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Inconvenienco is the father of inven
The more you check a spendthrift the
faster he goes.
It is only on the biggest scales that
yon can learn the weight of the world.
Tramps always say, "I seen some
wood." They never put it: "I saw
some wood. '7
A little Harlem girl recently said she
was not afraid of mad dogs because ber
father was a pastor.
A man had much rather be fined $50
•for driving thau to be told that his
horse couldn't trot fast enough to break
the statute.
According to newspaper authority
every Confederate officer who has a
grown-up daughter is the father of "the
belle of the South."
There is no use of talking of wheat
corners or lard corners or oil corners at
this season of the year. What every
body wants is a cool corner.
What's that? A Chicago clergyman
suffering from overwork? Well, no
wonder. He ought to have knuwu bet
ter than to attempt the impossible.
A Chicago jeweler is said to have in
vented a seli'-wiodiug watch. Now let
the same genius apply hinself to the in
vention of a self-finding watch key.
"Is there an elevator iu tlus build
ing?1- asked a .^udemau of the new col--'
ored hall boy. "Ella Water," sighed
the boy, "d-./no yen better "suit the
'rectory, sal .."
When rockets were soaring July 5
little Ella, -A. was in delight, save
for a slight fear that was on her mind.
"Mamma, dou't you fink the angels will
be scared?"
A young dude tripped into a restau
rant and iu an undertone said to the
waiterr "Bring me ah veahl cutlet.''
"Another case of veals within veals,"
muttered the waiter.
"What's the admission to this lie re
show, stranger?"' "No charge for ad
mission, sir. Tuts is a church."
A youth wha was teaching the dumb
To read tint! to write and to sumb
Fell into disgrace
Ant' lost, a good place,
By beins- too fond of his r.imb.
A exchange heads au article on a
forthcoming marriage in Europe
Royal Match.'' A royal match is. a
rather slow affair. It takes so long to
strike one. In this country parlor
matches are made more rapidly.
When the Yankees make a wire fence
and keep ail the mackerel outside of the
three-mile fish shore limit Canada has
marked out for herself, then Canada
will want to make a new deal and pun
ish the purchase oi! bait by death.
The ministers in large cities are now
meditating with interest upon tbe words
of Simon Peter,
go a fishing." It is
not recorded, however, that Peter and
all the other desciples ever left town in a
body and shut up their churches during
It was a "character1' who, years ago.
while at the railroad station when a
young man came iu just too late for the
train and began jawing about it, said to
the belated youth: "Young man, when
you ain't here they run the railroad
train by that clock (pointing to the
timepiece) up there."
Mrs, Stillpoor—"And so you really
sail to-morrow for Europe, Mrs, Newly
rich?" Mrs. Newlyrich—"Yes every
thing is already." Mrs. Stillpoor—4'Has
vovr husband obtained a letter of credit,
ret?" Mrs, Newlyrich—'"Oh, we shan't
ask for credit. John expects to pay
cash down for everything."
A little Montgomery girl wanted
pome ice cream the other evening. She
wouldn't accept her mother's refusal,
and as a last resort she sent her to her
father. The question was put to him,
who answered,
*vriii if A
for a free blow-out there don't, seem to
be much of a rush."
A traveller recently returned from
Alaska telle of a bear being killed by
mosquitoes. If nature knew her busi
ness she would introduce a bear that
would kill mosquitoes.
Judge—"How did you feel, Mr.
Snaggs, after the prisoner robbed
you?" Snaggs--'''As he walked off with
$500 of mine, I must admit, I felt very
much relieved. Most of it was in silver
The Chinese alphabet contains about
30,000,000 characters, and the rnau who
thinks of constructing a Chinese type
writer will have to make It the size of a
dftv-horse power threshing machine and
run it by steam.
Volga will build a 82,000 town ball.
There were 29 deaths in Duluth last
month, the largest known.
The Northwestern seminary at Monte
video will open in September.
Same hunters killed 300 prairie chick
ens near Edgerton one day last week.
The Duluth & Manitoba will not .run
into Crookston, but a little north of it.
A 12-year old son of Pet Lebos was
drowned in Red Lake river near Grand
Petitions are in circulation asking
the State to aid Marshall farmers who
suffered by hail.
