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From Muuster vale they brought her,
From the pure and balmy air.
An Ormand peasant's daughter,
With blae eyes and golden hair.
They brought her to the city,
Aud she faded slowly there,
Consumption has no pity
For blue eyes and golden hair.
When I saw her first reclining,
Her lips were moved in prayer,
.And the setting sun was shining
On her loosened golden hair.
When our kindly glances met her,
Deadly brilliant was her eye,
.And she said that she was better,
While we knew that she must die.
She speaks of Munster valleys,
Tlie patron, dance, and fair,
And her thin hand feebly dallies
With her scattered golden hair.
When silently we listened
To her breath with quiet care,
Her eyes with wonder glistened,
And she asked us what was there.
•The poor thing smiled to ask it,
Aud her pretty mouth laid bare,
Jjike gems within a casket,
A string ot pearletb -^ire.
We said that we were trying
By the gusning of her blood,
And the time she took in sighing,
To know if she were good.
Well, Bhesmil'd and chatted gayly,
Tho' we saw in mute despair
•The tiectic brighter daily,
And the death-dew on her hair.
And oft her wasted fingers
Beating time upon the bed,
O'er some old tune sho Lingers,
And she bows her golden head.
At length' the harp's broken,
And the spirit in its strings,
As the last decree is spoken,
To its source exulting springs.
Descending swiftly from the skies,
Her guardian angel came,
He struck God's liglnuing from her eyes,
Atid bore Him back the flame.
Before the sun had risen
Thro' the lark-loved morning air,
Her young soul left its prison,
Undeflled by sin or care.
I stood besid-3 the couch in tears
Where pale and calm she slept,
And iho' I've gaz'd on death for years,
I blush not that I wept,
7. eheck'd with effort pity's sighs,
And left the matron there,
To clos'e the curtains of her eyes,
And bind her golden hair.
An inquiry into the Laborers' Cottage
\.ct was held at the Workhouse, Car
ow, on July 15, by theLocal Govern
ment Board Inspector.
A fatal fire broke out ou Mrs. Agan's
remises in Janesville, which resulted
a the burning to death of her 2 1-year*
!d daughter and the destruction of the
h.ouse property.
Ejectment processes have been
brought against nine tenants on the
Twiss estate at Ballyrnalone for the
nonpayment oil impossible rack-rents.
The tenants lately waited upon the
..gent, Adam St udder t, of Quinn,Coun
ty Clare, to try to effect some arrange
ment, but in vain. The visitation of
I he sheriff is daily expected. Public
.•sympathy is very strong in the tenant's
A great drawback in the erection of
.131 laborers' cottages, for which sites
had been selected by Mr. Sexton, archi
tect of the Ennis Board of Guardians,
taken place, and will occasion delay
or several months in their erection.
The guardians at a special meeting
-inanimor.sly resolved to go solely on
he compulsory scheme to obtain the
and required, so that all notice must
be served afresh, aud three months
"lapse before the erection of the cot
On July 13 the funeral of the late
iiev. Win. O'Neill was held in the
church at Knockville, to which the de
ceased belonged. A large number of
oriests attended.
A meeting was held in Ban try on
July 10 to take steps to prevent an ad
dress of welcome to the Earl and Coun
tess of Bantry on the occasion of their
cotniug to reside on the family estate.
It was unauimously decided to present
n,u address to Lord and Lady Bantry on
r,heir arrival.
The Mitclielstown Board of Guar
dians has submitted a petition to Lord
Aberdeen, praying for a stay of pro
ceedings on sheriff's sales' of farms,and
on the execution of ejectment decrees
until November next, so that the farm
ers may get their cattle into condition,
and realize the value of their growing
crops after the coming harvest.
A shark was recently captured at
.Arranmore Island by several .fisher
Mr. Arthur O'Connor, M. P. for
East Donegal, visited Gweedore and
•received a hear thy welcome on July 10.
Dr. E. Grandy has been elected resi
dentrsurgeon in the Mater Misericordioj
Hospital, Dublin.
Mr. T. M. Healy delivered a stirring
address before the Dublin National
League on July 13 on the importance
of registration.
At the weekly meeting of the Guar
dians of the South Dublin Union, a re
port was read from the Visiting Com
mittee with referrence to the proposed
sew residence for the Nuns,
On July 10, in the Dublin Police
Court two men, named Wogan and
O'Brien was sent for trial at the forth
coming commission, on a charge of
having participated in the recent riot
in York street.
