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■abject to examination. Examine It press of! flß| JfITL-'
it MriUfound entirely u >d end tbe tot "25 ' S S J •
offer jrou the same 14.66; solid waßratand'maple’, has** Ml
ribs, handsomely polished, celluloid edges, rosewood fin- Z MH Iff iff M
ger board, inlaid position dots, mahogany neek, Ameri- VP VP I .HH toRNHE, Wg (9 ■
Can patent head, beautiful buttetfly Inlaid with pearl: VP B 111
guard plate inlaid around sound hole; latest patent nic- 99 I *9HH nJ
kol plate sleeveprotecting tail-piece, extra aet bestqnal- MttlhathUJl ■§
ity stiver steel strings, and GuckerUs Book of Chorda. MR M HI B
with latest patent finger-board chart which teaches IRVETSI V B
anyone how to play. Write for musical instrument, *———T VI. B
organ and piano catalogue. SCfetlß W L4j-i\lV vH
Send 47 cents toi», * nd r W *s W c l o ß r?
subject to examination, examine It at your express office! MB _g^k
and if fouud exactly as represented and the best bar- 12J9 MBBSKIBiBSB! 11 *
gain you ever saw or BB jiHtj IThlr^V
ffMHPP heard of, pay the ex
press our special I^^^BBflß|^^^^Bß
the 47c P or riband 1 ®"
charges. a
regular 66.00 Guitar— I^^BHHIHBipHBB^HBBBBI
Mahogany finish,highly polished ana nicely Inlaid around
sound hole. American patent bead, best patent tall piece
powerful and sweet in tone; extra set silver steel strings,
Uuckort’e Book of Chords, with patent fingnrboard, t| |K Buys a 63.00 Combination Repair Your
which teaches anyone how to play. Write for musical ▼ Own Boots, Shoes, Harness, Tinware,
catalogue. Violins 97c and upwards, toy pianos 47c and etc., and save time and mousy. Do work for your
upwards, harmonicas Sc and upwards, strings lc and up- neighbors at odd times, and thus make your spare
wards, viollin cases 20c and upwards; best bargains in time valuable. Follow our printed directions and
musical goods on e.trth. you can put on half soles, repair shoes, harness, tin-
—— ware, etc. 44 articles, packed in a neat, VI fl ■
Cnnri /I p on f c with this ad and we w’ll send you strong bo*. Our price, per set...
OCIIU 4/ WClllo this Kalbe’s Imperial Accordion Needed in every family. Great time and money
by express. C.O. saver.
«amiDatfoD. to Ex- Our Combination i*3SSSiaa
w. HmSfmM at n?Ro , l. r j*!:* 3,oo, ?’ e , put up this combination and are far
K\ «be tter t°° ls than are commonly used in similar out-
B' &ts - , w ® make this outfit so good and so cheap that
acuy as repre- nearly every one sees it will want to buy.
sen ted, and the Price, per set SI IB
HB best bargain you 7 sets for . 7.»7
||B heard o?,pay the harness b °° t ’ shoe ’ rubfeer ’
cffl offer price .1! *i
charges. This is Well, well, and what will come to the ears of
a regular S7.GO F.,8. and H.next. Tha late ?tla a confidential state
wggr Accordion but ment by a representative of a manufacturer of an
JF weofferittoyou °lu. staple and standard farm Implement that
NT for $3.87. since retail merchants compelled them ta sign an
g No. BNCM. agreement not to sell their implements to supply
Medium size Ac- houses, they are now turning out precisely the
cordion-Bioad b!ack moMicg open action, nickel keys, same art iclo, made from the same pattern, same
new model golden bugles, corners and clasps, double material and bv the same workmen, but painted
hollows. 10 key j, 2 stops. 4 sets of reeds, Write for musi- and letter el differently, especially for supply hous
cal Instrument, Organ and Plano Catalogwo. es at 20 per cent, less than they got from whole-
saler< for tb» ronl thing.
Sond f.>r our free Musical Catalogue. Mention this 97e for a 201 b Box of Fin* Cracker*
I>a P c ' r * _ Less than 6c a pound for soda. Butter, or Ovtser
e , , , 7! ~ T" Crackers. The finest Butter, Soda and Oyter
Send for our new large Drug Catalogue, 9y s xll. It Crackers ever put on the market, at a price 50 uer
will stve you money and big money too. , cantlower than our factory-to-consumer mice
. 1, At the remark able low price of 97c a box you
STEEL BRICK SIDING. per square. $3.00. have your choice, and iu ordering be sure to state
Orders f..r more than live squares, $2.95. whether jo u want Soda, Butter, Oyster Crackers!
Tha Hilton Fancy Cassimerna.