Fred Newburg, a Pipestone Dane,
was accidentally shot the shoulder
by a companion Sunday.
A. P». Clark is the new postmaster at
Canaslola. An office has been estab
lished at Brule, Union county.
The Brayton house, at Eee Heights,
Hand county, burned Monday morning.
Loss, $3,000. It will be rebuilt.
George Bunce, a St. Peter merchant,
assigned Monday to Williani Schino
mell. Liabilities, $4,500 assets, $3,800.
The first anuual fair of the Dakota
and Stock Growers' Asso
ciation wiil
be held in Mitchell from
Aug. :0 to Sept. 8.
An Indian of the Cheyenne agency
cams into Pierre with several nuggets
of pure gold found in tne bad lands
above Cheyenne river.
James Edmond, mars ha 11 of Clare
mont, was mistaken for a burglar and
aliot in the stomach by a watchman,
lie will probably recover.
Mr. Holes, of Moorhead, has found
three kinds of apples which will winter
successfully in Minnesota—Oshekoff's
Glass, Hibernal and Sieby.
Luther Ellsworth, a farmer near Can
non Falls, lost II stacks of wheat by
from sparks from a Milwaukee en
gine. The loss will exceed SI,000.
Winston Bros, have laid oft' all the
men working on the Omaha docks and
Manitoba elevator and dock at Duluth
till dredging operations are completed.
About 200 Iceland emigrants brought
to Manitoba by the Canadian Pacific
have left Canatiaand will go to the Ice
land settlement, near Pembina moun
The Democrats of Marshall county,
Dakota, voted against division and in
structed their delegate to the Aberdeen
convention to favor Col. M. W. Sheafe
for delegate.
court as follows: Lisbon.
county, Aug. 30 Caledonia, Traill coun
ty, Sept. Pembina, Sept. 13: Lakota,
Nelson, county, possibly Sept. 20 Dead
wood supreme court, Oct. 5. After
that will come Gr.nd Forks, Grafton,
Wahpeton and Milnor.
The Wisconsin Oentral, Chicago and Mil
waukee Trains.
The new through trains on the Wis
consin Central for Milwaukee and Chi
cago leave tlie Union Depot in Minne
apolis at 1:45 and 8:20 p. m.,and Si.
Paul at 2:25 and 9:00 p. m., making the
run to Chicago in 16 hours.
The equipment consists of elegant
day coaches. Palace sleepers and the
finest Dining cat in the world.
The eitv offices of the Central are lo
cated at No. 19 Nicollet House Block,
comer of Washington and Nicollet ave
nues, and No. 373 East Third street,St.
Paul: Through tickets to all points
east and south, Kates, births in sleep
ers and all detailed information may
by obtained by applying at either of
the offices.
Minneapolis Produce.
WHEAT—No1hard at 7Be bid Sept.
Nol northern 74c bid for Sept.
CORN—Sales light: [email protected], according to con
Ff.oc it—Minneapolis patents, in sacks, to local
dealei 8,$4 «[email protected] 70: for shipment in sacks,car lots,
$4 SOfe'l .10 in barrels,[email protected] 70 delivered at New
England points, [email protected] 80 at New York points,
S5 10 rye iit.ur, pure, nominal at $1 [email protected]
per 100 lbs, and buckwheat. per bbl.
Bit AN—Held at $S 85gjS.75 in bulk.
SHORTS—Bulk, 9 50(m$10 00.
OATS—No 2 white selling at [email protected] on
track. The range of sample sales is from 29®
32e t, 30(3 35e b.
RYE—Nominalat [email protected] for Nos 2 and 3.
BARLEY—Quiet at i'rom [email protected] for Nos 2 and 3
by sample.
much." She went
back to her mother and told her that her
papa said "she could have "a little.''
The female students of Columbia Col
lege are to be entitled hereafter "to the
^same privileges with male's.'' This is
all right, but it will look rather odd at
first to see the young lady students go
ing along the streets swinging canes
l) -rf smoking cigarettes^, .upsetting store
boxes, throwing stones at dogs, and so
^forth—especially the latter.
MEAL—Coarse, city.
