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itt Jrfr
At a hearing before the Committee
on Public Health, of the Massa­
chusetts Legislature, on a bill de­
signed to prevent this wholesale
dosing of the public, the following
eminent Boston physicians testified
against the healthfulness of
Rochelle Salts, and strongly recom­
mended the passage of a law which
would prohibit the sale of baking
powders which left this dangerous
drug in food.
Dr. Hartung Dr. F. B. Foste*
Dr. C. O. Kepler Dr. G. M. Palmer
leaves the food free from Rochelle
Salts, Alum or any injurious sub­
stance. Therefore, recommended
by leading physicians and chemists.
Making Them Drowsy.
Did you hear about Fistem? He has
given up pugilism and gone on the
You don't say. How is he making
Well, he is doing the same as he
did in the ring—putting people to
Schools Compared.
Being dissatisfied with the results
obtained at other schools, I enrolled at
the Aaker's Business College, Fargo,
N. D., and to say "I am pleased with
the results" is expressing it mildly.
After comparing the Aaaker's Busi­
ness College with other schools, 1
think I can truthfully say it is the best
in the Northwest.
Starbuck, Minn., 3-23-'06.
Send for free Catalogue.
Knew What He Wanted.
Wedderly—If there is a woman in
this town who is a better cook than
my wife I'd like to meet her.
Singleton—Your wife is an expert
Wedderly—Expert nothing! Didn't
I just tell you I was anxious to meet a
better cook?
Stats or Ohio, City
Lucas County.
"Frank J. Cheney
partner of the
oath that he
la aenlor
of V. J. Cheney & Co., dulng
'business in the City of Toledo, County and State
.^ltoreaald, and that f»aid firm will pay the aum ol
'ONE HUNDKED DOLLARS for each and every
case of Catarrh cannot be cured by the
Sworn to before me and subscribed lu my pres­
ence. this (ith day of December, A. D. lSStj.
~~J— A. \Y. OLEASON,
Xotary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and acta
-directly on tlie blued and mucous surfaces of
Bold by all Drugriftsis. 75c.
Take Hall'1- Family Pills forov«t.lnaHon.
•eysiem. Send tor testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
The principal of one of Washington's
high schools relates an incident in
connection with the last commence­
ment day of the institution mentioned.
A clever girl had taken one of the
principal prizes. At the close of the
exercises her friends crowded about
her to offer congratulations.
"Weren't you awfully' afraid you
wouldn't get it, Hattie," asked one,
"when there were so many contest­
"Oh, no," cheerily exclaimed Hattie,
"because I knew that when it came to
English composition I had 'em all
skinned alive!"
In the Wedding Month.
Bishop Olmsted of Colorado was
talking at a dinner party in Denver
about June weddings.
"Jane is a lovely month," he said,
"and that it should be the month of all
months for weddings is a fact easily
"I was amused by the remark* a jew­
eler made the other day.
"The jeweler said that at this sea­
son it is a very common thing to see
a well dressed, handsome, intelligent
looking young man come into his shop
and say, in a painfully nervous way:
'Um, ah, er—er—ah, er-ha, um—'
"In this contingency the jeweler
simply calls to his clerk:
'Get out that tray of engagement
rings, Jackson.'"
Educational Institutions That Arc a
Great Credit to the
Geneva is "only one of tUe uni­
versities of little Switzerland.
Basel, founded in lG40 Lousann',
founded as an academy in 1537,
and as a university in 1890 Zu­
rich, founded in 1S32 Bern, found­
ed in 1834 Freiburg, founded in
18S9, have each secured a high
educational place, though in its
historic iuipressiveness Geneva
is unique. But Geneva and her
five companions, says Harper's
Magazine, are noble illustrations
of the spirit and power of democ­
racy. Their support is derived
largely from the cantons in which
they are located. Although the
constitution of 1848 authorized
the federal government to erect
and to maintain a polytechnic
school and university, the univer­
sity has not been established.
The cantons support their univer­
sities with a willingness which is
as great as obtains in the states of
the American union touching
their respective slates universi­
ties. The University of Zurich is
maintained by a commonwealth
of but 350„000 people, and within
an area of less than 700 square
miles. Basel, with a population
of less than 100,000, supports its
university. They are examples of
the power of an enlightened de­
mocracy which interests itself in
the highest education. This in­
terest is not confined, either, to
the cause of liberal learning, for
the technical schools of Zurich
are among the best of the world.
Bugs, Modern and Antique.
Because many antiques are ad­
mirable is no reason for denying
the merit of modern rugs. There
are more rugs of high quality be­
ing woven to-day than ever before,
and this is due principally to the
fact that there is abetter market
for them than ever before. The
United States alone imports $4,
000,000 worth a year—afoout $2.
