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K«SBK:. ^--WS5i^SS^SS/
"*W .33.
After short pastorates at Eau Claire
aljd Sparta, he was appointed as pas
tor of Tomah, Dec. 12 of the same
year, which position he has' held ever
During Father Wurst's pastorate,
the congregation erected a
.fer L.
*&FX& *$CWTOT««•
'.* «'.
.V* p* **$«•
*n y »,
St. Mary's Catholic Congregation
was organized in 1858. ^Phe first res
ident pastor was Rev. W. F. Quiglev,
ixtl)., taking charge in 18G8. He re
mained until 1870, when he was-suc
ceeded by Rev. John Durward. Dui*
inf his administration, a parochial
school was established in connection
wijth the iarish. In 1S84, Father Dur
ward was transferred to Baraboo,
whereupon Rev. J. B. Metzler was ap
pointed to Tomah. His pastorate last
ed until 1S9U, when he ^signed on ac
count of ill health. Rev. Wm. Weckes
took charge of the congregation for
one year, being succeeded by ^^ev.
xJuis Wul'St, the present pastor.
^The congregation consists of'ap
ptoximately 1,200 souls. The, paro
chial school has an attendance -Of 120
scholars, taught by the Sisters of St.
I^oniinic. A number of societies are
connected with the parish foremost
among them are the Knights of Co
lumbus, the Catholic Foresters, Wqjnen
Foresters, Catholic Knights. Altar so
ciety, Sewing Circle, Catholic Dramat
ic' club. 1.
,Rev. Louis Wurst made his studies
for the priesthood at St. Thomas sern
inary, St. Paul, Minn., and St. Fran
'cls seminary at Milwaukee. He was
ordained by the late Bishop Schwe
bach at La Crosse, on May 3, 1893.
church, new school, new parsonage*
new Sisters' house—all modem, sub
stantial buildings.
'if you want the best in drug sun
dries, kodaks and supplies, Christmas
g6pds and toilet articles, you will find
them at Van Wie's Pharmacy. Every
article there is as good as can be
fqund for the monejv
4 .. .. ..
If you have not laid in a stock of
fupl for this, winter, you must place
your order for it at once and make
every effort to have it filled before the
cold weather sets in. The Tomah Co
operative Association handles only
the very best grades of hard and sol't
coal tujd coke. Honest weights,
prompt deliveries and the very low
est prices are guaranteed. The com
pany handles the4best grades of pat
ent flours, stock feeds, grains and
seeds on the market and makes the
very lowest prices possible on them.
The company carries a fine line of
the Best grades of stock feeds and
gnilns and seeds of all kinds.''
Among the representative firms of
Tomah is the Topiah Hardware
Store. In this well stocked store,
customers find everything they can
pqigsibly need in shelf or heavy hard
ware, or if the article desired is un
usual. it \yill be ordered-at once by
Mr. Storkel. A fine line of rifles and
sh^t guns, traps, hunting knives, am
munition and hunters' supplies of all
kinds is carried in stoek by'Mr. Stor
kel. If you are going to need a stove
o^ a»y kind this winter, it will pay
you to look over the splendid line car
ried In stock. The prices are right
oil them, 1,90. ^Ir. Snorkel also car
ries a full Tine fef paints, oils, glas.s
n.nji kitcjien ware, also tools of all
lll|(ds, laundry supplies, glass, jiutty^
ro^e and sheet matak
fod music is always a9* 4880^. to
home, adding to its Mtfaclive
ness-aud comfort. In the selection of
musical jftskrunjeRts for installfttifiO
into your home,- such as a Lyon &
Healy piano, player piano, or a Sonora
lhonograph, you will find no better
stock to select from in this city or
vicinity than to be found at Franz
ilros., store. You are invited to com
pare the instruments carefully with
those in stock elsewhere as to )vork
manship, appearance a.nd quality of
tones. The ve»y latest in phonograph
records, sheet music, a^l the popular
vocal and instrumental music, are to be
found in stock at this store immediate
ly upon their appearance on the mar
ket. Special attention is given to or
ders for the newest records and mu
sic at all times. You will also find
here automobiles, Cofiield eleet-ric
washers, farm implements and White
sewing machines.
