard . dfoC $2-00 each- Special. •-V | a O«f
handle the largest and best line of Paints, Enamels, Varnishes and C 1 f .t, , FvJ J%*& * U '^ifSfr^r m *. , • • White Goods- •--,-- ~.
Brushes at the lowest possible prices. Below you will find a few spe- belect one of these and . T /^'-= '>* J Jl^^tf^i 50 new styles just ar- 62. 66 and 70 inch Half Bleached 25c White Piciue SnecHl v<i «£;
cials in this line: - J P you can pride yourself yC^^^SM^^o^P^^^^^- rived. Tight fitting and Silver Bleached Table Damask, lie White Duck SDeci a 'v3"' r £ "
Golden Rule Ready-Mixed House ' Furniture Varnish, % pint, 10c; pint. on being attired in >J\ tf>>f ,7S^ f/r -> : 3tSC^SS\_ corset shapes, fly e rJ h. to 90c *"*■ CRa 35c White Persian Lawn Special •
Paint; every gallon guaranteed. 15c; quart, 25c. • strict accordance with . //7v\\ V\ '• i ™Ws'\^«^^lw fronts, half fitted and special O9U yard... ..". 25c
Special Monday, . OQ A Strictly Pure Boiled Linseed Oil; •■ fashion's dictates; the •/! l\\\ \\ \ \\£ vW/ J> .^VOW^\^^'iriSsW ■ box'coats, short and Hemstitched All linen. ivhienintii. 50c White French Lawn.'"special",
onl >' .............Osfo bring your can. Monday, «r? materials are silk taf- I |i \ \ \ \ V^^Ji » V^fW/'hsjS >H\N long, strapped, welted ' SsStly all llnw * fIJS Ie £iS »■««-—" •••' .....39c
Floor Paint same price. - per gallon 4OC eta and chiffon taf- M v\\ 1 W^-iOil V, \\\ W k&CyA''^ seams or plain tailor each ...... SI.BO «c White Embroidered Swiss.
Star Enamels, % pint, 12c: % pint Jap-a-Lac, the all-around /ejuve- ' feta in the ifewest \\ I '\ \ \ / //^.jA^^i^N^i '' Jd^iKAt^"-^ stitched, taffeta or ' Special, yard... :-..'.'. •.•:v.soc'-»
20c; pint, 35c. nator for floors, interior woodwork. shades of green, gray, / X\V V^^ '/W^' ff^V^ » soft satin lined, -. . '^ —————— —^—
Porch and Lawn Furniture Baby Carriages plaited or shirred. J^UVV^W/f ( i Wmlli WIV-'Sv^ T wO^IJ, OIUiUU neat shirting styles, worth -7 ior riano
Reed seat and back Porch Rockers. Headquarters for English Perambu- 6 ".^ 2?T .'fli\\\\ ?\^| <i j i If// ■ \llll\%^^ tIA Rfi tiflßfi "%C" SPCCIaI #C So on e-book St^Tv, '!'" A PUt '"
with arms; red or green painted; lators Baby Carriages Reclininir »n the newest effects '/M\\\\^V^v (I \■M \\%'&A*SB^Jl '.'.'v V 14.0U, 0 I O.OU 50 pieces of Fast Black Sateen, ,n" of , omM.sltVr n .he "?i; Any
regular price, $2.35. *T»> 4«» C iaiors- iiaDy carriages, ueciining to correspond. Every- '7^K*\\ \\■ * \^fc \ M WvJ*Bft,X -^ A< > * ... cashmere finish. Special for one one ,ot compositions Is worth as
Monday only:.. ..SI.OB and Folding Gocarts. The largest thin- about these J^V \\Y\ \x4iL \W " \AvSV«S^W Are giving the covert day, 12 yard limit V much as we sell this Folio for Mon-
Others at S3 00 $3.25 and up to $5. assortmnt. the prettiest designs stylish ilk dresses!' V||B\\\\ \\V\ \\v if \ XW'feS^W-^^ coats a hard race for 0n1y..... 5C Goodbv Little Girl, Goodby. IJ s -
Kjineis at 3>3.uu, $0.<:3 anu up to $a. . . ■ • ..-, _,;n i i- u t . li^lßFnW \ U\ \ V W \r \ \\ *v t*>vv^*^?*v^»o\. 6iinremacv • in favor ■ iioounj, i^ittle Girl, Goodby, Us
-314 foot Lawn Settees, nicely var- and all the latest patented attach- will delight you. jj|H\\ A \\V\ \ Xll / . X \N^^J^Nc^TN thfssmW Our show 10 ° »» leces of 28-inch Double Fold ten to the Brass Band. I'll Be Your
riished, only 69c; red or green paint- ments in Baby Carriages and Go- T .:, rtfwl «:..!♦ vi IH I' 1' A i\\ VVK . \ M\^v<^>?C''Virt in^is con«^n,Pntlv Schoolhouse Plaids, in all the. new Honey in the Springtime. Kate
ed, 85c. carts, and our prices are the lowest. L'° a » SUIt Ele" J»/ I\' \\ \X^ ' § W^r*KcS^ < a^broaderTnd £«£*£! styles, worth 15c. Special |A Kearney, Message of the Violet.