On Sunday, July 11, the National,
Historical and Literary League com
memorated the life and labors of Fath
er Tom Burke at Tallaght. The occas
ion was one of verv great interest, and
the proceedings were most enthusias
The result of Mr. Michael McCartan's
victory in South Down was received in
Newry with creat cheering.
At the close of the counting of votes
in Enniskillen on July 14, which
showed a majority for Mr. William
Bedmond of 260, the greatest enthu
siasm prevailed.
A man named Martin Nee, of Recess,
County Galway, who was brutally
beaten while returning from Round
stone fair, in the same county, on June
14, died on July 10 from his injuries.
The police have effected some arrests.
The offense is not agrarian.
On July 13 Private Wingrove, of the
Vidette troop of the Eleventh hussars,
stationed at Curragli, was shot dead in
his room by Corporal Crossan of the
same regiment and troop. At an in
quest a verdict was returned that de
ceased died from the effects of a gun
shot wound inllicted by Grossman in a
practical joke, for which they severely
censured him. He was arrested and
brought before the magistrate.
At the meeting of the Naas Board of
Guardians, on July 14, Mr. P. Driver, a
Nationalist, in the chair, the clerk ap
plied for permission to leave before the
meeting concluded, his object being
to vote for Captaiu Cosby, the Orange
candidate for the Queen's county. The
chairman said that of course he would
get the permission. Mr. E. Doyle,
Nationalist, said, "I hope you will give
an honest vote. Mr. Molloy."
The Lord Chief Justice opened the
assizes for the county on July 10.
There were a few serious cases to go
before the grand jury. A true bill was
found against Peter Moloney for the
wilful murder of Thomas Hammond at
Graigue on June 24, and on the applica
tion of Mr. Ryan, Q. C., the case was
adjourned to the winter assizes. Jus
tice Harrison opened the assizes Cor the
city of Kilkenny on the same day. He
congratulated the grand .jury on the
peaceable state of the city.
Sir Henry Donovan, of Tralee, died
on July 36.
On July 10 a public meeting of tlie
Sandes' tenantry was held in Lis towel.
Addresses encouraging tenants in their
protest against the high rents and urg
ing them to meet their landlord with a
firm front were delivered by the Rev.
Canon Davis and others.
Addressing the grand jury at the
Kerry assizes on July 12, Baron Dowse,
after analyzing the criminal calendar,
said that the county was never in a
worse state than at present, there hav
ing been no less than 219 offenses com
mitted since the last assizes. He stated
he did not know why it was that the
population of Kerry indulged in out
rage, while the people of the neighbor
ing counties were comparatively quiet.
During his remarks Baron Dowse
stated he was informed that a gentle
man who was, during the last assizes,
assaulted had died from his wounds,
but it appeared that the gentleman re
ferred to was on the grand jury the
Baron was addressing. When his at
tention was called to this fact, the
judge said that it was one crimeless on
the record of the county.
At the Petty Sessions on July 10,
Jane Drennan and Mary Quinn, two
loose characters, were found guilty of
robbing a man named Flaherty of
on July 3.
The Longford Board of Guardians
now propose in regard to the water
works scheme to cut off the bad por
tion of the river and collecting three
other pure streams into a reservoir
from which the water will be conducted
in pipes into Longford.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. O'Dwyer visited
Bradford on July 14. He was enthu
siastically received. In the course ot a
discourse he expressed pleasure at the,
peaceable state of the town, and said
that the people should follow the ad
vice of their clergy, who would never
lead them astray.
Mr. William F.. H. Smith has Taieen
appointed resident magistrate for Lon
On July 9, Mr. William McGrath, a
former student of Maynooth College,
died at his home in Londonderry. He
was a son of the late Captain Mc
Grath of Derry, and had entered on his
fourth year in college when he was
obliged to return home on account of
ill health.
The igovernmeht declines to institute
an inquiry into the conduct of the. po­
lice on the occasion of the recent elec
tion in Londonderry. The Viceroy's
order summoning the inhabitants of
Londonderry to deliver up their
arms and ammunition before July 26
has been disregarded.
On the night of the declaration of the
poll for Derry City, and outrage was
committed near the residence of Mr. T.