Before you let the contract for in
stallation of the new plumbing sys
tem in your home or store,, be sure
and get bids from F. O. Drow. You
will find, without doubt, that the esti
mates will be lower than others will
give you, and you can rest assured
that the skill and workmanship will
be the very best. Leaky water and
.gas pipes mean danger to walls and
ceilings and an increased fire hazard.
This shop also installs heating sys^
terns and repairs them. The shop also
maintains a good repair department
and answers all calls for services
Tou will find the dependable lines
of heavy and shelf hardware in the
large and well selected stocks of the
Central Hardware Co. Carpenter^
masons, farmers and others who have
occasion to use tools that must be of
the best quality to stand the hard
service, have found that the Keen
Kutter lines carried by this store are
made from the best materials and bjf
some of the best known manufacture
ers in the country. A splendid line
of stoves for all purposes is carried.
The store also makes a specialty of
plumbing ~&nd heating. Have your
furnace gone over now or a new. one
installed bftfose cold weather sets
Welding quality into clothes has
been a task successfully accomplish
ed by J. Taborsky, maker of men's
and women's clothes. The. merit .of
clothes made by Mr. Taborsky is mpre
than surface deep, for if one could look
beneath, he would instantly recognize
ihe superiority. He has "welded qual
ity into his clothes and in so doing is
producing the finest'line of clothes for
the men and women who list him as
"my tailor." This year, the clothes
question is -more coihplex thfin •. eve£
before. y i
I® what better way or more eftjww
ble manner can you spend an evening
than to attend a program at the
Unique Theater? The Unique is right
fully named the "house of big fea
tures" because its management al
ways secures for their first showing
in Tomah all, of the biggest and best
:ilm productions released by.the great
producing companies. Patrons of the
Unique know and have come to expect
I hat they will^have the fir&t opportu
nity to see each of the popular movie
tais in his or her latest productions
nt the Unique.
v ~—'.''-A-X
PW ypu( ever realize that the
\"orTv on very much the same princi
pleas a camera? Your eyes are real
y very simple little organs, although
xtremely delicate. They are so nec
essary to comfort that if you knew
morfe about their limitations, you
wo'uld take better care of them. Mr.
Baumgarten carries a fine line ol
When you need your next pair of
shoes, try those handled at Peter
Johnson's Shoe Store and see if you
do not get longer wear and service
from them. No matter what your past
experience has. been in being fitted to
shoes, try this store and see if yoir
won't really enjoy the comfortable
feeling of the shoes that you get here.
The stock carried is an unusually
large and complete one and ladies
will find here shoes for every possible
occasion. Men will find just what
they want here in shoes," whether for
dress, the office or store, or for heavy
outside work. Price is also a feature
of the shoe store.
Headquarters for pure drugs and
pharmaceuticals in Tomah are at Bur
lin's Pharmacy.. Prompt and accurate
compounding of prescriptions is a fea
ture. of this store and because such
splendid service is always found there,
it enjoys an unusually large prescrip
tion service. The ladies of the city
have learned that they can find the
largest and most carefully selected
stocks of toilet accessories and re
quirements in the stocks of this store
of any store in the city. An unusual*
ly fine line of confectionery is carried,
as well as books, wall paper, cameras,
fountain -pens and magazines.
Ope of the most important public
Utilities in the state of Wisconsin is
the Tomah Light & Power Co., which
furnishes light, heat and po\Ver and
handles electric appliances of all
kinds. If you are not yet enjoying the
advantages a,nd cpmfortJB derived from
electric lights, you should not let
another day go by without taking up
the subject of having your house wired
for electricity and electric fixtures in
stalled. The Tomah IJght & Powef
Co. is also prepared to install large
motors for driving the machinery in
your plant, and will l)e pleased to
take up with you the advantages and
economies possible from motor* driv
en single machines..