No. 232—l oder this number we offer you the choice of three
great lines of Cassimere Suits. They are good w.nter weights and
the best goods of the season. They comprise a line of mixed over
plaids. brown and gray mixed and black and gray mixed. These
suits are cut single-breasted, louud-cut sack style; made full, no
scantiness, and tailored by the bi st tailors. No eastern tenement
house work, but the best workmanship. They have extra wide fac
ings Italian cloth lining, and have sweat pieces under arms. Will
give great satisfaction, Sizes 34 to 49.
Price for Suit $6.30
Price for Coat and Vest 4.35
Price for Pants 2!15
Tha Crown Cessimeras.
No. 21568. l uder this number we give you another choice of
Suits. Wc may say that there is nothing we have ever seen or of
fered before that can touch these goods in point of value, workman
ship, style and finish. They are made and cut by the most exper
ienced labor, the trlmmlrgi and interllningg are of the best materi
als and the wear will give great satisfaction. They consist of an all
wool black and brown check, light brown and tan; medium gray
mixture, with invisible p'aid and dark Oxford, with medium gray
serai-invisible Supe. Comes in round and square cut sack style.
Sizes 84 to 42.
Price for Suit $7.50
Price for Coat and Vest .’ 6.25
Price for Pants 2.25
The Plaza Sargas and Caasimaras.
No. 20716. These Suits comprise a line of goods that were in
tended to be sold for $15.00. Ocher houses are selling them as high,
but our output enables us to sell them on a very small margin of
profit and the balance of the 615 remains In the customers’ pockets.
This is a very neat black and brown checked serge, very dark brown
green and black Cassimete, dark brown checked Cheviot. These
goods are cut. made up, lined and trimmed in best possible manner
and the wearing qualities are of the best. Sizes 34 to 40.
Price of Suit $9.50
Price for Coat and Vest 6.65
Price for Pants .* 2 85
Write for Samples of ft IT A I nnjjr U Tako measures accord-
Everything in Men’s Un I ALuUUC 111. ing to instructions on
and Boys’ Clothing. back of our regular order blank.
hnc checked lining!
looks well give
You cannot afford to work on a farm full of
stumps and timber when _ _
you can get a machine that Na O H /
will remove them for ™
Our Smith Grubber is equal to machines others
ask ?100.00. Write us for information.
CE.t aa.75 41 M CLEAR YOUR
50m of ent ruw,« casILRLJP * , .
c™c«i£JSe.roiPDit23K3B ff land
*™* l TUMPS,
St. Louis White Lead, 3%c per pound.
• Men’s Fur
For the Fall and Winter sea
son of 1899 and 1900 we offer
the greatest assortment of Fur
Coats in the Northwest, and
at prices that are within the
reach of all.
No. cflOo. Gray Goat Coat, quilted lining. Each $9.25
Ko. c 606. Black Goat coat, quilted lining. Each $9.50
No. ofio7. Black Goat Coat, with Wombat collar, quilted
lining. Each .....$11.50
Jio. c6OB. Men’s Yellow Dogskin Coat, quilted lining
Each MUM
No. c6lO. Men’s Natural Black Dogskin Coat, quilted lin
Ing. Each $12.00
No ; c 612. Best Grade Heavy Furred, Natural Black Dog
■kin Coat, quilted lining. Each $16.50
No. c 613. Natural Black Dogskin Coat, with Wombat col
lar. Each $16.01
No. c6IS4. Men’s Natural Black Dogskin Coat, with Nu
tna collar and cuffs, Each $20.00
No. c 614. Men's Wombat Fur Coat, quilted lining, each $20.00
■No. c 615. Men’s Extra Grade Wombat Fur Coat, fine silver
collar, quilted lining. Each $23.00
No. c 622. Men's Australian Baccoon Fur Coats, quilted
I tii ll ®' recooon tail trimmings. A good coat and
fully warranted. Each sffi.oo
No. c 623. Men’s Raccoon Coats with quilted lining, plain
finished. Each ni.W
No. c 024. Extra Quality Baccoon Fur Coats, quilted lin
ing. Each $96 00
No. c 625. Extra Quality Baccoon Coat, quilted liniiig, Nu
tna collar and cuffs. Each r?*40.00
Mo. c626* Men's Extra Fine Quality Baccoon Coat, quilted
lining, unplucked Otter collars and cuffs. Each... $60.00
T. m. ROBERTS’ SUPPLY HOUSE, 717.719.721 mcollet avenge, MINNEAPOLIS MINN
ul , u K ar War go on. The spot cash which we pay brought us
f,ri«r«Vax 07 ~uatt ,V»t y and , w ? propose to give you the benefit. The
fs4 ° 7 por 1( n P° i und * M much below what out of town store-
U«t£ e fifo a ; re uu orn ? c 7 j 4 * I ?? y " ? n< * at t^s Price we are saving you
H?;!.t,!!. bb o FS * and retai ! ers profits. You cannot afford to miss
U‘l opportunity to secure best American Granulated Sugar cheap.
