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'. Readers of Ttie STANDARD throughout the
city and county will confer a great favor by
sending us items oi interest for publication.
We will feel grateful for the same. In doing
tixiethe name of the writer should always ac
company the communication, as a guarantee
of good faith on the part of the writer.—ED.]
Carpets, Stoves and Furniture ..-sold
on time. Smith's Installment House,
111 Kicoilet avenue.
C. L. Barry, contractor and builder.
Stone and brick a specialty. '25 Uni
versity avenue northeast.
A. L. Haley, of this city, has been
appointed supervising architect of the
new Mankato court house.
Priestev, the Tailor, No. 10 South
Second street, Minneapolis. Merchant
tailoring, perfect fits.
Sergt. Kelly says when the liquor li
-cense money is all paid in, it will
amount to $165,000.
The Minneapolis and Chicago teams
will play cricket at Chicago avenue and
Thirty-third street July 5.
The small-pcx quarantine has been
raised from the block on South Wash
ington and there are no indications of
-any new cases.
Mrs. J. A. MacCarthy is displaying
an elegant line of millinery at her store,
244 jSTicollet avenue. Please call and
•examine her stock.
Tuesday morning J» ,M. uigley of
steamer ISfo. 1 and Miss F. E. Werling
were married at the -Church of the Im
maenlafce Conception.
S.P.Hazzard was found guilty of sell
ins oleomargarine unlabeled, and was
lined 550. W. W. Tripp pleaded guilty
to the same offense and was fined §20.
The funeral of the only child of W.J.
Sh eehan, which died Tuesday,took place
Wednesday afternoon from the resi
dence at 24 Hennepin avenue at 2
William Cowdon attempted to board
•a hand-car at Excelsior Wednesday,
when his head was caught between the
handle of the car and the iron frame,
fracturing the skull.
The Minnesota & Northwestern Rail
way company have taken out a permit
to build a freight depot on tbe corner
of Washington and Sixteenth avenues
south, to cost $25,000.
Mr. Ankeny has heard nothing from
"Washington about his confirmation as
postmaster, but has no fears. He still
adheres to his original resolution to
to make but few changes.
Everybody knows (or ought to know)
P. H.Gibbons. Read his advertisement
in this issue. He has branched out in
the wood and coal business and—de
serves unlimited success.
It instated that a street car line will
be built from Hennepiu avenue alon£
Fifth to Twelfth avenue north, J)upont'
avenue to Twenty-sixth street,, after
the railroad tracks are bridged.
H. W. Pratt, the elevator man, has
disposed of his home at. Faribault and
will become a permanent resident of
Minneapolis. He has purchased the
Hulbert property on Park avenue for
The members of Harmonia society
and Dans' band will attend the Fourth
of July celebration at Chaska. Mayor
Ames, Col. M. W. G-lenn and H. J.
Peck, Shakopee, are announced to
Michael Clinton, a teamster for
Dw er Bro j., was thrown from a run
away on Hawthorn avenue a short
time since, and suffered a severe wound
in the head. The scalp was cut com
pletely across the head.
People having property to sell, peo
ple wanting to buy property, people
having houses to rent, people wanting
to rent houses, also people having bills
to collect should call upon James J.
Smith, as he is doing an extensive bus
iness at 419 Nicollet avenue.
The coopers have decided to hold
their annual picnic July 17. It was re
ported Tuesday that the accommoda
tions at White Bear were insufficient
and a committee was named to visit Wa
coniti with a view to selecting that
place if the facilities were found ample.
Charles .Kempson, a young man ar
rested iy Detective Quinlan Monday,
was arranged in the municipal court
for stealing a Ivorsi belonging to Con
stable Ezra Payne of Eden Prairie,
Sunday mjrht. The animal was found
in his possession and he acknowledged
the tlieft. He was bound over to
await the action of the grand jury in
the sum of $1,000.
The Exposition building committee
met Monday afternoon and considered
propositions for lighting and roofing
the building. Three more application?
for space for exhibits were received. A
portion of the collection of plaster casts
has arrived and are the custom house,
8t. Paul. The kitchen .?f the. Exposi
tion is being fitted up by Januey, Sem
ple & Co., who haye the contract.