The drug store of William E. 6oss
hax*d is always at the service of its
.many patrons in Tomah and vicinity.
The ladies find its stocks of toilet
preparations and accessories particu
larly attractive and high class. Thex
are particularly delighted with the
perfumes with their delicate odors,
the well known makes of face and
shampoo creams, theN various talcs and
powders, the skin fodds, wrinkle erad
icators, hair tonics, tooth pastes and
powders, tooth brushes, medicated
soaps and manicuring accessories,
also books, stationery, and Kodaks.
The store gives particular attention to
its prescription department where one
$an get prescriptions filled •promptly
and' accurately.
The very latest styles and effects
in men's clothing are now to be seen
in the new stocks arriving for C. W
Mead's stpre. The man and young
man of Tomahjandj vicinity have learn
ed to their advantage that they can ge|
the fyest. satisfaction in wearing ap
parel when they make their selections
from Mead's store. The stocks are
always up-to-date and offer the'very
best values in winter suits and over
coats. The smart effects so popular
with young men are to be found here
in wide variety while there are the
quieter styles for business men and
those of maturer years. The ptore
also is carrying a fine line of sihoes,
priced right too.
Your home will be much brighter
and happier after you have added a
Victrola from the Edwin E. Vaudell
Shop. There is no finer or more ap
preciated gift than a Victrola for one's
home. It brings entertainment and re
finement for old and young at all hours
of the day. Mr. Vaudell has an unu
sually large stock of Victor records,
and receives new shipments each
month of, the latest that have ^bee#
produced by the Victor Company.,
itfb review of the industrial activi
ties of Tomah is complete without
touching upon the Tomah Iron Works,
one of the most important and largest
of the industries in this vicinity. Ever
since its organization years ago,' this
firm has taken a foremost position in
the manufacturing and civic affairs of
this city. One of its latest feati was
casting in one piece a solid wheel for
clay grinding work that weighs nearly
a ton and one half. The company has
orders for several more of the same
kind. R. $. and C. A."' Murray, its
proprietors, are foundryman and ma
watches some b6uutiful models ttjut j.-- foi* thcro is siw&ys txi6
will certainly please them. The la- jj fc-wfedge and certainty that any pur
cL se made there will be of articles
dies of Tomah have also found that
Mr. Baumgarten carries an unusually.
attractive line of hand painted china,
French ivory goods and cut glassware,
largest stock in Tomah. These make
an ideal gift for a friend or for one's
own self. Then there are the stocks
of silverware for the table and side,
board ofc the highest quality..
You need not have apy fears
your trunks or baggage will not ar
rive in time for the trains, if you place'
the orders with the Hart's Dray &r
Livery. Of course, you should place'
the order as early as possible, but^
when some unexpected emergency'
arises, and it is a question of a few
minutes to train time, the Hart's Dr%y
& Livery will bend every .energy to
accommodate you. If you want con
tract transfer and drayag^ service,
you will Jje able to make very satis
factory contracts with the company to
have your work done. The company
also carries block wood, cord wood
and kindling.
standard watches Jn the various sizes 1
and models and variously priced. 'TUvs is always genum« satisfac
and women will find in- his stocks i,. «.hopping
Hoag Bios Jewel-
of the very best quality. They have in
stock the leading makes of watches
and clocks, in all styles, sizes, models
and prices. Ip addition they conduct
a first class watch repair department.
Then there is the beautiful showing of
rings, pins, lavalierres, brooches, ear
rings, studs of all kinds, cut glass
ware, hand painted china, silverware
for all purposes and scores of other
articles. Lastly the display of dia
monds and other precious stones will
be found very tempting and priced
veiy low.
