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•* tk# Ol«eat of Kmm(
tt«u f»r Gmllbc Tartou
On* of the oddest of reeent in
ventions is a refrigerating egg, as it
Might be called. It is an ovoid cap
sule of nickel-plated copper, about
the sise and shape of a hen's egg,
hollow and nearlj filled with water.
For use, it is frosen, so that its con
tents become ice.
If jrou have a glass of milk that is
not cold enough, you do not like to
put iee into it, because dilution with
water spoils the beverage. But, if
you have one of these eggs handy,
you may drop it into the glass, and
m a few moments the liquid is re
duced to the desired temperature,
is the same way you may cool your
cup of eoffee, if it is too hot, and the
Idea la equally applicable to any
■other drink.
Many people nowadays are disin
clined to use iee in their drinking
water, beoeuse it may contain germs.
All danger is avoided by dropping
one of these metal eggs into one’s
i umbter.
The refrigerating egg, according
to the Saturday Kvening Poet, is a
little less than full of water, so as
to allow for the slight expansion of
the liquid in freesing; otherwise, of
course, the capsule would burst.
After being filled, the capsule is
seeled so perfectly that no one can
«ell where the opening was, and
thus it is absolutely water tight.
Such an egg, of metal, it la said,
wan hardly be broken, and ought to
last forever.
•a TUlenfcea* Mel DM Hot Rotnra
AAalrer*a Kiss Over
Hi* the Wire.
With a blush the young girl at
the telephone branch took the round
black clasps of rubber from her ears,
eays the Chicago Daily News, and,
turning on the girl beside her
amused, shocked eyes, she said:
' "Maggie, he did it again!”
‘The rascal!” said Maggie.
‘''And, Maggie, do you know what?
Ha’s told some of his friends about
it, and now, in calling him up, they
' do it, too, if I happen to make the
- connection.”
■“Gee!” said Maggie.
“‘Now, Maggie, I won’t stand for it
much longer. I'll give him a call,
-ft'a so silly—l don’t see what fun he
•gets out of it. lie does it every
'morning. 'Good morning, Miss
danche,' be says, laughing a little,
as soon as I answer his ring, and
then he makes that sound like a kiss,
mnd laughs and waits. It’s a kiss;
**it*s a kiss all right; a kiss sounds
•very plain and real over the wire,
■and I suppose he expects me to kiss
tiim back. I don’t, though. I’m not
■co foolish. If it was the real thing,
wow, why, then—”
"That's what,” said Maggis.
Woman Mi Fan* Work.
It is said that fully 500,000 women
are employed in the western states as
harvest laborers and general farm
hands. This is accounted for by the
numerous improvements in agricultu
ral machinery, which enable a woman
to do the work as easily as a man, and
also by the large number of women
who own farms and manage them
themselves. This is especially true in
lowa, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska and
Minnesota, where there are farms of
1,000 acres belonging to women. Per
sons who are acquainted with life in
these states assert that in many cases
thO women make more money out of
the farms than did the husbands or
fathers from whom they inherited
Ttrarlaia's BBnoatoß Hoarroes.
Virginia has more educated ne
groes than any other state in the south
in which disfranchisement for race rea
sons has been adopted or proposed.
Vp In the Air.
It is one of the peculiarities of travel
hy balloon, says the IdleT, that you do
fiot feel anything; all is still with you,
410 matter how fast you may be going.
You see, you are riding with the wind;
you more as fast as it mores; you are
part and parcel of it, whether you wish
to be or not. Jt takes you in its em
brace so firmly, yet »o softly, you do
not know it is there. You may be in
the teeth of a hurricane, but you never
know it; all is calm and placid with
. I
' /A - fg
§= JMTit €
©I n o
8 8 fgsfif o
= B|Bl ilpJa >
W n rfk'* B*prO 5-3 P
__ 8 at *og®si “T 1
«>§, 2* * * ,
Kft OB S'ftS ■
£» BS?3 =sfl|l H
2.2 ♦S'- 5 2*2 5?7
r • S • 5 S-» ® »oj T*
O ;-5: •* f|*is 5
• lilt — 1
St? : a: a £ll SB m
f|? : f 1 s ||fS||3
a t s 3: s. o's.n'sg*? 1
*°* : 3 : 3 gS|gfl Q
<y>? :« : * ?mS§l§ X
rM ' <
€0 €B ll|lg C*
“5 IO CO
si <0 <0 |i|s»
si ctoi
O Genuine Taylor
q gjC Combined Heroine
_ ter and Theromoter.
