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Athena Tenn Jan 27 1902
Ever pines the first innr arance of mr
nwnata thfy wcra very lrrtular anil 1
I ntterorl with treat pala In my hit
uacs atomoeh and If n with terrible
beannt down pitns In the abdoruon
During the put month I hare been
taking Winn of Carilnl and Thedfonlf
Black Draught and I phased the month
I ly period without pain tor the Drat time
ia yun Numi Davu
What It lllo worth to a womui suiter
Ing Ilk Uannlo Dzvis lullorcd Yet
hero aro women In thousands of homes
lo dywh3 are bearing that tcrrlblo
menstrual pains In silence II you aro
one ot theso wo want to say that this
will bring you permanent relief Con-
sola yourself with tho knowledge that
1000000 women have been completely
cured by wlno of Cardul These worn
I en suffered from leucorrhoea Irregular
menses headache backache and
bearing down pains Wine ot Cardul
will stop oil these aehts and pains
lor you Purchase a 100 bottle of
Wlno of Cardul to day and lako It In
the privacy of your home
for atlvlra ami literature alrt uslTtne
iuuir in aiiiuwij ipanuitiu
11m CbatUaobt 2luUlJUeCu aiattaoousa
2 DO
Furniture and
I nt all times am keeping i nice line
nf Kiirnltnre Wall laper Teleseo es
uiunu hIkuIih Liiioliuiu and Oil elnlhs
A Ih e hue of Ingram Carpets ramples
Dr Humphreys
S per I lies cure by acting directly upon
the disease without oscitin disorder in
any other part of tho system
so cetLS raictf
I Fetera Concwllont InflamroatloDa U
J Worrua Worn Fever Worm Colic JS
3 TerlblnsCollcCrjlDlWBkenilarss ti
t UlarrhoCblUrvnarAdulti 33
7 Cough CotJi Drontliltli US
ft iiraUla Toothache lacaacba U3
9 lleaasrlir Sick lloadaclie Vrrtlgo VC3
10 nvrelaI41iiitlonWeakSloinacht3
1 1 buppreacd or Calnrul lVrioJ 33
1 4 Uhltca Too FrotuM rrriodt J3
13 troap Lartnclll Uoaricocfa 35
1 1 Halt thrum Erysipelas Kruptluoi ii
li Itheumiitlim Rheumatic PtdQf 33
10 Malarla CMllJ Fovcr and AaWJ 33
1 9 4alarrh lulluenza Cold In tlw Head 33
30 Uhuoplng Cough 33
37 KUnrvDlfar 33
3 erou Drlllltv 100
30 lrlaarv WcaknruWeUlDbil3S
77 JrlplIaxlreer 33
Dr llamphreya Manual of alt Dlaaet at your
PniyaUts or Mallod roe
holl br drunrlslor sent on receipt of priea
llnrof hrer ifed Co CorWUuaiu Jcbn Su
Mew York
Practical Horse Shoer
Hrst Class Work Guaranteed
Opposite Lumber Yard Jasper Mo
Kend In your name and address and get
nur Catalogue of all kinds of Merphan
dlsa at prices defying competithn Ful
ly Illustrated Catalogue sont on receipt
f 10a for postage
857 to 281 Dearborn 8treet Chicago III
Catalogue Mailed Darius July
Helpful Suggestion for Tanners
Who Wantto Hold Their
Colluiih Mo July 10 As a ro
sponso to hundreds of lotterc received
from fanners requesting advice and In
formation Dr II J Waters dean of
tho Missouri Agricultural college and
experiment station has sent out the fol
lowing statement
Owing to the unprecedented drotght
and excessive heat the supply of stock
food 6f all classes In all portions ot the
j state will be much below tho average
nnd in most sections will be very scarce
land expensive Already a large amount
uf the surplus stork hen been thrown on
the market ko that less feed will bo re
quired than In the average year At the
same time every Indication points to a
aritnt ahirfiiL In rvitttM tinirn aheAti
horses and mules uext spring anil to
the fact that nbuormally high prices
n 111 then prevail
It will bo very profitable therefore
for the farmer to carry uver as much
stock as possible nnd to take that
through the winter In guod thrifty con
dition It is scarcely necessary to say
thatonly the llrst t class ktock can be
profitably wintered
supply of good
age rainfall occui from now on Among
tho crops that may be sown now with n
reasonable atsunuce of a fair crop the
fulloning ure suggestisl
The cowpen If sown nt once on
prepared laud wheat or out si 1
is broken oucht to iiakn ono or two i
Ilniwek Moouetts and I make niles of tons of hay that excels clover in teeuicg