Bargain days ^re every day at the
Sanitary Cash Grocery Store because
lowest priees prevail. The complete
ness of the stocks which are always
fresh and of the very best quality,
added to the attractiveness of the
store as a shopping center in addition
to the fact that the low range of
prices that prevails there makes it!
advantageous to make it one's shop
ping headquarters- A superior line of
canned goods, »teas, coffees, extracts
and fresh fruits in season is also to
be found at this store. A trial of the
special brands of coffees carried will
convince you that they are tbe bext
you have ever drank.
The Bank of Tomah is one of tMe
best known financial institutions of
the county. Its capital and surplus of
$48,000 enables it to handle the bulk of
the financial dealings of Tomah and
the territory adjacent to it. It is
thoroughly organized in all ways. The
test of the real value of your bank to
you comes when you are hard pressed
and need quick financial assistance.
A small bank may wish to help you
but because of its low capitalization
and resources is unable to do so in
times when there are demands for
money: With a bank such as this you
can get the assistance that your credit
standing will justify. One dollar will
start a savings account here and you
will be paid three per cent interest on
it. The bank handles real estate
loans and has safety deposit boxes
for rent for storing your valuables suad
papers safely from theft or fire..-'
The, new stocks'for'win^ lie com
plete at the store of Gus Rosentahl.
Men's and women's suits and wearing
apparel have never been more attrac
tive in appearance or cut than they
are this winter and this store has as
complete a stock as has been shown in
Tomah for some time. At the Rosen
tahl store you are guaranteed a cor
rect fit. The large selection of suits
gives one a splendid opportunity to get
the kind of a suit or overcoat they
want for cold weather.
If you are tired of paying out good
money for tough and tasteless meats,
why not do your meat buying at
Henry Meinecke's meat market and
get good meats. Its proprietors be
lieve that their customers are en
titled to the best meats that can be
secured and consequently they buy,
,|is far as it is possible to secure them,
native grown meats, and they know
for sure the quality of their meats is
the very highest. The market takes
pride in the quality and taste of the
hams and bacon they have on their
Farmers will find one of the largest
stocks of farm implements and ma
chinery in Tomah or throughout this
vicinity with Robert G. Graewin. The
stocks include Deering farm machin
ery, wagons and buggies, gas engines
and tractors, milking machines, New
Idea Spreaders, Studebaker and Dort
Motor Cars. One will find in looking
over the different styles and types of
Deering and McCormick machinery
carried by Mr. Graewin that he has
gathered there the machines best
adapted to farming methods in this
part of the state and which are the
best labor savers for the farmer. They
offer a splendid opportunity for the
farmer to increase his production and
reduce bis operating expenses.
Wholesale and Retail Dealee|«
The best place in Tomah for good
meats is the meat market of Griswold
Bros., No. Superior St. All of the
meats carried in stock there are se
lected so far as it is possible to obtain
them from native grown stock. The
meats are kept in perfect condition by
a splendid cooling system and every
thing done to put the meats in the
homes of the patrons of the mar
ket in the best possible condition.
A fine big stock of fresh meats
is always on hand. For your boiled
•dinner, you will like those splendid
cuts of corned beef or salt meats,
which one always finds here. If you
like home made sausage meat, sauer
kraut or head cheese, we recommend
you try those made here.. They are
tine and have given the market a
Sjjigntlid. reputation.
tion't take any chances with your
live stock when .any animal shows in
dications of being sick or out of con
dition. They are too valuable and
you should call in Dr. R. A. Garman at
the Tomah Hospital, the veterinarian.