C. Campbell, J. P., a supporter of Mr.
Justin McCarthy's candidature. The
perpetrators caused the explosion of a
lot of gunpowder, and ran away, shout
ing: "Traitors, you sold us and de
serted your religion!'' Fortunately,
no damage was done.
The clergy of the Drogheda Deanery
met in conference on July 12.
On Sunday, July 11, the' interesting
ceremony of the unveiling of the pic
ture of Our Lady of Good Counsel took
place in the Augustinian Church,
The splendid victory of Sir Joseph
N. McKenna was celebrated with great
enthusiasm on July 14. A grand meet
ing was held at Castleblaney, at which
the Rev. Canon Hoey, P. P., presided
and delivered an excellent speech.
The Grove Presbyterian Meeting
House, about three miles from Castle
blaney was recently forcibly entered,
and the words *'No Home Rule" writ
ten on the walls, an4 other offensive
literature unfit for publication, and the
floor strewn with Orange .lilies. The
pastor, the Rev. Matthew McAulay.
has promptly identified himself with
the Home Rule movement, and thereby
incurred the hostility of the Orange
men in his neighborhood.
On July 1J the house of the steward
of Mr. Pierce Mahoney, the newly
elected M. P. for Meath, was entered
by an armed party, who carried off a
ride and a revolver and several small
On July lo, at the court, Castlebar,
Patrick Dunne, a farmer, was charged
with passing a £1 counterfeit note,
which was sketched in ink with won
derful accuracy. Neither the prisoner
nor his wife could read or write, but a
crippled 14-year-old sou was suspected
of the act The prisoner was acquitted,
but subsequently .his wife was tried and
convicted, she being the one who at
tempted to pass the note.
Great enthusiasm prevailed at the re
election of Mr. Richard La'lor for the
Leix Division of this county. Mr. Lal
or was re-elected by the handsome ma
jority of 3.120.
On July 11 a grand national demon
stration was held at Skve, near Elphin,
to condemn the grabbing' of Mrs. Con
nor's farm. The meeting turned out a
great success. Contingents with bands
attended at Killinagh, Ballyoughter,
Creeve, Crogan and Bailinamean. Dele
gates attended from Tulsk, Kiltrustan,
Strokestawn and Carrick-on-Shannon.
The chair was taken by Mr. Charles
Mulvey, V. P.
Mr. E. D. Farrell, a wealthy gentle
man of New York, has presented the
Very Rev. Malachie^Ereiman, of Cli
froney Church, with a magnificent Am
erican organ.
Head Constable McCoulderick, of
Dundrum, attempted suicide by shoot
ing himself in the presence of his wife
and children. No cause is assigned for
his action. Tie is expected to recover.
An enthusiastic open-air meeting of
the people of the parish of Lattin was
held on July 11 in furtherance of the
Parliamentary Fund. The Rev. J.
Murphy, C. C., presided, and delivered
a spirited address. A grand public
meeting was held on the following Sun
Mr. Holt Waring has been appointed
a resident magistrate for Tyrone.
At the polling in Beragh, on July 14,
Mr. M. J. Kenny, Nationalist, was
handsomely re-elected. The National
ist polled every available vote and in
some cases men who were on death
beds went and recorded their vote.
The Loyalists made strenuous exertions
to get up their men, but a great num
ber of Presbyterians abstained from
voting, although cars were sent to their
door to carry them to the booths. The
arrangements of the Nationalist party
were of the most complete character.
The herring fishing on the southern
coast of Waterford is reported to be
The Mayor of Wexford, together
with the members of the Corporation
and the Home Rule Club, visited Avon,
dale by the permission of Mr. Parnell
on July 11. A pleasant tithe was spent
and a grand banquet enjoyed.
WICKLOW. '"'v'."
Mr. Garrett M. Byrne was triumph
antly returned for West Wicklow on
July 12. On July 13, after the result
became known, great enthusiasm pre
vailed. Mr. Byrne addressed a large
audience, thanking them for the result
of the election and proposing the usual
vote of thanks to the High Sheriff.
[Contributions to this department will be
gladly received and published in THE IRISH
STANDARD, providing the articles are brief and
conclusive. If desired, the name of the con
tributor will be published.]
The Minerals, of Wicklow.,
There is no county in Ireland more
stored with mineral deposits than
•Wicklow. According to Kane it is a
mine of wealth. There are a few cop
per mines at work, but the county is
rich enough in minerals to employ ten
times the number of men in this indus
The Ancient Town of Emly.