Iietnm Krimen i value This hay ran lio gotten off the I
pro- arod land ut the rate of alHiut
bushel of seed to the ucre Tho Earl
Amber wiriety is preferrwl for this late
sowing Tho hay may bo partially cured
in the snath and then made into large
shocks to complete the curing procets
and stacked later Unfortunately the
supply of sorghum nnd cow pea seed is
almost exhausted in our markets owing
to tho large recent demand
Kafllr corn Is rlosely related to
i ghum and may be grown nnd handled
in essentially the same way with almost
ns satisfactory results although it is not
I regarded us quite Hi good a hay plant
Thn markets still havu n fair supply of
this seed
Millet may be used quite successfully
and will stand considerable drouth and
muuh heat The farmers of Missouri
nre too familiar with this crop to need
liny advice concerning the methods of
grow iug and harvesting it
Ilrown dourhn a plant clo ely related
to sorghum and Kafllr corn somewhat
extensively used in tho dry portions of
Kanias may bo used if tho seed of the
others mentioned cannot be gotleu It
is not considered to be quite so produc
tive and s itUfneUir however
This about exhausts the
profitable hay crops for
Korruu Ind Aug 10 1890
Pepsin Syrup Co
Dear Sirs- -For tho past 10 ears I
wns troubled with rayatomncb A Unit 1
ears ago was taken down with rheuma
tism was not able to do a days n ork for
Hyears All medicine seemed of no bene
fit to me A year ago I was advised to
takeDr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin I tru
ly believe I would have died tint for this
medlclno My rheumatism is entirely
gone and my Btomach is in good
tlon It has saved my life nnd I cannot
DO YUU WA1NI recomend it too highly
- -TO--
Eiwoon McCkackem
Stild by Webb Uros
Ituslaess lntn who have the lack of
vim snap and Ugor thoy once bad
should us Ueubine it will purify the
Mood strengthen and invigorate the
sys torn Price M cents E I Lauder
When you want a modorn up-to-date
physic try chamberlalus Stomach and
Liver Tablet They are easy to take
and pleasant in effect Prim 25 rents
Samples free at Webb Bros drug ttorr
fall pasture In this fltitto hut tlio piflr
ience with this plant or fall use Is some
what limited nnd It U nnt considered
sure a crop a thft hay crops just
named It is a cool weather plant and
requires a reasonable amount of moist
urebut the spring sotvn rape has stood
tho drouth and heat of summer
quite toll oo thu college farm this ear
Rape may be sow n in tho corn tvhrre
tin stand Is nut good or where tho
grow th lint been seriously retarded by
the drouth sowing at tho rate ot about
two pounds to tho acre and cover Hunt
ly It sufficient roln comes to start It
well it will make a largo amount of ei
celletit pasture for shrep hogs nnd rat
tle anxl will OJiitlnun green until the
round freoxts Iti greatest growth
will occur nf tor tho cirn Is cut Rape
will do bettor however if sown alone
which traso three pounds of seed per
acre should be ubihI Dwarf Kssox is
the best variety to Use
A largo area of rye and wheat should
moro reasonablo here They have vege
table atid fruit on the market so wo
stocked up drove to a pleasure resort
with an artesian noil and an artificial
lake and proceeded to have a square
meal We- seem to bate passed tho
land of snlooca and poor schools and are
In a more desirable section larker
County Is next and there they havo
good wheat gardens and fruit but poor
corn Weatherford the county seat U n
pretty town of 0000 people and n good
court house for the tiize of the town
Then comes lalo linto coonty with
hard pau nnd sand In parts Few peo
ple In Jasper County know whathatd
pan is I neterrvtw auy in Mivsiuri It
is tine to drive ou and nhcu clear ot
sand Is na good ns cement rout ntd
when round with stud pulls ensiei
than sand When them is no bard pan
tbey make It of tills The city well is
almost dry At tile rest of thu wells
be sown as early as poaiible for ftllj from bebhd a bar and there is no wnj