'The John Dillon branch of the Irish
Xulional league remitted $50 Monday
to Kev. Charles O'Reilly,
Mich. A meeting of the b^pcfyytpll
be held today (Saturday) this" eVfening
at Tobiu's rink, corner Second street
and Eignth avenue northeast, and an
effort will be made to increase the
membership of the club and infuse en
thusiasm into the breasts of a few well
to-do Irishmen in that part of the city
who have been yet so cool and apathe
tic as to contribute nothing to
the cause
1 of their struggling country. Some
'3 speakers df local eminence will address
®^|IS|,the meeting, and a successful rally is
During June there yrere ninety-eight
deaths in this city.
The capital stock of the Commercial
bank has been increased to $200,000.
Maggie Farley, an insane person, has
been ordered committed to the asylum.
Thq retail grocers of St. Paul have
decided to close up July 15 to partici
pate in the Minneapolis grocers picnic.
Supt. H. A. Tuttle reports the Xorth
American telegraph lines will be ready
for business with Chicago by Aug. 10.
Considerable complaint is made that
the electric light on the corner of Nic
ollet avenue and Sixth street goes out
about 10:30 or 11 o'clock every evening
and stays out sometimes half an hour,
much to the discomfort of pedestrians.
The French Total Abstinence society
of St. Clotilde. parish has- extended an
invitation to every.one interested in
the temperance cause to attend a meet
ing at their church, lltii and Lyndale
avenues north,jon Sunday, July 11, at 3
The Plymouth avenue trouble is in a
fair way to be settled at last. The coun
ty attorney has decided that the matter
of making the report of the plat and
survey for straightening that thorough
fare was regular, and it has been de
cided to confirm the report of the com
mission on awards and assessments.
The fire department during the
month of June answered twenty-one
box alarms and eleven still alarms.
The losses on buildings amounted to
$27,059, on contents $35,860 total, $62,
019. The insurance on buildings was
$127,000 contents, $t6,900 total $194,
Thomas Sheehan of St. Paul and Miss
Mary Churchill of Minneapolis were
united in marriage Tuesday morning at
the Church of the Immaculate Concep
tion, Rev. Father Fitzgerald officiating.
Mr Sheehan is engaged in the real es
tate business in our sister city—junior
member of fclie well-known firm of Fal
lahie & Sheehan. The young lady has
been a great favorite here, and is a
daughter of that old-time expressman,
P. Churchill.
Division No. 3, A. O. H., will meet
at thoir hall over Rose's drug store, at
1:15 o'clock sharp Sunday, July 4th, to
march to Windom hall to form in line
with the other divisions to take part in
laying of the corner-stone of the Orphan
Asylum. Every member is earnestly
requested to be present. By order of
the President, S. J. McCarthy.
Land League Meetings.
Dillon branch of the National Lard
League Sunday night-appointed a com
mittee consisting of Andrew Dowlan,
Martin Ring, John Hoy and S. J.
McCarthy to arrange for a mass meet
ing at Tobin's rink, next Sunday even
The Michael: Davitt branch held a
fousing meeting atHoly Rosary hall.
There were addresses made by Aid.
Dwyer, Rev. Father Towle, John Swift
and others.
Eleotion of Officers
At a regular meeting of Division. 1,
A. O. H. of Swift county, held June 23,
1886, the following gentlemen were
elected officers of the orgar^'zatio^:
Presidents-John McCarthy.
Vice President—Jas. W. Flynn.
Recording Secretary—Francis Casey.
Financial Secretary—Jas. T. Healy.
Treasurer—John Conaty.
Sergeant-«*»t-Arms—J. Reardon.
The Swift county convention A.J O.'
H. elected D. F. McDermott County
It becomes our pleasant duty in this
chronicle the marriage of Mr. David
M. Carley, which took place on Wednes
day last, to a very estimable young
lady, Miss Jennie S. Morphy. It
is but a few months ago since Mr.
Carley came to Minneapolis, a fact that
was duly, announced in the columns of
this journal at that time. Due
credit was given him as a printer, thor
ough in his work, and who had held
"cases" in almost every city in this
broad land also as a newspaper
correspondent and as a general ail
around newspaper man, coupled with
the assertion that few young men in
this country ..had- traveled, over more
ground in .the sh#rfc space o£,three years
than he—-in round numbers securing a
score of 32,000 railies.. Many of. those in
the printing fraternity?
of this pity who
knew him best and who judged with an
impartial eye, gave"I)ftve"-but a brief
respite in, Minneapolisr-# rest only that
would sopa be broken by a continua
tion of what seemed to be a never
wearying nor unceasing struggle to
outdo any and all predecessors in ex
tensive travels. But the spell has been
Broken at last. Mr. Carley suffered
himseilf to work so long in Minneapolis
that he became acquainted outside the
printing business and now his travels
are o'er. It were better thus. The
policy of THE STANDARD has been en
dorsed to the letter and by a rising vote
that endorsement shall go forth. We
know tHat many acquaintances every
where will wonder how his capture was
effected, but only the lady who now
his name can truthfully answer
this. Suffice it to say here that it was
an unconditional surrender. The con
gratulations of THE STANDARD are
now in order'andwe give them with all
our heart. /Frie^
Carley, may you and
yours "livelong aiijl,prosper."