Theee inetruments are made by the
■ | firm that makes the instrumente of
It*** U. 8. Weather Bureau. Each one
le teeted for accuracy before being
eent out and le GUARANTEED TO
12x81-4 In., hard maple polished
frame. They will accurately forecast
every change In the weather (besides
snowing temperature) and will save
you many do’lars every year by giv
ing you n. tieo of aoproachlngsto me
The regular price is 81.00, but for a
Ushort time we will mall to any ad
dress on receipt of 89c. ORDER QUICK.
400-410 Jackson Bt. BT. PAUL, MINN.
Am EegMsk Woman Telia Her Cess
trywemm About What She
ZT> Ate While Here.
Au English woman who visited Amer
ica s short time ago has been telling
her countrywomen about the “strange
food across the water.” Of course she
discovered green corn, but she had
been quite prepared) for that. Oyster
crab# were quite new to her.
'They look like Boston baked beans,”
she explains, “but they taste much bet
An oyster cocktail filled her with awe
and enthusiasm. She tried it at Del
monico's and thought it was soup. Of
course, in England, one didn’t serve
coup in a glass, but then neither did
the English serve boiled eggs in a glass.
One could never be sure of Americans.
Of canvas back duck she has a poor
opinion, but thinks she might like it
better if Americans would have it
cooked, or even warmed. As for terra
pin, she sings its praise. She found it
much like calf’s head, and she always
liked calf’s head. Shades of Mary
land gourmets, what a slur is there.
“All the puddings in America are
pie or ice cream,” she says, but it must
be understood that pie cfloes not mean
game pie. The Yankee pie » a tart and
is übiquitous, she explains.
She sat next to an American man
who ate a lump of cheese with his
strawberry pie and turned a plateful
of ice cream over both, but she doesn’t
know that that is a general custom.
The oysters were good, but had moat
impossible names, and the cockles,
meaning clams, are excellent. On the
whole Yankee food and cooking are
good, but there is too much food on
the table at one time.
Meals* ns Mend Armed Roolotaaeo
Hat the Ranster# Helped Ka
force Regulation#.
Last year, says the writer of an
article on “The Texas Rangers,” in
Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly, there
was an outbreak of smallpox in the
Mexican quarter of Laredo, and the
inhabitants would neither be vac
cinated nor would they permit the
smallpox patients among them to be
removed to the hospital. Capt. Rogers
and seven rangers were ordered to the
scene to enforce the sanitary regula
tions. The Mexicans organized and
armed themselves to resist. As soon
as the troop arrived in the town Capt.
Rogers, with one man, went to the
street in which a smallpox patient
was located. As he was walking up
the street he was shot from cover by
a Mexican, who was promptly killed
by the private who accompanied the
captain. The sound of firing brought
the remaining rangers to the scene,
and they advanced up the street, firing
as they went. Hundreds of armed
Mexicans had gathered in the street
to kill off the hated Americans, but the
back-door exodus that accompanied
the advance of the rangers would have
ludicrous, except for the accompany
ing spectacle of the wounded Mexi
cans, a half-dozen of whom were left
in the street after the rangers had
passed. The official report of the affair
naively concludes: “After this the
removal of smallpox patients was an
easy matter.”
Ov<clm(*4 hr n 6row« •( California
end Known ns the M Shnetn
The newest floral wonder is the
“Shasta daisy,” originated by a flower
grower of California. It measures a
foot in circumference, and when one
was exhibited recently in a florist’s
window in San Francisco, people lit
erally flocked to see it, says the Phila
delphia Saturday Evening Post.