14 [email protected]$14NO, deliv­
ered lots of a ton or more.
MIXED FEED—Good southern quiet at 14 00
16 OOon track and to arrive city ground. $15 00®
16 00 for choice, delivered in lots of a ton or
HAY—Receipts mode
rate market steady and
quiet prices steady cboicesold at33 [email protected] 50
fair, steady, [email protected] 00.
OATMBAti—Steel out, $2 [email protected] per half bbl.
BUTTEU—In.job lots: Fancy creamery, 15C
extra firsts. [email protected] dairy, fancy,
[email protected] dairy,
seconds, £@10c dairy, thirds, [email protected] packing
4 5 a
CHEESE—Fancy lull cream, [email protected] fine Irull
cream, [email protected] part skims, [email protected] skims, 4
DMBS?F.D MEATS—Prices for well dressed:
Eeet'.hind qu'g.CVi®ij Hams, city [email protected]
a 7 8
Country dres"d.5
Sides,citydre'd.5 _.
Country dres'[email protected]
Fore quarters..3 @4
Veal, choice... 8 @10
Dressed hogs.. 4}[email protected]
Breakfast bacon.. [email protected]
Shoulders [email protected] 6
Mutton, city 4(5) 5
Mutton, [email protected]
1114 to 12c.
EGGS—Strictly fresl
VEGETABLES—Offered by dealers
Cabbage, doz— [email protected]
Onions, bu $1 25
Bermudas, bu .. 3.00
Onions, doz 10®'
Dried peas, bu.. l-j?o
Horse radish, lb. 2®3
Radishes, doz... [email protected]
Spinach, bu
Pieplant, lb
Cucumbers, doz.
Peas, bu
Beans, bu
,. 30
,[email protected]
HIDES—^Green veal kips, [email protected] green-salted
calf,[email protected] green pelts,
[email protected],
12c/bulls, stags, etc.", oil green, 6}4®~c
POTATOES—Sweet, Jersey, bbl, $4 50 UC
Irish*'bbl, $200 old Irish,[email protected]
Slack, washed.
Black, unwashed
.-^nA),s|.%vf'-'^9 $
Judge -McConaell announces terms of the son of the present auditor would
Ransom become deputy. If Mr. McCarthy's op
ponent, Mr. Condit, can bring more
votes to the Republican party, then he
should have the nomination, but with
several other Americans on the ticket,
ib,[email protected] dry flint, lb, [email protected] u® iees on the n\er ana naruui uiii yiu
i9i- v»uiis. fltfle-s. etc.. off: treen.6v£ vidos for a survey of the Hennepin
canal route by a board of government
engineers, but no appropriation for
Fleece-washed medium, lb •[email protected] -,
Fleece-washed coarse.. [email protected] construction is to be made at present
TJnwashed medium [email protected]
Unwashed coarse. [email protected]
Tu^-washed, coarse, poorly [email protected] iy unearthed in the vicinity of W abash,
[THE IRISH STANDARD does not wish to be un
derstood as always applauding the sentiments
expressed by correspondents. Communica
tions for publication should be written only on
one side of the paper, and must be accompanied
with the name of the writer. Correspondents
must use ink and not pencil. Long letters will
stand a poor cbahcc of insertion in our columns.
The County Auditor-ship.
Aug. 6,1886.
To the Editor of The Irish Standard
In this issue of your valuable paper,
as an Irish Republican, I ask for a
hearing. THE STANDARD, though
Democratic in politics, has never failed
to be just and fair in its dealings with
men and matters. Responsible always
for what I say, I desire at this time to
point out to the Republican party some
of the reasons why it should tender the
nomination of county auditor to William
Francis McCarthy. To betrin with, he
is a young Irish Republican who, by
hard work among this element, has
changed the politics of many of them
ftom the Democratic ranks. He has
to a great extent been the means of
turning the attention of our people to
the Republican party. A9 an instance
of this we might mention the campaign
of the fall of '83, when Hubbard ran for
governor, when, because of the Scan
dinavian defection to Bierman, it was
feared that Hubbard would be defeated.
