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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, July 26, 1901, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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ISorth Dublin lteirs
Or Httil cutUs ton of by to bt
4cro eff of 80 aeres t ht had ben fcrtil
ftwliindmnrhlnTof 10 aeto Hint
bad cot brrn fortflUnl He aUl whltn
putting U up that frxpecled West lli
n ton for th hilf tbnt h ipcted to
sell Since thn h has been offered 12
x too and with J rewnt propct lin U
liable to fret hinpihw
J W Knltunr had hi Har thrrithod
rt weok ami It yielded two bush to
rbn acre Mr Johnston bad 2 bushel
off of ton anre
Mr Rlioado tin hi pn1 in
hapt for rain II enlarjied lU borders
and deepened It
A farmer living ten mile est of bore
came IhroURU four years aim and want
Ml to trade farm He said bis well had
tune dry and ho wanted n pace of the
vralce Tho fanner who hai n pkco of
thn ereik JnOI rlRbt It n dry time
1 Y Uelsert wan oat rati Carthage
Sunday viewing tbcro on hi fiirin
lleaiy ho ha seen nw IwtlM in other
It lia slxiin a uilery In the writers
mind why tine bintlior slioulil haToIcft tun drove to Neck1 City Friday after-
hi inlitim at huuii since portion is tlto nwoii
Iltien 1fl lie intireIed in jvril
ROernment for hi country and itneems
only riclit and pruper tlutt hn thould
keep IiIh politic to pure that lie tniiy
lake It any nlinm bo KotH evui to
Uewcy Items
Mr ami Mr J V Miller of Carlli
Jiyu wereoul niid Mjient Wednesday in
the neiRhlHirhcHHl
Mr Waller PriiiKl of Oroiiucu eauie
up to viult hi inullur
Mr Lillie Jolf of Webb City spwit
a few day nilh Mr inlT
Mr and Mr tltowu nnd family of
Maple iiove picniieit with Mr Mat
tliens1 family WednetxUy
Mr Keaniey of Jnser pent Hundiy
in the uuiRbborhouij
buine of the joiutf Inlicir of North
Di wey bate Irten IikhkIUii uier the
ueatberand lio am niilifl allujfnno I
Cedarbluff Item
Mis j rtessli CoiTrlt ha been vlsltluR
friends nl relitlvf in Alba the mat
Ills Hazel Muliiiao of Onrllmfl ha
been visiting relative lo t It in neighbor
Mr ClarenorOum of Nehialtal vis
iting hi parent
Mr Joshua Woodird nnd family
rd near prosj erity last week
Mr HaRRart nnd family left or Ok
lahoma tld week
Mhu Nettto ripaur from Neck Clly Is
wbrklmt for Mr Kli Unxton thl week
Mrr Klleo Cotfelt and daughter spent
Thursday afternoon at Mr Colliers
Mr ICII lluxtmiMoid some hay to par
ties from Xi olr City oue day bit week
fur 12 rer ton
Mi Klttio HaRRnrt and Mr Thomas
Poindexttr were married last Monday
Mr Kill Collier went to Carthagi
Mis lintel Muligan retiirw d to her
hoiiin in Carthage Wednesday
Misa Nettie Spaur and Mr Kli Hux
Cotintv ard MrJobn HenMin of Pres
ton touk dinner with Fied Collelt Son
I Mr Clayton Kelley spnl Sundii
with Mesr C Inreuce and James Cum
Mr Waller line waun tliu lick list
lant week
Mr HnuSin of Ptwdon aid
OeurKe of NcU City are drilMnx i
on Mr Colliers pluee
Mis NetlinSpaur lift Hutulay to tny
i with Mm PrtininKtoii wliilw Mr Pen-
ulngtuii Koe lo UklaUiin t
Halty Pickups
Hello there Jack pit In the Nkwni
last week VVihoiiklit ln bad pomi to
sm hi Rlfl
KmmetandJ Snlf an Ihinki iR of
culnt to North Dikntu tliNmek