If you have dairy or beef cattle, you
should have him test them at regular
intervals to see that they are free
from all traces of tuberculosis. Then
there are the infectious diseases tjiat
get in one's sheep and hogs that will
wipe, theni obi quickly one* U get* a
It will be possible far you to
retirement, when a loved one is taken
from your home if you phone Allan
Homermiller,undertaker, to take
charge of the funeral services. He
will attend to all of the arrangements
if it is desired, summon relatives and
friends of the family, and if the re
mains are to be shipped put of the
city for burial the firm will attend to
all of such details leaving nothing to
distract the attention of the bereaved
family. They also meet all trains for
funeral parties and convey the re
mains to their last resting place. The
charges are extremely reasonable and
include use of its uuxtei'n
ment. J- a,
.'If you compare the prices and qual
ity of goods at the store of Giesler
Bros., you will find there many gro
cery and meat bargains. Every atten
tion is given to the accommodation of
the patrons of the store that they may
receive prompt attention and the kind
of goods desired. All of the nationally
advertised brands of groceries are
carried, again proving that the quality
of the stocks are the very highest.
You will lik^ the brands of flours,
cereals and canned goods carried.
The splendid banking service otter
ed by Warren's Bank with a capital
and surplus of $30,000, makes it one
of the most valuable in Tomah. The
personal service of the officers of War
ren's Bank is largely responsible for
its success. Its officers are at all
times interested in the financial prob
lems of their patrons and will be glad
to have them consult with them on all
of them. The splendid resources of
the bank puts it in position to offer
to its patrons all of the financial as
sistance their credit standing and busi
ness will justify. The bank maintains
a rapidly growing savings deposit de
partment and if you do not have a
savings account, we urge you to open
one here today. One dollar will start,
such an account, and the bank will pay
you three per cent interest on it.
By giving honest values and qu&My
merchandise, the Tomah Cash Merc
Co. has grown until it has be
come the largest store within" fifty
miles of Tomah. Twenty-one years
ago, this store began business in a
small store, 22 by 80 feet, and employ
ed but four people. Today they occu
py a building which has twice as
much floor space as any other store in
Monroe county, being 75 by 140 feet,
and 'embracing three and one half
floors. They have over thirty people
on their pay roll.
Here you will find the best in Ready
to-wear clothing, shoes, dry goods,
and groceries—nationally advertised
products—at prices which you gen
erally pay for inferior grades. Their
large volume of business gives them
the advantage in keeping their stocks
fresh and up-to-date. Customers of
this store have a right to expect bet
ter quality.
Everything is arranged to make se
lections easy, and also provide com
forts and conveniences while, in To
mah. We are glad to recommend the
Tomah Cash Merc. Co. to the-patron
age of our readers. A
Men who take pride in their appear
ance have learned that they can get
the latest styles and fabrics as well
as lowest prices from William Fieting
The new spring styles give promise
of decided departure in men's clothes
and the advance styles and showings
are now to be found there. A com
plete stock of men's furnishings will
also be found there including the
newest ideas in shirts, neckwear, un
derwear, shoes and hosiery:
The Ford car, the Ford truck and
the Fordson tractor make their home
at the garage of Henry and Henry
where you will find the different
models awaiting your inspection and
selection. The simplicity of the Ford,
its stability in construction made from
the famous Vanadium steel with its
marvelous strength and flexibility, its
low cost of operation and mainte
nance and ease of control have made
the Ford the universal car and the
world's favorite. It Is the one car for
the city dweller or the farmer, combin
ing both pleasure and business fea
u e s V
If ypu are in tbe market tor a ear,
truck or tractor, you cannot afford to
delay, for the demand for Ford cars,
trucks ^and tractors is as heavy as
ever, and your orders should be in
now to get early deliveries. Henry
and Henry carry about everything
in motor car accessories. They
handle only the genuine Ford parts,
and maintain an unusually well equip
ed and manned repair department. If
you want the real Ford service in re
pairing and overhauling, you will get
it at this garage. We *are glad at this
time to recommend Henry and Henry
to the patronage of our readers.
Butts Furniture Co.
Furniture and Undertaking,
Phone No. 57. 102 and 63f
Ramsey. District Court, SeBond Ju
dicial district.
Brown, Blodgett & Sporry Company,5 a
corporation, Plaintiff, vs.. St. Paul
T-and & Development Company, a cor«
poralion, DeOndent.