The town of Emly is noticed by Ptol
emy as "Imlagh," and was one of the
three principal towns in Ireland. A
monastery of Canons Regular was
founded by St. Ailbe, who became
its first abbot and died in 527. Among
the successors of St. Ailbe were several
who exercised sovereign power at
Cashel as Kings of Munster.
Tlie family Name of McTaggart and Mc
The word sagart signifies "a priest,"
and from Mac an t-sagairt come Mc
Taggart and Taggart, while by similar
prefixes to the word saor, "an artificer,"
was formed the prototype of Mclntyre,
McFadden (from MacPhaidin) is the
"son of Patrick."
The Town of Louth.
The town of Louth, from which the
county is named, was anciently called
Ivnockfergus, and was famous for an
abbey founded there by St. Patrick.
The remains of this abbey, or rather of
the.priory founded on its site, are ex
tensive, but in a very dilapidated con
dition. Dr. Plunkett, the celebrated
Catholic Bishop of Armagh who was
executed in London for loyalty to Ire
land, which the English call "high trea
son," was for some resident in the
town of Louth.
The Abbeys of Comber.
It is known that St. Patrick founded
an abbey at Comber, in Down, but even
the exact site is unknown. Brien.
Catlial Dun, from whom the O'Nials of
Clandeloy descended and who fell by
the sword of Sir John De Couray about
1201, also founded an abbey at Comber
for Cistercians. John O'Mullegan, the
last Abbot, voluntarily resigned in
1543. The site and grounds were
granted by James I. to Sir James Ham
ilton, whose successors used most of
the materials in erecting a mansion
near the town called Mount Alexan
der, which was a heap of ruins 50 years
The Birthplace of McFixbis.
Duakl MeJfirbis (Dubhaltach) was
the son of Gilla IosaMor,and was born
at his father's castle of Leacan McFir
bis in Mayo about the year 1580. If, as
O'Cuny tells us, he went to the south
of Ireland to study so early as the year
1595, he must at least have been 15
years old at that time. The schools of
Thomond weie at this period very fa
mous, and attracted native scholars
from all parts of Ireland. The Mac
Eagans of Redwood Castle in Lower
Ormond were amongst the most famous
Erehon lawyers in Ireland, and here
young McFirbis came to perfect him
self in the study of Celtic jurisprudence.
But he also studied in several other
parts of Ireland.
The Historic Surroundings of Boyle.
Boyle is beautifully and picturesque
ly situated. On the north side loom up,
blue and hazy, the Curlew mountains,
on which, in 1509, Sir Conyers Clifford
and 1400 of EIizabeth'3 best soldiers
were routed and slain by gallant
O'Rourke of Breffni, and the O'Connor
of Sligo. On the south side extend the
beautiful plains of Boyle, miles long
and miles broad, intersected in all di
rections by walls of solid stones, with
out mortar or other binding substance.
About a mile from the town upon the
north side of the river. on a knoll of
considerable dimensions, are the ruins
of the old church of Asylynn, wbicb
used to give its name to the parish in
which stands Boyle. Below this spot
the Boyle river regularly seethes across
the rocks of Asylynn, while a little fur
ther down is the ford of Athadalaragh,
where in old times stood an abbey of
Canons Regular, which existed from
the time of St. Patrick to 1201, and
gave its name to a bishopric over which
St. Corigallen presided at one time.
The Orangemen of Wexford Against tie
Act of Union.
When the detested Orange family of
Beresford induced the Grand Lodge at
Dublin to urge on all the lodges in Ire
land by circular to assist in securing
the passage of the Act of Union by
their influence, a majority of the lodges
protested against it, among which was
the following:
Orange Lodge No. 883, at Newton
barry, Co. Wexford, 16th February,
Resolved, That Orangemen ought to
come forward as Orangemen and Irish
men and declare their sentiments
against a legislative union which now
or at any time would be of the most fa
tal and pernicious consequences to the
real liberty of Ireland.
Northern Pacific Railroad
Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest
The "Pioneer Line" between St. Paul, Min
neapolis, Moorhead and .Fargo, and the ONLY
line running Dining Cars and Pullman sieep
ers between those points.