Bentwood Porch Settles, red or Carriages from $5.00 up to $40.00. %T« m Agsr .^ AW (A ■' I' W \^^^C 4- jN\K >^W4a c than ever b^?ore for this sale only. 1 ||G |ouj > BetheF^rof My Heart:
green painted: 4ft $2.60; sft Gocarts $2 up to $30.00. All have $22.50, $25.00 •#// \\\\ \^^^^JV\^^^U^^^^^ *$i . - "^" SSpSSSS£BBBpSSKBW
$2.95, 6 ft., $3.25. rubber tires. mo en ZJr '/// ' H \\r* % ITWAt NptY^T^ strapped, stitched or Lining Department You Are the Only. Only. Only, and ..
- ••.-.. _^ I Si/-nil $35 fin if// 1' I<' \\, > \\ . s^V* \X\ \\V^ shirred; in all colors „ A o . others; 15 compositions In all; the
rr 1 HArH\A7ArA IIAT\Ar»f monf " VUtiJU^UJiUU // // ,;» -• " V\S,^ W-. \\\ I \\ \VV W&=«==^ and all sizes. Extra Special— so pieces of 28-inch best book ever offered at 50c. Our
lasT^S rim.UWare i/CparulllcnU P«v vn,,r MOm .i, , (/# /r ¥ V A^^ll *--V-* ki 5 \\ X^. =Jlß~^ Fast Black Moreen,, fully mercerized. special price 4Q A
fl It is easier to keep the flies out than to drive them out after twte* or thr^Tmel }(lk / !1% L Jl^Y-^J //< \\ Xfe^^^ Am^Sfe fk^i SbTSaS o'nfv. SpeCial fOr 1 9C °^' ••1»C
I they once get in. Now is the time to provide the home with the price we ask, if £_'I^L %**■.&* /i* .\'^*fe=^=r * SAc Skirts at thL -"'- "nl> "^r^ .
g-S' screen doors and windows. -; .V ;;- : you will, but you can- --^ /? y '^^=^—^-— 3t98 ' 5 5 ' 5 6-75 Drug Sundries Writing Material
H■ if ;v-:^, Screen Doors not improve on the fit. =^^^^::^^^^^^^^ m^! g/^r^=?- .-.; «iOU| wi u.iJ DrUS Sundries *"*IS ****"*'*■«*.'