V\e only limit the quantity sold to each customer to 700 pounds. Buy
«Q7 q «« n inA y you J ant „ u, } to 700 We will fill your order at
,S® r JrF ounds - al:e up your order for groceries at once, and
‘“p Sj?!™Li u ‘ ra . r y ?'i n f ed - .s'bile the sugar refiners and jobbers
we to «°°d acco « n t by giving you Best
5 a . elaca . n Granulated Sugar cheap. We know you will appreciate it
aod send your orders for groceries to us.
100 lb sack for $4 97 This price is good for the
* E IoUGHT W |«ii*lf »«nSn*.y t A S T J?*" ®« 11 FOURD WHEN
? > ®sfi^o liT Remember the price, 21 lbs
ior »i.u.. Une lot of 21 lbs only to one customer at this price.
$7.77 ifni _ ok. Fig. 9016.
- ' r» v .
No. 10.
DESCRIPTION—SpeciaI C om plete Double Barrel Breech Loader,
top lever, snap action rebounding back action locks, walnut stocks,
checkered grip and fore-end, rase hardened lock plated and mount
ings, automatic shell ejector, blue steel barrels.
10 gauge, 30 or 32 Inch barrel, I'i to 814 lbs. Price $7.77
12 gauge, 30 or 32 Inch barrel, B‘/.t 3 9J4 lbs. Price $7,77
We can save you from 25 to ICO per cent on everything in the gun
and sporting goods line. Everything at. greatly reduced prices, and
at terms and conditions never before offered SEND FOR FREE
* A $ll.OO Overcoat for
fine Overcoats will be^ dressed*!*
isfaction in wearing perfect fit
ting garments.
lapped seams, raw edges,
deep facing of own goods outside
pocket and ticket with flaps, two
inside breast pockets tailored in
the correct fashion for autumn
and winter dress wear. There is
a great deal of clothing being ad
vertised mostly made in eastern
work houses, some call them pen
give them just what they should
No underpaid labor is employed
... in making our clothing; the re
sult is we get the highest class work. It costs you noth
ing to try us. >\ ell send you one of these splendid value
coats on receipt of 97c, balance C. O. D.. or if cash in full
accompanies the order and the coat is not found as repre
sented or satisfactory, send it back to us and your money
will be refunded by next mail after the coat reaches us.
Ask your banker, any express company or mercantile
agency regarding our responsibility. Colors are navy blue
or black. State color wanted. Sizes 34 to 44 chest meas
ure’ -ii rlce Sizes larger than 44 inches chest meas
ure will cost SI.OO extra. Send for our special clothing
catalogue M booklet of samples.' It is free.
Spe C j a |
Send 47 cents =====l
Examine it, at your express office and if not. exactly as
represented, and the most wonderful bargain you ever
saw or heard of, pay the express agent our special offer
price $2 57—less 47c or s2.lo—and express charges. This
is a REGULAR $3.00 Stradivarius model Violin—richly
colored, highly polished, powerful and sweet in tone;
complete with fine bow, one extra set strings, violin case,
rosin and one of the best instruction books ever pub
lished. Write for musical instrument and organ and
piano catalogue.
Over (3,000) Three Thousand Air Tight Stoves bought by
us for cash. ORDER QUICK.
S .y ’ No. Brts. Steel
/ts body, extra heavy
g steel lining, size 14
111 *20x20. Our price,
> jmauw $1.77.
g) No. M2s. Russia
body, extra heavy
Ji lining,
M 14x20x20. Our price
3 $2.90.
•r\. No. Bhe. Steel
L body heavy
■ steel lining, size 17
111 x24x24. Our
B No. 212 e. Russia
body, extra heavy
IF Send for our 954
m xI2V«, 112 page
Stove Catatogue.
Our prices on Stoves Beat the World.
Our Roberts' Woiltrfil Air Tight Heitors
Have many special features not found in any other so
called heater. Our phenomenal sales of this heater last
year were never equalled by any other stove we ever hand
led, and in every instance they have given perfect satis
faction. They are well lined with heavy sheet steel and
have no weak points exposed to the fire to bum out. Our
faculties for their manufacture has been almost doubled
over last year and yet we would advise you to
Roberts’ Wonderful Air Tight Heaters.
24-inch steel heater without rails..... -Price ®*®h.
28-inch steel heater without rails 4 95
24-inch stdel heater with nickel rails "" 5*45
26-inch steel heater with nickel rails s’gß
24-inch planished iron without rails : K'4s
28-inch planished iron without rails. 5*051
24-inch planished iron with nickel rails
28-mcb planished iron with nickel rails 6M
aabjact to exAinlsaUoa. Yea cad titinlasH at tom KMiitfwUkt, dcawh H lFhMd mfaedv 1117
equal to machiali m!1
r? ewar baatrt of, pay yoar .or banker ■ il
xbajnachlaa wrighs UOpoanda and the freight MBB^^BBiHi^lMfei^r
Sottas* wSTretan your $15.47 any day yon are not aatjjflad. Sad fo/ < f?ee > SewSg*
meofeSTMr SriSSTI'M&mSSs® 1 ™ c<m,,#nu who °° py oar “dvertiaeinents, offerin * unknown
the blue ribbon tBIBH*
I Point of every high grade machine made, with the defects of ffllT I■% BUI SS. .