.It is really a new kind of flower,
and has been produced by several
years of crossing and selection, three
different kinds of daisies being used
—the common American species, the
larger axid coarseT European sort and
the Japanese daisy.
There are three rows of petals of
the purest white, and each blossom is
upheld by a single strong and wiry
stem which is nearly two feet long.
One advantage of the Shasta daisy
is said to be that it is exceedingly
hardy, enduring much cold, so that it
can be grown put-of-doors. It is
claimed that it prospers in almost any
kind of soil, blooms all summer long
(in California nearly all the year
round) and may be rapidly multiplied
by dividing the roots.
A peculiarity of this new and beauti
ful blossom is that it sometimes shows
colors, indicating that daisies of.vari
ous hues and of gigantic sise may be
placed on the market before long.
Willow Plica £Thmt Dltiae Light'.
The increase in the number of tall
buildings has resulted in a larger use
of ribbed and prismatic glass for win
dows, as well as in the production of
improved varieties of such glass. The
illumination of dingy rooms, fhut in
by lofty walls, is increased by the re
flection, from the many faoets of the
glass, of light which would otherwise
pass the windows without penetrating
the interior of the rooms. The em
ployment of diffusing glass is regard
ed as introducing “a new era in in
terior lighting.”
Conation at tka Hint ** tr~n
n. M Can Ra IMt—toai ky
Cwtala Hsvks,
Coins and "eoona” look alike to
moat men, but it is easy to tall where
any coin of SB cants or over was mad*.
There are four places of coinage in the
country—Philadelphia, San Franciaco,
New Orleans and Carson City. The
first mint was established at Philadel
phia, and as the founding of other
place* of coinage was then unforeseen
there %ras no necessity for putting s
mark on coin* which came from that
city. But as the country grew in ter
ritory, population and wealth, and the
mines in the west were developed more
and more each year, it became neces
sary to establish other mints whereby
th* government could keep track of
the output from each place, and, if an
error should occur in the coinage, could
at once locate the mint from which the
defective coin had come. All coins are
supposed to weigh exactly the same
as others of the same denomination.
Silver coinage may be pretty well worn
before it is liable to rejection, but that
is not the case with gold pieces, and a
slight decrease in weight necessitates
recoinage. It was for these reasons
that marks are put on coins made else
where than in the Quaker City.
These marks are placed below the
eagle or the bunch of arrows. If there
be a letter in the place designated it
will be either a small s, o, or the double
letters ec. Those bearing the letter a
are from the mint at San Francisco.
Others having the letter o are from
New Orleans, while thoae bearing the
letters ec are from Carson City. If you
db not find any letter on the coin at all
it is an indication that the coin came
from Philadelphia.
WUI-Kuwa Animal-Tame# WRo
Has Haaaaaßeß la Tsmtas Twe
at the Beast#.
Hitherto it has been supposed that
polar bears could neither be trained
nor rendered docile, but now Mr.
Richard Sawade, a well-known Euro
pean tamer of animals and a notable
authority on bears in particular,
-hows clearly that such a supposi
tion is entirely erroneous, says the
St. I.ouis Republic.
He seeured two polar bears some
time ago and at once determined to
train them. In this he succeeded be
yond bis expectation—so well indeed
that these monstrous animals now
him as obediently as dogs,
ready at his slightest nod to per
form any of the little tricks which
they have learned from him. Their
education in this respect is no i yet
complete, but that they have learned
more than any of their ancestors is
evident from the fact that at a word
from their master they get up on
their hind legs and in this manner
follow him at a respectful distance
like lackeys as he walks around the
Mr. Sawads elakns that polar
bears are endowed with more intelli
gence than is generally imagined and
that, if properly handled, they will
in time become quite as doeila as
other animals.
An Aaaovloaa Smllmsm’i Ran
vlea** la Hatortalataar the
Wall-Known “Maotov."
One enthusiastic Ibsenite, while still
rabid, will content himself in future
with admiring the '‘master** through
his works, writes Henry Diek, in New
Lippincott. Officially called upon to
reside in Norway for a seasqn, he, after
meeting the playwright on several oc
casions, invited him to pay him a visit.