500,000 before the duty is paid.
No wonder that the shah of Per­
sia nurses the rug:weavingindus­
try tenderly, bestowing orders
and honorable rewards on suc­
cessful rng merchants and inflict­
ing the most severe penalties for
the use of aniline dyes or anything
calculated to bring Persian rugs
into disrepute.—Country Life in
Extraordinary Golf Drive.
It is stated by the secretary of
the Weston-super-Mare club that
when playing on that course a few
days ago Mr. Douglas Robinson
accomplished an extraordinary
drive. The distance from the six­
teenth tee to the green is 305
yards, and there is a bunker just
guarding the green, but Mr. Rob­
inson is said to have carried the
bunker with his drive—that is, to
have driven his ball so that it
went over the bunker before ir
touched the ground. In the or­
dinary way 160 yards or 170 yards
represents the carry of a very fine
drive. The longest drive (carry
and run combined) on record is
generally understood to be one
done by Mr. Edward Blackwell at
St. Andrews some years ago,
when he drove his ball 366 yards.
Under Woman's Sway.
Between the mountains of In­
dia and Persia is a powerful tribe
among whom an extraordinary
custom prevails. Woman's rights
have apparently received fuil rec­
ognition, for the ladies of the
tribe can choose their own hus­
bands. All a single woman has to
do when she wishes to change-her
state is to send a servant to pin
a handkerchief to the hat of the
man on whom her fancy 'j.ights.
and he is obliged to marry her, un­
less he can show that he is too
poor to purchase her at the price
her father requires.
Knicker—Would you give vour
seat to a woman who was plain or
Bocker—Well, I'd give it to any
woman who thought she was eith­
er.—'N. Y. Sun.
Awful Ignorance.
Tommy Twaddles—Pa
Good Friday?
Pa Twaddles—Tom my, I'm
ashamed of you. Didn't you ever
read "Robinson Crusoe ?"—Cleve­
land Leader.
Bad Taste.
"I wonder why they happen t] or
call one room in a house a 'den.''
in the Hainan Body.
Rubbing a piece of amber.with a
woolen rag generates electricity
proven by the fact that it will pick
up pieces of paper and cotton-fibre.
The same thing can be dope with a
rubber comb and a few other mineral
or vegetable substances.
It has been the aim of scientists
for years to find some liquid prep?
aration which, when applied to the
human body, would penetrate first
through the skin, then through the
muscles and finally to the very bone.
Electricity to be subsequently gen­
erated through friction with the
hands, it being a well recognized fact
that electricity so generated and
applied, would strengthen the nerves,
remove inflammation and ease all pain.
Max R. Zaegel, a graduate of the
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy,
established as a chemist in Sheboy­
gan, Wis., for the last 23 years, has
discovered this long sought secret
Iti consists of a mix­
ture of vegetable and
mineral oils forming
an amber colored liquid
of pleasant odor and
taste which, when used
as directed, restores
vitality and strength
and gives prompt re.
lief to all pain.
Applied to cuts,
re a
bruises it heals, owing
to the fact that no pus
or matter can form In
any wound where this
electric oil is used.
If you have rheuma­
tism, piles, pain in
back or catarrh, write
Mr. Zaegel and he will be pleased to
mail you a sample bottle of this
wonderful electric oil free.
State the nature of your complaint
and address your letter to Max R.
Zaegel, 170 Main St., Sheboygan, Wis.
It is free now, so do not fail to
write to-day.
A Case of Bathos.
Bliss Perry, the new occupant of the
chair of English' at Harvard, said of
bathos recently:
"A good example of bathos came
within the experience of a Boston
A Boston fisherman had lost his lit­
tle son, a boy of four, his only child,
and the poor fellow was well nigh be­
side himself with grief. The clergy­
man went to see him.
"As the clergyman talked to him, the
bereaved father wept. His grief in­
tensified itself. The clergyman, be­
fore such parental suffering, was more
and more moved.
"And suddenly, rocking himself two
and fro, with tears trickling down his
brown cheeks, the fisherman said in a
voice hoarse and broken with emo­
"Do ye think, sir, I could have the
little beggar stuffed?'"
M. & St. L. Special Excursions.
To Portland, Ore. Tacoma, Seattle
and Puget Sound points (account
meeting Hotel Men's association,
June 25-29), one fare for the round
trip via variable routes. Tickets on
sale June 18-22, limited to sixty days.
With tpayment of slight additional
charge jackets will be routed one way
through California.