o none. Made by the beat maker in America, from the beat AAI ■ - ■
o mater.al money can buy. Solid quarter-aawed oak. drop Bl - ■■ a 3
• desk cabinet, piano polished, one illustration shows ma- WM »I o* u
fl ?i OBe ? (need dropping from sight) to be naed aa confer Ifl^—^»^m7»»ia
VTvwBI j u table, standior aeek, the ether open with full ength tibls _ 2 a
R *£j! ■■Jl ■ |2/« iH and bead in place for sewing, gonr fancy drawers, latest 1899 akelo-
a S’g I I ll'r | 1811 ton frame, carved, paneled, embossed, and decorated cablaet finish 1 JIU a 3
•S-®'® 111 .I . IMBI finest nickel drawer pulls, reete on four casters, ball bearing sd- 1 nmii IHHC
blew' HH 111 IB tr * ad if’ genuine Bnarth laon stand, finest high am bead, positive 4-motion feed, self-threading
> oI il vibrating shuffle, automatic Uobbtn windw, d; bearings, patent tension liberator, li .<rovea
■* e S 2 D 1 ■_ wh«e«, adjatvanie pressor foot, improved anutile carrier, patent needle bar, patent dress guard
MUBHHIIIC head 19 t»*ndaomely decorated and ornamented, beautifully nickel trimmed. a “
45 I .. Guaranteed the lightest rgnnteg. most durable and nearest noiseless machine made. Every known
fl' •►.achment la fimilsbed and ourgree instruction book tells just how anyone can run it and do either
it rear* wmu sstmiss *J laJn or a ? y klll f of fancy wcrki< .A 20-year binding guarantee la sent with every machine.
. *T COSTS TOU NOTHING to see and examine this it with those yonr storekeeper sells at SIO.OO to SBO 00 and
theni If convinced you are aavingßS to S4O. pay yoßs freight MeaMhe $19.47. we to return your $15.47if at any time within three
months you say you are not satisfied. Order to-day. Don’t delag. Read about the Roberts machine on this pags re
ii Fig. 89045,
Our Price, $42.75 let. NHI BN
Farmers’ Delight Combination Oscillating
Platform Spring Wagon.
808 SLEDS.
~^t,?l ve i be7ovv ?V r new an d revised line of Bob Sleds. We have dropped our last
j ears Duckoo and have in Its place our new Mandt Osoillator. The reason for this
■ at y 5 ’ 0 are confident that the steel knees on thfe Mandt will give much more
satisfaction than the cast knees af the Cuckoo.
Important Notice In Regard to Shipments. For the benefit of our customers whose
towns are located on the Great Northern or the Northern Pacific Railways west of
Minneapolis, we wfll ship their bobs direct from the-factory at St. Cloud, Minn., thus
saving you quite an item of freight. Of course our customers who are located south
or east of us, or for those whom cannot save freight by snipping trom the faotory, we
will snip from pur stock in Minneapolis, and you will only be obliged to pay freight
trom Minneapolis. Please take note of this, and be sure when you purchase your bobs
you non t buy from firms who ship from the factory entirely and which will necess
itate you paying a great deal more freight.
Fig. 35904. ,
Minnesota, Wisconsin
Tt u ?, d Montana, where great strength Is needed without much oscillating,
f* “ S J™P ,P * n Its construction, strong and duraole. The runners are 2x6 Inches, 7rt.
tho ,i rU Siv?ri n ?l l f fo u n d start plus, held in place by wrought-lron straps.