fru P I1 Hull im iiyitimr Iuimii
thlj tt lt
Heieralof tho onor penile- of uiJ her daURhter
nelRbUirhcKjil attemKI the liiuliinccrt Winnie Wooliwy andTom Wood spent
ul Jasper Katurd iv nlRht Sunday with Mr Hirda famil
fnendsofMA Iloarty of IxuiRtou l
Kytthen the saw he wa turniiiR ye
ten llUskin slowly chauRed coloJ also
hlseyiwand he suflensl lerrlly Hi
milndy nas Yellow Jaundice litmus
Unuulnll now handles tluv ceK
brilwl Julian hnuul from loplin
Fruit Jars
Reduced to
Pint per doz
Half Gallon
ltt riit
Sally Karl tin week last week buy iuR hoR
Denial work by u llret iIii dentist
URiist 1 nt Dr Sullivan ofllce H 3
A loot Couti id clue
treated by the best doctor but without 1 Mnny thousaud hae been ntnred to
hem lit Then bo was ndvisl Ui try health and happiness by the use of
Klectiiujittersth wonderful Stomach i hamUrlainsioUfih Remedy It nlllict
audrlverliemohy he writer Aflw I Id itliany throat lrtobletive ita trial
I takiurrtwobottlfsil qks wholly cured for it is certain tu pune beuellcial
A trial lt tie proves its matchless merit oofhs that ha o resisted nil other treat
f r all Stoiu ieh Liver ami Kidney tntnt tor car hanyieklel to this
Out 2V Sid by Webb llrorDruR ly nnd perfect health been reaturoil
Ki eases that seemed hopeless that the clj
mate of famous health resorts failed to
lenefitlivotcii permanently miml by
j its use Foriulrby Webb llriw
Irlxe Ratine Content
Mr M Thomas of JophV
friends In Jiior this week
List of Letters
Dr CoodlnR majln a buMoes tiip to
Carthage Jdisiday aftejnoou
Cha Lels Is buying wheat at Car-
tow n for the Nevada MUinjj Co
Mis lvalfl Conmy Tlltnl linr lirolber
at loplin several da thh week
The MUbch Russtnn of Cartbaue aro j
ruitiux theXnmlljr of Flank Clhle
Mi Allle Willlimis of ru ar Miilty I
viilinji her After In JopILn this work
Mlse Olllo Sunk of Lamar U tiallUu
heraistar ilrs juo atirduvaiit in ibia
Jerry Toy lor was ujl frrim CarthaRfl
Tuesday looking nt somo land with a
iew of Inlying
Rev M 8 Joqnson of south Mario
street hati fwcrlllobd bis whisker and
his friend hntdly know bini Proax
Tlie litllnHiinit Seo Teed fell and
nolenco of good toiernnient mid every j r Mnriou Keyser from lartoj i broke hi arm u lulu playiii last Sutur
day Dr Kchooler Met the biokeil Ixinn
Mrs lilniothrif II R HiP has
sold ler farm in Newton county nnd
may Hubly buy some Juir iily f
There c ill biiui tee vriaiu nocinl at
the home of FA Ialtert four at d n hall
milt miitlirtestct the city ueM Halur
day nhtlit
Mrs Ehiuic lilitoi ha made
lion for a ditorm fiom her buxband
TheeiiM will up In the September
term court
Mi Malum Karp of Lamar and Mir
Mulilti ami MhrIi r btimley Eatii of
I Wiehltn KiinNas are vI itinK with Mr
Ijist of unilatmed letters ruuaiuus in
the tMwt nltlf n nt lnaitpr tii fur ihtx
MissKmma Ueudrieks Is tiilliiR with j John Iter a in our ueiahborliood I mQuLh PDliiD juy 1001
Mr Iluerp is cmtinR his corn I John Kilty was seen on tbe way to
Threehitn is the pastime of of the 3xr MomU
pie aniunilheie Hattie Chapman is having a
scrfoi8 time with felon She has one
You can get Ice Cronni IIery on each banl
Day at fhc 5tar Ketournnt Flhel Havocs of Inutha is visitiiiR
friend here
White Mam Turned Yellow
WMimM lkll