Mr. McCarthy took the matter in hand
•among the Irish of this city and county,
and the result of his labors was at that
time acknowledged by the leading poli
ticians. Two years ago he was a can
didate for this same office, and while
no public canvass was made for the
place the encouragement he received
then has prompted his friends to again
bring him before the convention. By
some it has been argued that, an Irish
man could not receive a respectable
nomination on the Republican ticket.
This I do not believe, and I trust that
tlie Republican convention will forever
silence this argument by nominating
W. F. McCarthy. An attempt has
lately been made to slui Mr. McCarthy
because he was a working man. This
was fittingly answered by Mr. McCar
thy himself and needs no further
answer from me. As to his ability
there is no question. After leaving the
State University he was connected
with tlie wholesale grocery house of
Anthony Kelly and Dunham & John
son for some years and is well versed in
business transactions. As to the argu
ment. advanced by the present auditoi,
"That a new man could not run the of
fice," I pass it bv it needs no answer.
I understand it was given out for the
purpose of strengthening the present
deputy auditor's chances, in which case
I cannot see how the nomination of
Condit will strengthen it. I do, how
ever, see how the name of W. F. Mc
Carthy will add materially to the Re
publican ticket. A good deal of inter
est has been aroused among the Irish of
this city regarding Mr. McCarthy's
nomination, and the Republicans have
it in their power to change tbe views of
many of our people regarding the feel
ing of Republicans towards our race.
In conclusion, I do not hesitate to
say that should W. F. McCarthy be the
Republican nominee for county auditor
he will add such strength to the ticket
as vvill insure its success entire.
The public debt decreased during
July $9,049,104. The- total, less the
available cash, is $1,460,293,604.
Weuigar, chief cashier of the state
railroads at Baden, has been arrested
for the embezzlement of over 500,000
Through the influeuce of Prince Bis
marck, a German firm is said to have
obtained an eight-year monopoly of sup
plying rails for Japanese roads.
The will of David Davis was Monday
admitted to probate at Bloomingtori,
Illinois.. The value of his lands in four
states is estimated at $1,250,000..
The senate Monday passed bills to
tax fractional parts of a gallon of dis
tilled spirits and to provide for the in
spection of tobacco, cigais and snuff.
Yesselmen at Chicago assert that the
season has been the most remunerative
for ten years, and that lake traffic will
have a veritable boom before the end of
It is believed that the Pennsylvania
company is furnishing $8,000,000 to
build the St. Louis, Kansas City and
Colorado road with steel rails, rock bal
last and iron bridges.
Under the auspices of the Illinois
Central road, the Chicago,Madison and
Northern company has been incorpor
ated at Springfield and Madison. Grad
ing commenced Tuesday at a point
near Freeport.
The agreement reached by the confer-
green-salted, :vpr
Frances Slocum,the female captive, and
medals presented to the Miamis by
Washington and Jackson.
A granddaugter of Thomas Jefferson
was recently discharged from the pen
sion bureau at Washington.
The depot of the Minneapolis aud St.
Louis at Fort Dodge was struck by
lightning Saturday night and burned
before assistance could be had.
The crop scare having almost sub
sided, nearly overy stock on the New
York exchange scored an advance
Monday, especially the grangers. St.
Paul closed at 941 and Northwestern at
114|. Michigan Central rose to 82.
President Cleveland has signed the
oleomargarine bill, mainly on the
ground that the product can bear taxa
tion if it has the merit claimed by its
manufacturers, and if it depends upou
fraud it should be suppressed.
A second fruitless attempt has been
made at Two Rivers, Nova Scotia, to
launch a raft of nearly three million
feet of timber, to be towed to New
York by two tugs. When nearly at
the water's edge the cradle gave way
with a crash that was heard for a mile.
OF MINNESOTA, County of Henne
pin—Probate Ccyirt.
In the matter of the estate ol Lawrence Bev
ans, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of James
Be vans, of Hennepin county, Minnesota,
representing that. Lawrence Bevans, has-lately
died intestate, a resident and inhabitant of the
county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota,
leaving goods, chattels aud estate within this
county, and praying that administration of his
estate t»e to said petitioner granted.