weightTbout «^tKmnds htte t mber ’ P aint «d blue, and well varnished. Shipping
Price (either F. O. B. St. Cloud, Minn., or Minneapolis) $13.47
Fig. 35906. R feg ’
slf.qtjon. strength Mid
equal, it made on very similar lines to our First last wbirh
Seat\riiltetlmber'lnH 6^ Up ‘ he W manSw,not&itSbut
5°o n T®n& ;
Woods. f or 1 N«r^\ Tote ;;::;.% 4 5 7
B "yfi
nearly through tlie runner. Tbe lower i,nrt“,ft 1i.,.2.a2.,. and pas*
fastened to the runners by bolts passing through shoe nnH «, are outward and
thus secured will stand an enornmous stmin TW tnl? runner. The knee being
horn, which servo to hold thosklds ln lodging T There * >n s truct « l< i with a curve
t.d to the ends of the beams of the Boss, which prevent CaS f ?L ates bo '-
and are so formed Mat when attached to the beam th»v ««■ p , llttl , n ' 7 . of J he wood,
open ng of the knee, and in this way and in com&tionVfh e .vf ye <? r
lar give 1 he runner a perfect independent movement or to “ l kln . lu the co!-
Boss strand upright, and do not require a™ na reaeh^fk^ii 1 JL io , Tl J e s)eam5 )eam °^ tbe
tors to brace them, and interfere iwthtlfeir oscllfation • many inferior oscilla
te rough the beam, the only waythat gives iiSSSLmSSi. nce, Js e bobs ar ? coupled
oscillation than auy other sled made * Witl. «n^ e iv. e^, < ( <> i to ® acb runner, and has more
tatched to any of our sleds, the K can ho Unif » Ulon . reach whlch can be at
user, without danger of breaking it, as in tbe a “ fc tb i® co nj en > enc e of the
on the market ten years. It is made of the best White « b h aS v been
Iron-will increase Its strength, and well finished Ua “ limbcr 7 ironed whenever
We have thr « sizes, as follows:
NO'Mi es P cl a lly ( de«gn^ t tor r Montana?Ma^h?oto’ < N(* t t^Dal«^aL ) T.nd N th
?o«nd S s? ta Eac T h net 2 ® hBS a 2x6 9 - ,oot rttnner ’ ** 4W
No. 2, built expressly for use in Southern Minnesota.' lowiL' sV>ntW' ‘ " *\i * 15,20
No. 3, a stiii lighter Boss, intended for same territory as Nn V ” tin* V»r Viz' 14.17
wJ!]? nne !'’ 3 feet , ontb e run . weight 300 pounds. Each net 2 ' Has Zt6 4 * foot
Woods only, not ironed and In the white, per set ’ n ** 13 <0
jW (JLSOBmS e offerodr new Mandt Oscil*
”L—ll Stf i«tfng Bob Sied as the Best Os
* -* * cHlatkig Sled known to the
Mandt Bob this season in place of our last year’s Cuckoo as we halSuTl tbe
on this Bob will give much better ..SonSSSJuToSfcSfiSoick™
The runners are absolutely independent of each other i»«r wJiI! „ <Juc .*?P*
against obstructions, but going over them with eassTand without ■Trtraln P th?iol&[
coring tbe easiest draft and making It the easleet running sled m.nnhK.VnwH thus se "
We carry this Bob in two a zes. 5 and 6 foot runners * manufactured.
(Prices either F. O. B. St. Cloud, Minn.,\or Minneanolla )
5-foot runners, per set $13.27* *6 foot £t.! ... siaoo
This Sled is made from While
. ' , Oak timber, and is stroDg as Its
name indicates. The runners
, , are solid, bent from 2x4 timber
4M feet tong, cast shoes, two knees to each bob: extension reach, 20 inches high to
top of bolster; very strong. Well made and finished and painted red. Has no supo
rior and will give the best of satisfaction to those In need of this style of sled. P
(Pric©, either at St. Cloud, Mldu., or at Minneapolis) each $10.77
Made to meet the increasing demand upon us by those who want the best and will have it. Hundreds have
appreciated our effort m tins job alone t and are now using them. Finished in the best possible manner; they
are beyond comparison and above criticism.
Axle—lX inch, double collar, steel. Body—34 inches wide, 7 feet long, 8)4 Inches deep, ironed on top, round
Iron corners, framed body, drop tail gate. Dash—No. 1 patent leather. Forgings—Norway Iron. Gear—Sin
gle reach, made extra strong, thoroughly braced. Painting—Black body, with transfer, dark green gear.
Seats—Round comers, adjustable forward or back. Bprings—Best oil tempered. Trimmings-Real leather,
cushions and back. Wheels—Sarven patent or shell band. 40-44, D 4 inch heavy steel tire, round edge. With
pole unless otherwise mentioned. Our price in Minneapolis, $49.47 net. With leather quarter Extension Tod
add $17.85 extra. With canopy top, add $13.95 extra.
Best Granulated Sugar, 100-ib sack for $4.97 21 lbs only to one customer at £is price! 0t
Fig. 39909.
Fig. 79006
Hie Mandt
Oscillating Bob.
Uaaarlntiaß, Body
painted blaek, finely
varnished, 7 ft. 2 Ins,
long, 34 Inches wide
with drop tail gate.
Both seats moveable,
two fnll lazy backs.
Oil tempered, tested
and warranted spring
Gear painted dark
ure water green, handsomely
striped and thoroughly Ironed.
Double dollar, 1H Inch ateef
axles. Bolts, forgings, and clips
genuine Norway Iron, Imita
tion leather trimmings. Barren
patent, 1H inoh wheels. Front'
wheel 40 Inches, rear 44 inches.
Beveled steel tire 1H Inches.
Price with pole, In Minneapolis.
No. P 008, our price $42.75 net.
With shafts, only $ll.OO.
With both pole and shafts, add
Don’t forget we ship from
Minneapolis and save you
AfL n have advanced their prices on
UIUCIO Pa ri° r Stoves, but our contract
y _ with the manufacurers compels
them to furnish us with these, so we can sell
then at a small profit at $21.41, $24.27 and $27.77.