Men are ofteaer treacherous through
weakness than design.
Let pleasure be ever so innocent, the
excess is always criminal.
Parasols at cost to close. O. T. Swett,
22 University avenue.
John Speedy, wali paper, 60 South
Fifth street, bet. Nicollet and 1st ave.
J. H. Perry has established a job
printing office at room 6, Union block.
Penetration seems a kind of inspira
tion it gives an idea of prophecy.
The roses of home smell sweet a
thousand miles and a hundred years.
Mingled virtue and vice make a very
uncertain twilight in the human soul.
No man ever offended his own con
science, but first or last it was reveng
ed upon him.
Good sense is the diamond, modesty
is the setting, and neither would be
perfect without the other.
Each particle of matter is an immen
sity, each leaf a world, each insect an
inexplicable compendium.
Genuine modesty is the sense of im
perfection common to the wise and
good, impossible to the fool and villain.
Lauderdale & Co., 355 Temple Court,
have some choice bargains in real estate,
which they offer to the readers of TUJK
It is not until we have passed through
the furnace that we are made to know
how much dross was in our composi
John J. Walsh, of Stillwater, an old
Minneapolis boy, dropped down upon
tis to visit relations and friends in the
city last Sunday.
Gratitude is the memory of the heart,
hope is the blossom of happiness,desire
is a tree in leaf, hope is a tree in flower,
and enjoyment is a tree in fruit.
Some mourn that they have made and
broken so many resolutions. It is sad
that you have broken them, but thank
Heaven that you have made them.
O. T. Swett, 22 University avenue.
Parasols at cost to close. See unlaun
dered shirt at 50c. Full line ladies'
and gents' underwear. Also silk mitts,
gloves and hosiery.
At a fashionable wedding: Mr. £.—
"Poor Clara! What a pity she should
sell heiself to that wheezy, seventy
year-old skeleton." Mrs. R.—"Oh, it's
not a sale, only a lease."
The schools in Holy Rosary parish,
under the direction of the Sisters,
closed after a most successful terra on
Thursday,. Of these schools we shall
have something to say in-detail in an
other issue.
The Thompson Harness company, 3
Pence Opera House block, have re
cently renovated and refitted their
mammoth store and have now one of
the best harness and saddlery em
poriums in the city.
Gorman Bros, of the St. Charles Ho
tel are going to Europe the 4th of July.
They have one of the -neatest sample
rooms1 in the city, well stocked with
choice wines, liquors and cigars. You
are(inviied to call and see them before
ifoey go.*- Second at. and First ave. s.
We would draw attention to the ad
vertisement of Mr. S. J. McCarthy in
this issue of THE IRISH STANDARD.
Anybody requiring anything in his line
by calling on him at 506 and 508 Second
street south will have an opportunity
of beholding with their own eyes
how honest men build up a business.
The Burton Opera company, at the
Leland Opera House, will play the
"Mikado" until Wednesday night, and
the1 Mascott" the balance of the week.
Everything now runs smooth, and there
is no doubt that they will have a suc
cessful season.
The Brighton store, 519 Washington
avenue south, is one of the best dry
goods houses in the city and is well
stocked with bargains for all the read
owned by J. C. Harper & Co., who are
gentlemen worthy of your patronage.
Give them a call.
T. A. Clark & Co., job printers, have
secured a very neat seal of the A. O. H.,
to be used in all work pertaining to the
Order. Orders for work of any of the
divisions can be left at room 8 Union
block, or at the office of THE STAN
DARD. In a general way Messrs. Clark
& Co. are prepared to do all kinds of
job printing in a neat manner and at
the most reasonable rates.
The rumor that the new market
building has been given up is entirely
wrong. The building will cost $200,000
at least. In April and May no contrac
tors in this city would undertake to
contract for its erection within the
time specified by the contract, within
§25,000 to $35,000 of the architects' es
timates on account of the disturbed
condition of labor, and the parties furn
ishing money advised waiting.
