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ffite Saturday (preM
The law tinder which auto
drivers are licensed, declares
such license valid “on and
after March Ist, 1934,” and
that “on and after” provision
appears to make existing li
censes perpetual^ —unless that
one is “just another law.” If
the Carmichael bureau is
broke, that’s its bad luck. It
spent the one hundred and sev
enty- thousand dollars license
revenue the first year of the
law, as though it was dipping
a, tin cup into Niagara Falls.
If the cup wears out, just too
bad- for Gil. Let him rustle
another berth; There’s no
reason why he should be per
petually pensioned by auto
owners'and drivers, is there?
The “Minnesota Leader” un
der date of March 30, published
oik its first page the official*
confidential disability record of
a Spanish War Veteran. In last
week’s issue of this paper, I asked
a question that requires an an
swer, and in this issue I DE
MAND an answer:
I want to know by what right
and upon whose authority, the
confidential disability record of
Alfred McGlone came into the
hands of the editor of the politi
cal organ of the Farmer Labor
I have been informed that the
records of Spanish-American
War veterans are not kept in the
files of the Veteran’s Bureau at
the Ft. Snelling hospital. Well,
where are they kept?
I’m no veteran, but I hold that
the records that chronicle the
physical and mental ailments of
a veteran of any war are confi
dential and should be so consid
Alfred McGlone incurred the
wrath of the most vicious gang
of racketeers that ever infested
any state —political racketeers.
His offense was that he offered
testimony before a weak-sister
senate investigating committee,
testimony that threatened to rip
Must Demand Resignation
of Investigating Committee
The Senate Investigating Committee, Proven by Its Own Record of Procrastination and
Whitewashing, To Be Incompetent, Inefficient and Unfit to Conduct Investigations,
Should Be Summarily Discharged and Capable Interirti Committee Appointed, The
Present Committee Is Unquestionably “Moured Down” In Its Own Whitewash Tank.
Administration of Highway Department Notoriously Rotten As Its Own
Records Prove, and As Witnesses Have Testified. Committee Loses
Interest and Mouer His Necktie When Fred Ossanna’s Name Appears
Too Often as ‘'Attorney In Fact.” The Committee Didn’t Want That
Sort of Facts!
Gentlemen of the Minnesota
The days of “weasel words”
and sophistries have passed. You
have only a few more days left
of the present session, so let’s
Official Organ of Farmer-Labor Party Published What It Claims Is
Disability Record of Spanish-American War Veteran. Alfred Mc-
Glone. The Records Of Disabled Veterans Are Confidential
Records! Let Editor Creel Explain How He Came Into Possession
of McGlone’s Disability Record. If He Didn’t Frisk Veteran Bu
reau Files, Who Did! Now Somebody Talk Quick.
the cover off a lot of shady
He had scarcely concluded his
testimony, than he was made the
object of a vicious attack, not
upon his person but upon his
character. He was threatened
with “prosecution,” with indict-
With communist agitator,
Bill Brown, a candidate for
alderman in the Third ward,
and with communists actively
campaigning for other radical
candidates, isn’t it about time
for the American element in
Minneapolis to snap to atten
tion and get a move on?
ment by a grand jury. Well, he
appeared before a grand jury,
waived immunity, testified and
wasn’t indicted!
If he had testified to matters
false and defamatory, it is fair
to assume that the grand jury
would have indicted him for
perjury—just as the Capitol Hill
gang threatened in the first
place. McGlone must have satis-
make use of our last opportunity
to speak frankly.
It is a matter of common
knowledge that the Senate inves
tigating committee has been
worse than a failure, it has been
fied the grand jury of his truth
fulness. At least it is admitted
—even by the gang in control—
that he was not indicted.
Had the farmer-labor gang
sters let the subject drop with
the grand jury’s action, or lack
of action, the end of the dirty
chapter would have been quick.
But not content with an attempt
to send the veteran to jail , they
set about to ruin his character.
They might have gotten away
with that had they been content
to carry on the usual “whisper
ing campaign” but, driven to
desperation by his exposures,
they went too far:
They managed to secure his
disability record and made the
content of that record public in
the “Leader’ under the date
named and in a radio talk by the
editor of that publication!
I want to call the attention of
every veteran and every organ
ization in the United States —
and I am doing this as fast as I
can reach them —to that dastardly
a miserable flop. With unlimited
opportunities to uncover, expose
and even prosecute some of the
most flagrant violations of public
trust, the most disgraceful waste
of public money ever recorded in
betrayal of confidential records
of U. S. veterans.
If this publication of Alfred
McGlone’s record is permitted to
go unchallenged and unpunished,
the record of every disabled vet
eran will become public property!
I declare that these records are
confidential records , accessible
only to the veteran, his author
ized agent, to senators and con
gressmen but to no publisher!
The record of McGlone be
longs, if it belongs anywhere, in
the files of the Veterans’ Bur
eau—if not at the Ft. Snelling
hospital, then in Washington, but
it doesn’t belong to the publishers
of the Minnesota “Leader!” And
I demand to know how they came
into its possession. And I’m go
ing to find out.
If the farmer-labor party pub
lications are licensed character
ghouls, that they can dig into the
official files of the governmental
departments, it’s high time the
name of their licenser was made
If ever a file was sacred, if
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this state, that committee has
done nothing except stall, white
wash and cover up. Let’s be
frank about this:
I defy the committee to point
to a single investigation that it
has carried to a conclusion. Now
some of you committee members
point to ONE!
And to make it interesting, I’m
going to shake a few skeletons in
your faces:
There were the SERA investi
gations. What did you do with
them except apply whitewash ?
Not with a brush, hut with a
trowel! You piled it on until
it fell off of its own weight.
I gave committee members
enough facts on the hospital built
with relief money, to start it on
the right track and some grafters
to jail and what was the result?
Why the committee spit fire at
every friendly witness until it
had them all ready to fight the
committee or Hitler’s private
guard. What attempt did it make
to discover the name of the “su
perintendent” who never showed
up on the job even long enough
to get his seventy dollars per
week pay check? It made no at
tempt whatever. It knew where
the man could he found, it knew
where the checks could be lo-
The governor invited the Cap
itol picketeers to have lunch at
his expense, some days ago. The
radicals made much of the in
cident. It was the governor,
was. it not, who invited the
communists, just prior to the
bloody strike of last May, to
“organize and press your de
mands?’’ Well, he seems to
be running true to form! But
take notice he didn’t invite the
gang to eat their lunches at his
big desk!
cated. And it folded up after ac
cepting the senile excuse that:
“Well, we built the hospital,
didn’t we? And we saved some
on the water bills? And after
all, we didn’t steal very much, so
why holler?”
I wonder if the members of
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