Hill Extra strong, 4 panel door, 1% inches thick, painted black . mente." They are mod- . * » liOll, *IU A fresh shipment of that Capital per^by'rhe'juire^iS*? Jhe'ap ?a-
Ma-.tlmtf , and covered with best quality wire cloth. Com- OC^ els of high art, most skillful tailoring, made of fine serges, Every new model of the season is represented, while the Castile Soap. The largest bar ever per of unknown reputation. These
i^m-iftm. Pletewith spring hinges, hooks and handle. Only OufU panamas, shepherd checks, voiles, Sicilians, mohairs, chif- materials comprise cheviots, mixtures, French voile, pana- ,sold '" s*- Paul at the rice- A are odd lots of papers from Geo. B.
mm gS?|f?^ii?^|S er HSl^ made °ver taKeti silk dr- rM r SIOiOO SgJlillll "©^.fs
~ »"«••.......%..._..... 9m\W\M Hi " ' 5T ai .'. V *"+****** sale price, a OR^ Envelopes to match. 25 in a glA'
Screen WindOWS OUR SPRING DISPLAY OF WAISTS- A Scene of Style New Crepe de Chine Waists, trimmed with lace and Pair.......................000 package. Sale price.......... SIC "J
Extension Screens made of hardwood, 24 inches high, and can be AA. and Splendor— beautiful new conceptions in silk waists medallions; black, champagne, light *Q C|| ', v Cifinn ammmmm^^m~ ~™'™l~—"™"™^■—————
I ustcd from 21 to 37 inches. Special price .....V.... aCUG that we have lately received revel in all the most exquisite blue, pink, white, etc. Two specials 00. JU AND 0 lUiUU P^rfprt R Afrio*ArAti<M\ JjlL'^.'' 'i "'!_""
■$% IfIWA Mowpr<; &**. A\ btyle effects for spring and summer. The splendid quality All-over Lace-Waists-Trimmed yoke effects, made over TCI ICi/L IVCII I^CI dUUII t^F^l^SSi^ '"
d4\ * ,i' m „,\; °WflrS ft of material, the high character of the workmanship, argue J? p *** lmin* These »re beauties JR QQ gnrj J7 7R Bc,lm Syphon System Refrigerators- SSi ffl^Bi<|
W^4 bei'tq^^lblX 8 Clinch JtfM>} -11 for their great practicability and serviceability. I^SSh^^ Manufactured -by the White Enamel a^r JSgB |p
pifeLS) mower tomorrow <£ OA A d580,\ 1-1 flnr di.nl» «i hi.i> I'vr •♦ , ;'• lace neck taffetas: real artistic creations at . Refrigerator Co., the only perfect re- M^S^fe
vfr^^Wn for $2 a OO Hlpf /W^? Our dis p> of high class Waists for every wear mirrors «1K flfl *1G Rn ClO onH COO Rn frigerator made. See them before you M^I&SMmI '
J/AvFV^ DLk v >lilia4rSp»V all the latest conceits from New Zork and Paris and form a 0 IO.UU, .01D.0U,-. JIo.OU 8110 OZZ.OU my . They are the cheapest because M 'T^&m' lI
/in) \ . Rubber HOSe fr^tJßs^t* BCene °f Btyle Blendor of fascinating fashion magnificence. White Sheer Lawn Waists—2o stylos, all new. made from they are the best.' All sizes from the M I iI '"
•■I) \l^ \..... ■ '-Slav 1 Hoeelsacood.3-r.lv hose and tfc'^'r&^^i. On? d<»M o(vl M Sn fin* uff^. . n KpBBHPW^-" -- " fine white sheer lawn, trimmed with clusters of pin tucks, smallest to R hotel siie. We are the JRI I JSgß^-1
(V Hvfe'J warranted^ for f „7. „,..■ ,'» ',aLi_ **=>*. >if P n uozen styles in fine tan eta and po-au do sole silk waists side pleats, embroidery insertion lace, with pretty f\t\ sl ln J n<JlQl Size. •V> c are me EoSi J^mf&tSR im*
■? ~.<*-SSS& oot :"- -' ' SO 4te*BM^4^/ in black and colors, new models. Special CR AA stock collar and cuffs: All new, fresh, clean and QBfl only agents for tins line in St. Paul. *|gL^y «*.«-,*•«
3ißgJMJiuuiLji iiiiPhiiwiwiiiHWß^Biißii'MMiiMMM '**''* _ ..-- . values at ;... «99nUVI complete range of sizes, value $1.50 to^2. Special at- *»*»« , Send tor catalogue.- x ' V7Zv "tteßest.''-

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