winter anjearly spting pasture
Of course It is understood that If
the drouth continues through July nnd
August nil of tho crops rerummended
for hay will fiil but in view of tho
great scarcity of feed it will be well
worth the investment to run the risk to
sow overy available acre in something
J that will producer feel it It rdus It is
hurdly neccisnry to add that all the
struw should be carefully saved for
feed that all the corn fodder should be
nreservtsl and nrrangments luuln to wife nnd oldeit boy to keep the team
rot tuft stork agalnt winter storms going part of the tlmo first one driving
this time If the and then the other bo
makoIlu fta KO n fftcls 10W0iB My youngest
stocJ is below that has been most of the time
The oxperlelico of 1S81 the time of very puny
frnnllniiMl rIn nf thn iilntir illil Mill
Also my ft Ainu nnd Undertakers ground in tUne to tow the land in wheat
eunplii s nni line Hiidti large line to pick without another breaking the surface Another Breezy Letter From
from I hive flies and shoes while being dicked just ahead uf the drill J y Dry den
liose I hao taken it thorough course Uowpejs iinprovo the 1 mdjust us clot er nK TrXtH lulv 11 11X11
in Kinbalimiig and will take gofsl run loes ana uiitun u spu miia preparation
f IhsIh s did present them with lluid for wheat Tho Whlpisiorwill or Now
1 furnMi Pictures enlarged and many i tra vnnetius art reeommendeU sown nt Wo left Greenville July 4th in the if
other things
thuratoof a bushel per acre either ternoou We were glad to get away
I stand the heat and drouth well
I Etirroc Jasper Ntwt
bruadrast or preferabli with it wheat There are morM mosquiloes there than I
mill ineiiiy is cureu aim nnmiif u
about tho same as clover
and plenty ot whiskey Many of the
people will pass themselves as sports
To bo asort in Ureeuville is tho next
to being president ot tho United States
Tbey havo few churches and the schools
aro nnt what lhe should be fur a town
eight miles of Dallas the count seat I
of Datlns county a town of sixty thou
and people but not a protty plain
Ihero was nothiug of especial attrac
tion the- rest of tho way through the
county Much of the soil is poor and
no crops worth mentioning
The roads are- graveled most of the
way from Dallas to Kt Worth seat of
Tai not county Ft Worth is an
city uf 11100 people It has a Ma
sonic orphans home consisting of two
tlno brick buildings There are good
range of colleges a fine depot with n large clock
sowing otl tUH cupula smilar to tho one in
they charge 10 cent a day or 00 cents a
week fur water The water Is dlprxd
to sen ft here it came fruin There a e nu
melons private wells where wo get wu
ter for team and family itrango to sn
the private wells are from IfJOto 200 fei t
The private wells were well supplied
while the arteslar wells were failing
Tin water has tryiMum in it and we
j dont driult mucUuf it for it mukes us
sick You spit white matter then
cramping of the stumuch then high f
ver nod headache Ithastaken uijBelf
wuieil u 1 ow li Mill utt ti t w to u n Vinto and h f n
Wu Palo had
came nu v uiu my
iqp mm uiHliHiruui uruuiu in n iiitji inn
4 ttA liAl uulliln a 1 ta i i ItfijullntfT I
muunnnsu w nr cull tires flel ailU llut soma Coal water r
the Inferior stock and buy well bred au I n hut did not drink much of It ns it had a I
imals of good quality Such an haluU fcUiu ml w foroUlu aml trjicoof gj Ooin west M c nil to a I
tunity to buy good stock nt low figures rrv relrOIml renution should be I nice strenm of water with pretty ponds
does not come often J tlUoD u rPVInl ita rJHtiii this and fish in it We found u spring w ith I
Tho supply of feed can be largely In-
f iruIU want
tr n rBC g ls0 ttH a WM
proul by grow lug one or more forage p sllitj thi9 ur 1 nml nvrtt DOno the worm for it We I
i but drink wnd water alright There
is nut much excuo for people not
ing water as the can build ponds easily
lor reach wnter by wells but good water
Is thu thin There an plenty of pisiple