To Boston, Mass.—One fare plus
$1.00, for meeting American Medical
association, June 5-81. Liberal limits.
Tickets on sale June 2-5.
To Des Moines, Iowa—One fare plus
$2.00, unless fare and one-third makes
less, for General Assembly Presbyte­
rian chureh, May 16-29. Tickets on
sale May 14-17 and 21-23, limited to
May 31.5|?'
To St. Paul and. Minneapolis, Minn.
—One fare plus $2.00, except fare and
one-third from nearby points, account
biennial meeting General Federation
Women's Clubs, May 30-June 7. Tick­
ets on sale May 28-31, limited to June
9, except that upon payment of limit
extension fee of $2.00 tickets will be
made good for return until July 31.
To Springfield, 111.—-One fare plus
$1.00 for round trip, account annual
meeting German Baptist Brethren
May 31-June 5. Dates of sale June 1,
2, 3, and also on May 29 and 30 to ad­
vance delegates. Liberal limits of­
To Louisville, Ky—One fare plus 25
cents for the round trip, account
Homecoming week for Kentuckians,
June 13-17. Dates of sale June 11-13.
Tickets limited to June 23, except ex­
tension to 30 days from date of sale
may be obtained on payment of 50
For full particulars in regard to
rates, train service, etc., call onTgents
address A B. Cutts/o. P. &*T. A°
Minneapolis, Minai.
"Because so many of them loot 'V
Wireless Tower in Farthest Point
of Alaska Overlook*
Old Line.
Away out near the farthest
point on the American side of
Behring sea a line of telegraph
poles, erected in 1866, is still
standing, sound and strong.
Their permanency, says the Elec­
trical Review, is due, as explained
by a recent scientific visitor to
that locality, to the fact "that
they are not subject to the rav­
ages of tropical insects."
Overlooking that spot stands a
high, conspicuous, wireless tele­
graph tower erected by Gen,
Greelv in 1904.
For 38 years the old line has re­
mained dumb. From the new
tower electric signals flash and
pulsate 1,000 miles out to sea,
calling to ships whose masts are
tipped'with the newT St. Elmo's
fire, and far across Siberian
wastes, studded with mountain
peaks, bearing a message from
the new liberty-loving world to
the liberty-longing millions of an­
cient empires.
The world awaits the answer.
Languages in the Balkans.
Too many languages are spoken
in the Balkans. A traveler in that
region writes of the babel: "Turk­
ish, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian,
Roumanian, Greek, Armenian,
Albanian, Kulzo-Wallachian,
Chingeni, the language of the gyp­
sies Spaniole. the language of the
Jews of Spanish or Portuguese
descent, and the language spoken
by the German, Austrian,, Rou­
manian and Russian Jews. Add
to this Arabic, Persian and Syr­
ian, largely spoken in Constanti­
nople Italian, on the northeast
coast of tlie Adria Russian, in the
northeastern part of Roumania
various Austro-Hungarian. idi:
oms spoken in Bosnia and Herze­
govina and the Caucasian lan­
guages of the Circassians and
Georgians." Not one Of these lan­
guages is of common use.
Any Old Tipple.
"The Alaska Indians,'* said R.
B. Bunce, of Seattle, "are slaves
to their appetite for ardent spir­
its. I have never known one who
wouldn't sell his clothes to get a
drink of whisky. It is a fact of
common knowledge up there that
they will drink almost anything
that has the faintest trace of al­
cohol. I have seen them drink red
ink as though it were a most de­
licious beverage, and they will
gulp down perfumery, extracts
and "any sort of bitters they can
procure. Even such a deadly dose
as wood alcohol does not frighten
them in the, least, and they really
prefer it to any other intoxicant."
—Washington Post.
Lovers' Lane in New York.
Drug stores, theater foyers and
hotel palm rooms have had their
noses put out of joint as a trysting
place by the bridge approach to
the Brooklyn bridge subway sta­
tion. Just at present that is the
most popular lovers' lane in New
York. From six to seven o'clock
every evening and from one to two
on Saturday afternoon men
and maidens of many ages are
lined up three deep at the foot of
the first flight of stairs waiting
for the friends that have prom­
ised to meet them there.—N. Y.
Best-Educated Policemen.
Bolton claims to have the best
educated police force in the world.
.The local authorities arrange spe­
cial lectures for the police force,
and every policeman not on duty
is expected to attend. At these
lectures they are taught, among
other things,, the gfoiinds on
Which convictions may be ob­
tained and the best way to give
Paintings and Prints.
"The Swellsomes have hand
painted rugs in their house," said
Miss Chestwork.