The State of Minnesota to the Above
Named Defendant:
You are hereby summoned arid re
quired to answ«r the complaint of the
plaintiff in the above entitled action,
a copy of which is hereto attached and
herewith served upon you, and to serve
a copy of your answer to said com
plaint upon the subscribers at their
office, 1601 Pioneer Building'. Rt. Paul,
Minnesota, within twenty (20) days
after the service of this summons
you, exclusive of the day of such-feci
ice and if you fail to so answer sni-l
'•0 ui plu i TI within the time aforesaid,
the plaintiff will take judgment against
you in the sum of One Hundred Kiprhty
iiitie and 2."/10o Dollars C$189.25). to
Kcther with its costs and disburse
ments of this action.
.vr &
Atlornoji, for Plaintiff, Hifll I'lonrer
Buildiiis, St. Paul. AiinneMntn.
'mi. iewn ntcz.
1 ClMHHtcti Fomtfrv C*. CiMtaMti. ft
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and plains to the sunny vales of Ws
native land, and friendly faces looked
tenderly out at him from the crum
bling embers of the huge black log, in
the chimney,
The tranquil days succeeded one an
other like the beiids on a rosary.""'After
polishing the great lenz and making
everything tidy, Byrne loved to sit
on the balcony overlooking the ocean
and watch the grand water panorama
which was constantly shifting before
his eyes the white-winged steamers
with their waving banners of smoke,
the flocks of sea gulls cleaving the air
on level pinion or sitting gracefully on
the rolling billows. Through his glass
he could see shoals of porpoises at
play like frolicsome schoolboys, and,
farther off, a feathery column of spray
followed by a gleam of the huge brown
back of a whale.
Day after day he watched the creep
ing tide cover the sands and then re
tire, marking each step of its retreat
with a winrow of pale green seaweed
and stranded shell fishes. The mys
terious heart-thr6ts of the ocean, now
ealing like thunder, now rippling
softly as summer wavelets on an in
land lake, thrilled him as no human
speech could da ,t
The Scenery.
Beft'iftd the lighthouse weW gfpsfotie
evergreen forests, solemn, immense,
while overtopping these, their snowy
peaks clearly defined against the blue
sky, rose the magnificent range of the
Olympic' Mountains. Across the bay,
in a sheltered nook, was the straggling
village with its two saw-mills and a
salmon cannery, with foreign ships oc
casionally lying at its wharf loading
lumber and fish for distant ports.
Among the blackened stumps which
formed a conspicuous feature of the
village landscape, on a gentle emi
nence, rose the white walls of a
modest chapel where Mass was cele
brated once a month by a priest from
the hig city thirty miles away. Byrne
was a regular attendant at church on
these occasions, but he stood aloof
from his fellow »worshippers, never
seeking the acquaintance of the plain
but kindly people who made up the
small congregation, and who, in their
turn, regarded him as, to say the
least, "queer." In his solitude be
tween the vastness of the sea and the
sky, his lonely communings with
nature had put him out of touch with
his kind.
Thus, for two years he had kept
his lamp trimmed and burning, when,
on a sudden, deadly languor seemed
to steal upon his once stalwart frame.
When he trimmed his lamp his hands
shook like aspens, and he found him
self obliged to rest a dozen times
while climbing the stairs. He was
compelled to give up going to Mass
on the accustomed Sundays of the
month, because the labor of rowing
the hoat was too much for his enfee
bled strength
his reticence, which
his co-religionists had mistaken for
churlishness, .effectually ..prevented
any Inquiries -concerning him from
that quarter. On Christmas Eve he
A pattern of this illustration, mailed to any
address on receipt of 10c in silver or stamps.
38C3—A Pleasing Model for the "Little Hiss."
It is no longer a trial to be "dressed"—when
one can have a frock with a closing in frout
and such graceful lines.
Gingham, chnnibrey. percale, serge, tricotine,
and wool tilled plaid or cheek suiting, also
taffeta and corduroy are good for this model.
