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Established * Tr%Tr T H V Z I II A M Ak J M T Every Week in the\
*To Secure Justice and 111 I I I I I Bulletin-Appeal
Equality to All I 3 I J I J I J JL JL Au JL JL JL JL • JLIJjL 1l A—J 7119 Dependable Medium
VOLUME 111, NO. 11
Our present Comptroller, Erman
M. Skipton, seeks re-election. As the
time rapidly approaches for the city
election much cognizance should be
taken of the various candidates for
municipal position. One of the most
important offices to be filled is that
of city comptroller. This office ranks
second, in vitalness, to that of the
Mayor. In view of this fact it is
necessary as well as expedient that
the best man obtainable be supported
for this office. To our very best
opinion, Mr. Skipton is the logical
candidate for office and deserves the
support of our group. His past ad
ministration clearly demonstrates his
efficiency in his particular vocation.
Mr. Skipton seeks the support of
the voters solely on the merits of his
past administration. That adminis
tration is known by every citizen who
has made an investigation of the re
cord of city officers. Those who have
not made a research of these activi
ties will do well to analyze the fact
before making a decision as to who
they will vote for.
Well Experienced
} *
Mr. Skipton has had twenty years
experience as an accountant. Of
these twenty years, ten years have
been devoted to practical municipal
accounting. This experience, obvious
ly, places him in a more advantageous
position than that of his opponent,
who secured his education thru a cor
respondence course. Mr. Skipton’s
knowledge of the inside working of
things, his ability to analyze the
causes and effects of propositions and
his technique in correcting flaws to
the extent that leakages in the city’s
expense budget might be stopped
makes him best choice for the po
sition of comptroller. The fiscal af
fairs of any Municipal government
must be as carefully dealt with as the
financial matters of an individual.
Since an individual cannot judicious
ly spend in excess of his earnings, a
city is placed in the same position.
City Using His Idea
When the present city charter was
adopted in 1914 Mr. Skipton, who
was appointed special accountant for
the city, installed the accounting sys
* tem, completed the annual reports,
supervised the audits and for the past
seven years, has had charge of all ex
aminations in the comptroller's of
His opponent, who is employed in
the water department of the city, has
one record to his credit and that is
the installation of index bards. This
carries no major significance in that
an average bookkeeper could ihstall a
similar system.
It has been the opinion of Mr. Skip
ton that has carried St. Paul through
the most successful fiscal period of
its history. To attempt a change of
men at this time would be synoni
mous to taking a convalescing pa
tient from the hands of a skilled phy
sician and placing him under the di
rection of a novice.
A Brief Comparison
The following is a brief comparison
and it might be added, there are
many more points to be made in fa
vor of Mr. Skipton:
1. Mr. Skipton has been an ex
pert accountant for the past twenty
years. He has had experience in
wholesale and manufacturing ac
counting for seven years, three years’
practice as a public accountant and
for the past ten years has been con
nected with the office of Comptroller
of the City of St. Paul.
2. His opponent has publicly ad
mitted that his only qualification for
the office of comptroller is the fact
that he has taken a correspondence
school course in accounting, and that
he installed a card index system in
the water department of the city
where he is now employed.
3. Mr. Skipton is unquestionably
entitled to re-election to this office,
and a review of Mr. Sklpton’s past
' administration, as well as his long
years of experience in the work of
municipal accounting, will doubtless
speak for itself, so far as the voters
are concerned.
Judge for yourself who will make
the best comptroller for St. Paul.
After a few weeks of inactivity,
the D. O. Z. club will resume their
regular meetings. Mr. and Mrs. Bis
marck Archer will entertain the club
April the 26th.
Erman M. Skipton
The St. Paul Branch of the N. A.
A. C. P. wishes to thank the citizens
of St. Paul who Joined in so heartily
in making the visit of Mr. Robert W.
Bagnall a success. It shows that we
really can be organized, and that we
want to be organized.
In the matter of the late unpleas
antness which has taken place in St.
Paul, the branch is working along its
usual way in trying to ascertain
facts. As soon as they are in the
hands of the board, they will make
them public, so that the members and
friends may know that we have not
been asleep on this matter. We re
gret that we will be unable to get
that report in this week’s issue of
the paper, but there is so much
ground to cover that it takes consid
erable time to do it; but we ask your
indulgence for another week, and
then we will give you what we have
Below you will find a list of those
who have pledged for the support of
the association:
Judge John W. Willis. 923
Summit Ave SIOO.OO
Dr. V. D. Turner, 386 N. St.
