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The mirror. (Stillwater, Minn.) 1894-1925, January 24, 1895, Image 4

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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There is an essence, a hie, a set «I ; tb*. his re£orm ation, n they
principles, a system ot etl 11: > »■ | ‘ er persons anil able «>ns
which constitutes the nature ot se- ai 1 1 aniese i loo l is the elm
eiety. that must ex.st rathe imh-, * • ement ot the l»m>.y ...
vidual before he can be 111 d “> S nurture and training ot tn
sense a member of tins co-par n- u !Uld when* the I-iv.iily iw
ship Socierirrsthe»rne, tbejuai todo it3p#r t well. «ncscn.w
viihral is the branch, and theiL . d » largo extent in
life giving sap that '™| ‘< l «°? supplying tho deficiency,
from one to the othei. * To those who become ali i<*
nal cuts liinisel off from soc y, _ t jiev hear of educating the
he has violated the conditions upon * luld who have exagg *r
which he became a notions of his intal ;ct and
no longer has the confidence ot wig|i tos , lv , tlmt the ordi
fellow-man. and the problen ot the ; imiu „i with win.in the re
reformatory is to re unite him. that m has to deal is not a bold,
he may partake of the ide am pio-1 sel£ re liaut individual you
dace his share of theliuit iU lin d him in the yellow b .eke
To engraft linn on society it . , , real criminal is usu
liocessaiy to fill M»™* thespmt noveb. 1>» culture
of society, to make him without st rength, and on «c
--and to form his character , ' t of these deficiencies ha seeks
cordanee with t hose dishonest moth..ls that
obediance to which is the necessary tn J cultured and re
condition of conibinatioii among secure through honest indm
men, and which combinati “ Give him education, m the
the source of the. ' in the field, in the work
ings of modern institutional life. ; scuot . habits of industry
The cardinal institutions ot society imiye , au d in time this
are those of the family, A tioUS w ill ripen into character, and tun
the church, the business n o longe~ a criminal t
and the state, these are thedive the n ft citizen to be re
important points of correspond { Iu addition to a kuowl
between the individual and tlus ejected taught, the
erreat co-partnership, and when lm T iUa] , )roue rlv conducted and
SS, to articulate at these fmmts tlHfitii ethical lectors*
he is outot harmony vn lth h is• the meanß of arousing
low-man, and at \ ariance , m j n d of tiie criminal a desm
ciety’s institutions the i to see all things bear their proper
The reformatory iecci\e» i eac h other,
criminal detached from w>ue -y * • church, or religious services
some or at all of these pm ds and ’ reformatory , is the
Sk of reformation ‘Sust begu j
SaTbelnt have the assistance of | spirit that not only reeogn.ses the
in bestowing and protec in r j , m [ v f ro m bis surroundings.
The employment of the—* . not hat lar , •
at remunerative work, an - l. i t liat wo „ld make him a pait
intr to them of wages, not >;• . and at one with its laws
h»bit« ami creates the | X,n or reformation of the of
ties out of which cliaract- j * i n the sense these termsare
formed, when 1 hey again a 1 i often abused, and a guarantee
their own impulses and mcl ™wj . v , ailist anv further commission ot
tions. In this connection • Where is the man tor
to say, that I believe reformatories hom ' sa ' h „ nara ntee can begiven?
should be managed on the awpu • improvement of the crimnm.
live plan, at least to that extent The mpr mKlns such
that the food and clotliin w f ' ciUrination Right prison treat -
in mates* should, be pan . out ot 1 the establishment
their wages, which should bes.m of re<ni!ar habits of physical health
iont to meet this expense. 1 - f abori ilicre nsed ability to live
would in a measure counterimt tbc, methods . an awakening
feeling of dependence diati st , re m--thening of impulses to
atorv life tends to create mt c - orde rly life, a mind compelled to
dividual. Rut.the limit placed p- k new lines, a purified
on this, paper prevents a I and Tenovated body, mid corres
discussion ot that phase < i noiuliu 0- contributions to the healtn
subject. . - tv the of the soul. The rightly managed
In the economy ol s. ' . orison can promise some such in
state stands for order and pmti c. P fc au(l strengthening; it
and to the extent these ate P* ige whftt the church
practised and respected m a .’' |, uever been able to promise its
formatory will you lmpieas mos t devoted saints absolute mi
niates with tne lmp-utai • doUsne ss to evil temptations,
necessity of its powers and it, laws, £ aWute security against ever
Respect for and obedience to . failing into their power,
son is the basis of all tomphne ug ; «n tailreform has
Means can be emp oyed to compel suffere; l from the exag
obedience in nearly all ( a. - • ffera ted claims and promises ot its
the best discipline »»" "n” over-aealous friends. Occasional
and intelligent obedience lapses into crime by criminals who
rules. The aim of reformat 1 graduated from reformatory
discipline is to make the person have , by like connter-ex
self-governing, and m the k> a „„,.rations, been represented as
analysis you must depen. almonstrating the futility of a
manhood and chara > i reformatory treatment.
able to inspire and build up, us be charitable and patient
the ambition you are able to arouse

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