ftu l
iwi iitiriuitucii will I mi iiy
i Cappo Hirleni
Cosiuiy O C
lEti AM
j Faeleller Fdna M ise
Orny M M Mrs
Henderson J K
j Kibbler Jacob
Keueey Peiily Miss
I Spark A 2
1 Wetsell IlUuch MUs
I 2 D
Postal Cards
Atnrine iuui Co
1 SletlRonnd Sweet Mash
It Dante The World
o uncovery in nusliciue has evi r
creatrdone quarter of the exeitenieut
that has been carjel by Dr Kings New
Disixifery for consumption Itsvmcrrst
test havo Ixiii ua IioJo h ilctinu of
corSumptioii Pneumonia HemntorraRe
Plurisy nnd Rniwhitls thoiiKardd of
whom it hn restored lo perfevt health
For coughs colds Asthma croup Hay
Fiver Honreetiess and Whooping cuurii
It U tbo iuieket sutest cure In thn i
uvuu Itiiu sit n iiuitii n sjIiiiti i i
Aecordinuly they lne been in ikinif fre
art of swimniiiiR no tliey would not be
Oiottiidi d it vmjiiM be such a pity It
H lo be hoped lionewr tlrit tbeir etfort
will l iittile jut for the sake of uh
Ordinal filks ulio eiiil huIiii
Mr H 1 Mitt h drilling a well for liar
1 Fisher
Muues Kmiu 1 lltiiilriiloand llcrtha I
to inriSli uiuiTtfu miu v M iiju siMitiiu o 11111 uti inuiKJUiiiwi iuthiij iu
quent YlilH to he dreamy stream of Cart VnbtlioiiiK to ship hi ma- J
Iryfuik and iue Ketliut eultunil in the oblne to Loloraao
nttiKinv will inr iiiiy hi it Tir iv ifir
ItiberU of lttr Mpiil last week with rilii What is the matter didnt we all
Mr lorn Ward
The Misaes llooek eiitertaintil Ross
UodJ of lispr Snudiy
MiH Silly Fnrl loU her aleli Mon
lay murniiiR betntru her hume and
lir I
Mim Carrie MiReM eon tin of Indiun
Territory i Witiiii her
VVjlliuHiimlerlaud na seen ou eut
Clrtelnnii trt Hiindi eveniiin
MisN llouek enciirtoineil aenind
of jiiiidk folk from Iijkt laU Friday
- lonnwHl hIipii 1howI rituPiwof Jan-
Oills tukurtisinif h U UVst Roniiii -- i f tim uniluM rn tw
those who furnished it remember the
nurnhiRof the prophet of old when he
4 said Won unto him that Rlveth his
i iieiRhbordrinkelc Ilili 2 Subject
for neTt meeting What do wo call
I positions of honor in the W C T U
lUurnext m ethiK will be ut the M E
Church at i p tu
Tro one of those ice cream sodas
madu out cf pure fruit luices nt the
Sttr Rusttuuint 10
Order of Publication
UaileyM S Dr Jn tho Circuit Court of Jasper Couo
IlillinK A D tj Missouri ul Carthage in vacation
YWrl R V Julyi 21rd 1WU Sarah Mnrgarette
iaies i juiuioi rrsiis asiu 1211e9 irv
I tt n I I
Leshr J E
Slanhiek Herman
Walker J U
Wade P M
1 cent a pound at Hondrickrt f 12tf
Now nt this di conies thn Plaintiff
In the abate entitled causoby ntlorney t
Thomas uud Hackney hoforo thi un i
dersiRned Clerk of tho Circuit Court of 1
Jhspor County Missouri in vacation I
and tiles her peition nnd uMidavit slat- j
lunaiiionK other thinRs thnt the De j
lenuent Jsaao lEates has alisconued nnd
u absented himself from his usual placoof
lOtiaCCO UlVjl Uulaln r tliit tin irfllnnrv
-- j
process 01 uiw can nut lie nlca upon
him It i therntore ordered by stiid
Clerk in vacation thnt publication Lo
made notifying thojuiiillefeudantthat
suit ha bet n commenenl nRuinst him
iu the Circuit Court of Joj per County
Missouri nt CarthnRe the objist and
ceiieral nature 01 wtitcii is io ontain a
decree of divorce from the bonds of