He found Ibsen a most difficult guest.
He was extremely sensitive and senti
mental and his feelings were con
stantly being hurt. The morning after
hie arrival the guest did not appear at
breakfast. Instead*' a message arrived
that he wished to see the eldest son of
the house. As the sldest son was not
present, the puzzled host went to see
what - the difficulty might be. It
seemed that Ibsen desired the eldiest
son to act as a barber, that being the
custom of the country. His host ex
plained that, in the first place, the eld
est son was absent, and, in the second,
that had he been present the operation
would have been fraught with perils for
the eldest son was conspicuously un
skilled. Ibsen was advised, therefore,
to seek professional assistance. As
there was nothing else to do, Ibsen,
weeping, departed and had his upper
lip attended to professionally.
Hakims Water Ball* Dams.
Many readers who do not follow tbs
literature of engineering will be in
terested in the statement that one of
the methods employed by American
engineers in forming reservoir dams
is to call in the services of a powerful
jet of water, as in hydraulic mining.
By directing such a jet against the up
per slopes of a valley, the sand, soil
and gravel scoured from the hillsides
can be carried by the force of the
stream to the site of the dam in the
lower part of the valley. By suitable
management, the water not only con
veys the materials, but consolidates
them in position, dropping the larger
stones at the sides and carrying the
finer material to the center of the
Tke “Hero of Memphis.”
Rev. Aloyaius Weaver, a Franciscan
priest, who died at the Santa Barbara
mission in California tbe other day,
was at one time well known as "the
hero of Memphis,” for his heroic work
as a nurse during the yellow fever
plague in that city.
Clear Ashes la a Paul.
If you saved the ash o' all the cigars
yovt smoked you would have consumed
1,000 before you had a pound of ash.
No. 5, $35.00 No. 7, $50.00
The universal favorite with all classes of ope
rators who desire a simple and speedy machine.
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logos and our monthly payment proposition.
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South Dakota, and We t (
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W.«|. WtMIN, M. D., O. 0., SMtIOINT.
D.lla C. Warhinj O. O. Saenavaav.
We call special attention to our success in cur
ing nearly all forms of disease by the use of
Osteopathy mainly,
Electricity occasionally.
Drugs and Surgery rarely
Also other Hygienic agencies.
Special attention to Confinement and Diseases
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Phnnp $ W. 3283-L-2 Consultation at
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By Bending Your Shopping Memorandum to
Write for Booklet, “ How and Where to Bhop.'
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weakness of Sewing Machines. The
Double Feed combined with other
strong points makes the Mew Home
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we manufacture and prices before purchasing
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Aesopian to Am Steaae Is Dts
sarlit aad Masts laity ©oa
. _ atdoeod Oat o t Data.
Le Matin, a Paris paper of eonaid
erabie circulation, recently printed
an article on New York city and the
wonderful things to be aeon there.
Some of the statements are a trifle
tall, as will be seen from the follow
ing extracts:
“The Americano are decidedly in*
satiable. While we are still using
steam engines for our railways they
have long ago tasted of the benefits
of electrical traction, and now they
are commencing to abandon electric
ity for compressed air.
“The New York line of Manhattan
uses now, to the exclusion of all
other modes, compressed air engines,
and it appears that the results are
so marvelous that the transatlantic
papers proclaim steam as a thing of
the past and electricity old-fash
“The air is compressed in what the
American calls a ‘power station,’
something like a gas factory. It ia
compressed until it attains an ex
pansive power of 1,500 to 2.000 kilos
per square centimeter that it occu
pies. It is then transferred on board
the locomotive, where it is stored in
a large steel tank, which replaces the
boiler. There it is furthermore com
pressed by the use of reduction
valves, and, reaching a certain pres
sure, it gets heated. It is then ready
for use.
“In : brisf, to Hsten to ths Amer
icana; it is the locomotive long
dreamed of.”