®3fe=The greatest bargain ever offered.
Fig. 278.
Sash Weights, from 3 pounds up to 20 pounds,
lc per pound.
Subject to change of market without notice.
Sold_ as they are marked and not actual weight.
Silver Lake Sash Cord, 25 cents a pound.
Storm Sash FOD W£?S Bi3 V »J W 0
at Wholesale Prices... g? SSL » liEEMEiiE if
Prices are for sash Glazed. Iw£i, }•§ to&l.V.’. '. 'SHB Ztui f S
EIGHT LIGHTS IN SASH. !'.!!ii!] JIM ®x£ 3-o*4 \ JJ
. Order No. 19044. 12xffl 23x8-10 1.07 20x30 «>J4 x 5-8 I.S
Sire of Outside 12x22 §3xl2 1.17 ~..2-0)5 x 5-10 .TO
Glass. Mearore. Each. 12x24 Mx44 1.81 g*24 2-2*4 *441 .86
10x12 2-0)4 x 4-6 1.05 12x28 2-5i5-2 1.47 £2x2B 2-2*4 x 5-2 1.50
IStlg,.,. i-■.. .24*5 x 5-10 1.80 14x24 £9x4-8T 1.48 ?*x24 2-4*4x44 .41
TWELVE LIGHTS IN SASH. 14xM **x400.".:...:. 1.62 *4x2B .24*5x4-10 1.55
e> . Order No. 19043 a. 14x28 2*W 1.80 g*?& £4)? *54 l.fi
Site of Outside 14x80 20x54 ..1.87 24x80 24*4 x 5-8 : .79
OlMe. Measure. Each. TWO LIGHTS IN SASfi. 2**32 24*4 x 540 1.98
sueo* ol t. m. Roberts’ supply House,
:::::::: 1:“ fe ifor. SE& 7.7-7.0-72. wcoiiet av#.,
10x14 2-10x5-2 L 67 16x25. 441*4x4-10 1.19 niimeapolls. - Minnesota.
The Improved A large stove takes less fuel than a email one for heat alren. Bear infcnind in or-
You would be proud of either of these Parlor Stoves. The pictures give
mm %# A ■¥* | CAS Sent O. O. D. on receipt of 97 cents, you to pay
IWI Or I I balance to your banker or freight agent on arrival at your depot.
IVI ■ \9 I | P n r i°f«» Heater Ti l ** s built to produce powerful heat with great
wJRKmI u fuel. Correct proportions; artistic ornamentation. All sizes are doable
For hard coal onlv S“>l 41 97 *97-7 iHI i xJEw ;L ea t. ers -' , ve air circulating flue. and heat may be carried to room above by attach
ror Hard coal only. $-,1.41, $24.27, $-7.,7. JESSSmjL ing a pipe to collar on air flue and running it to a register In the ceiling. This pipe
One of the best heaters In the mar-
ket at a mod erate price. As our Greatest Leader for 1900—A wonder of value, the greatest achievement in
imßwjjl stove-making of the season. From this large illustration, printed from an engraving
. . -a. *» a photograph taken direct from the stove, you can form some idea of the extraore
a H dlnary valuewe are offering in a high grade heater for this
o . g « !> season, but the stove must be seen to be appreciated. You
*2 O l a “,f: arce,y ima « iQ e how it is possible to build a stove for
® ■ j_ tnelittie money we are offering this to oar customers.
•x o o iv. ll' ,J"a™ of the Stove Industry-There Is not a maker of
“» p-, America that will not see our catalogue end
5 a -M >» >TOiE be attracted by this most extraordinary offer, and the most
c & A*C 3 .CTr/C-Tv astonishing thing will be how It is possible for any one to
a 1 Cw make the stoves for the money.
wo U 5 Si Has nickel plated high ornamental base, nickel plated side
:s 5Ss B ias ?, 2s l, * e
•• 10 o| w* crat *
***• R»ouat of Money with Vour Order.
* -m Vf* *.* you prefer, send hut 97 cents, balance to be paid after
(y received, and if you do not find you have got one of the
p ® Handsomest heating stoves yen ever saw, suoh a bargain as
a. fe •« y°« never saw or heard of. such a stove as was never seen in
„ v. -4 »■ your section at anything like the price, you are at liberty to
M q g return it to us and we will cheerfully refund your money.
A o”5 o o _ Pfl 2* «.!•* of tho Improved Mystic Base Burner
15 £ .3 *oW Food Parlor
2 vi _ +*
■5 II .s O o Catalog Dlam. Floor Wt. lbs. p .
* No flre pot- at collM. orated. Prlce
ȣ+* c s 12*4 e-tn. 20x2s 253 *21"41 *
s H gl- OnPHUUBiHHH 188 e-in. 22x25 »?
§43 p I*B 46 6-ln. 26x28 337 27.77
,2 ?£ St nMHMIBHH Wo oaa always furnioh Roaoira for Mystles.