ruatriioouy berotofaro iMiitructtsI enter
ml nuil ezistitiR by nnd liotnreen the
plfiiptif and tho defendant on the
ground of indiftnitfns and abandonment
nU to have tho exclusive care custody
and control of the infant child bora of
s dd ninrriiiR to wit Isaac Horliert
nnd unites that said Defendant bo and
nnruL Itissoht bv WaIiIi Rrn wiin1 tiM tap f tlm uli
flieyhndaneatinRi oiitt the otlmr Iuitrnntee satisfaction oc refund money Court to cuuuuanca mid be holdrn nt
niKhtntPlnHookHchoolhouso UrRe Utiles COc anil flOOTrlul bottles frthaRe in said County on tho Firft
Who vcon I free j Monday iu beptember 1D01 and or-
Hen Splutters
he ate cine mttul of
1 cabbage
Didnt it make him sick
Dr R W Key n prouuncijt liutiti K5 fif roro lltfaf1 aJr of ern
i in ninieriii suaii mi coniinue aim
ii i hi i t looy
of Nevada will be in Jaaper for several r n w the f tln trmi
dssbeRinnimt Ana Ut juid can be thn same iball be tnkon n s confessed It
caldwel t I lounu ai i no ounce oi ijr Sullivah If I b loriuer uruer ii wai a ct py hereof
No He lust look on srvnfolnf nr
wldwfll a S nip rensin i luc prevents bo tiiwi i -
at Ia t week for
puillsliiKl oncea
havoclentil vrorlc v htoli ni esJa to 1
Stomach Treubleof any kind they say four weel s successively the last
c uion QlBl AU work guatauteed
a w ii it-
vwu u
A Poor rUlllonaire
lately stnrvcd in Londou becausu he
How U The TUket
41 3
55C couldnt digest hi food Early use of Doc it unit youf Will we are not all
65C ir New Mf6 mil would luive alike ou know in thiu world and itia
HCtr sirensmeii tbo sto batd to please crorjene but lb favoris
JKJL iimcIi aid disostion prcmotf imili unaoliaoufcly fir Dr CildwfUrmp
tiorxtn be made at least fifteen days be 1
iorniue ursi uay 01 saiu lerra in
lbs JrperN2wss newspaper pub 1
Hsbetlin said county and designated j
b the VIiintilT with the approval of II
Clerk as most likely to Rive notice to j
A true copy
Attest F KNonrorClrik
ii 3 Is iioPiirpproteaprrnif rrifocMon Frinajit Ijpgaisneedto cure r cmll By J Wtiruv D
Jl 5 idSllFlQ 5 by Wfbbpafon lrdlRrMionSick Headache and i Thon a nnd lUcnej Attorcejii for
3 iBisUruciist Stomach Trouble Sold by Vtbb Rii Phi tiff I
mamimw -
rt jr wrvr
Cut Prices
These Figures Repre
sents the Reduced Prices
on Summer Goods to
Close Out and are Values
See them
l afnlini jSSAa
Huzzah 1
Listen to What we Have to say
We have just Received a Carload of the
A lid now if you need nuytlrinjj in rait line- we iim stiro save you money
While the Weather is Dry and Mot
You can see at a Glance
That if you want to Touch us on our tender spot
Come and buy a lot Of this Pence
Yours for a square deal
ir imt n w
i tenlay tiitnko Saiunel fneoln who hub Conductwl by the W C T V
Itl 1 J l I dlllilllfrt1 IllKAllll 111 ftL Jll -- 1W - m dH v -
H1 ii ii i vtij ii inapeneiii Kir coiuu io ivnnsn i - w i auu - -
I r 4 1
Frank lhlliK0ino make model jol aiJnd S7 e d- lrt thodrHmrnniUni for elli i iCUUWIUIl HI JUlUillvl UUUUWUllipiClC
inuueiiiw ion miJUiiy nliikev with out n lloetor prescrii
J0I111 KWU is ru the sick lit I he -- jJUi jj n fit sill thnt r I
doetir aaisheiiiust kwi in out of 1 1 Hi juiroldi UlHof Wiu HriRtn Ul u v u I
Mr Jv V Sarrntt Im ttik n th