Hs Is SoosettaaM a Ltttle tmarisv
Than Appears to Bs ax This
Omc Proves,
"The country visitor is no longer
the easy mark he is pictured,” said a
policeman to a Chicago Inter Ocean
reporter. “Time was when the farm
er-looking person or the man with
the village air was always the victim
of city confidence men and bunko
dealers. That time has passed. The
people from the country have grown
sharp and it is no unusual thing for
the bland confidence man to find him
self the victim of his own confidence.
“I remember a caae of that kind
which was very amusing. A steerer
managed to get a man wearing a soft
hat, ready-made clothes and boots
into a poker game where the braee
was all right, Ss waa supposed. The
thing did not work, however, and the
countryman won in spite of the odds.
Then the gang grew desperate and
attempted to take the money by
force. The granger whipped out a
big, old-faahioned gun and frightened
them so they were glad to get rid of
“The story got out and the police
concluded that the stranger was him
self a crook from some other city.
Investigation proved that while he
was really a farmer from the south
ern end of the state, he waa well
known in the villages thereabouts as
a first-class card sharp and handy
with hie gun.”
NawaM Sap ev tit low la IbvU.4 Coa
■ ■■■•■ a Romes of Skips of Waa
—dPeoipte Rote* of Ussy.
nothing is ever likely to shake the
nawal superstition that ships named
after things that sting are doomed to
loss, says the London Chronicle. Be
sides the Viper and Cobra, the Serpent
was lost with nearly all her crew, the
Wasp was wrecked with heavy loss
off Tory island, and a second Wasp, a
gunboat, disappeared in a typhoon,
never to be heard of again. In con
sequence of this double disaster to
ships named Wasp that name has been
struck out of the admiralty list of
available names. In the past we have
.lost a Rattlesnake, Gadfly and Hornet.
Probably a new Viper and a new Cobra
will be built, but should anything hap
pen to either of them the name of the
other is almost certain to be changed
by the authorities in, deference to the
sentiment that prevails afloat concern
ing unlucky names. The only excep
tion that obtains is the Resolution.
The present ship is the tenth. No less
than eight of them have had tragic
Antes, and the present one some years
since very .nearly met disaster at sea.
Moat of the old Resolutions, however,
earned glory first in battle, hence the
perpetuation of the name.
Trade Marks
f 1 Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description nay
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invention ia probably patentable. Comgronica
tiona strictly confidential. Handbook OX Patents
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Scientific American.
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Churn ever put on the market.
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r 1 Uiiil baby’s clothes. Dollle has an In
a 1 destructible Bead, Golden Hair,
K A I Rosy Cheeks, Brown Eyes, Kid Col*
if f R ored Body, a Gold Plated Beauty
h&SSf SBfifia Pin, Bed Stockings, Blade Shoes.
and will stand alone. This doll is an
exact reproduction of the finest hand
painted French Doll, and will lire
H ■ in a child’s memory long after child
■ ■ hood days have passed. Address.
Doll Dapt347*- ,Now Havtn,Cora
Nias Mar Csss* Baldasss.
A barber had been giving the writer r
much information abouf the hair, and
then remarked that not long sinee
quite a young man had come into hie
shop who had lost all his hair. It had
come off very suddenly and for no ap
parent reason, says the London Spec
tator. The barber said: “You have
a cat?” “No,” he replied, “we have no
cat in the house.” “Then you have a
terrier that catches mice, and it comes
in contact with your head?” “Yes,”
said the man, “I have; and its favorite
seat is on the top of my arm-chair,
close to my head.” The old barber
then explained that his sudden bald
ness was a disease belonging to mice, /
that could be passed on to human'be
ings by contact with an animal that '
touched them. Whether there is any
thing in this or not I cannot say.
Fratt far Breakfast FsS.
The latest fad in cures is the “fruit
breakfast cure.” Nothing but grapes,
apples and oranges may be eaten be
fore 12 o’clock, nor is tea, coffee or
other liquid permitted before that
hour. Of the fruit, however, especial
ly grapes, the quantity is limited only
by the appetite. It is asserted that
this regimen, pursued for a month,
will effect a marvelous improvement
in any oomplsxion. . /

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