” Kemem ber every stove we sell is covered by a written bind ing
- guarantee, by the terms of which, if any piece or part gives
E. out by reason of defeot in workmanship or material wo will
o g replace it free of charge. We guarantee our price below any
o_ kind OI competition, and if you do not find it so on receipt
Of stove you can return It at our expense and we’ll refund
your money.
m cohtaihihr m pares.
s Patronize Our Dry Goods Department.
.. have the largest and best assorted and lowest priced
gs . line of Dry Goods any where to be found. Samples will bo
oS furnished, on request, of anything you may want, and we iu
comparison with the goods ofother houses. See our new
vail and Winter Line of Dress Goods. Plaids wilt be in great
VnMMinOi u®®*nd this coming season. We have them in all kinds
Ell ~ cheap. Cotton Serges, nice for children’s knockabout dresses;
/0: Hit 1 ... fn Crepe effect#; Silk and Wool Mixtures: Shawl Plaids
Mi. Aggf \" - "V’-'Sto-. lin ,- and Golf Plaids. Our line of Black and Colored Nov
jCz-ISSfM 1 IftaJL. eltiee Is the prettiest of the season. Our Black Cre.
4y S BR g pons are superb. Send for Special Catalogue L giv
*nK full descriptions and prices. Everything new and
fresh, atoiotly up to date and always lowest priced.
SAMPLES FREE. Send for free samples of every-
MIM thing in Dry Goods, but when sending for samples
*%:-Dsfll please state what particular kind of ary goods you
\ -*» **a*-*t.:aj* u want. Do not simply sav. "Send samples of Dry
• V.- ***-- CT TT*‘'Goods.
inn nsWWs nWnraMSii HtirnarSi niaislilS'Swsaaihw i
T. W. <IOBgirrB , tBUPPLY HOUSI, Mlnmapollt, WWIniS
Hundreds of cars shipped. Try ns.
- Promntreturns. We sell yenr Corn,
JES afTpr JhnlnlßnHrßiMmiß Flax, Shy, Wheat, Barley and Bye
Ship to us and send us the shipping
reeeipt as it starts. We will sell it
for cash and send you the proceeds
at once. We can tare you the dealers’ profit, as we sell on the same market, at the same price.
Cut this »1. out end seed tons end
go will sond you this HIGH GRADE 1
Roberts’ 'SOO-lb. Platform Soslo by HH 4 I
freight, C. O. D., subject to oxomins- W I ■
. tion, you can axamlna It at your H W
freight dopot and if found perfectly H
satiafactory, exactly as represented A
and equal to ecalas that retail at HM rtm J* ■ *
$25.00, pay the railroad agent our U A B
z I
■hipping weightlslfiolba. Tholtob. HH Q)
arts’ for farm, store or warehouse is A S
the best platform scale made, guar. A
anteed ten years and fßll last a S
time. Will rgL ©
weigh - , A
lbs. by &
ing al 1
furnished, B
brass beam
from X to
GOO lbs., beam capacity GO lbs., has Brass Sliding Poles.
Platform is 16x24 inches resting on adjustable chill
bearings, has Denton steel pivots, most sensitive, as
curate and durable soale mads, mounted on four
large wheels, they are nicely painted and ornamented
s?d beautifully finished throughout. Every farmer
will save twioe the cost in one season by weighing the
grain he sells and bays. ORDER AT ONCE before
the prioe is advanced. Catalogue of scales free for the
asking. Address, m _
fl If lob«n>* Supply How, UlMsapoUs. Kiss. I
<* Order as No. 821.
floss si asm Q7r and we will send you this
® Bnu "* ® ,U combination Kitchen
Table and Flour Chest C.O.D. Our price for
this handy kitchen article is only $4.50. We ship
them out subject to examination, and if found
to be exactly as we represent them and satisfac
tory in every way, you pay the agent the balance
sß.s3,and the table is yours. If not as represent
ed, you may return at our expense. These ta
bles are one of the handsomest pieces of kitchen
furniture made, in fact they are a kitchen nec
essity. They are made of hardwood with a 80x48
inch white wood top; balance of table except
top is finished in antique gloss. They have two
large bins each holding 50 lbs; can be used for
flour, sugar, potatoes, apples or bread, two
drawers partitioned for spices or knives and
forks; has two sliding boards which yon can
use as kneading boards, to prepare roasts, carve
meats and many other purposes. We ship these
tables knocked down, weight 95 lbs. When full
Amount of cash accompanies order we will al
low a special discount of 25c. Order at once.
Price, if 97c is sent, balance C’O.D., $4.50 Price
if full amount of cash accompanies order $4.25.
Send for our furniture catalogue, we can save
you money.
•HMD rr OEWTti
Ont this ad. out and Mud
- i hy freight, O.
§I«A to examination,
mine it at the freight
>t and if found per.;/
freight agent Our wDaclat
Price,'s9.B7, lem Fh“ kfc*!