It is ordered, That said petition be heard at
a general term of this (Join t, to be held at the
Court House in the city of Minneapolis, in said
county. Monday, the6th day of September,
18SB, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon and thai no
tice of such hearing be given to all persons in
terested. by publishing this oroer at least once
in each week lor three successive weeks prior
to said day of hearing, in The hish Standard,
a newspaper printea and published in trnid
Dated at Minneapolis this 4th day of August,
By the Court: A. UEIJAND,
J. R. Coil
Judge of Probate.
at 0 A N Attorney for estate.
OF MINNESOTA, County ol Henne
pin— Court.
In the matter of the estate of Johanna Quig
ley, decease
On reading and iiliug the final account of
Thomas Brown, as executor of the will of said
deceased, and his petition praying for the al
lowance of said account and for a decree assign
ing the residue of said estate to the persons by
law entitled to the same.
It is ordered, That said petition b.e heard at a
general term of this Court, to be held at the
Court House in the City of Minneapolis, in said
county, on Monday, the 6th day of September,
j886, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon aDd that no
tice of such hearing be given to all persons inter
ested, by publishing thi6 order at least once in
each week tor three successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing, in The Irish Standard, a
newspaper printed and published in said
Dated at Minneapolis this 4th day of August,
Bv the Court: A. UELAND,
J. Jtt.CoRR.IQAN, Judge of Probate.
Attorney for estate.
A. J. Finnegan
312 Hennepin Avenue.
Lot between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth, on
Harriet avenue only 81.250.
Six lots on Aldrich avenue south, between
Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets, full
size only 8850 each.
1 iot, east front, corner Lyndale avenue and
Thirty-second street $1,050.
1 lot on Pleasant avenue, between Thirty-first
and Thirtv-seeond streets south, full siae only
Fine 613^x121 foot l»t on Nicollet avenue, be
tween Twentjr-fiftii and Twenty-sixth streets,
Fine lot on Ridge wood avenue. 100x217, for
82Vs feet on Oak Grove street at §12o per
front foot.
2 lots on Fourth avenue south and Twenty-,
ninth street at jfl.250 each.
325-foot lots on Thirteenth avenue south and
Thirty-lifth streets, east fronts, on corner, §800.
8 east front 55-foot lots, corner Twenty-third
avenue north and Sixtn street only 31,000.
2 lots on Park avenue, between Thirty-fifth
and Thirty-sixth street: each§1.000.
1 lot corner Twenty-ninth street and.Portland
aveuue, east front- Price, $1,500.
1 lot on Portland avenue, between Twenty
ninth andThirtieth. Price $1,800.
1 lot 60 feet front, in Lake of Isles addition, on
Franklin avenue only $1,500.
2 lots on Aldrich avenue, between Twenty
fourth and Twenty-fifth streets south, $1,500
harbor bill Dro-
Indiana, is the silver
corner Twenty-sixth street and Eigh
teenth avenue south lot 58x127, only $1,500
east front.
1 fine east front lot in Monroe Bros addition,
$500. _.
1 lot on Clinton avenue, between Eighteenth
and Nineteenth streets, 15,000.
98 feet, east side Mary Place, at 8105 per front
One 80 foot lot on Aldrich avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth avenues north. $2,500.
5 lots, east front, on Fourteenth avenue
south, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-sev
enth streets, $1,150 each.
2 lots on Second avenue south, between
Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth streets, for $1,100.
2 lots corner Fortieth and Fourth avenue
south, 8375 each.
2 lots, between Twenty-first and Twenty-sec
ond, on Tenth avenue south each $1,800.
Wild Lands,
Stocks, Etc.,
For sale cheap or exchange for City
Property. Houses and lots-
J. F. McCarthy,
Practical Well and
Cistern Builder.
BOREi) and
Artesian Wells
A Specialty.
Wholesale Dealer in
Cowing1 & Gleason
CjTATE OF MINNESOTA, District Court,
O Fourth Judicial District. County ol' Henne
Sarah Kimball, plaintiff, vs. Hogan O. Nor
clabl, Johanna Nordahl, August Johnson, and
also aJ] other persons or parties unknown
clfiimiuK any rig-lit, title, estate, lien, or inter
est in the real estate described in the com
plaint herein, defendants.