Albans St 100.00
Geo. W. Wills, 1004 Iglehart
Ave 100.00
Owen Howell, 941 Rondo St. 75.00
Walker Williams, 556 St. An
thony Ave 50.00
Olander Smith, 562 Gaultier
St 25.00
Miss Amy Hall, 598 W. Cen
tral Ave 15.00
Mrs. Notah Wilson. 16 W. 6th
St 10.00
Curtis Wilson. 16 W. 6th St. 10.00
Robert C. Minor, 471 W. Cen
tral Ave 10.00
Mtb. Evan Anderson, 266 St.
Anthony Ave 10.00
Mrs. Geo. James, 707 St. An
thony Ave 10.00
Mrs. W. B. Elliott, 415 Uni
versity Ave 10.00
Mrs. Addle Howard, 767 Ron
do St *... 10.00
S. E. Hall, 996 Iglehart Ave.. 10.00
W. J. Utley, 311 Wabasha St. 10.00
Mrs.\F. B. Simpson, 885 St.
Anthony Ave 10.00
Mrs. Birdie Hfglff 674 St. An
thony Ave 10.00
J. H. Webb, 558 St. Anthony
Ave 5.00
L. W. Thompson, 383 Rondo
St 5.00
Mrs. Geialdine Pickett, 104 5
Cross Ave 5.00
Elmer A. Carter, 453 N. Kent
St 5.00
Mrs. R. E. Pearmon, 716 Ron
do St 5.00
Mrs. E. O. James, 582 St. An
thony Ave 5.00
Mrs. R. F. Wilson, 697 St.
Anthony Ave 5.00
Total $610.00
Mrs. Julia Billups, 578 Grand
Ave., Paid SIOO.OO
W. R. Godette, 852 Albemarle
St., Paid 1 25.00
W. B. Walker, 936 St. An
thony Ave 25.00
Wm. T. Francis, 606 St. An
thony Ave 25.00
J. L. Howland, 481 Thomas
St 25.00
J. E. Johnson, 526 St. An
thony Ave 25.00
Wm. Riley, 130 W. College
Ave 25.00
Dudley Smith; 927 St. An-
Ave 25.00
Col. McKay, 587 Rondo 5t.... 25.00
Mrs. Cornelia Collins, Paid
$5.00 on account 25.00
Mu So Chorus
Wins Laurels
The Mu-So Choral Club of Minne
apolis is making rapid strides toward
being the foremost musical organiza
tion of our group in the Twin Cities.
The club recently gave several selec
tions at the Wells Memorial House.
The following comment is from the
”St. Mark's Outlook”: #
The Mu-So Chorus, by their rendi
tion of anthems and Ifymns, brought
to our evening services just the con
tribution devotional we desired.
They sang Gounod’s stirring an
them, “Send Out Thy Light,” and
“Fear Thou Not,” by Woodman, and
the tender hymn. “What a Friend We
Have in Jesus,” each with moving
Under the musicianly leadership of
William C. Jeffrey this group of our
Wells Community have developed a
Richard Artis, 771 Aurora
Ave 25.00
Mrs. Beatrice Moore, 268 St.