who do not try to have water so it is
1 scarce in some places Palo Pinto
ty is a timber and mountainous count
with numerous cedar furesls
Wo came into Stephens Count and
turned south nt faddo stream There
Ms timber rocks and hills They hive
good wheat but other crops are n fail-
ure Grasshoppers have done consider-
damage We rams into Stephen euun
ever saw in one place before They nut tvat Caddo It Is a timber coiiutr
CoKpeasimy 11UJ it unpleasentfor us In I were There are not many cattlo and not
i making us sick There was not much much ita We came in to ICastland
Sorghum is another drouth and heat tlr for the4th but they are going to count It is a timber count sand
resistiug crop very productive and will lltv a tiu July 10 11 and h They and not much as anis i ha seen We
mature before frost if sown now on weU wUlhave horse raring and a big crowd came to tho county seat It has two
saloons a court house that would do
justice in n town ten tlliri as large a
waguu yard nnd other buildings of ini
or importance The trip has not ngreid
witli any of us except Thomas but we
are nil feeling pretty well now There
ot that size nor have I seen schools are not miny reptiles here
will looked ufter until we struck r t er is nice Any one cant go
very dry all through Texas
Thu wrath
here when
Worth They havo boeu good from Vt th thermomotor run much higher than
Worth Hunt county is nothing extra in the North 100 in thu shade is pleas
We came to Ilock Wall comity thruugh i nut here nud will not trouble any one as
Rock Wall tho county seat much as 80 in tho shade In Missouri
They have fiiiD boil and good water I There is nlwais n nice breeze I dont
The most black soiLI hate seen iu any I like Texas I like that west of Ft
county Crops ore fair and there aro I Worth best and it gets better farther
a few saloons Passing InUvDallny cotiu l west I will start for Odessa Ector
ty wo came on black soil until within Coiintv as my next mail point It is
W Diiyiien
A Romance of the Wheat Pit j
Tim Knd of the Deal is the title of an
Crimson cldver does not succeed well in the Carthato court house and an ex 1 All kinds of dental work by 1r
this climate as a rule and does not re- celleot post ofllre bnildii g Wepiu cd At Dr Sullivan olBee August
Nlst drouth irriV tll nInf iilteat beu iilLs sewal da after that date
Ita has been grown successfully for nnj mrong cotleo but every thing is Site Didnt Wear a Mask
j i Hut her beaut wascompetely hidilvn
Those wishing- Dental worK or any bysores blotchesund pimples till hlie
kind will do well to see Dr K V Key UJedKiirkleiis Arnica Salvia Then they
tho prominent Nevada Dentist who willj yunlshedns will all Ilruptlous Fever
beat Dr Sullivans olHre In Jasper Au jBorMrn0BiujceriltatilullllealuiFi 1
gust 1st J1 1 ions from its use Infalllaliln for cute
lleartDurn turns Ilurns braids nnd riles cure
When the ciuantily of food taken is too jrauranteod Stent Wcbbllrus
large or the ijuality too rich heartburn PorSnlu
Is likely to follow and especially if the
Jf ffuit frm in w r vin
digstion ha been weakened by rwioBbi
pitlon tat slowly nnd not too freely of nM
1 easily digmttsi fowl Masticate the food
tnorougniy uetHixnuiirseiapseixtwren 1
meals nnd hen vou feel 11 uunessnnu vo B001 lo oiv Dr
I Good Babies
Jt w
crops which cau bo lundo to mature be tllrnJH m Ih worth nmlm I have found n cistern now and then that
twoen now and frost provided an aver- t ml in it but most of them have
j armr wJf pxJll to n illlr lin no g p
considerable number of Bheep While so on see we have been thirsty most of
in ordinary sens ons this crop is not tho time We havo to gt t water for the j pj
CUIlSIUUreU IMOtSJlUliy 1IOllllUII Ilirill lviarc n in li Jl ril ll
it n 4itiii II utti m in viViv if ttni iMar
I Bcnrcityuf ft itl it will be well worth
growing this j ear
Iftha mother Is strong and wall
1 tho baby will bo so too In almost ev
i ery coso and a hoatthy baby Is a good
baby Mother wlio use
i tlKllMlts