® r *B»oOand freight charges. The mill weighs MOlhs
Every Mill lacpvsrad. by a binding cuai*
wln< ** mors shsks, carries non imtt
«*'»«?![• •aAJwtMr work than any mill yon
can buy for MD.GO. Will separata wild seed from wheat
in one operation, will separate thefonTseeae, such as
mnstard, pigeon grass, eto., from flax on onoa going
through the mu I. It is a perfect oleaner of clover and
Made of the very best material. We far.
i* °?® wl . r * wheat hurdle, three sieves, wheat
f?J^ 811B h, wh * a . t -? r £?T'' °? r ? “d oat sieve and barley
sieve. Capacity, DO bushels per hour. 88.07 is our
specialoner prioa Order at once. Writs for free
Agricultural &Ulogne.
or. U. Soterti* Bafply Eoute, ut-nr>.pMi t _ ib» r f
|fl|ilns la Mon’i Clothing
DM Salts teDlosb
■■ Hi
Btylal. BtyleS .
No. 1467. Men’s Fine Cam!
w Bare Salts; mods doabl
<l3 Ss3r*S.'^Sfif?la
am brown with a
linD of Dame goods, giy.a,
\th% suit a frj nobby appeal
ifnco. The suit is well mad
1|B«9 x&’ffiJWi&'T&s
HflHfl Balt; with farmer’s aatin iin
Bfllnf, extra wide French fat
-?& jnsrsL £
mm / k«*4 ««t fMk. fltrl. 1
Wml S3£!S $5.5(
H I*o, Mw’. All Woo
Cheviot Round Cut Bed
Balt; brown mixed overplxld
fine serge lining, Frenot
■ ■ fpjsd seams, aweat urn
H shields. Tha wondar el
it* H wonders. All sixes 84 to 88
ig.sr.„. v $6.5c
So. 8000. Men’s All Wool
tgiS pfer!? $6.50
No, 2m Fine Oasslmere Boalnese Suit. This
Be* Aval ian cloth lining, French faced seams,
$ 7 - 3 s
No. 054. Fine Allwool Black and Brown Oassl
mareSults;pattern U a MaalLchcok aad makes
an_extrsm.lv stylish wHTWs carry thia in
aither .round or square out sack sty lea; French
•food Beams, fins farmer’s satin lining, sweat
places under arms, eoraed seams, flap pockets,
f **ry serviceable salt end thoroughly well made
A!i Wool Cessimere Business Baits;
nave In this number an extra good salt for
inees aad t summer wear; made of fine all wool
g—twyithu pattern.ia a vary neat combina
tion of light brown end plaid; the
Kyle is round cat sack, f aimer satin lining, satin
t® pad seams Siam 36 to 42 obeet mens are, except
Mxe ßo. Style $12.00. (q rn
Olosingst, per salt Ipo.OU
No. SOM. Very Fine All Wool Oeseimere Saits;
tifue of very handsome all wool, light brown
mixed camimara; style reand cat sack, good
Ymmor satia lining, corded seams, flap pockets.
Bom»nd streetwear. Sixes, 84 to 42 chest meas*
MW—••••« S B - 50
R “ WOO1 * The beet
Northweet and no wear out to itj
Rto4i n wSrthsK!oo. Site l ?S“
Cloatnaprice «pi.DU
»xi y* TJ ?*T k Bnwa. Gre?n and Black
**suit for
particular people. It isTwolf made and fitting as
tto best custom goods shown by fashionable tail
°& . W V I fj v « squally m good fatlsfaction at
abont one-half the price charged by them. The
myle is round cut saok; fine farmer satin lining,
French facings, satin piped seams. Sixes, 89 to
•hcheat measure. Style L Worth $15.00 <6q rri
Olosingst, per suit JptJ.OU
* 7MJ. Men’* imported Dark Brown Cheviot
The pattern Is a neat overplaid. Style,
cut sack; suds to Nil for *15.00. Sixes, 94
ea quickly., - $9.30
51976. Fins I&ported Cheviot Suits; patters,
*nd green overplaid i silk and mohair sern
t satin Pipings; all seams double silk
RT^c^rS- wortbTiT. 00 - SIO.OO
9»°r?*y #r *? llniuß, quilted satin under col lor.
Ja: *.r!;..!r sn.oo
sai ? ,n 'l Navy Blue Cotton and Wool
Mixed Cheviot Suits. Single breasted, round
style, as per out. Piped seams, flap
ISrr kSb"A*“o?X.?J2;~ $2.50
, Men’s Navy Bine Birdseye Wonted
Baits. Style is ronnd cat sack as per style 1; good
farmer's satin Unisg. with satin piped seams,
fia? pockets, eovered buttons. This salt ieall
Sitton.bat very strong and durable for every
ay wear. Sixes, 85, 87, 98. 88 and 44 cheat
measure. Style 1 Worth 85. Closing S3QQ
ST. LOUIS WHITE LEAD, 3ke par lb.

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