"Indeed!" observed Mr. Clevers,
"we have a collection of art car­
pets at our house, too."
"Yes they're all covered wifh
'footprints.' Detroit Free
Smallest Electric Motor.
What is claimed to be the small
est electric motor in the world is
the possession of a Texas elec-
trician and watchmaker, who,
made it as a qearf-Tin Itwpio-W
Pre#. •tillman Made It Without Milk
OT 8Ufl3r.
When Prof. Stillman of Sevens in­
stitute gave a dinner to two friends, at
which most of the viands were made
artificially by chemical means, he had
small idea of the furore his efforts
would produce. But he has received
hundreds of letters asking how differ­
ent dishes were produced—so many
that he has not had time to answer
many of them.
The chemical processes which he
employed were some of them simple
and some quite complicated. To make
vanilla ice cream by artificial means,
for instance, the alchemist took some
triple refined cottonseed oil, placed! it
in a centrifugal machine which revolv­
ed at a velocity of 3,000 revolutions a
minute. A beautiful emulsion was
thereby produced, which was then
frozen, chemically, of course, The fla­
vor was obtained by the addition of
vanilla, glucin and nitro-benzol. They
say that ice cream composed as above
is sold in many Southern states where
cottonseed oil is more plentiful and
consequently cheaper than milk or
cream. It is far from harmful, tastes
gobd, and does not melt as quickly as
the genuine ice.
Driven to the Suburbs.
The rapacity of landlords in New
York city is driving tenants to the
suburbs. It is impossible to get a
small flat at a figure reasonably with­
in the average clerk or workingman's
means, and such tenants are finding it
extremely difficult to meet existing
DR. J. H. RINDLAUB (Specialist),
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Fargo, N. D.
In Same Class.
The teacher has been telling the
class about the rhinoceros family.
"Now, name some things," said she,
"that it is very dangerous to get near
to, and that have horns."
"Motor cars!" replied little Willie
Tremendous Itching Over Whole Body
—Scratched Until Bled—Won­
derful Cure by Cuticura.
"Last year I suffered with a tremen­
dous itching on my back, which grew
worse and worse, until it spread over
the whole body, and only my face and
hands were free. For four months or
BO I suffered torments, and I had to
scratch, scratch, scratch, until I bled.
At night when I went to bed things
got worse, and I had at times to get
up and scratch my body all over, until
I was as sore as could be, and until I
suffered excrutiating pains. They told
me that I was suffering from eczema.
Then I made up my mind that I would'
use the Cuticura Remedies. I used
them according to instructions, and
very soon indeed I was greatly re­
lieved. I continued until well, and
now I am ready to recommend the Cu­
ticura Remedies to any one. Mrs.
Mary Metzger, Sweetwater, Okla.,
June 28,1905."
Ethel—I showed papa one of your
poems and he was delighted.
Ethel—Yes said it was so bad he
thought you'd probably be able to earn
a living at something else.—Judge.
j^getablePreparationfor As­
similating theToodandReguta
ting the Stomachs ancLBowels of
1 HI Li) in N
Promotes DigesUon.Cheerful
nessand Rest.Con tai ns neither
Opni[n,Morphine nor Mineral.
Jftmjlun Sttd'
/ftrAtf'r SJtr
Amn Stt*
perfect Remedy for Constipa­
tion Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions
ness and Loss OF SLEER
lac Simile Signature of
1' *.• O..
A Certain Cure for Tired, Hoi, Aching FnL
A SpecalAtor, ef Geerav.
Secretary'"bfr'Agrienlt»re Wilson, Is
address to a delegation offarmers.
won hearty applause by the following
"I overheard a dialogue between two
well dreSaed men at lunch the other
day. A.
"The first man, as he helped Mmselff
to asparagus, said:
'By the way, you said Johnson was
a farmer, didn't you?*
'Good gracious, not' returned the
other man. ''I said he made his for­
tune out of wheat. Did you ever hear
of a fa'rmer doing that?*"
"Why don't you elope with her?**
"But, good gracious, man! If you
are perfectly willing for me to marry
your daughter I cannot see any ob­
ject to be attained by our eloping."
"Can't you? How will it be if 1 offer
you half of what I save on the wed­
A blush is one of the few things that
cannot be counterfeited.
a mmm ordeal
"Write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn,
Mass., and Receive Valuable Advice
Absolutely Confidential and Freo
There can be no more terrible ordeal
to a delicate, sensitive, refined woman
than to be obliged to answer certain
questions in regard to her private ills,
even when those questions are asked
by her family physician, and many
Airs TC Willadsth
continue to suffer rather than submit
to examinations which so many physi­
cians propose in order to intelligently
treat the disease and this is the rea­
son why so many physicians fail to
Cure female disease.