The State of Minnesota to the above-named
You and each of you are hereby summoned
and required to answer the complaint in this
action, which has been filed with the Clerk of
said Court, and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscriber at his
office, room 61 Kasota block, in the city of
Minneapolis, in said county and state, within
twenty days after the service of this summons
upon you, exclusive of the day of such service,
and if you fail to answer the said complaint
within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this
action will apply to the Court i'or the relief de
manded therein.
Dated July 80th, A. D. 1886.
Plaintiff's Attorney, Minneapolis, Minn.
TATE OF MINNESOTA, County of Henne
pin—District Court, Fourth Judicial Dis
Sarah Kimball, plaintiff,
Hogan O. Nordahl, Johanna Nor
dahl, August Johnson, and also Notice of
all other pereonB and parties 'r Lis Pen
unknown claiming any right, dens,
title, estate, lien, or interest in
the real estate described in the
complaint herein, defendants.
To all whom it may concern—Please take no
That (.here has been begun and is now
pendinjr in the above-named Court an action
entitled as above, in which Sarah Kimball is
plaintiff and Hogan O. Nordahl, Johanna Nor
dahl and August Johnson, and also all other
persons or parties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, lien, or inteiest tbe real
estate described in thecomplaint herein, are de
That the general object of the above-entitled
action is to determine each, any, and all ad
verse claims made by the defendants therein,
or any of them, of any right, title, estate, lien,
or interest, in, to, or upon the hereinafter de-^
scribed piece ot land, adverse to this plaintiff,
and the rights of the parties respectively.
That the real property situate in said Henne
pin county, affected, involved, or brought in
question by said action is known and described
as follows, to-wit: Lot twenty-two (22), in
block two (2) of Morrison & Lovejoy's Addition
to Minneapolis, in said county and state, ac
cording to the map or plat thereof on. file and
of record in the office of the Register of Deeds
in and for said Hennepin county.
''August2d, 1886. SELDEN BACON.
Establilh^d 1872 ,^
Traveling Bags, Dog Collars, Etc.
Eepairing and Sample Work Specialties.
24# WICOLLE A V., Minneapolis--Nico llet Ho use Block
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Marble Granite Monuments,
Gravestones, Cemetery l*ostH, Mtc.
First Avenne South, Bet. 3d and 4th Streets, Minneapolis.
All Kinds of Iron and Steel Forging.
No. 506 and 508 Second Street South, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.
Ho! For the Motor
Minnelialia Falls,
T_iaJs.es Minnetonka,
109 Central Ave., Minneapolis.
And all other Government Claims suc
cessfully prosecuted. Pension Vouch
ers carefully executed. No fee until
claim is allowed.
Attorney for Plaintiff, Minneapolis, Minn.
Bridge Bolts, Truss Rods, Drilled Well Tools,
Twentv-five Cents to Minnehaha and Lake Calhoun!
Seventy-five Cents to Excelsior and Return!
Trains leave for Minnetonka as follows: 5.30 a. m., 9 a. m., 1.20 p. m., 5 p. m.
Returning, leave Minnetonka as follows: 7.10 a. m., 12.10 p. m., 4.20 p. m., and
6.38 p. m. Trains leave every hour for Minnehaha.
McCarthy & Courtney
Brass Saods and Plumbers' Supplies.| EstimatesPurmshei
J. P. Courtney
OFFICE HOCKS 9 to J.~ a.m.: to apondence to P. O
p. TO. Box 520.
Plum ber,
Steam and Ga? Fit
On Application.
Repairs Promptly
Attended to.
Japanese Furniture in new designs,
Upholstering, Bank, Office and Resi
dence Furnishing a Specialty dealers
in all kinds of Hard Wood Lumber,
also Kiln Dried Lumber.
Store and Office, 1216 and 1,218 First
Avenue South,
Telephone call 133-4., MINNEAPOLIS.
"ber Slicyp
-1 :. «it':
301 Nicollet Avenue.
Hair cutting a specialty. Turkish and' Elec
tro Thermal Baths. -Plain Baths, 20 conts.^
Open all day Sunday. 10 cents a shave.' f'Jli'
41 Wash. Ay. S
Minneapolis, Minn.
Address corre-
Pres.. Sec. and Trens. V.-P. and uen'l Mgr.

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