Anthony Ave 25.00
A. King, 285 St. Anthony Ave.
on account, $2.00 15.00
W. A. Williams. 288 Rondo
St., July 1, Sept. 1, April,
1925 A.. 15.00
J. J. Wilson, 478 St. Anthony
Ave 15.00
Mrs. Minnie Plummer, 1000
Iglehart Ave., Pd. cash sl. 15.00
Mrs. Naomi Thomas, 994 Igle
hart Ave., after Easter 10.00
Levi Gerrick, 546 St. Anthony
Ave., Gash $3.00 10.00
Mrs. Louise Wilson, 653
Thomas St 10.00
W. H. Turner, 937 Rondo St. 10.00
W. E. Shackelford, 1000 Igle-
hart Ave 10.00
Paul Crane, 281 Rondo St 10.00
A. Taylor. 226 Rondo St 10.00
J. E. Murphy, 1354 Thomas
St., Paid in full 10.00
M. W. Butler. 732 Rondo St... 10.00
Earl Clendenon, 698 W. Cen
tral Ave 10.00
E. O. James, 582 St. Anthony
Ave 10.00
Mrs. Martha Clayton, 761
Rondo St 5.00
Mrs. Bettie Jones, 74 7 St. An
thony Are. 5.00
Miss Lydia Jones, 747 St. An
thony Ave 5.00
Mrs. Cordelia White, 545 Mis
sissippi St 5.00
Odell Smith, 515 W. Central
Ave 5.00
Mrs. Missouri O’Neil, 892
Rice St., April 15th 5.00
Mrs. Rosella Johnson, 573
Iglehart Ave., Pd. in fu11.... 5.00
Geo. Mundell, 417 Rondo St... 5.00
Jacob Giles, 3941 Pillsbury
Ave., Minneapolis 5.00
Sydney J. Cuthbert, 340 Igle
hart Ave 5.00
Walter Bennett, 872 St. An
thony Ave 5.00
Kelly Turner, 935 St. Anthony
Ave 500
Geo. Downey, 578 St. Anthony
Ave., as soon as possible.... 5.00
L. Coleman, 671 W. Central
Ave 5.00
Wm. Bean, 874 University
Ave 5.00
Chas. Miller. 428 Edmund St.,
cash SI.OO 5.00
M. A. Bolling, 1120 Macku
bin St 5.00
M. K. McKnight, 478 W. Cen
tral Ave 10.00
John W. Chenault, 3839 Snell
ing Ave 10.00
Edward D. Moore, 268 St. An
thony Ave 1.00
Mrs. Florence E. Henley, 574
Fuller Ave 1.00
Mrs. Jennie Young, 895 West
Central Ave 1.00
Nathaniel W. Goins,’ 661 W.
Central Ave 2.50
Mrs. E. Bridges, 702 Carroll
Ave 2.50
Additional Pledges:
Everywoman Progressive
Council, tentative $50.00
Leslie Lawrence Post, Aux. to
the American Legion, ten
tative 50.00
B. H. Miller, 962 St. Anthony
Ave 25.00
Mrs. Mildred Sharp, 521 Ron
do St 10.00
The Adelphia Club 10.00
Mrs. Lillie B. Downey, 578
St. Anthony Ave 5.00
Mrs. L. L. Pollard. 698 West
Central Ave 5.00
Mrs. Beatrice Bibb, 696 West
Central Ave 5.00
Mrs. Susie Beasley, 905 Ma
rion St 6.00
Mrs. Maud Brooks, 770 St.
Anthony Ave ... 5.00
John W. Kelly, 950 St. An
thony Ave. 5.00
Mrs. Carrie Anderson, 603 St.
Anthony Ave 1.00
Pride of Minnesota Lodge No. 5, *
Knights of Pythias, will give their
seventeenth annaal Easter Ball at the
Arcadia Dance Hail in Minneapolis,
Tuesday evening. The Grand Pythi
an Ball has for years been one if not
the stellar attraction of the season.
It is generally anticipated that this
year’s fete will excel all previous
A farce comedy entitled "The Third
Degree” has been arranged in con
nection with the usual dance. Some
of the best character artists in Min- ,
neapolis will take part. The charac- ,
ters are: C. A. Hughes, Damon;
James Combs, Pythias; Charley Bos- r
well, Cantanthe; Boyd Crawford,
Damon's wife; Oscar Wilson, Lucul
lus, a slave; Owen Ratliff, Dionysi
us; Ira Allen, Sppndy Ratliff, Wm.
Neal, Chas. Williams and James
Hughes will act as soldiers, axemen,
Novelty Features.
Beside "The Third Degree” there
will he special features, including »
Miss Mary James, elocutionist; Mrs.
lone Poore, soprano; The Twin City
Comedy Four and Phil Burke, famous
comedian. This is the largest variety
of specialties ever used in connection
with the Pythias' Ball and should be
more than worth while.
Don’t fail to see Jim Combs as
Pythias, Clarence Hughes as Damon
and Charley Boswell, the perfect ;
“wife.” in their parts. Boyd Craw
ford will keep you guessing and Owen
Ratliff (the tallest man in Rome) is 1
really hard boiled. It's going to be
a scream, so the boys say.
Music by the Unique Syncopators,
featuring their singing drummer,
George True, will furnish the delight
ful melodies for the patrons of the
smooth surface. The Pythians in
vite you, your friends and your
friend's friends to be their guests
Tuesday evening at the Arcadia,
where you will have the most laughs
and the best time you ever had in
your life.
Mrs. Nannie Bolden 10.00
Mrs. Henry Johnson 1.00
Mr. B. J. Jeter ' 1.00
* Total SIBB.OO
Total amount pledges $1,456.00
Should there be others who wish
to pledge, the Association will be glad
to add their names to this list.