1 regularly for iorio Umo beforo childbirth al
1 wavs havo an easy tlmo and give birth to a
i healthy child It heals and strengthena all of
i tho sexual organs and supplies un extra quan
l tlty of rich pure blood lor tho nourishment or
tho unborn child
A few wectj before our aectmJ child was born ttiro
years ruroniy witc
liiliil luienmn talTnataI ul
rnmeslleiteiliindweieiit tier 10 tlicajylunint
Ilollvar1Tciiiiaiiilatllieeliiloffiiiir meiiius we
iu yrcre
ag rrat ent 1 an
p Pa
world for
her Inline Biund and wen
ourllilrd olillit I was In
loeiu urupy crr hum itcnhi
two rntKlilneliir wllli licrbutslicwes nut relioveil Her
tell Hut li
wrn the tl
nnd crr uneasr about u
last sumniesut
born ilrrnar win nni
her We rave
Si 0k
clad tn any tlio drotisr u sanucareil nnu tliej sonmi anti wen
liaiMticliealtrivborbabr I MtMllL Jones Ttnti
her f
this to let you know that I m iisIiir your 8
in i rncrinu finely I lielleve It to be tin
MY i P
M ft Xv
innthtr titnl VIVO Tr
1 umtoon lobevomca
w ii i ik U4W HIU ak mt I urtfi a r tfciui Ti r m
Ctmltt ffraila
urG F P cret
1 I lillieoll I
Ior Salo by IE t LnuUurbnugh trutf Co
Jasper Lumber
UK III WBrlH Uasuier
CJtiit furnish you iiuylhinjr in tlu ItuilditiK
lint tit piicis thai art rtlit
A Few ThlriK Thrit Wo Keep In Stocki
White uiid yullow pini liunlipr white pine nnilioi
cidur shingles ltitlt posts and pickets doors win
dows sufoens hrtek linu cetu ut hiir sand A-
a groat hif tilde ehoi k full of thorn al
those prices More tilings for a niele
than you ever itnigined eottld 1m made for
that priie and much hiRgur things font
dime than UK tisiiilly Intys We call this tahle o i
Bank of Jasper
Do a general Banking Business Special attention givri
to Collect ions Your patronage solicited
usually good business serial story which I J f NEARS
is to begin in an early number of TiikqH STAND
Srtuiiiiw Evlbinu Pusr of PhUadel
phla A famous transaction otn the
Chicago IloaJil of Trade is the basii up-
n which the author Mr Will Payne
has founded bis striking rumancu u the
wheat pit A charmeng love story runs
through the steru stirring pint
1 and 1
41 3 1
Feed Hay
Dealer in the famous McGormick
Binders Mowers
Also Busies and all kinds of Vehicles
Cheaper than Anybody
Is a popular series of helpful nnd inspiring Itks by such authors as D I
Moody C II Spurgean F II Muyer nnd A J iiirdeu The Library has won for
itself a deserved place in the Christian literature of the day nnd presents iu 1
cheap ct delrablo form the bent thoughts of the lHt men in ho evangelical
r iMurnlli i world Only lw ht copy i wpie for ix ten or more ordered together nt th
1 in si nil wjiil vir nml 1 iirrt r ii 1
ivlght In the region of the stomach af f Tr 7Y 7 Vrf n 1 nd
- r ii t u - aim reiuiiu uuriuouv 11 uuu tiov 110
to much takoonoof chamberlains Sto Jut ius t e reiiresent it Call for a hook- J V WLUUS
mach and Liver Tablets nod the let that tells you nil lbout It nt Webb
burn may bo avoided For sale by Webb Ur
IlEBBiNEolrars the complexion gives
buoyancy to tho mind cures headache
regulates the stomach and bowels stim
ulate the liver and is iu fact a perfect
guardian of the health Price oJ cents
K I Laudorbaugh Drug co
Go to Craodalli for fresh bread 1 tf
DoWitts Witch HaselHalveahould be t
promptly npplled to cuts burns andj
soaUU It soothes and quickly heals the I
injured part There are worthless count
erfeits be sure to get DeWitts K 1
Lauderbaugh Drug co
Go to the Star Kestaurant for Ir
cold drinka ot all kinds 41
Agent Jasper Mo
Ti ptrftxt ilwrry Ut do not crvh U cUerry af caM ty loti uct A
prtctiCAl MiliiBt tut Urct mull or dluufnla iUrni 1 It Mt4 tiirciiif ku
dmtiKtd tbiu wot h od kctfutly iliro lit tlitrry m smother 1 ht nurkt ci te
kJ ea tctniif b ma on tb mc dt4 raiL SU rpm uitw qurii pr hour
Aik fur iktlcr Utt U If I caaka Un4tk t will itj it oywMrt n ik V 5
tiprtai prtpM cs rtcclyt c4 i Tor lunLw kiornuiioa int in U BuaUuiiiicjx

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