The pattern is cut in 4 Bizeji: 4, 6, 8 and 10
years. An $ year size can be uiade frooi 3
yards of 27 inch material.
A pattern of this illustration mailed to any
address on receipt of 10c in silver or stamps.
3707—A Smart "Top Garment." Pattern
..'!7U7 is hero illustrated. It is -ut in 4 sizes:
Small, 34-l!G medium, ."S-40: large, 4'.'-44 extra
largo. 4»M8 inches bust measure.' A medium
size requires 4'i yards of .14 ineli material. Tlie
width at lower edge is 21, yards.
Bolivia, polo doth, broad eloth, velours,
duvetyn, Canton crepe, satin and pile fabrics
are good for this style.
A pattern of this illustration mailed to any
address on receipt of 10c in silver or stamps.
3489-3251-3476—A Smart Outdoor Costume.
Here is a splendid version of a popular style.
ISrown checked suiting was used for (he jumper
(vest), collar and skirt portions, and crepe iti
a matched shade for the blouse.
Velvet and satin will combine well for this
style. The models may each be used separately.
The Skirt ."47." is cut in 7 sizes: 24, 20, 2S, 30.
i'2. 34 and W inches waist, measure!. The
Waist 3489 in seven sizes: 34, 30, 38, 40, 42, 44
and 4t incites bust measure. The Vest 3251 in
4 sizes: Small, medium, large and extra large.
To make the costume as illustrated will require
4rU yards of checked material 38 inches wide
and 2Vi yards of plain material. The width
of the skirt at the foot is about 2 yards.
This illustration calls for THREE separate
patterns which wTill be mailed to any address
on receipt of 10c FOB EACH pattern in silver or
8473—A Good School Costume. Pattern 3473
is here illustrated. It is cut in 4 sizes: 8. 10,
12 aud 14 years. A 10 year size will require
2',s yards of 42 incli material for the skirt, in
serge, gabardine, plaid or cheek suiting: and
2'x yards of 42 ineh Indian Head, drill, flannel
or noplin, for the blouse, (•inghaiii. clinmbrey,
ind percale are attractive, too, for tijis style.
A pattern of this illustration mailed to any
itdilrots on receipt of 10 cents in silver or
3785—A Simple "Junior" Style. This ehmvs
the new "one piece blouse effect." Pattern .' 7-V
was used for this pretty model. It is cat in 3
sizes: 12, 14 and 16 years. A 14 year size will
require 3'4 yards of 38 ineh material.
Gabardine, crepe weaves, prunella, hop Sack
ing, twill, broad eloth. satin, and taffeta, also
erge and duvetyn will be good for this style.
A pattern of this illustration mailed to any
address on receipt of 10c in silver or stamps.
3788—A Garment for Service. Just the apron,
you want for comfort and protection easy to
adjust and easy to make. Gingham, percale,
lawn, chintz, cretonne arid sateen are good tor
this style.
It is cut in 4 sizes: Small, 34-36 medium,
1S-40 large, 42-44 extra large, 46-48 incites
bust measure. A medium size require# 5"4
yards of 30 inch material.
A pattern of this illustration mailed to any
address on receipt of 10c in silver or stamps.
8469-1—A Now and Pleasing Dress for Breakfast
or Service. Pattern 3HW was used to develop
litis style. It is cut in 4 sizes: Small. 32-31:
medium. 3D-&S: large, 40-42: extra large, 44-lti
inches bust measure.. The width-of Hie skirt k,
at lite "foot U- 2 yards.'- It wllf require 7
afde of 27 jjjcli matprial.f?»r tiu« model in a1
lediuin size.
("•liumbi ey, .*
crept1.^3foefr. WB,• gtn^tmm. sjlk,
washable satin, aud seersucker could be ^wicd
for this style. ...
A puller -f !-i's ji!i!*V-jitW h. a ,ty'
"ii li-ielpi .it' in Mlver .ir -lamps.