Yours truly,
Eidlewile Cafe
New Owners to
Serve Specialties
The Eidle Wile Cafe, formerly lo
cated at 388 Kent street, has been re
modeled and is now under the man
agement of Robert Pearmon and
Robert Glover. The name will be
changed to the 2 N 1 cafe. The
service rendered will be very unique
in this vicinity, offering for the first
time two distinct features, which will
include the Chinese and American
plan, thus introducing an up-to-date
Chop House.
Chow Mein, Egg Fo-Young, Noo
dles and Chop Suey will be available
at all hours. The regular a la carte
service will be maintained for those
who desire this particular feature.
Special attention will be given to auto
and after-theater parties. This loca
tion is convenient to botji fraternal
halls, and those who desire can be
served after attending entertain
M|>ecial Easter Menu.
On Easter Sunday the menu will
consist of roast young chicken, celery
dressing, spring lamb, jelly, green
peas, mashed potatoes, salad, ice
cream, cake, pie. Both Messrs. Pear
mon and Glover are experienced chefs
of years’ standing. They will en
deavor to satisfy the gastronomic ap
petites of those who wish first-class
service. The public is cordially in
vited to call and Inspect this novel
enterprise Saturday, April 19. Phone
your order. We will deliver. Our
phone number Is Dale 0675.
Mme. Camille Estella Kennedy of
Chicago, 111., who has been visiting
in the city for several weeks, left
Tuesday for Chicago.
faster (graftings
Like Him
You are like Him. My People.
Hls this sacrilege?)
You are like Him.
Like Him. the blood of kings courses
your vein;
Like Him, the swollen welts upon
your back.
*You bear your tragic cross and scarce
You are like Him.
'You are like Him, my people.
(Hush the profane words.)
You are like Him.
■The court’s decree: “I find no fault,
save race.”
’But still they place the thorns upon
your brow.
And spit into your patient bruised
* face.
You are like Him.
You are like Him, my people.
(Take ye pride in this.)
'You are like Him.
A frenzied mob your Judge of wrong
or right;
Bowed ’neath the cross, you trudge
Golgotha’s path;
Weary, but climbing ever toward the
You are like Him.
Written for The Northwestern Bul
’letin-Appeal by A. V. Hall.
Perfect Models
At Style Revue
The Minneapolis Clef club present
ed the Kingston Girls in their fourth
semi-annual Style Revue at the South
Side Auditorium Monday evening,
which was the most perfect in every
respect given by that organization.
The entire display of Miladies ward
robe, excepting sport wear, was fur
pished by Askin £ Marine, through
the courtesy of Mr. Wm. McKinnon,
resident manager. The sport wearing
apparel and accessories were from
Kennedy Sporting Goods Co., who
furnished their best merchandise for
the occasion. The specialties by
Will* Lee Pointer, Donald McKinnon
%nd Wm. Pugh went over in great
style and were heartily appreciated
by the audience.
The staging and settings received
much comment because of the orig
inality. This was also from the As
kin & Marine Company. Mme. Edith
Moore personally directed the enter
tainment, which is concceded as the
best fashion revue to be held in the
Twin Cities.
Rev. D. E. Beasley was in Virginia
last week on a business trip. He re
turned Thursday.
Mrs. Luther Dawson, who has been
in the city for a week, will leave for
Minneapolis Tuesday.
Mr. G. S. Gaskin, 536 Decatur
street left Wednesday evening for
'Chicago enroute to Louisville, Ky.,
where he will join Mrs. Gaskin, who
left last week, on Easter morning.
Mrs. Gaskin will visit friends in St.
Louis, Mo., prior to going to Louis
ville. From Louisville they will visit
at Padukah, Ky. Mrs. Gaskin will
leave Padukah for Paris, Tenn.,
where she will be the honor guest of
a birthday party given for her. Mr.
Prepared far Tkr Xcrtkwntrra Itulletln ky A. K. K*«rrt, ISM S«r-
K«-nl A ten up. an* InifO far I. H. Fmcumon, Caurt llauor, far wrklrk *I.OO
per lark will kr paid.
M- Your vote
for him is
a your en
ment for
ALL the
people of
SL Pool
L R. S. *
Arthur E. Nelson
P-0- L- l-T- l-C-A-L
Geo. Sudheimer, commissioner of
Public Safety, candidate for re-elec
tion, has at all times been willing to
listen to the grievances of all citizens
and to adjust them to the,best of his
ability, regardless of race, creed or
color. He deserves the support of all
the voters in our group.