Dr. J, H.Dunn's office is at 516 Nicollet ave
niie. Residence, No, 17 Twelfth street. Tele
phone call, 427-3.
Mr. James J. Smith is authorized to
collect accounts and subscriptions due
all those indebted to us will be prepared
to liquidate the same when Mr. Smith
calls around.
The Crusaders will picnic at Mendota
on Monday next.
State Delegate Lawrence Fahey and
Capt. M. J. O'Connor have organized a
branch of the A. O. H. at Hastings.
Misses Hanora and Mary Lavery,
teachers in the public shools at Kanka
kee, 111., are spending their vacation
with Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Bennett.
Mr. Patrick O'Hailoran and Mias
Bridget Murphy were married in the
Cathedral on Tuesday morning, and in
the afternoon left on an extended east
ern tour.
The "Peanut Democracy" meet in
this city on Thursday afternoon. We
venture to predict that Kelly and Doran
will still retain their firm hold upon the
better class of democrats throughout the
T. McCarthy was awarded a fine gold
badge on Sunday afternoon in the Fath
er Mathew society, for having brought
iu the most members during the past six
months. The 'badge was the gift of that
prince of good men, T. Reardon.
George Chrysler, late delegate from
the St. Patrick's Cadets to Rochester,
met with apaiiiful accident on Monday
last. George was experimenting with a
blank cartridge, which was discharged,
severely injuring his face and eyes.
Oui advice to Total Abstinence dele
gates in the future is to do more effect
ive work and less caucusing and wire
pulling. How the chairmen of the two
most important committees can return
to their constituents without even an
attempt at a report, is something for fu
ture delegates to consider.
In glancing over the catalogue just
issued from St. Viateur's college, Bour
bonnais Grove, 111,, we note with pleas
ure that Edward Bennett, of St. Paul,
took first premium in grammar, recita
tion, spelling, catechism and music.
Second premium in mathematics and
"distinguished in French,"
Miss Marie Beaupre, daughter of
Bruno Beaupre, was married on Tues
day morning of last week at St. Mary's
church, to James M. Davis, of Chicago.
A pleasant reception was held at the
home of the bride's parents after the
ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Davis will re
side at the Southern hotel, Chicago.
Sunday evening at the Cathedral a
missionary priest fron the Rocky Moun
tains related his experiences as a. mis
sionary among the Indians, to a large
audience. The Rev. Father spoke very
highly of the zeal and devotion of the
Indians, saying they, as a rule, were a
prayerful race of sober habits and good
The residents of Merriam Park and
the other suburbs near the transfer are
emphatic in their objections to the es
tablishment of slaughter and packing
houses in their midst. They argue that
it would be a grave nuisance to the
many educational institutions in that lo
cality, and be the means of driving nu
merous families away.
The closing exercises of the Cathedral
school for boys took place in Pfeiifer's
hall on Tuesday afternoon. The hall
was filled with admiring friends and the
parents of the boys, and the programme
was rendered in a very pleasing manner.
The choir sang in fijie style an interest
ing caleisthenic exercise with dumb bells,
recitations, dramatic performances, etc.
Charles MacCarthy, Thomas Kerker,
W. F. Miller, Robert Bennett, and
Patrick McCauley received gold medals.
Prizes were presented by Bishop Ire
land in a pleasing manner to Wm.
Egan, Pat McDermott, E. J. Carroll, J.
Sullivan. Thos. Dougherty, M. Galvin
Regan for excellence in scholar­
Minneapolis Produce,
hard at 71c bid July.
No 1 northern 72c hid for July.
[email protected],
according to con­
patents, in sacks, to local
dealers,[email protected] :for flb ipment in socks,car lots,
$42 [email protected] 85 in barrels,[email protected] f.0 deliverod at New
Knpiand points, $510®5 30 at New York points,
S5 [email protected] 10 ryeiicur, pure, norninRl at fcl [email protected]
per 100 lbs, and buckwb eat, $4f§5 per bbl.
in bulk.
SHOKTS—Bulk, [email protected]
white selling' at [email protected] on
track. The range of sstppie sales is from 27®
30EOT,[email protected] O.FC.