The patterns illiislraled oir t|ii« page will lie
mailed to any address on reeeipt of 10 cents.
In •'.llvijr or stamps, for each pattern. In tliese
patterns allowance Is made for seams.
order by number and si«e and aead inoqey Mod to mj addiew til* folio wins
with order. Write plainly.
Pill out attached coupob and aend
.OfJUB, containing over 500 design* of Lidtea*. Address ............ V
Misses' and Children's Patterns, a CON'.ISB
NEK1H.K (Illustrating 30 of tbe various, atrnpta Wfrtef
•tHeheaj all valuable to the home dreaamaker. sendini: n.
had lighted his lamp as usual, and
then seated himself, gazing off to sea
ward as was his custom.
In this favored spot, Christmas is
not ushered in by drifting snows and
polar cold. A light, moist breeze just
stirred the bosom of the water and
lifted the thin white locks from the
old man's temples as he bared his
head to the refreshing breath. The
full moon shone from a soft, starlit
3436—Boys' Blouse and Knickerbocker Trous
ers.. Pattern 5S4:iO furnishes these tw,o prac
tical styli'8.1 It is cut in sizes: C, S,_10, 12
and 14 years. A 10 year size will require 1
yards of iJii inch material for tbe Bloqse and 1%
yards for the Knicterlwkers.
Serge, cheviot.' c™luroy and khaki are good
for tije KnickerlxMki'is and cambric, madras,
linen, chambrey anl flannel for the Blouse.
Perhaps it was the spell of the hal
lowed day and hour, combined with
the moonlight and the mysterious
voices of ^he sea, that stirred tender
memories in the old man's heart and
wrought strange hallucinations in his
brain. His emotions overpowered
him. He stretched out his arms
yearningly toward the iBflnite space
with the cry, "O Mollie,, Jamie, come
back to me!"
Suddenly, as if in answer to his
ieart-wrung prayer, and before the
icho of his cry had died away, some
:hing rose up out of the black abyss
of waters and moved toward him
I own the shimmering pathway of rosy
light reflected from his lantern. It
1 :ame on swiftly, seeming to float,
rather than to tread upon the waters,
tntil now he could plainly distinguish
the graceful outlines of a woman's
form holding a babe in her arms. She
paused updn the illuminated spot close
to the tower, and lifted her shining
eyes, filled with love to those of the
lonely watcher on the balcony. He
was thrilled through and through not
with fear, but with delight and
A great eob broke from his heart
and he extended his arms murmuring,
"I knew you'd come to me Mollie I've
waited for you so long, so long!"
He wiped away the tears that were
raining down his cheeks, and when he
looked again where the beautiful
vision had stood, he saw only the
frothing waves running in over the
yellow sands. With a lighter heart in
his bosom than he had known for
many a year, he descended to his room
and retired to rest, a happy light In
his eyes, and a happy smile on his
withered lips.
In the early morning of the day after
Christmas, the harbormaster strode
into the silent room with a heavy
tread, and going up to the bedside,
said in a gruff voice, "Hello, old man,
wake up!' Aren't you through cele
brating yet? Are you sick or drunk?
The 'Albatross' went on the rocks
last night, and two men were drowned,
I'm afraid you've lost your job. Come,
get up," and he shook the still form
rudely. An instant later he fell back,
awe-stricken, and beat a hasty retreat
to his boat, muttering, "Poor old fel
low and all alone! Too bad! too bad!
We'll have a hard time to find another
like him."
Roger Byrne's wanderings were
over, Christmas morn had dawned
for him on a celestial shore, where
Mollie and Jamie were waiting for
him, and where partings are no more
-Catholic World.
To niany this life is the porch of
Heaven, full of its overhead harmon
ies, shining already in its sure dawn.
The Catholic Bulletin,
St. Paul. Minn.
Fhrd enclosed...
Ho..1** ...*»..•*«•
i/sU... we
•centa for whteh pUes#
No............ 81M....
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