This is also the reason why thousands
upon thousands of women are corre­
sponding with Mrs. Pinkham, daughter
in-law of Lydia E. Pinkham, at Lynn,
Mass. To her they can confide every
detail of their illness, and from her
great knowledge, obtained from years
of experience in treating female ills,
Mrs. Pinkham can advise sick women
more wisely than the local physician.
Bead how Mrs.Pinkham helpedMrs.T.
C.Willadsen.of Manning,la. She writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
__ you telling you
how I felt, I hatLdoctored for over two years
steady, and spent lots of money in medicines
besides,but it all failed to do me any good. I
had female
trouble and would daily
have faint­
ing spells, backache, bearing-down pains, and
my monthly periods were very irregular and
finally ceased. I wrote to you for your ad­
vice and received a letter full of instructions
Had it not been for you I would have been
in my grave to-day."
Mountains of proof establish the fact
that no medicine in the world equals
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com­
pound for restoring women's health.,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Thirty Years
oavrerj box
W WW WU B. OrderstorJutaie deli
A West Wrgfnkan'e Ayvfut Pftiu—
Through Khliiey Troubles.
W. Lt Jackfoa, merchant, of Pfcrfc*
ersburg, W. Va., eays: "DriTlng about
tai bad weather
brought kidney trou­
bles o» me, and I
years with sharp,
cramping pains In
the hack and urinary
disorders^ often
had to get up a Ooz
en times at night to
urinate. Retention
set in, and I was
obliged to use the
catheter. 1 took to my bed, and the
doctors failing to help, began using
Doan's Kidney Pills. The urine soon
came freely again, and the pain grad­
ually disappeared. I have been cure#
eight years, and though over 70, am
as active as a boy."
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a bos
Poster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. T.
Homer—I have bad news for you,
old man. Your friend Watkins has
eloped with your wife.
Peckhem—You don't say! I'm sur­
prised at Watkins I thought he knew
my wife better than that.
List of Patents Issued Last Week to
Northwestern Inventors.
Reported by Lothrop & Johnson,
patent lawyers, 911 Pioneer Press
building, St. Paul, Minn. Ole M. Aar
seth, Echo, Minn., mail box Clarence
W. Carter, St. Paul, Minn., cake icing
machine Frank A. Evans, Redwood
Falls, Minn., rotary filter Louis H.
Finnegan, Minneapolis, Minn., choco­
late cutter Andrew N. Gabrielson,
Mount Iron, Minn., plane Frank Gus
taveson, Wabasha, Minn., shoe John
W. McGuire, Joliette, N. D., motor
A Grand Thing.
"This new luminous paint Is
splendid invention!" declared the fond
young papa. "How so?" asked Mr.
Newlywed. "Why, you just paint the
baby's face with it, and you can see it
to give him his bottle without lighting
the gas!"
Mn. Window's Soothing Syrnp.
For children teething, aoftens the gums, reduce*.
flammatlon,allayipain.coreawindcollu. asckbottte.
When a girl's breath smells of co
logne water it is a sign she has beea
*3= & *3= SHOES 9H
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Gilt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
.'JUIV 6. 187®
CAPITAL •a.stmooo
(1A nnn REWARD to
anyone who can
OI UjUUU disprove this statement.
H1 could take you into my tbree large factories
•t Brockton, Mass., and show you the infinite
care with which every pair of shoes is made, yoa
would realize why W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes
cost more to make, why they hold their shape,
fit better, wear longer, and are of greater
intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe.
W. Dougimm Strong Mmdm Shomm for
Mmn, 92.BO, 02.OO. Boym' School
Drmmm Shomm, $2*60, $2, SI.
75, SI.
Color Eyelets used they
Make 'Em Lay
When eggs are highest
poultry tonic in use 40 years.
One pack 25 cents: five *1 two-lb.
fl.20 aix $o. Exprecs paid
Bosloa, lais.
Ci* -x t*"*
If afflicted with
sore eyes, use
Thompson's Eye Watar
When Answering Advertisements*
Kindly Mention Thie Paper.
CAUTION .—Insist upon having WJ^Doug
las shoes. Take no substitute. None genuine
without his name and price stamped on bottom.
Write for Illustrated Catalog.
W. L. DOUGIAS, Brockton* M«i«.
Model Ford—-double-opposed
cylinders, lO b. p., tour to five
passengers, just as good as
new—cost $1,000 last August,
will sell lor 1700 cash.
1001 PlHMr ton life. St Paal. fliss.

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