ipiic lur Hunt Impruieil Lp anl
Separator Parties iulerest would dot
well to sn Mr Surretl befmu biiua
an tliiuf in this linn i
sun but It wont lurt bim lo pi out at j iiillniurtlientf ton Imike ifs t ollar 0rlu p thi Iwmndsof I roprii o on
I 1 11 1 1 I lynj Vlll1iu I I- 8 hKlfT
lilphl sj he 1I01 111 trivelinir after
Lnlcht Dunl Ihi surprtNiil Uivh if on
- - meet liim any tiiuo beltieeii I2itnd 4 in
North Star WtilsperliiK
MowFdni Winn1 MMhi with Cljraj Muit flr lMUll Huudi
Inuan FrhLiy J lniKht
lJlin ejllUM III I Ill
itillKl ttHintbiitlhiitUi
th Fomtli unit hai thus edlod fill
I iililU wutimeiituf the V C T j n
the followlnc re oliilbu Resolvisl Dial
ttea imniboit of the V V T V
do ileslio to show our J osit lui in roRitrd
lo the m tiou which took 1 1 uc on the
day uhlch as the birthday
of a iiatioauldcli Mtamls fur Christian
pray or has the rain eome and inme I Mr ILorvflniA ilit rvi it iwd whotn witiyon should stand fir
Kaiii or no rain the corii erop i a ihlnji do who has bn visitiiiR relative nnd olriely j
ofthepust fronds in the tieiullyof Jasper Mi- We ileplon the fait that on said day j
Rocksy nett Oreenlteld and Mount Vernou tnuniberof our eitUens in their
Missouri left Cirthaire osterdav on the bratiou made use of beer a n drink
Diamond Stems 730 pm Mo Pau R R Via Kani n and indol our youmr men wumvn
Kd CotVelt 4iid family of Tern iMtin city on hi nny to Denver Mr ndWiililren to drink the haine May
tynreMsltiiiR rulntlies lieio tounnsn resident of this state live
Jake CaJher uissimii in this ticinity year bro and i a younR linn of
last week I able character ill many friends and
Mrs Mary Wood i on the sielt lit acuualntanecs nuleoined him with the
tii i - i greatest cordiality durinR his visit here
ii nuni i
she iuttiid to Hendi f moo lis with
nil lunro lino ICUO
jSpecial Line of Coffees
1 Hi ro 10 eonts Try a ean of Hills Special at 2ie
Line Canned Goods at Reduced Prices
tr ti tj
QjU e
a tVw
Pliysician and
Calla atiihiltH lndi and uirIiI
Ofllce in Wells lliiildiiiR
Residence Phone No Ii Jumper
Acent for
Ponds UptoDafe Laundry
Cni tlinau Alo
laundry sent ftve ry Wcdncda Leave
Laundry at Hills store
Notary Public
Real Estate and Insurance Aent
In Hank of Jnsper Jasper
G 3032 PE1SEN
I now located jn hi new buihiiiiK
I where y 1111 ean Ret your repair
iiiR done at all times
1 T f t LOWE
j Parlor Barber Shop
Shop inlyowe ItuilclinR
Fine Stock of Cigars Always on Hand
1 Headquarters for fjiiindry
Men Wanted hrrn
IIM tlt lal
rr tdt
r Tr4
woik it I
Mlfil toM
M fT f 4 t hn ttnini
Ladies Wanted
it47Mrrijoiltir wclri
ITutctV retMKr Ktrett
tt H1MUf
J4Ma itMftU
kitsxk ft
11 UK
j During last May o infiot child el our
neiebboo was nuTenup rem choleru is-
fan turn Tho doctor bad giiou up all
j hopes of reoovery I took u bottle of
chamber Iains colic cholera and
1 rrhoes Rrtaedy to the house telling
them I feltsiirp it ouM do good if uswl
S I according to directions In two days tho
child had fully recovered Thachild U
Pour vigorous and hoalthy I have recom
mended this remedy freipii oily uujhuvo
never kndwii it to all Mrs crBin
llKBti IlooUttaltei Ohio febld by
fji i3iu
aa J Aiij

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