ItYJl-^-Nomii)al at 53©55o for Nos 2 and 3.
at from-35©60c for Nos 2 and 3
by 8am
aiE.o—Ck»arse, city, [email protected]$1350, deliv
ered in lots of a ton or more.
southern weak at 12 [email protected]
14 (Won track and to arrive city ground. $14 [email protected]
14 50 for eboiee, delivered in lots of a ton or
HAY—Receipts moderate market steady and
ririopa ntonrlr: fthnicttiRold atS5 00SB6
J. F. McCarthy,
Practical Well and
Cistern Builder.
quiet prices steady choice sold at $5 00® 6 00
fair, steady. [email protected] 00.
OATMEA.LT—Steel out, $2 35©S3 per half bbl.
BUTTER—In job lots: Fancy creamery, 15c
extra firsts, [email protected] dairy, fancy,[email protected] dairy,
seconds, &'@10c daity, thirds, [email protected] packing:
stock, [email protected]: grease, 2®22C.
full cream, [email protected] fine full
cream, [email protected] part skims, [email protected] skime, 4©Se.
DRESSED MEATS—Prices forTrell dressed:
Eeef.hihdqu'a.6yi®8 IHams, city 9
Countrydres'd.5 @6 Hams, country 7®
Sides,citydre'd.5 ©6% Breakfast bacon
Country dres'd.4'[email protected] (Shoulders o®
Fore quarters..3 @4 ISides
Veal, choice... 8 @10 IMutton, city. [email protected]
Dressed hogs..4^@4}£iMutton, country..
fresh, 13c.
POTATOES-Sweet, Jersey, bbl, $4.50 nevr
Irish, bbl. [email protected] old Irish, [email protected]«)c.
ABLES—Offered by dealers:
Cabbage, crate.. 82.00.Spinach, bu
Onions, bn $1 25 Lettuce [email protected]
Bermudas, bu .. 3.00 Pieplant, lb 1
Onions, doz [email protected]!Pareley 30
Driedpea9,bu.. 1.25Cucumbers,doz... 30
Horse raaish, lb. [email protected] Peas, bu 1 2o
Radishes, doz... [email protected] Beans,bu 1-25
Asparagus, doz. 25
HIDES-Green veal kips, [email protected] green-salted
calf, ll(§il2c green pelts. [email protected] green-sailed,
lb,'[email protected] V2 dry flint, lb, [email protected] dry-salted, [email protected]
12c bulls, stags, etc., off green,6J^@7c,
Fleece-washed medium, lb [email protected]
Fleece-washed coarse, :[email protected]
"Unwashed medium
Unwashed coarse-..
Tub-washed, good •. 24®2C
Tub-washed, coarse, poorly washed [email protected]
Black, washed [email protected]
Black, unwashed..
Artesian Wells
A Specialty.
Wholesale Dealer in
Cowing & Gleaeon
gag1—PUMPS, SA
The fast little steam launch Juno, fastest by long odds
in, these waters., was sold yesterday to J". H. Purchase, of
Minneapolis. Some will he surprised to learn that she
will he used to collect and deliver packages on Ijtike
netonka for the C-ASCADJS STMAM hAXINDHY,— Chi
cago Sun, May 29,
The Only Fii'st-ciaes HARDWARE Store on the East Side. A FULL LINE OF
Manges, Mull's Gasoline Stoves9
Refrigeratorsf Ice Coolers, Ice Cream 'Freezers,
Successor to Muzzy, "Walsh & Byrnes,
Lauderdale & Co.
LUCAS BROS., 424: Hennepin Ave.
Cheapest Place in the Oity to Buy, STOVES, RANGES AM) TIITWAEE,
Bring this advertisement and we will give you a discount of 5 per cent
on your purchase.
McCarthy & Courtney
Brass. asd Pirate'
109 Central Ave., Minneapolis.
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Gravestones, Cemetery Posts, Etc.
First Avenue South, Bet. 3d and 4th Streets, Minneajolis#i^p||"1
Acres on East Side, $1,600 an acre. Acres north, near work
house, $350. Acres on Lyndale avenue, $1,200. One-quarfcer acre
lots, St. Louis Park, $300. Block of lots, East Side Addition.,
$8,000. 47x128. with buildings, rents for $35, corner Hennepin and
Lake, $5,500. 63x135. fair house, Fifth street and Eighteenth ave
nue north, $2,500. Hotel at Herman, Minn., to trade for city
Oome in and See "CTs.
This No. 8 Range, with 18-Inch Oven, for $25,00
J. P. Courtney
Steam and Gas Fit
On Application.
Repairs Promptly
Attended to.
J* t*

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