I Leave Leave
St. PauLiMin'eapolis
Pacific Express (Daily)... 4:00 m| 4:35
Fargo Ex. (Daily ex. Sun) 8.15 a mj 8:45 a
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press, leaving daily at 4- p.
I Arrive
Min' epolis
Atlantic Express (Daily)... 11:50 a
St- Paul and Minneapolis
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St. Paul and Minneapolis
acc. (daily ex. Sunday) 6:10
St Paul.
7:05 a
*Do not run west of Fargo on Sundays.
Through Pullman Sleepers between St. Paul
and Wahpeton, Dak., daily on .Dakota ex
Through Pullman sleepers between £t. Pau]
aud Ashland, Wis., daiiy except Sunday via St.
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~tDaiiy except Sunday. -I-Except Saturday,
Except Monday.
NOTE-—This is the only line running tlie ele
gant Pullman Buget sleeping cars be tween St.
Paul aud Chicago.
^"For tickets, sleeping car accommoda
tions, rates, time tables aud full information,
apply to
ST. PAITL—John L. Whelan, cay ticket agent.
194 East Third srreet: Brown & liuebel, ticket
ageuts, Union depot.
MINNEAPOLIS—W. H. Gowcnlock, No. 10
Nicollet block.
The only line in the Northwest running Pull
man's elegant buffet sleeper? and Combination
sleeping and chair ears. Popular route to Chi
cago and the East. Short Lino—St. Louis.
Kansas City, St. Joseph. Atchi&on, Leaven
worth, Galveston, Sail Prancisco and all Cali
fornia points, New Orleans and Florida.
Through to all points, south, cast and -west,
without change of depots. No change of cars
between St. Paul and Chicago, St. Louis or
Kansas City. RAYSIO"D DU Puy.
General Superintendent.
General Passenger
Miwta li E. 1.
tP Railroad
/•[V O
Lyle O
8/ 1
St. Paul.
*7:30 a
1135 a
8.20 pm
Ar St Paul
8 55 a
05 pm
I 2* flft a r\ fl
8 55 am,
10 50 am
2 45 m|
6 55 pm!
8 30pmj
10 34
6 20pm
7 55
10 00
And it would not be surprising ere
long-to see a large number of Orange
men change the views they now hold on
Home Rule.
5 00 a mj
9 00 a m|
10 50 a mi
5 05 mj.
6 20 mj
10 40 m!
5 35 a
9 35 a
31 25 a
5 40 ra
1113 pm
Stillwater trains run via White Bear.
Sleeping care on through night trains. Se
cure berths at Union depot or 469 East Third
street. Sr. Paul, or 19 Nicollet house block,
Minneapolis. E. F. DODGE,
General Ticket Agent, St. Paul.
*8:10 am
*8:10 a
W Vfr rr i- csion
DES W Oregon
Macon 3.
1 Mexico
K5& rton Jc.
Park. neapolis.
'2 Warreffion
*8:30 a ni
d9:S0 am
fit) :25
The Only Line in the Northwest
itrjN Mi?
Pullman's Elegant Buffet Sieopera and Com
bination Sleeping and Chair Cars.
Popula? Eouie to .Shicap and the
St. Louis, Kansas City, St. Joseph,
Atchison, Leavenworth, Galveston,
San Fiancisco, and all Cali
fornia points.
New Orleans and Florida
Through to all points South, East aud vVeat
without change of depots
General Snpt. Gen. Ft. & Paf?s. Agi.
Where You Go
-18 THE
Constructed and equipped in the most perfect
manner, ensuring safety, comfort, convenience
and speed. It traverses the most important
portion of Wisconsin, reaching with its imme
diate connections, ncaring every town and city
in the State. Located on its main line are the
cities of
Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh
JVeic Miclimond, St. Paul,
Ir.s trains start from Union Depots in Chi
cago, Milwaukee and St. Paul, and its equip
ment consists of new and magnificent palace
sleeping and parlor cars, and elegant day
coaches. Superior facilities make it the
route to and from the East, West, North
By asking for tickets via this line. For maps,
circulars, folders, or other information not ob
tainable at your local ticket oflice, apply to
General Manager. Gen. Pass. Ag t.
Northwestern Passenger- Agent,. Minneapolis,
Minn. ,,
For tickets to Europe call at No. 19 iSicollct
House Block, Central Steamship Agency.
Lowest rates! Best lines 1

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