None of the voters need an intro
duction to Commissioner Ferguson of
the Department of Education. He
has made good on the jojb. Don't
be misled by a few disgruntled poli
ticians. The re-election of Commis
sioner Ferguson will show that you
appreciate a square deal.
A man of experience is the man
that you need as Comptroller. E r man
Skipton succeeded the late Jesse Foot
and is a candidate for re-election and
has had many years of practical ex
perience. He should be voted for If
you believe in a business administra
The City of St. Paul will always
find a faithful servant in Commis
sioner Clancy. He is a candidate for
re-election and deserves your vote.
Commissioner Wenzel, the man
who has attended to the duties of his
office in an efficient manner, should
get your vote on May 6.
The day of the blustering politi
cian, the ward heeler and the vote
buyer has past. We are submiting
for your approval men of intelligence
and ability. The proper use of the
ballot is the salvation of the Race.
Gaskin will visit in Indianapolis and
Philadelphia before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaskin will be away
from the city for about a month on
their extended trip.
The Uptown Sanitary Base Bail
Team will line up for their spring
practice Sunday afternoon at 2
o’clock. All former players and
others who wish to try out the com
ing season are requested to report to
John Davis at Western and Rondo
streets at the above given time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brown, 909 St.
Anthony avenue, left Tuesday for
Chicago to spend the Easter holidays.
Mayor Nelson appears to have
"Gossip” and "Whispering” on the
run judging from his rapid increase
in support from many who once op
posed him because of the stench made
by alleged unfair interests. The sit
uation gradually is taking form to
the effect that what was hitherto
foy* thought a Seigel victory is now
recognized as a Seigel boom. Since
the public denial, by Mayor Nelson
himfelf, that he is a member, friend
or sympathizer with the Klan, many
have turned to his support that were
formerly dubious. The situation be
gins to look ljfce a complete victory
for the present Mayor in his cam
paign for re-election. His fftends
are rallying more closely to his sup
port; this with the apparent losing
of grounds by the opposition car
ries added significance to the success
of the "Nelson for Mayor” campaign.
Shows His Odors
Mayor Nelson has not failed to
measure up to the necessary require
ments of a good chief executive on
any occasion, where executive ability
was necessary. Last Sunday he was
a speaker at a meeting called by the
Colored Voter's League. On this
occasion, as others. Mayor Nelson
did not fail to reiterate his belief in
law and order, fairness and justice to
all citizens alike.
Tuesday afternoon, at the Hotel
Howell, the Twin Cities Ministerial
Alliance held a round table luncheon
to which Mayor Nelson was an hon
orary guest. At this meeting the
civic betterment of the Twin Cities,
especially St. Paul, was discussed.
Mayor Nelson assured the Ministerial
body of his hearty co-operation In
helping them to secure better civic as
well as economic prestige for our
Fairness .Assured
The Ministers thoroly discussed the
situation as respects industrial ad
vantages and were told by Mayor Nel
son that in city work where labor
was employed the workers of our
group would receive recognition “not
because of preference or favors, but,
because of fairness and duty.”
This is only one of the many times
when Mayor Nelson has pledged his
support to propositions that have a
meritorious purpose. It is a grave
Injustice to consider that Mayor Nel
son is anything other than fair to all
concerned. Race, color or creed have
nothing to do with meting out of
Our voters should give their sup
port to one who has always demon
strated himself as fully possessed
with ability to think, reason, criticize
and estimate the relative importance
of facts. When a man’s enemies can
accuse him only for preventing their
despoiling public funds for private
use, their opinion cannot be taken
at face value.
The Pilgrim Commandry of the
Knight Templars ask that you Join
with them in the Easter Services at
Zion Presbyterian Church, corner
Farrington and St. Anthony avenues,
Easter Sunday at 3:00 P. M.
Eminent Commander.
Card of Thanks
We most sincerely wish to thank
our many friends and neighbors for
their kind sympathy shown and flor
al pfferings in our hour of bereave
ment upon the loss of our beloved
wife, mother, and daughter, Hazel
Champ Clark, Husband.
Robert, Ray and Mildred Clark,
Mrs. M. Billiard, Mother.
Card of Thanks
Mrs. H. Jones, 604 Bassett Place
wishes to thank her many friends
for the kindness shown during the
illness and death of George Williams.
Mrs. H. Jones
The Boy Scoot Troop No. 55 will
give their second movie entertain
ment Tuesday evening, April 18, ad
Pilgrim Baptist chnrch at • o'clock. *

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